What is CIBIL report ?

What is CIBIL report ? Are you looking to check your credit score and want to know why your loan application was rejected ? Yes, if you are misusing your credit taking capacity, you are being watched at like never before in this country. I am talking about CIBIL here and in this article let me show you how your current behaviour related to credit card, personal loan, home loans are going to affect you in future in a good and bad way. Also see 2 real life cases where a person’s loan application got rejected because of Bad CIBIL report and how they didnt even knew about it ! .

CIBIL Report

What is CIBIL and why you should be concerned ?

CIBIL is Credit Information Bureau of India Limited, which acts like a central repository of credit information in India. As many as 500 different banks and financial institutions are CIBIL’s clients and they report each of their customers (like me and you) actions to them.

So if you take a credit card from ICICI Bank, then ICICI bank reports to CIBIL about it. If you enquire about car loan to HDFC Bank, hold your breath! as even that enquiry is reported to CIBIL, if you can’t pay your EMI for home loan with SBI Bank for a particular month, that also gets reported to CIBIL.

Not just your bad actions, but even your good actions like paying EMI’s on time, paying credit card with punctuality also gets reported with CIBIL. You can see that this way, a history is maintained at CIBIL for each person, which can be good history or bad history depending on the case and this information is very useful for banks to decide if they want to give loan to you in future or not. All the banks are now looking at CIBIL report before taking the decision.

Good and Bad credit Report

CIBIL report is not always bad. It’s an extremely good concept which is now taking shape in India recently. If there are two people A and B and A is a good guy and B is a bad guy, obviously A should get better rates of interest, faster processing, first right to loan. Whereas, guy B should get loan at higher rate of interest (because he is risky) and may be banks can even deny entertaining him at all.

CIBIL gives us the power to build our credit report. So if you become responsible and use your credit effectively and with planning, you can build a good credit history with CIBIL, which will help you in long run. Also note that taking a lot of loans without having the capacity is also a negative thing and that can affect your credit report.

CIBIL Report

I would like to warn you that you have to be super sensitive and careful with credit card and loan repayment, because one small mistake or being lazy in this area can cost you a lot. I would like to share some instances of readers who faced a lot of issues in area of getting loans and finally they checked their CIBIL report and found that they were having bad history

Some bad experiences from readers

Rajaram mentions on our forum how his home loan payment was rejected because of his credit card late payment issues

I had two credit cards one from HDFC and other one from ABN AMRO.

In case of ABN AMRO, salesman told me that if I do purchasing of Rs.1000 within 1.5 month then the annual fees will be waved off. As per his instructions I did purchasing of Rs.1000 within that stipulated time frame. But still I got a bill with annual fees after a month. Hence I complained to the Call center executive gave the brief about my complaint. I also told him that I will be paying the amount which was spent by me and according I paid it through cheque. No further transactions done through the card and subsequently told them that I am returning it to them. But later on bills started coming with annual fees with charges. I again informed the call center executive and told him that I am not going to pay the annual fees which wasn\’t there. Later on bills stopped coming.

In HDFC case I had used this credit card for one year and in one month while paying the dues I dropped my cheque in their drop box 3 days prior to due date. When next month\’s bill received it came with late fee charges. I contacted to call center executive and told him that I had dropped my cheque 3 days in advance then how come this charges. He said it received 2 days later than my due date as was not having any proof I could not prove it. I paid the amount due to me excluding the charges. 2-3 month they sent the later but later on they stopped sending bills.

Above two instance happened to me and had forgotten also. But this year when I applied for Home loan from one of the housing bank then suddenly they put down one condition to give clarification about Credit card issues. They got this information from CIBIL which I was unaware of.

Now I need help to come out of this issue so that my housing loan clearance will be faster.

How Nihal credit report got messed up because he gave his pan card to his friend

One of my friends took a car loan from a nbfc 3 years back and he wanted a reference for this loan (i now realize there is no such thing as a reference for a loan) i obliged and gave him a duplicate copy of my pan card.

For atleast 2 years i have been applying for credit cards and getting rejection letters from all the banks. I finally was fed up with this and decided to get my cibil report and was shocked to see that i was the co-applicant for the car loan my friend had taken 3 years back. He had defaulted on this loan which was reflecting on my cibil report and that being the main reason for me not getting any credit card.

Like i mentioned earlier i had given my friend a copy of my pan card but i had never signed any loan application form, so i followed up with my friend (who still claims that i was supposed to a reference for this loan) and also with the customer care at the NBFC (who i must say were extremely rude). I managed to get the loan application form from the NBFC and i’m a cent percent sure that my signature has been forged on the form. Now my friend (would not want to call him a friend anymore) claims that the person who gave him this loan never told him about me being a co-applicant and he always thought i was only a reference.

How Ganesh faced issue with CIBIL report because of his credit card outstaning bill

Yes, I checked my cibil report last month because i had a suspicion and it was proved right.i had a c/card from icici which for a meagre sum of rs.2000 which i lost track because i was transferred to different city and didnt notice the bill. i also didnt use the c/card at the new place, as i had another card with c/limit of rs.45,000 which i started to use(sbi).

after 7 months, when i tried using the card again, it was getting rejected. when i checked with icici, they said the card is blocked. then only i came to know of the card outstanding, which by this time due to interest, and fine/charges etc had come to about rs.4000. Immediately, it was settled in full and closed the c/card a/c.

Now my cibil report shows “810″ with “history of more than 6 months outstanding 7-12 months back”

i feel cibil should consider the fact that the outstanding was settled in full – including fine/interest/etc…. and give a good score….

so i feel the system is flawed and i am paying a price for it.

my other loans – 2 wheeler loans and other sbi c/card a/cs – was showing prompt payment, either payments finished or under regular payments.

i dont know why i am still given a defaulter score when i have settled in full.

is there any way to reset my score with cibil.. pls advise…

How to get your CIBIL Report Offline

There are two kind of reports which you can get from CIBIL . The basic one is called CIR Report which is nothing but a basic information on how is your credit history and what kind of information is there with CIBIL . This is called CIR report and it costs Rs 142 . This is good enough if you just want to check your status with CIBIL .

Update : Now you can also apply for your CIBIL Report Online

The second thing which you can get from CIBIL is your Credit Score which is called as CIBIL TransUnion Score and ranges from 300 – 900. This is number which scores your credit ranking . A lower number means your credit score is bad and you will be considered as Risky ! . If its 900, you are doing great, Higher the better . The cost of CIBIL TransUnion Score along with your CIR report would be Rs 450 . I would say this is not at all expensive if you can get this vital information at such a cost . If you are facing any rejection for loans or if you fear that your past history can haunt you , then its a good idea to check the CIBIL report each year and find out how does it look like. I have created a step by step procedure for you on how to apply for CIBIL report . Have a look

CIBIL Report

Can you fix the CIBIL report have wrong Information?

A lot of times Banks makes mistakes in Cibil Report and it is mostly manual mistakes or lot of times delay in communicating the details . If you check your CIBIL report and find out any problems , please ask your bank to communicate it to CIBIL as soon as possible . Also if based on your CIBIL report, if you clear some loans , make sure you ask your bank to communicate to CIBIL that you have cleared the liabilities , so that it can get updated in CIBIL report. CIBIL report is your lifeline for future , don’t do anything which makes its dirty, else that will affect you in long run .

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      • GAJENDRA

        Is it safe to apply online for CIBIL report? When I was reading a review about CIBIL in mouthshut.com, I came to know that many people have received CIBIL report.

        Pls help me in getting CIBIL report.

        Recently I had applied for Kotak credit but it was rejected. When I checked with the customer care of Kotak they said it was due to CIBIL Score.

        • Yes you can apply for it, at times the payment fails or authentication fails and at times there is genuine issue in getting it late , but it does not mean you dont do it . Its just like another service.


      • Asha

        Hi Manish,

        I came across your site a week back and in this one week I read almost all the articles. I learnt so many things here. Thanks a lot, you are doing a great service..
        I don’t have any kind of loans and never used credit cards. Today my home loan got santioned. I just want to know will I have a CIBIL report ? If yes, what would be present in there?


  1. Deepu

    Hi Manish,

    I have been following your articles for the last 6 months… was lazy to register till now…Finally, I decided to signup….

    As usual another nice and relevant article from you. Till now, I haven’t subscribed to any of the credit cards nor I have taken any loan. Do I need to apply for CIBIL report?


      • Hem

        Hi Mansih,

        Thanks for one more wonderful article.

        Does mere use of credit card will affect the credit score? Do you suggest not using credit card at all even if the dues are paid on time? Which is better, not having any credit or paying dues on time and having a better score? What do banks consider?


        • Hello Manish,

          Not having any credit card or any open line of credit does not help you in improving your credit profle. Having a credit line and paying on time is the best available option you have to get good credit score.


    • shailendra J. Soni

      Dear Manish,
      Please Give me my Cibil History i want to know my score so i will apply my home loan.in past my laon is rejected. My Pan Card No.:BILPS0841P . I will purchase home. How to remove in cibil give suggestion please sir it is very important to me


      shailendra jashvantlal soni
      Padra — Dist : Vadodara ( Gujarat)

  2. Prashant

    Hi Manish,

    As always a nice article from you , i just followed the procdure and applied for getting my cibil report .Will be sending the documents asap.
    Thanks for guiding us on the procdure to get CIBIL report

    Keep up the good work !!!

      • senthil kumar

        Hi Manish,

        Your service is really appreciated ! I have read your articles and one of my LIC agent is brain washing me to take “Jeevan Tarang ” or “Jeevan Anand ” , but i have refused it and i have opened the PPF account in SBI and depositing 5000 per month .

        Now i am looking for a Health Insurance and Life Insurance , in one of your post ,you have mentioned that you have taken “aegon Religare ” life cover for 11 k per year .My age is 24 , am planning to marry around the age 27. please suggest some more good financial plans.

        Heartly Thanks,

    • Hello Vishnu,

      CIBIL has most of the banks and financial institutions contributing their data including large cooperative banks. CIBIL website provides comprehensive information about the number of members and shareholders information.


  3. I understand that besides CIBIL another agency has also began maintaining credit records recently. Does any one have any idea about it ?

  4. Hi Manish,

    A very nice info.

    Just to share- If someone has loan/CC outstanding and he moved out of the address, then CIBIL will send you information only at the address registered with your creditors.This means you need to first update your new address with creditors and then CIBIL will send you the report.

    This live experience i got from one of my client.

  5. Sunil Shetty

    Hi manish.

    Such a wonderful article.

    Let me know, what happens in case you’ve done the Credit Card Settlement. Is it consider viable?

    And how often Cibil updates their information itself after what interval?


    • Sunil

      Yes , if you have settled your credit card payment , then Bank should update this info with CIBIL and your report should reflect that . but there are cases when banks are not that fast in reporting it and its does not reflect in the CIBIL report . So its suggested to look at your CIBIL report each year and take corrective measures . Ask your bank if they have not updated some information with CIBIL


    • Hello Sunil,

      Yes, credit card settlements are viable option in India. If you approach your credit card provider they will provide you the settlement plan based on your outstanding and current status etc.


  6. kapil

    Does savings bank a/c info is also shard with CIBIL ?
    I have a SB a/c with a bank which shows some penalty amount for not maintaining the minium amount. will it affect my credit score ?

  7. CIBIL is doing as it was expected to do over a period of time.

    But only thing which i feel sad about is all these talks of giving better interest rate to better customers has remained talk for the last so many years.

    I think CIBIL and banks have conveniently forgot to act on this promise of theirs.

    • Raja

      Yea .. i dont see that happeneing at the moment , but you know these processes and concepts , its a very new thing in India and it would take time to make the whole process flow clear and smoother . I see it happening in next 3-4 yrs


      • Hem

        When one of my friends went for a home loan, bank said there was nothing like better interest rate but credit score only helps them to process the application faster.

  8. Ujjwal


    Great info. I live in UK and here they maintain a credit history report for each person in a central data base. You need this for anything even to rent a house. To get a good score you need to
    1. Regularly pay rent / utility charges through direct debit from your bank a/c. Thus they suggest you pay the rent / charges through your bank a/c instead of paying by cash etc.
    2. Settle all loans and any disputes do not just stop paying the overdue amounts as banks will show the outstanding amount for ever.
    3. Duration of transaction is very important thus using credit card for long period even if you do not need any overdraft and can pay the dues within a month is better than using the cash option as it creates credit history.

    I’ll also narrate another story which happened with one of my team members. This person was selected for a onsite role in my project. My company provides a GBP travel card which allows us to draw cash anywhere in the world. Our Perdiems are credited in that card and we can get cash from any ATM outside India. So, this person comes to UK and he was expecting his Axis Bank travel card to be credited with one month’s perdiem and some loan which our company gives us through Axis bank to cover House rent Advance.( You need to pay 45 days rent as advance to get any house in UK). But Axis Bank refused to issue his their travel card as his CIBIL report shows that he had taken an credit card 3 years back which he did not pay up. He told me that he was sold the credit card saying there was no annual fee but one year he has charged a annual fee which he refused to pay. He contacted the bank and followed up for months and then just cancelled the card and forgot about the incident. He received payment requests from the bank for one year or so and then it stopped. However, this action landed him into deep trouble in a foreign country when he was almost close to securing a house and needed the Axis Bank Travel card where my company would give him the advance.

    So all your readers should take the Credit rating very seriously as all Banks are now interrelated and with your PAN number it is very easy to cross reference even though your address may change.


    • dipz

      i don’t think this is possible. Travel card of any bank (AXIS or someone) is not a credit. Your company instead of Foreign currency in cash/Traveller check is giving you travel card, so it is no way a credit.
      Please check the facts. Your friend is very wrong on the concept.

    • Hello There,

      In case you have any issues associated with CIBIL report and looking out for solution to resolve, strengthen your credit score and overall creditability

      RectifyCredit –
      •Identify Issues / Negatives in your credit report
      •Provide consultative guidance to individuals for building and improving their credit profile
      •One stop shop for all credit issues


  9. Quite a lot of loopholes here…I applied for my report, sent all relevant documents and got a reply that the address doesn’t match with their records and asking me to submit fresh proof of address. I live in a rented house and have changed thrice in the last 8 years – how will I even know what address is there on their records ?

    • Gowri

      probably because the speedpost can just get dropped off into a drop box or mailroom or something, but registered post requires a human being to sign for it and the acknowledgement form — may be have a different place where humans are available to sign…

  10. Anand


    This is regarding the “CIBIL TransUnion Score”. You say that it ranges from 900 to 3000. But the cibil site (https://www.cibil.com/d2c/accesscredit.htm) says that it ranges from 300 to 900.

    You say that the least the better and cibil says that the more the better.

    Am I missing something? Please clarify.

    • Anand

      Thanks for that correction , Actually It was ETWealth which mentioned the range as 900-3000 and I was reffereing to that . Not sure how they made this mistake :)


      • Anand

        Thanks for the clarification, Manish!

        This (getting CIBIL report) was long pending from my side and I tried just now and cibil site failed in taking me to netbanking of ICICI bank.

        Hope they improve!

  11. Ram


    Will the information in CIBIL be available for lifelong or will they refresh at any point of time? I heard that after a break of 7 years your information is removed from CIBIL… is it right?

    Heard that CIBIL is now being replaced…Any idea?

    • CIBIL is not being replaced. but some new org are getting licence for doing the credit rating just like CIBIL . where did you see that info is removed from CIBIL in 7 yrs ? I am not aware of this .

      But the data in CIBIL is totally dependent on banks reporting , so whatever banks tell CIBIL ,CIBIL believe that .

      • Hello Manish,

        There is no plan of RBI for replacing CIBIL as an organization. The plan is to increase the number of credit bureaus in India and its already in action. RBI has approved 3 new credit bureaus in India – Experian, Highmark and Equifax.

        write to me in case you need any additional information


  12. Chennaivaasi

    Manish – Good article. I was aware of this and had requested a CIBIL report back in Jan 2010 :-) To my surprise, I was reported as a defaulter for my American Express Credit card (CC).

    Here’s my story, the gentleman (was he really one???) that sold the CC promised that the first year fee is waived. When I saw the charge and called him up, he promised that he has sent an email and it should be waived. In the meanwhile, I was paying in full whatever I spent but the annual fee was getting compounded. Finally, I cancelled the card with the annual fee + interest outstanding (circa mid 2004). I got a letter requesting for one time settlement in late 2005. I called them up to explain and refused to pay.

    In my CIBIL report, I was reported as a defaulter by AMEX in November 2009 (what a timing of my report). How cruel they are to report a incident of 2004 in late 2009.

    Thankfully, since then I have received approval for a home loan thanks to unblemised other credit card records.

    CIBIL is a good idea, its implementation as with several schemes in India is highly flawed. RBI’s intention was to establish a setup similar to credit bureaus as in the USA, other western countries.

    Now my cents,

    As is prevalent in USA, every one should be entitled for a free annual credit report upon request.

    Requesting, receiving credit reports online should be made possible (providing a valid credit card for authentication can be made mandatory to keep a check on the genuineness of the requestor, a cap of 10 reports per card/holder kind of thing can be done)

    Bad remarks should be wiped off once in every seven years (a person should not be made to suffer for long for his/her one off mistake or at least no more than once in 7 years :-))

    Whenever a bad remark is loaded to an individual’s history, the individual should be notified and given reasonable time to provide his side of the story and resolved to the satisfaction of both the parties or at least the individual (customer rights you see :-)

    When an individual is denied credit/loan based on his/her credit history, a free copy of the credit report based on which the decision was made should be provided.

