8 tips to Improve CIBIL Score !

Is your CIBIL report and Score messed up ? Then the biggest question you must be having is “How to Improve CIBIL Score ?”. “Bad credit score” is really a scary phrase these days. Many people are stuck with a bad credit score/report due to their own or credit card company mistakes, but most of the times I see that it happens due to poor credit behaviour and mis-management of credit officers. Everyone wants to improve cibil score, so that they do not face any issue in getting loans at some point in future. Now in this article, I will highlight few tips/points which will help you understand what makes a great credit report and good credit score. To understand this, just be clear that your credit score is dependent on several things and taking care of each point is very important. Read in detail about CIBIL Score here

1. Late payment / missed payments

The biggest reason for a bad credit score is bad loan repayment history. A lot of people pay their bills late or miss the payment completely. It’s so tempting to pay the minimum balance now and pay the balancing due later. Doing this just saves you from late payment fees, that’s all. The interest is charged and more than that you should be worried because this information is updated by your bank to CIBIL and the next thing is obvious, your credit report and score gets uglier each month because of this. So every time you miss your home loan EMI, car loan EMI, credit card payment or you make a late payment, it affects your score badly. If you have done a lot of late payments or missed payments earlier, its your time to fix it by being more disciplined from now on. Dont worry, if you now promise to pay things on time and do it regularly for next 1-2 yrs, it will surely improve cibil score for you.

Common sense Tip: Don’t pay your bills through cheque just 1 day before the last due date, because it does not mean that your payment is done. Some one will collect it, send it somewhere, then some one will make an entry for it etc, etc… This can take some time and result in delayed payment. Why not drop it 5 days earlier instead of 1 day? Please automate the payments for EMI’s and your bills. If the bills are not fixed each month, at least put a recurring reminder in your phone 5 days before the last date and then make the payment. If I can do this, why can’t you? In last 4 yrs, I have made my FULL credit card payment 48 times exactly 4-10 days earlier than the last date of payment. My CIBIL score is 831. You can also check your CIBIL score online

2. Large Number of credit cards and loans

There was a time when having 6-8 credit cards was a commonly practiced trend and something to show off, now you will pay for it! A lot of credit cards and loans above a “natural” limit is a big negative thing. That shows credit hunger and an extreme dependence on credit in your life. It shows that your life is too much dependent on external credit. Lets say you have two friends Ajay and Robert. Ajay asks for some credit from 2 people in whole year and then asks you for another Rs X and you have good friendship with him, I am sure you will think once and then may be give the money to him. But on the other hand imagine Robert who has taken a credit from 8 people in your office and 2 other people outside office, then when he comes to you and asks for even Rs X/2 amount, you will think 5-10 times before giving it to him. What kind of feelings you will be having in mind? What all doubts will be there in your mind? Some thing same happens in the loan industry, if you have more than “required” or acceptable limit of credits, it badly affects your score. Your score reduces point by point each month.

Common sense tip: If you have a lot of credit cards, better increase the limit of 2-3 of them and close the other credit cards. This way you will have same Credit limit in total and have reduced number of cards. Its better to have 2 cards with 25,000 limit each, than 5 credit cards with 10,000 limit each.

3. Utilizing your full Credit Limit each month

One of the easiest way to improve cibil score is to effectively use your credit card and do not utilize it fully to the limit. If your credit card limit is Rs 50,000 a month and every month you use 40,000 or 45,000, it will affect your score in bad way. Even if you are paying your dues on time, still what it shows is that you are utilizing your limit to fullest, companies don’t know that you might be doing it deliberately to “manage” your credit effectively, but the way it is seen is that your life is dependent on credit. So stop reaching 80% or 90% of your credit limit. A 30%-40% credit utilization is well accepted and seen as “positive” and make sure its the case with all the credit cards you have.

If you have 2 credit cards with limit of Rs 10,000 in first card and Rs 10,000 in second card and you spend Rs 9,000 from first credit card, but Rs 0 from second credit card, then your 1 st credit card utilization is 90% & 0% in second. Which means that you are seen negatively on your first credit card and “positively” on second card, but what you can do is spend 5,000 from first card and Rs 4,000 from second card, so that your credit utilization is 50% and 40% on both the cards and its “positive” on both.

Common sense tip: If you are reaching your limit, either make sure you move to cash/debit card for a part of your expenses and reduce your credit card limit, but in case you can not reduce your expenses on credit card, better call your credit card customer care or write to them that you want your limit to be increased. Most of the companies will do it. Just tell that you have few things lined up in next 2-3 months and you want the limit to be increased.

On the other hand think well before closing a credit card that you are not using. Your over all credit limit will come down if you close a credit card. So make sure you think twice before closing a credit card from credit utilization ratio point of view.

4. Higher percentage of Unsecured credit

A high number/amount of unsecured credit is bad. Unsecured credit here means credit card debt and personal loan debt, which are totally unsecured and you can run away with it. If you have total 1,00,000 worth of debt and out of that 80,000 is because of credit card and personal loan, then 80% of your debt is Unsecured. This is bad. If you had 80% of Secured debt like education/home/auto loan, then it was a different thing. I believe this is very obvious, the more unsecured debt you have, the bad it looks like. It shows that your life has more “emergencies” than a normal person, which makes you hungry for immediate credit. So this makes sure your credit score takes a hit. Remember that having a good mix of credit types is a good idea. So if you have home loan, education loan and credit card, that’s 3 types of loans, which is good. But if you have 5 personal loans and that’s all, it shows too much dependence on one kind of loan.

Common sense tip: Make sure your total unsecured debt, looks small in front of your total debt. You if have 80,000 of unsecured debt out of total debt of 1,00,000, then your unsecured debt ratio is 80%. If you take 5 lacs of secured loan, then your unsecured debt comes down in percentage, that makes things look better. Or make sure you prepay a part of your unsecured debt and bring down the percentage, Its one of the ways to improve cibil score !

5. Being a guarantor without giving a thought

If I take a home loan and ask you to be a guarantor for my home loan because I have helped you with so many things in personal finance, because I have answered so many of your comments and helped in solving your queries, what would you say? Don’t think more on this, you better say “Go to hell”. Because if I default on that home loan, you are held liable and your score will go down. While my score will be affected more, yours will also take a good hit! A lot of people because of various reasons become guarantor for other’s loan and then the primary person runs away or is unable to pay off the loan. Don’t do it, unless you are really sure you want to do it. I can do it for my brother, but not for you.

Common sense tip: Don’t leave your documents here and there, if you don’t agree to become a guarantor, many people try to make you guarantor by forging documents and misusing xerox PAN card or driving licence. Signature is easy to copy these days! Also when your friend who has spent good time with you in last 3 months, asks you to become a guarantor, tell him you were thinking of asking him to be guarantor for your home loan, good way to test the friendship!

6. Duration of your credit history – more is better

Longer the history, better it is. You will trust a 5 yrs old friend more than 3 months old one. That’s true in case of credit history too. If you are paying your payments/EMI’s for all loans on time from last 5 yrs, it’s very much a proof that you pay on time, you have a good history, but if I have a good history from last 5 months, that is not that strong. So higher the duration of good payment history, the better your score will be and will help you to increase cibil score.

Common sense tip: If you do not have a credit card, there is a good reason why you should get one now and do your payments with credit card and pay in full every month, so that your payment history is built.

7. Too many inquiries in short spam of time

Making too many inquiries in a very short time is not looked at positively. Imagine you have made a credit card inquiry, a personal loan inquiry, a car loan inquiry in last 3 months itself. What does it show? It shows credit hunger, it shows that you want to snatch any credit which you can get, you want to get things in life on credit. Hence have a respectable amount of gap between each inquiry you do. Dont apply for home loan with 6 banks. Note that each and every inquiry you do is reported in your credit report and if your report is full of inquiries, your score will stink! Any lender will doubt your payment capacity when you are so much dependent on credit. So the best way to improve cibil score is to keep your enquiries minimum.

Common sense tip: A lot of people just apply for loans even if they really don’t need it, keep this thing in mind and deliberately make sure that there is few months of gap between 2 loan applications (at least 6 months gap would really be good).

8. Settlement of your Loan Or running away

This is the worst mistakes of all. There are people who first take on a lot many loans and then are unable to pay it. So they either ran away (companies mark it as “write-off”) or at best just made some payment and settled the loan (companies mark it as “settled”). And this will make sure you are blacklisted for at least 7 yrs. You will not be given any loan, you can cry your eyes out for that 1 small credit card and you will be treated like you are nothing.

Common sense tip: Cut your debt, when it shows a sign of going out of control. One common ground rule which can be followed it that the overall outstanding credit at any point of time should not be more than 1 month of your take home salary. There is no solution of an out of control credit card debt other than paying it in FULL. Live a life with credit card as if you don’t have one!

Each tip on How to Improve CIBIL Score has its own weightage

Note that different factors which affect your credit score has its own weightage, so one factor can be more stronger than the other, but make sure you follow all the best practices and do not make any wrong decision. Look at your actions from the lender point of you. See what kind of people you would like to give credit if you were the loan provider. Just act like what you had expected

Did you understand how you can improve cibil score ? Can you share some top to increase your credit score , incase its not covered in this article !

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  1. Ambrish


    I want to know if I surrender a credit card then in that case what will happen to credit score? Is it advi


      • Ramzan Khan

        My cibil score is 524, how can i improve it, i have some outstanding due on me of CITI Bank & HSBC bank for a loan & credit card, please suggest what to do to improve the score & how much time it takes to get the scores improved.

          • Subhash Chandra

            My cibil score is 640, how can i improve it, i have some outstanding due HSBC (RS 4977 lone date 29-09-2007) & FULLERTON (RS 1161 lone date 12-07-2007) banks for a personal loan, Can i pay due amount for same banks. After payment clear how much time it will take improve my cibil score , please suggest what to do to improve the score & how much time it takes to get the scores improved.


    I was owning HSBC credit card around 5-6 years back with clear history, later due to their cheque collection center negligence, they levied the late fee (approx Rs.150) in the following bill. Later i called them to register my complaint to reverse the late fee, but they least bothered to respond. From then, i stopped using the card ( after few months they also blocked my card) and whenever the collection guys call me i was explained the problem and asked their help. After some time, collection calls also stopped. Even now, often i receive the UPDATED statement, WITH BRILLIANT COMPOUND EFFECT of around Rs.43000. I wish to know, how to register the case against them to claim for the damage for the inconvenience they are causing and damaging my reputation ( IF their “false OUTSTANDING AMOUNT information in the cibil” is reflecting).


        Thank you Mr.Manish, i will approach for the remedy. My past experience with 3-4 credit card companies is they always believe that they are always right !

        • kuldeep

          Hi Mr KG Manjunath,

          You correctly said that they dictate the consumers coz it is fact now they know it is the compulsion of every citizen who r keen to take loan or credit card, that
          they have to make payment as levied by them whether it is unfair or fair.
          i also suffered due to HSBC credit card, due to interest rate error, i stopped making payment till the matter was resolved, but they didnt do it and in 4 years my hsbc credit card bill was generated from 38000 rs to 168000 rs. now they are saying to make full payment if i want to clear the cbill writeoff
          Dear Manish- kindly help and suggest

          • Kuldeep

            Can you explain what was the interest rate error they were making ? What descrepency did you find in their calculations ? Was it other than what was mentioned in terms and conditions ?

            Also now always remember , first settle the matter and then go for any dispute, this is said by even supreme court now , if mistake is from bank side, you will win anyways , but if its from your side, then just because you didnt settle the dispute , the charges will grow like anything.


            • kuldeep

              dear manish- i had opted for hsbc credit card in 2006, n i was
              26yr old and really dint read and see carefully their t and c. But its for sure
              they have charged huge interest since feb’08 when i stopped making payment till 30th dec 2010.. I settled my account with mutual consent with them at rs 24000rs finally from 168k bill amount and when i saw the cbil report. It is updated as ‘post write off settled’

              I dont understand for billed amount of nearly 28k, to 168k, how they have charged upon me. And what is post writeoff settled.
              Pls suggest way forward.



              • You paid less money , rest of the money you never paid and it kept increasing , SELTTLEMENT does not mean the closing of case. Its just a temporary solution where they dont run after you and take a small amount atleast. Where did the bank go against their terms and conditions, can you point out ?

          • Abhishek Kumar

            Hi Manish Chauhan!

            I am Abhishek, has 3 credit card, HDFC-50000, HSBS- 50000 and Centurion Bank Of Punjab 10000,

            I have used all credit limit for all the cards in 2008, now I have made settlement of HDFC card after paying 31000.

            Where i have checked with HDFC guy, the said to pay minimum 78000 to get noc status on cibil, other wise it will always settled on the CIBIL portal.

            Now please advice me , what to do how i can improve my score because now it is only 590. in any case i need my score more than 750. kindly advice me the best way to get all these goof-up resolve.

            I have nor checked what those(HSBC & Centurion Bank of Punjab.) people, how much i have to pay them.

            With Regards,
            Abhishek Kumar

                • Dear Pramod,

                  Lending institutions update borrower’s credit information to credit bureaus on a monthly or a quarterly basis. Based on this information the credit score is calculated. The various factors that are considered for calculation of score include repayment history, outstanding balance, no. of secured and unsecured loans, no. of enquiries etc.

                  Although credit report and score is an important tool considered by lending institutions for evaluation of a credit application, they also consider their internal credit policies for the same.


                  • vijayakumar

                    I have due two credit card.
                    one is barclays bank
                    another one is ICICI.
                    barclays due i have not able to clear 2007 to 2014
                    i checked CIBIL was barclays card was sold in phoenix
                    so i have closed entire amount …. last JAN-15 i checked cbil remarks sold & writtenoff was removed and amount over due is Zero. CBIL score was improved from 520 to 580.
                    and ICICI also entire amount i was closed last JAN 30th
                    actual due 8000/- but i paid 36000/- total closed.
                    but still showing in CBIL… please let us know how long days to remove in this…..and when i get improve the score…now i was 580…
                    both NOC i have it.
                    and please tell me when i go next loan like housing, credit card.

                    • Credexpert

                      Dear Sir,

                      CIBIL takes 45-60 working days to update the account status in their database. Therefore, you need to wait for ICICI account to be updated with CIBIL.

                      Though you have made payments on the accounts with negative remarks, the late payments that occurred in the past would reflect and stay on your credit report as the report reflects the facts related to all credit activities.

                      As an industry practice, a score of 750 and above is considered to be a good score, but having said that lending institutions would also consider their internal credit policies and will have their own credit score cut off.

                      Build your score by making all your credit card and EMI payments towards your loan accounts on time, if any. Also, you can opt for a secured credit card, make timely repayments against this credit card and over a period of time your credit score could improve.

                      Improving the credit score is slow and gradual process, you need to have a disciplined behaviour in managing your credits – timely repayments, maintaining a balance between secured and unsecured loans, utilizing up to 35-40% of the limit on your credit cards and not making random applications for new credit facilities will help improve your credit score.


    • Ajay

      @prabhu – Why would you say that ? Nothing here is “pro-bank”. Every point here makes complete sense, isnt it ?

      • Prabu Raja

        As people of rich Indian culture, we should understand and inherit the values of our forefathers. Did our parents bought instant chapati/idli flour using their credit cards? We get salary! why dont we just pay the money and buy? If we did this, we dont’ve to beg our banks for credit scores.

        And well, do you call this “Common sense tip” as pro-bank or pro-people?:
        Common sense tip: If you do not have a credit card, there is a good reason why you should get one now and do your payments with credit card and pay in full every month, so that your payment history is built.

        • Prabhu

          I am not sure if you understood the full context here .. a lot of people are not getting a loan just because they dont have a credit score .. so if you dont have a credit card , you dont have a history of payment and hence a lot of home loan / car loans etc are not willing to give you any credit .

          So the suggestion is to pay by cards incase you are doing it by cash anyways . A lot of people buy from super markets and pay by debit card anyways . I know you are advocating that one should not use the cards without any reasons and for small things .. I agree with you on that part . But all I am saying is that you can use credit cards to build your credit history, I am not suggesting to get cards so that you can splurge … All I am suggesting is a strategy , nothing else ..

          At the end, the decision is on a person and if he sees any value in this or not . many will see and many will not . Its totally on the person to see what actions they want to see.

          What do you think on this now ? Or you still disagree ?

          • Soubhagya Kumar Patra

            Dear Manish,
            Nice & quite logical answer. Hope Prabhu got the point..

            @Prabhu, if you have any concerns, it should not be the way to put your views.. “How much money you got from Banks to write this post?”.. could have presented in the diff way..

            Thank you.

        • @Prabhu: For many people credit card is not a luxury but it’s a necessity. My business needs require require payments to be made online where merchants would only accept credit cards and not debit cards/netbankings etc.

        • Sekhar

          Dear Prabu Raja,

          If people understand the importance of Credit Card, they don’t have poor credit behavior.

          Let’s take one example,

          3 months before, Mr. XXXXX got the job in a good company and his monthly take home salary is 20K. His monthly savings are 10K and recently bought one Health Insurance, Term Insurance and rest of the money investing in Mutual funds. One day, he met a major accident and joined hospital. But he had to pay 50K in advance. How can he pay that much amount if he doesn’t have? He has to borrowing money from colleagues, relatives or using his Credit Card or selling Gold. What is your best suggestion?

          In India, Our parents failed to teach us the importance of Money. But we should not do the same mistake to our next generation.

          One must have credit card and use it as Emergency Fund.

  3. @Manish: My favorite was – “On the other hand think well before closing a credit card that you are not using. ” because of the utilization factor you discussed above. It could have been a point in itself.
    Thanks. Nice article as always.

  4. Most people become late because they are mostly unaware of payment timeframes. Even if you pay online through your own bank account to your credit card account there is still a processing timeframe and a cutoff time. I suggest you take the time to discuss the payment method options and posting timeframe for your credit card payments with a customer support representative. Most credit cards have an option to pay over the phone, pay through your credit card account online which by the way could be separate from your actual online banking account so they may have different posting timeframes, and also consider that banks won’t process payments on weekends and holidays but you can always do a payment over the phone.

  5. Suhas


    Thanks for the article……
    I think Prabu does not require any credit in his lifetime & he is reading all investment ………..

    From my last CIBIL report I have observed one thing that my credit card bank has not reported my card credit limit till now to CIBIL instead they have just reported the highest credit in last 3 yrs and the current outstanding both of which is just 20% and all full payments.
    Also I updated from gold card to platinum and got updated my limits 2 times where as they reported the enquiry amount 3 times as Rs 1000/- only….:)

    By the way I use only one credit card and have a Home loan & corporate personal loan & my CIBIL score is 830….:))
    Thanks for your earlier post which helped me to find all his.

  6. Manish,

    Another great and well timed article! In fact I was happy with your reply to my earlier query on another article for improving my current score from 822 to best possible.

