Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank

How do you transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank? This has been a big question mark for all the PPF account holders who opened their PPF account in Post Office and now want to transfer PPF account to SBI Bank or other banks so that they can take benefits of online money transfer to their PPF accounts. Also it becomes easy for them to do other kind of activities if PPF account is in some bank.

Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank

So, in this article we will see the steps required to transfer PPF account from Post office to any Bank. In this example we will use SBI as the example. But you can use the same procedure for any SBI Bank or its subsidiaries or even ICICI Bank which has recently started providing PPF accounts.

Steps required to Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank

Step 1 First step is to make sure your PPF Passbook is updated with all the interest credited till date. You need to go to Post Office and get it updated.
Step 2 Fill up following documents

  • PPF Transfer Form SB-10(b) . Download Form to transfer PPF Account here
  • An application on plain paper requesting PPF Account transfer from Post Office to SBI Bank
  • Incase you already have a SBI Account, then SBI passbook (Will fasten the process)
  • PAN/Address Proof (Can be confirmed at Post Office)
Step 3 Submit the form to Post Office Head PostMaster, He will verify your signature with the records at Post Office and verification will be completed.
Step 4 The balance in your PPF account in Post Office will be taken out and your PPF account will be closed by Head Post Master and he will note the remark of Transfer of PPF Account to SBI Bank on all the relevant documents.
Step 5 The balance amount in your PPF account will then be remitted back to State Bank of India through Cheque or Demand Draft along with other relevant documents.
Step 6 Your PPF account will then be opened (transferred) at SBI Branch and you will be notified on this. It would be better to not wait for it and you yourself keep track of the progress.

Go to SBI bank after all these steps are done and collect your new PPF Passbook. Note that all the previous entries of your Interest payments etc will not be present in the new PPF Passbook. It will only have the new and current entries now. So in-case you needed the previous information for claiming tax deductions, better take the printout of the previous PPF Passbook and keep photocopies of all the documents you filled and submitted for PPF Account Transfer. Read  – How to open a PPF account at SBI Bank

What about interest part when you Transfer PPF account from Post Office?

Do you know How PPF interest is calculated ? Its only monthly basis , but credited yearly. Now as per PPF Rules, the bank or the post office transferring the account will add interest up-to the preceding 31st March in the account before the it is transferred. The interest from 1st April onwards will be added by the transferee office after the close of the year. As per rule 8 of the scheme the interest in the account has to be added at the end of the year and not in the middle of the year in any case. So make sure to ask and confirm from Post Office Postmaster if he will do this step or not. And once the PPF Account is transferred, at the end of the year, make sure you get the total interest in your account. Just verify it at the end of the year.

What Problems you are can face while Transfer of PPF Account?

Problem 1 : The biggest problem you will face is the ignorance SBI & Post office employees have about this whole process. I think Post Office Employee has more information (and less ego) than SBI Employees. They might reject the whole idea and say “Its not possible to transfer”.

In that case, take the print out of Rule 153 of this document which is at Post Office website and clearly defines the rules to Transfer PPF Account from Post Office to SBI Bank. Another thing you can do is very humanly and in a soft voice, tell them you will file an RTI to know the process of PPF Transfer from Post Office to SBI Bank and would come back with that RTI query (Post Office and SBI comes under RTI incase you didn’t know). I am sure this will be enough to speed up the whole process.

Problem 2 : Another problem you may face is documentations, I am not very sure if PAN card/Address proof is required or not and what other documents, but in that case again take help of your Post Office Head Post Master, he will surely help you. If you are stuck at any points, use sentences like “I will file an RTI and … ” . That might help you :)

Share your experiences, and problems you faced when you wanted to Transfer PPF account from Post Office to SBI Bank or vice versa, were you waiting for this from many years?

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  1. Siv

    Hi, I’ve opened a PPF account in Post office 7 years ago and I invested some money for 4 years and stopped investing there.. An year ago, I’ve opened an SBI PPF account and started investing money.. Now, I came to know that investing in 2 PPF account is illegal.. Now, can I transfer the Post office PPF to SBI? Will it lead to some confusion (like why 2 PPF accounts?)..