    RBI should seek and publicise report from member banks on the concessions (lower interest rate, no/less processing charges, other facilities etc.,) that they have provided to customers with higher score/better history. This will not only deter public from defaulting but also incentivise them to be more disciplined financially.

    Overall, RBI should launch an extensive campaign to make users aware of CIBIL’s existence similar to SEBI’s investor education initiatives.

    BTW, I was expecting an article from you on Demat accounts for insurance policies :-))

  13. Bala

    How back does this credit history go? I have a credit card for 8 years, will I be able to see 8 years of my credit history?

    • Bala

      I am not sure , but banks much have all the data from last 8 yrs and I am sure they would have reported this with CIBIL also ,the best way to know this is to actually get your CIBIL report


  14. Hi Manish,

    Really a good article. I know about cibil from last 10 years when cibil implementing the process with banks. But yes Credit History for Banks is good as they are having numbers of defaulters now a days and I witnessed in many cases. Last month I visited I inquired for home loan with a bank, where manager is my friend, as per procedure he take my CIBIL report and I was wondering that CIBIL is implemented by Govt. is successful. Bank is getting benefited with less numbers of defaulters.

    Even in CIBIL report Banks also knows that where and which Financial Institution the applicant has inquired for loan. In my case one ICICI home loan has inquired 3 yrs back. But I never inquired with ICICI for home loan. This also impact your loan proposal.

  15. Manu

    Thanks for the article Manish.Initially when I was reading this article I was not that serious about the report. But after reading individuals comments I fully understood the importance of good credit history. Also I fuly agree with all the cents of Chennaivaasi. [May be one hack] Those who have bad credit rating can apply for HUF and then start fresh with the HUF..not sure though

  16. Bhaskar

    Hi All,

    Indeed a good article as always and it has come out finally. I had some tough time in the past due to the CIBIL report.

    I was outside India till 2008 and when I returned I was in Delhi. I applied for credit cards mutliple times, but none got approved and I think the basic reason was I didn’t had any credit history with CIBIL even after having a nice experience and working in a good company.

    Later in 2009 I bought a house for my parents in Hyderabad on there name (mistake: I was never able to get a home loan on it and even today I pay the full tax amount applicable in India). Since it was on my parents name the home was disapporved and I had to take a personnel loan of 4lacs (I pay an interest of 21.25% on it). I ran pillar to post for the 4 lacs loan (my intial demand was 5 lacs and thanks to one of my friend who helped me with 1 lacs) and no bank approved it. Every broker asked for credit card or previous loan history, which I didn’t had.Finally one of the broker got it done but at a big cost.

    Recently I moved to Hyderabad and as part of my current company everyone gets a Citibank credit card. Even I applied, but didn’t recieved it and I reapplied. In one of my communication with citibank they told me about Cibil report. I followed the above process, got my Cibil report and asked the Citibank for the defaulter case in that as there was none. Citibank refused to comment and said they can’t share the reason. I think it was my personal loan history due to which my credit card request was not approved.

    Some time back I applied for Standard Chartered and SBI Credit card, both got approved and I have the credit cards. It’s because of my good history in Cibil report and am happy about it.

    Something I want Cibil to improve upon is to charge a subscriber once and make the Cibil report online. Each time giving the details and paying the money is waste of time and not worth, unless I miss some point on why is it so.


    • Bhaskar

      Yes .. its a good idea of Pay once , see your cibil report always .. but I am not sure how many would like to do exactly that and how feasible it is for CIBIL to make that infrastructure .

      Thanks for sharing your Experience .. its very valuable for other readers :)



    Hi manish,
    To share my experience on CIBIL report,recently around 30th May 2011,I applied for the report to check the status as some objections raised by the bank , where I applied for a home loan. These are the experiences since then with CIBIL.
    1. Amount Rs 450/- got paid online and the reciept for the same sent along with the identity documents , I got my report within 12 days .
    2. Every Report carries a unique Control number ,this number can be quoted over the phone (022-61404300) with CIBIL representative to clarify some information in the report further.
    3. Report only carries the Institution name and the last few digits of the loan number and account numbers .For identifying the branch we can call CIBIL to gain information further.
    4. One can report gaps through the Dispute form ,available on the CIBIL website.
    5. I am still waiting for reply from CIBIL for clarifications ,as they had already sent the concern’s to the respective banks . Delay happens from the bank side ,where information not sent timely to CIBIL for updation .Though , i have got the NOC from banks on the closure of the loans applied earlier.
    6. CIBIL reverts you with the updated status of the dispute raised ,as they receive it from the respective institutions , I had got one confirmation for the correction and the updation in my report.

    Overall,the information given in the article is very effective and thanks for providing these important and effective information regularly.


  18. piyush kariya

    dear manish sir,

    hello sir i am piyush kariya residence at porbandar gujarat i have taken personal loan in h d f c bank last 2 yrs back and some 5 or 6 installment was bounced due to some resons so i have complited my loan before 1 yers back and bank aslo give me to a N O C . so tell me my name is in cibile or not ?

    • Piyush

      Yes , your name should be in CIBIL as “defualter who paid back” . So in a way its mentioned in CIBIL that you didnt pay your loan and then later paid back . so my suggestion would be to check it .


  19. Ganesh

    Hi Manish,

    Yes, I checked my cibil report last month because i had a suspicion and it was proved right.

    i had a c/card from icici which for a meagre sum of rs.2000 which i lost track because i was transferred to different city and didnt notice the bill. i also didnt use the c/card at the new place, as i had another card with c/limit of rs.45,000 which i started to use(sbi).

    after 7 months, when i tried using the card again, it was getting rejected. when i checked with icici, they said the card is blocked. then only i came to know of the card outstanding, which by this time due to interest, and fine/charges etc had come to about rs.4000. Immediately, it was settled in full and closed the c/card a/c.

    Now my cibil report shows “810” with “history of more than 6 months outstanding 7-12 months back”

    i feel cibil should consider the fact that the outstanding was settled in full – including fine/interest/etc…. and give a good score….

    so i feel the system is flawed and i am paying a price for it.

    my other loans – 2 wheeler loans and other sbi c/card a/cs – was showing prompt payment, either payments finished or under regular payments.

    i dont know why i am still given a defaulter score when i have settled in full.

    is there any way to reset my score with cibil.. pls advise…


    • Ganesh

      I think you should talk to your bank and ask them to tell CIBIL to update your entry as FULLY SETTELED .. It happens that banks do delay in communicating things to banks ..

      Right now , I would say the processes are getting mature and over time it will get better .. There is no alternative than being alert at the moment .


    • loka reddy

      hi i need the some help i was applied for credit card for hdfc bank as per the got information my card has been declined , Because of my name in cibil pls can u help me how to know cibil amount & cibil score also

  20. chetan savjani

    respected sir.

    i have taken morgage loan from boi. before 3 yrs ago that account was NPA AND SUI T FILE for that account. but now its regular . but still my status shown in cibil is old. i want to remove my name from cibil so what should i do ? i m ready to close that account.

  21. Lakshmi

    hi Manish

    Thanks to you fro such informative articles..i am regular reader in your blogs and articles like these are very useful…I just wanted to check with you one 2 points…I hold a separate loan a/c and my husband has a separate loan a/c and we together have a loan a/c.So should i apply for Cibil report inidividually?


    • Lakshmi

      Yes , there is nothing like CIBIL report for couples , each person has its own report , Even if you guys had a common loan account ,there would be seperate report for you both


  22. smitha

    hey nice article again…had a query but it got answered by just reading the comments :-))…keep up the good work

  23. smitha

    hey nice article again…had a query but it got answered by just reading the comments :-) )…keep up the good work

  24. Prasoon

    Nice article Manish (as usual)! Just wanted to share my experience here.

    I use to request for my CIR after every 6 months. I have been doing this since last two years. It helps me in checking if everything (loan/card opening/closing is updated correctly. Most of the times it is updated in correct way.

    First time when I applied for CIR, I found 3-4 mistakes.
    1) LIC home loan acount was appearing twice. – For this I contacted CIBIL, and asked them to update it.
    2) One HSBC credit card was showing outstanding of some 6000. Basically this card was upgraded from silver to gold (and now platinum) years back. Difficult to track, but because I had never defaulted on any payments -I was damn sure that it could not be my mistake. – For this I contacted HSBC, it took some time for them to realize. But finally they updated it to CIBIL.
    3) One HDFC PLCC (Personal Loan to Credit card) was showing (-1) balance, i.e. they needed to return me 1 Rs. – For this I contacted HDFC, and they confirmed that they needed to refund that one rupee indeed. Got that amount in one week, and they updated to CIBIL as well.

    When I requested for CIR again after two months, all three details were updated.

    Now, what difference did it make?

    Earlier it was showing 4 Credit cards and 3 Loans as NON-ZERO balance account on the first page of the report. After change it was – 2 Credit cards and 2 Loans as NON-ZERO balance, which was correct at that time.

    My current score is 810, and I am trying hard to make it as closer as possible to 900.

  25. Varun

    Dear Mr. Manish

    I am one among the many who have a bad rating according to banks. I had 3 cards. One from HSBC and 2 from ICICI until 2 years back. Due to over spending and bad management i had missed many payments and finally took a personal loan and settled the HSBC card for about 35K and the ICICI for about 25K. I had completely missed the 2nd ICICI(o/s 4K) card because of an issue with their customer rep who had tried some dirty tricks with me. And recently i called up ICICI bank gave certain details and was informed that they dont have any records of me having a card with them. But when i applied for a car loan and a personal loan, i was denied on the basis of the CIBIL report. My questions are:

    1.) If i get a CIBIL transunion report, in what way will it help me with these card issues?
    2.) Wont these settlements make a difference to the banks while offering loans?I always submit my settlement letters, still get rejected.
    3.) What should be my next course of action?


    • Varun

      If your CIBIL report mentions about the ICICI credit card , then ICICI cant deny of having any records , they need to mention about it .

      1) CIBIL report is just for you to get information . Now as you have it , you know what are the issues
      2) Sorry to say , but you are going to bear the brunt of this for quite some time now . Once you messed up your history, you will be looked down by these companies in giving loans, but as a restification , the first thing what you should do is Completely pay off all your debt , request your banks to update CIBIL about your payments and ask CIBIL to mark you as “Debt paid off” , so that you atleast become a little cleaner . After doing this , again ask for CIBIL report after few months and check that the changes are reflecting in the CIBIL report .
      3) Never ever take credit for granted :)


  26. There are certain banks which are so strict on their policies that is becoming like customer unfriendly banks.
    UnknowinglyI had some bad debt with my Citibank 4 years back, as soon I they called me up, I settled the dues and cleared my name.
    Last year I requested my CBIL Report also, and its neat and I dont have any bad debt now infact I have a excellent Credit History.
    Last year I applied for Car loan and recently I applied for life time free Credit Card from Citibank, they simply rejected my application giving reference to my previous settled dues of Citi card. Currently I am priviledge customer of Citibank. But still according to their policy I once you availed the settlement from any Credit Card or from any Bank throught your life you cannot apply for any Credit facility from Citibank.
    Do you think this policy makes any sense, or is it Justified?

    • C Subramanian

      Change the bank my friend.

      In Nov when Citibank and many US banks started charging for debit card ($5/month), even US customers started moving on to local banks who provided better banking at cheap rates.

  27. Surya

    Cibil details(defaulters) hw long reflecting in the cibil history any idea coz my brother is in cibil list pls reply for the same

  28. Prasoon

    Consider this case-
    I took a loan (10000) and now unable to pay it. Current outstanding is 8000, but I go for settlement. It gets settled after paying 6000, and I become black-listed in CIBIL for some 7-8 years. Now after 1 year my financial position improves dramatically. Can I contact my bank for paying them remaining amount (8000-6000 = 2000) + interest (if any)? Will they accept payment? If yes, will this action clear my name immediately?

  29. Rishi

    Hi Manish,

    As usual an excellent article & nicely written , icing on the cake is all those comments & experience shared by various readers which further helps building your knowledge base on the subject . This is the USP of JI….

    Truly the more you share your knowledge the more you gain ( It seems >Newton’s law: Every Action will have equal and opposite reaction applies here as well ).
    Also just a thought , In future isn’t it a good idea to have individual credit ratings by some centralised body e.g RBI ( The way CRISIL does for companies)based on how efficiently and honestly one pays his EMI’s,Utility bills,taxes etc in a time frame . Incentivising individuals with good rating by govt.,banks will motivate individuals to pay all their dues on time ( Just think how drastically our economy improves if everybody is honest and punctual in paying their taxes ,dues ..banks save hugely on recovery & follow up cost whcih they can use to benefit the customer).
    Bottomline is a framework which appreciates an honest and responsible citizen and rewards him accordingly .

    Best Regards

  30. pramod

    Hi Manish,
    Very nice article again. I have had my CIR about 2 years back. But it did not show my Home loan A/C. After talking to CIBIL, I went to bank and asked them to communicate my loan/credit history to CIBIL. The bank assured my that it was already communicated. My loan A/C closed this Jan. I also have a credit card, the outstanding is paid in time always. Once again, I am planning to check my credit history with CIBIL. Please suggest if CIR will be good enough in my case?
    best regards

  31. narasimha


    1) Does Losses from margin trading and future/options trading carry forward to the next year?
    2) If yes which ITR to use?, i have income from Salary, Loss from House property and Loss from Trading/FnO.


      • Narasimha

        Thanks Manish.

        Sorry for posting this in un-related article.

        I have a doubt If the losses can’t be carry forwarded then why ITR4? I think ITR2 is sufficient. Why i’m saying this is i don’t see any item like ‘Income from Salaries’ in ITR4.


  32. Vivek Gupta

    I have one query. I recently applied for personal loan and they told me that my CIBIL score is minus 1. I do not have loans or credit cards. I mean no credit history till date.

    What does minus 1 CIBIL score signify ??


  33. Sandeep

    Hi Manish

    A nice article and inspired to get my CIBIL score card :)

    I want to request CIR report from cibil.com.
    During online form and payment I noticed that we can only request for CIBIL TransUnion Score. So if one require CIR report then one should make DD of 142 rs and send form via courier/speed post.

    Please let me know if I am wrong!

    Thanks for information,

    • Sandeep

      Is that the case . I dont think so .. many people have got their CIBIL scoreo nly .. you can make the payment for any of them . See the process given in the website .


    • Prasoon

      According to CIBIL website, you need to send – Demand Draft (DD) of Rs 450/- for CIBIL TransUnion Score + CIR OR Rs 142/- for CIBIL CIR in favour of “Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited” payable at Mumbai.

      However, I could not find any mention to request for the score only.

  34. prashanth

    hai manish

    how can i clear my previous debts so i want avail home loan pls help me on this and hw to get the information from which bank do i hav a cibil problem

  35. BKM

    Hi Manish,
    What about review some Stock recommending services (both paid & free) in this “product review” section ? Though I am not sure if they can be classified as “product” or any other legal implications.


  36. Amit

    Hi Manish,

    One query regarding credit card bill payment.
    Generally, around 3 weeks grace period is given for making bill payments. And in order to manage financial requirements, we tend to make payment once the grace period is about to end. Does credit card issuing bank have problem with this attitude of customers? Will this impact CIBIL Score?


  37. ankit

    I have requested my CIBIL report last month and got to know that my loan accounts from Canara Bank which I settled in Oct, 2007 is showing pending in CIBIL report. After following up with the Canara Bank, they admitted it and sent a recent update to CIBIL. Hopefully, my CIBIL report is corrected now.

  38. Shivraj S Ghorpade

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to confirm that do we loose credit points if we request our Credit report from CIBIL ?

  39. Romit Barat

    Hi Manish,

    I have setlled my credit cards as per the settlement terms and amount set by the bank. Is this will affect negatively i my CIBIL report?

    • Romit

      yes, the thing is your CIBIL account will still show that you defaulted and then cleared the loan , its like abbusing some one and then saying sorry .. even though you settled things, but you did default .. so take this thing seriously in future.


  40. jay

    hi manish
    i want to know my track record with cibil its possible to free we saw our record? or its chargeble? or tell me full procedure to customer how to know his track record?

  41. BigB

    Hi Manish,

    I had a loan for my bike of 24 EMI and failed to clear last 3 EMI for month Jul to Spet 2009 ( still those are not cleared). After that I took personal loan of 1.5 Lakh from HDFC and I asked about my CIBIL report to HDFC executive and he told me report was clear. I am having PL of 1.50 Lakh and 7 Lakh HL from HDFC and not a single EMI is bounced yet. Now I have applied for HL in LIC. What do you think of my CIBIL report? Will I get that loan from LIC?