    Although your reply / comment was sufficient but, Voila! you come up with such a detailed and informative article about improving CIBIL Credit Score that I am so thankful to you.

  7. Dear Mr. Prabhu Raja,

    Please don’t consider Credit Cards as some “Evil Vice”. As I have been judiciously using Credit cards since June 2005. http://crosswordsguy.blogspot.in/2007/03/winner-icici-airtel-rewards-hpcl-gold.html

    I hold 7 Co Branded Credit Cards and till date (Since past 7 years) I have never paid any interest fee, never defaulted on payments. I would say if one pay all the dues in time and never splurge than in my opinion Plastic Money is the best instrument for making payments.

    Also, I suggest you to kindly go thru the articles written by Manish; and do read comments of readers. Than only you will come to know that Manish and team http://www.jagoinvestor.com publish totally UNBIASED views. I myself have got lot of help / advice (that too FREE) thru JagoInvestor. I went for Health Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Term Insurance and SIP only after reading the articles, comments and reviews on this website.


  8. Taheer


    Thanks a lot for all these tips. Coming to the point, 3 years back i closed all my credit cards. i was having a home loan which i closed last year. During my home loan tenure due to negligency i did not pay my EMI’s on time. It has affected my cibil rating like anything. I want to increase my cibil rating but i am not getting any personal loan/Credit card now. Is there any way left for me to improve my cibil score without any credit card and loans.

    Kindly advice.


  9. Krishanu

    Hi Manish,

    Nice article.
    One query here: Suppose someone applied for a Loan from his LIC/FD/RD (I have seen people doing this) , does that activity reported to CIBIL/Equifax?

    Thanks & Regards,

  10. Murugesh

    Hi Manish,

    Nice article, you explained all the points. people who reads this article they will start managing the credit scores as well. Even i personally recommended to many of friends to read your articles.


    • Ashish

      Hello Manish,

      I would like to understand the difference between cibil and equifax score.
      I have got both the scores my cibil score is 673 and equifax score id 923.
      But bank considers CIBIL scores. I need to understand why there is so much gap in these two scores.
      Also, after knowing about the credit scores I have paid my outstanding of my ICICI CREDIT CARD OF 6233 and got closed that account with NDC.
      Can you please let me know how much time it would take to improve my CIBIL Score.

      • Credexpert

        Dear Sir,

        CIBIL score is a numerical score which ranges from 300 to 900, whereas Equifax score ranges from 1 to 999. CIBIL was the first credit bureau in India that initiated giving credit scores for individuals. Most banks and lending institutions are members of CIBIL and update the credit details of their respective clients to CIBIL.

        The credit score is generated based on the data submitted by the member banks and lending institutions of the credit bureau. Different members contributing different data to different credit bureaus will lead to different credit scores. Also, each credit bureau will have its own specific algorithm for generating the credit scores.

        Improvement of credit score is a time consuming process and eventually your score will improve once you have built a good credit history. It is difficult to say how much time this will take and to what extent will it improve. However, it is important that you build and continue to maintain good credit behaviour.


      • Its like DEGREE And FARENHEIT , two different way of measuring things .. CIBIL is between 300 to 900 and Equifax is from 1000 to 0 (incase I am wrong , please pardon) .

        So its just two agencies with their own evaluation !

  11. Veeraf

    Dear Manish,

    Getting a credit card against FD is not covered in your article. Does it not increase credit score. Please advise.
    Also please suggest any good credit cards with zero annual fees and joining fees.
    Even a link to compare credit cards would be helpful.

    Best regards,

  12. Srinivas

    Good information and discussion.

    However, one point defies logic(for me). It is the usage of credit.

    Let me take my example. I have single credit card with an ancient limit of Rs 50000. I am maintaining the same and usually go to 70-80 %, but payback in full always. As per the discussion, i deduced that that is an inefficient way of using credit. Ideally i should have one more card and use 30-40 % of each. This difies logic.

    Ideally the monthly usage should be seen as a percentage of salary to make a decision on usage of credit by an individual.

    May have to get the report and study it.

    • Srinivas

      sadly its not looked like that .. your credit limit is generally way above your average usage .. 70% of the limit is still ok , I think you can reduce it to 50% or max 60%

  13. Ravi

    Good information about score of the credit card.
    Just needed to know that while filing up information online for the CIBIL report, does one needs to fill the oldest Credit card or the latest.
    Like for example, In a span of 5 yrs, one has 3 different credit cards bought at different time intervals, so will the oldest credit card entry needs to be entered, or the latest.
    Also if a person holds suppose 5 credit cards, how does he enter the same in online?

  14. Vicky

    Thanks for such a wonderful article but things happened to me already. Due to some personal reason I didn’t paid the CC bills timely & I stopped paying bills. Later I thought not to be a defaulter & accepted to pay the settled amount at the 6% of the total bill.
    I went for a settlement which I completed without any delay & cleared off last year. It was about 28,000. I got my credit report via CIBIL (online) which shows a score of 833 as of Feb 20, 2012 also status is settled. But as you wrote in the article; I won’t be getting any CC/Loan for the next 7yrs. is that true??
    Please advise what can be done?

    • Vicky

      that is strange .. your score should have been lower , but its not .. just because your score is 833 , it does not mean you will get a loan, the lender will also see the remarks in your report and if they see “settled” in your report , the chances are very high that they will reject your loan despite a good score !

  15. Anirudh

    Hi Manish,

    Very informative article. Just wanted to get some suggestions regarding a couple of things from you (I do not have many friends or know many people who I can go to for financial advice).

    First of all, I am in a very bad financial situation, lots of late payments on debts and two credit cards, which have been totally utilized, and I am sure my CIBIL score is too bad since I have defaulted on on-time payments many times and have settled a couple of loans too, and no bank is ready to even touch me with a barge pole, so to say (all due to my foolishness and dumb ways of managing my finances, for which I am repenting big time now).

    Manish, how do I improve my credit score from here? Would going to somebody like Debt Doctor be helpful? How long does it take for a negative CIBIL score to be made positive? Your suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

    • Anirudh

      You dont need to see a debt doctor . All you need to do is some restructuring in your financial life and life too .. If I can directly say , go for our financial coaching program where we work with you on one to one level to give a new direction to your financial life . As of now, the only option if to first clear off all your loans in FULL (even those which were settled) , get a secured credit card against a FD or some existing investments and then repay each month some bill on that . I see that in next 1-2 yrs, you can see some good improvement in your score .

      But before that, first check your credit report and score ! . Dont make assumptions .

  16. Himanshu

    Manish a question here does my cibil score with effect my wife’s Cibil history as well? I Know I have a bad cibil score(got the score recently) so Loans are a luxury I don’t have I still have a credit card so I will work on the points to improve it now. But If my wife applies for a loan will my bad credit history affect her as well?

  17. Kumar

    Manish – good website..

    Had a question regarding a couple of late payments on my credit cards..i usually have paid in full and on time..and my home loan / car loan have been paid in full or being paid on time every time..essentially if on auto debit, they are on time, else a couple of occasional late payments..usually settled in full over a 3-4 weeks from due date.

    Will my credit score be impacted and if so by how much ? I don’t want to check unless i have to..

    • Vivek

      Credit off-take has become problem for Banks. There are not many good applications coming in. Credit card delinquency is a major problem. However, just because there have been few instances of Late Payments does not mean you will not get a loan. Banks are not stickler for rules, esp. private banks. Minor stuffs will be ignored or at best your interest rate will be a tad higher. Banks don’t want to lose customers for minor stuffs. So, don’t bother, present the facts to the banker as it is. You will surely get loan, if possible, on good terms. As regards, Credit score, its not a manual number. Its a automated generated number based on few factors. Ultimately, its the loan officer who will take a call.

    • Kumar

      I dont think there will be any major impact of this, if this happened just quite a times , then it should not be an issue , but you should check the report anyways, you never know other kind of issues which can happen , what if some loan entry is there which you never took ? That happens !

  18. Girish sahoo

    I had a ICICI credit card and i used 16,000 from ocober 2008 to march 2009. Then card was blocked by Bank becoz i did not pay the credit amount. I had paid minimum amount once in November 2008. Then i did settement of credit amount 28,500 ruppes in 3 installment on August, sept, Oct 2009. My credit card outstading amount was 32,000. And also there was a checqu bounce in another saving account for other reason(not related with ICICI credit card). Can you please let me know, if my name would be blacklisted in cibil for above reason. Can i get Bajaj finance loan for two wheeler ? Please advise……

    • Girish

      Mostly your name will have a “written off” status against ICICI Card . This is because you have not paid out some money and it long time , so most probably bank must have marked as “written off” . This must have affected your score . Just check your score !

  19. Partha Guria


    Thanks, very informative article.
    Have a query.
    1. I have blocked one of my credit card (ICICI) because of security reasons. They told me that once blocked they cannot unblock it, rather they ll issue a new credit card. Is this going to hit my Credit Score as my card is blocked in their records.

    //Status For the above mentioned ICICI card I have always done the (more than) minimum amount payment before time. There is an EMI going on in this card, i am paying that also in time. Although there is considerable amount of payment is pending from my side (About 18000, my limit is 60000).//

    • Partha

      The blocking of card will have no impact, however making minimum payments will affect your score . Please make the full payment each month , without fail to make sure you have good score !


    I only have credit cards as of now (so only unsecured loans).I want to buy a sports bike and I was thinking of taking a loan even if i can pay all cash as I have no secured loans.I still have good score. I want to know
    1) Is a two wheeler loan a good secured loan or its a negative on my CIBIL
    2)If I am taking a small loan of 80000 then will it be a negative when i want a car loan of around 20 Lakh.
    3) taking the loan all together is positive? or I should pay all cash?

    Thank You

    • Abhishek

      If you are clear that you can pay off the loan with out any defualt , then you can take the loan , it will be a positive move , but I m not sure how right this decision is if you can pay it all by cash

  21. suman

    Hi Manish,

    Due to my brothers marriage i spent almost 3L in credit card purchasing gold jewellery, my credit is 1.5L i spent 3L in the same billing cycle by paying amount after reaching CC limit. And i payed all dues in time, will this action impact my CIBIL score?

  22. Archana

    Hi Manish

    Very well written article indeed. It was very helpful. But 1 thing that i badly neeed to know is how do i reverse my bad CIBIL score. Am sure its bad because i missed a lot of my CC payments not becos lack of funds but purely cos of laziness. And i have learnt my lessons.

    Any idea if there is anything that i can reverse my CIBIL score. There is no outstanding pending on the CC i hold now (i just have 1 CC) and its been almost 2 yrs since i have used a CC but now i badly need to buy a car and i dont think i will get a loan based on CIBIL score. So please please advice….it will really be appreciated.

    Warm Regards


    • Archana

      There is nothing like reversing the CIBIL report or score .. but you can improve it .. you will not get the loan because you do not have any recent history of paying back the dues .. so first you need to get it done .. Do one thing .. First apply for the report and see how is it and what it written ,, see if you have a score of more than 700 or not . If its there, then you stand a good chance of getting the loan if your report is also clean . Take that action and come back to me

  23. Prashant Kumar

    Hello Manish,

    With respect to my earlier post in which I mentioned that I have raised a dispute on 2 cards i.e., 1) I did not own any SBI card and it was mentioned in CIR. 2) The current balance and overdue amount was not zero 10 months after clearing the dues.

    CIBIL replied back saying the below :

    1) SBI Card : CIBIL REPLY :The details were inadvertently mixed with another’s individual’s report. We regret the inconvenience caused. Assuring you of the best services.

    What an irony !!!! This implies that CIBIL itself does not have any authenticated process to have the proper feed and the lenders believe in the CIR generated by CIBIL for loan approval.

    2) SCB card : CIBIL REPLY : CIBIL’s core business is to collect and maintain information about the credit history of consumers. CIBIL obtains this information from Credit Institutions. This information is collated into credit reports and provided to CIBIL’s members and consumers at their request. CIBIL cannot modify any information without confirmation from the relevant Credit Institution. We had written to the relevant Credit Institution to confirm accuracy of information provided in your report. Based on the findings as provided by the Credit Institution, we would like to inform that the following particulars are updated in our records.

    This implies that users have to chase 2 processes. First, whether the Lending institution provides the transaction and account details to CIBIL within the appropriate timeframe or not. Second, whether the CIBIL report contains the authenticated data or not.

    Its a total chaos from consumers perspective and its a one sided affair. Lending Institutions and CIBIL have mutual understanding based on the assumption that they have authentic process and data and this all happens at the cost of costomers’ credentials.

    I cannot endorse the fact that CIBIL and lenders are genuine in their figures and facts and its a pain for the users to chase and rectify on the descrepancies every now and then.


    • Prashant

      1. Yes , CIBIL makes mistakes while preparing the reports , this should have happened due to the data given by the bank , like they might have send the information in a way that make the process mix the report . Not sure whom to blame here

  24. I settled Two credit cards, 1 from ICICI & 1 from HDFC, as i changed my home, and i have not received any calls from bank. After six months they called me and mentioned your payment is pending and put all the charges and made the payment as double amount,

    then i asked them to remove the payment, they mentioned that you can settle your account, but i think it has impacted my score.

    Could you please tell me what i can do now. it happened in the time frame of 2007-08.

    Please help me, as i am planning to take one home loan.

    • Nitin

      You have done the same mistake like others , Settlement will be updated in your report and will not help you in taking loan . Now contact the bank and pay back all the outstanding amount

  25. saurabh jain

    i have a write off..i didnt even knew about it till i applied for a personal loan.they say its 3k ..what should i do…will they remove write off if i pay it,its from citi finance.i took this loan 5 yers bak whn m earning 8k.now i am earning 60k per month bt financial agency considering this.

  26. Bishwanath Sanfui

    Dear Manish jee,
    Many many thanks for creating awareness among the people regarding many financial issues.
    My crdit score is low and I want to improve it.
    What I understood from the above blogs is that I can avail loans against FD/RD etc.
    Can you tell me, if I take Gold Loan from some organization like ‘Manpurram’ will it be helpful for the same?

    Thanks in advance.

    Bishwanath Sanfui

  27. Arya

    I have paid all my due of my SBI Credit Card last few years ago. There was no settlement at all. Despite paying all my dues, my name is shown in negative list of CIBIL Report. I have got NOC from the SBI Credit Card also. Please suggest me what action should I to take for clearing my name from negative list of CIBIL Report?

  28. Hi Manish,
    I had applied HDFC credit card last year but I didn’t get it. I did a address proof mistake that time. I had no bank loans arrears so far. I don’t have any bank credit card. I recently came to know that my sibil score is low due to address proof mistake which I did last year.
    Please advise

  29. Madhu

    Hi Prabhu,
    I ‘m paying >90% of my salary as EMI’s home loans, car loan, personal loan, credit cards etc…
    I have debts of > 60L with income of >12L p.a, still banks are calling me to take cash on EMIs, personal loasn etc…
    What could be the reason?
    Sofar my payment history is clean only afaik, could it be the reason?

  30. Saptarshi

    Hi Manish,

    Appreciate your effort to explain the internals of Cibil score and it’s significance. My Cibil score is 657.

    I had 2 credit cards which are written off during 2008-9, due to some discepancies w/ the bank and missed payments.
    Now I tried clearing them off to improve my score and get loan approvals.

    But the 3rd party, who are the finance companies for the HSBC & Manhattan credit cards, are demanding a very high figure.

    For the HSBC card, where the principal amount I used was 4.5k, they are demanding 40k and for Manhattan, for a real expense of 1.5k, they are demanding 12k.

    As I can’t pay them the whole figure and it’s so unreasonable (the extra amount they are claiming as interest towards mispayment), is there a mid-way to solve the problem as I need to take up a home loan now.

    Please suggest.

    • There is no mid-way actually . you left an amount with them which has grown over months and years due to non payment penality and interest charges . Now either you pay it off or you can file a complaint with them and prove that it was unfair and against their policies !

  31. Anjan Roy Chowdhury

    Hi Manish,
    I had settled 2 credits cards payments at a lower amount thannthe actual outstanding including interests etc and I have 1 credit card outstanding converted to emi at the actual value of outstanding including all interests etc, this is still running and will be live for 1 more year, along with i have a car loan which is now on track and will close by mid next year, even after this i have taken 4 electronics loans from bajaj finance and and all are on track and will get over by october. however, when i apply for personal or car loan or credit card, i dont get that approved from banks. how can i get my current situation corrected. i want to take a home loan in mid 2015, will this be possible by then considering i dont default in any pending payments. how can i correct my cibil ratings.

    • Anjan

      Because you have too many loans running at same time , it has messed up your report and score . Once you get rid of some of them, then you should be able to get a better score, also you should work on clearing those settled loans .

      • Anjan Roy Chowdhury

        How can i correct those settled credit cards, even if i pay the discount amount which they gave me while settlement, will it make any difference to my cibil ratings. can i expect any timelines by which cibil ratings of mine will improve which will help me to take a home loan.

  32. Bharath

    Hi Manish, thank you for the useful article.

    I have raked up a fairly big amount as credit card arrears.
    To pay off credit card bills, is it wise to get a personal loan and then pay the loan in EMIs?
    Will it affect my scores?

  33. sethu


    I applied for my report after reading all articles on this forum. Thanks for that and got 822!!!

    My wife is neither working nor has any credit card/loans against her name.I doubt if she will have any Credit report.

    If i get her a add-on credit card(spouse) against one of my credit card and start using it effectively – Will that improve her credit score? or will that be added to my credit history as i m the primary card holder?


  34. Tushar

    I applied for HSBC credit card and then it got rejected because they could not verify the details through mobile as my number was changed. Will it affect my credit score?

    I am now applying for home loan. I have talked to many banks about home loan but submitted documents to only one bank . Will it reflect in the enquires score ?

    • Tushar

      It will not affect your score, just because they were not able to verify it .

      Now how did you enquire from other banks , did you give all the information to other banks and applied for it , I mean did you put info which they can use and get your cibil score ? If yes, then it will be reflected as ENQUIRY !

  35. Srinivasa

    Hi Manish, I see this forum today and much appreciated your information and prompt answers to most of the queries.

    Here below is my Credit history. I have 746 CIBIL score now. If I would pay my overdue EMI on ICICI loan below, will the credit score improves? if yes how many days it will take?

    HDFC CAR LOAN- Clearpayments from last 15 months
    HDFC PERSONAL LOAN- Clearpayments from last 3 years and will be end by Aug3 rd 2012
    ICICI Personal LOAN- This is the worst credit history. I still have 3 Overdue emi’s and also I am paying to money collector on monthly basis instead of autodebit through Bank. I still have 7 more EMI’s left on the same
    ICICI Credit CARD- SETTLED 2 yrs back
    HDFC CARD- PAid everything and closed
    Another HDFC CARD- Outstanding Due 75K
    HSBC Card- Settled

    Please suggest me the better way to improve my credit score? I have pallned for applyling Personal loan for 2L to clear by Credit cards but my Load got rejected.


