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POSTED BY shalmali doshi ON January 26, 2013 6:14 pm COMMENTS (2)

Dear all,

  I have taken Jivan Griha,Jiven Mitra,Jeevan Saral and Endowment with profits policies for future for My Son as adviced by my financial Advisar. But while reading the forum my eyes opened. Why I have invested so much money without thinking. Please let me know which policies are good and which are bad?

Thanking you all 

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  1. Rosh says:

    pity on u. all r JUNK policies. u have been missold these polices. he is a LIC agent not a financial advisor.

  2. None of the polices will give returns that will beat inflation. Education and marriage expenses
    grow at the rate of 10% each year.

    It would be best to surrender the policies one by one and invest in combination of debt instruments and mutual funds.

    If college entry is 15 financial years away you can open a PPF account.

    You are bound to lose money if you surrender but the present loss is much smaller than future loss due to the poor returns from such polcies.

    Hope you have enough life insurance to safeguard your sons future in the event of your death. If not please take pure term insurance.

    You can use this child planner to calculate

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