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POSTED BY Anurag Srivastava ON May 3, 2012 12:35 pm COMMENTS (10)

I am living in an rented Accomodation .Last month,TDS was cut from my Salary and HRA was not considered .It was my fault that I didn’t informed the Company .Can I claim a TAX refund for the HRA on month of April

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  1. sachinbhoinallu says:

    Dear sir,
    Last financial year I had not submitted my income tax declaration form in my company so total amount of tax got deducted, now while filing the itr what should I do to get back the refund

  2. chaithanya says:

    Hi Ashal, The information is useful for me, as i am experiencing similar situation. And i have a specific question related to ITR form (efiling through Incometax website)

    Section 23. column 4 > Income under the head salaries – Do I need to mention the detail as per Form 16 or recomputed salary as per my new sheet?

    Section 25: I believe, I need to leave this as blank. Do you confirm it? (as my TDS is deducted through my employer)

    1. Dear Chaitanya, yes you can recalculate your form 16 details & please put in the calculated nos.

      Yes point 25 is to be left blank.



  3. Ashal Sir,if I don’t produce the rent receipt to the Employer then Can I directly attach it at the time of filing returns .Is it necessary that Claimed HRA Amount be mentioned on Form 16

    1. Dear Anurag, if you are unable to to provide the rent receipts to your employer to get HRA tax benefit at source, you may claim the same at the time of filing your ITR. Please do note in case of return filing, no support document is to be attached. You have to keep all these ready with you to prove the claims made by you, if Income Tax people ask you to prove the same.



  4. Dear Anurag, you can still show your April month’s rent receipt to claim HRA benefit & same ‘ll be considered while calculating your Tax liability for remaining months. Accordingly you tax deduction ‘ll be a bit lower for on wards months.



  5. You can miss providing every single investment proof to your company and still claim all of them when filing the return.

    There are many reputed online web sites that help file your taxes. Why dont you take a look at them for this year? That way you will also learn what all goes into the tax returns exercise and understand what all avenues are there more to save tax. The costs must be comparable like on done by an agent.

  6. sunil says:

    Dear sir,
    I as well missed on some of my 80c investments to fill in while submitting my documents to company.

    What all i need to submit for getting the refund (what all forms i need to submit to the agent).
    Will the agents who come to do the filing take care of this or we need to do it on our own?

    1. Dear Sunil, you can still claim those missed investments & get refund for the same while filing your income tax refund. Just inform that agent for the same at the time of preparing your income tax refund.

      By the way, you can file on your own also, for your ITR. E-filing is very easy & cost effective.



  7. Yes. If you have not declared something and tax has been deducted already you can always claim a refund when filing the return

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