    • All your SETTLED (less than outstanding paid and closed the matter) and increasing credit over time are reported . Normal credit which is created on regular basis is ok . First contact all the credit card companies and pay off the loans which you had not paid from long ! . This will clean your report and your score will move up

  36. krishnakaanth

    Dear Sir,

    As you said do not apply for loan frequently. Now a days the agent who provides us loan try with one bank and if he fails to get it he passes on our fail to one of his friends who is in to same business and try for loan with the he works so that they can share the income. The sore is reduced hear even thou it is not over mistake. In come cases since the lending bank does not update current status of loan properly our points are less. I you default or do a late payment it is updated instantly, but if you clear a loan it take a long time or some times you have to inform Financing company to update it.

    • Yes that will create an issue, what is your bank saying about updating your cleared dues, why are they not updating it , what is the reason given by them , did you raise this issue with CIBIL

  37. Raja

    Hi Manish,
    I had 5 credit cards and out of which 3 were settled last year due to irregular payment. I learnt a lession and closed my other 2 CC this year.
    My Credit score is 670 now and I need loan desperately.
    Requesting you to help me.

  38. Rajnish Mishra

    Hi Manish,

    Very first thing I would like to say its extream useful information for youngster,whoever think about future planning and etc..

    Manish,I have read article above and many comments and answer as well but still wants your suggestions on my mistakes.

    In last 3 month I got 2 credit cards and i used 1 credit card till full limit(60k) one safe untouched(blunder mistake) and I applied for personal loan 2 bank rejected and 2nd told me your CIBIL score is less..then i serched for this term and luckily i got ur article.

    Important thing is I am in need of personal loan urgently and now i m planning to pay credit card pay till half amount..I dont thnk it will help in improving CIBIL score..

    Please do advise me somthing :)

    • Rajnish

      First think you need to accept is you will not be able to get a personal loan immediately, thats true , you will have to forget it for some time , its because your score is less and no doubt it is less , your credit card is fully utilized and not paid from some time, so what it show , ask your self !

      Now first clear off your credit card debt , ask your bank to atleast convert it to EMI , if they want, but first get rid of it , then for next 3-6 months, pay your biills on time in FULL . Only then your score will move up .

      • Rajnish Mishra

        Thank you Manish for such a quick reply..

        I agree that there will be delay in personal loan.just one thng forgot to say
        I never delayed any payment this is first due date 30th july and I am trying to pay Rs.40000 out of Rs.60000 before 30th july and rest will be 20k that is less than my take home salary.

        So again i have to wait 1-2 month for CIBIL score to be updated? or for applying personal loan ?


    I had applied AXIS BANK credit card this month. but i received a sms from bank showing your application is declined. because of your cibil score. I had no bank loans arrears. I don’t have any bank credit card. I recently came to know that my sibil score is low.

    Please advise

    • Did you ever had any loan or credit card . Just because you do not have any loan outstanding does not mean that your score cant be low , It all depends on your credit behaviour till date .


  40. dk

    manish plz tell me that i have not paid bank dues from last year till now i have change my add. in that case as u said that atlest 7 yrs. take for clean cibil report???? plz tell me

  41. CHETAN

    sir i am going through cibil problem can u help me for the solution to progress my cibil score. just guide me how to clear the cibil record i will be thankful if u replied soon

  42. Atul Adhaulya

    Manish, Help!! My CIBIL report says SCB has written off Rs 4 Lacs against my credit card, last payment made by me in 2003. Facts are that due amount was Rs 54000 in March 2002. I settled to pay them Rs 66000 in installments of 6 months. This I paid on time. I came to know of the CIBIL report 6 months ago and got details from my bank and traced old papers and found that I had requested them to take a DD against one PDC (receipt available). They presented that cheque as well next month (I paid 2 installments that month). With the result that they took Rs 11000 more than due. After months of follow up they agree that they have charged 11000 more . Now they are not responding to my mails. I want 1100 back (with interest) and clear CIBIL as ‘cleared’ and not ‘settled’. All proofs are available with me. Please suggest what to do next.

    • Atul Adhaulya

      I would like to add that my payments were cleared in Sept 2002. But CIBIL report says that my last payment was made in 2003. I have all proofs including the amount due in March 2002, when my card was blocked. I never made any payment in 2003.

    • Means your credit card payment you made through EMI , and that too in full properly on time , ask them why they have written off the loan which was cleared by you . Did you take the NOC after it was completed ? If not, it was your small mistake .

      • Atul Adhaulya

        The bank refused at first to accept my claim, although I had submitted all the proofs. After 6 months of follow up the have been able to trace their old records and confirmed to me over phone that the have charged an amount of Rs 11000 in excess and are willing to return that and have my name removed from CIBIL.
        But I want them to return Rs 11000 with interest that they were charging me (2.95% per month). Please suggest course of action.

  43. Shekar

    Hi Manish,

    I have defaulted on a couple of credit cards and one personal loans (All this during my unwise days) for the last 4 years no bank has given me a loan or credit card, leave alone this I could not even buy a mobile phone on instalment. Now I earn double than what I used to a few years ago and have become wise with my spending. how long does the default stay on my cibil, do you see the score improving in the future?

  44. shekar

    Hi Manish,

    I have defaulted on a couple of credit card and one loan about 4-5 years ago (all this during my unwise days). I am a salaried person and make double the money now, however I have been denied any sort of loan or credit card for the obvious reason. How long does the default stay on CIBIL ? any chances of the score improving

  45. Ravi

    Hi Manish,

    I want to know your valuable suggestion. regrading credit card issue from SBI. the 30k difference between my due original amount and current outstanding due amount.

    Can ask to do a settlement.? OR

    I want to clear outstanding due.?, which one you will suggest.?
    Kindly Suggest what is the process i have follow.

    Thanks in advance.

  46. Disha

    Hi Manish,

    I have a credit score of 755. Currently, I have one Car loan which will be finished by March 2013, one personal loan that has started 3 months back and will go on till 3 yrs. I have few credit cards – which I using and the outstandings are 60-70% of the limits.

    In 2009-2010 I had a financial crunch due to certain unavoidable circumstances and I had to take help of credit cards & loans. The loans are all finished – paid emis regularly. For credit cards, I continued to pay only minimum dues, but you know about interest rates. However, now I am trying to pay off as much as possible for each card, so that the outstanding comes down.
    I have concern about 2 cards, where I converted the entire outstanding to RESTRUCTURED LOAN. Both of the RESTRUCTURED LOANS are finished. But the cibil report shows the loans are closed with current outstanding = 0 with status = RESTRUCTURED LOAN.

    My existing car loan is about to finish and I was planning to buy one more car. Not sure about the possibility of getting car loan sanctioned. Need your advise about whether 755 score can help me or what should be the score to get the car loan approved by the bank. Thanks in advance.

    • Disha

      Sorry there is a mistake in my declaration – *I have one Car loan which will be finished by March 2008* – this should be March 2013.

      I bought the car during March 2008 and the loan will be finished by March 2013. Sorry again for mis-typing.


    • 755 is a decent score , but the problem is your history of payment was not regular (minimum payment means you were not able to pay on time) .. Restructured loans are also reported to CIBIL, and thats what happened with you , its better than a SETTLED or WRITTEN OFF status . As you are paying your dues on time now, your score should move up to 800 soon in next 6 months , then your chances of getting a card loan would be higher (but not guaranteed) :)


  47. Yusuf Kamran

    Hi Manish,

    I see you are helping lot of people that’s really nice.. Please help me too

    I had a ICICI bank credit card in 2009 and due to some financial problems I used the whole limit and couldn’t pay, later on I overcome all the problems and decided to make the payment, some collection agents offered me a settlement amount however I didn’t went for settlement instead of that I called the bank directly spoke to there collections desk and paid in full. My total outstanding amt was 43k and bank gave me a wavier of 3k and we closed the a/c in 40k. They promised me that this a/c will go as a cleared a/c and not settled a/c. Since mid 2010 till March 2012 it was full 14 months that I didn’t made the payment I recently applied for few card but they all got rejected. Today I ordered my Cibil report and my score is 641.

    This is how my status shows under this a/c


    1. My questions is this the correct status they have updated as they promised that my a/c will not show as a settled amount but a full paid amount like they said “all clear” .

    2. I also had a auto loan in which all EMIs were paid on time non were bounced however I sold that car and made a foreclosure. Does foreclosure effects our score.

    Right now no bank is ready to offer me a card, home or a auto loan.

    Please help I really need to get back to normal life before I go crazy i will really appreciate your reply…..


    • 1. Seems like they have not updated the right status . You need to get back to them and ask for clarification.

      2. May be yes, because if your outstanding was Rs 100 and you sold the car and forclosed at 60 , who will pay the rest 40 ? It will be treated as the unpaid amount .

  48. Bikram Gouda

    Hi Manish,
    My CIBIL score is 605. How much time will it take to reach 700 point?

    which tools are help me out to improve my CIBIL score. Can FD or Gold loans are help me to improve the score?

    i had settled my personal loans and credit card with low amount.


  49. Parikshit Mansukhani

    I had three credit card which I got settled. this is 5-6 years back..
    Simultaneously I had availed two auto loans and out of them one I had finished ontime and second one I am still paying well on time from last four years.
    Now My CIBIL score is very low and i want that it should increase…
    What should be my actions.
    The score is negative due to credit card settlements… Can I change the status from “settlement” to “Paid”. If yes, will is increase my CIBIL score

  50. Veraj Neb

    Great info , but I do have a complicated situation to solve.
    I have had a very bad patch in 2000-2002 and during this period defaulted on a lot of payments on car loan, mobile bills etc. the saving grace if any was that I had a home loan from 2001 that I didnot default on, subsequently I paid off all my debts having settled only a disputed mobile bill.
    I knew that my score would show up as bad and so in 2007 took a loan on my wife’s name and during the slowdown in 2009 had delayed payments of the pre EMI but did not settle and pre closed the loan in 2010 having paid all dues.
    Having stabilised my business in 2006 I got a credit card with a limit of 6 L and till date have never defaulted on my dues … I run up a bill of abt 1 L every month and have always paid up on full on time if not a few days earlier.
    My first home loan was for 15 L which I paid up and closed in 2011 without a single default and my second home loan ( on my wife’s name) was for 70L and pre closed it in 2010 having paid up every delayed interest that the bank asked for.
    Yet our credit score is very poor even though we both file very healthy returns …. How do I improve it now.
    Your suggestions would be appreciated .

  51. Anudeep

    First of all I would like to thank you for the informative article.
    My question is that:
    I have maxed my credit limit on credit card twice. (I have repaid before). Now I have missed payment 2 months (paid minimum due between). I want to settle total dues and close the account.

    What documents should I get from the bank, in order to know my credit card account is closed (cleared)?


    • Anudeep

      You first close the credit card (pay 100% money) and then take a NOC from the credit card company, just contact CIBIL and get your report after 60 days , it should have a remark as CLOSED

  52. How many years credit score is calculated in our credit history? Does IT returns or Central Excise tax payments get counts in CIBIL? Suppose if we have bad credit score after how many days or years it will get changed??

  53. Rahul K.

    Hello Manish… A stupid question (you might think)…

    I have taken an instant ICICI credit card to rebuild my CIR. What Im doing currently is paying my bills with my CC and transferring the spent amount to CC account the same day. This resulted in 10 transactions for Aug (5 credit and 5 Debit). The statement would be generated with ‘ZERO’ due. Is this a healthy way of building the Score?? or should i wait for the statement first and then pay the due in full?? Im making sure that I dont cross the spend over 3000/- for a month on CC.

    Also… approximately how long does it take to increase the credit score by 30 – 40 points if I only have this CC as open and rest of the accounts closed (repayment tenure done)??

    • Rahul

      You need to pay your dues before the due date , paying it before 10 yrs will not matter , dont do what you are doing ,, just pay 100% bill before the due date . Increase it by 30-40 points will require somewhere around approx 4-5 months

  54. Mani

    If i repay the credit card outstanding through EMIs or choose the option by banks to repay certain high value purchase through EMIs, will that affect the credit ratings ? There are quite a few offers on certain products to avail 0% intrest emis based on the credit card u hold.

  55. Deepak

    Hi, Manish

    I want to know that will the written off my father’s Card, affect my cibil as my father is no more and my own repayment tracks are good and also due to his critical illness i was unable to know his dues and after 1 year from the death of my father one day i got a call from bank and i had come to know there are dues of him in 2 cards.

    And i also want to know that what is the procedure to increase credit points if card has already been written off.

    • Deepak

      You should not be affected due to it personally , its a bank loss now , but if you want you can pay off the credit , thats your personal call , the only tip to increase the written off credit is to pay it off !

  56. RamKumar

    Hello Manish, Really I am getting good tips/financial information regarding this. Thanks a lot. FROM 2005 to 2009, my life was messy with cards (6) and loans (4). They came into my life when I have no proper financial knowledge/planning. Actually, I really don’t understand why the financial institutions/banks give cards/loans without checking the capacity of customer.they gave on instantly to us. awareness about these products were not available on those days…may be I don’t know..OK. past is past. I settled all the cards/loans. only one is left. I was thinking on improving my score..unexpectedly (even i have a loan to be closed/settled) I got citiabank card (1L limit) and I am using that in a great condition. Happy for that. May I ask you some more details., last week I got my CIBIL score…it was 602. from past 9 months I am using only citibank card. In the report, I think I have to raise dispute with CIBIL to update some closed/settlement details. I’m searching for the closed bills/letter, once received I will raise. DO YOU WANT ME TO CONTACT THE BANKS AND REQUEST FOR CLOSURE OF THE A/C, IF THEY WERE IN POST(WO) SETTLED ON MY CIBIL REPORT? OR as I have a citibank card and with this I should improve my score? Could you please tell, by paying credit card bill on time how many points they improve? If I get a card with fixed deposit from ICICI will my score improve fast? Grateful in getting this reply. Thanks once again.

    • First .. i hope when you say settled cards ,you mean you paid FULL money and there was no outstanding, but if you had paid less money than your outstanding , then its an issue ,its actually a negative thing and will hamper your score and report .

  57. Satish

    Hi Manish,

    Your patience in answering all these queries is amazing. Hats off.

    Now let me add to it by my question:
    I have a Home loan from Axis bank for a an apartment which I took 3 years back. Due to some lower interest rate and pre-emi carrots fell to the prey and agreed to bank disbursing 90% of the amount at the beginning. And now the builder has delayed and is short of funds, project almost come to a halt. We have formed an association and many have stopped paying EMIs since even the consumer court also didn’t work (one person for the verdict, but no implementation)

    I have another Home loan which is all good and payments are regular since 7 years and also an auto loan which is also up to date good.

    My questions:
    1–> Is there any way this can be reported to CIBIL so that my score doesn’t get hampered? Have just applied, don’t know the score yet.
    2–> Understood CIBIL tracking Home Loan, Personal Loan, Credit Card etc. Are Mobile bills also tracked? usually miss the dates due to negligence.
    3–> Regarding my home loan situation, please let me know how I can get advice from you on how to proceed.

    Appreciate your reply.

    • Satish

      1. You loan situation has nothing to do with your BANK EMI , bank has given you loan for home, whats happening on home front, Bank has nothing to do with it , think from bank point of view, it has nothign to do with your personal problems ,this will affect your CIBIL score

      2. Not sure if its included as of now , but will happen later

      3. Better discuss it here – http://www.jagoinvestor.com/forum

  58. Anish Singh

    Hi Manish,
    I am having a CitiBank Credit Card. I have used it 90% of my credit limit and it is due on me from last one year. I pay every month minimum amount due without fail on time. Will this lead my credit score to negative side?


    Good Information. Useful for people who may need financial credit in future.

    I am a regular reader of your topics, but liked this topic the most as many people will come to know about the bad credit score including me also :).

  60. Sairam

    Dear Manish,

    i had a HDFC bank card where I had a pending of Rs250 2 yrs bk.I hd cme to know of this when I took my CIBIL report.It was mentioned as WRITTEN OFF

    I have now cleared the entire o/s and received NOC.

    I took a revised report and now the status is blank.Should the status be CLEARED or is it ok to be blank

  61. Rahul M Rana

    Hello Manish,

    First of all Thanks a ton for such a wonderful and balanced article u’ve written really appreciate it, As most of my doubts cleared after reading the article . However just want to verify a couple of things.

    1. My cibil score in july 2012 was 721 is it good score to consider if in case i want to apply for a car loan in near future..??

    2. I have 2 credit cards from CITI and STANDARD CHARTERED and have been using them for over an year now, making payments on time always however only the minimum due or slightly above that every month on time , so will that be impacting my scores negatively and if so how many points would be reducing each month.??

    3. Last however not the least if in case I would be paying the major balance on both of my cards how much time it’ll take for my CIBIL score to cross 800 mark..??

    Looking forward for your response
    Thanks and Regards
    Rahul M Rana

    • Rahul

      1. The score looked upon by banks is generally over 700 . So 721 is ok , but not a very great score ,some banks might want to talk to you and others might not , depends on bank , better to aim for 800+

      2. Yes, obviously .. Paying minimum is same as defaulting on your payment , just that you will not be charged with penalty , just interest will be charged . over time it affects your score badly

      3. Yes, it will improve your score, but slowly it improves and not drastically


  62. Masoom Raza

    Hi Manish,

    Honestly, it’s an eye opening article ! Thanks a ton for spreading this financial awareness !
    Here is my situation, I had a CC from ICICI in 2007; later we had a dispute due to some miscommunication from them, I called them couple of time to get it resolved but they did not bothered. Later I also stopped calling them & did not made the payment. I have another CC running from HDFC which transaction is healthy without a single delay in payment. Now the problem is due to icici credit card issue my credit score is too low ; Hence, I contacted ICICI to resolve the issue now & get this card closed but the outstanding amount has increased immensely. So they have given me 3 options –
    a) To pay the whole bloody BIG amount which is unjustified
    b) To pay back the principal amount
    c) To get it settled @ less than 40% of principal amount

    Now from your article I know that paying full outstanding amount is the best option but I CAN’T as the amount which they are asking is too much. Plus even if I go for paying back principal amount or settlement – they are issuing me the same letter “Letter of Settlement” followed by NOC.

    Now I really need to understand that –
    a) Do CIBIL only give the final status to the credit institution or complete details so that a credit officer can get to know the case in details (whether I have paid full principal amount or have paid less than the principal/ outstanding amount ?? )
    b) What difference will it create on my cibil score if I go for normal settlement (less than the principal amount) versus paying back the actual principal amount ?

    Thanks a ton in advance !