    • BigB

      Looks like your Bank has not reported your case to CIBIL till now , it may happen if bank trust you depending on your past relation , I suggest you clear off your loan before its reported to CIBIL . I cont comment on LIC loan


  42. KRaj

    I had two credit cards and I took a personal loan from HDFC in 2009 and i have been paying the EMI reguarly
    but regarding credit card I had also paid reguarly but some times
    I had missesd out some payment for both the cards due to some problems
    but after that i have made full payment(not settlement) for the icici cc in 2010 and for hsbc I made full payment(not settlement) in 2011
    and closed both the cards and I got the NOC from ICICI bank and asked NOC to hsbc bank they will provide me after some days.
    so my concern is will my name remove from cibil? will I get good score in cibil? will I get the HOME Lone from bank?
    and will i get the credit card from any of the bank?
    I have not missed out any EMI for my PL from 2009 to till date and I dont have any CC right now.
    so suggest me for this situatios about my questions


  43. KRaj

    Hi Manish,

    I had two credit cards and I took a personal loan from HDFC in 2009 and i have been paying the EMI reguarly
    but regarding credit card I had also paid reguarly but some times
    I had missesd out some payment for both the cards due to some problems
    but after that i have made full payment(not settlement) for the icici cc in 2010 and for hsbc I made full payment(not settlement) in 2011
    and closed both the cards and I got the NOC from ICICI bank and asked NOC to hsbc bank they will provide me after some days.
    so my concern is will my name remove from cibil? will I get good score in cibil? will I get the HOME Lone from bank?
    and will i get the credit card from any of the bank?
    I have not missed out any EMI for my PL from 2009 to till date and I dont have any CC right now.

      • KRaj

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your reply but I did not missed EMI for my HDFC PL.
        I have mentioned details in above comments.
        So my question is if my name is in CIBIL, will it remove?
        will I get the HOME Lone from bank?
        and will i get the credit card from any of the bank?
        Please reply…

  44. Kiran

    Hello Manish,
    I have become regular reader of this site off late.I have put some queries in forum and was responded back within short period.Thanks for the same.As a matter of fact, after reading thru’ many of ur articles/comments, I have decided to buy Term insurance plans, called up to check my current SIPs in MFs(as I was not checking regularly), decided against putting money into any Jeevan Sarals or Dream Child plans, planning to open PPF + some high performing MFs.

    Now my latest query is on CIBIL. Since I moved from Bangalore to Hyderabad (2009), I happened to cancel some dozen old credit cards(which were issued but never used them) retaining about 3. But of these 3 i got to know 2 r blocked(no payment was pending on this), when I requested them to update my latest contact addresses.They didnt offer any reason for closure of the credit cards(CITIBANK).
    But i tried to apply for banks like SBI, HDFC , they got rejected with a reply , sorry we cannot process your request. I was surprised as my take home is good, I work in MNC and my payments were always perfect (barring cpl of occasions).

    After reading your article on CIBIL, I started to recall bcoz of soem Bad history, they might be rejecting my application. I had a problem with Standard chartered back in 2005, which i happened to settle it after bitter arguments and subsequntly cancelled the card.Again in 2009, my ICICI platinum card had to eb closed as I felt Rs.10K charged on my 1 min call from Paris airport, is fishy.I did close it in amicable terms.Also I had a problem with ABN amro, on which I availed a Loan after getting the outstanding amnt transferred from other card.
    They kept on sending statements for next due date though my loan term was closed(EMI), though over the phone they agreed the loan is cleared.
    When I requested NOC, as I didnt get any mail from them after few months or so, they again came up with some more outstanding as my Rs100/- was due , after interst and all, the amoutn came up as Rs.5000/-.
    By this time, I was completley pissed off, I send a mail through courier to the head office at Gurgoan, explaining the same and rquesting for NOC and prepared to clear that false Rs.100/ too (but not the inflated Rs.5k). I didnt get any reply nor the phone banking ppl have any response.They kept on saying pay Rs.100/- , we will clear all.I sent Checque of Rs.100 too.But no NOC.

    So thats the tragic story, which I didnt pursue it further after I moved to HYD.

    So my question is, till wat tenure the bad credit history carried forward, when the 2 parties doesnt agree on certain transactions and the bank insists to pay whatever they dictate, is there any recourse? Still I have to beg these bank guys and pay any settlement amnt they come up with? I cant imagine how much they may ask me to pay as Rs.100/- they made up as Rs.5k in 4 months, now its 2 years +, they will expect me to pay a fortune!

    BTW, I have applied for my CIBIL rating online. I have to see their findings.

    Your quick comment may help though I m waiting for my CIBIL.

    • XYZ


      I had applied for SBI card, but the card was rejected due to some reasons
      which the bank is not disclosing. I have other banks cards, and my record is good with them.

      Will this card rejection be included in my CIBIL report.

      Pls answer

  45. Shilpa


    I have applied for a student loan with a UK based financial institution.I am required to submit my CIBIL report with them.I have never taken loans before and do not own a credit card.I have applied for a CIR and transunion score about a month back.But still awaiting the CIBIL report.
    How long does it take for CIBIL report to reach?
    Is the delay due to my non-existent credit history?


    • Shilpa

      If you never had any credit earliar , then you might not have any CIBIL record,. If the UK institution wants the CIBIL report , then there is a problem

      Its generally advised to have some credit so that you start building your “Good” credit score


  46. kaushik


    I recenly got my CIBIL report. My transunion score is 797. can you tell me is this score excellent/good/average/bad/very bad etc? I mean how most of the bank is like to see this score?

    I am asking this because I might apply for some loan shortly. So on the basis of this score what is the likelyhood that the loan will be approved?


  47. Archana

    Dear Manish

    I have 1500rs showing in my cibil report. I have applied for home loan as a cooapplicant. I have a NOC for clearing the same. It was for loan amount of Rs31500/- will that cause any problems in home loan process. Please advice


    • Archana

      Is that amount pending ? If no , then seems like your Bank has not communicated with CIBIL in right way . Ask you bank to rectify it with CIBIL . If its not , it would be assumed to be a bad mark on your report .


  48. KRaj

    Dear Manish,

    Is there would be any problems (in CIBIL score) for most enquiries of any credit facilities or loan application in a bank for getting any loan in future?

    Suggest me.


      • KRaj

        Dear Mansih,
        Thanks for the reply.

        I got the two CC cards from SBI and Standard Chartered recently.
        So I think my CIBIL score is not bad so i got these cards.
        But just i would know that,
        “Is there would be any problems (in CIBIL score) for most enquiries of any credit facilities or loan application in a bank?”
        Earlier I had applied most applications near about 7 to 8 times only for CC so I am asking to you for this because of In future I have to apply for Home Loan.
        Definitely Manish I will use my Credit Cards be carefully and wii pay the CC amount on time and by heart say to you that your this article is very helpful to all of us.


          • KRaj

            Dear Manish,


            It means only enquiries will not effect for getting any loan from any bank if my CIBIL score is good.

            Just I would know that is CIBIL provide all details to bank or only provide score for an individual’s?


              • KRaj

                Dear Manish,


                Last one thing would ask to you.
                Enquires will impact for my future home loan requirement when bank will see my CIBIL report?
                Will I get the home loan from the bank if I will take care of my CC payment from toady to future?

                Only I have to take care about my CIBIL in future.
                I got the CC recently it means that my name is not in defaulter list right.


  49. KRaj

    Dear Manish,


    Enquires will impact for my future home loan requirement when bank will see my CIBIL report?
    Will I get the home loan from the bank if I will take care of my CC payment from toady to future?

    Only I have to take care about my CIBIL in future.
    I got the CC recently it means that my name is not in defaulter list right.


    • KRaj

      If you just got Credit card and you have not defaulted , then your CIBIL report must be clean .. make sure you pay credit on time and that will help you build a POSITIVE report and help you in getting loans faster


      • KRaj

        Dear Manish,

        Thanks a lot..

        Definitely I will keep in touch with you in my any queries.

        Thanks for your nice article.


  50. Rohit Garg

    Thanks a lot for the information.
    I’ve a problem. My father recently applied for a loan and CIBIL report showed that he had 10 lacs or loan already. But this is not correct. He do not have a single penny on the name of loan from any of the bank or organization. Can you please tell me how to get rid of this kind of the problem ?

    • Rohit

      It might happen that its true .. Did your father co-applied with some one else for a loan , did you father gave his important detials to some one any time earliar ? There are many cases where some one used some one’s else documents to take a loan , check with CIBIL which bank loan is it and then enquire with the bank too


  51. Chakravarti


    Recently i applied for personal loan and came to know that my CIBIL score is low so can not approve. its due to non payment of credit card dues for more then 1 year. later i paid entire outstanding including interest and late charges. And i have one more credit card, using it from last five years and no issues with late/ non payment. had taken auto loan previously and paid entire amount without any hassle, not even single payment bounced.

    Questions –
    1. Till how many years banks usually consider credit history?
    2. Can my existing credit card’s history holds good if i opt to apply for same banks loan?
    3. what is the best way to improve credit score?
    4. i am planning to take home loan in next 2-3 years, will my existing cibil score impact that time?

    please do suggest me, Thanks in advance


    • Chakravarti

      1) You will be marked as “Defalted and Cleared the loan later” , but the bad mark will be there for years .

      2. I am not sure , depends on the company decision on hjow they want to look at it

      3. Keep paying your debt on time , thats all

      4. Yes , it can …


      • Chakravarti

        Thanks for your kind reply,

        Want to ask one more thing, as i am not eligible to get unsecured loan (CC, Personal) so with my current CIBIL score will there be any possibility to get secured loan like Auto Loan.
        I came to know that my CIBIL score is 432 and requires minimum 700 for Unsecured loans.

        Will required CIBIL score is same for all kinds of loans or vary depending upon kind of loan?

        Please do reply……Thanks in advance

  52. KRaj

    Dear Manish,

    I have to ask regarding my PF.
    I had submitted my PF form and it’s been approved by PF and status is showing “Payment is in under process”.
    So I would like to ask you that how much days will it take for crediting my PF money in my account?


  53. A

    I had several cards which I got settled one and half year back. Can my CIBIL record be updated after getting the dues clear. If not than how can I get it done.
    Please guide me on this.


    • A

      Yes , once you pay your dues , the credit card company will update the CIBIL about it , if they dont, you need to follow up with them on this,

      But make sure you dont sit idle and dont do anything about it, because this is really an important step for future


  54. Varun

    Hi Manish
    I am in the processing of applying for my CIBIL Transunion reprt with CIR.
    But i would like to know whether even home loans (secured loans) are liable to be rejected if my name is in the CIBIL list??I am listed in CIBIL actually. Please advice.


    • Varun

      Its not just listing which matters, Listing in CIBIL can also be good. What matters is how much score you have and what are the past experiences .

      Any kind of loan will be affected because of CIBIL score


  55. Chakravarti

    Thanks for your kind reply Manish,

    Want to ask one more thing, as i am not eligible to get unsecured loan (CC, Personal) so with my current CIBIL score will there be any possibility to get secured loan like Auto Loan.
    I came to know that my CIBIL score is 432 and requires minimum 700 for Unsecured loans.

    Will required CIBIL score is same for all kinds of loans or vary depending upon kind of loan?

    Please do reply……Thanks in advance

    • Chakrvarti

      With that low score , it would be tough to get any loan , even your house loan is secured , but people get rejected … Car is on the other hand a depreciating asset , I think the first thing is to improve your score, why have you been lazy on doing something on it . find out what are all the reasons and keep mending it !


    • Hello Chakravarti,

      The credit score band for CIBIL is 300 (bad) to 900 (good) hence your score of 432 is low. For any form of unsecured credit, most of the lenders reject the applicant below credit score of 600.


  56. Chakravarti

    Yes Manish the score is really low and i am in process to improve it, i paid all the debts and using CC very carefully, paying all dues at one shot every month, i think it will take some time to reflect in CIBIL and will continue the same. will not think of applying any kind of loan till it comes in good shape, at least one or two year.
    Do you have any other alternate etiquette to be follow apart from what i am doing right now. please suggest


  57. Chakravarti

    Hi Manish,

    What is this…….strange.. recently i applied for SBI CC and it’s got approved. With score just 432, how come they approved? in that case why did my personal loan gets rejected. is there any significant criteria between CC and personal loan.


  58. Rishi Bhatia

    One of my cousion taken a two wheeler loan in 2005
    and i had given my pan card duly self attested at the time of taken loan.
    Now i had applied for 2 wheeler loan in 2010, it got rejected upon applied to CIBIL report i came to know that i m the coapplicant of the two wheeler loan taken by my cousion in 2005. But unfortunetly he died in 2010 . So i had made the complete payment including all bouncing charges as well as the principal amount dues on him. But as i am the co-owner as per the bank records my name also >
    reflect as an overdues amount (Defaulter) in your CIBIL Report which is
    > harming my credit Worthiness in the market. I just spoke to the HDFC >
    CUSTOMER CARE DEPT they said your loan is clear and had been reported to CIBIL upon checking again with CIBIL ,now report shows as settled . I had made full payment still its showing settle please help me out what i need to do now Please note that i do not have any direct dealing with the bank in the above said loan i just made a mistake of giving my sign in the reference column for which i have paid a price of making payment of RS 6322 to bank. So request you to please
    help me out and suggest what need to be done by my end….

  59. anil

    Dear Manish,

    Firstly a great article , i have now initiated my CIBIL report due to this, i am in need of a personal loan of 3L my monthly take home is 78000 Rs , about 7 years back I had a dispute with a credit card from a bank, as iw as working overseas my dad cleared the amount but the CIBIL report says written off, besides that I have a citibank home loan which i pay 3600 rs a month also am a co applicant on a house loan taken by my wife , after reading all this i am depressed as it feels getting a 3 lac loan would be difficult as i do need the cash.

    how do you think i should go about this

  60. Suresh

    In 2005, I have settled with American express Card and as expected my name is included in the CIBIL defaulters List.
    IN August 2011, I have made the complete payment to the card. I was give a NOC as well as my name is removed from the defaulters list.
    My question is how soon can i apply for either a new credit card or loan?

      • suresh

        Hi Manish,
        Thanks for the prompt reply.
        Bank has updated my record with CIBIL and I have checked my CIBIL report as well.
        Everything is in order.
        So please let me know how soon can i reapply.
        FYI… the pending amount was around 20,000 in 2005, which i have re payed in august 2011.
        I had 2 other cards which i have defaulted, but i made the complete payment in 2006 itself . and their correct statis was updated in CIBIl.
        I have a clean chit in the CIBIL report as of Sep 2011.

  61. Ashish Singh chauhan

    In 2005, I have settled with Hdfc two wheeler loan and as expected my name is included in the CIBIL defaulters List.
    IN August 2010, I have made the complete payment to the Loan. I have got the NOC . IS my name removed from the defaulters list? How much time taken the CIBIL to remove my name in the defaulter list?? Its the possible?????
    Can i apply any loan?????

    • Ashish

      As you have made the complete payment and settled your case , ask the bank to communicate the same to CIBIL , your name should be marked as “Settled” in CIBIL from “Defaulter” ..


  62. prince

    Hi Manish,

    I never took a loan , never make any credit card but when i applied for credit card the banks did not make my credit card. Then i applied for the CIBIL report and found that there is no default . The CIBIL report is clear.

    However one mistake which i found was that the voter ID-CARD number which is in the CIBIL report was not correct.

    My question is how do i change my voter ID-card details in the CIBIL report.

    Waiting for your reply.

      • prince

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for a quick response.

        It contains my Personal information like name , address, Pan no, voter id card number , secondary address.

        In this report i found that the voter ID-CARD number which is in the CIBIL report was not correct.

        It also contains the names of the Credit card companies to which i applied for a credit card.

        So please guide me how do i correct it?


  63. ABC

    System is very good in India Manish, If we are lazy we need to pay, if banks are lazy .. that case also we need to pay, what a bull shit system in India.

      • Chetan Sha

        If Bank does mistakes and does not care for Customers. Then customer can approach RBI Ombudsman. Its Very Strong and Like a Court. RBI would send legal notice to Bank Nodal Officer and make them come to Ombudsman office at RBI along with the customer. Get the things cleared.

        Anyone has issues with Banks can always approach: (Online Complaint Form)

        If you are not satisfied with services or having issues with Recovery Agents. Can approach RBI. It has stipulated guidelines for all the banks about the recovery behaviour.

  64. AMIT



  65. AMIT




  66. MAK

    I wants to remove my name from Cibil report, I Used to have 2 CC, from HDFC & another from citi bank, I do had personal loan from citi finance, which I settled long 2yrs back for which I have settlement letter as well.
    Recently when I applied for a Bajaj finance loan for home electronic, It got declined, reason given to me was as my name reflected as a defaulter of Cibil.
    Please advice me to clear of my name from Cibil. Details given below.
    D.O.B: 07/08/1983
    Pan: ANYPM8082D

      • suresh

        You are doing a great work and I am sure most readers like me appreciate.
        I have just one request…
        Some of our friends appear to be ignorant of the fact that they shouldn’t post PAN Number or Credit Card number or any personal information.
        Request you to edit their personal details before posting.

  67. Ram


    I have been using SCB credit for past one year. The payment due came upto credit limit. As soon as the bank officials called me regarding the payments, I have cleared all the payment debt on my card. Now I applied for personal loan and it got rejected because of poor credit score. I have got the NDC from bank and bank officials have said me that they have informed CIBIL regarding the payments. How much days would CIBIL take to update the payment history and improve the CIBIL score? What if when bank is not ready to communicate to CIBIL? Can I escalate this case to higher officials in bank? Please reply with a solution. Thanks in advance.