  2. Rahul

    The form that you mentioned for download says below:
    “I request that my Account No…………………………………. standing on
    the books of the …………………………………………….. Post Office Savings Bank
    may be transferred to the books of the ………………………… Post Office Savings

    If we look closely it doesn’t mention anywhere SBI. Do I need to mention SBI in place of Post office Savings Bank?

  3. Nitin


    I wanted to transfer my PPF account from Bank of Maharashtra (BoM), Pune to SBI, Pune branch.
    So I had requested to BoM and they have given me DD with some documents today i.e. 29-July-2015. But they have mentioned outstanding balance till the 31st March 2015 in the DD. Now, SBI told me that interest from the period of 1st April 2015 to 31st July 2015 need to pay by BoM. But BoM is not agree to pay this interest. They told me as per circular, SBI should pay the interest.
    Now, I am in a critical situation what to do. Please help me and advice. Thanks.

    • Hi Nitin

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


      • Akshat

        Hi, Please highlight in this particular case, do one need to file RTI aginstpost office and sbi both seperatley or together. can you please bit highlights the step.

        Akshat Singh

  4. atanu

    Hi Manish,
    I have read this article years ago. And I bookmarked this as other article of yours.
    That time I did not need to transfer PPF a/c from post office. Now I need to transfer this PPF a/c to bank.
    But there are some hesitation to me about two banks.

    I have a/c SBI and Bank of boroda. My mutual funds(SIP) are using SBI. So my plan is for PPF, going to BOB. (just to avoid all investment,not going through same basket. Because to avail some hassle free/ proceed without difficulty from at least one of this bank in future. Also to track my mature amount differently ( MF and PPF) ).

    But I am not sure whether in near/far future BOB’s service for PPF will be best.
    Could you please advise me what to do. I mean which ( SBI or BOB ) bank will be best for me to transfer PPF a/c. Other advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

      • atanu

        Hi Manish,
        Many thanks for your advice.
        Now I am facing some problems regarding transfer.
        I have recently gone to post office and also in SBI.

        SBI guys says, now current month is July, so post office should update interest upto additional month of this year. If post office will ignore that, then they(SBI) return this to post office further, seeking up-to- date calculation on PPF.

        After that I have said this to post office guys. But he says we will just calculate last financial interest on PPF, we are not responsible for onwards months(additional month in this financial month). He also says, according to rule, it is their(SBI) duty to know the information and calculative amount from PPF- authority for additional month.
        I have also said about RTI , but post office guys says, you can do that but I know well the rule.

        So Manish, what can I do!

        2> One more query please.
        Post office says now there is no availability of ‘PPT’. So recently there is no availability to transfer to bank. (I do not know what is ‘PPT’).
        He also says, if you want to transfer to another post office ,then it is available now. But due to non availability on ‘PPT’, at present it is not possible to transfer to Bank.
        Then he says, you can give your documents along with PPF book, but these will remain here untill ‘PPT’ will be available.
        And till ,you(I) are unable to operate(invest) further on PPF.

        Please advise, what I should do.
        Thanks in advance.

        • Hi atanu

          I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

          Its a bit long cut, but works well


  5. Vijay

    Hi Manish Chauhan
    I have PPF account with Vijay bank Its very far from my current place and its don’t have online service.
    Every year I have to go to home branch and then deposit the amount. Its irritating job and that too they work only half day on Saturdays.
    I once even asked them for transfer account to ICICI or SBI but they said not possible.
    Is the rule says possible to transfer between any banks too.

  6. nb

    After the account is transferred , it only shows as one single entry in the new passbook without any previous history.
    In that case how is the lockin period of 15 years determined by the new bank. Will i have to wait another 15 years before i can withdraw any amount from the transferred pf or is the original account opening date captured by the new bank?

  7. Praween

    Hi Manish!

    With great difficulty I got my PPF account transferred from one SBI to another SBI on 15th Sept 15. Old branch transferred my contribution of Rs 2, 82,260 to new branch. Now on 31st March 15, the new branch calculated interest based on my contributions from Oct’15. The old branch will obviously not calculate my interest for the period 1st April 15 to Sept 15. This way I am loosing interest of about Rs 11,886 for none of my fault. Is there a way to claim the lost interest from the bank?