    • Raza

      First point is that when you left that small outstanding amount with credit card, each month there was penalty and interest added to you as per terms and conditions and the amount has grown big, now thats as per the terms and conditions and if you can prove legally that the mistake which happened was from their side , then you can file a consumer court case against them.

      You will have to pay the full amount , only then the status will change to normal , in any other case it will not be . If you pay partial amount, its SETTLEMENT and will be same in your cibil report !

      • Masoom Raza

        Thanks a ton Manish !
        I agree that paying back the partial amount is SETTLEMENT, plus now I can’t prove them wrong also as all it was a verbal communication a long time back & I did not documented the same as I was not smart enough at that point of time. Now coming back to the current situation, the bank guys are suggesting me to go for Principal amount settlement (Second best option) & assuring me that it will not create any negative impact on my cibil as in this case I am not availing any waiver on the principal, only i am getting some benefit on the interest part. So my question is how my next credit officer will get to know that I have paid the actual principal amount if the cibil report only shows the status “SETTELED” ?? Also my cibil score will shoot immediately or again will take time if I pay the whole outstanding amount at one go ??

        Your advice would be highly appreciated !

        Thanks !


        • No written thing , means it never happened . PERIOD

          Now coming to your point, ask them that amount which if you pay it will be considered as FULL outstanding clearance and not settlement . Once you do that, it will be changed to “CLEAR” or it will be blank . It will improve the score only to the quantum of amount, if its a small amount ,the imrovement will be marginal , if its very high , then improvement will be good enough !

          • Masoom Raza

            No. Even if I pay the principal amount, they will issue me a letter of settlement & the data will be sent to RBI accordingly & subsequently the same will be updated to cibil. The total outstanding amount is Rs. 42000 (approx) so what kind of incremental point can I expect if I pay back the whole outstanding

            • In that case you better pay in FULL , you cant predict the increase like this, because the algorthim is complex and not known in public domain, but it should increase by a good margin , but thats never guaranteed . Note that paying off the loan is to be done anyways because you should get rid of that remark first from the report !


    Hi, my credit rating is below 500. I am a defaulter of credit card and settled my personal loan as well. Please let me know the way to maximize my rating and also let me know about the minimum rating required for any loan approval.

  64. sateesh

    Hi manish,

    Thanks for the valuable information provided. I do have a query for you as I have a bad cibil score as of now. I applied for 2 credit cards without aware of my CIBIL score and I came to know that they were rejected because of the CIBIL score.

    And do these multiple rejections also add to my bad CIBIL score which is already at a bad stage. . And if so how can I improve it . Can you please suggest on this.

    • Yes it adds up , as all the rejections also go there.. so for now calm down and wait .. start using a credit card for next 6 months or 1 yrs and dont take any additional credit !

      • sateesh

        Thank you so much Manish. I will definitely follow your suggestion. Have a small doubt which needs to be clarified by you. I am planning to apply for a house loan after an year or two. So , if I repay all the outstanding payments then am i eligible to get my loan approved or does my past debts still affect then also. Please do suggest

        • Obviously if affects .. What you did matters , not what is your current status . Actually recent activity matters more .. so paying off the outstanding will help ,and your past 3 yrs of history will be there on the report .

  65. sairam

    Dear Manish,

    Have a query again.

    When I took my CIBIL report with my HDFC Bank card status as
    written off, my score was 647.
    I got the status changed from Written off to BLANK(as mentioned
    in my previous comment) and however,in the interim there have
    been 5 inquiries by HDFC bank in my credit card.My credit score
    was 639.
    I again fought with the bank for removal of inquiries and I took
    my report again.The inquiries have been removed but my score
    is still 639

    To summarise
    HDFC Bank card status – written off – 647 (25th July)
    HDFC Bank card status – blank – 639 (5th Aug)
    (with 5 inquiries on 30 and 31 July)
    HDFC Bank card status – blank – 639(21st Aug)
    and inquiry removal

    My score hasnt improved despite removal of card status and inquiry
    removals.Can you please assist me.Do the scores get refreshed only
    once a month or so.

    • Sairam

      It will not increase your score drastically, in a month of so , you can see a change, but dont expect it to go above a 700 or 750 kind of mark , Scores changes due to recent repayment record.

  66. Narayana

    Dear Manish,

    I had a credit card outstanding of Rs.12000 in 2007 and it was reported in CIBIL report in Dec.2007. I would like to know if this would be removed after 7 years in the CIBIL report and after 7 years will my credit score improve again ?

    I am repaying the present credit card bills on time.

    Await your reply. Thanks

    • Its a myth . The 7 yrs number is the MINIMUM . The maximum it can be 15-20 yrs also ! and it will not just improve your score, your score is dependent on your last 24 months activity !

  67. Rahul M Rana


    Thank you much for your reply, appreciate it..!
    In context to my query where in I’ve asked you that in the event of paying off my balance on both the cards would help.? To which you suggested it’ll but gradually not rapidly. I wanted to confirm once i’ll pay off the balances on both my cards and if in case i would not use them that too often will that be impacting the growth of my cibil score , alternatively if in case i stop using my both my cards keeping them in active state with zero balance will that slows down my cibil scores progression..?? Moreover Im certainly Aiming at that 800+ mark on my cibil so with this situation wherein i would have nil balance on both my cards will that 6-8 months from now to cross 800+ mark my existing score is 721.

    Eagerly waiting for your reply
    Thanks and regards
    Rahul M Rana

    • understand that your score is calculated on your activity in last 24 months, so either you need to have GOOD activity , paying balance on time , or in bad case NO activity , which again would not help imporove your score, and at last BAD Activity which you should avoid in all cases.

  68. Chakraddhar

    Hello Manish ,
    Thanks for a very informative write up . I had taken a credit card in 2005 and havent used it even once. However the CIBIL shows a default of around 5K and status as account purchased. Will it help if I repay the defaulted amount ? How long will it take for the score to improve ?

    Thanking you in advance


  69. Thangkho

    Hi Manish,
    Hope you are well..
    I really appreciate the articles you have posted which is really effective and important for a person to understand his/her credit usage, its amazing to find these information in public. Please keep up the good work and lets hope we have a brighter life with all the suggestion and information provided.

    I am still in doubt on this “will there be any impact with my credit report since I defaulted with Airtel post paid connection” – not paying the outstanding and it is closed. Is Airtel tied up with CIBIL?

      • preeti sharma

        hi manish,
        i have a cibil score of 613 i got to know it while applying for car loan from sbi.i was also told that i have not paid an installment of 748 rs which now has been written off, could you please tell me how to inprove my score and how to pay back the installment or get the ammount cleared from cibil report.

  70. Warun Khanwalkar

    My dad was using 5 credit cards and after a while because of some problem in his salary he settled those, But now the banks are refusing the credit card or any loan to me as well. Where I earned more than 4laks a year. My track is very clear i have never took any loan. Why this has happening that the banks are refusing the loan saying you have bad credit report. Is there any solution for that??

    • Warun

      Was there a “add-on” card issued ? Was it a case that your dad address and your address is exactly same ? Because they might have blacklisted due to same adddress. Do one thing , order the credit report of your dad and yours and try to see whats common !

  71. Srinivasa

    Hello Manish,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this article.

    Situation – really bad.
    Why – I took a CC way back in 2003, max it out, payed it except for 20k and fell on bad times and did not repay the amount. I have no other loans nor cards

    Current – I have ordered by CIR and dreadful as to how it will look.
    Question – if I pay the full amount to the institution, can I request the institution to reage my account. Whats the process like to ask them to reage my account.

    Any insight would be highly appreciated.


      • Srinivasa

        I do not have the report on my hand as of now but will be getting it by mid next week and I shall share it with you.

        No matter what the amount, I am more than glad to make up my mistakes and will try to pay in full. I am pretty sure that I do not want to go for settlement at any cost and ruin any score I might have left! :)

        And thank you kindly for your help on this. You have no idea how mcuh this means to me cause this is like a blind galli I am trying to negotiate!

          • Srinivasa

            Finally got the CIR –

            Score – 552

            Listing –

            (Perils of working in a call center and having a bunch of roomies and having no idea what you are signing and for whom – LOL)

            a) As expected – ICICI was a major set back –
            Current Balance – 19,995
            Amount overdue – 17,650

            b) A joint personal loan from HDFC – (not even sure for whom I did this)
            Written off – 6066

            c) I have a savings bank account with Citi since 2010 and they show up on my CIR? The account number it shows is not even mine and the account type is overdraft. I dont even know what is that.

            Question –

            a) I pay off the entire bal with ICICI – how soon can I get the credit score up? What is the diff between current bal and amount overdue? Can I have the back, somehow by pleading, requesting to reage the account ASAP?

            b) What to do with HDFC?

            c) What to do with Citibank

            Thank you so much in anticipation.

            • Sadly Pleading will not help, at all . There is no emotions here and things will move only as per process.

              You need to first pay off your loans and outstanding in full and then keep repaying your monthly credit card bill on time, only then your score will move up .


              • Srinivasa

                Hmmm – net net – its all Karma – what you do is what does you! LOL…thanks Manish and please keep helping others

              • Srinivasa

                yes – one thing though I forgot – I do not have any cards now – nothing…For HDFC and CITI, I have raised a dispute for I am sure that I have nothing to do with them (hoping).

                Say – I clear my ICICI o/s, and the disputes are in my favor, how soon can I have or how is that I can bump up my scores?

                The flip side – since the HDFC loan (if proven that I did indeed default for 6066 and since has been written off), what is that I can do to fix it?

                • To fix , you need to repay some kind of loan back regularly to build your credit history, now you dont have a loan . So what you can do is procure a secured credit card against a FD of 10k or 20k and then keep using it . this should in improving the score !

                  • Tirtho

                    How to get a secured credit card?Which banks provide these?
                    I have a Credit score of 557 which is really bad..have setlled all my loans now need to rebuild the score..

                    • Tirtho

                      All the banks do that,. but the problem is unless you get your report clean, even a good score will not help much , before score, banks will look at your reports . Unless you pay off all the past outstandings , you are in a fix !

  72. John

    Hi Manish,
    Can you please help with this query.
    I took PL four years back, Now it has been completed. But in between there was delay in paying two consecutive EMI’s for 25days each. I have checked my CIBIL score now which is of 841 and Now planning to apply for House loan. Will bank consider my previous delay for (25+25)days, In getting my current House loan Approved?? Will I get Loan after applying ? Please Advise !!
    Thanks and Regards,

    • Ideally they should not consider that delay , while it was there, your score is pretty good, infact really good, So they should give you loan happily . However they will definately have a look at it and consider it only based on their internal guidelines.

      But I am very sure you will not face any issue.


  73. kuldeep joon

    hi manish,
    i did not take any personal loan ever, now i applied for can loan , banker told me that some personal loan is pending and showing in my cibil. how could i clear my cibil now.?

      • kuldeep joon

        Dear Manish,
        I received my report today, Score Is 758, But it showing that a personal loan is pending of 2 lakh from SCB bank from 2010 , Also showing Written Off Status – Written off, I did not take any personal loan ever, i raise a dispute at cibil.com .Any other way to make my report clear? Please suggest me.

  74. Guru

    Hi Manish..
    In my CIBIL report it shows Status RESTRUCTURED for 2 of my Loans ie:
    Housing Loan as well as Car Loan.
    I applied a PL for urgent need ..but bankers called me and enquired about it..I don’t have idea why it is in Restructured status..Is there any negativity with Restructured status..I havn’t altered my Loan tenure or Interest rates..Can you plz shed more lights on it

  75. Kapil

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks a lot for providing the details on improving the cibil score.
    I have a query regarding the cibil report.
    I had a std chartered bank credit card. I never use it however as per bank i had withdrawn around INR7500 and now it has becomes INR 134000. As per cibil report the amount is written off by bank. I came to know all that details when i applied for home loan and when it was rejected i came to know about cibil.
    I had contacted the bank and they asked me to clear the amount and then they can send the report to cibil accordingly. How come i can pay even if it is not my fault.
    I want to resolve this issue somehow by paying the actual amount withdrawn on my card. My query is even though i do settlement, still my cibil score will be improved or it will be same (bank has already written off). Is there any other mean to resolve this issue.

    Your quick response will be highly appreciated

    • Did you withdraw the money or not ? Or you never used it ? If you never withdrew the money ,the point is it was misused, but the case will be in your favor only if you show that it was done in unauthorised way, if the card was in your possession and it was stolen by someone and used , its your responsbility to share it with bank at that moment, how come bank knows if its withdrawn by you or someone else?

      If you settle the debt, still it will appear on your credit report.

      • Kapil

        Hi Manish,
        Thanks for the response. I had not withdrawn any money. I would like to know if i settle the case with bank, it will improve my score or not. Bank has already written off the amount.
        Regards Kapil

  76. p.k.sarkar

    Dr manish I do apreciate of u r healthy tips,since 2002 to 2007, I had abt 4 cr card and was almost using the total credit limit to the fullest. I purchasd my bike 4m countrywide and later on.tv 4m citifinance and paid all the emi time, later on closd all the crds by paying the amnt the persons who guidd me n got the n.o.c even the loans 4m countrywide n citifinance was closed to avail a housing loan with dewanfi.ance and closd it last nov and. Again I have taken a car on loan 4m kotak mahindra and so far I have all the emi. Time. I was not in station and my wife didn’t know how to deposit the amnt in the bank and abt 6 cheques got bou.cd I paid the amount with penalty and later closd th e loan for which a,n.o.c was given by the bank, last week I aplied for acredit cardfor me and my wife, even though we r both central govt employes and don’t have any loans our credit card was declind, can u advice me how to improve my cibil score in order to avail any future loans r aply for credit card?

  77. vamsi

    Iam not having good score to get any loan i.e CC,Loan etc
    so how can i adjust and how can i score it to get credit from bankers…
    is there any solution

    thanking you

  78. Deba

    Hi Manish,

    Recently I ordered my Cibil Score and its 775. Is it ok or bad? I have two personal loans and two credit cards.
    There are no dues showing on my credit card as I paid full amount. Though I never had any default on my credit card but two times I touched almost the credit limit but I paid the min. amt due and later cleared the total amount eventually. Now I dont have any dues in credit card left.
    For Personal Loans, Total debt is 4 lacs but there is no default, no bounce till now, all the EMIs have been perfectly deducted from my salary account since last one year. Do you think I can improve my score. is the score good at all?
    My query is if I go for Mortgage loan againt my native house (as I stay outside), will they give me?? because If I get the loan, I can close all those PLs and call easily pay the EMIs of mortgage loan and the rest of the money of the loan can be utilised else where for good return. is it possible or my cibil status will hinder me to do so?

    • There are 2-3 issues

      1. YOu have too much of unsecured loans like personal loans and credit cards , which is seen negatively.
      2. You have missed few payments and touched high limits , which shows that “its possible” that it might happen again .

      But as you are going to take the mortagage loan against your exisitng house ,you might get a loan , 775 is a decent score, but many times some banks insist on more than 800 .

  79. Trideep Choudhary

    Hi MAnish,

    I am facing a peculiar problem and need your guidance.

    In 2008 the company where I had joined started delaying salary payments because of which few PDCs of personal loan bounced. I got to know of that only when I recieved a summon from HDFC Bank. I paid the amount in full right away.

    Also in 2009, HDFC Bank levied a fee of Rs 90,000 on outstanding due of Rs 500 for a card which I had surrendered in 2005. I took them to the banking ombudsman where the ombudsman granted a favourable judgement. However only now I realize that HDFC Bank had agreed to settle rather than agree their mistake.

    Also I had to convert my SBI Card due of Rs 60,000 into EMIs and had paid off the same with applicable interest.

    Recently I had tried to apply for an education loan and only then got to know that my credit score is a lowly 254.

    Please advise on how best I can rectify the same.


    • You mean the score is 524 , not 254 , it cant be lower than 300 .

      Now whatever is the case, if you have anything which was not paid in FULL , then you need to clear it off fully ! .. Only then the status will get changed !

  80. Salma

    I recently took EMI from bajaj finance for buying a television . Abount 3 yrs back I had closed a loan and hence that was closed now thie finance ppl sent the same old Id for my EMI. So I happen to speak to m bank as to why was this getting bounced when there is surplus amount in my account. So they informed me that to ibnfom the finance team to change the Id number and then on again go for EMI but here these ppl did not go for this and instead every month they collected cash from me and once the final thing was done they stopped calling me now after 3 months of this is over they have started calling me again telling to pay bounce charges so I denied payin them and then they again called me up asking to pay insurance amt for this which I denied. So I wanted to know if this affects my CIBIL score and Di i apply for my cibil score to get information on this if this is affecting my score..Please advise

  81. S. Balamurali

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot for educating people and it is very helpful.

    Last year I have checked my CIBIL score and found it is 549. Just 3 months before I have settled ICICI personal loan and got NOC also from the bank. Kindly let me know what could be the score now approximately.

    I have another challenge here. I had HSBC credit card and I have never used it even for 1 rupee. The card date is expired now. Just while checking my Cibil score, I came to that the credit card was with insurance which I had to pay.

    Kindly help me to resolve this issue. Really don’t understand why should I pay that when I have not used that card and was not completely aware of that.


  82. Ranjan

    Dear Manish,
    I am applying for a home loan in near future. I am anxious for CIBIL score which may affect the availability of home loan. Here is my story. I had started my job career in 2003/2004. As happened with many youngsters, I availed two credit cards ICICI and Standard chartered as well as personal loan from HDFC. I defaulted both the credits cards. The default amount in ICICI credit card was around 7k in 2003. I was paying the minimum amont till 2007 and I paid the outstanding amount of 35 k in full in the year 2011. Similarly, The default outstanding amount of standard charterd credit account was around 41k and i settled at18 k in 2010. Similarly, I settled the outstanding amount of 91k of HDFC personal loan at 65k in 2010.
    In 2011, I manage to get a Credit card of credit limit 75k from American express. Since then I am using the credit card very judiciously, hardly crossing 30% of the credit limit issued to me amd making payment regularly. I have not applied of enquired for any new credit card.
    What is the chances of bank accepting my application for home loan?
    Does bank take note of recent credit history or they give empahsis to credit history which is 7~8 years old?

    Any pointer will be highly appreciated.


    • Ranjan

      they take note of both . While your report will contain your recent 36 months history in DPD format (look at your report), it will also have the status of past loans, in your case your two cards status would be SETTLED , which is negative remark and you will mostly not get any loan due to that . You can safely assume that unless you get it rectified , you will not get a loan . SO better contact the companies and pay off the remaining amount also and ask them to update the CIBIL (they will do that anyways) .


