Capital gain Tax on Stocks

Do you pay capital gain Tax ? How do you handle F&O and Short term Cash based Profit/Loss statement, i mean what proof you have to submit along with your returns? What if you have long term capital gains on some stocks but you have not declared them during last year returns?


Underperfroming Stocks

Indian Stock  market is almost at all time highs…, some argue it is next bubble in formation, but there are still hundreds of stocks which did not perform in this rally. During last one year since Diwali, many stocks have given negetive returns: Reliance, JP Associat, GmrInfra, DLF, Unitech, Suzlon, ICSA, HCL-insys dropped substantially.   […]


How to select asset class to invest

Hi all, How to choose which asset class to be invested at right time so tht we always be in profit no matter whether the stock market is up or down? So help me in choosing right asset class at right time for investing Regards, Shree


Tax Treatment

Dear Sir, (1) After destatementisation of Mutual Fund Units, One can hold mutual fund units in DMAT account. Whether on redeemtion of these units brokerage charges, STT and NSE/BSE transaction charges are applicable as per schedule of charges of broker? (2) If DMAT account is joint and first holder is out of income tax bracket, […]


Satyam Stock

It is a very interesting situation with satyam stocks. It was hovering around 90s when our stock market surged to great levels. Now with the announcement of restatement dates, it peaked to 15% but coming down to previous levels due to recent announcement of delisting in NYSE. Now few questions Was the 15% surge a […]


How long surge of stock market will remain ?

Considering the current surge in SENSEX one is wondered/worried that how long this will remain like this. Is there any chance of going down to 8k figure again? Is it the right time to invest in Market ? What are the other options available which will give better returns on short term basis?



How do I know if a stock is over-priced? When does one say that a particular stock is over-priced? For eg, a friend recently said that he thinks Infosys stocks are over-priced? What did he mean? What are the disadvantages of investing in an over-priced stock?


Health of the company through balance sheet

How to determine the health of the company with the help of balance sheet? Apart from Net profit growth/sales growth etc, what are all the key factors to be looked into? What are all the ususal tricks which company would play to hide their disadvantages? If someone throws light on the above points, it would […]


How to differentiate between small caps, mid caps, large caps?

How to differentiate between small caps, mid caps, large caps? How can I classify a stock? Is there any labels that are applied by brokers/nse?


What is the reason for the Bull run ?

Hello I want to know what the reason on such bull run? Thanks Vijay


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