How to start investing in stock market?

I have been an active investor in MFs, however due to lack of knowledge about stock market I could not start investing in it. How I have to start ? Is there any systematic way to choose stocks that could yield better returns? Please suggest. Thanks 


Entering Stock market

As a new comer, What are the key points to keep in mind while  entering the Stock Market


How to deal with Capital gain transactions

What differentiation we need to make for various kind of profits in share market. Specifically – Intra day trading on cash Short term trading on cash (investment less than 1 year) Intra day on F&O General F&O (for 1,2, or 3 months contracts) Long term investments (investments more than 1 year) Also what shall be […]


Successful intraday trading

There is diffrent Opinion on Intraday trading some pople say it is  gambling  – high risk.. but how we become success full trader in day trading  * how to know about bazzzing stocks *


How does technical analysis works just by analysing the graphs ?

In general it is logical to give target for a stock based on its business earnings. I just want to understand how does the technical analysis works by analysing the chart patterns alone. If the stock price movement is determined by the graph patterns are we determining the mass of investors/traders mind without considering the […]


Which are the best value investing stocks in India?

Based on Buffet/Graham principles (Good management, small/mid cap, steadily increasing dividends, earnings growth, non-cyclicals, etc.), could you all discuss what stocks you think are the best value stocks?


Wipro share split and bonus shares

Last quarter(April 23rd 2010), Wipro announced two things:1)Two bonus shares for every three shares owned.2) Dividend of 6 Rs per share. I had around 60 wipro shares. Based on the above, I got 6*60=360 Rs. dividend.But I did not get any bonus shares. I was supposed to get (60/3)*2=40 shares.Also, Wipro did a share split […]


How and what to study?

When someone takes first step into the stock market, people tell him to study and lean about stock market first and then start Investing. I want to know what exactly do we need to study to create a good foundation about stock market?  


Which sectors are good investment options in the current equity market scenario?

In the current scenario where the stock markets are at a all time high, which sectors still are good investment options now for a 5 year perspective?


How to invest as a new comer for a long term

Hi, I am new to the stock market. Planning to invest Rs 10,000 every month. In the present market scenario, please suggest should i invest the entire amount in mutual fund or should i invest partly in mutual fund and partly in stock. if so, please suggest which mutual fund or stock should i select. […]


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