10 hidden EPF Rules which will blow your mind

We will discuss few EPF rules today. A small part of your salary (12% of your basic salary) is invested in something called EPF or Employee Provident Fund and an equal amount is matched by your employer each month. This is what 95% people know, but there are many things which a lot of people don’t know and this article is going to open some not known secrets about EPF rules. So lets take them one by one in points format.

1: You can also nominate someone for your EPF

Do you know that there is also “nomination” facility in EPF. The nominee will be contacted at the time of death of the person and handed over the money from the provided fund. However if nomination is not present (which you should check), it can raise to all sort of issues while claiming money. There is a form called Form 2 which has to be filled to change or update the nomination. Please contact your company finance department or directly send the form to EPFO department.

2: One can get pension under EPF

Do you know that there is something called EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) in provident fund. The EPF part is actually for your provided fund and EPS is for your pension. The 12% contribution made by you from your salary goes into your EPF fully, but the 12% contribution which your employer makes, out of that 8.33% actually goes in EPS (subject to maximum of Rs 541) and the rest goes into EPF. So understand it this way, a part of your  employer contribution actually makes up your pension corpus. But there are some caveats to this.

  • One is liable for pension only if one has completed the age of 58.
  • One is liable for pension only if he has completed 10 yrs of service (in case of more than one companies, the EPF should have been transferred, not withdrawn)
  • The maximum Pension per month is subject to maximum of Rs 3,250 per month.
  • Lifelong pension is available to the member and upon his death members of the family are entitled for the pension.

EPF & EPS components
3: No interest is given on EPS (pension part)

You must be thinking that you regularly get compound interest each year on your contribution + employer contribution. But it does not work like that. The compound interest is provided only on EPF part. The EPS part (8.33% out of 12% contribution from your employer or Rs 541 what ever is minimum) does not get any interest. At the time of PF withdrawa;, you get both EPF and EPS.

4: You might not get 100% of your Provident Fund money

Imagine your contribution + employer contribution has been total Rs 3,50,000 till date. Out of this 3,50,000 , suppose 2,50,000 has gone in EPF , and rest 1,00,000 has gone in EPS (for pension) . Now if you quit your job in 6th year of employment and opt for withdrawal of your Provided Fund money (EPF + EPS actually) , then do you think you will get total 3,50,000 . NO !

Thats because you always get 100% of your EPF part, but for EPS there is separate rule . There is something called Table ‘D’ , under which its mentioned how much you get at the time of exit from your job, there is a slab for each completed year and you get n times of your last drawn salary (depending on the completed year of service) subject to maximum to Rs 6,500 per month. So if your salary in this case was Rs 30,000 per month, still you will be given only 6,500 * 6.40 = Rs 41,600.

Table D under EPS

Note that the table D is upto 9 yrs only, because if 10 yrs are crossed, then you are liable for pension.

5: You can invest more in Provident Fund, its called VPF

You can always invest more than 12% of your basic salary in Employee Provident Fund which is called VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund). In this case the excess amount will be invested in PF and you will keep on getting the interest, but the employer is not suppose to match your contribution. He will just invest upto maximum of 12% of your basic, not more than that.

6: Withdrawing of EPF amount at job change is illegal

Almost every one thinks that withdrawing of your Employee Provident Fund amount after a job switch is totally fine and allowed, however as per the EPF Rules, it’s illegal. You can only withdraw your Employee provident fund money, only if you have no job at the time of withdrawing your money and if 2 months have passed. Only transfer is allowed in case you get a new job and you switch to it. While there are no cases where EPF office tracks these things and takes up this matter, still just for your information you should know that if you got a new job and took it and then you are applying for withdrawal, its illegal as per law. However in case of EPS, if the service period is less than 10 years, you’ve option to either withdraw your corpus or get it transferred by obtaining a ‘Scheme Certificate’. Once, the service period crosses 10 years, the withdrawal option ceases. Just for your information, you can withdraw your EPF money without the help of past employer signature by attesting your withdrawal form by a bank manager or some gazzeted officer. I hope you are clear about EPF withdrawal rules.

7: One can opt out of EPF if he wants

Yes!. I know this might be a surprising fact for many , but if one’s basic salary per month is more than Rs 6,500, he has an option to opt out of PF and not be part of it. In which case he will get all his salary in hand (without anything deducted every month). But the sad part is that one has to opt out of Provident Fund in the start of his job. If a person has been part of EPF even once in his life, then he cant opt out of it. So if you have already had EPF in your life. This option is not for you, but if you are new to job and your PF account number still does not exist, you can tell your employer that you don’t want to be part of Employee provident fund . You will have to fill up form 11 for this.

8: Your EPF gives you some life insurance too

A lot of people might not know that in case a company is not providing group life insurance cover to its employees, in that case the employee is given a small life cover through EPF. This is because there is something called Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) scheme and your organisation has to contribute 0.5% of your monthly basic pay, capped at Rs 6,500, as premium for your life cover. However companies which already have life insurance benefits to employees as part of the company, are exempted from this EDLI scheme. The bad part of this EDLI scheme is that the life cover under this option is very low and that’s maximum amount of Rs. 60,000. While this is peanuts for most of the people in big cities. For employees in small scale industries and small cities, this amount of Rs 60,000 will still count something.

9: You can use EPF money can be withdrawn at special occasions

So now you know that EPF withdrawal is not permitted if you are still working. But there are occasions when Employee provident fund withdrawal is allowed. While you cannot withdraw it fully, you can withdraw a partial amount. Following is a list of events when you can withdraw the Provident Fund amount and the conditions you need to fulfill

1. Marriage or education of self, children or siblings

– You should have completed a minimum of seven years of service.
– The maximum amount you can draw is 50% of your contribution
– You can avail of it three times in your working life.
– You will have to submit the wedding invite or a certified copy of the fee payable.

2. Medical treatment for Self or family (spouse, children, dependent parents)

– For major surgical operations or for TB, leprosy, paralysis, cancer,  mental or heart ailments
– The maximum amount you can draw is 6 times your salar
– You must show proof of hospitalization for one month or more with leave certificate for that period from your employer.

3. Repay a housing loan for a house in the name of self, spouse or owned jointly

– You should have completed at least 10 years of service.
– You are eligible to withdraw an amount that is up to 36 times your wages.

4. Alterations/repairs to an existing home for house in the name of self, spouse or jointly

– You need a minimum service of five years (10 years for repairs) after the house was built/bought.
– You can draw up to 12 times the wages, only once.

5. Construction or purchase of house or flat/site or plot for self or spouse or joint ownership

– You should have completed at least five years of service.
– The maximum amount you can avail of is 36 times your wages. To buy a site or plot, the amount is 24 times your salary.
– Can be avail of it just once during the entire service.

10: You can file an RTI application for EPF issues

Did you know that you can file an RTI applicable to get any kind of information regarding your EPF. You can file it if you are facing issues like no clarity about EPF balance, no action taken for your EPF withdrawal or transfer. To find out information about other issues on Provident Fund. I have done a detailed post on how to file an RTI for your EPF issue.

Conclusion on EPF rules

The overall Employee provident fund rules are too complicated and very old. A common man does not know all these EPF rules, but knowing these minimum 10 EPF rules will help him in his financial life.

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      Dear Manish,

      very nice article. True, very few no the rules of EPF. I have withdrawn twice after 9 years in two companies. I collected the money and used. Never thought of finding how much it is or as the govt given the full money etc.

      Small clarification. You mention that EPS CAN BE WITHDRAWN ONLY AT AGE 58. does that mean that i can make a claim at age 58 ?

    • suman malik

      Currently I am not working in any organisation . But I want to continue my contribution in my Last Company’s EPF account. can I continue, If yes. Please tell the procedure

      • rocky

        Hi Manish,

        Sincerely appreciate you for the article.

        I work for a IT company and it has laid of 500 people including me. Now, until we find a new job it might take 1 month to 6 months. I do not want to withdraw the money in PF (which is locally maintained) but would like to transfer after getting a new job. But the current company is insisting that we should give a written-form in advance for withdrawl of the PF money. In case we do not get a job in two months or transfer to a new account the letter gets activated and they would send the cheque for the PF money. This they are doing to avoid paying the interest. The question I have are
        1. Is there a rule that they must keep the money atleast for 3 years ?
        2. Is there a possibility that I can keep the money with them (without getting interest)?
        3. Is it possible to transfer the money from EPF to a PPF (which I already have)?

        thanks again.

        • 1. I am not sure about the private EPF which is maintained by company , so cant comment on that

          2. This should be possible, because there are many people I hear have their EPF with their company

          3. There is no relation between EPF and PPF .


  1. Siva Mohan

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for a very informative article. I have a query.

    I have not transferred or withdrawn EPF from my first employer where I worked for 2 years until 2009. I didn’t bother withdrawing as I am not in need of EPF money.

    What should I do now.. transfer it to my current employers EPF account or withdraw it?

    Siva Mohan

  2. Krishna

    Hi Manish,
    It was an eye opener when it comes to using your EPF for house/plot purchase. Should I repay it in case of partial withdrawl for marriage / purchase of plot/flat. And if yes is there any interest associated with it

  3. Sharat Trehan

    At the end you have written that you have done a detailed post on how to file an RTI on EPF issues. Can you possibly mail that link? Regards, Sharat

  4. Dhanesh Chakraborty

    I worked in a private company for 10 years.. but not got any penson even not received full PF..can I have any suggestion for recoverning for pending pf

  5. Rachit

    A few queries:

    1. As EPS is 8.33% then let say that amount for an individual crosses Rs 541 then where the rest of the money will go.
    e.g. EE Contribution: 2000 Rs /month ER contribution: 2000 Rs/ Month Now 2/3 of 2000 Rs of ER will go for Pension which is almost like 1334 Rs but as maximum limit is 541 Rs / Month then 1334-541 = 793 Rs, where wil it go?

    2. Will the compounding interest be given in baove example on: 2000 + 666 = 2666 rs OR on: 2000 + 666 + 793 = 3459 Rs


    • In my case only 541 is deposited for EPS. Rest of Employer contribution & EPF I can see in my account, and elegible to withdraw as per the conditions.

      So the extra money goes into EPF account only.

      Vishnu Agarwal

    • 2000-541 – EDLI if applicable = 1459 – EDLI if applicable, will go to EPF.

      [I noticed the discrepancy between Employee/er’s contributions in my EPF account statement (that I always get 2 years(!) after the end of the financial year), researched epfindia.nic.in & found about EPS & EDIL and I’m answering based on my EPF statement & that website.]

  6. In many private organizations,the owners prefer collecting even their contribution from the staff salary and it is obvious that the employees can not raise their voice so that their job itself will be at stake.

    • Pro

      Thats part of CTC .. Nothing wrong in it . They can always tell you CTC less and then add their contribution , rather they tell you in CTC . Whats wrong in that ?

      • Santosh Prasad

        Employer contribution of 12% of basic salary is part of en employee’s CTC. Because, whatever employer is contributing, gets deposited in employee’s name and he/she is complete owner of this amount.

  7. Amol

    Dear Manish,

    Very Informative artcile about EPF and EPS. I have been working from last five years and was not aware of this one. Thanks!
    as You said withdrawing EPF is illegal and we should map existing EPF with New Company, I found that we need to take a lot of followup doing those things. I heard from one of my friend that his earlier company did not cooperated in doing so and he has to travel many time for that. same about EPF office. Do we have facility to transfer EPF account online?

    FYI. In your Diagram you have repeated Employees Contibution instead of Employers. may be a typo:-)


  8. sri


    i think there are different PF schemes…am not clear about of pension and provident fund linkage…can you elaborate more mentioning the source of info please. EPS is different scheme but for PF employes has to contribute basic 8.33% and it has to be be clubbed with employees contribution.

  9. Kshitij

    I have a query (not able to post in the forum):

    I was working from Feb 2004 to Jan 2008 in Satyam, Hyderabad. I want to withdraw my PF (as I have been advised that transfer will take ages). They have given me a affidavit as it is 3+ years since I have left that job.

    So will my withdrawal be taxable (considering that if you withdraw before completing 5 years you get 30% taxed)?

    • First withdrawing while having a job is illegal. Now, if you have no job and withdraw the amount before 5 years elaborate calculation is to be carried out according to the IT Act Fourth Schedule (http://law.incometaxindia.gov.in/DIT/HtmlFileProcess.aspx?FooterPath=D:\WebSites\DITTaxmann\Act2010\DirectTaxLaws\ITACT\HTMLFiles\2011&DFile=schedule4.htm) Rule 9:
      (i) for each of the previous years including the year of withdrawal tax benefit due to EPF has to be removed & tax recalculated,
      (ii) the difference between the recalculated tax and tax actually paid in all these years will be the tax on withdrawal.

