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What is max return one can expect from jivan saral policy.
i have paid 2 years premium of jeevan saral 1000/mth (term 10 years).
should i continue it?
if i discontinue it now and pay rs 1000/mth sip in HDFC PRUDENCE or any balanced mf how much return should i expect after 8 years?
Kindly advice and help.

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  1. Parag Shah says:

    Jeevan Saral is a Money Back Policy. U will get hardly 4 to 6 % returns.

    Second thing Jeevan Saral is Life insurance policy in which u will get the life cover. And Mutual fund is an Investment. Don’t mix Insurance & Investment.

    In balance fund after 8 Years may get returns 15 to 20 %.


    1. BHAVANA says:

      Thanx for the reply.
      I have 2 jivan saral policy and 1 lic term plan.
      if i close my jivan saral policies and continue the term plan,
      will it have any adverse effect on term plan.

      1. Bhavna

        No , it will not have any adverse effect on your term plan .. they are not related


        1. BHAVANA says:

          Thanx manish for ur reply.
          i have some questions for u and everyone…plz do reply
          1)if i close the lic jivan saral policy and start sip in mf (balance mf) for long term for about 8 years will i be able cover the loss occured in lic policy?
          2)What will i have to do to close the lic policy? any written letter required? do i need to inform lic b’coz lic jivan saral policy details are given in term plan application form.
          3) Can lic rejects the term plan claim if their other polcies are stopped by customer?
          4) what will be better stop lic policy now and start sip in mf or pay lic policy for more 3 years and then make them paid up and from that year start a sip.(i m already investing rs 8000/mth in equity mf since 2 years)
          kindly reply and help

          1. Bhavana

            1. Mostly .. depends on how much loss has happened . Also your decision should not depend on YES Or NO , its like I dont X and wants to leave it , but what about Y ? X and Y are not related here .. just discard

            2. You just need to stop paying the premium ,thats all . it will make the policyu as paid up , if you want to surrender and take your surrender value (after 3 yrs) , htne you need to give an application

            3. NO , dont worry on that , its not related

            4. Stop LIC and start MF , i would siggest , STOP lic , take a term plan for your life cover and then start MF


    2. SANJAY GOSWAMI says:

      Bhavana, LIC jivan saral is not a money back plan.It is an endowment plan where you will get maturity amount at the end of policy term.The return of endowment plan is generally low.So its better to take term plan+sip in mutual fund.

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