  68. Vinod shivram

    Hi, great article. I wanted to point out that there is a professional company in india that helps customers increase their credit rating points and make a credit report more appealing to banks for a speedy approval…www.fixmycreditpoints.com…regards Vinod

  69. Arnab

    Manish! One of question.
    1. What is takes to the Fix the Bad Credit Score? Especially when you have settled with the bank and banks have forgotten them as well. So you cant even Chase with them?

    Background: I was having few credit Cards, which were Settled with the Banks due to non agreement between us(
    Me and Bank) on the Full Amount to pay. Also i had 2 Personal loans, which were closed by making Full Payment(Including the Pre Closure Charges), before the due tenure and a Home Loan which is Still on and has very good track Record.
    So now the Credit Cards are the ones who are bone of contentions… How to get rid of them?

    • Arnab

      Truely speaking , it was only settled between your BANK And you , but banks considered you as BAD CUSTOMER and now it has told CIBIL that even though its settled , but its a BAD settlement , so the mud is on your face now ..

      Now CIBIL marks you as bad customer and that can be seen by all banks … Now every bank knows that tomm if there is some non agreement between you and them , you are a hard nut to crack and you are dangerous for them :)

      So now , sadly you cant get rid of it without clearing those bad outstandings … Try one thing .. try to contact your bank and ask them why they have not communicated with CIBIL that things were settled ,. you must get a response ..

      Also as next step , contact CIBIL and tell them your case and ask them to verify with the BANK


  70. Rohit Garg

    First of all Thanks for the kind reply.
    My father never shared his information with any other person and CIBIL report did not declared the name of any bank in the report which we got. Can you please tell us what should we do ? We do not have any loan. How to get rid of this problem ?

  71. Atul Agnihotri

    Hi Manish

    I do have the same scenerio here..as one of my friend took joint loan with me but now he din pay from last 9months .we took joint loan cos he was in need and he wasnt getting loan approve. now even i am a defaulter.what should i do.i asked him to pay but he can not.and i need vehicle loan.please suggest…

    • Atul

      Sad , but you will have to bear the brunt now .. you are one of the co-applicant and its your loan as much as his , so you are also a defaulter now , this issue will be fixed only when the loan is PAID , or SETTLED (bank agreeing to take less money,but its a negative thing) . looks like Dosti mehngi pad gayi aap ko !


      • Atul Agnihotri

        same i am feeling bro..i spoke to my friend and he is looking for settlement with the bank.but even that will effect mt cibil report.anyways thanks for your such a nice and informative blog.its really worthy and useful.will take care of it in future..thanks alot dude

  72. Vijay

    Hello Manish, Very nice information, its rellay eye opener for all.

    I am also facing lots of issues with me and not understanding what to do. I have recently applied for home loans and its got rejected because of bad CIBIL report. i tried in 7 banks but no back wish to provide me loan now beacuse of bad CIBIL report.

    Reason : I was holding HSBC, ABM-AMRO and ICICI credit cards in the year of 2007 and made some use of these cards. also I was holding some 2 personal loans where as in 2009 jan i left india and went to Finland for my project and was there till jul 2011. in between 6 to 7 person loans EMI were bounce and i couldn’t made payment of my credit cards because i have never open my back account to verify what is going on there. when i returned back to India i came to know all these things were hapned and i settled ICICI and HSBC credit cards and made full payment for ABM-AMRO back. i have no due letter from all these banks. I have also forclosed Personal loan on which 6 emi’s were bounced and made 1 emi payment which was bounced from another bank.

    I also have all the receipts for all these EMI clearneces.

    Still no bank wish to give me loan just because of EMI payments was done after 2 years for Personal loan and there are DPD (Delay in payments) shown in CIBIL report. I am frustrated now and finally canceled my Home procurement.

    I badly need help to settle this CIBIL issue and pls can you help me how can i get help in CIBIL because all banks are ready to accept credit cards settlements but not ready to accept DPD’s of personal loan. My credit score is 511 right now. Please can you help me by some way and guide me what can be done now.

    • Vijay

      Its an issue actually , because your CIBIL mentions whatever is truth and that is “You made delay in payment” ,Now reason is not mentioned because they dont do that , so truely speaking you are in a bad state now . The main issue is that when you made delay in payment of your loan ,your bank told CIBIL about it , but when you settled it , the bank didnt tell CIBIL that you mistakenly delayed the payument . Now here is what you can do

      – You might not have approached CIBIL explaining your case , please tell them that you mistakenly delayed the payment and it was not because of your financial situation.
      – Ask your bank to communicate about your “good situation” to CIBIL and show the clearance letters to CIBIL

      may be these 2 steps can help you .


  73. vijay

    Hi manish,

    CIBIL has no reason to increase or decrease the points, i have recently got cibil report, I have a credit history of close to 5 years in which i had lost abc credit card and i dont have any details of the card. when i approached the abc company with my pan card, dob details none of them are giving the CC details hence one card payment is default. Other than that all my credit cards, personal loans and auto loan payments are 100% on time. but CIBIL has given me 600 points which was a shock for me. when i called customer care of CIBIL they say they wont give reason for why the CIBIL score is less. really funny…



    • Vijay

      What details do they need to entertain you , did they tell you ? If not, why dont you put a FIR with police on cc loss and then use that to get access to your card details .


  74. vijay

    Hi Manish,

    The point here is not whether I have to file a complaint or put a FIR to access my card details which I am not aware. For a payment due of 8K INR default to a credit organization CIBIL has awarded 600 points, inspite of my clear credit history with other organizations. Also in the credit request info: I saw that i have applied to XYZ bank 12 times on the same day. There are 12 requests made to CIBIL from XYZ compay saying that i have applied for the CC 12 times which again impacts my score showing that i am more hunger towards credit. When I wrote to CIBIL they asked me to apporach the XYZ bank but XYZ bank says they only have received 1 request from me which they are not putting it to CIBIL.

    In the whole CIBIL summary except the 12 instaces of applying for credit card and once payment due of 8K INR. i dont see any negative as per CIBIL guidelines.

    If ABC bank is member of CIBIL, CIBIL has all my contact details which ABC bank also would be having why ABC bank has not approached me that i have a payment due.

    … Vijay

  75. Aditya singh chaudhary

    Dear Manish,

    I have taken a personal loan from icici bank. i have clear all the dues to bank. but my name is in cibil for late payment. In past i told to bank that i want to close my PL so please send me the letter otherwise i will not pay the EMI after 4 or 5 months they send me the letter in july 2011 & i have given them full amount.

    After that they put my name in cibil. what can i do to clear me name in CIBIL.


    Aditya singh chaudhary

  76. K Ram

    Hi Manish,

    I took some loan amount by putting gold as security in a small agricultural bank(Grameena Bank) in a village. Is this also comes into CIBIL Report?

    Please advice and give your comments.


  77. KRaj

    Hi Manish,
    I got my CIBIL report in this month NOV-2011 and the my score is 731 and also I have checked my status in the report its not any kind of defaulter it was blank..
    But i did not understand how my score is 731 just I recent got the three credit cards and I have been paying regular payment of all these cards and also I have Personal loan I have paid 33 EMI’s without missing any EMI.
    So Manish I request you to tell me about this.
    I have to take Home Loan so will I get the HOME Loan.
    and second one How to Improve my CIBIL score.
    How many days will take for increase the number.

    731 is very risky score.


  78. KRaj

    Hi Manish,

    Waiting for reply for my above query.
    Please advise me how to Improve my CIBIL score and how many days will take for improving the score.
    I have checked my report I am not defaulter and paying regular EMI for my Personal loan and also credit cards…


  79. vijay

    i would like to apply for a personal loan from hdfc , i do have an savings account with hdfc and standard chartered bank also

    i have issued few of my standard charted check to one of the retail shopper which got bounced one month back will this make any problem to get a loan from hdfc ?? there was 4 check returned in my standard chartered bank savings account , will this cause to get a loan from HDFC,Appreciate your quick help .

      • Suresh

        When you apply for any kind of loan, you need to provide the bank with latest Bank statements (could be 1/3/6 months – depending upon the loan amount).
        Though, in CIBIL cheque bounces are not recorded, the bank stament you submit will have an impact on getting a loan.

  80. vijay

    i dont know my cibil score , but thought of checking with you

    for the approval of loan will they check my only loan history ??

    or credit card history

    adding to my previous comment

    • Vijay

      Get your CIBIL scrore soon and check it ,dont apply for loan incase your cibil scrore is too low or you have a bad history .

      Also they will consider all the loans , cc is also a loan !


  81. vijay

    cc issue was 8 years back . Will that still available in cibil ?

    before applying for cibil i thought of checking this

    will it matter the cheque returned in my other bank ?? which means standard chartered back ? those cheque was given to a retailer shop …

  82. KRaj

    Dear Manish,

    I got my CIBIL report in this month NOV-2011 and the my score is 731 and
    also I have checked my status in the report i.e. in the status column it was blank means (no any kind of status was mentioned in the column)

    So Manish I request you to tell me about this.
    I have to take Home Loan so will I get the HOME Loan with this score?

    I have not missed any kind of payment for my CC and Personal Loan till date.

    is 731 is very bad score? also provide me the score range that bank will approve my loan request.


  83. vijay

    vijay how can i settle my citibank credicard issue

    they have kept an outstanding of 20000 rupees instaed 5000

    will that make to stop to get a personal loan ? this is 7 year back but stil in cibil

    • Vijay

      How come its 20k instead of 5k , does it include a late fee or heavy interest becayuse you didnt pay on time ? If yes, then the company is right and you must pay it off ..

      Also CIBIL will have all the old data and this will decrease the chances you getting a loan later , please work on it


  84. mvaditya

    SBI home loan department is asking for Guarantor for the loan amount, will LIC home loan also asks for the same.

    please clarify

  85. nagendraGupta

    Dear Friends,

    I took loan from HDFC of Rs.1 lac. I paid all EMIs except two which is my bank’s mistake not to pay even sufficient balance in account. Now HDFC tells to give Settlement letter to me with Two EMIs or no dues with late charges. Is it go in CIBIL (settlement is kept in CIBIL) .PLz guide, what sholud I do?


    • Vijay

      Same issue was with me, i had taken loan from HSBC and ECS was getting deducted from ICICI, even there though there was enough fund my 2 ECS were bounced. but i got called from HSBC and i paid same in Cash after 3 months. Its reflected in CIBIL as DPD (Delay in Payment) and my CIBIL scored reduced drastically and my home loan applications were got rejected by 2 banks. Then i fired a case against ICICI and spoken to CSM and finally they did something and now my score is something OK and now i got loan sanction from Axis bank. Why dont you do same thing just take statement of that month which will show enough fund availability and log a case in consumer court first and then meet to bank CSM, your problem should be sorted out immediately.

  86. nagendraGupta

    Dear Manish,

    Actually Bank did not honour the ECSs even there was suffiecient balance on those dates…..

    What’s the exact position..to act upon in this case…

    Plz tell me how to check the credit report free or paid….

  87. mvaditya

    if my friend is a guarantor for me, then can he apply for loan for his own sake.

    does it effect his credit score if he is a guarantor

  88. Chakravarti

    Hi Manish,

    In my latest CIBIL report its showing as follows





    how will this impact on credit score….. one way its showing no due and in status its showing as Written-off.

    I contacted concerned bank about this but they are entertaining, they are telling we already informed CIBIL saying there is no due but they can not change written off. what the next step in this.

    Please help me on this

      • Chakravarti

        No Manish, i paid the entire amount including interest and late charges, i never settled for anything. As per CIR in Accounts Status section its showing as current balance NIL but but Written off Status its mentioned as Written off. and even i closed the CC account after final payment.

        If this is something fishy how can i rectify…

        one more thing i am not getting – In header section it mentioned something as ‘EXCLUSION CODES’

        What does this mean and how will this impact my future credit requirement.

        Please suggest me

  89. vijay


    written off state cannot be changed in cibil ??

    in my cibil there is a OverDraft of 10000 rupees form a bank which is actually not in my knowledge shows as Written off ..

    Now the bank where i have applied for a loan asking NOC for this parameter ?

    How to proceed ?

    I really not done any kind of Overdrft transaction in my Life !!!

    Awaiting for your reply

    • Vijay

      Sadly, you will have to follow up with bank now , ask them about this transaction and why it happened . You never checked your bank statements and this transaction ? Follow up with bank and see what they are saying ? Then follow up with CIBIL on this and tell them that you are not responsbible for this


  90. vijay


    i called upto the bank they says my information doesnot reflect in their system .. What to do !!

    This information is completely in CIBIL not acceptable , Now how to proceed to clear this ?

  91. Dasarath Kumar

    I am Rajesh,
    My case is so pitty. It is too late to know about cibil. I got cibil score in March. Score is 519.Total 4 defaults showed.
    Standard charted, 52Rs cleared in last month. Citi bank credit card 31000Rs, cleared in last month.
    ICICI Loan 96000Rs, cleared this month. Pending are ICICI credit card 1Lakh and Deatusch loan
    1, 20,000 Rs. Planning to clear this also before March2012.I am planning to go for house loan once my credit history shows nil.
    1. Will my score improve once I clear all dues?
    2. What would be the idle score for House loan, Please advise me.
    3. When should I go for house loan? I don’t want any rejection as I cleared all my dues.
    Please answer my question?

    • Dhasrath

      it not be 100% clean once you pay it all .. it will be marked as “cleared” , but you will still be shown as “Defaulter and then settled” , so you will be seen as a potential risk .

      There is no ideal score for home loan , it depends on company to company , just try to make it best


          • Dasarath

            Hi Manish,
            Standard charted, 52Rs cleared in last month. —————Updated in CIBIL
            Citi bank credit card 31000Rs, cleared in last month.—— Updated in CIBIL
            ICICI Loan 96000Rs, cleared this month. ———————–Updated in CIBIL
            Deatusch loan 1, 20,000RS———————————————————-In the process
            ICICI credit card 1, 00,000RS———————————————-In the process
            I have taken latest CIBIL report. Earlier score was 519. Now score is 524.That means increased only 5 point. I have paid these many dues and still increased 5 point. Is it correct? Their criteria or algorithm has to be improved. If score had not been improved people won’t much show interest to pay back, banks or CIBIL is not identifying the problem.Am I right? Please suggest me how to improve the score?

            • dasarath

              Hi Manish,
              Standard charted, 52Rs cleared in last month. —————Updated in CIBIL
              Citi bank credit card 31000Rs, cleared in last month.—— Updated in CIBIL
              ICICI Loan 96000Rs, cleared this month. ———————–Updated in CIBIL
              Deatusch loan 1, 20,000RS———————————————————-Updated in CIBIL
              ICICI credit card 1, 00,000RS———————————————-In the process
              I have taken latest CIBIL report. Earlier score was 519. Now score is 524.That means increased only 5 point. I have paid these many dues and still increased 5 point. Is it correct? Their criteria or algorithm has to be improved. If score had not been improved people won’t much show interest to pay back, banks or CIBIL is not identifying the problem.Am I right? Please suggest me how to improve the score

              • Dasarath

                There are two kind of changes . one is in report , which will get clear now as you have paid all the dues .. the score is mostly dependend of your “regular” payment history . So what are doing about it ? Do you have any kind of loan at the moment or credit card for which you can pay regularly ! ?


          • Dasarath

            Hello Manish,
            I need to pay the below things earlier.
            Standard charted, 52Rs ————Updated in CIBIL
            Citi bank credit card 31000Rs——-Updated in CIBIL
            ICICI Loan 96000Rs ——Updated in CIBIL
            Deatusch loan 1, 20,000Rs— Updated in CIBIL
            ICICI credit card 1, 00,000RS—— -Updated in CIBIL
            Now I have paid all the above and called up CIBIL customer care got the information that all the above showed as Zero balance.
            I am going to take CIBIL report soon. To be frank, I could able to clear as I got US travel opportunity and I am in US right now .I can’t apply any credit card as I won’t get any at this point of time. Tried to get credit card against FD. But banks told me that person should present. But I can’t.
            I am going to stay here for 6 more months. Then I can get some down payment for house. If my score gets improved by that time my house loan approval may easy. There are no loans / credit cards are running at present. Please suggest me how to improve the score?

            • What you can then do is ask some one who is in india to take a credit card on their name and also take a “add on” card with you as secondary person , then that card payment history will be counted as yours. I dont see any other way to improve your score !

              • Dasarath

                Hi Manish,

                Yesterday I have taken CIBIL report. All are updated properly except Deutcsh bank. Still Deutcsh people are showing Written-Off status despite of so many mail follow-ups. I will continue the fight till they remove. I had the same case with Citi bank. They removed Written-Off status with single mail. Now score has improved and reached 569 from 519. My earning and investments are going good now. I am in process of earning 10 lakhs for house down payment. I am going to stay in US for 1 more year. By god grace my score will reach minium 750 by that time and loan will not be rejected hopefully.

                Thanks for your help.

                  • dasarath

                    Hi Manish,

                    I have received my fresh CIBIL report today. I am quite happy that my score is 746 and deutcsh bank removed written-off status (Had a very big mail fight for one year), finally succeed to get removed. Only worrying thing at this point of time is DPD’s. Suggest me when should I go for house loan?

  92. nagendraGupta

    Dear Manish/Others,

    Iwant the email id and process to contact the consumer court as even there were sufficient balance in my account on both EMIs dates but my bank did not honour them and HDFC asks late charges and EMI bouncing charges.