  83. Pramod Verma

    Hi Manish,
    Hope you are well..
    I really appreciate the articles you have posted which is really effective and important for a person to understand his/her credit usage.
    I was having 1 CC from the HSBC bank which I have settle down in 2010 and after that I again starting getting calls from the HSBC that I have another card as well on my name and after so much of discussion they failed to provide me any kind of proof regarding that but forced me to pay for that so I have paid some amount and got settle down it to get rid from that as they were saying that it is updated in CIBIL.
    I was having A Bike loan as well from the ICICI which I was thinking that I have paid the whole amount and when I went to take the NOC from the bank in dec 2011, I got to know that 700 Rupees was due which I paid immediately and got the NOC as well from the bank. Just few days back when I have ordered for my cibil report I was shocked that my score was only 520 and it was showing 3 extra CC against me (1 from Indusland and 2 from the Phoenix ARC). When I have contacted the Indusland bank first they told me that they can’t provide me any document as it was taken in 2007 and after so much calls they send me a bill outstanding of 7 lac and the principle was 29000 rupees. I have checked the whole bill and find it that its not related to me and when I told them they said that all the details are matching to you like name, father name, DOB and forcing me to pay for that. Phoenix ARC amount is 7684 rupees (I am failed to contact them till now). I have raised the dispute against Indusland bank and Phoenix ARC but they revert back to me by saying that they had done an in-depth analysis of the dispute raised by me for the Indusland and Phoenix accounts and it was observed that the information provided in your CIR is correct
    Please help me out in that and let me know what should I do and why I need to pay for those CC which I have never used ?.
    Please help me
    Pramod Verma

    • This is very clear . There is someone who used your identity to get those credit cards , did you leave your critical documents somewhere ? Which was misused by someone ?

      You will have to pursue this case now and show that the signatures were not yours , etc etc. .


      • Pramod Verma

        Thanks Manish for the reply,

        I have raised that issue but they are not agree on any of my terms, and even When I asked them to provide me any kind of documents where I have signed while taking those CC, they are saying that its been 5 years so they cant provide me any such documents besides the bill related to that and only given me a option to settledown it.

        I used to live in a building which was full of guys so might be some buddy else has taken my documents and missused it. is there any way that I can go and make a complain against these banks by using my rights ?

        as suggested by you in your articles, will it be possible for the banks to give me a credit card against any FD without checking CIBIL ?

        • yes … a secured credit card might be provided without checking CIBIL , but I am not 100% sure on that, the only point is , as its secured, the risk is less for bank to give you a card against that FD , so better apply for that as of now . Also enquire more from bank on details, raise a banking ombudsman complaint and ask how the hell bank cant provide the details , this is not the way banks are suppose to run !

  84. Nimit Kulshrestha

    Hi Manish,

    Nice article there. My problem is that I have a CC from HDFC bank with an overdue amount of Rs.5543 out of which the principle amount is Rs.2500. I wasn’t aware that the interest was getting piled on the principle amount since the bank never contacted me through email or phone calls (both of which are available with the bank). A few days ago I got the mail stating that my overdue is Rs.5543 and that I need to pay it in full in order to get the NOC from the bank. Mt query is that can I just pay the principle amount and consider it done. And also, I am not sure if for such a small amount, the CIBIL score will be affected. And if I do pay the full amount, then how long will it take for my CIBIL score to improve?

    Nimit K

  85. Raj

    Hi Manish,

    My CC and Loans applications were rejected due to Bad history. I have done partial settlement for some of my cards before 2yrs.
    Getting an Credit Card via Fixed deposit and using it, will it improve credit history in CIBIL ? or These cards will not be considered in CIBIL ?

  86. Amit Kumar Dhar

    I had closed one PL and one two-wheeler loan in year Nov-2010 and got NOC from financial institutions. But late payment reflect in my CIBIL report and my score is 718. Please let me know how to impreove my score and my name from CIBIL late payment record.

    • You can not remove the late payment part . Note that past 36 months of history will be there, so each month it will get shifted by one month . It will not be appearing after few months or a year . to improve your score, you need to constantly pay off your dues on time and build your credit history !

  87. Hi,

    I Have Applied SBI Credit Card but it got rejected stating despite of repeated attempts you did not pick the call before that i got a message stating please give us 21 days to process your SBI card, I just need to know it will effect in cibil, Can I apply again for Credit in same SBI Credit.

    Please Advice

  88. Roop

    I want to close my home loan from ICICI bank and transfer it to SBI because of cheaper rate being offered by SBI and no prepayment charges now.
    Would it affect by CIBIL score ? If yes, in what manner ?

    I have always paid all my EMI in time for my ICICI home loan

  89. Ajay Kumar Nath

    Dear Manish,

    Please see the below mail and help me out. Still i have not received my CIR


    — On Wed, 9/26/12, Nath, Ajay wrote:

    From: Nath, Ajay
    Subject: Service Request Number 1112757
    To: “info@cibil.com”
    Cc: “ajay nath”
    Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2012, 9:16 AM

    Dear Sir,

    As I have already send desired details in below mail for further processing my request. Kindly request you to do the needful in priority.


    10 Years wall paper option 1

    Ajay Kumar Nath
    Sr. Claims analyst
    Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd,
    My Home Tycoon, 4th Floor, “A” Block,

    Kundanbagh, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016.

    Phone: 09642422012

    — On Sat, 9/15/12, ajay nath wrote:

    From: ajay nath
    Subject: Re: Service Request Number 1112757
    To: info@cibil.com
    Date: Saturday, September 15, 2012, 3:17 PM

    Dear Sir,

    Please find my below addresses which is old one at the time of Credit card taken with HSBC credit card, HDFC credit card & HDFC Two wheeler loan.

    Old. Address

    Ajay Kumar Nath

    Flat No.65, Badam Appartment,

    Vijaypuri Colony, Tarnaka,

    Secunderabad, Hyderabad ,

    Pin-500017. (A.P)

    As is request you to send my CIR report to my official address or mail me. For address proof i have already sent my telephone bill. from my official email. ajay.nath@tata-aig.com.

    Once again heartily request you to do the needful in priority.

    My office address

    Ajay Kumar Nath

    Tata AIG General Insurance Company.

    My Home Tycoon, 4th Floor, “A” Block,

    Kundan Bagh,Begumpet,

    Hyderabad – 500016.


    Ajay Kumar Nath

    — On Thu, 9/6/12, info@cibil.com wrote:

    From: info@cibil.com
    Subject: Service Request Number 1112757
    To: ajay_nath_2000@yahoo.com
    Date: Thursday, September 6, 2012, 6:17 PM

    Dear Sir,

    We thank you for your recent request to obtain your CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR).

    However, we regret our inability to process your request as the address provided by you does not match with the same on your Credit Report.

    We request you to confirm the address/es provided by you to the Credit Institution/s at the time of applying for loan / credit card. We would like to inform you that your Credit Report request will be processed on receipt of the information and subject to the address provided matching with our records.

    Kindly quote the above mentioned Service Request Number in your future communication with us.

    Thanking you and assuring you of our best services always.

    Best Regards,

    Consumer Relations.

    • Ajay

      You will have to give the current address only which one is on your cibil report . Now cibil depends on your bank information , so looks like oyu have not updated the info in your banks , CIBIL cant send it , as there can be a fraud on this , they can suspect you as fraud ,which is correct from security point of view .

      So what you have to do is , update your contact details in bank and in next 60 days , apply for report . you will get it !

  90. Lokesh Sharma

    Hi Manish,


    I have met all the Eligiblity criteria and all the verification call was done positively, but with out any reason it has disapproved.

    Could you please let me know is there is any problem with CIBIL and please advise how can i get a credit card.

    Lokesh Sharma

  91. Chintan Mehta

    Hi Manish,

    I just got my CIBIL score and it is 766. I had applied for house loan in 2010 (Govt. Bank) and found that my 2 credit cards have written off status. I lost both cards in past and asked the bank to closed the account. Unfortunately there were small due amount and I did not pay which was increased to huge amount. So Home loan bank executive told me to settle the amount and I did. I got the home laon from Nationalised bank. From 2008 till date I am paying all my credit card dues and EMIs on time.

    Now my questions are

    1. Do you think 766 is not a good score to get any loan in future?
    2. Do you suggest I should go and make full payment as these accounts show settled in Cibil report? If yes then I am not sure if they will also charge interest and late payment post settlement.

    Thanks for help.

    Regards, CM

    • 1. 766 is a decent score, but now a days some banks might be looking at 800+ score ! .. you can still get a loan if your salary is good and you have a clear report

      2. Didnt you pay the FULL amount in past ? If not , then it was a settlement and now the amount might have grown . better pay it off and just get it closed !

  92. Rajesh Bysani

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you another wonderful and informative article. I recently got my CIBIL score and found it to be at 791 (which seems to be a good score). I have had few loans and cards in the last 6-7 years but apart from a few months of late payment there hasn’t been any bad behavior. Currently I have 4 credit cards all of which have outstanding closer to zero. I also have a personal loan that I am paying regularly and I might close in the next couple of months.

    The only problem I have is that back in 2006 I had a SBI credit card that I somehow maxed out and was not able to manage it then. The only solution I had was to settle it. This account is showing up in the report and shows written off status as “Settled”.

    How will this impact my home loan chances? What should I do to fix this? Can I contact the bank and pay them the remaining amount and ask them to change the status? I am really confused about this and would be great-full if you could guide me on this.


    • This SETTLED remark will prove a blocking point in getting a loan , unless its removed, you might face issue .

      Better contact the bank and ask about it, you can pay the remaining money and get rid of that remark in next 60 days . You also have lot of unsecured loans (personal loan + credit card) , its not appreciated by loan givers !

  93. Naveenkumar

    Hello manish,

    Thanks for your valuable answer.

    I was using the 2 credit card( Citi bank & ICICI) in the year of 2008-2010, moment i was not paid minimum amount for 3 months consecutive, then later one month, i have paid my entire dues and also surrender my both card, same i have received the No dues certificates too, last year i have log on to get a personal loan, unfortunately its was rejected, due to poor cibil records, then for the past 1.5Yrs im not using any loan or credit cards, recently i have received my cibil score its about 620, its that sufficient to get to go for home loan or personal? i heared that the score more than 700 only people can eligible to avail the loan is it so, i have reviewed my cibil summary, its seems that payments was cleared and no outstanding dues with any other banks, please advice me, how to improve my cibil score/range, how long it will take to improve?

    With regards

    • Dear Mr. Kumar,

      Repaying the complete outstanding amount against all credit cards was a good initiative taken by you. But, the fact that you had been late in making payments would stay on your report as these depict your past credit behaviour. We hope that the credit cards which you surrendered were closed normally without any negative remarks (for eg. written – off, settled, etc.).

      If this is the situation please approach the credit card company and make the balance payment on your credit card and have a letter stating the normal closure of these credit cards and same should be updated to all the credit bureaus.

      Improving the credit score is slow and gradual process, you need to have a disciplined behaviour in managing your credits – timely repayments, maintaining a balance between secured and unsecured loans, utilizing upto 35-40% of the limit on your credit cards and not making random applications for new credit facilities will help improve your credit score.


  94. Madhu M

    Dear Manish,

    I have a question on credit cards. My CIBIL score currently is 770, slightly above 750, which is good score i belive.But i still worry about my credit cards.
    Actually i have ICICI bank card and SBI card. SBI card gave me add-on card for my father and i upgraded recently ICICI card to new hpcl card and they gave new credit card number altogether deactivating older one.

    1)Add-on cards also considered for CIBIL ? both main card and add-on card shows same transactions in CIBIL.
    2)Some EMI’s still reference old credit card number, and i get those references in my new card statement with old card and new card number transactions. So this upgrade of card considered as another Credit card?

    I fear, i they consider i am using 4 credit cards where i actually use 2 only. Any comments to improve score will be appreciated.

    • Madhu

      Dont worry .. credit card numbers are not reported to CIBIL , its just the debt part which gets shared, so bank must be updating your info with CIBIL in right manner. Yes – add on cards are considered for CIBIL , but you dont have to worry on it , its not negative thing .

  95. Chakravarthi

    Hi Manish,

    I received my cibil credit score as 620 due to a non payment of credit card bill. I have now paid the entire amount and have settled it.

    How should I inform CIBIL that I have settled the dues. Will the bank update them or should it be done by me (if it should be done by me, can you please let me know the procedure?)

  96. Chandra

    Hi Manish,

    I was using 5 Credit Cards from 5 banks –
    1. ABM AMRO Bank
    2. HSBC Bank
    3. City Bank
    4. Standard Chartered Bank
    5. Deutsche Bank

    In 2008 i lost my job. That time i was stopped paying the credit card payments.
    Later after when i got job, i took the final settlement from all the banks & paid that final settlement amount only.

    Now my Cibil Score is 518.

    Now I want Site or House loan.
    Please advise how to increase my Cibil Score to get the loan.
    Earlier i don’t know about Cibil Score issues.

    Please help me in this.


    • Chandra

      I paid the settlement amount as below –

      ABM AMRO Bank:
      Paid the Settlement amount of Rs. 46,000/- as against the total Outstanding amount of Rs. 1,14,097.29/-

      Standard Chartered Bank:
      Paid the Settlement amount of Rs. 14,725/- as against the total Outstanding amount of Rs. 14,723.91/-

      HSBC Bank:
      Paid the Settlement amount of Rs. 30,000/- But I donot know the total Outstanding amount.

      Deutsche Bank:
      Paid the Settlement amount of Rs. 20,000/- But I donot know the total Outstanding amount.

  97. Sushant

    Hello Manish,

    It’s very nice article for people who really need to understand how to imporve their score.

    I have Score of 671. Will I able to get the Personal Loan ?

    Thank you,

  98. S. Anwar Basha

    Good Morning Sir,
    Iam Dr. S. Anwar Basha residing at Tirupati. I have taken a personal loan from UTI bank in the past . The loan was written off without intimation. Now this is affecting my CIBIL SCORE and hence I want to revert it. I called the Help Line No. and they asked me to first close the Loan properly. Hence kindly guide and help me to revert my CIBIL SCORE. Also how much time does it take to improve my cibil score.
    Citi Loan Date : 15. 04. 2002
    Last repayment Cheque of Rs 10,000 dated 21. 10. 2005
    Loan written off on 28. 07. 2009
    Kindly mail back at the earliest,
    Dr. S. Anwar Basha

  99. Rahul K.

    Hi Manish,

    I have been following your articles for CIBIL score improvement and it helped a lot. Just today I had a personal loan approved after a very long time. My score currently is 770 :)

    Just to be careful in the future, request your help with my questions below. Like always, appreciate your efforts.

    Question 1:- Say credit card limit is 30,000. The total due for the a month is 5000 and in the same month a person has made an online purchase with EMI’s worth 10,000. In this case, the due would be 5000, however, the available credit balance would be 15,000 (as the EMIs’ would be charged monthly but the amount would be blocked on CC – 10,000 in this case). Question is – Will the credit utilization for this month show 50% or 16%??

    Question 2:- Say credit card limit is 30,000. Statement for the month of Jan received on 1 Feb with total due of 10,000, due date 26th Feb. The card holder used his card to pay his bills worth 10,000 till 25 Feb without paying the earlier due. As a result, the credit balance on his CC is 10,000 on Feb 25. However, on 26th Feb he pays 10,000 towards CC (Jan due in full). Question is – will the ‘High Credit’ (or credit utilization) for month of Feb show 20,000? or will it be 10,000 only?

  100. Gongieni Venkanna

    Very Very useful information to the all the customers who are availing different types of loans from different financial institutions. One can easily develop with the help of the financial institutions, only the bankers will the track history, not the properties how much the customer is having,how much he is wealthy, that is not the question, how the customer is paying debts. thank you.

  101. Rishi

    Hi Manish,
    I have a question. I putchased my CIBIL Transunion score in January 2012 and it was 632. With some issues with SBI card, HSBC card and Rs.8 pending of a loan. All issues were because of banks itself.

    I managed to close the issue with SBI card and the loan thing, but somehow HSBC is not willing to accept their fault and giving me tough time. SBI was kind enough to accept and rectify and also Citi Financial cleared that Rs.8 issue as well.

    The issue with HSBC is that they are not willing to settle.

    Now I got my CIBIL report after 9 months and my score is 812 now with only HSBC issue left in it. I only use one ICICI credit card and make regular payments since last 7 years.

    The question is HSBC closed by card in November 2008 and written off the amount that was due.

    My question is can a bank continue to charge late fees and interest even after they already ‘Write-off’ that amount? Ideally if they have written off, they should not keep on increasing it. Whats your view on this.

    Although my score improved alot considering my credit payment history and also closed issue with SBI & loan thing. But Will this HSBC issue still hit me. My score improved from 632 to 812 in 9 months.

    Whats your view on this?


    • They should not be charging interest etc on that , because its already closed, but in future if you want to pay it off , then bank might say that they will charge the interest etc because now you want to deal with it .

      What exactly was the issue, unless there is some serious problem , the bank will not do like this . with score of 812 , if you are able to give right justification for the written off part to the other bank where you want to apply for loan , you should be able to get it .

      • Rishi

        Thanks Manish for the answer. Exactly this was my thinking that they should keep on increasing it as it is already closed sometime ago.
        The issue is they issues some mysterious repayment insurance on my card and I am sure their sales agent forged my signature on the application form for that policy. Infact in the nominee name they mentioned some annonymous name and marked her as my wife. I have been fighting with them for almost a year now and they don’t seem to agree.
        They indeed offered me to settle it with Rs.1500 but, they say they will only put status as ‘Post W/O setteled’. SHOULD I GET THAT DONE? My score has already improved based on my other payment behavior. I never missed any payment and am always punctual in making any dues. Just that this unknown transaction has hit me badly.
        What should I do with it? Should I settle it.
        And they are increasing the amount even they mentioned ‘Written Off’ in the CIBIL status. Is there a way to check when exactly they written off the amount and what was that amount.

      • Rishi

        Thanks Manish for the answer.

        Exactly this was my thinking that they should keep on increasing it as it is already closed sometime ago.
        The issue is they issues some mysterious repayment insurance on my card and I am sure their sales agent forged my signature on the application form for that policy. Infact in the nominee name they mentioned some annonymous name and marked her as my wife. I have been fighting with them for almost a year now and they don’t seem to agree.
        They indeed offered me to settle it with Rs.1500 but, they say they will only put status as ‘Post W/O setteled’. SHOULD I GET THAT DONE? My score has already improved based on my other payment behavior. I never missed any payment and am always punctual in making any dues. Just that this unknown transaction has hit me badly.
        What should I do with it? Should I settle it.
        And they are increasing the amount even they mentioned ‘Written Off’ in the CIBIL status. Is there a way to check when exactly they written off the amount and what was that amount.

        • You should do 2 things now

          1. Dont SETTLE with paying less money, it will not be of much use now , as the remark of SETTLEMENT will be there anyways !