      As per Rule 10 the tax has to be deducted at source before giving you the money, but I heard that usually they only deduct 10% of the tax!

        • I have only read those portions of the Income Tax Act. I am not even sure what all are to be included as “tax benefit due to EPF” since there is an employer’s contribution as well, etc. so can’t give an example with figures. :-(

          Hope some or the other CA knows how this calculation is supposed to be done!

      • Kshitij

        Thanks Paddu and Manish,

        Currently I do not have a job. So I guess I’d better make that affidavit and fill across.

  10. Umesh Dwivedi

    hello ;

    I did a job in a Pvt company for two years, and i have left the job from last six months.Till i dont get a job , is it possible to withdraw my EPF.What is the procedure,
    plz tell me.


  11. jake

    Nice Article Manish, this is really informative. I would like to ask one question here. I have my previous PF account which is dormant now. How do I transfer the money from that dormant account to my present PF account?

  12. Shrenik

    Hi Manish,

    Once again very informative and useful article from your side.

    Here it is mentioned that ” One is liable for pension only if he has completed 10 yrs of service (in case of more than one companies, the EPF should have been transferred, not withdrawn)
    •The maximum Pension per month is subject to maximum of Rs 3,250 per month.”

    I have completed 09 years of service in one company. can you pls also elaborate on what basis amount of pension is being decided and after a year (when I complete 10 years) is it worth for me to apply for pension or I can do that any time after completing 10 years ? Which one will give more advantage?

    Once again thanks for nice and article.

        • Under Employees’ Pension Scheme, the monthly retiring pension is decided on the basis of ‘Pensionable Service’ and ‘Pensionable Salary’ and is worked out as follows

          Monthly pension=( Pensionable salary*Pensionable service)/70

          Pensionable Salary is arrived at by considering the average contributing salary immediately preceding 12 months from the date of exit from the scheme, normally this would be limited to Rs 6,500 p.m. unless certain enhanced contributions are made by the employer with permission. Pensionable Service is the service in years rendered by the member for which contributions have been received maximum cannot exceed 35 years

  13. SHYAM

    Dear Manish,

    Very -2 usefull information.

    I have a query that my basic salary is 6500.00 and my total contribution is for 20 year How much pension amount i will get on retirement.



  14. Deep Vineet

    Nice Article Manish, will it be possible for you to add the information about the calculation of interest part, also a calculator in excel would be of great help.

    • Calculation of Interest ?

      Its a normal way of yearly compound interest . With 8.5% , 100 becomre 108.5 at the end of year .. and then again 8.5% of 108.5 is added back … so on

  15. Anurag

    Hi Manish,

    What is the procedure to be followed for transfer of EPF Account when switching jobs. I just received a statement from my Company regarding my EPF Balance but isn’t there any way so that I can check it myself online like some account number.


  16. Hi Manish,
    Again you surprised us with such a detailed information.

    Further, I’ve few questions, if you can help:
    1. I’ve worked in 3 years in one company, and transfer to other, where further worked completing total 6 years. As funds are transferred from Delhi to Bangalore, PF account number is also changed. Than, what is the life of PF (Table D)?

    2. If I want to decrease the PF contribution from 12% to say 2%, is it possible? If it is, Is it dependent on company?

    3. How to check the total EPS accumulate as I transferred my PF from previous employee to current, and raising query to epfindia is only giving me EPF & Emp contribution and telling me if EPS got transferred or not?

    Vishnu Agarwal

    • 2. PF contribution has to be 12% of PF basic, period. However the PF basic can be declared to be anything between Rs. 6,500 p.m. and your actual basic, in case your basic exceeds Rs. 6,500 p.m. Thus minimum PF is 12% of Rs. 6,500 p.m. = Rs. 780 p.m.

      Now, my company was allowing this option until it got acquired and now the parent company doesn’t give the option of declaring a lower basic to EPF, so I’m sure this is dependent on company.

      3. Yeah, EPF account statement is totally silent on EPS. There seems to be no easy way of knowing the EPS balance. Pro’ly need to file an RTI?

  17. Hi Manish,

    1. I requested for transfer of my EPF from my previous 2 organisations to my current organisation. This was done in Aug 2011, and I have no updates so far. My employer say they do not follow up on this. How can I get the information / status of my transfer request.

    2. Given that I requested for transfer in aug 2011 and there is no action on that yet, can I opt for withdrawl from my previous EPF account (knowing that its illegal) ?

    3. This is a general question. Assuming a person is no longer working and has withdrawn his PF and all his EPF accounts are closed. And after say 1year he plans to join a job. Can he/she fill form 11 and opt out of the EPF contribution (Given basic is > 6500)

  18. Koganti Srinivasa Rao

    I am 42 years old. If I want to a get a monthly pension of Rs 15000 per month from my 60th year, how much I have to invest per year and how many years. Please, let me know which is the best pension plan and insurance company.

    • Koganti

      In this case EPF will not be useful because one can not get 15000 per month in EPF , its limited to 3-4k only as you can read about . To get 15000 per month , all you need is 20 lacs and investing in something giving 10% per annum , I think you should focus right now on growing your wealth , so just do SIP in mutual funds , after 18 yrs , when you are at 60 , there will be plenty of ways of doing it !

  19. Mr.Manish, You are great for giving this another good blog.

    I need some more clarification of the following:

    5. Construction or purchase of house or flat/site or plot for self or spouse or joint ownership

    – You should have completed at least five years of service.
    – The maximum amount you can avail of is 36 times your wages. To buy a site or plot, the amount is 24 times your salary.
    – Can be avail of it just once during the entire service.

    If my gross salary is 40000 p.m. then I will be eligible for Rs.144000/- or it is calculating basic pay i.e. suppose Rs.18000/- then I will be eligible for Rs.648000/-. My service balance is only for 7 years. Is there any terms to link with available EPF/EPS amount to sanction the advance? What will be the interest? I heard that it is 2% p.a.

    Please clarify sir,

    • Suresan

      The first thing is that you are not getting any LOAN , you are actually getting your own money from EPF , its partial withdrawal here .

      Next thing is that it will be 36 X BASIC Salary , because there can be two different people with same basic but different take home . So it does not make sense to assume take home salary or gross salary . Its basic !

  20. Sandip

    Dear Manish, thanks for nice informative article. I want to know one thing thatwhen any EPF loan is due then can anyone repay and take another loan in the same financial year or not?

      • I think he meant for the EPF Loan is the EPF advance we can take for different reasons i.e. for contruction/purchase of flat/house/land, education, marriage, medical etc. For some of the reason above can take advance only one time eg. we can take 80 to 90% our EPF balance for the custruction/purchase of flat/house/land only one time in the life. We have to submit the possession certificate within a year. If we use the money to any other purpose then it will recover in lumsum or from salary with interest @ 2% p.a.


    Very nice.Thank u very much for updating as its very helpful in our life as far as fro the serviceman and women.

  22. Roshni Nayak

    Hi Manish,

    Nice article, you can add 2 more points here,

    1. No interest will be credited in the EPF acount which are lying dormant for 3 years or more. This is with effect from April 1,2011.
    2. If you withdraw EPF money before five years, it will be taxed.


  23. Charu Gupta


    A very very useful information, especially point 6 and 10. I had been looking for this information from a loong loong time and here you are, heard it and fulfilled it!

    Thanks a lot. Btw, though I’ll go through you post on how to file for your EPF information, just wanted to know what can I do if my previous employer is not able to retrieve my EPF account information and details. If my current employer has to contirbute to my EPF, how can they do so when I don’t even know my EPF account number?


    • Charu

      When your new employer does not have your old EPF details , in that case they open a new EPF account on your name and you then have 2 EPF accounts . You can then choose to transfer your old EPF money to new EPF . You old Employer is not able to locate your EPF account number also ? Just number ! ..

      If you have the account number somewhere in old salary slips etc , you can then just fill up a form for transfer of your EPF to new EPF . Do use RTI if this does not happen fast (6 months)


      • Charu Gupta

        Thanks a lot Manish for the valuable information :)

        Is your EPF account not linked to your PAN? And do they not check if one person has multiple accounts or not? I mean how come they allow for the same? It’s just duplication!

        It seems my old employer has misplaced the PF account numbers sheet of all them employees! I’m after them to find it come what may and hoping that I should be able to get it soon. In case I don’t, I’ll definitely use RTI.

        When I tried looking for it online, I did find the area code and company code. Do you think I can go to the office where our PF account was opened in Pune and request them to find my PF account number? Do you think there is any possibility this will help?


  24. Veeraf

    Excellent article contents and presentation. I have not meet a single person in my life time who was able to explain in points EPF, EPS and VPS.

    Best Regards,

  25. Satish

    Thanks for posting the great information which many of us does not know. Keep posting similar information regularly

    Dr.Satish (Hyderabad)

  26. Praveen

    Hi Manish

    Lets say i quit my job and withdraw my EPF.

    What are the tax rules for this? Do i need to pay any tax on it?

  27. Sushil

    Manish Ji….
    Excellent Article once Again….though i knew much about EPF yet point no 3 and 4 are absolutely new for me…This information was indeed very well…

    I am a regular visitor of your blog and now it has become my habit to visit it atleast once daily to check if anything new is there…i am addict to jagoinvestor.com
    pls keep it up


    The article is a very good one. I did not know about the EPS part(8.33%) does not generate any interest. Employees who get12% of their actual basic(instead of Rs780) will lose substantial amount of 8.33% of their employer’s contribution because of inflation & Zero interest. This is really terrifying.

    • Anjan

      Yes, it is indeed worrying that the EPS part which may grow to a substantial amount over the years does not earn any interest. This is complete waste and may be one of the reasons why monthly pension after 58 is restricted to only Rs.3540. This amount is already peanuts, so just imagine what will happen 30 years later thanks to inflation.

  29. Manoj

    Thanks for the info. I have one query…You have mentioned “Employee contribution can go beyond 12% of basic”. Is there any cap on this contribution?

  30. Pavan

    HI Manish,

    Many thanks for your post. My understanding of 4th point (4: You might not get 100% of your EPF money) is below.
    Assume monthly salary is 20834. His contribution towards EPS (subject to 541 per month is maximum) is 6492.
    He leaves job after 1 year and opts for withdrawal. The EPS he gets is 20834*1.02 (As per table ‘D’) = 21250.
    But this amount is more than the balance he has. Is this correct.

    Also, ‘if 10 yrs are crossed, then you are liable for pension’ – Does this mean if he withdraws after 10 years he will get a pension? If Yes how is this calculated.

    • Pavan

      No . Your EPS is subject to Maximum the amount is there in EPS :) . So whatever is lower will be given to you . Another thing is that here the salary is “basic salary” , not the gross

      Also Pension will be given only once you are above age 58 yrs

      • Pavan

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks.. I meant basic salary only since EPFO will only know our basic salary :).
        One more query..
        Do we need to give seperate application to transfer EPS or once we transfer EPF it will happen automatically ?

  31. Vineet

    Very nice and informative article as usual.

    >>>Lifelong pension is available to the member and upon his death members of the family are entitled for the pension.

    Till what time family members can get pension? Which family members get it? Only those which are nominee?

    • Vineet

      Another question… what happens if person dies before reaching age 58. Are famliy members able to get pension in such case? If yes, till what time will they continue to get pension?

        • ganesh

          Can u pls ratify the point no 4..It showing that only some amount of EPS will be granted..If employee is not worked in a ten years..How he is liable for pension..You r telling that some 41600 rs granted..So where is rest of money…

          The amount you are showing is in EPS is 100000lakh..
          So where is the rest of money if he is not liable for Pension how they get balance money….

          The e.g your given which is incorrect..

          If any employee is worked in organisation for 10 Years still they contribute to EPS amount is 541*10(120 months) years =64920 only…

          Can you please chge the amount of EPS…After 10 years of completing EPS we are not eligible to withdrawn the amount..

          Can you pls look into this….

          If we are withdrwing EPF within 10 years we will get entire money…

          And the EPS scheme is not providing direct intrest but is giving in different way..As your point of view we can avail the intrest but we are getting somethhing extra only..

          If employer invested 541* 9(108 months)years we will get only 58428 but as per Table D we are getting 64220Rs i.e we are getting(0.88%) extra..compared to EPF we are getting less amount..

  32. Suresh Kr. Ray

    Manishji,Once again the article is very relevant and informative. You have made known many hidden aspect of the EPF. One can seldom get these hidden aspect of EPF anywhere. And Its Happens only In JAGOINVESTOR. THANX

  33. Sachin

    Hi Manish – very useful information, thanks. I have one Q about VPF..

