How Ready Reckoner rates by Govt affect real estate Prices ?

A lot of investors wonder how the real estate prices go up and down (do they?) over years. A very big role in the movement of real estate prices is played by something called as “ready reckoner rates” . Ready reckoner rates for each area in city is defined by the the state govt. Let us understand this thing in detail.

what is ready reckoner rates

Ready Reckoner rates are the prices of land, residential properties, and commercial properties for any given area defined and published by govt each year. It’s revised from time to time whenever govt feels that there is a need for prices revision. Stamp duty and registration costs which is paid by a real estate buyer cant be below this ready reckoner price or the actual price of the property.

For example – Let’s say that ready reckoner rates for some location is set at Rs 4,000 per sq ft (as per state govt) and the cost of the property as per that comes at Rs 40 lacs. Now imagine that the builder is quoting the cost of the property to you at Rs 50 lacs. Now the stamp duty will be paid on Rs 50 lacs only, because its higher than Rs 40 lacs. However – suppose you decide to pay Rs 20 lacs in black and only Rs 30 lacs in white money, still your registration & stamp duty will be paid on Rs 40 lacs costs, because thats the minimum pricing set by govt itself.

Ready Reckoner rates are linked to Built up Area

Note that the ready reckoner rates are linked to the Built up area of the property, not carpet area or super built up area. So if ready reckoner rate is Rs 4,000 sq/ft and builder tells you that he will also sell the property to you at Rs 4,000 sq/ft, don’t get fooled!, because builder tells you the pricing linked with super built up area and not built up area, which in most of the cases is higher, so eventually the rate charged by builder is always higher, if you convert it for the built-up area. Just for example if super built up area is 1,000 sq/ft and built up area is 800 sq/ft, then Rs 4,000 per sq/ft area quoted for super built-up area (Rs 40 lacs cost) , is same as Rs 5,000 sq/ft quoted for built up area (same Rs 40 lacs) .

Just to make sure you understand the terminologies –

  • Carpet area – Net usable area of property (imagine you put carpet, what all part of flat, it will cover)
  • Built-up area – Carpet area + walls and doors area (imagine you remove the thick walls and all doors, then what you will be left with)
  • Super built up area – Built-up area (which you get) + everything from staircase, garden, gym , swimming pool and everything you use (your proportion)

How ready reckoner rates affect the prices of real estate

Now – It’s very clear, that ready reckoner price is the FAIR PRICE (which is fair value) set by govt itself. Now builders can charge the premium on that fair price depending on market condition, demand, quality and their goodwill and their exploitation power :). So the market price (the actual prices prevailing in market), will definitely be always higher than than ready reckoner prices (benchmark) . Now if the benchmark itself is higher at any given point of time and also keeps increasing over years, the market price quoted by builders will also be high.

Example – Just to give you an example, in one of the areas called “Kondhwa” in Pune, the ready reckoner price set by govt is around Rs 3,700 per sq/ft, however the builders are charging anywhere from Rs 4,500 to 6,500 per sq/ft at the moment. Imagine if this year govt increases it to 4,000, then automatically the rates will go up by that much margin, because builders get a good reason to escalate the cost.

One of the largest revenue sources of any state govt is the stamp duty from property registrations and it’s always in state govt interest(from revenue point of view) to keep the ready reckoner rates higher or increase it if there is any justification for it, live development done, roads constructed etc ..

Where to find the Ready reckoner rates for your area ?

Now, you cant control the actual price you have to pay to a builder, but it’s a good idea to check out the ready reckoner rates of the area, where you are thinking of buying the property. Now there are few ways you can find out the ready reckoner rates of your area (or any area). Here are few of them, some easy and some tough.

1. On the website of “Registration and Stamp Duty Department”

Each state govt has its own department of “Registration and Stamp Duty”. You can reach the website by searching the sentence “Registration and Stamp duty department” and adding state name along with it on google. Like if you want to find out the website for Maharashtra search for “Registration and Stamp Duty Maharashtra” (direct link) and the first link you get it “‎”. On the website, you need to search for a link – which says something like “market rates” or some equivalent in the local language of the state. If you are lucky, you might reach the final page which helps you find out the ready reckoner rates for all the cities in the state. It will help you find the rates as per city, taluka, location or survey number. I tried this trick and was able to find out the websites links for 3 states

  • Maharashtra (For Mumbai and Pune) – Direct Link
  • Karnataka (for Bangalore) – Direct Link
  • Andhra Pradesh (for Hyderabad) – Direct Link

Note – The rates might be displayed in per sq yard, per sq meter etc , so better change them to per sq feet and also make sure you use IE or Firefox to access the websites, because they still don’t know chrome exists !

2. Using RTI application

The second way to find out the rates is to use the RTI application against the same Registration and Stamp Duty department (many times called “revenue department” like in Delhi). All you need to do is file a RTI to the respective officer and to your jurisdiction asking for the rates in particular city and area. You can take help of this article to understand the format and procedure

3. Office of Sub-registrar

One of the best way would be to go to the sub-registrar office (where the properties are registered) and find out the rates from there itself. If you do not find the support of the staff there, don’t forget to mention words like RTI, CIC and “One of my friend works in Media” and they should accept doing some work for you.

4. From the newspapers

All the newspapers keep on publishing these rates from time to time. Just keep an eye on real estate section from time to time and you should be able to get some info. Below I am attaching some snapshots I got from Internet for the revised rates in year 2013 from 2012.

mumbai ready reckoner rates

Pune ready reckoner rates

Pimpri Chinchwad ready reckoner rates

No Ready Reckoner rates for rentals

There are ready reckoner rates for buying the properties, but there is no ready reckoner rates for rentals. It would be amazing if govt comes up with that too, it would then help us to understand which area is doing better then other and how much premium home owners are asking for over govt defined rental rates.

Overall what do you think about ready reckoner rates and does it helps the overall industry or goes against it ? Please put your comments!

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