          2. Now put a complaint with consumer court directly and follow up this seriously, as the case is stronger on your side, you shoudl get some kind of compensation.

  102. surendro sahoo

    In Indian jurisprudence there is something like natural justice, where the saying is – no one is guilty till he is proved.

    However, it appears, in case of credit rating by CIBIL this does not apply. Does it mean the act under which CIBIL was created is above the common law of the country, or it is there because no one has challenged it?

  103. Naresh

    Hello Manish,

    I owned a Citibank credit card in the year 2007, So, I had settlemented for RS 8000, out of 35000, and I closed the case that time itself, also I applied for Bike loan in year 2011 it got approved from INDUSIND BANK payments are going good as of now.
    My question: Is there any impact for applying home loan now.

  104. Kripa S

    Hi Manish,
    First of all Thanks for the Article this is very usefull,
    I have few important query can you please help me intoi this, so that i can get out of myself from messup or wrong dission,

    Question- 1
    I had Credit card from SBI in 2006 i used it then payed also but deu to small knowladge. after that i used some rs. 10000.00 and did not pay in the same time i joind another company in other city so the SBI is not able to contact me and i did not pay the money.

    it pending till date.
    what should i do- i want plan my invesment now in insurance or saving it will effect after if they trace me they will diduct from my saving with interest.

    Question -2

    Afetr that i taken personal loan in 2010 from HDFC- 2Lacs.
    i regulary paid the EMI for 1 year and after of rs 7081/pm
    then for 1 year late the payment 5-6 days in every month deu to salary date.
    so total approx 15 ECS payment was bounced and late.

    then again i regulry started paying my EMI on time.
    rigth now i have painding only 3 EMI + interest of 15 cheque bounced charge, late fee ect is 10000 approx.

    Its closing time i realized this now befor few day when i pland for a piaggio vespa by finance now they are not given me the loan becouse.

    I started recerching all kind of credit and cibil problem.
    I realized i was going wrong way.
    I was not aware about credit score, bad credit will effect with the littile late EMI and disorder the cheque.

    Its closing time so how will i plan for final setelment, i herd from you article never do setelment. so how will i close the account now.
    please help the procedure of closing or NOC. I dont know where i go.

    Also please help me to improve my Credit Score for my Future.

    it will be great help
    Thankyou Very Much in advanced

  105. amit


    i have taken a loan of Rs. 40000 but due to some finencial issue i cont clear my all EMI. thats why my name is in CIBIL. but now few month back i have clear all dues and i took NOC letter from bank but still my name is not remove from CIBIL. i dont know now what shall i do. i need help.

    so i request pl guide me…

  106. Mayuresh

    Hi Manish,

    This article is very much useful to me. I need your suggestion.
    I am working in reputed MNC from last 4.5 Years. Currently I am getting 53,500/- net salary per month. I am having some loans as below.

    Home Loan – 18,00,000 (From last 1.5 Years)
    Personal Loan – 4,80,000 (2.5 Years Paid Out of 5 Years)
    SBI Credit Card Loan – 1,36,000 (1.5 Year paid Out of 3 Years)

    I am having 3 Credit cards but no late payment charges and with good tracking report.
    Only there was one concern, I took HDFC personal Loan 2.5 Year Back. I was so much busy in family function and due to my mistake my 1st ECS got bounced, that EMI cleared in the same week. I talked with customer care person and explain him about my mistake. In very next month again due to my misunderstanding (as I was having 2 savings account in different banks…) my second EMI was also got bounced :( . Suddenly I write a mail to HDFC personal loan department for my apologies and to explain actual reason for those EMI bounce. From that incident to till date all my EMI’s are on time.
    But, last month HDFC person called me and ask me to pay 890 Rs. against those bounces. I asked him that why they have not informed me regarding same in last two years? He didn’t replied on that question. I have paid that charges in this month.
    Now I am looking for a Car Loan. Please suggest me that Can I apply to HDFC as I am having quite good relationship with bank except that 2 EMI’s.
    I have also applied for my CIBIL report after reading your article.

    Need your suggestion. And for my future transactions I will take care of all your tips to built good credit ratings.

    Thanks in advanced.

  107. Rajesh

    Hi Manish

    I have had a lot of debt through various credit cards and a personal loan. This was more than 6 years back (mistakes when i just started working) and then I settled everything a couple of years ago (paid the negotiated settled amount and not in full). Now i earn a very high package and my take home every month is above a lakh but I applied for a credit card recently just to check if they would give me but quoting credit history, they declined. How do I get this straightened out cause I am gonna try for a home loan. Need your advice on how to correct this or WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS IN GETTING A HOME LOAN.

  108. Neeraj Shukla

    Dear Sir
    I had more them five credit cards and a personal loan from various Bank. This was last 10 years ago. The Personal loan A/C no was 511499 From HDFC Bank of Amount Rs.90000/- EMI was Rs 3345 per month, we had paid 29 EMI regularly out of total EMI 36, The rest 7 EMI we had paid at the time of fourecloser.

    Then received 6.50 Lac Home loan From HDFC Bank in 2005 A/C No 581459377
    Dear during this period some EMI was dishonored ( this was rescission period ) after some time I arrange a huge money through an another property and re payment to bank ) Now I have NOC from HDFC Bank I settled in a reputed Pharma Company Now i earn a very good package. I Bajaj finance And I have an own house in MU-59 C Pitampura New Delhi. but I applied for loan from FULTORN recently just to check the CIBIL they declined. How do I get this straightened out cause I am going try for a home loan. Need your advice on how to correct this or WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS IN GETTING A HOME LOAN.

  109. mahesh rajbhar

    My brother has taken a credit card in my name (something called as adon scheme) without informing me.He has spent some money and had not paid.Can u please suggest me what to do in this case to build my CIBIL rating better ?

    • Mahesh

      This credit card being on your name will have a CIBIL entry , now whatever good or bad happens on this , will go your CIBIL account. so just keep a track of what your brother is doing, and I am wondering how can someone open a credit card on your name without informing ? It takes signatures etc !

  110. debashish bhaatacharjee

    i have started using hdfc credit card March 2012 and my credit limit is Rs.80000/- where i have taken a personal loan of Rs.40000/- for which i make a payment of Rs.1300/- per month & the loan ends at 2015 also i have 3 more emi for some household electronic equipments which i bought, together i pay HDFC somewhere around Rs.11000/- per month inclusive of all which includes my personal loan of Rs.1300/- to, december 2012 wil be the time where i will only be left with the variable of Rs.1300/- emi per month till 2015.which is from december 2012.

    i never miss or missed a payment of my HDFC credit card generally i make the payment through net-banking within 1 or 2 days from the generation of the credit card bill,so thought of applying for CIBIL will it be helpful for me to enroll myself right now as i have some future plans like to take a auto loan & buy a small car by January/February 2013 and a 2BHK/3BHK house by 2015 in Kolkata…..how should be my financial steps or approach towards this

    Debashish Bhattacharjee/Mumbai

    • Even though you have not made any delay payment or missed payments, still your score will take a hit , because with your actions oyu are giving a message that you need a lot of loans in life . Not a good sign !

  111. vishal virdi

    I obtained car loan from IICIC bank and there are few cheque bounces due to my change in job and location during the loan tenure, my cibil score is 640. I approched bank authorities and got it settled. Meanwhile my used car loan is also approved from a bank. Just want to enquire that in future will my loan case be approved if i take another loan say after 3-4 years. And will my current Used car loan improve my credit rating i mean will it shoot up from 640 to 740?

    Please guide me what should i do with my ICICI Bank Olc car loan, should i settle or pay full amount.

  112. Bishwanath Sanfui

    I have paid in full, all of my settled PL & Card A/C according to your suggestion but my CIBIL score remains same even after removing settled / Written off status. now only marked as `-‘ in place of Written Off/ Settled. So pls. suggest what to do next.

    Thanks in advance.


  113. Arun

    Hi Manish,

    Now that i understand how this works. I would like to improve my credit score coz i have messed it up. Now say I do walk upto these banks and ready to payoff the disputed amounts.
    1. Will I have to pay the outstanding with interest for 2 years since the time i had come to settlement with the bank that was done in 2010 ?
    2. If I do that, is there a gaurantee that the bank will remove all negative records that are reflecting on my credit report ?
    3. if they do remove, how long will this process take ?
    4. what kind of documentation should i take from the bank as confirmation ?

    Hope you can shed some light into these doubts that i have.


    • 1. Yes most probably, its like you didnt pay the rest amount for these 2 yrs, but dont judge it right now , check with bank first

      2. Yes, when you make the payment , then they have to update CIBIL with the current status and obviosuly your current status is that you have paid everything , so they will update CIBIL in 30 days, check your report once again in next 45-60 days . This should also bump up your score !

      3. overall 60 days

      4. Take the NOC saying you dont have any any any outstanding and also take a note where they say they will update CIBIL with clean status now .


  114. Arunprasath

    Hi Manish,

    Very recently i checked my Score and it as 614. I found that information pertaining to another individual’s credit report was inadvertently mixed with my report. The information mixed was OWNERSHIP: GUARANTOR.

    Then i logged this issued to CIBIL and they told me that it will be removed from report. My doubt is because of this removal is there any chance that my score will increase.


  115. Nani

    Hi i have a citi financial loan and had cheque bounces for almost one yea two per month.But i cleared all my loan recently.My cibil score is 735.But my CIR shows the cheque bounces.How badly these cheque bounces will affect me while going for new car loan.Once again i am telling that i cleared the entire amount not settlement.

      • Nani

        Dude i guess defaulter is somebody who run away from loan and not some body who paid entire amount for repayment.Tell me some thing encouraging to imprve my credit history.If i know the answer why would i ask u .

        • NO , in case of CIBIL, even someone who has not paid on time is like a defaulter . Not a “didnt pay” kind of defaulter , but the “later payer” kind of defaulter, I m just usng ther term like that .

          The cheque bounce info will get passed in coming years . you cant remove them !

  116. Santosh B

    Hi Manish,

    My Cibil score in Jun’12 was 508. After that in Jul’12 I made a pre-payment of 1 or my loans and closed it. However, when I ordered my Cibil score again in Aug’12 it was reduced to 470. I had checked loan eligibility online but never submitted any documents for a loan since Aug’12, but those banks showed it as an loan inquiry on Cibil. Hence, in Oct’12 I raised dispute with Cibil. Below are my questions:
    1) Does a Cibil score reduce, if I order it more frequently? (I need to check the change in my score as I am prepaying my debts 1 by 1 every month)
    2) Can the banks/financial institutions report an inquiry of loan even if I just check the eligibility online and never submit documents for the loan.
    3) How much is the minimum Cibil score required to get a personal loan. (My Cibil score is less, but my current liabilities are very less).
    4) Cibil dispute takes around 30 days to process. So can’t I do anything till then to get any credit from any bank, as I am very sure that the reply to the dispute raised by me will come in my favour.


    • Santosh

      1. NO , just ordering CIBIL score does not reduce your score

      2. It might happen . Its like you are giving away your name, address, salary etc etc and it looks as if “You need credit” . If you do it 5 times, it shows credit hunger, its like that only ! . So it might get reported.

      3. Its a bank internal criteria, but 800+ should be an ideal one .

      4. Sadly, life does not work like that . All you can do is meet the bank manager, and talk to him by giving your justification and showing him suporting documents . But I doubt with 470 score, he will even entertain you . There has to be some thing seriously wrong .


  117. wasim

    Hi i want to know how to improve my cibil score as ut is 684.i was having 2 wheeler loan but it has been closed now i want to take a personal loan plz help me.


  118. i am facing problem with my credit score

    in 2006 telephonic policy of tata aig done my account i asked to cancell
    but they did’t cancelled and i surrendered the credit to them.

    after i left issue i was planningto take personal loan it was reflecting

    mean while : i have purchase car,bike,auto for my personal use. at that time they
    did’t shown plz help mee regarding this issue.

  119. K Harish

    Hi Manish,

    I had a credit card from citibank and the same was settled with the bank and the bank has issued a closure letter inspite of that cibil report says that there is a due in the card , how to solve this.

  120. Bhaskar Reddy G

    Recently I have applied for personnel loan in one bank but it didn’t sanction.
    Later I came to know, loan rejected because of CIBIL score. I was not aware of this CIBIL score because, first time i am applied for personnel loan.I was using ICICI credit card I used to pay the minimum balance and pay the balancing due later. that time I was not aware of CIBIL score and all. Now I have closed ICICI credit card account by paying full amount.
    I am thinking like once I close credit card account it will get update to CIBIL and my score may get change. is it right, please suggest me.

  121. Rao

    Hi Manish
    Great Info.
    I have two credit cards. In those there was outstanding amount to pay. Due to my financial reasons I have not paid the amount. I have not paid the amount since last 3 years.
    I am planning to pay the amount now.
    1) If I clear the amount for the both the credit cards now, will it be possilbe to increase my credit score ? If yes how much time it will take?
    Some of my friends told me that if we clear the outstanding also there is no use. credit score wil not be increased.
    Kindly let me know.

  122. Naresh Kumar

    Hi Manish,
    Please help me if possible..
    wrong update in CIBIL REPORT for my Two wheeler loan because of this wrong update my loans are getting rejected.

    I have a Copy of CIBIL REPORT .i have seen that there is wrong update or its not updated further in the CIBIL REPORT IN DPD ACCOUNT that Reported as LSS (loss)instead of (000) in the year March 2008 . However i have made the total payment on 09 March 2008 . i have received NOC and the payment receipt .

    I have sent mails to cibil nodal desk and bank but there is no proper response and bank is asking me to pay the amount again to update the status . can you help me in this.

    Thanks for your Anticipation

  123. chandra

    Dear manish,
    went through all the postings here, wondering if anyone can help with this case of mine.
    i had three credit cards
    axis cr.limit-20000
    barclays – 18000
    citi – 12000

    it was the time while i was studying & working part time… didn’t really understand how it all will be chaos for whole life. i now have a good paying job & i want to clear everything out to live peacefully.
    i called the bank they said total outstanding as on today–
    axis 40000
    barclay 38000
    citi 12000
    now i remember before i stopped paying the bills i had converted citi’s payments into 12 EMIs out of which i only could pay 2….
    to my understanding there total outstanding should be higher then 12K but they keep telling it is only 12 K
    now what shall i do to pay everything all the interests & fees to get me out clear.

    will be a big help…..


  124. chandra

    what happens post NOC???
    also would i ever be able to be on track?? if yes then how does it work??
    is noc is the only thing i shall receive???

    also i wanted to get my cibil score for cibil.com they charged my account & asked for my passport last five digits which i didn’t happen to have remembered at that time so authentication failed……
    now the catch is they wanted me to mention the address which was registered to credit card company & of course i don’t live there any more… now they are asking the proof for the same address to mail the cibil score…….

    confused i am….. have sent mails number of times to them no reply yet………….
    if you have any idea please suggest…..

    • Chandra

      Where are few things which will help you

      1. NOC is no objection certificate which is provided by bank and its a proof saying that now you dont owe anything to the bank and you are clean now . Once you pay the dues , banks will give you NOC , and then update the CIBIL on the latest payment and change your STATUS

      2. CIBIL will always look at the address given by bank to them as “source of truth” , so its the final one , incase your current address is a new one and the bank has old one, you should be updating your bank address so that it gets propogated to bank and then CIBIL . After that you need to apply for report

      3. When authentication fails, you need to send the physical proofs to them

      I hope these 3 points will help you understand things in a better way !


  125. narayan

    i used two credit cards and also took personal loan. i paid personal loan in full but defaulted while paying credit cards due.i went for settlement of two credit cards. recently i applied for a new credit card but it got rejected. later i contacted banks and made the payment of money which was due while making settlement.i made payment to both the banks on 1st of Oct-2012 till when i have to wait to get it reflected in CIBIL?

  126. Sharma Gaurav


    Thanks for all the advice. It has been an eye opener for me. I just got my CIBIL Credit Rating checked and have a rating of 853.
    1) I was trying to understand how would u rate this as credit rating.

    2) I have been very poor with my financial discipline early in my life, after going through my rating document i figured that all being okay one card from SBI shows WO… while the truth is that I paid in full for everything to the bank and once the account was zero cut and returned the card to the bank. The bank customer care person agreed that the card will be discontinued. I was okay then 7 years later i get a call from a rep from the bank saying that i have a due of around 5000 as the bank had not cancelled the card and i was to pay annual charges for the same. I spoke to the bank authorities and they agreed that i had stopped using the card after bringing my accounts to zero and ‘must have’ asked for the card to be discontinued but at the back end the card was not stopped so i need to pay. I was against it and they told me if i dont they will report it to CIBIL. I made a mistake and did not try averting the damage it would do… as I had no idea what it could have done…. so now I need your advice on the way ahead….

    Also I had around 5 years ago closed all my cards etc and now only use my two ICICI accounts wherein i am a platinum account holder.

    thanks and regards



    In past experience I had misutiliesed the two credit cards and also had done a full and final settlement of a Personal loan taken from ICICI Bank. Now though i had cleared all the outstanding, I am not eligible to receive any cards or Loans from any of the Banks.

    Is there any source by which I can improve my credit rate after a period of time.

    Pls advice.

    Thanks and Regards.

  128. Ashish

    Hi Manish,

    First of all ,I would like to thank you for providing such a detailed information regarding CIBIL. You are doing an awesome job.
    Now my side of story related to CIBIL. I messed up my financial planning few years back because of which I had to go for settlement towards my credit card dues. This was done almost 2 years back and I was under an impression that I am in good shape now:-(. Recently I pulled out my CIBIL report and found that for two of the credit cards status is showing as ‘Settled’ and ‘Written off’. I contacted the bank and they confirmed they will be removing the above said statuses and asked me to check the report after two months. I have everything in written so I think I am good. I have a score of 840.
    Now My question is, if the bank removes the ‘settled’ status from CIBIL will there be any issue getting a loan from any bank? In the CIBIL report I found that they also keep a track of payment history which does not look good to me. Will this be a reason for rejection?

    Please suggest what can I do now as I am planning to go for Home Loan.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Ashish

      Did they say they will remove the status without you paying anything ? Good for you then ! .. Yes if they remove the status SETTLED, then it will improve your score and your report will then be “clean” . But your repayment record called as DPD section will still reflect your past 36 months of record . That shows minute level of detail of your payments . Now bank can obviously reject your application if they dont feel its upto their benchmark . Overall credit report is a document lenders refer to before lending to anyone . SO yes, if its messed up , the chance are high that you will be rejected.