    “- You are eligible to withdraw an amount that is up to 36 times your wages.”

    How is VPF is calculated for withdraw?

    • VPF is nothing but EPF only .. just that anything above 12% of your BASIC is labeled as VPF , but withdrawing rule is just same .. everything is EPF once the money is invested in that

  34. Sudhanshu

    Hi Manish,

    What is the difference between PPF & EPF ? Can i have both accounts ? Also, please let me know about tax exemption, whether 70000 is for PPF or cumulatively for both PPF & EPF ?

    • Manoj

      PPF – Public Provident Fund, which is not linked with the emplyer and entirely voluntary for a person just like NSC, while EPF – Is linked with the employer as employer has to add 12% amount from his side. You can have both PPF & EPF A/Cs. The limit of Rs. 70000 is increased to Rs. 100000 since last financial year & it is for PPF (not for EPF + PPF). You can have A/Cs for yourself, kid also. But the cumulative amount for you + kid should not exceed Rs. 100000.

  35. Viswa

    Very detailed and informative article.

    Here is my question:
    I have worked in a company in India for 4 years and got transferred USA as an US employee for last 4 years. Since I didn’t received any salary in India for the past 4 years, there is no contribution to my EPF account also. So I think my EPF account would be dormant. Can I withdraw the EPF account or any other option is there.


  36. Sukesh Choudhary


    Nice article to go through.

    One query regarding pension fund withdrwal, had joined company on 31-Dec-2010, left the organization on 31-Oct-2011, somewhere 10 months service is there, had applied for EPF and FPF withdrawl after 3 months, got the EPF amount only, had queried the reason behind not getting the pension fund; but still doesn’t get any clarification for the same from the concerned person there.

    Can you please update whether i will be eligible for the withdrwal of accumulated pension amount for 10 months service.

    Thanks in advance.



  37. Kannadasan

    Hey Manish,

    there is a option like get a loan without interest instead of withdrawl a aprtial amount. is it true?.

  38. Venkatesh


    The information is very useful. These are very important for each individual. Very specific and to the point. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks & regards,
    Venkatesh R

  39. Suresh K Narula

    Excellent Manish, but one fact is always missed while talking about EPF which is interest calculation. Every year, I get PF slip but I could never get right calculation of interest i.e. monthly compunded or yearly comounded. Please explore this fact.

      • Sandeep

        Please explore EPF interest calculation method adopted by EPFO .
        Compound interest at the end of the year method is not matching with the PF slips.I’m searching nos. of sites and articles on the subject matter,EPF Interest Calculators,Interest calculation Excel sheets etc. but not found the correct one which matches with PF slips provided by the EPFO.
        Can I get information through RTI.
        Please reply,Thanks

        • JayaprakashReddy

          I was in same impression as you. I found some interesting facts about EPF after speaking to my company CA. EPF interest calculation is done from March-Feb, this is bit unusual compared to fin year april-march or calendar year Jan-Dec. Even I found all the online calculators are not matching with our PF slips because of this. You can do your own calculation by applying interest starting from month March till Feb. I did that and it was exactly matching.

          • Sandeep

            Yes sir,I agree with you but if member withdraws any amount during the year then as per our calculations,EPFO is adopting a method by adjusting a month prior to actually amount withdrawn.Another fact that for contribution deducted from Feb month salary/remuneration ,which has to be deposited in March,on that contribution no interest is being calculated.
            EPF interest calculation is done from March-Feb,because deduction from March month to be deposited in April only.Thanks for reply.

  40. Mehul Naik

    Very informative post Manish. Thanks!

    My parents were both in government service and are now retired. They are getting regular pension. The EPS is in addition to the regular pension govt. employees get or is it included in the same?

    Please reply. Thanks.

  41. pophale

    Dear Manish,
    Excellent informative article.I am at the age of 60 and not yet getting pension.What can be done.will I get interest on delayed payment?

  42. Neerav

    This is regarding point 7. If a person leaves job and for 2 months he has no job then he can withdraw EPF. Now if he joins the new job does he have the option of not being part of EPF (although he was a member before)?

  43. pophale

    Dear Manish
    Thanks for your reply.I have already applied for pension by submitting documents through my company office.However, pension is not yet started.As usual no proper answers from govt. dept.Matter is under followup through my company official, being away from my residential place.Any quick remedial action is recommended by you.

  44. Hi Manish,

    one fact which is important is that The money withdrawn before 5 years in the PF scheme is Taxable in income tax at full rate.
    This can cause serious issues in personal income tax

  45. Ms Hyacinth

    Hi Manish

    Real good insight into EPF keep it UP!!

    It would be good if you give some info on FPS also for people who have completed more than 20 years of service in an organisation.


  46. munish

    hello manish

    i was an employee of an insurance co and i have worked for 1 year , nw after around 6 year i want to withdraw my PF but my account is dormant nw

    Kindly confirm what is to be done in this case ????

    Kindly revert


  47. Prasanna

    I have the following query:

    I started contributing to EPF since July 2005 in Company A. I changed job in July 2008 to Company B. I transferred EPF from Company A to Company B.
    EPF amount got transferred properly and the EPF balance reflects it appropriately.
    In May 2011, I again shifted job to company C and Opened a new EPF account.
    I had not initiated a transfer of A+B EPF to C.
    Now my questions are:
    – I want to preclose a plot loan. Can I withdraw my old EPF for this purpose.
    – If I withdraw, will it be taxable.

    Please clarify.

    • You can withdraw it just like everyone else is doing so . If you are withdrawing it , then you dont have to mention the need at all .. but you will have to show that you are unemployed as you cant withdraw while you are employed in other job !

  48. Chandrashekhar

    I want to understand Employer’s PF Contribution is part of CTC or Not?
    What PF Law says?
    Any Example?

    • Truely speaking you should not worry about it . What is employer is giving you 7.3 lacs package and gives 30k as his contribution in CTC . Instead of this , he can always tell you that your package is 7 lacs , then it will look like you are getting extra 30k ?

  49. Suhas


    Nice article manish….
    I my self withdrawn my pf 2 times but never thought of the legal things.

    one addtion….. I heard that soon govt is going to have PF Portability similar to current mobile number portabilty.The deadline they have set is by end of 2012..But god knows when it will come….

  50. Venkatesh


    I have an active EPF account from last 4 yrs. Now my question is will i be taxed on the total amount if in case i withdraw it let say in other 2 years?

    Looking forward for your reply.



  51. Sandeep


    I have pending home loan of 4 Lacs at interest rate of 13% . Will it be adviseable to withdraw the partial amount from EPF to pay off the home loan . I have corpus of 12 Lacs in EPF & don’t have any major liabilities coming up in next 10 years . I have retirement due after 12 years

  52. pradeep

    I have any query .
    What is Difference in EPS and Gratuity .
    I guess Gratuitu is 4.83 % of basic, which is deposited by Emloyer .
    is there any relation in both.
    I can see one component as Gratuity in my CTC, and it is in addition to 12 % of basic that is deposited by Employer and Employee in EPF .


    Can you please cross check that out of 12% contributed by employer 8.33% actually goes in EPS,i believe that 8.33% goes to EPF and the remaining goes to EPS.

    Please check once,sorry if i am wrong.


  54. girish c sharma

    thanks for this excellent information.
    I’ m working as a lecturer in education department of uttarakhand Govt. I’ve completed six n half years .cud i take loan from my EPF account for the purchase of a house, if yes how much and at what rate of intrest?

  55. Prof KC Arora

    Dear Mr Mansih Chauhan,

    Excellent information you have disseminated on EPF and EPS.
    We are all supposed to know our rights but how many of us actually know and how much, no one knows better than you by now.

    I am enlightened with your inputs. but I still have one query on EPS. I left one PSU in 1998 and am getting pension in lieu of employer’s PF contirbution. I withdrew my own PF contribution from the PF Trust run by my PSU in 1998 itself. That matter may be clsoed for now.

    Then I joined a B-School and joined EPF and EPS from 1st July 2005. My Date Of Birth is 4th May 1951. EPS dedn continuted till Feb 2011 by mistake at around 60 years. I have completed 7 years by now and am to retire in 2016 at the age of 65.
    at the age of 58 in May 2009, I had completed only 3 years 11 months service. I should have withdrwan pension benefit @6500x4x4.18 in 2009 itself. Even now I can withdraw whatever I have depsoited with EPS. This I came to know last week only.

    But my query is :
    Can I continue to keep this money in EPS, complete ten years or more of service at the age of 65 (retirement age) and request for pension based on whatever my credit in EPS account and the length of service at 65?.

    Please dig deeper in tunnels of your knowledge store and please reply.

    Thanks/ Prof KC Arora

    • Yes ..it should be possible for you .. the only thing i would say is the amount of pension you would get from EPS would not be that great and anyways the limit of 3250 is there per month , which will be penny anyways .. so my personal situation is that you withdraw the money from EPS and then use it in a different way for generating regular income .

  56. Tom

    Excellent and I really appreciate the way you explained things in very simple words, Keep up the good work !!!

  57. Prof KC Arora

    Thanks, Mr. Manish Chauhan. You have dispensed well informed and mature financial advice. Please keep it up.

  58. Padmesh KC

    Dear Manish,
    You have done a great service by posting this article.
    Thank you so much.

    I have a question: I have applied for transfer of my PF from my previous employer in Aug 2009. Till now there is no update. Current employer says he does not have any control beyond sending the transfer application.

    My previous company is in Bangalore(Electronics city)
    My current company is in Bangalore(Electronics city).[But registered office is in Noida, PF is maintained here as a Trust].

    When I check in PF office Bangalore, they need confirmation from Noida. Not sure how to get this done.

    Appreciate your reply/answer.

    Padmesh KC

  59. Prasad Achaiah

    Thanks you for providing such a valuable information.. Most of the time we assume that we are aware of this in full. However, this information makes us more equiped to handle this matter better in later stages. This will be a refference point in future. Thanks Manish.

  60. nadeem

    Thanks for valuable information. Non-refundable loan for purchase of house you have stated that once in the service period can you provide any documents related to this.

  61. Khirubagaran

    Hi Manish,

    My previous employer didn’t give my PF number and it wasn’t printed in my payslip as well. When approached them they are not ready to provide and give me lame excuses.

    Can I file a RTI complaint to get my PF number? Is there to procedure to get my PF number?

    I worked for 16 months and they have deducted lumpsum amount as my PF contribution.

    Once I get the PF number then I can file one more RTI to transfer my money into my account.

    Thanks & Regards,

  62. Sandeep

    Please explore EPF interest calculation method adopted by EPFO .
    Compound interest at the end of the year method is not matching with the PF slips.I’m searching nos. of sites and articles on the subject matter,EPF Interest Calculators,Interest calculation Excel sheets etc. but not found the correct one which matches with PF slips provided by the EPFO.
    Can I get information through RTI.
    Please reply,Thanks

      • Sandeep

        Thanks for reply and also taking this important issue for your kind consideration.
        Yes Sir,EPS part/contribution not included for calculating interest at my end.Only the EE & ER share(excluding EPS@8.33% subject to maximum 541/-) taken for calculations.Actually Sir,EPFO calculates interest on EE & ER share separately as shown in issued PF slips also.EPFO office says that our software calculates interest but on questioning which method & formula being adopted,no reply also no information on site & scheme.Sir,if you are having PF slip issued by the EPFO and monthly contribution details(Form-3A) of a particular year , calculate on monthly or annually compounding method basis ,calculation will not match with PF slips.Hence,Mr.Suresh K Narula’s post/comment dt.-15th May’12 is relevant and always missed while talking about EPF.Please explore this fact.

  63. Krishnendu

    Whether employees inducted at or above Rs.6500/- necessarily come under the EPF and EPS? Also, if a person is a member of the EPF, will that automatically entitle him a membership of the EPS? Can he choose to be out of it? Can the industry take the plea of not entitling him the provision?

  64. Deivasigamani

    Awesome post about EPF. One of the best articles in the www about the finer details of EPF.

    Thanks a lot for sharing it and taking the time to explore and write about this.


  65. Vikram

    Hello Manish,

    Assuming my basic to be 10000 and my service is since 6 years, how much of loan/advance can i get for repaying my home loan.


    Pl. let me know, how much days it will take to sanctioned the home loan amt, after submission of form no 31

  67. Prasoon


    I noticed that EPF Balance (mentioned on EPF slip or sent via SMS) for Employee’s contribution was slightly different from what I had calculated. When I checked with my HR, they told me that it’s Mar-Feb calculation instead of Apr-Mar calculation. So for F.Y. 2010-11, it’ll take contributions of Mar 2010 – Feb 2011 into consideration. When I recalculated based on above, it matched for last three years.