    Plz help me in this.


      • Suhail

        The Reserve Bank of India is the main monetary authority of the country.
        The institution is also the regulator and supervisor of the financial system and prescribes broad parameters of banking operations within which the country’s banking and financial system functions.
        Cibil not being the member of RBI accurecy of the data updation very poor infact pathetic (Proofs available).

        • Suhail

          Note that RBI is just a central banking system and controls the monetary policy of our country. Its a body where BANK and other financial institutions are registered . So as you mentioned RBI as “monetary authority which regulates financial system” is only limited to banks and financial companies . CIBIL is not a financial company and does not come under purview of RBI , its a rating agency kind of organisation and its a data collection and credit rating agency . You can look at it like ICRA or CRISIL way .. So its only a recognised body in credit rating and all the banks and financial institutions are its clients , thats all ..

          On top of this, you would be happy to hear thats its a body formed by GOVT OF INDIA + RBI .. Here are the excerpts from their website

          The establishment of CIBIL is an effort made by the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India to improve the functionality and stability of the Indian financial system by containing Non Performing Assets (NPAs) while improving credit grantors’ portfolio quality. CIBIL provides a vital service, which allows its Members to make informed, objective and faster credit decisions.


  93. Rajat

    Hi Manish

    (1) I have a Consumer Durable loan from Bajaj Finserve, the first EMI was not paid in time, but later I paid the amount with all penalties, and after that I am paying my EMI on time. So would this affect my CIBIL ratings?

    (2) I have a car loan from Tata Finance, same thing happened with the loan I failed to pay 3 EMI’s and paid them later with all other charges. and after that I am paying my EMI on time. So would this affect my CIBIL ratings?

    Thanks In Advance

  94. mvaditya

    Dear Manish

    i am not having consistency in job, for 5.8 years i have changed 6 companies, will LIC housing finance give me the loan,
    its very urgent ,
    please inform me ASAP



    Is it possible to remove complete CIBIL history of a loan account? Not changing the status as “Settled” in CIBIL from “Defaulter” ?

    -www dot com

  96. Muthu Krishnan V

    got my cibil report today thanks to the prodding from this article.
    have a score of 840.

    I was surprised to see personal loan taken in 2000 listed here. The report has most/all of the loans that I have ever taken.

    though some of the loans have been closed, the “data closed” shows as “-” though the balance amount is 0. Should I get these rectified?

    I had applied for a citibank credit card six months back. I see that they have requested for information from cibil some 15 odd times on the same day. would this not affect the score? is this fair.

    also, I notice that citi had requested for my info for auto loan in 2006 whereas I had never approached them for the same.

    The report also has all the addresses and phone numbers that I had ever provided for the loans/credit cards.

    all in all, a very detailed account of all the loans/credit cards.

    • Muthu

      Great to hear that you have a great score .. Your enquiry for loan makes part of CIBIL score , because thats an indication of your CREDIT HUNGER .. Check with CIBIL as well as bank for the auto loan which you never applied . Did you give your documents to anyone who might have misused your name and details to get a auto loan ?


      • Muthu Krishnan V

        thanks for your appreciation :)
        yes, coz of the “credit hunger”, I am surprised to see 15+ entries on the same day for one credit card application and also the auto loan. I will follow up on this and update on this thread.

      • Muthu Krishnan V

        if somebody has misused my documents, the loan should be against my report. I do not see any loan that I have not taken listed. So I believe i am safe.

  97. nagendraGupta

    Thanks Manish for your help.

    I have sent the bank statement as asked by MR. Ashish Bhatia,
    Customer Service Officer,Customer Support Team,HDFC Bank Ltd.

    Let ‘s see what resolution does he find to pay sooner the two loan EMIs without charges and penalty.

  98. vijay

    Hi Manish,

    As mentioned by Muthu, I also have the same problem with Kotak which had raised 12 entries on the same day for one request. When sent a mail to kotak cards they have confirmed that i have given one application and they have sent 12 times and they have not taken any action on this. I also raised a dispute on one more wrong entry of my record which cibil has confirmed they will be removing that wrong entry from my report. But finally because of all these wrong info taken and the CIBIL score would have been less, after correction my score should have improved, how do i get my updates CIBIL, should i apply again for score by paying money..?



    • Muthu Krishnan V

      Is this a scam by the banks to lower the score as soon as they receive a loan application so that they can eliminate the possibility of competitors giving a better rate which is the original intent of cibil?

      • Suhail

        May be you are right. Since they made the same entry for me with some Phoenix ARC (Kotak Mahindra) account default. That account does not belong to me. I have ask for clarification and waiting for the same.

        I wanted to know if its the information sent by Kotak Mahindra or incorrectly updated by CIBIL which is common mistake or knowingly done by CIBIL for several reasons.

  99. Sukanta

    I have a quick question. I am in process of buying a home, and have applied for the home loan. Last month, November, I found a good deal in Andheri and paid a token amount of INR 25,000 to the then owner. However, in following days, I found some necessary documents missing from his property papers. When asked, he was not able to explain the reason for the missing documents. As per the written agreement (signed over a revenue stamp by him and me, in presence of an witness), since this was a discrepancy in property papers, he was supposed to return my token money. I communicated to the seller, and he agreed to return the token money. However, he mentioned that he already had deposited the cheque for clearance.
    When I enquired to my bank, I found out that it was not yet cleared and so I stopped the payment on that particular cheque. Consequently, it bounced the next day.
    Now, I want to know what will be the impact of this cheque bounce on my CIBIL credit score?

    • Sukanta

      no , this will not effect your credit score . This is not related to any loan taken by you . CIBIL only takes into consideration those actions which are related to loan


  100. nagendra

    Dear Sir,

    Till now my problem of EMIs for which sufficient balance were available on due date some late charges and bounching charges are not waived by HDFC Bank. Plz guide and give consumer court email etc.

  101. vijay

    Hi Manish,

    I had the same problem what Mr.Nagendra had, the solution for this is to fight with savings account banker and get the refund for his mistake and take a letter from the savings account bank and submit it to the loan account banker to show that the fund was available.



  102. Nishanth

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the informative article.
    Can you please advice me on the below:
    My case is similar to Ganesh: I missed one of my credit card payment for 2 years (8K) when i transferred from Chennai to bangalore. I had paid my car loan, personal loan, other cc payments clearly without any delay. I checked my Credit score to be 733 on october.. I am applying for a home loan now… what are my chances? Am i at risk? I mentioned my case to the Bank Manager before applying he mentioned that they look for a score of 700 and above and I would not have any issues. With the current bank i have a excellent payment history .


    • Nishanth

      What there any mention of your unpaid CC ? If its there , then there can be issues .. because a lot of times bank see if you are “bad” customer . Check once and see you fix it


      • Nishanth

        Hi Manish,

        I had paid the complete balance. My cibil report shows balance as as zero for my credit card which had issue but it is mentioned as written off. I have the payment receipt i had made for this card. I checked with the bank for an NOC yesterday they mentioned that they simply dont provide it now.


          • NIshanth

            that totally depends on bank and how they want to percieve your report . As per CIBIL website , 80% of the loans which were disperssed had a score of more than 750 , dont lets see what happens in your case


  103. Chakravarti

    Hi Manish,

    i paid the entire amount including interest and late charges, i never settled for anything. As per CIR in Accounts Status section its showing as current balance NIL but but Written off Status its mentioned as Written off. and even i closed the CC account after final payment.

    If this is something fishy how can i rectify…

    one more thing i am not getting – In header section it mentioned something as ‘EXCLUSION CODES’

    What does this mean and how will this impact my future credit requirement.

    Please suggest me

  104. Nidhin

    Hi Manish,

    I had cleared my credit card dues today(14/12/2011). How many days it will take for the bank to remove my name from the default list.

    Thanks in advance


    • NIdhin

      Did you ask your Bank to notify CIBIL on your settlement ? If yes, then wait for few days .. but you should also check with CIBIL on this and tell them that you have cleared your dues and they should check with bank for confirmation .. once you do that , you can expect things to be clean in 1-02 months


  105. KRaj

    Dear Manish,

    I am using 3 credit cards.
    Just i would like to know if I am using three credit cards and I have been paying the payments all of these three cards before due dates so my question is
    is there is a problem for using cards every months, is any impact on my CIBIL score for this?

    Note: I am using all three credit cards but paying dues before due date.


  106. rahul


    I got my cibil Report yesterday and its says 724 Score , With a credicard amount outstanding 20000 rupees from the year 2006 . now i called the bank and asked them to reduce the money which they came down to 10000 rupees as settlement and a NOC letter .

    My question is how this is going to effect my CIBIL score , Is it going effect negative way or positive way . The bank says if you clear 20000 amount that will give my cibil status Good . the amount of 20000 rupees is only my intrest on intrest , And i dont want to pay this whole amount . Suggest me which option i should select ? do i pay the 10000 rupees and settlement or pay 20000 rupees and clear it off ???

    • Rahul

      Note it down once and for all .. This will impact very badly in your CIBIL score and for all life .. Not able to pay your own debt means “You are a risky person to give any loan” .. if you dont pay Rs 20k to bank , then tehy will not update your records with any “good” point in CIBIL and you will be marked as “Settled partial debt” in CIBIL . in future any bank who has to give you loan will see this , now you only think , will they like to take any risk by giving loan to you ? I dont think so ..

      So paying 20k would be better , else in future all your home loans , auto loans , personal loans might get rejected ..

      NOte that this score of 724 might be because till now bank has not notified CIBIL about your non payhing .. once they do that , your score will come down


  107. Narasimha

    Hi Manish,

    STANCHART BANK has given a credit card for free for 1 year, After 1 year they sent a bill for next year credit card fee. Then i told them i don’t need to card cancel the card(card is not opened) They did not responded on mails and they said will work on that over phone. I thought it was closed after 3 years they called and said that I need to pay 17k on my credit card. What can do in this case?


  108. Mahantesh B

    Hi Manish

    I read all the posts in this blog, and Ur suggestions were excellent.

    I took consumer loan of 9500 in bajaj finace . And i cleared all the EMI’s by cash payments & all the ECS were failed due to not operating the account, Bajaj finance has put the penalty of 3500 rs, Recenty applied for the loan in HDFC but it got rejected n immediately paid 2600 rs with some negotiation to bajaj finance and waiting for the NOC,

    Now suggest me on the below points
    1. After getting NOC will the bad payments history get cleared from CIBIL
    2. Any Penatlies will appear from bank side in CIBIL for ECS failures.

    waiting for ur reply

    Mahantesh B

    • Mahantesh

      Mostly once you clear things with Bajaj , then ask then to update CIBIL , additionally tell your case to CIBIL and they will follow up with Bajaj on this and clean your report .


  109. Mahantesh B

    Thank you Manish

    how to contact CIBIL regarding this issue?
    And how many days it takes to get cleared from CIBIL?

    after updating in CIBIL i can apply for loan Right?

  110. Vishwa

    Hi manish,

    I recently got my CIBIL score. My score is 604. I had one ICICI bank credit card which got settled in March 2010. But the same status was not reflecting in CIBIL report. I called ICICI bank and they promised that the same will be reported to CIBIL within 30 days time. I had one loan from Barclays finance which I settled after applying for cibil score. That was also to be updated to CIBIL within 30 days time. I had one PL from ICICI bank. At the time of applying 3 EMIs were due which I paid regularly and now the loan is closed. I have requested the ICICI bank to update the same to CIBIL.
    Now my question is that how will the above points reflect on MY CIBIL score. I do not use any credit card for over 2 years and have no running loan. I am in no need of any fresh credit as of now. But planning to go for a home loan in coming 6 months to one year time. What are my chances to get a home loan.

    I have one more question what is difference between settle and post wo(settled) status of CIBIL.
    Hope to get a reply from you soon.

  111. Rajneesh


    I ordered my report and found that My name, my Date of Birth, My addresses and phone numbers have been reported wrongly in my report. The only correct thing was my PAN card and my Passport numbers. I got my pan card issued in Apr-2008 and my passport is dated April-2006. I was a student till 2008 and never had a credit card or any kind of loan. I later took 2 credit cards [ICICI – Aug 2008 and HDFC – Apr 2009 which I hold now]

    In 2010, I applied for a car loan to ICICI and it was rejected because of credit report. It was all in a mess. My report showed 3 credit cards with outstanding amounts. Two 2-wheeler loan accounts with citi bank financials. Several inquiries of denomination like Rs. 1, Rs. 100, etc.

    I wrote to all the parties which have wrongly reported the data about me and citibank and HDFC responded promptly. Wrote several time to CIBIL about their faulty methods of aggregating credit data but still some of those bad data points are still there in my report. ICICI bank has been the worse of them all. They sent me SMS twice that the credit cards have been removed from my report but it’s still there.

    Luckily we have a process of filing complaints through Banking Ombudsman and I am going to take that step against ICICI bank.

    I was not sure where all these inquiries of one rupee and hundred rupee were coming from. Have reported them to CIBIL through their online dispute resolution platform.

    My point is that you have to check your report regularly. You never know when a stupid financial institution slyly puts up a question mark in your report. I am still fighting with CIBIL so that they can upgrade their aggregation mechanism. Everytime some data is reported, they should demand the copy of supporting docs also from the bank [scanned copy]. That way they can easily verify.

    But it seems that CIBIL is happy with their role because this way all the blame can be passed to the banks and CIBIL has no accountability for giving low credit scores.

    Anyways, be watchful of your credit report and credit history and always say no to those call center guys calling you for different forms of credit. Saying yes also adds a record to your credit history.

    • Rajneesh

      Sad to hear that there are so many discrepencies and that too wrong .. it really makes one’s life misreable without any cause .. I got my CIBIL report and things were totally ok in that .. Did you pass on your PAN xerox to someone else , I mean someone else might have misused it ?

      Also CIBIL is totally reliable on bank side , I mean if you have some discrepency with bank and complain to CIBIL about it , it will then ask the Bank about it , if bank is in agreement with you , then things are ok , but if not, then banks stand will be final .

      I hope things improve in future .. but incase things are really ugly , dont shy away from doing further enquiries and consumer complaints etc !


  112. abhijeet

    hi manish,
    i had a citibank credit card, which i have settled in june 2009, the status in cibil is WO. i had contacted the bank and they have issued me NOC about no amount due. i had enquired for home loan in june 2011, which is seen in cibil report, but i didnt take any loan at that time. Now my score is 841, and i want a home loan.
    what are my chances of getting a loan from idbi bank?

  113. Dharmegowda

    i was settled my personal loan in ICICI,But they are put it in CIBIL It was effect my future finacial turnovers.at the time of settelment they told we will not put for CIBIL.WHAT CAN I DO FOR NEXT.

    • Dharmegowda

      Never trust banks like that .. the moment you dont pay the dues, its reported to CIBIL in the same month . Work with your bank on its removal ,. did you pay 100% of your dues and cleared every thing ?


  114. BKK

    Hi Manish,

    Recently I applied for SBI home loan, they told me that they collected my information from cibil and according to the report there is some dues from my side for my credit card. They also said that if you clear this due then they can proceed ahead.
    I called my credit card customer care and deposited the dues (although I am not using that card at all, but the annual fees was charged).

    Now I want to know when this settled information be sent to CIBIL from the credit card? Is there a way to get settlement certificate from the credit card company to produce that to SBI so that they can start my loan processing?

    Any help on this would be appreciated.


    • BKK

      You need to ask SBI to communicate to CIBIL about the dues settlement , also tell CIBIL about it so that they can crosscheck with SBI . Plus also take a NOC from SBI on your credit card dues . It should take couple of weeks


  115. Ritesh Bharati

    Hi Manish,
    My CIBIL credit score is 668 but still my home loan is not sanction by IDBI,AXIS.
    As in the past I had taken PL from Centurion bank(Now merge in HDFC) year 2006 & fully settled in yr.2009 but still it’s DPD shows in CIBIL report.Also another ICICI credit card(yr.2007) fully closed in Oct.2011.
    So can u tell me how to I get my home loan & which bank will sanction it.
    Thanks & Regards,

  116. Shailesh

    it is indeed a good material for people who lack information on CIBIL.
    i think many issues pertaining to cibil can be resolved through this article.

    • Shailesh

      i recently applied for a personal loan but my bank informed me that though i’ve a score above 750 points but the loan could not be processed as my report shows several electronic cheque bounces for year 2010 pertaining to GE money. I want know if this can be a reason for denying the loan. If yes. then how to clear these record sfrom CIBIL history as i’ve already cleared the total amount to GE money.
      kindly suggest..
      Thanks – Shailesh.

        • Shailesh

          Hi Manish,

          Thanks for the information. Yes. those cheques were for loan. Kindly let me know how to clear this from CIBIL as i’ve have the full & final letter with me from GE Money. Kindly advice on the same

          • Shailesh

            GE has not communicated it to CIBIL properly .. send a email to CIBIL on this and show them the proofs you have .. they will check up with the bank and rectify things if bank agree


  117. Mahantesh B

    Hi manish

    today i paid the full dues of consumer loan & got the NOC, but how shall i contact CIBIL & request for updation of CIBIL report,

    Via phone i’ve to contact them or what?
    And how many days it’ll take?