      • Ashish

        Thanks Manish for the reply. Yes somehow I got away without paying anything(lucky me ;-))
        So you are saying that DPD section will get completely wiped off after three years of the last transaction with the bank??
        I settled my account almost 2 n 1/2 years back that means after 6-8 months there wont be anything in that section? In that case, report will look good and bank will not have any problem in approving any loan.
        Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

        • Good then , but you are stilling leaving a loophole ! .. I mean take a Letter of NOC from them stating that you dont owe anything to them , not a single paisa , so that you are legally stronger ! . Yes DPD section always contains last 36 months data, so current thing will get wiped out and new thing will enter each month, think of it like a WINDOW sliding !

  129. srikanth


    I took a internet connection from that i payed all the final amount and did the closing for that but now i got the call from delhi high court for non-payment of bill. Recently i applied a loan but they have been rejected the loan because of this CIBIL rating what should i do. Now although I payed the bill but still they telling that I have not, may be the executive took the amount of my bill. Now they are charging the amount of 4000/- with fine and all dont know what to do please reply me to my mail. id srikanth_sri9441@yahoo.com and let me know to improve my CIBIL rating as well with this things.

    Thank you

  130. Anusha


    Right now my cibil score is low. If i apply for a loan and if it gets rejected, will it affect my CIBIL score again(I mean will it reduce it further)

  131. Deena

    Hi Manish,
    I have one question regarding “Utilizing your full Credit Limit each month”,

    I am having a “VISA Signature” credit card from HDFC bank. I have heard that VISA Signature doesn’t report the credit usage then it means that it gives an impression that the customer is using his credit limit higher every month.

    Just got the information from the url

    Following is the extract from the above url

    Does this affect my CIBIL score considering “Utilizing your full Credit Limit each month” from your post??


  132. Ankur Gupta

    Can anyone tell , whether my CIBIL score will be affected because of following situation:

    I have car loan from SBI since 6months. Because of SBI negligence ECS on my account is not yet activated hence they are using PDC cheques, which i have given them intially. from last 4 months , every month they miss my EMI & after 2 months they use PDC cheques. i has happened 2 times. i have again given him my ECS application,..

    I just want to know whether this will adversely affect my CIBIL.

  133. Archana Govind

    Hi Manish,

    I was so relieved to see this site and went through each and every queries. But could not find a solution for my issue.
    I am currently in a situation where i have got a mail from the customer care to settle the card.I took the card on Jan 2008, and had been making timely payments. I lost the card last September 2011, and had applied for a new one, and had never made any purchases after that. But some how i missed couple of payments, and they also stopped giving me the statement since Nov 11.
    I had paid the minimum amount every month till June 12, and then got into some financial trouble, and ended up being a defaulter. The amount to be paid is 55000Rs, and they are asking for settlement. Im not at all in a position to pay up in one instalment and requested them for more instalments. They have not replied yet.
    Do i stand a chance to resolve this without getting black listed for next 7 years??
    Please do help me. As I have not much of time left to deal with this..

    Thanks in advance

    • No Archana

      I dont see any fault of bank here , everything is on your side only . so without paying the FULL (not even settlement) , you cant escape them reporting this to CIBIL .and there is no limit of 7 yrs like that, it can go to 15-20 yrs also , this 7 yrs is MINIMUM , not maximum

  134. Sai

    I have 4 credit cards, recently i closed my SC titanium card and again applied for New card with same bank (SC Platinum card) with in a week days. Does it affect my credit score? i am maintaining on time payment since begining.

    Sai Boyina

    • Sai

      in 2008, i was having HDFC credit card, i used to pay min amount for almost a year, i paid total intrest and outstanding in 2009, without any settlement. paid total amount. does it affect my credit score.


  135. Renji

    Hi Manish,

    I have 2 credit cards, i am paying minimum due every month for 1 card and other one is sbi card where auto debit options was activated, i was not aware of that. Every month am paying more than minimum due for that sbi card. For example if the amount is 20000, i will pay 15000. like wise i payed for 5 months.

    One week back my SBI credit card was deactivated for irregular payment. Now i have payed all the balance amount other than current month bill that needs to be payed on dec 5th. i have a carloan and personal loan, where I am paying emi without fault.

    Does my name goes to CIBIL, wat wil be my credit score Any guess?

    Now am going to apply for a home loan. Please help


  136. Sai

    Hi Manesh,

    last month i forgot to pay my SC card bill, after 10 days of due date, i realized that i missed the last payment, immediately i called cusomer care and told them i forgot to make payment, they asked me to pay immediately, i did that, called them again and asked them to return those late fee and and intrest amount back to my account. they agreed upon and credited same amount into my account. does it effect my credit rating. this is first time i did late payment and they also gone through my payment history and transfered latefee and intrest amount back to my account. Everything went smooth.

    Does it effect my Credit rating?

    Sai Boyina

    • Hopefully it should not , many times credit card company reverses the charges if they see a genuine case and hence it will not be reported to cibil , because in reality its revered also . So not much to worry i guess.

  137. Chandrakant

    Hi Manish,

    Due to some family problem i have some outstanding in My credit card, which was latter Setteled with bank, i have also have one PL and Two vichler Loan which was setteled in last two year.. my cibil report score is 769..

    I am Planing to go for Home loan next year ..please help me ..

    Can i again pay the remaining amount after settelment to bank..

  138. Vinay Singh Chauhan

    Hi Manish,

    Currently my CIBIL score is 705 and i have two credit cards with 140000 as outstanding .
    If i clear this in november and check my cibil in feb will it get close to 785.

    Apart for that i have 3 personal loans one of which is getting closed this month.

    I am paying full amount not settling it.

  139. Biju

    I have an interesting point to add , I have 3 cards and these cards have 1.65 Lakhs , 0.80 lakhs and 0.80 lakhs credit limit , I applied to the banks to reduce the limit to Rs 20000/- , My monthly exp will be 10 to 15 K , I never roll the bill and pay all the time in full and never defaulted even once still the cibil report will shows high card usage , The reason is it is 10000/20000 = 50% that is taken and not 10000/165000 or 10000/80000 that is taken , this is a flaw , the system does not distinguish between bank set limit and customer set credit limit ….

    Any comments

    • What is customer set limit ? There is only a limit ! .. A customer can ask the bank to reduce it, but if its not reduced by bank , then no limit changes. And higher limit is always better ,if you can use it to your advantage , it will help you in credit score imporvement !

  140. Kumar

    Due to financial crisis I paid min due for 18 months for 3 of my credits cards, and I have not paid 8 EMIs which were left of my personal loan for 1 year. I started clearing the EMIs now as per the agreement made between the bank and me instead of going for settlement. I started clearing the due since 2 months of my credit cards by paying more than min. Today my CIBIL Score is 405 and my credit cards are in active state but i am not using them. Is there anyway that I can increase the score? If yes how long will it take?


    • Kumar

      Your score is too bad , all you need to do is keep paying your dues on time , It will take some good time to increase it , please dont think that very fast you can improve it . it will take some years now !

  141. Mahesh G Mehta

    II shree II
    Dear Manish,
    I am new to CIBIL. My first report showed I had a score of 739. I have a loan against LIC from SBI. My eligible limit was Rs. 1, 80, 000/= I opted for Rs. 1,50, 000/= and have kept the limit fully utilised and paid interest on time. When I applied for a credit card the application got rejected due to low CIBIL rating of 625. It was due to unintentional casual credit enquires made. I want to reach the highest score in the shortest possible time. What must I do?

    • Dear Mr. Mehta,

      The casual enquiries made by you have unfortunately impacted your credit score negatively. The fact that your credit score dropped from 739 to 625 validates this. 625 is not a bad score and improving it is always a good option. But it would be difficult to comment on the time required for this improvement.

      Additionally, there could be other factors that could have impacted your credit score negatively.


  142. Fawwaz Hayat Khan

    Hi Manish,

    I just checked my CIBIL report and my score is 630. Here i have a problem with one of my HDFC credit card that ive been using. Due to non payment my card was blocked in Dec2011 and i made a partial payment in December and the complete payment in the month of March 2012 and requested to close my credit card account.
    Now in the month of October 2012 i got a call from HDFC bank that ive a due of 5k on the same card . After inquiring about it they said its the LPC on LPC on LPC being charged since March and now i can see in my CIBIL that card appears as written off.
    1) Although this 5k of LPC is something that ihvnt used still I am even ready to make that payment but do not want to get a hit on my CIBIL report.
    2) Also i can see in the Enquiry Information Section there are banks that i don’t even know the names of and ive never applied for any credit card or loan in those banks still they are there in my CIBIL. Does that mean some agent is using my document to reach their target of no. applications?

    Please suggest what should i do for both the issues?

    Also please tell me if i follow ur tips to improve credit score how much time should it take to increase my score from 630 to 750?

    Thanking you in advance!
    Fawwaz Hayat Khan

    • Dear Mr. Khan,

      If you had paid the complete outstanding amount before closing the credit cards in March 2012, then the late payment charges should not be charged on them. Also the written – off remark on your credit report will impact your credit report negatively.

      The enquiries appearing on your credit report by banks to whom you had never applied have to be immediately removed from your credit report as they can further impact your credit score negatively.


  143. Hi Manish,
    Just in time – I was looking for these details as I recently got my credit score and it is 823!
    Now though this score is good, I only have one credit card which I hold for last 7+ years and have always paid in full and on time. About 1.5/2 years back, I missed one payment by just one day (forgot!) but paid penalty and interest right next day of the due date.
    I don’t have loan apart from this – have never taken one.
    Is it possible to know where exactly the score got ‘deducted’?

    In last 6 months, once or twice I have used my credit limit above 50% (but again paid on time).
    Can this be a reason? Or based on your article – As 100% of my debt is unsecured(!), can that impact my score?
    Does CIBIL consider our bank balance for credit history? I mean I use creditr card just for convenience (all my plastic money goes out only through this one gate – helps me keep check on it!) – should I reduce usage of CC?

    As always, great article. Do write sometimes how you decide on “what to write on” :)

    – Sarang

    • Dear Mr.Sarang,

      823 is a good score and your timely repayments over the past 7 years have helped build this score.

      Credit scores are calculated based on various factors like the payment history, length of credit history, number of secured and unsecured loans, credit utilisation etc. It would be difficult to point out where your score got deducted, more so in your case as your score is already good.

      Our advice would be to maintain this credit score and No, CIBIL does not consider bank balances in calculation of credit scores.


    • that one time issue will not matter much , also i think the bank didnt reported it to CIBIL as you paid just in next 1 day . You cant say where the score got deducted, but you shoudl nto worry much on this , no one gets 860-870 kind of score generally .. what you have is perfect and it will get stronger with a long history !

      And regarding how I decide to write on , it just gets created out of conversations I have with people on comments section

  144. Rizwan


    I never took loan or any credit in my life, just in the month of Oct i applied for card from HDFC and got card in Nov 2012 for limit 30,000, In the Nov i swipe that card to purchase a gold of 18,000.

    My question is how long should i wait if i want one more card.

    Which credit card will be good for me….also which bank

    As concern is how much percentage can be used from 1 card (ie if card limit is 30000 how much spending will be good as i know spending 80%- 90% of card affect on score)

    In next 2 year i’ll be applying for home loan how much score will be good enough

    • Dear Rizwan,

      Our advice will be that you apply for another credit card only if you have a genuine need for it. About which credit card will be good for you, it depends a lot on the benefits that you are looking for; like cash back, reward points, balance transfer etc.

      Ideally you should not exceed using more than 50% of the credit limit as it can affect your credit score negatively.

      Credit score of 700 – 750 is considered to be a good score and as you are planning to apply for housing loan after 2 years, you can build your credit score in this time period.


  145. Renuka Prasad


    I just checked my score and it’s 752 (a so-so one). I have had 3 credit cards till now. I closed 2 of them this year and currently using only one.

    ICICI 76,000 Limit, still using (Current due Rs. -0.75)
    HDFC 1,50,000 Limit, closed
    SBI 91,000 Limit, closed.

    In the past 2 years (2010 and 2011), I paid my bills, a many times on due date and a few times a day before the due date. It was about 4 or 5 times that I paid late. I lost my HDFC Card (limit 1,50,000) and chose to block it and close the account and paid all my dues. SBI Card was deactivated because I paid the dues late consecutively for the 3rd time. I cleared off everything with HDFC and SBI (paid all the interest and fees / penalty).

    My CBIL report shows a due Rs 44000 due on my ICICI card. I am guessing that hasn’t been updated in a few weeks or so. It should have been a negative due of Rs. 0.75..

    I am planning on not using my card at all for the next several months. How long will it take for CBIL to update the score? Will my score improve significantly? I will be applying for a Home Loan in the next month or so.

    Please reply. Thanks in advance :),

  146. Renuka Prasad

    Some times, some marketing executive calls and convinces to apply for a card, which later got rejected, for no apparent reason. That happened twice (once with HDFC Card and once with SBI Card. I got both the cards when applied again.) But I never enquired about HSBC bank, but it shows in my CBIL Report. What can I do regarding this? Is there a way, I can improve my score faster?

    • Dear Renuka,

      752 is not a bad score but it could have been better if you had made timely payments on your credit cards. The reason for ICICI credit card showing a due of Rs.44000 instead of Rs.0.75 could be because the bank has not yet reported the updated information to the credit bureau. Your credit report will reflect the facts once the bank reports the updated information to the credit bureau.

      With a credit score of 752 we do not see a reason for your housing loan not being approved in the next month or so. However it is always advisable that you continue making timely repayments and your credit score will improve over a period of time.

      The enquiries of HDFC Bank and SBI credit card will reflect on your credit report as they were applied by you, but the HSBC enquiry if has not been made by you has to be removed from your CIBIL report as it can affect your credit score negatively.

      Also there could be other factors in your credit score which have affected your credit score negatively.


  147. Ravi

    Hello Gurus,
    I have recently applied for a creditcard and got rejected saying cibil score is low.
    I need a personal loan now urgently and my employer has tie ups with sbi and amount will be deducted from salary every month.

    Am i eligible for personal loan from employer’s source? or still they will check for my cibil score and reject?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Dear Ravi,

      Everyone is eligible to “apply” for a loan through any channel; however the approval of the same would depend on the credit score and other factors. As your employer has tie – ups with SBI there could be chances of your loan application being approved in spite of a low score.

      The best thing is to apply and check if this channel helps to get your application approved.


  148. Susharan Banerjee

    Dear Sir,

    My CIBIL score is all messed up with a score of 532 only. I have only one credit card of ICICI which is blocked now. Please let me know how can improve on my CIBIL rating.


    • Dear Mr. Banerjee,

      532 is a low score and it will be a hindrance for your future loan applications. Your ICICI credit card being blocked may be because you have been irregular in making payments.

      Various factors like late payment, outstanding balance etc. impacts an individual’s credit score. What has impacted your credit score could be commented on only after your credit report is analysed.


  149. jithesh

    Hi Manish ,
    Thanks for your information about CIBIL report , 5 years back i was having 2 loan and 4 Credit card , For some financial i am not paid it till 2011, 2011 Dec i settelled my all loan and credit card , now i checkd my credit score Aug month it was 603 ,i know this score not enough for getting any loan or credit card , 2 month before i got a credit card based on my FD , and for the credit card last month bill i maid full payment , but my cibil score is not yet increased till now, maybe it wil take 1 more month, actually what i want to know is my current month card statement will generate only Dec 14th , so before generating my statment if i pay my full card payment it will high fluctuation will be there in my cibil score ,or score will increase gradually?
    before genetating statment i can pay my card payment fully ? this is good not not ? and if i pay full card payment in one time when i can expect my cibil score will be 750 and more ?
    i have credit limit of 17000/- in my card , if i utilize fully cibil is treat its negative ?
    i am waiting for your valuable reply
    Thank you

    • Jithesh

      First you should understand that credit score will increase gradually , it will take a good amount of time , it will not increase in just 2-3 months . The simple plan is to make the full payment of your dues on time and do not over use your credit .

    • Dear Jithesh,

      Secured credit card is a good way to improve your credit score. But the improvement in score is not a quick process and paying off the entire amount before generating the statement will not help your score improve significantly.

      603 is an average score and your non payments of the outstanding amounts till 2011 have impacted your score. Also there may be other factors that have impacted your score can be commented on only after your credit report is analysed.


  150. Sathish

    Dear Sir,

    Previously i had not paid used amount to 1 credit card & 1 personal loan due to i had met with severe accident. Please suggest that how can resolve this issue and also suggest that what is the score require for getting Home loan.

    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Sathish,

      Have you obtained your credit report and score? If not, then obtain a credit report from any one of the 3 credit bureaus – CIBIL, Equifax or Experian. Check the outstanding amount against your credit card and personal loan.

      As the interest rate on credit cards and personal loan are high, pay off the outstanding amounts immediately before they balloon into a higher amount.

      Also when did you stop making these payments? Theses late payment will surely affect your credit score. To comment on the impact of these late payments and how your score can be improved, your credit report needs to be analysed.


  151. Ajay

    Hello Manish,

    I have recently checked my CIBIL CIR and it is showing 744 score i would like to know whether i am elgible to get new credit card from LIC,ICICI,PNB & from Canara.I am currently holding HDFC card with the limit of 1,00,000rs with no defaults and good payments record since the year of sanction this card i.e 2008 and recently in October month i have applied for 5 credit cards in which 3 out of 5 have been approved my card while rest 2 have declined
    To get the things clear i requested for the cibil report and y’day i have received the CIR which is showing 744 score so please guide if i can apply for new one or not i have 2,00,000 with 24 EMI of personal loan from April 12 and good payment records since sanction of this loan.Please help

    • Dear Ajay,

      You already had 1 credit card with a credit limit of Rs.1 lac and in October you have accepted 3 more credit cards. Also you have a personal loan of Rs.2 lac. Is there a need to apply for more credit facilities?

      As all of these are unsecured loans with high interest rates, they could affect your servicing capacity. Also the credit cards that were declined by you will appear as enquiries on your credit report. Applying for more credit facilities will only increase these enquiries which are viewed negatively by the lender.

      744 is a good score and your timely payments have helped in building this score. However; our advice would be that you apply for credit facilities only if you have a genuine need.


      • Ajay

        Thanks for the reply cred expert

        i am just fond of getting credit card i want to avail many facility as offered by other fin. institutions.I am fond to just a collection of credit cards from major banks .Now i have seen there is total 12 enqueries reflecting in my CIBIL CIR. Out of which 8 enquiries in past 12 months

        Will there be any issue to not granted me the same from others because i am going to apply for PNB ,ICICI & canara Cr.cards in next month

        Enquiries are :


        SCORE 744

        Scoring factors :-




        NOT DISCLOSED 02-11-2012 CREDIT CARD 1,00,000
        NOT DISCLOSED 30-10-2012 CREDIT CARD 150
        NOT DISCLOSED 26-10-2012 CREDIT CARD 50,000
        NOT DISCLOSED 29-09-2012 CREDIT CARD 1,000
        NOT DISCLOSED 28-09-2012 CREDIT CARD 1,000
        NOT DISCLOSED 27-09-2012 CREDIT CARD 50,000
        NOT DISCLOSED 04-04-2012 PERSONAL LOAN 2,00,000
        NOT DISCLOSED 30-04-2011 PERSONAL LOAN 1,00,000
        NOT DISCLOSED 12-11-2010 CONSUMER LOAN 9,500
        NOT DISCLOSED 19-02-2010 CREDIT CARD 40,000
        NOT DISCLOSED 09-09-2008 CREDIT CARD 1,00,000

        Please help me

        • This is not healthy .. so many credit cards , that too in such a small span is negative . this will create a lot of issues in future when you go for some big loan . Whats the need for so many credit cars ?