    Could you please confirm that it is in general practice and not an exception?


    • Yes.. this seems correct to me , because the calculation will be done on the lowest balance from 5th to last of month . so what ever you put in FEB , will be added back to that month and for MAR the interest will be added at the end of the MAR month ! .

  68. Naveen Kumar S R

    Thanks a lot. The article was very informative. I need another clarification, is it compulsory for companies to provide EPF option to employees? Because in my current company we dont have EPF.

  69. Vishnumoorthy

    Hi manish,
    I have 2 doubts related to this. Could you please solve them?
    1. To get pension amount, I should have finished 10 years of service and 58+ years both? Or any one condition is applicable?

    2. You told pension will be for life long and after person’s death, nominee will get it. How pension is paid? how much they will pay? is it monthly payment? Please give clarity on payment of pension

    Thank you,

      • Pradeep Kumar

        Dear Sir,

        I have booked a flat with a builder and the flat is almost complete and now to fund the registeration process I would like to withdraw my PF please let me know is it possible to get the withdrawal for this if yes what documents I have to furnish?

        I have gone through the PF Form 31 requirments for buying a flat but the withdrawal amount will go in favour of the builder and for registration I need the amount in my favour. Pls guide

  70. Urvashi

    I was working in a private company in Mumbai during 2006-2008 where EPF was deducted. After a year or so, I shifted to another company in mumbai where also EPF was deducted and was till Aug 2009. After I shifted to a Company in Gurgaon where EPF is not deducted since the company has less than 20 employees.

    1)What are my current options in respect of the deduction already made and how do I get to know the current status of my fund.

    2) Can EPF fund be transfered to PPF a/c

    3) you mentioned that Rs: 100,000 limit is only for PPF so do that mean that under 80C if someone has EPF deduction of say 100,000 he can also avail of 100,000 deposited into PPF account

    Pls clarify


    • Urvashi

      1. Right now you can either withdraw the EPF Or you can let is continue , it will earn the interest for next 3 yrs from the date of inactivity (each EPF is seperate) . After that it will not earn interest

      2. NO , they are totally seperate things .

      3. NO , you can deposit 1 lac in PPF , but your total 80C deduction can not cross 1 lac .


  71. Swetank Saroj

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot for this great and informative article.

    Have read your blog some time but especially hooked to reading it from last one week. Its great that you start a topic and then are people keep on adding comments and extra information which are really helpful.

    I am working from last 5 years. I initialy worked for 3 yrs 4 months in a company at Gurgaon and then changed my job to another company in Bangalore. Starting from October, 2012 will be moving to a new organization to a new city.

    My Gurgaon Employer used to submit the EPF with RPFC Gurgaon and the present Employer have their own PF fund. I raised a request for EPF transfer from RPFC Gurgaon to my new PF account. I properly followed the procedure and have scanned copies of document as proof for not only raising the transfer request but also of its submission and acceptance by the RPFC Gurgaon. Its been close to 16 months but my EPF has not been transferred to my present employer. Have raised my grievances recently when I was sure that I might be getting a new job offer.

    I tried a lot to get in touch with the people at RPFC Gurgaon; months or say a year back someone has picked my call at the office and said that it will take a minimum of 1 year and after that no one is giving me a proper reply. I know RTI is an option (got to know the procedure from your blog only). Initially (till 31st March 2012) I was able to my transfer request status online (shows that its accepted and transfer is in process) but from 1st April, 2012 now I am only able to see a blank screen againg my claim/request. Although I recieve updated SMS when I try to find out the amount, initially it shows only the total amount till 31st March, 2010 and now upto 31st March, 2011.

    I would also like to state that based on my interaction with other people and friends RPFC Gurgaon is one of the worst office; they never send the PF slip to the respective employess (I never get a PF account statement as is expected from them during my 3.4 yrs of tenure) nor they even care to send the PF statement details to the employer (my last employer confirmed this to me as well as many of my co-workers)

    I request you to answer my below mentioned queries:

    1. In case my transfer request got successful, will I be getting my EPS also transffered to the new account or only the EPF?

    2. Do I need to send a new Form 10 for EPS transfer request?

    3. In case I send an RTI query will I be able to recieve the transfer amount to my present PF account before September, 2012?

    4. In case the transfer do not get completed by the time I got released from my present employer and the amount came after that what and how it will be taken care of? Assuming two cases- First, when I do not withdraw my PF from the present employer soon and Second when I withdraw the PF from my present employer?

    5. Assuming I start getting a pension from the EPS amount; I know I can pass it over to my heir after my deat, but can they also pass it on to somenone after their demise?

    Once again I would like to thank you for your great effort.

    I also request to write about the consumer rights especially in case of Airline Industry and the flight and travel insurance concerned. I have recenly claim an amount of 10K under flight delay criteria and after successfully waiting and umpteen number of follow-up for 5 months got the entire 10K insurance ammount.


    • 1. If you had filled form 13 , it will take care of EPS also

      2. I feel this should come into 3rd point

      3. RTI is only for getting information , nothing else

      4. You generally get the EPF amount in your bank account or through cheque , so there is no concern like this that you should be present in current company

      5. You can get it only after 10 yrs of service and completing 58 yrs of age, so its too early to think about it :)

      For consumer rights issue just go to akosha.in , they will take care of it !

      • Swetank Saroj

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your reply.

        As per your 4th point my concern is a little different. I have requested for the transfer of my PF and not withdrawal. I know two seperate cheques will be sent (one for EPF and the other for EPS). But if I am not wrong these cheques will be sent directly to my present emploey PF fund or PF account number. As I am leaving the company by the end of September, 2012 and will againg raise a request for transfer of this amount (from my present PF to the new PF account). What will happen when my sendcond transfer happened before the credit of the first transfer request?

        Hope I am clear in my query?


  72. Arvind

    Hi Manish,
    I am working in Engineering college as Assistant Professor, my monthly EPF cutting is Rs. 780/-from my salary. I have checked my EPF balance as given below
    On 08/09/2011, found Accounts updated up to 31/03/2010 EE=Rs. 40963/- & ER=Rs. 12551/-
    On 22/05/2012, found Accounts updated up to 31/03/2011 EE=Rs. 44854/- & ER=Rs. 13743/-
    My Expectation on 22/05/2012, Accounts updated up to 31/03/2011 EE=Rs. 54622/- & ER=Rs. 16736/-, today also it is showing the same.
    After calculation I found that (44854-40963=3891) Rs. 3891/- is interest on EE Rs. 40963/- and (13743-12551=1192) Rs. 1192/- is interest on ER Rs. 12551/-
    So there is a difference of Rs. 9768/- in EE and Rs.2993/- in ER (Total one year EPF Cutting @ Rs.780/-), Why this difference is there?
    I have checked with my Employee, they said that all amount is paid to the EPF office, I have verified also.
    Can we say that one should not check and believe on http://www.epfindia.com/
    For Nasik: – http://epfoservices.in/epfo/member_balance/member_balance.php?officename=NASIK
    What can be done in this regard?

  73. KeN

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you very much for sharing this information. I wanted to know if I can completely withdraw my PF account.

    I have been exactly 2 years with my (first)employer and I’ll quit my job next month and go for MS. Every month Rs. 1350 is deducted at source (as EPF. So this means total contribution towards PF is 2700 per month. Subtracting Rs. 541 gives me Rs2159 per month in my EPF account) Can I withdraw my EPF money calculated – Rs. 2159×24(months) = 51816 and EPS money calculated – Rs.6500*2.05=13325 ? Total comes around Rs 65414 (=51816+13325) !

    1.Can I withdraw this amount ? And in approx. how many months will I receive my money ?

    2. As I’m leaving this job, the taxable income calculated for FY 2012-2013 will not be more than 2L slab, which implies that I need not pay tax while this withdrawal. Correct me if I’m wrong !

    Looking forward to your answer !

  74. SS

    Hi Manish

    I have completed 7 year of service and joining a new company. I would like to completely withdraw my PF. Even if it is non-taxable will this withdrawal be shown in Form 16 ? Do I need to declare the PF withdrawal when I file ITR next year ?

  75. Prasad

    Hi Manish,

    I have worked for company ‘A’ for 12 year and recently changed to company ‘B”.
    Company ‘A’ maintains my PF in PF trust.

    I want to withdraw my PF to save my property in my home town. As you said it is illegal to withdraw when I am working in different company, what can I do now?

    please suggest.


  76. Ram

    Dear Manish

    In our organization there are two categories of employees. Faculty and non faculty.They were governed by different appointment conditions.They were given employers contribution of 12 per cent of their basic and DA

    Now the management is saying that one category is eligible for only the employer contribution limited to Rs. 12 pc of Rs. 6500.Can the management have two types of eployer contribution for two different category of workers?


  77. Srinivas

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the valuable information.
    I have been working in a private company for the last 11 years. I have been contributing Rs 541 per month all along.I got the formula (above) to calculate pension as:
    Monthly pension=( Pensionable salary*Pensionable service)/70

    I am not clear on how pensionable salary is arrived at. You have mentioned that “normally this would be limited to Rs 6,500 p.m.”
    Does it mean that the maximum pensionable salary is Rs 6500 for calculating pension. My current basic is Rs 22000. Is pensionable salary dependant on the basic? Kindly clarify. Thanks.

  78. Neha


    I would like to know if one has not withdrawn or transfered their Pf from 2007 till date then what will happen ?? Can he claim now ? Will they get PF with some interest ?
    Please clarify.


  79. sathish

    I have resigned my previous job in april and opted for PF withdrawal from my previous employer.The same has been processed and it was rejected from PF office.Then my employer corrected it and sent back to PF office.And again for the second time it was rejected and this time my employer says that he did not recieve the rejected form from PF office.so what can i do to proceed further?

    1.Whether i need to enquire the PF office regarding the Form? or
    2. Can i ask my employer to resubmit the PF withdrawal form?

    Note: One of my friend opted for the PF withdrawal from the same employer but he responded that u can withdraw the PF amount only if he is unemployed…so whether it is true? is there any rule like that? if not so whether v can oppose our employer to sent the withdrawal form?

    Please suggest..Thanks in advance..

  80. RAMIDI

    Sir, actually i resigned a job in 2007 but not applied for PF, is it possible to apply now…

    pls. give the clarification on this…



    Pls guaid me to about to pension fund . i do not understand EPS amount after how much time withdrewal.

    With Regards,

    Ashwani Kumar

  82. Deb

    I left the job in July and I want to withdraw my PF amount now,Can you please tell me that the withdrawal PF amount will be added to my current year income and wil be taxable as per the slab?or it will be deducted from the past years’ savings and recalculate the tax for the past years?

  83. Pradeep Kumar

    Dear Sir,
    I bought a flat fom a builder and the flat is almost complete for possession. now for registration and other charges I would like to withdraw from PF. Is it possible to withdraw for registration purpose? and then how?
    I have read the terms of EPFO that the cheque will be made in favour of the builder but the registration is not their responce. So how can I get the cheque in my favour Pls let me know how can I tackle this issue.

  84. Kishore

    Hi Manish,

    Is Form-13 required from the current employer for withdrwing PF from previous employer.

    Thanks in advance !


  85. Balaji

    Hi Manish,
    I worked for an MNC for 5 years from 2000-05. Few years back the company has closed all its India operations. What’s the procedure to withdraw PF and who can endorse my PF withdrawal application.



    Dear MR. Manish,

    One query regarding EPS i.e. 8.33% or 541 whichever is less.

    My query is if any employee works in any months for 15 days and his monthly basic salary is 10000/-. Now he gets his basic salary Rs. 5000/- (for 15 days)

    In such cases what would be the EPS amount
    is it 417 (8.33% on 5000)
    271 (50% of 541)


  87. Pavan

    Thanks for the information provided in this article.
    I am currently working with my 3rd employer. I had applied for a PF transfer from 1st to 2nd employer. When i quit my 2nd employer, i couldnt withdraw as the transfer process was still undergoing. So this year when i got a confirmation that the amount has been transferred, i applied for a withdrawal from my 2nd employer and ideally i should be getting transferred amount of 1st employer + amount accumulated in 2nd employer. But i just got the latter part after withdrawal. When queried, my 2nd employer said that, the transfer is not yet reflected in the account statement by their PF office. So, i will have to reapply for a withdrawal once it is reflected.
    Now my question is, when the time comes to re-apply for a withdrawal (this time for the transferred amount) I hope the PF account doesn’t get closed by then because of no-amount or whatever. I found that my PF account with 1st employer has already been closed after the transfer so i am pretty confused about this.
    Please help!

    • You account is closed only after the money is withdrawn or transferred, so at any point of time you would need an active account, right . I am not sure if I understood what you want !

