What is Difference between Dividend % and Dividend Yield ?

Can anyone plzz explain me the difference between Dividend % and Dividend Yield. Also dividend is declared on Price or face value.


How to claim the Share certificates lost in Mail ? I have share certificates number and serials with me

Hello, I had sent some shares certificates to a company in Delhi for transfer in my name. The company  claims that they have not received it. unfortunatly I lost the courier slip so there is no way to verify the delivery of the shares. I do have the share certificate number and the serial numbers with me. What […]


How to get merged share credited in ICICI Direct

Hi, I have 500 shares of Sterlite industries purchased a couple of years back. On 26th August’13 Sterlite was merged with Sesa and shares were supposed to be reallocated with the merger ratio 5:3 Sterlite:sesa. My IcICI direct account still shows 5oo Sterlite shares with the same price as in Aug and I cant sell […]


Is it a right decision to open Demat Account in Sharekhan !

I am new for share market, but I had been attracted towards it since last few months. Naw I have decided to go for opening Demat account in Share Khan. Is it a rite decision for beginner like me to go for it? Waiting for valuable suggestions. Thanks Ganesh


How an NRI can open a demat account and what the documents required ?

How an NRI can open a demat account and what the documents required. What are the tax implications.


Should I open a margin account or normal trading account for Share Trading ?

Hi.. I’m new to this forum and very new to trading in market.. Please help me out in clarifying my basic doubts and help out to get success in trading?? Is it better to invest in stocks or shares?? For this should i open a margin account or normal trading account?? if its for shares, which is […]


Demat & Trading Account suggestion required

Dear All, I have a query and will be thankful for your valuable opinions. I live in Kolkata. I want to open a demat a/c and a trading a/c. The preferred mode of transaction would be online. Transaction amount will be 4 to 5 lacs. I request you guys to kindly suggest some good options […]


Is there a limit on transaction for LTCG be tax free in equity ?

I understand that Long term capital gain for equity (shares) held beyond 12 months in nil, but is there a limit on the value of the transaction? For eg, I buy shares worth Rs 1L & sell them after 3 years for Rs 20L (profit 19L) – Am I liable to pay any tax? Thanks […]


Pls advise stocks that would generate good and regular dividends ?

Would like regular monthly income for my senior citizen father. Pls advise stocks that would generate good and regular dividends


My magical DP/SR report in sharekhan :-)

Dear experts, I see a share ORIENTCEM in my DP/SR report. Also according to records it seems like I have purchased it in IPO because, its hold price in secondary market is Rs. 0.0 I have check my IPO order book … I never purchase ORIENTCEM Where did it come from? I am clueless, please […]


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