    • Praween

      Hi Manish!
      I messed up the dates. It is not Sept 15 but Sept 14. And I have lost interest for the period of 1st April 14 to Sept 14. I got interest for the period Oct’14 to March 15.

      • AJ

        Praween – As per the PPF rules the institution where your account gets transfered to should be paying the interest for the year. Even I have the same problem and I am writing to SBI to pay the amount. You can refer to my comments above.

    • Hi Praween

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  8. Vivek

    SBI is asking for original passbook, and postoffice is not ready to give it, they say if you are transferring, they will keep it.
    I told them they just cancel and return it to me…. but they are not.. any solution ???

    • Hi Vivek

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  9. Rhituparna

    This article was really helpful. I have been trying to to transfer the account for 2 years now and everytime I go there, the Postmaster throws me out screaming and yelling at me. That too when I behave very meek and timid, as I just ask him just tell me the procedure, that’s all… I ahve no idea why he behaves that ways, and i request him to just be kind to me and behave normally, and he still throws me out. This article really helped, as i know I can transfer to a bank branch and not deal with post offices any more.

    • Hi Rhituparna

      Also you should file a RTI asking him two things

      1. What is procedure of transferring the PPF to some other bank
      2. Why does he behave rude to customer ? If possible tell him dates when it happened

      He is bound to answer that legally .


      • Rhituparna

        Thank you Manish. That definitely makes sense. I think I will now work doubly hard just to ensure I fix things myself on this PPF, and also make the ill mannered guy take ownership for his callous behavior.

  10. Nitin Pandey


    Step – 5 is not clear to me. It is clear to me that while transferring the PPF a/c from “Post Office” to “Bank”, Post office will close the PPF a/c and transfer the balance to Bank via Cheque or Demand Draft. But you have not mentioned that cheque or DD will be in the name of Customer or Bank?

    Main Question: Whose name will appear over the Cheque or DD ???


  11. AJ

    I submitted my PPF for transfer from PO to SBI today and will let you know the updates / issues that I may face.

    You shouldnt lose the interest. This is what I got as a response for the RTI that I filed with Department of Posts. Hope this helps. Soon I shall be filing an RTI with State Bank of India to get their version too.

    Points from me.
    1. How much time is required for transferring a PPF account from PO to State Bank of India
    2. If the transfer request is given on Nov 11 2014 who will pay the interest for the FY 2014-2015. Will the entire interest be paid by the Post Office or entirely by SBI or will it be pro-rated between bank and PO.
    3. If the interest is pro-rated when will the Post Office credit the interest. Will it be at the time of the transfer or at the end of the FY.
    4. If the bank says that Post office has to pay the interest pro-rated after the transfer whom should I reach out to and how many days will it take for the interest to be paid.

    Response from DOP
    Point no. 1 It is in question form which does not come under the purview of RTI Act 2005.

    Point No. 2 to 4 The bank or the post office transferring the account will add interest upto the preceding 31st March in the account before the account is transferred. The interest from 1st April onwards will be added by at the transferee office after the close of the year. As per rule 8 of the scheme the interest in the account has to be added at the end of the year and not in the middle of the year in any case. If the interest is added in the middle of the year at the time of transfer of the account, it will result in addition of compound interest on the interest already added for that year. Since the interest is to be debited to the MOF(DEA), it will not make any difference to the transferee office to add interest for the whole year after the close of the year.

    • AJ

      I went to the bank on Nov 20th to check the status. To my surprise they had the transfer request from the PO, the cheque with the balance in PPF account from PO(dated Nov 14, this says I was late and not the bank/PO :)) and the passbook. The lady at the counter opened the new PPF account on the spot and handed over the passbook and internet user id and password. Didnt think it would be this easy especially seeing other members going through all the hassles.
      Next update will be for the interest portion and what SBI has to say about that.

      • AJ

        Remember Murphy’s law (Read here if you dont ? Well I experienced it first hand :).

        I was happy that the transfer went without any hassles but Murphy did some “jaadu-tona” :)

        The account that was opened at SBI after the transfer was marked as a new account (instead of transferred). Thankfully SBI realized it quickly and informed me about it. They closed the account and today I got my new transferred account with the balance from P.O credited to the new account.

