List of Different Asset Classes for Investing

Below is the list of different Asset classes one can consider for investing in Indian markets. For building a successful balanced portfolio one has to understand different asset classes and as per their risk appetite, one has to build his/her portfolio so that it’s optimal from his risk return point of view. In this post you will look at different asset classes and their sub categories with the risk potential. This is not an exhaustive list of categories, however it covers most of them. See the Chart Below


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Points to Remember

  • The above chart does not contain exhaustive list of products and asset classes. See What is Asset Allocation
  • REIT and REMF are yet to come to India, they are not there in market yet
  • Mutual funds classification is not complete. There are different ways to classify mutual funds, the one I have shown is one of the way. Here is the list if good Equity Funds and Debt oriented Mutual funds

Comments! I am sure I missed out somethings in this chart, please suggest me something I can add.

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  1. ashokan arunachalam

    Good work, will be nice if you could also include Nifty Linked Debentures (Structured Products) and Portfolio Management Services (PMS) as a part of this pictorial diagram.

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