  88. Hetav

    Wonderful post indeed.
    Just one question on the PF withdrawal please-
    I quit my job on Dec 2011 and I filled my PF withdrawal on Aug 2012.
    My question is by what date/month do I earn an interest on my PF amount. i.e. Till Dec 2011 or Aug 2012.
    Hope I am not too confusing :)

  89. swapan kumar

    hello Sir, i left my last company in the month of june 2012, and haven’t joined any other company till now, so when can i apply to withdraw my EPF & EPS amount. please suggest

  90. Geeta Ramola

    I worked as a teacher from 9th oct 2000 to 17th march 2011 and i filled up all the required form. when ever i google about payment amount i will get from epf, message which i get on my mobile is accounts updated upto 31st march 2010. Now my query is what about the one whole year i worked from 1st april 2010 to 17th march 2011 .are they going to pay me for that period or is there mistake done by them? how to go about? please help

  91. S K Mishra

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for such a informative post.
    Please help in below :
    What is the benefits for nominee in case of death of employee during service tenured in terms of EPF and EPS.
    a.What is fixed amount nominee is eligible for?
    b. Is Nominee eligible for Pension as well?
    c. If point 2 is yes than how it is calculated and till what age this is being given?
    d. Are there any other benefits from EPF for Nominee.

    Also what is the limit for Gratuity?


  92. Sat

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for such a informative post.

    Can you please help me in following :
    a. What are the benefits nominee will get in case of death of EMP during service tenured with and without completing 10 yrs of service
    b. Will nominee be eligible for Pension, what can be maxium amount and tenure in case its yes?
    c. What will be lump sum eligible amount the nominee will get?
    d. Any other Statutary benefit which Nominee will be eligible for?
    e. What is the limit of gratuity?

    Thanks a ton

  93. Peter

    Hi Manish

    In one of you comments above, you’ve mentioned “….you will be taxed and its not 30% , its actually added to your income and then taxed as per your slab”

    I quit my last job in India in Dec 2009 and immediately moved abroad on employment. My previous employer has a Private Trust. My queries :

    1) I read on a website that if you are going abroad on employment, you can opt out of this scheme and get your money back. Is that true? Does it apply to private trusts managed by the company and I don’t have to pay tax on withdrawal?

    2) If 1) is not true and I do a withdrawal – will the amount be taxed at source ,i.e., @30% or will it be added to my “income” as per your comment and tax applied as per the approriate slab? As I don’t have any other income in India, would that mean that if my taxable PF withdrawal balance (excluding employee contribution) is less than 5 lakhs, I just pay 10% as tax on the PF withdrawal?

    You response would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  94. Sheela


    I want to know about PF. If want to withdraw my amount after completing 1 year in a particular company can I get Employee and Employer contribution like 12+12 %.

    Pls guide me


  95. bimal Mehra

    Hi Manish,
    I want one clarification , I left my org. two yrs back then I joined a new one, I initiated the PF transfer req. but even after two yrs the transfer didn’t happen , I inquired on this from my first employer and they said they didn’t have any acknowledgement regarding my PF transfer request sent to PF dept. and eventually the transfer still not happened.
    Now I don’t know whats the status of this transfer request and even not sure whether they had initiated the request or not. So I decided to withdraw the PF
    but my employer sent me few forms and one is Non-Employment declaration form ,Though I know its not legal to withdraw but because of the unresponsiveness of my previous employer I want to take this decision.

    Please suggest can I withdraw my PF money without keeping my previous employer in loop.also my PF is in Chennai PF office and currently I am in Mumbai, can it be possible to do it from mumbai itself.

    • Bimal

      Yes its possible to withdraw from EPF without involving your previous employer , but then you need to do some extra things like you need to get a signature from a gazzated officer (like you do for noterizing things)


  96. ravi

    I joined central govt job recently before that I worked for 2 private companies
    in 2nd private company I applied for PF transfer but not sure whether I applied for EPS transfer or not. ammount from 1st PF account has come to 2nd PF office.My questions:

    1. As per my current employer, In central govt there is no provision to transfer EPF fund so in this case what should I do? will withdrawal be taxable? can I keep PF active and get all benefit like pention etc.?

    1. How can I find out whether EPS part has been transferred ?

  97. Kushal Sharma

    Awesome post about EPF. One of the best articles in the www about the finer details of EPF.

    Thanks a lot for sharing it and taking the time to explore and write about this.

    Kushal Sharma

  98. ANIL

    Dear Manish
    Your article is very informative.Keep up the good work! I was employed in a public sector company for 15 yrs.I resigned and now I am working abroad. On leaving the previous company,I had received a Scheme Certificate from EPFO under pension scheme 1995 with Scheme certificate no.,details of pensionable salary,pensionable service etc.What should I do with this certificate for getting pension? Please clarify.

  99. Yougesh

    Hi Manish,
    I have check my PF account & I recieve msg as below:

    EPF balance in a/c no. AP/HYD/xxxxx/xxx/xxx is EE amt:Rs 16988, ER rs.5192 as on 04-09-12(accounts updated upto 31-03-11)-EPFO.
    I was joined in my company in sep 2008. From then my p.f contribution is 780 rs per month till today.can you explain how this would be added to my p.f and explain in detail about the message i recieved from EPFO.

    What is EE amt?
    What is ER amt?


  100. Nithin R


    Had a question!
    The maximum contribution towards the EPS per month is 541, & EPF+VPF is “X”
    When withdrawal, you mentioned that only the EPF(+VPF) is given 100% of the contribution + interest. And EPS is as per Table D

    Now, Lets say an employee has served 8 years and is applying for withdrawal
    His EPF will be given 100%, n his EPS is 6500*8.7 = 56550
    While the contribution towards EPS is only 541*12*8 = 51936
    How does this work out! Isn’t there a difference of 4614?
    That the employee will stand to gain?

    Am I missing something here?? Thanks in advance!


    hi, my name is sandeep kumar samal. my father had expired in the age of 39 date was 31st july 1992, from that time my mother gets the pf pension, but that amount is going to reduce as per the child grow and cross the age of 21 to 25, from starting my mother was getting near about rs. 2000 and now she is getting rs. 1400, but the pension amount is not grew till now.

    kindly inform me pf pension would grow or reduce.

    Thanks and regards

  102. ASHWINI

    I was working with “A” Company for 3.7 yrs ,after switching to “B” Company I witdraw my PF amount.
    Now in “B” almost 1 year is completed, but for some financial issues I want to withdraw this PF money .
    How can I apply for the same or I have to wait for changing the company again…

  103. Harinderpal Singh

    Dear Manish,
    Really nice to have such valuable informations regarding EPF, which is hard to get all at one site. Thanks for this.

    I had a small query kindly help me.
    I have completed 7 years of my service in a pvt ltd company.
    I applied for 100% PF+VPF amount withdrawal for purchasing a flat. Also I had done builder buyer agreement jointly owned by myself and my father, hence company trust has refused my application. Kindly advice me on following points;
    1. Is there any other legal way or any undertaking from my father will work in this case? or will I have to change the agreement altogether?
    2. The supporting doccuments that I had submitted to the trust includes following, are these doccuments enough or need something more:
    a. Proposed plan of site
    b. Builder buyer agreement copy
    c. Cost estimate from builder
    d. Payment schedule and receipts of payment made so far
    e. Demand notes from builder
    Buider has not provided me any copy of Govt. NOC, Deed, approved plan etc. hence unable to submit these certificates. Is it necessary to submit these certificates also or not?
    Please help me.

  104. Jacob

    Hello Manish,
    I have a query on EPF. I was working with a firm from March-2007 to Dec-2010 with a Firm. Then I have changed to another company. And I am working this company till date. But I have not transferred EPF from the previous company to my new account.
    Is it possible now for me to shift the previous EPF amount to my current EPF account?
    What is the procedure for that?
    Thanks in Advance!!

  105. Sateesh

    Hi manish,

    very nice article. Thanks and would like to know how much interest % we get for EPF?
    and compound Interest is annually or half yearly?

    and how much is the max % of amount of Basic , i add more to EPF???


  106. Mahendra Singh Gaharwar

    Priya Manishji Namashkar,
    Mai 1996 maine 1996 me Sahara India join kia tha aur 2010 me tyagpatra diya kya mai pension paane kaa hakdaar hun jabki maine apna PF le liya hai aur wartamaan me apnaa business kar rahaa hun ?.Yadi company band ho jaati hai to mujhe pension kaise prapt ho paayegaa ? krupayaa mujhe saari prakriya bataayen.Aur mujhe jo PF diya gayaa yadi mai usase santusht nahi hun to apne account ki poori jaankaari kaise prapt kar saktaa hu ?

  107. sachin verma

    hello manish
    I am sachin i wnat to knwo abt my wifes pf amount. i visited the epf website and they sent me msg but i m not able to understand the msg so could u pls help abt this, msg is……
    EPF Balace in A/C No. MP/IND/XXXXXX Is EE Amt: Rs 22810, ER Amt: Rs. 6979 as on 14-09-12 (Accounts updated upto 31-03-2012)-EPFO

  108. ravi shankar

    Hi Manish,
    How are you. I have been following your blog with respect to PF A/cs and i must say that you are doing a fantastic work here.

    I have a query of my own. I have worked for TI Cycles of India from 13th April 2009 to 15th Sep, 2009. I didnt withdraw my PF.

    Then i worked for Bharti retail from 22nd September to 8th Feb 2010. Again i didnt withdraw my Pf.

    Then i worked for Lilliput Kidswear Ltd from 1st June 2011 to 8th Oct 2011. No withdrawal of PF here as well.

    I have the PF A/c no for all the three companies and from 15th Oct, 2012 i aam going to join Hawkins Cookers ltd.

    Pls suggest how should i proceed, should i apply for withdrawal of these a/cs or can i get them transferred to the new organization which i am joining from 15th October.

    Also is there any way by which i can know my balance in these PF A/cs as they are old A/cs.

    Thanks in advance.
    Ravi Shankar

  109. vishnu

    will i get intrest on my provident fund a/c even after i had left my job?
    whats the time limit for withdrawl of my pf acc amount????

  110. jobin

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for a PF transfer . My PF amount got transfered (My contribution + Employer PF contribution). But My pension amount is not transfered. I had 1 year 10 months of experience when i switched the job. Should i give some other form to transfer my Pension fund? Can you please give me a reply?


    Hi Manish Sir,

    I have worked for icici bank for 2 1/2 years thn i left the job in the year 2010 but still now i have not withdrawn my Pf i actually dont even no my PF num i just have my employee code with me, can ypu please help me out by advising me..

  112. Rahul

    Dear Manish Ji,

    I have transferred EPF from my last company (Company A) to my new company (Company B). I worked for around 30 months in company A

    My monthly deductions for EPF in Company A were as under
    13.25 months – 2500/- per month (24th Nov’08 to 30th Dec’09)
    12 months – 2750/- per month (1st Jan’10 to 30th Dec’10)
    4.5 months – 3060/- per month (1st Jan’11 to 15th May’11)

    Its been almost 1.5 years since i am in Company B. i left company A in May 2011
    My Pf has been transferred from Company A to Company B. the amount transferred is 174,014/- . How this calculation has been done ?

    According to my calculations, at an average interest of 8.5% per annum, the amount should have been in access of 200,000. I doubt employer contribution towards pension has not been transferred here.. but i am not sure about this

    Please tell me how this amount of 174,000 has been arrived at ?

  113. NISHA

    Is it possible for an employee to opt for EPF without him contributing towards it and only the employer making the contribution? As far as i’ve studied, there is no such provision but is there any way? Kindly let me know asap.


  114. C Raghu

    Dear Manishji,

    I am working in pvt Ltd. company.My Basic Salary is Rs.5000/=Every month Rs.600/= deducted from my Salary for Pf contibution.This amount is constant Last 8 years.I got my e passbook. In that 13 month entries missing (fromAprill 2011 toApril 20012) after May and June 2012 entries there in e passbook.and again July,August,September 2012 entries not there. Is there any time limit to pay the dues ,if not paid by the employer/consultant

    Please Help..
    Where I can approch to correct this. Employer, Pf consultant or Pf office.Please suggest.

  115. Dear Manish,

    I wanted to confirm that if aperson opts for vrs at the age of 57, and if his EPF a/c Balance show as EE amt:1123569/- and ER amt: Rs.942019/-. how much amount will a person get from EPF balance available as shown above. which all forms needs to be submitted to EPF for claim of EPF amt …… also there is difference in the EE and ER balance? is the difference the corpus fund of EPS scheme? Also when the pension form to be filled? would be thankful to you if you could clarify the same.