          • rakesh

            Dear Manish,

            2-3 Weeks back I got my CIBIL Score of 765 and Report where it shows outstanding on 2 Credit Cards since 2007, I checked those Cards were used by my brother and I didn’t know as I was out of India for long, now on my request He settled those amount with Bank by paying settlement amount Offered and Initiated by Bank, and processing to send NOC for the same, now my question is How would these Settlement Effect in my Cibil report Can this Score come down? and Can there be any problem in getting house loan? my all other Loan Accounts and Credit Card History is perfect (no Bounced EMI or Check), please provide your valuable Advice so that I can get house loan without any Hassle. Thanks in advance.

            • Rakesh

              This default though done by your brother is actually done by you (because the card is yours and in yours name) , so giving justifications like your brother has done it and you were not responsible would not work with banks . As the amount is now settled , better ask to CIBIL to remove those things from your Report , CIBIL will contact to Bank and cross verify what you are telling them and once the bank confirms , those things will be removed from the CIBIL report . It would be good that you apply for loan only after its removed from your Report and not before that ..

              Because there has been cases that despite a respectable score , banks have denied the loans in these kind of cases .


              • rakesh

                Dear Manish,

                Thanks a lot for your prompt response and prudent advice, also settling these account would that mean dip in my CIBIL score??
                As Bank had already updated these accounts on CIBIL with current outstanding, now when this outstanding will be zero with status settled with this give CIBIL score a DIP or will improve it.

                Thanks in advance.
                Rakesh Bora

                    • rakesh

                      Dear Manish,

                      Sorry for bothering you again, but I gone through the blog you have mentioned somewhere settling account(Paying less than outstanding on offer of bank post providing NOC) would badly effect CIBIL Score,
                      but in my above query you said :- ” (Settleing the amount means a positive thing for you and bank , it shows that you have cleared the bank money and it shows trust .. so it will improve the SCORE)”

                      I am bit confused here please suggest also if this settlement is to get updated on CIBIL can this with CIBIL to push fast updation of same on CIBIL means not waiting for bank to initiate and update . Thanks.

                      Rakesh Bora

                      Rakesh Bora

                    • Rakesh

                      No , in your case I meant “paying dues in total” when i said “settled” .. Settlement of loan is also used when company settles the loan for less because they know that the full will not come for sure .. so i used a different context in your case


                    • Ashish jain

                      hi manish ,
                      my CBIL score 640 . and CBIL report shows :-
                      two of credit card’s status – settled
                      overdue – 0
                      current balance – 0
                      I had total of six accounts .
                      i paid all the EMI’s of auto , personal loans which i had ever taken of all the accounts on time . but , in 2 accounts of credit cards of namely HDFC and ICICI banks , the bills were left unpaid for a long time . now , the issue is settled and my CBIL report shows the same.
                      please help me , how should I increase my CBIL score . some one suggested me that i should take up a personal loan or credit card against fixed deposit and maintain properly . will it help me to increase my score ? or instead of this , please suggest me some procedure to solve my problem . so that i get my home alone easily after about 6 months .
                      thank you .

                    • Ashish

                      640 is not the best score .. you need to have a better one .. do you have any credit card or loan right now ? because if you have , you need to make sure you pay the dues on time . also settle the loan incase there is any unpaid money . Other than this you cant do anything much


                    • Rajiv Nishal

                      Hi Manish, I got my CIBIL Report showing 563 as my score. Its shows RBS, Barclay as Amount Overdue for more than 2 yrs. Plus, HDFC Card I already settled 2-3 yrs back but it shows as settled. Now, I have started repaying the overdue of RBS and Barclay in full and not going for settlements. Recently I got a credit card from ICICI against an FD of 30,000 only. Could you please suggest roughly how much time it would take to improve the score to make it reach 700+.

                    • Rajiv

                      your situation is bad . You need to understand that settlement of cards (paying less than the outstanding and closing the matter) is a negative thing and is reported to CIBIL . So you need to get rid of all the dues by paying in FULL . Only then things will improve . Make sure you have your secured credit card with you and keep using it over long time , that will improve the score. I dont see your score going above 750 before 2-4 yrs

                    • Rajiv Nishal

                      Thanks Manish, Yes I am paying Barclay(25000) and RBS(16626 out of which 12k already paid and rest 4k also paying in full). Apart from this, I had 2 personal loans as well but I paid them full so no negative over there. Plus, I have a home loan going on since three yrs from AXIS. Just wanted to check, as I am paying these two cards in full, u aware that how many points go up. I mean from 563 – how much it wil go up after paying these two overdue amounts. Plus, do oter bank provide credit cards basis the Instant Credit Cards?

                    • Rajiv

                      If you pay the dues in full , then the first thing which will happen is your report will not have those words like “settled” . Now just because of this you cant get a credit card, you will have to secured credit card against some FD . This only can do some thing in long run to your credit score !

                    • Rajiv Nishal

                      I got your point and I have got one secured credit card as well for which I wil make regular payments. My question is that For Example –

                      Current Score – 563
                      If I make full payment for the overdue amount – 16626+25000 of RBS and Barclay

                      Then, By How many points my Score will increase?

                    • Rajiv

                      making the full payment will not take your score immediately , but thats something you need to do anyways .. your remarks will be seen before the score, so just having a great score is of no help , if you have remarks like settled and written off in your report . So first step is to clear those outstanding amounts and then as next step wait for 1-2 yrs to see your score moving up

                    • Vinay Singh Chauhan

                      Hi Manish,

                      My CIBIL score is 665 and i am having 2 personal loans one of whcih will get closed on march 2013 and other in 2014.
                      Recently i ahve applied for personal laon and it got rejected due to my cibil score.
                      Apart from it i am holding SC credit card for there were defaults but now i have paid the full amount and remember i have not settled and infact paid each and every penny of the bank. I have got the NOC also.

                      Please let me know after how much time my score will be above 750

                    • The improvement will happen only when you pay on time, by 2013 end I can see that your score should improve and go above 750 if you dont make any other mistake

                    • Savitri

                      Hi ,

                      i applied for cibil in june 2012. there was an issue with HSBC credit card. I cleared the issue with the bank and received NOC. I gave the fresh documents to the bank for loan and to my surprise the bank told me there is outstanding of 25 lakhs on me. They shown me the fresh cibil report, except pan number all other personal information as well other informations are wrong. Now there are 52 accounts in the report. total ovedues of 25 lakhs. none of them belongs to me. total advance of 1 crore and 22 lakhs are there in this report. in fact one housing loan of 51 lakhs was taken in 2005 itself, whereas my PAN card itself was issued in 2006. Also these details were not there in the old cibil report. I am unable to undrstand that in 2 months time frame how 52 banks can make same mistake.
                      Now what should I do. Please help me.

                    • Nutan Kumar

                      Dear Manish,

                      I have cleared my dues from hdfc and citibank But still the bank is not sending the payment details to cibil it is still reflecting in my cibil, even i had complained to cibil but still no reponse from them , this happend six months ago

                      pls suggest me how to improve my score


                      Nutan Kumar

                    • Nutan

                      Bank is suppose to update your latest info with CIBIL, what exactly is your case, can you share it here? also when did you raise the dispute resolution ?


                    • Nutan Kumar

                      Below said mail sent to cibil on 25/01/2012, pls help me on below

                      Dear Sir,

                      Thank U Very Much I have recd cibil report.

                      I have some queries in the report

                      How can I improve my score

                      Pls find the below details

                      1) MEMBER NAME-CITI FINANCIAL
                      ACCOUNT NUM-9150522

                      2) HDFC BANK

                      Account Num-4346 7710 0546 3113
                      3) GE COUNTRYWIDE

                      Account Num-RHY000109801

                      The above said 3 accounts got cleared but still it is reflecting in my cibil report

                      pls check and do the needful for the said as am attaching payment receipts and sett letters

                      To improve my score pls suggest me what to do


                      Nutan Kumar

                    • KRaj

                      Hi Manish,

                      I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
                      So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

                      Please help me for resolving this queries sir

                      Please advice Sir


                    • KRaj

                      Hi Manish,

                      I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
                      So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

                      Please help me for resolving this queries sir

                      Please advice Sir


                    • KRaj

                      Hi Manish,

                      I had an outstanding for my SBI CC ,So I went for settlement last month.
                      So my question is if I will pay remaining outstanding after few months, will bank allow me to pay the remaining amount for my CC?,will i get the CC in future if i will pay whole amount for my CC?,will the SETTLE remark remove from CIBIL?will i get the lone from the bank? and how to communicate with bank for this?

                      Please help me for resolving this queries sir

                      Please advice Sir

                      Waiting for your reply sir


                    • Credexpert

                      Dear Mr.KRaj,

                      The settled remark on your credit report will be viewed negatively by lenders. Yes, if you wish to pay the remaining outstanding, the bank will allow you to pay. Please note that you will have to pay the ENTIRE outstanding to remove the settled remark.

                      Your credit worthiness for a loan from the bank will depend on your CIBIL score and the internal processes by the bank. Please check your score before applying for a loan.


          • Mahantesh B

            Hi Manish

            I checked the link but it is asking for control number which i don’t have. because i never applied for CIBIL report.

            Mahantesh B

            • Mahantesh

              I thought you have applied for CIBIL once atleast and now want to update your score .. anyways .. now as you have fixed things with banks , wait for a month , so that bank can communicate with CIBIL and hopefully your CIBIL report should not have those pending items . then order your CIBIL score and have a look at it .. there can be chances that it still have the old comments and then you will have to follow up with CIBIL then


  118. rakesh

    Dear Manish,

    Sorry for bothering you again, but I gone through the blog you have mentioned somewhere settling account(Paying less than outstanding on offer of bank post providing NOC) would badly effect CIBIL Score,
    but in my above query you said :- ” (Settleing the amount means a positive thing for you and bank , it shows that you have cleared the bank money and it shows trust .. so it will improve the SCORE)”

    I am bit confused here please suggest, also if this settlement is positive to get updated on CIBIL in this case can we initiate process to update this with CIBIL by sending bank NOC to them, rather then waiting for bank to initiate and update .Thanks.

    Rakesh Bora

  119. Payel

    Hi Manish,

    I have had the similiar experience as Rajaram [1st example that you have posted]
    I have dealt with the bank and got my dues cleared.
    But the bank ICICI , saying that to update the cibil records it takes 30 days.
    Is it true?
    what is the reason for this delay?

  120. umesh

    Dear Manish,

    Thanks for putting such a great article. In 2006 i took some loans and defaulted intentionally without paying even a single EMI and same thing i did with one credit card. Now things changed, I have family and need to buy a house and car but nobody is ready to lend me any credit.

    Now I am ready to pay all the dues for the personal loan and credit card just to make sure that my credit history become crystal clear. Is that possible.

    Thanks for your support.


    • Umesh

      Actually this will be very tough thing for you .. You can talk to your bank and payoff the loan and then ask them to communicate to CIBIL about it .. hopefully things should get better .. but surely this chapter will haunt you for more years


      • umesh

        Thanks Manish,

        For how much time this will be on report. Life long or & years. Yes I did check the my credit history and these are very much there.


          • umesh

            Thanks Manish,
            Now as I am ready to payoff of the amount as applicable, I would like to ask you few more questions:
            1. Although I already started the communication with banks but I am feeling insecure in the sense that if things does not work out for any reason, is there any chance the bank may harass my family. Back when i defaulted i was alone and i really do not care but now I have family and their safety is my first concern. Is there any chance of this?

            2. Before I handover the money to bank what are things I should make sure.


            • Umesh

              Not really . Incase of you going to them and offereing the settlement there should not be an issue

              Before you hand over the money – Make sure

              – you have made sure that the collection person is genuine
              -make sure you get the reciept etc . better if you pay by cheque to the bank
              – Make sure you take NOC


      • Umesh


        My report says current Balance INR 39000. Is that means this is the amount i have pay (Including interest and penalties applicable ) .

          • Umesh

            I read somewhare

            “Can a customer’s repayment track be overwritten in Credit Bureaus data base?

            Member banks report data to credit bureaus on a regular basis, thus in case of a delinquent customer, if a customer has cleared all of his/her over dues in the current month the repayment track in his/her credit report will be updated from current month onwards. Please note that the records for the previous period will, however, continue to reflect the past behavior.”

            Is that means even if i pay whole amount with interest the written off statement of past will be always there in report?

            • Umesh

              A sin committed is a sin committed . You can clean it a bit , but because you did it , you did it .. So if you pay the amount with the charges .. the status might be changed to “cleared off” or “Loan settled fully” ,but that shows that you made some sin earliar in life and then fixed it .


  121. umesh


    I applied a car loan for with HDFC bank. They told me that they can give the loan if i can provide the Fix Deposit of the same amount.

    The bank guy informed that this will help me to improve my credit history. Does Secured credit cards help in improving the credit history.

  122. santy

    hi manish

    i had an issue with HSBC credit card, had lost the card and logged an complaint with HSBC, then they have sent an new card without my knowldge which was misused for which i had to pay the 36000 principle amount for an outstand ing amount 144000.
    Now i want to know, after paying this amount will i have a good CIBILL score or is their any other issues by settlement?


    • Santy

      If the real money you had to pay was 144000 and you only paid 36000 , then the rest of the AMOUNT was WRITTEN OFF .. bank will definately report this in CIBIL , now this will make you ineligible for any loan for next 7 yrs, only after 7 yr this will be removed .. (incase you dont want to pay)


  123. soumya prusty

    i have apply a PMEGP LOAN at S.B.I,but they compliance to me about CIBIL report as aboutcredit card follows:-

    Month Status
    4.11 – Sub Standard
    6.11 – Doubtful
    11.11 – 061(days past due)
    12.11 – Doubtful

    I have two credit card 1st from union bank of India and 2nd from Bank of Baroda but i have not been using the same but some annual charges surcharges levy etc was debited on the c.card without my knowledge.
    When come to know the CIBIL report it rivals that may be (i am not confirm) some due was pending on the credit card of union bank and it was adjusted at UBOI at my local inter branch and no due certificate is issued to me.
    In the matter of BOB card i have contacted the credit card cell central office,Mumbai and it is revealed that there is no outstanding or dues against me.
    Again in the matter of union bank c.card i have contacted their credit card cell Mumbai central office and they advised me that an amount of Rs 1246.50ps is payable to me.
    so how will be reflect the default report in CIBIL against me.and please advice me how to revoke or delete my bed report in cibil database.

    • Soumya

      You should clear off the dues of 1200 and get this settled and ask your bank to tell CIBIL that you paid it off .. Also the charges on credit card was not reported to you , why ? Dont you get a statement from them ?


      • santy

        hi manish
        i had an issue with HSBC credit card, had lost the card and logged an complaint with HSBC, then they have sent an new card without my knowldge which was misused for which i had to pay the 36000 principle amount for an outstand ing amount 144000.
        Now i want to know, after paying this amount will i have a good CIBILL score or is their any other issues by settlement?

      • soumya prusty

        i have avail the pmegp loan .but the bank undertaking from me that i will clear the cibil matter at coming days then after the big amount should release .

  124. Guruprasad

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot for helping us to take step by step approach to manage our financial life.

    Trust me , it was from ur site , I realized that i was paying more premium to my endowment policy of LIC and this made me to surrender it and to go for term insurance.

    It was again ur site which forced me to buy Health insurance though i delayed for which am repenting now :(

    And again it was because of ur site , I applied for my CIBIL score , unfortunately its been 2 weeks now , I have not received my CIBIL score yet though I have sent them a reminder through the mail . Hope to receive it soon and I would surely update .

    Happy New year to you and all your readers .

    Thanks again Manish, please keep educating us….

  125. santy

    hi manish

    pls comment on my request
    i had an issue with HSBC credit card, had lost the card and logged an complaint with HSBC, then they have sent an new card without my knowldge which was misused for which i had to pay the 36000 principle amount for an outstand ing amount 144000.
    Now i want to know, after paying this amount will i have a good CIBILL score or is their any other issues by settlement?

  126. Rajesh

    Hi Manish

    Got lot of information through this blog, really informative.
    I had a query:
    One of my ex team member applied for a credit card with some bank. He got the card and used it to the extreme. Now he is not paying the outstanding with the charges and interest and now he seems to be absconding and not traceable.
    I am getting calls from various recovery agencies informing me that he has given my reference while applying for the credit card (He gave my reference without my knowledge – these agencies also informed me that I have signed on the application form as a reference which I am sure is a forge signature and I am also informed that some criminal case has been launched against that defaulter).
    Will this effect my CIBIL score or is their any possibility that bank may try to recover it from me?
    I have credit cards of various banks for which I am paying before due date. I had a car loan which I foreclosed after paying foreclosing charges. Also, I foreclosed my education loan. My repayment track is really good.
    Please guide.

    Thank You in advance.

    • Rajesh

      Seems like your friend has taken advantage of yours by forging the signature and also the bank has accepted it without any verfication . thought this will have an adverse effect on your cibil score , you should try to really take some action about it and clear this mess. I know this has got into your life without your knowledge and its unneccesary headache , but its time to clean it up and think about it later .

      First ask bank about the proof they have that you are the reference ? and then lets see what happens


  127. Kamlesh Raval

    Hi Manish,

    Good article to get information about CINIL report.

