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POSTED BY Angi ON March 5, 2012 5:17 pm COMMENTS (5)

I am in a little dilema over buying real estate
I have about 15 laks as down pmt for a 34 lacks 1 bedroom holiday home in Goa close to the beach
would it be wise to invest now or wait for sometime for a price correction?
Also this would mean using my savings to buy this apartment?
is it better to go in for it now? or just invest the money in Mutual fund SIP route for growth?
just a little confused ?

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  1. bharat shah says:

    @ashal jauhari
    i think ‘agni’ would have asked for investment and not for holidaying. and then it would be difficult for anybody without information of the area. however what do you think about investment offers of week end homes, holiday homes, residential plots with lot of infrastructure and amenities to be provided, around ahmedabd, surat, baroda, bharuch and kuchcha , etc. appearing in gujarat newspapers and magazines ? i feel, whole gujarat, may be whole india is now behind real estate! it reminds me the plantation companies and week time purchase of apartment offers before some years and fade away.what do you feel?it seems that most working assets like equity shares and bonds are things of fade , and less working assets like real estate , and no working asset like gold/silver are in driver’s seat.

    1. Dear Bharat Shah, let Angi anwer the questions raise by me. Regarding your query – Yes real estate is a one big bubble now a days & it may burst any time sooner or later. I’m fully against to pay my money for such holiday or weekend homes. The current high prices are more due to speculation & less due to actual factors.



  2. TheZionView – Goa is no more a UT it has become a state already.

    However thanks for the info, I thought only J&K had such special rights.

  3. TheZionView says:

    i thought only residents of goa are allowed to buy lands in goa and same apply to many union territories is that not the case?

  4. Dear Angi, in a year how many days you ‘ll spend time in Goa in that house? For non occupancy by you, what ‘ll be your earning from this house as rental?

    Please answer these questions.



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