  116. Abhijit Kamat

    Manish ….. a big thanks to you for posting the clarification on EPF & EPS.
    Great work by you for people like us.

  117. satish prasad

    Dear Manish,

    i had only worked with one of the company for 9 months & there used to be deduction of 800 per month from my salary & same amount employer used to submit , Now its been more than one year & i have not applied for PF, so till what time i will be getting interest as well as how much % of interest i will get.

    waiting for your reply on this please :—

    Satish Prasad


    Hi manish,
    In point no 4 u have given below mentioned example.
    Imagine your contribution + employer contribution has been total Rs 3,50,000 till date. Out of this 3,50,000 , suppose 2,50,000 has gone in EPF , and rest 1,00,000 has gone in EPS (for pension) . Now if you quit your job in 6th year of employment and opt for withdrawal of your EPF money (EPF + EPS actually) , then do you think you will get total 3,50,000 . NO !

    Thats because you always get 100% of your EPF part, but for EPS there is separate rule . There is something called Table ‘D’ , under which its mentioned how much you get at the time of exit from your job, there is a slab for each completed year and you get n times of your last drawn salary (depending on the completed year of service) subject to maximum to Rs 6,500 per month. So if your salary in this case was Rs 30,000 per month, still you will be given only 6,500 * 6.40 = Rs 41,600.

    No way after quitting your job in 6th year u can have 1 lakh rupee in your EPS A/C.Since maximum contribution in EPS A/C could be 541 in a month.
    In six year maximum balance in your EPS A/C Cud be 541*12*6=38952.
    No way yr EPS on withdrawal cud be lesser than yr actual EPS balance even if we follow column D.Pls recheck it.

  119. Nishant

    9 years in same company!! Seems difficult :)
    Anyways, hi Manish this is Nishant.
    First of all great work in sharing the 10 hidden facts and actively answering all the questions.
    I have 1 question, I have worked for 4 companies and I have withdrawn the PF of 3 companies. This is my 5th company and I got a new PF number. So can I claim the pension amount of any of the 3 PF accounts after attaining age of 58 or its permanently lapsed after withdrawing EPF?

  120. Deepak Yadav

    Hi Manish

    I have submitted Form 13 for my fund transfer, I have received the amount from my old PF number to new PF number. But only EE and ER amount is transfered.

    Why EPS amount is not transferred to my new PF account.



  121. Maria Louis

    Some of our new teachers were struggling to understasnd the details given in the EPF slip. Your article throws clarity on that. Especially the diagram has been very useful.

  122. Sonali

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you so much for such an informative article. This really cleared a lot of doubts i had initially. Still though I have some more queries, kindly answer them as well :).
    1. My 1st employment was for less than 6 months and then I joined another company. Will I be still eligible for PF withdrawal from the 1st company?

    2. If I withdraw the pf money for a medical emergency, will that be taxable too if my last employment was for less than 5 years? On whose account/name the money would be given (the hospital or myself)?

    3. In case I want to withdraw the entire PF, do I have to fill any extra form other than form 10 to get the EPS or it is included when you withdraw the pf?

    Thanks again for the article.

  123. Naveen

    Dear Manish,

    Thansk for such a valuable article.

    Please advice on my case.

    I have joined worked in Company A for 4 Years and 11 Months. Now i have switch to company B (2 months back) . Please advice if i withdrwal (after 5 Years 1 Months total)my PF then it will be taxable or not.

    I am under 30% Tax Slab.

  124. Uday Kiran


    I moved to US and I have PF amount in INDIA and what is the best option for me to make it tax free. I had requested for withdrawal from company private PF trust, if I park that money in Bank FD, I will have to pay tax on the interest, is there any other
    option for me to put in another PPF account.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Uday Kiran

  125. Sumit Mishra

    Hi Manish,

    I left my job 5 months ago. I am going to join a new company next month. i want to know how can my EPF balance be transferred to new employer’s EPF a/c?

  126. S. Jayaraj Maria Louis

    We have a new teacher. He had been teaching in some other school earlier. How to make sure that the epf from our school is a continuation of his old account?

    Thanking you

    S. Jayaraj Maria Louis

  127. Kothapalli

    Hi Manish,

    Seriously I was suprised & happy to see this artical.

    In deed I was in need of point 9 event5 (5. Construction or purchase of house or flat/site or plot for self or spouse or joint ownership)
    I have just completed 5 years in my current organization(still working) I have a plan to buy a flat/Independent house. My current CTC is 6.6L. Could you please let me know the eligible amount can be withdrawn and the procedure to withdraw.

  128. Bahubali

    When I checked the EPF balance, it reported :

    “Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office”

    So how to withdraw the EPF Amount in this case of In-operative Account ?
    What is the procedure to be followed to withdraw the EPF Amount from the In-Operative Account ?

  129. Arun

    Whats is EE and ER which shows in SMS from EPF site. my service is 7 years (2 companies and transfered my previous balance to new one). if i leave this job and apply for withdraw do i get all listed in EE/ER amount. I hope EPS amount is not shown in the SMS or stament which they provide every year.

  130. pranav singh

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the post. I had a query.

    I have left my job at firm B (say) to pursue higher studies. Before B, I working with firm A and my combined years of service at B and A is more than 5 years.
    a) Is it that I need to get PF transferred from A to B to make withdrawal of PF tax exempt? Or is it that I can reclaim the TDS deducted on the withdrawal while filing my returns?
    Also, my request to transfer PF from A to B was somehow rejected earlier.
    b) Can I fill up form 13 at company B (last employer) now to get PF transferred from company A, considering that I am not working with company B anymore. (After quitting B, I am pursuing higher studies.)

    Thanks and best regards

  131. pranav singh

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for the response. I read at some place that it should be five years of uninterrupted service and hence if I do not transfer the PF to Company B, even my company A pf becomes taxable. Is this correct? I am facing a lot of problems in getting PF transferred. Even if company A PF is not taxable, I would rather withdraw all my PF than wait for transfer, etc.

    Thanks and best regards,

  132. sanjiv kumar

    I have a question:

    I worked in previous company for 4.5 yrs and left the company in April 2010. Before I withdrew the PF amount in oct’2012, I checked the Balance status on the EPF official website and it was showing as Employee Amount: 46000 and Employer Amount: 13000, so I received the amount Rs. 59000.

    1. Can you please tell me why there is so much of difference in employee amount and employer’s?
    2. How they might have been calculated it?

    3. Did they also deduct tax out of it?

    Thanks in advance

  133. Prince

    Can someone please help me out. I resigned last year in august so that i can complete my studies but i did not claim my pf on the pf website it says no info under my pf no. I am afraid is my money safe or is it there with them because i need it now but problem is website says no info.Please suggest.

  134. Bhola Kumar

    Some my my friends EPS contribution is actually 8.33% of Basic+ DA which is arround 3500 per month. So is he at loss as he will not get the interest on EPS.
    My contribution on EPS is 541 only.Please spread some light on pension diffrence betwwen me and my friend after retirement.

  135. Punit Kumar

    Hi Manish, Thanks for lovely article, i want to ask can someone submit the PF withdrawal form at any of its office or only at relevant office?

  136. dolly

    Hi Manish,
    In the article, “10 hidden facts about EPF”, it is mentioned, “you always get 100% of your EPF part, but for EPS there is separate rule. T here is something called Table ‘D’ , under which its mentioned how much you get at the time of exit from your job, there is a slab for each completed year and you get n times of your last drawn salary (depending on the completed year of service) subject to maximum to Rs 6,500 per month. So if your salary in this case was Rs 30,000 per month, still you will be given only 6,500 * 6.40 = Rs 41,600.”
    I spoke to my company HR department and have also check the Employee Pension Scheme, 1995 Act. The below table shows the withdrawal benefit which an employee will get if he withdraws his EPS amount (within 06 months to 09 years). According to me, the table shows the “withdrawal benefit” which an employee will get if he withdraws within 06 months to 09 years. For instance: I am investing Rs. 541 per month for 5 years. So at the end of 5 years, if I withdraw from my EPS I would get Rs. 32460 (Rs. 541 * 60 months) + Rs. 1629 (Rs. 32460 8 5.02%). I may be wrong. Just clarifying my doubt. Please guide me.
    Also check, http://www.epfindia.com/Circulars/EPS95_update102008.pdf
    “14. Benefits on leaving service before being eligible for monthly members pension.
    (1) If a member has not rendered the eligible service prescribed in paragraph 27[9] on the date of exit, or on attaining 58 years of age whichever is earlier, he/she shall be entitled to a withdrawal benefit as laid down in Table ‘D’..”
    54[TABLE D
    (See Paragraph 14)
    Return of contribution on exit from the employment
    Year of Service Proportion of wages at exit
    1 1.02
    2 1.99
    3 2.98
    4 3.99
    5 5.02
    6 6.07
    7 7.13
    8 8.22
    9 9.33
    Note : The above table is based on a flat addition in benefit.

    • Kothapalli

      Hi Manish,

      Seriously I was suprised & happy to see this artical.

      In deed I was in need of point 9 event5 (5. Construction or purchase of house or flat/site or plot for self or spouse or joint ownership)
      I have just completed 5 years in my current organization(still working) I have a plan to buy a flat/Independent house. My current CTC is 6.6L. Could you please let me know the eligible amount can be withdrawn and the procedure to withdraw.

      Regards, Kotha

  137. Jay

    Hi Manish,

    Good article, thanks for writing. I have a question. It is mentioned in the PF act that one can take 36 times his monthly salary as loan towards constructing a house. Let’s say if my salary is 70,000 per month, does it mean that I am entitled to avail loan of 36*70000=25,20,000 !!!

  138. Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the very informative article. Can we withdraw the PF for a recently purchased flat? Basically, bank provides 80-85% for loan. To make the amount for the rest, can we withdraw the PF. Can we apply for withdrawal after the purchase is made? Kindly clarify.


      • Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your reply. I have completed 5 years in service. But the question is if we can withdraw for a recently purchased flat. “For the purchase” statement in withdrawal guidelines – does it apply for “to be purchased” only or does it apply for “recently purchased” also? Kindly clarify.


  139. dolly

    The below table D shows the “withdrawal benefit” which an employee will get if he withdraws his EPS amount (within 06 months to 09 years).


    For service below 10 years Return of contribution on exit from employment – Table – D
    Example : Suppose a member exits from employment after four years of service his wage on exit is Rs. 4,000, (Return of contribution will be calculated as Rs. 4,000 x 4.18 of wages on exit) i.e., Rs. 16,720/-

    Also check, http://www.epfindia.com/Circulars/EPS95_update102008.pdf
    “14. Benefits on leaving service before being eligible for monthly members pension.
    (1) If a member has not rendered the eligible service prescribed in paragraph 27[9] on the date of exit, or on attaining 58 years of age whichever is earlier, he/she shall be entitled to a withdrawal benefit as laid down in Table ‘D’..”
    54[TABLE D
    (See Paragraph 14)
    Return of contribution on exit from the employment
    Year of Service Proportion of wages at exit
    1 1.02
    2 1.99
    3 2.98
    4 3.99
    5 5.02
    6 6.07
    7 7.13
    8 8.22
    9 9.33
    Note : The above table is based on a flat addition in benefit.

      • dolly

        hi Manish, if u withdraw ur EPS before 10 years, you get “withdrawal benefit” on the accumulated amount. For EPS, if the service period is less than 10 years, you’ve an option to either withdraw your corpus or get it transferred by obtaining a ‘scheme certificate’, if there is a break in service. This way the number of years of service that you have put in gets transferred to the new account that you open in the new organisation.
        For service below 10 years, you usually get 100% of your EPF & EPS amount invested. In case of EPF, you get the accumulated amount plus the interest (which is 8.6% for FY12-13). For EPS, you get your EPS amount invested over the years and the “withdrawal benefit”. The below table D shows the “withdrawal benefit” which an employee will get if he withdraws his EPS amount (from six months to nine years).

        EPS withdrawal benefit

        Return of contribution on exit from the employment
        Year of service Proportion of wages at exit
        1 1.02
        2 1.99
        3 2.98
        4 3.99
        5 5.02
        6 6.07
        7 7.13
        8 8.22
        9 9.33
        Note: The above table is based on a flat addition in benefit.

        For instance: An employee exits from employment after four years of service his wage on exit is Rs. 5,000, (Return of contribution will be Rs. 5,000 x 3.99 of wages on exit) i.e., Rs.19,950. Once, an employee’s service period crosses 10 years, the withdrawal option ceases.
        Abhishek Bade, assistant manager-human resource department, India Infoline, explains, “To withdraw from EPS, an employee needs to contribute at least for six months. He has to fill Form No. 10 C (E.P.S) to claim withdrawal benefit. However, if the employee completes 10 years of the service, the withdrawal option ends. Thus, after 10 years of completion of the service, the employee cannot withdraw from his EPS.”

