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I was watching a seminar video on my laptop today which was a trading seminar conducted in US, the speaker was an American. In the middle of the seminar he presented a small story which was from Hindu Mythology which made me feel good, I am putting it here word by word after finding it […]


Leave Travel Allowances and medial Reimbursements – The tax free allowances

As we are in mid Feb of the year and its tax time, I thought to talk a bit on LTA and Medical reimbursement benefits. Though many of you might already know about it, let me go over it in brief for readers who have less knowledge about it. What is LTA ? As the […]


What is mean by Risk Appetite? What determines Risk-appetite?

Have you heard the word “Risk Apetite”? You might have heard this word from your mutual funds agent, your Ulip agent, your stock broker, from analysts giving tips or any other place, we hear the word and then we feel we understand it. may be you understand it, But how do you define it? One […]


How to manage ULIPS ? – Tips to become a smart investor

I am finally back from vacation, I feel bad for not writing anything for these 11 days .. I have written a post on GOLD Breakout here , People interested in investing in GOLD may be interested. Let me talk about IRR and ULIPS today. When we see talk about ULIPS, people generally see its […]


The basics of Trading with example of Reliance – For beginners

What is Trading? I see many people who want to try there hands in trading . Trading means buying and selling something with a short tenure in mind. Short tenure can be day, week or months. You can trade Stocks, Derivatives like Futures or Options or you can try out Commodities or currencies too. The […]


Your investment must be the way you want your life to be – Simple and Easy.

Keep it Simple Please Lot of people thinks that if they choose complex investment products then they can generate a good return. But then key to successful investment is make it as simple and easy as you want your life to be. There are many products available in markets , Some are extremely easy to […]


Early Investor , Smart Investor – magic of compounding

You are 25, and want to retire at 60, after 35 yrs. You earn anything more than 10k+, and can save more than 2k per month for investing if you wish. You might be earning 30k or 60k or whatever, but I am considering an average urban Indian who is earning 10k or 12k or […]


What to look while you choose a mutual fund :)

One of my readers was confused with the question “Which mutual fund should he invest in through SIP ? ” He started an SIP of 1000 in Reliance Regular Saving mutual fund , suggested by an agent . How was his investment? It is a mistake or a good decision? This is a common problem […]


The Chemistry of Equity and Debt

Following is a small Table which discusses the Equity and Debt allocation for your Investments . (Click on the chart to enlarge it). It will tell you how Equity and Debt should be used for long and short term financial goals .   It has two parameters . 1. Importance of your investment goal (Left […]


What can Repiblic Day teach us about Financial Planning

India gained its Independence in 1947 . At that time India was free , and ready to grow on its own , with its own decisions . But it was not possible without a set of guidelines to guide the decision making process . Success comes when you are disciplined and have a decision making […]


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