        SBI person also mentioned that the Interest will be credited for the year on 31/3/2015. Keeping my fingers crossed and my calculator next to me. :-)

        • AJ

          The nightmare of PPF transfers is back to haunt me. After an almost smooth transfer (read above) I was hoping that the interest will be credited for the entire year by SBI. They have done it now for only 4 months and a complaint that I registered with their customer service cell got closed that the interest applied is correct :(. I am writing to the bank with my calculations of interest and if required will file an RTI with SBI to find out more…

          Stay tuned for more details… Will update as I get it…

          • AJ

            UPDATE: Followed up with the branch manager and was told that the interest will have to be paid by the PO. After a few email exchanges on the RTI response I got from PO and may be after the manager consulted the PPF Rules Book, SBI credited the interest for the complete year.

  12. N Singh


    i have 492054 in PPF account which i transferred from SBI(Haryana Branch) to SBI(UP Branch)

    I have below questions

    1)in how many days it take bank to transfer this account as my Haryana Branch have replied me via email that account has been transferred on 3/11/2014.

    2)will i lose the interest if account is not transferred before 5/11/2014 as u have said interest is calculated only between 5 to 30 of days of the month

    3)Saving account always get transferred within one day as CBS branches require only the IFSC Code updation why my PPF is taking so many days as i applied on 30/10/2014


      • N SINGH

        Thanks sir!!!for ur kind reply

        as now i can see at ONLINESBI my account transferred to new branch at UP is showing updated that means my PPF account is transferred….(they did it in 5 days)

        meanwhile i have put a RTI on both branches for information which i can use in future if interest is not given to me !!!below r the questions i have asked

        1)No of days required to transfer Public Provident Fund account within SBI from one Branch to another branch in this CORE BANKING SOLUTION era.

        2)Date on which the account was transferred to *********** Branch(######).If it is not transferred what are the reasons for the delay.

        3)The interest from 01/04/2014 to the transferred date (date till it held under my previous branch as provided in above point) has it been added to the total amount of this account before transferring the account. If not who will provide the said interest for this period kindly provide the details.

        4)While transferring the PPF account one branch to another within SBI is there any loss of interest even if transferring of account is being delayed due to bank.

        5)Interest is credited in PPF on 31 march every year who will provide the interest for 01/04/2014 to transferred date and from transferred date to 31/03/2015.Provide the information

        lets see what reply i get !!

  13. Arvind Bhansali

    I have my bank account with Canara Bank and PPF with Post office, when enquired with Canara Bank the procedure for transferring the account from Post office to canara bank they told that there is no system for transfer you can only start a new account with us.
    But as i know PPF accounts can be trfd to any nationalised bank.
    Kindly guide…


  14. Praween

    Dear Manish

    With a great difficulty and chasing , I could transfer my PPF account from one SBI to other SBI in the same city. In the beginning, my transferred PPF account could not be linked with my saving bank account and due to which I was not able to view my PPF details thro’ net banking.
    But now everything is sorted out.
    Now the my PPF account only shows the lump sum transferred amount as on 1st Sept’14. It does not show the previous transactions made during the current financial year when the account was in the privious SBI. When the interest will be calculated at the end of this financial year, will the bank calculate the interest from 1st Sept’14? That way I will be losing interest for the period April’14 to Aug’14 (5 months).
    Kindly enlighten me. Both the banks are not able give any satisfactory answer due to their ignorance.

  15. manik.gsm

    Hello Manish,
    I ‘ve tried to transfer my PPF account from Post Office (New Delhi) to ICICI (hyderabad). Post office has closed my PPF account and ICICI has created a new PPF account. But they are not able to clear the Cheque sent by Post office, stating the reason – name mismatch. The cheque is issued in name of ‘ICICI Bank Gachibowli Hyderabad’.
    ICICI is saying that the cheque should be in my name while the Post Office had told me earlier that the cheque will be in the name of the bank opening the PPF account.
    Its been 2 months since this process started.
    Please let me know the procedure involved here.
    Gurmeet Singh

  16. hellow manish,
    i am shital rai, i am a post office employee i want to transfer my pay account from post office to bank pls suggest me how to trasfer it…??

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