        • Ok now I get it , So what you are saying is that this “withdrawal benefit” is an extra money which he gets over and above the actual EPS contribution ?

          So if a person has contributed say Rs 50,000 in his EPS and as per the chart the withdrawal benefit is Rs 15,000 . So if he withdraws his EPS before 10 yrs, he will get 65,000 in total . In my article I mention that he will just get 15,000 which is incorrect .

          Right ?

  140. sai


    thanks for nice article. I had worked in a IT company , Bangalore for 3.8 years. There i have the same number for EPF and EPS. Now i’m working for a different company, but i’m not yet transferred my previous company PF amount.

    I want to know what are all the forms do i need to fill to transfer my EPF and EPS to my new company PF account?

    Sai, Bangalore

  141. Praveen

    Hi Manish,

    I was TCS employee and now i want to withdraw my PPF money. I have read somewhere that TCS have its own PPF trust but some articles on the internet says even if the company has its own trust then also it is handled by EPFO office. Is it so ? Even I am not able to fetch my details from EPFO website. It says Invalid data entered. Can EPFO do something about this ?

  142. Sandeep Jain


    I had left my job within 6 months. I had applied for Withdrawal of the PF amount. But now EPFO says that since i have not completed 6 months service i am not eligible for withdrawal…

  143. dolly

    Hi Manish, with regard to “Point 6: Withdrawing of EPF amount at job change is illegal”. Withdrawal from the EPF is allowed based on certain terms and conditions. Please read http://www.epfindia.com/EPFScheme.pdf
    Withdrawal from the Fund for the purchase of a dwelling house/flat or for the construction of a dwelling house including the acquisition of a suitable site for the purpose

  144. Kumar

    Hi Manish,

    Good article and have a small doubt on EPF.
    My current organization is a Public limited company and as a part of PF, both the contributions (Employee and Employer) are deducted from our salary only.

    If we withdraw or close our PF a/c will all the amount+interest be credited or any deductions will be there?


  145. kim

    I like your article.. It is very useful.. I have a question. I got absconded from company. I came to out of India. When I will join any company in future, can I use the same PF account to continue?
    If not how can I get my PF amount?
    Thank you in advance..

  146. Shinto Chacko

    Hi Manish,
    My name is Shinto Chacko, i submitted PF withdrawel forms through my last employer and i received some amount of money. Now the issue is look like i receive very less amount of money, because i have total of 7 years of experience (2 year with company Patni from 2005-2007 and 5 year with other company 2007-2012). The amount i received is 32000 only. If i just calculating my contribution itself it will go beyond that –
    1). 500 * 24 = 12000
    2). 700 * 60 = 42000 – total minimum approx – 54000

    can you please help me why i received only this much amount at time of withdrawel(32k). While i was checking the PF site for status it says it is settled.

    Qn – Can i expect one more diposit to my account for the remining money or this is the only amount i am going to receive. ?

    Appreciated your response – Thank you.

  147. Imran

    Thanks for the article Manish. It is actually very useful.
    I have a query about the 4th Point: “You might not get 100% of your EPF money.” In the example that you have given you have mentioned that if the total PF accumulated in Rs 3,50,000 till date and out of this Rs 2,50,000 is EPF and the remaining Rs 1,00,000 is EPS. I do understand that some percentage will be deducted from the EPS amount but what about the interest earned on the Rs 2,50,000? Wouldn’t this interest amount be added and given to the claimant? And shouldn’t this added interest bring the total amount back to Rs 3,50,000 or may be more?
    Can you pls reply on this


    hello sir,
    I applied for PF some 1 year ago.
    Sir i have worked for 6 months so in this case am i eligible to get PF and if yes than how much. I have registered many complaints in PF office and they have not replied me properly.My claim status shows that Form 19 b is passed and payment would be made soon and form 10 c is rejected on the account of services less than 6 months. What should i do in this condition please suugest

    Claim ID : PUPUN120100038467
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (PUPUN01206950000006970) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim

    Claim ID : PUPUN120100038461
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (PUPUN01206950000006970) has been approved. Payment is under process.

  149. Ashish

    I am currently un-employed and its been more than 6 months since my last employment. Can I withdraw my money without needing the involvement of my past employer or the withdrawal form can be submitted only by the employer and not a employee?

  150. Seenivasan.K

    Dear Sir,
    I have small doubt regarding EPS part in your article.
    You have mentioned in second point that (The 12% contribution from your side goes to EPF, but the 12% contribution which your employer makes, out of that 8.33% actually goes in EPS (subject to maximum of Rs 541) and the rest goes into EPF)

    but third point saying that ( The EPS part (8.33% out of 12% contribution from your employer or Rs 541 what ever is minimum) does not get any interest.)
    541 is maximum or minimum amount towards EPS.

  151. Pooja

    So if you withdraw within a year after quitting then you get very little of the EPS. What happens to the remaining EPS? do u get it after 58?

  152. Partha Dev

    My wife passed away ten years before leaving her daughter. She was a PSU employee. As per rule we got family pension. Three years back I re-marriaged. From the I did not submitted yearly life Certificate for me but for my daughter. Daughter’s family pension continued.

    1. Though I have informed them about re-marriage what I have do any more formalities ?

    2. May I get some claim from them ? Is there any due ?

    3. What I have to do with my Pension Account ?

  153. himanshu Gupta

    Hi Manish,

    I have send request for transfer of my EPF and EPS balance from previous employer to current. EPF amount was transferred in my account with Interest but EPS amount is not showing in my E passbook.
    What is remedies for that and what is next step for me.
    Thanks in advance
    Himanshu Gupta

  154. prabu

    Hi Manish,

    I really appreciate your Excellent Effort for posting this article and addressing our queries.. keep up the good work.

    Pls assist me with the below queries.

    1) I Want a PF Contribution Statement(Monthly) from the year 2007 to 2011? from 2 different employers? how can i get it and whom to contact?

    2) Recently i have transferred PF money from the previous employer to the present employer, PF online balance says the money has been transferred to the present employer on 15-mar-2012 but my EPFO account statement has no entry, even the balance is not reflecting the transfer amount. what should be the next step?

    Thanks in advance.

    – Prabu

  155. venkatesh

    Hi Manish,

    I have completed 5 years in my current organisation and now i’am eligible for partial withdrawal of my PF under the option “Withdrawal to finance members life insurance policies”. Can i show the new insurance policy that i will be receiving using the withdrawal money as a tax exemption for my income.

    Thanks in advance,

  156. vinod

    What if an employee has gone on site and has not contributed to Pf for more than 3 years.- Eg Sabtical

    what if an employee is on a medical leave

  157. Abhijeet

    Hi Manish,
    My account No. is MH/35004/147. My Job period is 7 years 3 months. when I leave the job my basic salary is Rs. 7700 and PF amount is Rs. 780, so what is my total PF amount?

  158. Josina

    Hi Manish,
    I was employed with my previous company for 9 years and 2 months and still the PF office has declined my Form 10 C. no letters issued to me yet.. but they say I need to provide a new form with the Nominee’s Date of birth proof and that I will have to compulsorily take a Scheme Certificate.. I do not want the Pension scheme.

    Date of Joining : 2 May 2002
    Date of Leaving : 24 July 2011
    Reason for Leaving : Maternity complications.

    I got employed with new Company in 2012.
    Please help.
    I have already Withdrawn my EPF.

  159. Prabhu

    Hi, Manish,
    Is EDLI scheme is a death benifit? Does it covers disability? Is this schem is applicable to pensioners? Please reply


  160. R K

    Taking the option to opt out of EPF scheme through “form 11” the onus in case of any mishap lies with Employer or the employee who signes declaration

  161. anjan

    hi manish,, i worked in organisation for 4 months and in full and final settelment my contribution in EPF is 6 month,, after leaving this job i join a private sector where no provision available for EPF,, so my question is can i able withdraw my six month contribution .

  162. Amjad pasha

    Dear Manish,

    I was working in a pvt ltd co from Sep 2009 to Dec 2010 . I do not have any payslips wherein my EPF account no. was mentioned. There was PF deduction and remittance as well. How do I get the PF money transferred to my current employer. Please advice.

  163. divya

    awesome work manish…for a dumb like me…it was a cakewalk…to understand the nuances. Just wanted to know, how long does it take for the pf to be deposited in the bank. I had received a message from the epfo saying that the forms are under process last week.

  164. PANKAJ

    It’s really very informative..
    Just want to know about.. how monthly pension amount is calculated… is there any minimum monthly pension amount (jsut as there is cap on max pension of Rs.3250/- per month)..

  165. Mohan kumar k

    Hi Manish,
    My account No. is PY/BOM/0023073/000/2036 I can’t download e passbook i Register MEMBER PORTAL same process but when i login i enter all details like Establishment code. Extension. Account number &characters but when i click get pin then show You have entered invalid Member ID please help me

  166. Anupam

    if i withdraw now (quit my job 2 months back and not working currently. so legally correct), what will happen to the FY12-13 interest ?

    i am assuming it will still be paid-out separately whenever the FY12-13 interest rates get finalized and the same gets credited to all other active account holders.
    correct ?

  167. Nilesh M

    Hi All, thanks a lot Manish for your information but now things have been changed. my query is that now the news states PF rules are changed so can you describe whats the new rules states as it will be helpful to know more and even the deduction is compulsory to 12.5%.

  168. Prasant

    Hi Manish,

    I have a confusion on “4: You might not get 100% of your EPF money”. As the rule a maximum of 541 rupees will be deposited towards the EPS. So Yearly maximum will be 6492. Also maximum withdrawal is same. So I think we can withdraw the actual amount of EPS without any interest upto ten years.

    There will not any situation where your EPS accumulated is more than the withdrawal upto 10 years as the withdrawal is ‘n’ times of the years competed.

    After 10 years, can we withdraw the EPS? Or it will be a compulsory Pension? Is there any withdrawal rule after 10 years? I mean if any one try to withdraw EPS after 12 years of job and the age is below 58, will he be getting 12 times of 10 times of yearly maximum 6500?


  169. Saurabh Sharma

    Hi manish,

    The latest amendements in PF case has given a big shock to all the salaried employees whose takehome salary will be curtailed drastically. What do you think on this and how one can neutralize it impact.


  170. Ananda

    Hi Manish,
    Nice article. Can you please let me know on below,
    I am going out of India for 3 yrs then what will happen to my EPF money?
    Can I withdraw?
    Can my EPF account will go to dormant state?
    If suppose I came back after 3 yrs then can I use same account?

    Ananda patil

    • Yes, if your company is same , then after you come back your company will deposit the money in same EPF , but if you will change the company , then it will be different . Better withdraw !

  171. anilkumar

    Hi Manish…
    Im 23years old working in a organisation from past two years…
    Till what time i wil get pension…In case death who will get and wht the amount..
    My basic pay is 6300 right now…

  172. Aditya

    I know that we can take a loan on our pf contribution after 7 years….What is the interest rate when withdrawing(not fully i mean..i want to continue contribution) it and is there any other way of avoiding it??

  173. Meenxi

    hi Manish,
    Thanks for very informative Article.
    I have one query, what if i have missed my EPF no. How can i get the EPF no?

  174. natrajan

    Hello Manish,
    I resigned from my last job at the age of 54 after working in the company and contributing to its private pf fund for 4 years. I had withdrawn my pf from my earlier employers. Since then I am an independent consultant with no pf contribution. I am now 60 years of age, past the retiring age of 58 in my last company. Can I withdraw my pf from there without any tax deduction at source and without any tax liability on me.
    Thanks in anticipation of your kind reply and with best wishes,

  175. Aakanksha

    Thanks for this informative article. Could you also clarify how do you define ‘wages’ when i see a mention of this term across the article (withdrawal section etc.)

    Thanks in anticipation of your kind reply and with best wishes,

  176. Aditya

    What is benefit of doing withdrawl after maturity(after 15yrs) over withdrawl whenever required??Is the tax waived after 15yrs??

  177. Pratap Chandra

    Very Nice article on EPF Manish, Thank you.

    My Doubt from point 4 and table D is ,Do an employee 10 years continuously have to work for one company or is it applicable even though employee switch companies and keep on transferring the EPF amount to current company.

    Please reply….

      • Sumith

        Hi Manish,

        I switched 3 companies and so 3 PF Account created.
        Amount from previous PF Accounts were successfully transferred to existing PF Account (3rd org).

        With my current organization (3rd company) I have been for more than an year.
        So in this case EPF is 6 yrs old or 1 year old?

        If it 1 year old and I switch to new organization today, can I opt for withdrawing ONLY EPS amount (Form 10 c) rather than withdrawing amount from EPS + EPF?


