Customers can refuse to pay “Service Charge” at Restaurants – Govt

Govt has clarified that the “service charge” is optional and customers can refuse to pay that if they feel like. For some years, most of the restaurants and hotels have started charging “Service Charge” along with the other taxes in their bills and us customers due to lack of understanding feel obligated to pay it. […]


I got a fake phone call from “RBI” and I recorded the audio !

I got a fraud call recently and I was able to record it. The person at the other end was posing as RBI officer and said that because I have not linked my Adhaar card with my bank account, they are getting closed and if I want to save them from not getting blocked, I […]


6 proven ways of becoming RICH (are you one of them) ?

Can you name a billionaire who didn’t start a company? Or a $ millionaire for that case? In this article, we are going to talk about various ways people become RICH. No, it’s not a tutorial on how to become rich, but just a conversation on are various ways using which people have become rich. […]


Buy my first book in HINDI

I had written my first book “16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know“ a few years back and it got very popular among investors. It has close to 130 reviews on Flipkart + Amazon. Now the same book is translated in Hindi Language and is available for sale. In Hindi it’s called – Ache […]


CIBIL introduces Subscription Services!. Get 4 quarterly reports at Rs 1,200

CIBIL has now started subscription services for its customers. Now you can get bimonthly or quarterly CIBIL Reports if you want to track your credit score on an ongoing basis, then this service is for you. How to apply for the CIBIL report on a subscription basis? Earlier you only had an option to buy […]


Register for Mega Jagoinvestor Workshop in Mumbai – 7th Aug (Sunday)

Hello Mumbai Investors, You have experienced your first rain and the weather is beautiful out there. It’s time to go on a date with YOUR financial life and to do so; we have an opportunity wrapped in this article for you. Mark and block 7th of August (Sunday) on your calendar, our entire team will […]


55% of Software professionals in India, dont own a house [Survey Results]

Today I am going to share with you some data related to software engineers and their home ownership pattern. But before you move ahead, I want to share with you that approx 55% of the software engineers who took our survey did not own a house. Survey with 10,917 participants Recently I ran a very […]


Jagoinvestor Workshop in Pune on 22nd May 2016 (Sunday)

Our full day workshop is BACK in PUNE on 22nd May 2016 (Sunday). We invite you to block 22nd May (just one Sunday) so that you can participate in our one day workshop. We are inviting you because our workshop will add a lot of value to your existing financial life. So far we have […]


Launching “Jagoinvestor Solutions” – A trusted Partners Network

Last year we got around 15695 emails from investors asking for help in buying different financial products. In all mails one thing remained common; people wanted jagoinvestor’s green signal before taking any major decision in their financial life. We have observed that majority of people land on jagoinvestor out for searching for some product on […]


The Big Day Has Arrived – Jagoinvestor School Launches today

Our biggest dream gets fulfilled today. We are once again ready to serve investor’s community with our brand new offering jagoinvestor school. There has been enough of text articles on our blog (which will continue as it is). We now want to go to the next level and for those who are committed to going […]


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