Jagoinvestor Pune Mega workshop on May 20th 2018 (Sunday)

We are happy to announce, that our next full-day workshop in Pune is scheduled on 20th May 2018 (Sunday). We invite you to come and participate with your friends and family. It is an opportunity for you to block one full day for your financial life where you get a chance to work on your […]


12 things about Budget 2018 which is related to middle class

This was the last budget of BJP govt before the next elections and it was expected that they would announce some very good changes in budget which will be for middle class. From last many years, the tax slab rates have not seen any major changes (except few small changes) . The 80C limit and […]


How Jagoinvestor team trained BSF Jawans and Officers at Jaisalmer (Pics + Videos + Ebook inside)

On 23rd September, we received an email invitation from Deputy Commandant (Dr. Lokesh Khajuria) for leading a personal finance session specially designed for Border Security Force officers and jawans. We immediately accepted his invitation and started our preparation for the same. Manish flew from Pune, we packed our bags, prepared the presentation and started our […]


Are you ready to deal with a job loss?

Job loss is a scary situation because it’s a big disruption in your life. If you lose your job, you need to suddenly look for another job quickly because you have to meet your household expenses and also deal with the emotional crisis. In case of a layoff, you also lose self-confidence and start doubting […]


I refused to pay service tax at this restaurant – Guess what happened next?

Yesterday I went to watch a movie late night at Amanora town center in Pune. I and my wife had our dinner at a small Italian restaurant and the food there was quite good. When it was time to pay the bill, I went to the counter and paid the bill. When I got the […]


Customers can refuse to pay “Service Charge” at Restaurants – Govt

Govt has clarified that the “service charge” is optional and customers can refuse to pay that if they feel like. For some years, most of the restaurants and hotels have started charging “Service Charge” along with the other taxes in their bills and us customers due to lack of understanding feel obligated to pay it. […]


I got a fake phone call from “RBI” and I recorded the audio !

I got a fraud call recently and I was able to record it. The person at the other end was posing as RBI officer and said that because I have not linked my Adhaar card with my bank account, they are getting closed and if I want to save them from not getting blocked, I […]


6 proven ways of becoming RICH (are you one of them) ?

Can you name a billionaire who didn’t start a company? Or a $ millionaire for that case? In this article, we are going to talk about various ways people become RICH. No, it’s not a tutorial on how to become rich, but just a conversation on are various ways using which people have become rich. […]


Buy my first book in HINDI

I had written my first book “16 Personal Finance Principles Every Investor Should Know“ a few years back and it got very popular among investors. It has close to 130 reviews on Flipkart + Amazon. Now the same book is translated in Hindi Language and is available for sale. In Hindi it’s called – Ache […]


CIBIL introduces Subscription Services!. Get 4 quarterly reports at Rs 1,200

CIBIL has now started subscription services for its customers. Now you can get bimonthly or quarterly CIBIL Reports if you want to track your credit score on an ongoing basis, then this service is for you. How to apply for the CIBIL report on a subscription basis? Earlier you only had an option to buy […]


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