  178. Naren

    Mr. Manish
    I have completed 09 years and 09 months in the job and my gross monthly salary is Rs. 9600/- and as the pension scheme is not anyway attractive so I want to withdraw my EPS amount alonghwith some EPF so that I may skip from pension scheme and the contribution of Rs 541/-pm as EPS after 10 years of service may be diverted from EPS to EPF account. I have to continue my service but don’t want any contribution towards EPS as the pension is very low. After 20-30 years of my service the total contribution towards EPS will be a large amount and pension is very low.

  179. Babu

    Nice article. Thanks for the information. I am a Ph.D. student (commonly called a Research Scholar) receiving a monthly stipend of Rs 18000/- under the MHRD norms. As per my discussions in the department office, my research scholar status does not qualify as a job. Legally can I withdraw my EPF from a company I left in 6 years ago?

    • Babu

      I must add that I was unemployed for more than a year between 1st October 2009 and 27 December 2010 before I became a full-time Ph.D student.

        • Babu

          Hi Manish,
          Thanks for your feedback to my earlier question posted here..

          I have to provide my ex-employer a declaration of unemployment for withdrawing my PF. I am trying to write this declaration for the first time and need some help.

          Is this sort of a declaration OK..?
          I, MY-NAME, son of MY-FATHER’S-NAME of MY-PERMANENT-ADDRESS hereby declare that I am presently a Ph.D. Student (Research Scholar) at MY-DEPARTMENT-AND-INSTITUTE-WITHA-DDRESS. I am presently not employed with any organization.

          Please let me know if something more needs to be added, and if this looks OK..

  180. Rajesh Patel

    Dear Manish,
    I need to withdrawn my PF amount ,so what total amount i get.

    My details as below
    Joining date:09-dec-2009
    Releasing date:15-sep-2012
    My PF contribution is: 38655

    consider withdrawn apply date : 06-dec-2012
    Waiting for your reply.

  181. Rohit Majethia


    I worked in the company X from 2006 to 2008 and got the PF transfer in Company Z in 2013. As per rule there is no interest after the 3 year (2011) and incase if you transfer the PF fund , interest will get credited even after the 3 year. (in above case 2011-13). Is it true? If yes, you will credit the interet , PF office of X company or PF office of Z company?

    • Here is how it works . When a EPF is 3 yr old without contribution , then it stops getting any interest , like in your case when you left in 2008 , in 2011 , the EPF completed 3 yrs and then whatever amount was there was not growing beyond that point . Now when you transfer that EPF , only the balance which was there in EPF account will be transfered


      • Rohit C

        Further to above discussion, I have one question related to interest on PF transfer account.
        Can we get interest on our current account amount + old transfer account amount(this account has completed its 3 yrs but transferred after 1-2 years later into current account)?

  182. Ravi Shankar

    I will be completing 10 years of contribution to EPF only at the age of 59.5 years. Can I apply for the pension after 60 years of age instead of 58 years of age?

  183. Ashish Doifode

    Hi Manish…Thank you very much for this Aaawwweeesome Article..
    I have one query…i am searching for my PF & Pension statement for last 7 yrs (since Jan 2006 till today)….In 2008 PF office handed over the responsibility to my company’s PF Trust….but they (PF Office) have xfered the fund after 3 yrs to my company….Do you know if there is a similar article on PF Trust as well? I was searching for that because i think the road is still long to get the PF/Pension stmt of last 7 yrs…

  184. balveer


    I want to withdraw my PF from previous company, i quit that company exactly 3 years. do i need to make an affidevit or indemnity bond ? please reply asap. thank you

  185. Purnima

    Hi Manish,

    I joined a new organisation 1 month back and PF has been deducted for one month and submitted to PF department also. It is possible to oppt out of PF now?


  186. Purnima

    Hi Manish,

    I joined a new organisation 1 month back and PF has been deducted for one month and submitted to PF department also. Is it possible to oppt out of PF now?


  187. kathiresh


    My brother passed away recently, he had a pf service of around 2.5 years. We received an amount of Rs.1.5 lakhs(approximate). But now my mother is getting pension amount of Rs.2501/-. my query is if employee dies, his nominee will get pf amount and pension? Is that pension will be provided life long? how they are calculating the pension amount?


  188. Pritesh Vora

    Hello Manish,
    First of all Many Thanks for sharing the wonderful articles. I must admit I have enhanced my financial knowledge by reading Jagoinvestor posts & comments.
    I have applied for the transfer of my PF amt from previous employer to the current employer by submitting Form 13 quite a long time back. Also I registered a complaint through EPFiGMS as it was getting delayed. I have received a mail from them stating “Tr. of PF from XX to XX settled for Rs. 42102/- vide chq.no. xx dt 11/12/2012.”
    I think the amount that is transferred is to the new PF a/c is very less than the expected or maybe I am calculating in a wrong way. Kindly help me in it.
    Total Tenure with previous employer: 46 months
    Date of leaving: 12/03/2011
    Employee PF contribution: Rs. 528/- each month (from 1st month till end)
    As per my estimate My PF accumulation should be more than Rs.48000/- without considering any interest on it. Assuming Employer contribution is same as Rs.528 (including the Pension part). Then I suppose I should have received more than Rs. 42102/- into my new PF a/c.
    Could you please guide me what needs to be done from my end?
    Please let me know in case you need any further information.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Pritesh Vora

  189. Raj

    Hi Manish,

    First of all, whishing you an astonishing and happy new year 2013 :)
    I have a query.

    I have spent 4 years in Company: ‘A’. Also Spent 11 years 11 months in another Company “B” and now leaving the Compnay “B”.

    Shall I be able to withdraw EPS from Company “B” or will get a Scheme certificate for pension?


  190. Saket krishna

    I wold like to know the precise Lock in period for recognised PF to be nontaxable in hand . whether its 5 yrs or 4 yrs and 240 days??
    As per gratuity act 1972 ,5 yrs continous service stands for a precise 4 yrs and 240 days of service. whether same definition of continuos service is applicable for EPF also .

  191. Purnima

    Hi Manish,
    I joined a new organisation 1 month back and PF has been deducted for one month and submitted to PF department also. In 1st month basic salary was less than Rs 6500/- so it was mandatory to deduct PF but now my basic salary is more than Rs. 6500/-, in this case is it possible to oppt out of PF now?

  192. Sunil


    I had withdrawn the EPF after 5 years and i submitted the form etc etc and the past employer told me that after 5 months we will get an acknowledgement and after that the amount will credited to your account.

    I want to know the rules,is it true that it will take 5 mths for the acknowledgement no from the EPF?

  193. Rajanikant

    Hi Manish,

    I have filled the form 10 and 19 for refund the Money and sent to my previous company and they also submit the form in PF office but form is rejected due to authorized signatory of previous company. and form is return to my previous company by pf office but unfortunately the form is lying in previous company and no one is there to follow. so what should i do for refund/transfer please guide.


  194. Gurinder Singh

    Thanks Mr. Manish,,, for this elaborative article and 10 rules,,,, I would call them Golden Information…. I wanted to know this information since long but the babus at EPF office in Chandigarh never provided the infomartion with such details… even their so called website don’t list the above information,,,, well said it is too complicated …. Thanks again

  195. Suresh

    Thank you for the article.
    I am withdrawing my PF dues after a gap of 3 years and have been asked to submit the Indemnity bond cum affidavit.
    Since I am outside India, can the affidavit be notarized by the Indian embassy/High commission and submitted to PF office.


  196. Jawahar V R

    Dear Manishji,

    I am employed in a private organisation. They are not deducting any PF from my salary stating that I am appointed in that company for a higher salary than Rs.6500/= My Present salary is 15,000/= Is it right?

  197. Namrata Ketkar

    Dear Manish,

    I joined my current company almost 2 years back and didnt opt for PF as my basic was more than 6500. but now since i have to apply for home loan i need to show PF deduction in my salary. So is it possible to open PF account now?.

  198. Sundaram

    Dear Manish

    I have service of 15 continuous years (at present in 4th Orgnaization) and all my previous EPF got transfered by submitting form 13. But I never submitted From 10 for EPS transfer, is that necessary to submitt EPS transfer form along with EPF transfer form.

    How do i know that all my EPS amount got transfered to my present account.

    Pls carify.


    • Did you fill them on your own or did the employer did it for you ? Because mostly employer also sends it for EPS .. Else you should fill up for EPS also, check with RTI application the exact status of this.

      • Sundaram

        Dear Manish
        I only filled my EPF form (no.13) and submitted for transfer. But i never submitted form for EPS transfer (I guess it is From 10).

        What is the wayforward now to transfer my old EPS into my present EPS account.
        Is EPS eligible for interest as like EPF, pls clarify.


  199. Aditya pandey

    I would lime to reconstruct my parental house, which is in my father”s name, can I withdraw amount from my PF. If yes how much. I am already in same company from last 10yrs.

  200. Prashant

    Thanks Manish for such an excellent and informative article. Indeed one of the most required information for one who is not too deep into EPF and that too so simplified. This is really wonderful. However I have a few questions:-

    – For any kind of partial withdrawal it would mean the amount extended as loan/advance (if they call it the same) will be given from EPF only or EPF + EPS.
    – Will that also require to return the loan or advance taken with any interest accrue on it or it would simply mean that the amount taken will be deducted from the overall corpus of EPF and later on at the time of withdrawal that will be adjusted.
    – When it is written “salary” for the partial withdrawal of the amount does it mean gross salary or net take home salary or it is just the Basic +DA.
    – For marriage, education self or of children and sibling when it is said 50% of “your” contribution then does that mean the contribution of employee only or the whole of EPF amount including employer contribution.
    – I have an understanding that if someone withdraws the EPF amount before 5 years it is subjected to tax. Please confirm.
    – Out of curiosity I just want to know if these clauses as shared above are somewhere mentioned in the Act or Circulars including extending a maximum of Rs. 3,250 as Pension.

    • Prashant

      1. It will be like a PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL

      2. Its a WITHDRAWAL

      3. BASIC + DA

      4. Including Everything ,, its 50% of your salary only

      5. Yes

      6. Yes, its in ACT , you can find out the PDF on net

      • Prashant

        Hi Manish,

        Thank you very much for your responses. However i am still not clear on Point 1 & 2 & 5.
        Point 1. – I understand it will be a partial withdrawal but that partial withdrawal comes from both EPF+ EPS or just EPF.

        Point 2.- I still have a confusion on whether at the time of repaying will there be some interest on the loan taken from EPF amount OR that will be interest free.

        Point 5.- You mentioned in my post that withdrawing EPF amount after 5 years will attract tax but in response to the post done by ARUL / SAURABH above in the post there was a mention that after withdrawing EPF after 5 years it will Tax exempted. Please clarify.

        Apart from the above please let me know on the following:-

        1. As per Table D what will be the definition of a “COMPLETED YEAR”. Anything above 6 months will be considered as a Year or less than 6 months would also be a year, like 6 years 3 months will be 7 years or it will be 6 years only for calculation of pension.

        2. If someone has a break in a job, let’s say after 6 years of employment he/she becomes a entrepreneur and runs the business for 2 years but never withdrew the EPF + EPS amount. After that again joins a company and works for another 5 years. In this situation will he/she be entitled to pension after 58 as he/she was not employed for 2 years in between and didn’t had any contributions to EPF+EPS although her overall tenure for service accounts to more than 10 years without any withdrawal of any EPF+EPS amount.

        3. For partial withdrawal for replaying a housing loan upto 36 times of “WAGES”. Out here wages means Basic + D.A. or the gross / net salary p.m. ( I am assuming it to be per month ) because there are people at senior levels whose Basic + D.A. could be around Rs. 1 lakh so does that mean that they could withdraw upto 36 lakhs at that time.

        4. What eventually happens to dormant accounts and does dormant means that no contribution or interest earned for 3 years and more?

        5. If an employee continuously worked for 11 years in a single company and had regular contributions in the EPF account but after that either something unfortunate happened to him/her OR in case he became handicapped and incapable of work for the rest of the life then in both the cases either his/her family OR he/she will be eligible for pension after attaining the age of 58.

        6. I have read on one of the forums that in an X company there were 5 employees who at the time of joining had a basic less than 6500 so they had a PF account and have contributions but with due course of time their basic went above 6500 so the company stopped deducting PF from their salaries and depositing the same. Is it correct and legal?

        I know I have asked quite many questions but will sincerely appreciate if you can throw some light or suggest some links to get more clarity on the above.


        • Hi Prashant

          I suggest open up a thread now on our forum to discuss this point , please ask open ended questions which any one can answer , you will surely get pointers ..