          • Ajay

            Hi Manish i have only 4 cards while there is 8 enquiries for cr.card showing in my report out of which i had applied after 16th oct 2012 only but i am not able to understand why 3 enquiries are showing to before of these dates is it for that i had applied online on 26 sep-12?? and there is also a enquiry showing Personal loan of 1,00,000 on 30-04-2011 though i have not availed it but still showing in enquiries

            About the need of 4 cards i just taken these cards as a part of my collection to getting facilities

        • Dear Ajay,

          Too many credit cards will make you come across as a credit shopper. There is a possibility that your genuine application for credit in future may be rejected because of too many enquiries appearing on your credit report. You have made 7 enquiries in the past 12 months! – Which certainly is a high number.

          To be honest, “being fond” of collecting cards from major organizations is no reason to apply indiscriminately for credit. Credit is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly.

          We strongly recommend that you stop shopping around for credit and limit your “fondness” of collecting credit cards or else the impact would be soon seen on your credit score.


            • Dear Ajay,

              We recommend that you close the credit cards gradually over the next few months. Prioritize by 1st closing the credit cards that have a lower credit limits and then moving towards the one that have higher credit limits. Retain 1 or 2 credit cards and continue shopping as far as you do it within the credit limit of the card and your repayment capacity.

              Also stop making any new applications for credit cards and make timely payments to improve and maintain a good credit score.



    i was holding two home loans since 2000. im a well paid professional drawing . however due to frequent transfers my Post dated cheques were not replenished resulting in non-payment for over 6 months. also to signature error a few times cheque bounces happened. but they were repaid and corrected .
    i dont posses any credit card. only debit cards were used regularly for any financial transactions.
    6 months back a personal loan enquiry got rejected due to very bad credit score ( 450 only). so immediately i wound up all the loans ( 4 months ago). now iam loan free and no credit card holder. how long will it take to recover my credit scores.
    thanks and regards,

    • Dear Mr. Natarajan,

      Unfortunately you have taken a wrong step by closing all your loans. These loans were a channel through which you could have had depicted a good repayment behavior. The lending institution will now build their opinion based on your past repayment behaviour.

      450 is a bad score and improving credit scores is not a quick process. Also apart from the late payments for whatever reasons, there could be other reasons that could have affected your credit score. To comment on what factors have impacted your score and how to improve it, we need to analyse your credit report.

      We precisely provide a service where we analyse an individual’s credit report and give a detailed description and understanding of the credit report and credit score.

      Additionally we also provide a service where we counsel individuals on how to improve their credit score and also execute these steps for them. Please take a look at our website http://www.credexpert.co.in.

      We would be happy to provide our services to you.


  153. Dear Mr.Goel,

    With a score of 739 – which is a good score, availing a car loan would not be a problem. Having said which, the final decision will depend on the credit policy of the lending institution.


  154. Rakesh Singha

    Hi Manish,
    As I had 4 credit cards (HDFC, DEUTSCE,CITI and SBI) after a long dispute I had sattled DEUTSCHE,CITI and SBI card where the had mentioned full and final payment received in there settlements letter.
    I also want to inform am still using HDFC card and paying regularly where they had offered 1 lac personal loan on that card, I opted the loan and paying regular emi without any delay.
    Now please suggest whether those settelment will effect my credit score?????


    • If by settlement you mean – “You paid less than outstanding amount” , then YES ,those loans status will be “SETTLED” in your report and you will face rejection ! . JUst check it once to confirm !

    • Dear Mr.Singha,

      When you settle your debt with your lender for less than what you owe, your lender reports this information to the credit bureaus and it will be reflected on your credit report. Lending institutions will view this settled remark negatively in case you apply for a loan in future, as it shows your inability to service a loan.

      Yes, the fact that you opted for a settlement on 3 credit cards will be reported on your credit report and will negatively impact your credit score.


  155. Suresh G

    Dear sir greetings!

    I received an educational loan in 2007, the expenditure certificate for my study was given as 2 years, but it was actually 4 years, I completed my degree in 2011. I started repaying loan from 2011. The bank started count from 2009 and updated as loss to the bank. Now, I applied for a personal loan, the bank rejected my loan due to the bad credit, I checked my cibil score it is 596. If I pay all the outstanding amount in a month. Will my cibil score improve in a couple of months ? Please help me to understand. Thank you well in advance sir.

    • Dear Suresh,

      As per the expenditure certificate issued for 2 years you were obliged to repay the bank from 2009. The bank on not receiving any payments from you for 2 years reported this account as loss.

      596 is a bad score and improving credit scores is not a quick fix. Paying the entire outstanding amount in 1 month will not bring any significant change in your credit score immediately but will certainly be a step in the right direction.

      Also there could be other factors as well which could have impacted your score negatively. To comment on the factors that have impacted your credit score and on how to improve the same we will need to analyse your credit report.


    • Dear Mr.Elgum,

      690 is an average score and it could be difficult to get a personal loan with this score. Also a lot depends on your credit history and other factors that have affected your credit score. We could comment on it further only after analyzing your credit report.


      • rAJESH eLGUM

        Hi All,

        Yester day when I checked my CIBIl score it is 795 now, please advise for further action, and also please let me know will i be able to get Pl or credit card?

        And one more thing in the report- one of my previous PL is setted.

        Thanks in advance.


        Rajesh E

        • Dear Mr. Elgum,

          795 is a good credit score for a personal loan / credit card. Besides the score, the bank would also look for any negative remarks on your report. “Settled” is a negative remark since it indicates your inability to service the loan in the past.

          Furthermore, personal loans/credit cards are unsecured loans and since the bank’s risk is uncovered with any security, it would be more cautious in lending you the same.

          We would suggest, that you repay the complete outstanding balance against the settled loan and ensure the remark is removed from your report. It would help minimize any possibilities of a rejection.


  156. Ashwin

    I have a HDFC Credit Card and everytime am paying the bill amount through a Cheque.Once, due to a wrong date mentioned on the cheque,the fee payment was late.But i cleared the amount the same day.Now everything is fine.But now,i need another Credit card.So,i applied for many providers.They call,confirm,pick the documents and finally,they mention that application is rejected.I donno why.what may be the reason.plzz help..

    • Dear Ashwin,

      Have you availed any other credit facilities? If yes then, are you repaying them on time? If you only have a HDFC Credit Card and have been repaying on time except for that 1 instance then, it is unlikely that your credit card applications are being rejected for this reason.

      Lenders evaluate your credit applications based on your credit report and score. There are possibilities that your credit score is low and hence your applications are being rejected. Also, why are you applying randomly to lenders? This will result in high number of enquiries on your credit report which will negatively impact your credit score.


      • Ashwin


        Juz today i applied for the CIBIL Report.I dint get the score online as they could not get the info of me online.So uploaded the docs and now waiting for it..Will soon update u as soon as u get..

          • Ashwin

            Juz today i checked my CIBIL report.My score is 694.

            SCORING FACTORS :

            PAST 12 MONTHS.

            Actually,One account was wrongly created by my bank and it has not been closed and the current balance is showing as zero.
            Another loan account has a outstanding balance of Rs.11,500 which am paying the EMI regularly.
            Lastly,i have a credit card which is showing current bal of 23,500

            Now,i wanna know where it has gone wrong.

            Plz help..

            • You already have mentioned some reasons .. They are all contributing to your score .. now you cant know the exact formula how its created, but all you need to now know is that you need to fix things which are in your control ..

              • Ashwin


                Thankzz for the reply..I already closed the loan account which was wrongly created.So,waiting for my points to shoot up!

                Actually am not too much knowledgeble in finance…so juzt wanted to know the actual meaning of 2nd and 3rd points..


  157. Rajesh E

    Hi All,

    My cibil score is 607 and ig I get a secured credit card how long does it take to improve my CIBIL score?

    Please help me out with this.


    Rajesh E

  158. Dear Rajesh,

    607 is a low score but the secured credit card is one of the best ways to improve your credit score. However it is also important to understand that your credit score will improve gradually over the next few months.

    Repay on time, do not carry high outstanding balances, borrow within your repaying capacity, don’t apply for new credit facilities until you genuinely need it and monitor your credit report regularly. Your credit score surely will improve.


  159. vijay

    Dear Knowledge Sharing Team,

    I have taken Educational Sanctioned is 70000 but utilized and paid only 25000 approx with prompt payment of interest and principal

    will it hamper my CIBIL Report, because at present i am looking for personal loan.

    • Dear Vijay,

      If you are not delaying in your repayments, then there is no reason to worry.

      Timely repayments help in improving credit score. Continue repaying on time and also check your credit report and score before applying for the personal loan. A lot depends on your credit score which according to us would be good given your repayment behaviour and assuming there are no other negative factors on your credit report that can affect your credit score.


  160. sacin

    manish sir,
    Recently i have improved my score to 742, i am in need of Housing loan now shall i go for it but i ave almost 8 inquires already reported to cibill in 2012 year. i am not defaulter but made delay in education loan repayment, finally made all payment and dues. what should i do

    • Dear Sacin,

      742 is a good score to avail a housing loan, but a higher score is always advisable.

      Have you applied for the Housing loan? Did any of the 8 enquiries made in 2012 convert into a loan? If No, then, were they rejected by you or did the lender reject your applications? If the lender has rejected your applications then, did you try to find the reason for the rejection? We believe the answer to your query lies there.

      The late payments on your Education loan could be making the lender view your credit report negatively. Also, stop making any more enquiries, as they impact your score negatively. As mentioned you have improved your score to 742; continue your positive repayment behaviour and wait till your score improves further before applying for the Housing loan.


  161. anish sinha

    hi manish,

    i have submitted the the detail and made the payment also.
    i not received score then i submitted the pancard and passport for all detail..
    its been 20day they not responding for my mail as well.
    customer care number is not working.
    what can i do.

    Anish sinha

  162. Ramesh naidu


    I have Citibank credit card. I have paid more than outstanding balance amount and I paid extra amount (Rs.780/-) after that i didn’t used my credit card. Now Credit card was expired. But in the CIBIL Status showing its SETTLED. How can i remove this SETTLED status from citibank


  163. Ramesh naidu


    I have Citibank credit card. I have paid more than outstanding balance amount and I paid extra amount (Rs.780/-) after that i didn’t used my credit card. Now Credit card was expired. But in the CIBIL Status showing its SETTLED. How can i remove this SETTLED status from citibank
    Actually its outstanding amount is Rs.47320/-. I paid Rs.48000/-.


    • Dear Mr. Naidu,

      As mentioned, you stopped using the card, but that does not stop Citibank from charging the annual maintenance fee (if applicable) and also the interest on the same for all those years. However, we assume that the amount any how would not be that high. The clarifications about the specifics can be best given by Citibank.

      Also, did you get any communication from the Citibank informing that your credit card has expired and you are supposed to pay the balance due amount if any?

      Contact Citibank and check if their credit policy allows them to accept the outstanding amount after a card is settled and whether they will remove the Settled status before reporting your information to the credit bureau.

      If Yes, then pay the outstanding amount to remove the settled status – assuming you are willing to pay it.


    • Dear Manjegowda,

      You will have to apply to any 1 of the 3 credit bureaus i.e. CIBIL, Equifax or Experian to access your Credit report and/ or Credit score. To know further details about the cost, payment mode and other specifics please visit the website of the bureau of your choice.


  164. VenkataRamana


    I have taken credit card three months before only and paid two months credit card bill successfully. Can i try to take personal loan now.

    • Dear VenkataRamana,

      Do you mean that you have not availed any credit facility till date? If yes, then, your credit history is only 3 months old and hence the score would also reflect the same.

      Firstly personal loans are unsecured loans and hence the lender will be more cautious while granting the same. To decrease the possibility of being rejected due to a low credit score or credit history, we would recommend that you wait for few more months and monitor your score increase before you apply for the personal loan.

      Also, we would advice that you opt for a personal loan only if you genuinely need it. Read the article Personal Loans are Easy to Get , but come at a High Cost courtesy Economic Times dated Jan 3, 2013 by visiting this link http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Repository/ml.asp?Ref=RVRNLzIwMTMvMDEvMDMjQXIwMTEwMA==&Mode=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom and understand how such loans should be taken only if you are in a crisis.


  165. yogesh

    I had HSBC credit card with the limit of Rs.31,000/- in some where 2006, i used to the limit and now it became very huge amount of Rs.2,30,000/- (obviously score is very low 500+), now its really a pain and wanted to solve this somwhow..please suggest ? is there anyway i can talk to HSBC people or any suggestion would guide me.

    • Dear Yogesh,

      Using up to 100% of the credit limit and we assume making minimum payments on your card have affected your score. 500+ is a bad score and there is an immediate need to improve your score for maintaining a healthy credit life. Also, other than these 2 factors stated above there could be many other factors that have affected your credit score.

      We could comment on the exact factors only after analysing your credit report.


  166. Manje Gowda

    Dear sir

    my cibil score is now 765. but last time i ask personal loan that time my loan reject.

    now any chance for loan.


    Manje gowda

    • Dear Manje Gowda,

      765 is a good score. What was your credit score when your Personal loan was rejected? Are you planning to apply for a Personal loan again? Also we would suggest that you ask the bank the basis for the rejection.

      Personal loans are unsecure loans and hence the lender would be more cautious before approving the same to you. The best way to find out your whether you will get a loan would be by applying to the lender.


  167. Shonu


    I have taken a personal loan of 5 lakhs from HDFC bank, paid all the EMI’s on time with not even a single default. In the second year I had paid all the money in advance(remaining amount) for the next 3 years and cleared off the loan from the bank.

    Also after a year I had 4 credit cards, my total outstanding amount is Rs.2.5lakhs. I am paying very minimal amount but the minimum amount.

    Unfortunately when I had applied for loan, the score was found to be 570.It was shocking as I thought I am the best customer as I have paid the loan in advance by 3 years in case of HDFC. My income is around 60k. When talked to bank officials they said:

    – Difficult for approval as DPD is reflecting, what is DPD?
    – Credit Card Outstanding is reflecting.

    Manish, request you to please share your knowledge on:
    – How do I improve the Cibil at its earliest as I am planning big purchases next year?
    – After payment, how much time it would take for the good score.

    I want to achieve the best score…

    Thanks, please answer it asap.

    • The problem is your MINIMUM PAYMENT .. when you make Minimum payment it means you are DEFAULTING on the rest of the money , so you didnt pay all the money on time, and you have done this for a very long time .. So DPD section is messed up

      DPD means days past dues, which shows that in any given month, how many months of dues are pending to be paid .. and when it keeps on growing , its a RED SIGNAL ..

      So now , you cant change the DPD part , it will keep on sliding because its records are kept for 36 months .. pay all the outstanding amount you owe to banks if any and wait for 1-2 yrs now .. There is no short term solution..

      • Shonu

        Thanks Manish for your instant reply. I really value your inputs.

        Adding to what you have said, If I make all the payment within next week for all the outstanding and I also have no loan running, had paid the whole of loan in advance(within 1 year instead of 5 years) as stated. Do you think my score will go beyond 800?
        If not what should I do as I am planning Home loan next year.

        thanks again for your valuable time.

        • Shonu

          Yes, paying back all the outstanding amount which you have not paid from long will definately boost your score and clear your report . But you can not say that how much your score will be . there is no guarantee on that .. but it will improve ..

          Also if you have any current EMI’s .. then better keep paying that. .because that will help you build your repayment history and show your repayment capability !


          • Shonu

            What should I do to touch my score to 800+ till next year(as I have to apply from home loan). I will be paying all the outstanding next week, what do I do apart from that?


            • Rahul K.

              1. Do not leave you CIR halted i:e Do not close all your accounts and wait till next year. Make sure that you have active transactions on your credit card.
              2. Once you have cleared all your outstanding credit card dues, use it to pay your bills. Make sure you dont exceed the payments by 5 – 10% of the credit limit in each card.
              3. Pay your entire credit card bill before due date. 5 – 10% of the credit utilization shouldn’t be a pinch to pay all at once.
              4. If you have any outstanding loans, do not foreclose them till next year. Make regular payments till 3-4 months prior to your home loan.
              5. *One of the most important thing* – Do not apply for any loan or credit card or any thing that has to do with CIBIL. Enquiries section of your CIR eats up a little score.

              Follow this blindly till next year. Once you are ready for home loan, close all your outstanding loans and payment 3-5 months in advance. Make sure you spend these 3 – 5 months chasing the banks to close your loan accounts and update the most recent credit card card payment history. 3-5 months is because CIBIL takes this time to reflect the data into your CIR. you might have to take your CIR copy once a month or 2 during this period to make sure everything is updated correctly without any rough edges.

              Once everything is done and set, speak to an accounts Manager and explain him about the DPD issue that you ran into couple of years ago. He would be able to help you with some relaxation (sole discretion).

              Frankly, Now-a-days 570 is too less for a considerable score. The above pattern should help you increase the score to a good extent but I cannot say by how much.

              If for example the increase is not adequate, you would need to extend the same for another 6 months – 1 yr. Just make sure you get your CIR periodically and that all the information from bank on CIR is correct and latest.

              Rahul K.
              (A CIBIL Victim)

  168. Arvind Singh

    My CIBIL report shows an unpaid loan that has never been availed by me. This has unnecessarily reduced my credit rating to a low grade and affecting my regular banking for no fault of mine and this was also reported by me to CIBIL for corrections in the same however CIBIL paid no heed to my request.

    • Dear Mr. Singh,

      Missing information, errors and incomplete information, each can have significant impact on your future borrowings and also on how your current lenders approach any requests for change of terms and conditions, higher loan amounts, etc.

      All these and other such “errors”, not only show up in your credit report, but also adversely impact your credit score. It is therefore extremely important that these errors (for whatever reason they may have appeared in your report), need to be immediately corrected.


  169. chirag nagpal

    I recently got my cibil report and its says cibil transunion score is 763 and few days back i have applied for sbi credit card..and my applicantion shows rejected..what would be the reason?? at the moment iam using citibank credit since JAN 2011 (credit limit:35,000) and just two payments weren’t paid in feb and april 2011..and my main question is i would require a personal loan after 2 months worth 2 lakhs