    I recently got my CIBIL report. Under inquiries column there are 3 entries.
    1. Car loan (6,70,000). Actual amount is 6,53,000/-
    2. Personal loan (2,00,000). Which I never borrowed !
    3. Credit card(1,000). I don’t know about this!

    Could you please help me how can I get detail for above history and can clear my CIBIL report?

    Thanks in advance!
    Kamlesh Raval

  128. jai

    hw any bank will know thts the person credit is the same who is applying there r so many same name in the country,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,nd in cibil the persons DATA is full with addres and alllll

  129. Pratiksha Shetty

    hey i just recently applied for credit card from hdfc which got rejected can i apply fir a credit with other bank now ? can people who live on rent gt credit card ?since application got rejected would it cause damage if i apply through other bank?

          • Prabhat

            I applied on on 28 th Dec and Registration no is S1211013037,I was not aware of authentication procedure and there was a querry of addrees proof.
            Again I send the scanned copy of address proof .However still I have not recieved the CiBil Report.Pls help

            • Prabhat

              HDFC Bank has refuse for my Home loan as they are telling that inmy name several laons are pending.
              So far in my life i have not taken any loan in my life ,
              I saw there report my PAN Card and Passport some has used,
              parallely i have applied a seperate CIBIL Report on my oen
              please help

              • Prabhat

                Finally after two months of continuous followup ,CIBIL people send
                my report of 26 pages disclosing bank details.
                The report even does not show my correct name and Date of Birth. CIBIL people is not doing any work correctly.I got clear report from Equifax and Experian
                Since I have not taken any loan or credit cards why CIBIL not giving the correct report.
                Do you have their higher Management contact details or mail id,now my mails also returning back showing ,mails not delivered due to policy details.
                completely fed up with CIBIL.

  130. naveen

    hai sir,
    i want to know why cibil needs pan no ? because i have applied for cibil report 2 months back, still i have not received it,actualy i have 2 pan nos .1 i used for loans and credit card and lost it 6months bck after that i applied for new one .
    while filling the cibil form i have given new pan no, now i want to know the how they r going to give my score

  131. C Subramanian

    I found ur site only now. Good articles.

    This article has confirmed my suspicion that the rude banks will henceforth influence and harass the customers threatening that any non-payment / non-agreement would affect credit score.
    This is happening in USA and the credit card companies invariably re-fix the interest rates without the knowledge of customers, as it has started in India also.
    Beware of western (cultured Indian) banks.

      • C Subramanian

        Credit score is important in todays scheme of things. We never know when we would be in need of funds.. may be for emergency or investing in asset.

        Yes u r right. We also need to closely monitor all our financial laibilities and transaction.. may take a maximum of ten minutes in a week.

        This will go a long way in keeping or enhancing ur credit score and also find out if u r paying charges, with out ur yourself knowing !!!

  132. Prakash


    A good simple to understand and follow article.

    I have never opted for a loan. Some years ago I had a SCB credit card which subsequently was surrendered without dispute. I now have credit card from another pvt bank and have been using it very judiciously and importantly always paying up in time. I do not foresee any loan (neither car nor house) requirement in future.

    Do you suggest I go for credit score ? If so, which are other organisations apart from CIBIL ?


    • Prakash

      Definately you should check your credit score and look into it just to make sure that everything is fine .. there are many surprises on this front . Now CIBIL score is available online also . There are other organisations for checking your credit score , but better wait for it at the moment ., on monday i am posting one article on that

  133. Dave

    Hi Manish,
    I have a question for you hope to get your help on this
    My wife is having 4 to 5 Credit cards with her she is a regular payer to the bank for her minimum dues what I have suggested her is we will settle the credit card payment fully and close it but what she says is she will pay the full amount and not close the credit card and will not even use it unless there is an emergency. What I want to know is closing the card would hurt her credit score? Should I negotiate with the bank and then pay in full cause my wife says that if we negotiate with the bank that goes as bad mark on the credit score…. Is it all true… Please Help… What would be the right way to do it. Thanks….

    • Dave

      Definately if she does not pay FULL money , it will be a bad thing and she will be marked as “Defualter” and will never be able to get any kind of loan on her name . There is no reason why banks should not get their money back . So please act fast on that and clear all dues .. dont pay minimum balance if you can really pay all your dues on time .

      There is no need to close the credit card , you can really use it for proper usage , use it each month and then pay those bills on time, having said , please use it only for those things which you really want to , else dont use it


      • Dave

        Hey Manish,
        Thanks a lot for your help. Will clear all the stuff on Monday itself.Thanks again.Take care and God bless…

  134. vinod

    Hi Manish,
    Does paying long defaulted debt in full help in increasing cir score?
    What are the options to increase a bad cir score in case no bank is willing to give you a credit card or loan?
    Would really appreciate an early reply and thanks so much in advance. You really write great articles.
    Warm personal regards,

  135. Hari

    Hi People,

    I have 6-7 bank accounts with different banks. I don’t usually use all of them. I use only couple of them regularly. I don’t even know if the unused bank accounts are still active or not. Having said that, I have a debit card for each bank account I hold.

    Does this mean that I have a bad CIBIL score?

    Pls share your thoughts.

    • Hari

      It should not be the issue actually, but the debit cards sometimes have charges yearly .. if you have not even using it , the charges might be getting deducted and your balance might have become negative .. so better to close those accounts .. Take action

  136. Dear Manish,
    I had cc and overdue of 8000, after sometime i got the bill of 22000, i ignored to pay, after some time agency people called me and asked me to clear the due, i came to know that the amount is increased to 49999(final settlement), i shocked, and agency pepoles are asking pay atleast 25000 and get clear, please advice me what can i do to get clear for all…?


    • Arun

      Unless you pay the full amount 49999 , your cibil will mention that you didnt pay the full amount and just Settled the case , thats all .. You might have to pay the price for your sins

  137. Rajesh

    I had a bad credit history due to the negligence in my part. But, now i had settled all my pending dues/issues & from last one year have been very conscious in all the financial expenditures & payments. I currently have a credit card of which have been paying the full amount on timely basis. Also, i had received my CIBIL Report & currently mu score is 550. By next year, i need to apply loan for marriage. Can some one suggest what should i take measure apart from paying my all dues on time could help me to better my cibil score.

    Looking forward to hear quality inputs from you all.

    • Rajesh

      Incase your CIBIL report is totally fine and does not have any wrong data/report , then all you can do from your side is keep paying your dues on time and do not overuse the credit . Check your reports once again after 5-6 months from CIBIL and it would be good idea to check your score from Equifax and Experian also ..

  138. samuel surender kumar

    Hi Manish,

    I purchased the report online. I received a CBIL Req id. as S0212001145. However, I did not received any transaction ID. How do I get the ID also there was not e-mail address column provided. Could you please help me.


  139. KRaj

    Dear Manish,

    I got my second CIBIL report and now my score has changed from 731 to 767.

    So my concern is,is this much score is sufficient to get HOME loan approval?

    Is this score 767 is good as point of view for any bank for getting approval for HOME Loan.?


    • KRaj

      You can never quantify a score like that .. a bank has full control on their decision , the score is just one factor,. you can get a loan with 700 and also get rejected with 825 .. But higher score is definately better.. 750 plus is very good i would say

  140. shashidhar

    I wanted to buy a new car on loan in my sisters name but it has been rejected by the bank, since my sister was a defaulter in credit card they say. My sister had two credit cards which was used and due to some personal reasons she could not pay the amount in time and she did’nt notice that for a long time once the bank people turned back to her and offered her for a settlement she paid accordingly but the offer was half the present,it was cleared and she got a settlement letter also and this was more than 1 year back she had settled now the bank has rejected her application for a new car loan. So my question now is wont any of the bank give her loans pls do reply ASAP or what am i suppose to do????

    • Shashidhar

      Even though your sister has “settled” with the bank , still the 100% money was not paid , so the bank has informed CIBIL that 100% money was not paid and this will NOT BE REMOVED unless your sister really clears the full loan . So you cant do anything on this . Your sister will not get any loan from any bank .

      Note that just because bank has settled 50% of the loan , does not mean everything was good . Bank didnt get all its money and that will be mentioned in CIBIL . tough time !


  141. AL SHADAB

    Hi Manish,

    I really liked not only the articles but the question people have asked and the answers given by you, however in my case i had a mini Icici Bank Credit card worth 15K, which i got 6yrs back, some how i messed up with the card and also ICICI bank is not good at customer services so my quires were never got resolved to the satisfaction and i stopped all the payments and started getting n numbers of calls, threats, collection people started waking me up every morning but me being strong and delhite never bothered them and after 2yrs they started asking for 45K as full and final or settled amount of 13.5K which i didn’t pay till date neither i’ll pay. After this episode i got a personal loan of 1 Lack (HDFC) 1 Credit card of 1.4 Lacks , 1 used card loan for 1.5 Lacks (HDFC) and 1 New car loan for 10818 EMI (Mahindra finance), both the car loans have been paid in full and my current Pl tenure is 1yr and 4 months with an installment of 2886 for 4yrs….. now last yr i got into a company where they have a salary account with ICICI only and i had a doubt that they might take money from my salary account which never happened n i got a better opportunity i left the organization and forgot that salary ICICI account which was linked to my PL and due to my assumptions i bounced 4-5 PL emi’s and now i want to get a loan or top up on my current loan which i have applied in different banks and is not getting approved, however i have paid the bounces charges to the bank and all the bounce payments were made thru cash within 5-10 days of bounces. Still it has become a mystery for me kindly suggest ??

    2) Also does checking the credit score thru CIBIL effects the credit scores??

    and FYI
    – I got the Credit card after all the bounces on my PL and icici mess.

    – I got the Personal loan after ICICI mess.

    – Now i am not getting any PL even thru Fullerton.

  142. faiz khan

    i had a credit card in previous time of Citi Bank in 2008, which has some dues of 12000 rs, which is cleared whole by me now 2011, i have talked to bank & cleared all issues also about CIBIL, bank said that they have updated my status as nill in CIBIL.
    And important that when i have applied for credit card that time i has given only
    driving licence that’s it, i get card, so is it possible for bank to put my name in cibil
    as defaulter on basis of licence & how this time i will check my status in cibil,
    It will good credit score or not after clearing dues ?

    plz plz reply through mail, i am waiting for our valuable comment, plz tell me
    more about my situation & what have i to do ?

    plz reward me in mail


    • Faiz

      Your score would be low as of now , but now as you have cleared you dues, and bank said that it has communicated it to CIBIL , you should check your CIBIL score in next 1 month and see if the CIBIL report says that there is NIL balance. The score will still be low and only with time it will come down !


  143. Manisankar

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the article and your responses for our queries.
    I finally applied for my CIBIL report and got a score of 815. Hope this is a good score. I found that 4 of my old credit cards taken in 2004 were not closed yet and the enquiry information shows exact date of all the loans and credit card applied dates for the last 3 years.

  144. Swetha

    I have a personal loan and i have defaulted , my loan completes in the month of april the collction guys asked me to settle the loan for half the price of the remaning loan amount which is rs 44000 and he said the NOC will be mailed to within 15-20 days and also can i get a loan again . Please guide should i go for the settlement or payoff the whole amount

    • Swetha

      Settlement is a temporary solution . But your CIBIL report will have this remark that you didnt pay off the loan and the settled it for a smaller amount (jugaad) . Dont do it !


  145. Sugand

    Hi Manish,

    I’m also into this CIBIL issue now coz of closing 2 cards – Settlement. I had HSBC & ICICI cards. In case of HSBC, the credit limit was 21k initially and suddenly without intimatin they reduced it to 18K. Next month they said I have to pay the outstanding and late fee as well. So I decided to close it and I did it in the next few months. For ICIC also I did the same. But I was not aware or not been told that this would effect my CIBIL. Only information they gave was I cant apply for card in their bank again.

    But later ater the settlement & letters, I tried for a Personal Loan from my salary account bank – HDFC. They said it got rejected due to bad score and track. Also cannot apply any loan from now on.

    I’m in real trouble now. Please advice me what should I do about this.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Yes Sugand

      You are in trouble .. Note that unless you pay each and every penny of both the banks which is as per their legal terms and conditions , your CIBIL score and report will be in trouble . Also note that settlement is something which companies do not like because it means taking less from you and taking some loss , but thats the last thing they can do , but they will make sure they make your life hell after that . I dont see anything wrong in that personally . Its business

  146. Rahul

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for this very informative article. It has been very useful. I’ve been wanting to know:

    Does CIBIL have knowledge of the EMIs one pays towards their loans. If yes, is this information shared with the bank when it raises a query about the status?

    Thanks in advance,

  147. BASKAR






  148. Deepak Jain

    Hello Manishsir,
    If I deposit rs. 100000/- each in same bank but in two different branches(i.e. one lakh in each branch) then how much money is insured is it rs. 100000/- total or both Rs. 200000/- because they are deposited at two different branches of same bank.
    In addition sir plz let me know how good is the Tamilnad Mercentil bank if I deposit my money in its two different branches . safest or not?
    Are there any sort of bonds or FD which are completely tax free just like the earlier RBI tax free 6.5% bonds.
    Thanking u. Plz reply.

    • Deepak

      Total Deposits of only 1 lac will be insured, but I think you are too much worried on that point . Dont think that much .

      These FD’s dont have any tax benefit unless they are 5 yr locking tax FD


  149. manoj

    Hi Manish,

    Need yr help. Recently applied for a PL and discovered my CIBIL rating as 505. Have settled a credit card from HSBC which was pending from a long time. Now HDFC, AXIS and other banks are asking for a rating of 750+. Stuck bad, how do I make my move now. Any bank which offers loans to a bad credit rating? PL needed is around 4 lcks. Income 4.5lacks p.a.

    • Manoj

      may be you are living with a myth that “settlement” is a good thing and it will not impact your CIBIL , but its not true .. Settlement still gets reported to CIBIL and its a negative thing . Unless you clear it off , it will remain in your CIBIL for next 7 yrs .


  150. Bhupendra

    Hi Manish,
    I had taken HSBC credit card in 2006 and minutely used it. they also gave me a add on card which I never opened from courier and swapped. Due to my health condition, i have to leave my job immediately. and couldn’t close the card due to some reason. there was some positive balance in card when I left. Now my problem is right now i forgot the card number and don’t have bills also which were only 3 bills.
    how do i respond to cibil since i don’t know what is my credit card number?
    Will they fine me too much since the annual fee was 1000 rs.
    Please help I am in deep stress. I haven’t take any other card or and never applied for any loan.


    • Bhupendra

      You can talk to the customer care of the bank and from your name, dob and other details , they might be able to give you info on your credit card . As you had the credit card the charges must have compounded and now it must be few thousands for sure !

  151. Mini

    Hi Manish,

    It was a wonderful article. However i need a clarification. Almost 5 yrs back i took a PL and cleared it. However missed the due date for couple of months and paid it with the late fee. However when i tried taking a credit card last yr, it got rejected because of low credit score as i was a defaulter once. Kindly let me know how to fix up my credit scores to normal. I ve been paying my bike loan on time for the last 1 yr. Will that help in increasing my credit scores. Or should I need to do anything else to bring it back to normal.

    Kindly advice.

  152. faiz khan

    Hi Manish,

    In 2008 i have credit card of citi bank, which has dues of 12000rs, completly cleared on 2011 & promise me that updated as nill in cibil. I have given only driving licence that time for card, is it possible to put name in CIBIL on basis of DL & can i check my credit score sending my DL details in CIBIL, not having pan card,

    plz tell me all this thing possible on DL details for bank & cibil, this is important for me.

  153. DK Jain

    Hello ManishSIR,
    If I deposit rs. 100000/- each in same bank but in two different branches(i.e. one lakh in each branch) then how much money is insured is it rs. 100000/- total or both Rs. 200000/- because they are deposited at two different branches of same bank.
    In addition sir plz let me know how good is the Tamilnad Mercentil bank if I deposit my money in its two different branches . safest or not?
    Are there any sort of bonds or FD which are completely tax free just like the earlier RBI tax free 6.5% bonds.
    Thanking u. Plz reply.

  154. DK Jain

    Hello Manishsir,
    ” Please Answer ”
    If I deposit rs. 100000/- each in same bank but in two different branches(i.e. one lakh in each branch) then how much money is insured is it rs. 100000/- total or both Rs. 200000/- because they are deposited at two different branches of same bank.
    In addition sir plz let me know how good is the Tamilnad Mercentil bank if I deposit my money in its two different branches . safest or not?
    Are there any sort of bonds or FD which are completely tax free just like the earlier RBI tax free 6.5% bonds.
    “Please Reply”
    Thanking u. Plz reply.

