ICICI Pru Assure Wealth – Top up

Hi , I have purchased ICICI Pru Assure Wealth – Super in August 2008. Start date : August 2008 EMI /month : 1667 I am planning to top up this plan with Rs.2000 per month & I am looking to invest in this policy for long term may till the time policy gets matured. I […]


Advice and valuable suggestion needed regarding my ULIP Policy

Hello friends, Hope everyone in doing well !!! Need your advice and suggestion regarding my ULIP policy. I had taken Reliance Pay five plan in 2012 for an annual premium of Rs 50000/-, I have been paying premium for 3 yrs till now a total of 1,50,000 /- . My current fund value in the […]


BLOOD SUCKING ULIP – ICICI prudential pinnacle super lp

I started investing in ICICI prudential pinnacle super lp highest nav fund b four years back.I am paying yearly premium 1 lakh.I paid for the last 4 years.This is the last premium.However returns are horribly just 8 percent. Fund is sucking away units on various pretexts like insurance, PAC, FMC, policy administration charges.I am just […]


Need Help and Advice on ICICI Pru Life ‘Pinnacle Super LP’

​Hello Manish, I kindly request you to advise me on the following scenario; I bought ICICI Pru Life Insurance called ‘Pinnacle Super LP‘ on January 12, 2013, I paid 5 Lakhs premium for the first year. I got unemployed by the end of 2013 I am could not make the payment of 5 Lakhs premium […]


ULIP investment guidance – ICICI Wealth builder Maximiser fund V

Hi My age is 28 and I am planning to Invest in ICICI Wealth builder Maximiser fund V, the amount may be 2.5 lac spread over 5 years installments The bank planner says it will grow 15-20% for which he showed me various document & slides for Fund My query is – 1.Is it worth […]


Should I continue with Aviva LifeLong unit linked policy ?

I started this ULIP policy in 2006 and don’t see any returns on it , the money is stagnant , the policy is for 63 years. The insurance is only 3 Lakhs and I pay monthly amount of 2000. Considering this , should I surrender the policy and re-investment the amount (they will deduct around 25K in […]


HDFC Life Pro Growth Plus investment – Should I invest ?

Hi Friends, I am interested in HDFC Life Pro Growth Plus plan but as explained earlier i think i should not take this step but let me tell you that i have one LIC for life insurance plan and one PPF as well so now may i take this plan for my retirement plan kindly help me […]


To continue or stop ? (Max Life Life Gain Plus 20 Participating Plan)

Guys, I want to thank you first for the superlative advice you provide. For some who gets cold feet just in the name of investing, I find your advice practical, simple and directly useful. A few years ago, I had to pick up a policy while looking for a bank locker (reality bites!). The policy […]


GSIP with ICICI – should I continue ?

Guys, I need your opinion here. I have bank account with ICICI which opened back in 2005, and have been eagerly looking for bank locker, 3 yrs waited to get the locker, finally a locker was free so the bank manager said if I do an investment with ICICI  they will facilitate the locker, because […]


HDFC Pro Growth Plus plan – Is it worth Buying?

Hi, I am planning to buy a HDFC Pro growth plus plan ULIP for 15 years on a monthly SIP of 3000/-. Is it a worth to buy?Please advise me. Thanks in Advance Prashant


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