Retirement Corpus

POSTED BY nagender kumar ON July 18, 2013 9:00 pm COMMENTS (2)

1) How much inflation we should take to calculate Retirement corpus. whether we have to take CPI general inflation for the last year or CPI inflation for the last 20 years.

2)How much Returns we should take post retirement.

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  1. inflation: min 8%-10% Inflation is a tough to quantify. Actual inflation
    has no connection with WPI and CPI. So you tax the highest you can afford.

    Post retirement: When you calculate a conservative pre-tax 7% is what I
    would recommend. However actual invest should be over different instruments and AFTER you retire you might want to aim for more. NOT now.

    This calculator may be of interest:

    1. nagender kumar says:

      Thanks for the answer.

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