Which one to choose for long term investment ?

Hi , As a first time investor, i have short listed following routes to start investing in equity market, Please guide me which one is better. 1. Buying SIP in NiftyBEES as stock or ETF in Mutual funds. 2. SEP ( Systematic Equity Plan) on some of Large cap stocks for longer tenure. 3. Model […]


How to buy bonds directly and how to trade them through Demat account ?

Hi How can we buy govt bonds like “India-5-yr-bond” or “india-30-yr-bond” if I possess a demat account and a MF account ? Pls tell both ways if it can be done via both the accounts ? Also I came to know that bonds can be treated as stocks as in they can be traded over […]


Is Joint Demat account fine ?

Hi, Does having a joint demat account fine? I mean does it have any disadvantages as such. One thing i came to know is you cannot have either or survivor mode of operation in a demat account which is obvious. But other than this is it ok if i have a joint demat accout with my […]


Can anyone make a living out of Stock trading ?

Hi Guys, I think this is a right forum to ask this. Do you guys think a person can make a living just by trading stocks (Nothing apart from it). Let us make some assumptions 1) He has some good capital to start with. 2) Intelligent ; Good with maths and stats 3) Tech savvy


Can I link my SBI bank account to my HDFC trading account ?

I have a HDFC demat account and hdfc trading account. But I want to change only hdfc trading account and link my sbi account as trading account to my existing hdfc security demat account. Is it possible?


When to open Demat Account for investment in share market ?

Dear All, I want to  opening Demat account in this month which Bank/ DP is  best. I am going to Investment in Share Market monthly 1000 to 2000 rupees only to investment purpose. Kindly advice which DP is best and low brokerage process fees. Thanks Kirubakaran.K Chennai


Can I purchase NCDs from sharekhan ?

I am thinking of buying NCDs of reputed companies from secondary markets. Do you know how to purchase these? I have accounts with Sharekhan. Can I purchase through them? I don’t see any regular trading of NCDs on the exchanges.


What the effect of crude oil fall on sensex ?

If the crude oil prices have fell by 50% then, its good for business as it will lead to cost cutting and improved margins. Then why did the sensex and nifty fell by whooping 3 percent in a day ?


Best Account for stocks and commodity – HDFC or IIFL ?

Hello manish, Am new buddy to these investments and stocks … planning monthly saving about -1ok I have read yur some posts and blogs,it has give some knowledge on investments and some management of money, i want to open a account to invest in some stocks and commodities like gold ,silver…for short and long term,please […]


Is there any brokerage firm that Compute STCG and LTCG for you?

My brokerage firm just gives a P/L statement for equity shares traded . It is very difficult to compute when 2 or 3 years comes into play.


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