  155. Ojal R. Pardesi

    Hi Manish,

    II had two credit cards one from HSBC and other one from Barclays Credit Card.
    In case of HSBC, salesman told me that the firm I used worked in 2009 for that staff the credit card annual fees for a life time is free . But still I got a bill with annual fees after a month. Hence I complained to the Call center executive gave the brief about my complaint. I told him that I will be paying the amount which was spent by me and according I paid the amount with late fee charges and interest and annual fees . No further transactions done through the card and subsequently told them that I am returning it to them.
    In Barclays Credit card case I had used this credit card for 3 month paying the dues I dropped my cheque in their drop box 1 day prior to due date. When next month\’s bill received it came with late fee charges. I contacted to call center executive and told him that I had dropped my cheque 1 days in advance then how come this charges. He said it received 2 days later than my due date as was not having any proof I could not prove it. I paid the amount due to me excluding the charges. 2-3 month they sent the later but later on they stopped sending bills.
    Above two instance happened to me and had forgotten also. But this year when I applied for Two wheeler from my loan was rejected I asked reason for rejection they informed me that name is in CIBIL. Immediately, I called to the Call center executive one Mr. Abdul and he informed me to that my outstanding is approximately 3,587 I asked him that all the dues have paid on time and he told to visit Barclay at Worli office. I went at Worli office the executive asked to drop letter within a week time I will receive mail or a letter from Barclay from Chennai asking me to pay Rs, 4,600. After 10 days I received a letter and they informed me that Barclay will be not handle this case please contact Phoenix ARC Private Limited Dani Corporate Park, 7th floor, 158, CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz (E) Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098. I personally visited to the above address on 14 February 2012. I met MS Elvin and informed to call Mr. Chirag Mehta from Kotak Mahindra I called on his him immediately and he told me visit Mr. Akash Deep from Kotak Mahindra at Santacruz. I met Akash he told the amount is of 470 late fees I was surprised that I have received any instruction about it I paid all my principal amount on time than late charges is for what he forced me to pay the full amount and he will close my account. I told him to settle the amount Rs. 500 and I paid them the cheque on 14 February 2012. I requested the receipt of Rs. 500 he told me that I will directly receive mail and hardcopy on 15 February 2012. I got convinced.
    Till 16 February 2012 I waited and called Aakash for my settlement letter he told me the letter has already sent. Please check your inbox I requested them to send me hard copy he promised me that he will send. On 21 February 2012 I again called him and asked I have still not received the hard copy he told me that I will check and call you after reminding 4 to 5 times a day. On 22 February 2012 I called me and Aakash spoke with me very rudely that when the letter will come I will call and disconnected my call. I felt very upset.
    When I checked my saving account statement the cheque was not deposited in bank. Again I called Akkash on 24 February 2012 asking about the status he updated me that my letter is ready and I he will send it shortly. I informed him the cheque is not been deposited how will I get the letter he was surprised and he told me that I will check and he will informed me but after waiting I called him to ask for status again the same reply that he had already sent a query to their department when I asked him to mark myself in cc he was again rude and told me you not aware that the internal mails are not marked.

    Now I need help I don’t know how to tackle this.

    • Ojal

      They are just making you run from one point to another point . .Nothing else . Better you get out of your comfort zone and threaten them for a complaint in consumer forum and nothing else and really you should do that . Please mail to http://www.akosha.com/ and ask them to file and complaint to them.

      Let me also see if I can do something



    Some days ago,I have applied for a, car loan from SBI. After that bank says that I have some outstanding in my cibil report from my credit card.I know which is a wrong statement,because I have only FOUR credit cards which was free gifted by SBI,I will never used those credit cards ever.But ,bank says that they dont pass my loan for not paying that previous amount.What will I do now?

    • Manab

      Check your CIBIL report . Either your credit card has yearly charges which have accumulated and you dont know about it or you are not paying thinking – “SBI told me they are FREE , now I will not pay” . Unless you clear it , you wont have a good CIBIL score


  157. jisha

    Hi Manish,
    wanted to check about the maximum duration any record (good/bad) remains on CBIL because as far as credit reporting in US is considered it is for 7 years.


  158. Vibhu Jain

    Hi Manish
    My question :
    I have a CC from Citi which thry promised free of cost and after an year the bill came with 500Rs as fees and 50Rs as Service tax.
    I sent an email to Bank and then after a lot of email chains(i have all with me) i paid my bill and not the yearly fees.
    Then after a month i contacted bank again and re-activated my same CC and paid membership fees and service tax.
    Now, will that affect my credit rating?

    • Vibhu

      Yes .. but for the short term . If the bank has already communicated the issue with CIBIL , then your score might be low , but now as you paid it and now in future because of your proper payments, your score will get better in few months

  159. prasenjit

    Hi Manish,

    I have a HDFC credit card with credit limit of Rs:50000/- and i have taken so many things in EMI. Im very prompt in paying the EMIs. My bill gets generated on 5th and i always used to pay within 5 days of bill generation. Just wanted to know that do i need to check my CIBIL report in order to ensure that everything is updated correctly by HDFC bank? Coz in future i want some loans and i dont wanna get into problems because of any mistakes from bank side…..

  160. psangani

    Hi Manish,
    I got CIBIL credit score of 823 which seems reasonable and now want to apply for home loan. Can I negotiate with the bank for home loan based on credit score? Kindly advice.. thx

  161. anil kumar nirmal

    sir, last month i apply for cridit card to satndard charted bank he refused my applicatinn for resion for CIBIL. now i want to now my cibil cr. report

  162. Baig

    Hey Manish,I know you are advising all on not doing settlements with banks but unfortunately when I decided to do this I was so naive and ignorant.I have done settelments with almost all the banks like axis,Citi,Hsbc, Deutsche bank.So I will be in the defaulters list.Also my loans are now closed I haven’t done any settelments on them just paid all the EMI’s.My question to you is after how long will I be eligible to apply for a loan.I know its my mistake but it was the situation I was in without a job for several months.However I want to get rid of this and be a good customer.If I approach Private financiers would they help me.Please advice…

    • Baig

      the thing is , in your case your cibil report and score would be surely messed up , for next 7 yrs it will be marked as “SETTLED” , so for next 7 yrs forget the chance of getting a loan at all , but even after that , unless you build your score , you will not get a loan .

  163. Srinivas

    Unfortunately, I no longer leave in India – and after 7 Years after closing my old SCB credit card – one day received an email saying they could not able to reach me since 7 years and threatened a lawsuit for not paying the outstanding balance. After deliberately giving the details and the emails that luckily i have not deleted in these years – Thanks to gmail, SCB sent me response saying they are closing it now – which was supposed to be closed 7 years back and they will update the CIBIL in 45 days.

    The problem – until now which I do not know is – I am one of the defaulters in the CIBIL list.

    How can I make sure – my credit history in India is not corrupted, because of the half-baked credit system GOI and RBI has approved ? Legally in US – consumers have a right to get his/her own credit history once a year for FREE. Seems – we do not have this in India.

    Is there a PIL that can submitted for the good of all the honest people in India to maintain a good credit history ? Its a highway to identity theft as in US/UK and is multi-billion dollar industry to protect a person’s identity.


    • Srinivas

      I am very much sure that your CIBIL score will be bad and it will be messed up , the thing is over the years your credit card must have accumulated all the late fees and interest on it and thats what they would demand from you . Now if they are saying that they will just SETTLE Your card or just close it down and update in CIBIL , it means that they will tell CIBIL that this guy Srinivas has to pay us X amount but now we are SETTLING or marking it as OVERWRITTEN. next 7 yrs , it will be on your report .

      Why dont you apply for it online , pay 450 and get it on email – see this : http://www.jagoinvestor.com/2011/12/get-cibil-score-online.html

  164. T. Mukherjee


    I have a personal Loan from HDFC and I am willing to go into a settlement (not foreclosure or prepayment). I have no other loans.

    Just want to know, how long will it take for me to apply and get a car loan in future ? And, as HDFC guy said to me, that as CIBIL might show “settled account” or “not a normally closed account”, I might or might not get a loan…what are my chances to get another loan, say car loan ? Thanks in advance

    • T. Mukherjee

      Once you settle the loan, you will not be able to get any kind of loan for next 7 yr for least and even after that you will not get it unless your score is good , which will not be good for sure unless you have a good credit behaviour


  165. Jeshan A

    Dear Manish,

    I have a score of 670 as i had a pending bill of a credit card of HDFC and they were message in the statement that it will be reported to RBI but as of now the bills are cleared fully and no settlement done and people of HDFC says that the card is permanently blocked so cannot reinstate the card again.Now the thing is that after clearing of all the bills how many score will be added to my reports after this.Also many were saying that mobile bills are also reflected in the reports which can bring down the score is it so as some time i get delayed while paying my mobile bills.

  166. Vijay

    Hi Manish
    Thanks for this article. My CIBIL score is just 634. Because of two credit cards, my credit history has been messed up.
    1. HDFC Card – When I had taken the card, I was informed by the agent that there would no annual charge on the card. When they charged an annual fee of around Rs.800, I protested and paid all dues except the annual fee and asked them to close the card. However after 4 years, HDFC people called me and said there was an outstanding of Rs5K on the card, which was the outstanding plus interest.

    2. SBI Card – This is a card which I hardly used. So I cancelled the card. I was informed that there was no due on this card. But it shows up in the report as “WRITTEN-OFF”. When I checked with SBI, they confirmed that there was no due from me. But they have not reported the correct status to CIBIL.

    Since I did not want my credit history to suffer further, I paid the full outstanding amount on my HDFC card and got a No Dues Certificate. For SBI, I have sent several mails to them asking them to correct the information with CIBIL.

    I am still pursuing with CIBIL on whether HDFC and SBI have removed the adverse comments from my account. My credit histtory has taken a beating because of misselling from HDFC and clerical error from SBI.

    One more point about credit reporting – banks only report to CIBIL when there is default or negative behaviour. I have a home loan from Union Bank and I pay the monthly EMIs regularly for the last 2 years. But the CIBIL report does not have any mention of this in my report. When I checked with the bank, they said they would report only defaulters. So even though I am paying my home loan EMIs regularly, that does not get counted as good credit behavior and does not help improve my score.

    CIBIL is always just one-sided and only looks at issues from the bank’s perpective. Even though they have a grievance redressal mechanism, it is not very effective and is quite frustrating. I hope some central (RBI or some other agency)regulator can step in and ensure that credit reporting agencies are fair to both the lender and borrower.

    • Vijay

      Its very surprising to hear that the bank told you that they dont report to cibil about your all actions . Who told you this ? Was it communicated by some junior level employee there ? He might not be aware about it . All banks do report all the actions to CIBIL .

      • Vijay

        I checked with the branch and they said they don’t report to CIBIL unless the borrower defaults a payment. Anyways I can clearly see that the home loan account does not even show up on my report even though I had taken this loan 2 years back.

        • Vijay

          No this is wrong , your bank must be doing it . Wait .. there can be one thing , which bank is this ? Is this bank a member of CIBIL or not ? Check with CIBIL why the bank has not updated it ?

  167. Kumar

    Hello Manish,

    Your article is fantastic and really made me to think of the CIBIL report as a lifeline for the future. I recently applied for my CIBIL CIR, the score is NA. I have few questions, please help out.

    Not maintaining minimum balance in savings account is reported to CIBIL?

    Does that affect my credit history?

    What transactions are reported to CIBIL apart from loans and credit cards?

    Do the banks report savings bank transaction history?

    I have my first credit card now, it’s been 5 months I got my card. I paid all the bills up to date without any late payments. As am new to credit, please help we with some tips to get good score and maintain it.

    Thanks once again for such a wonderful article. YOU ROCK!

    • Kumar

      Score is not part of CIR , its just report . For Score you need to pay 450 and get the score.

      Saving bank related things are not part of CIBIL , its only loans and credit which contributes in CIBIL


  168. Rajeshkumar


    Very good article.

    I would not recommend the online option. I got stuck at the authentication part.

    1. Fill the online form.
    2. Make the payment. (Upto here things were fine.)
    3. Authentication > Step 1 > couldn’t understand anything. Three sections with check boxes and radio buttons to select without any help. Select the bank information does not provide the name of the bank; but just Member Bank 1; Account type 1.

    Does not tell us what to do if we are not able to proceed. Is there a way to login again.

    Useless website. Now if we try to use the contact form in the main page, it asks for the company name and designation, which is not required in case of personal information.

    Thank you!

    • Rajesh

      In your case you have already make the payment , so now all you need to do is take the print out of your documents + payment confirmation and send it to CIBIL , also check with their customer care

  169. dhar

    HI ,

    I am also interested to share something , i was having a credit card in some where long time back where there was no cibil concept ( mostly cibil came in to picture after 2007 i guess) , i have used the card of about 1500 and i paid 5000 including interest genualy i tried to pay the amount by going back that time bank people said they dont take money depost for credit card , they asked me to drop a cheque. Later i forgot to pay that , and my name was there as defaulter , later i have applied for some credit card and was rejected by the banks , but after some days bank people called me and said that they wanted to offer credit cards , and i have accepted their offer , now they have given me the card with limit of 260000 and also i have the credit cards of world known America Express ( it is not corporate it is my individual personal card) ……..so what i mean to say is …Bank is a Business , when they want to reach their target the do have exceptions on providing ….and there is no business in the world with cheating or fraud …it includes IT companies , as IT companies are also do business and they do cheat their customers for business ….business rules are not standard they do change according to their benefit and profit…..of course CBIL is the one which we have to manage , my sincere advise is don’t do much credits …try to save what ever you are getting from your income , because CBIL is not directly dealing with you some one is there in between CBIL and you …..which means “someone pee in the pool ,all get punished in the pool” you are giving chance to some one to decide your financial fate

  170. Vicky

    Hi Manish,

    I have a Cibil Score of 504. I got my statement last week. I have 4 Credit cards and had couple of loans earlier for which I paid principal amounts but couldn’t pay the interest because of some financial problems. Their amounts are showing written off on my cibil reports. Only one loan is still showing not written off.
    Whatever loan I am applying is getting rejected So what should I do to improve my CIBIL history.
    I am using my credit cards extensively and paying full payments all the time.
    I want to apply for home loan with my spouse so can it be approved as that loan is more secured and banks has no risks in that.
    Thanks in advance for your help.


    • Vicky

      You have some serious problem here . Dont look for any immediate improvement . You will first have to clear off your existing written off loans back , so contact all the credit card companies ,check what was your written off amount and pay it in FULL . Once that is done, you will then have to keep paying your other debt like credit card on time to make sure you build some repayment history , it will take few years to take your score past 750 , Only then you will be able to clear the loan , else not !

  171. harsha

    Dear Manish,
    Recently i have checked my score in cibil was 598. I settled 2 cc and 1 personal loan 3 yrs back.How will improve my cibil score and which month i can check my score every year?
    Thank you

    • Harsha

      598 is really bad. You will first have to settle all that money which you didnt pay (remaining amount) and then over the years pay off some regular EMI to show them that you are capable of repayment .

  172. Vicky

    Thanks for your quick Response Manish.
    Paying back bank’s amounts and clear all the repayments will take time but I want to take Home loan in next few days.
    Home loan is secured loan which is very less risky. Even then Banks do not give loans of bad cibil score like 500+ in my case.

    Is there any other solution you can suggest?


  173. Rafiq

    Hi Manish,

    Can you let me know what should be the Idle CIBIL score we have to maintain in order to get any loans and what is the slab ( range ) …

    awaiting for your response

  174. Pankaj


    I applied for my first CIBIL CIR in Jan 2011, received it in Aug 2011. CIR was clean and without a single -ve remarks like Overdue, Written off etc. But, I was curious to know my credit score as I currently hold cards of 7 credit card issuing banks.

    So, Last week I again applied for CIBIL CIR + CIBIL Transunion Score; this time thru online route. Just today I received the CIR and score its 822 :)

    1) Hope its a good score and I won’t have any difficulty incase I apply for a loan in future. 2) Is it possible to bring my score nearer to 900. 3) I have seen repeated inquiries by Kotak Bank, does this adversely effect the score


  175. GIRISH

    I Agree with Ganesh that this system has so many flaws which they need to improve. Also Banks should inform them about the recoveries as they promptly inform the outstanding
    In spite of clearing all the dues one of the Credit card issuing bank was showing some good amount as outstanding in my case After showing the proofs they finaly confirmed that ther are no dues. When they recover the amounts in full and with interest and penalty then it need to be considered

  176. Ram Jasud

    Dear Manish,
    Is Rs. 142/- and 450/- is annual fees?
    How many times I can get report in a year once I pay money?

    If I need to check CIBIL report in next year, is it necessary to pay same fees again or it is one time fees only?


  177. Arun

    all of you guys are pathetic and reading and writing articles like this .
    most of the educated people know what is CIBIL you should mention how to remove your name from the CIBIL report.

    you guys are just like Government employees . no one wants to do anything in favour of consumer .

    i never applied for any loan just 2 days back i applied for a consumer loan and i came to know that my report is negative .

    i donot even have any personal bank account as well all i used from last 10 years were different salary accounts. i changed the company closed the previous bank account and used a new one . now tell me how come my report is negative . if i never applied for any loan or credit card .

    the fact is this is INDIA anything can happen because of all these govt authorities . anyone can get anything with the help of someone else’s id . i just gave my id 2-3 times to get a phone connection and that to be self attested might be possible the person i gave the id to used my id to get a new connection or may be something else .

    noone knows what was happened .

    and you guys are just becoming heroes by writing all these unwanted or useless articles .

    so it’s better to stop all this bullshit and try to fix the problems we all facing with CIBIL .

  178. Jagan

    hi Manish,
    my CIBIL score is 750, planning to go for a home loan, is this score is enough to get my loan sanctioned? if not, how can i improve my rating?

    kindly suggest.


  179. Rajesh


    Nice informative artilce. Eye opener on lot of points. my query, recently i applied for my Cibil score after reading your article and the score has come as 815 yesterday. I have applied y