Buying Health Insurance in India? Follow this 13 point checklist

A lot of changes has happened in health insurance industry over last 5 yrs. The overall health insurance industry to some level is standardized and new regulations are in place. A lot of investors have bought their mediclaim policies many years back when rules were raw and when few things were in favor of insurers, not investors.

buy health insurance in india

Given the changes, I thought, it’s the time to edit the whole article written long back and update all the points. So here you go.

Health Insurance products now have far fewer hidden bombs to surprise you now, For instance

  • All Health Insurance policies are now mandatorily issued for life-time.
  • Insurance companies cannot levy claim based loading once the policy is issued.
  • Insurers need to give a clear 3 months advance notification to existing customers before increasing premiums or terms in a policy.

What’s more, thanks to the competition brought in by specialized health insurance companies, there have been many interesting features added to the otherwise standard mediclaim products.

So now I am putting up 13 points every investor should read before they buy health insurance. These 13 points can act as the guide for someone who wishes to either buy a new health cover or wants to upgrade their health insurance cover. These points are not tips as such, but various dimensions revolving around the health insurance buying decision-making.

Point #1 – Don’t be too late in buying a health insurance policy

I have seen too many customers, especially the well-educated ones, literally trying to find a health insurance product which has all the “dream” features bundled into a single product. They want high cover, less premium, best claim settlement, no loading, OPD cover, extreme fast claim settlement, maternity and high-end benefits.

But sadly, such “dream” products do not exist in real-world. One has to understand that these health insurance products are highly complex and their premium pricing and features are linked to various parameters. You can’t get a product which has everything you wish.

At times, it happens that 8 out of 10 things required by the customer is present in the policy, but 2 out of 10 is not there, and what do customers do? They try to find some other policy which has all 10/10 things covered. This just leads to procrastination. There are millions of investors who are delaying taking health insurance from many years and this is the single biggest mistake one can make.

The risk of “No cover” in the future

The biggest problem with this approach is that, you might be denied a cover later in life, because you might have crossed that age limit, or you might have catched some illness which will not be covered now.

If there is one advice, just one advice, I would give anyone on Health Insurance. It would be this – “Never Delay. Set a deadline, buy that policy and get covered.”

Buying a good enough policy early is 10X better choice than buying “best health insurance policy” after 5 yrs. So the first thing you need to do is, be 100% clear that you are buying a health insurance product NOW. Focus on core big features which really matter, and don’t get too attached to tiny points which either do not match your requirement or are different than what you want.

Point #2 – Assess who do you want to cover and their health status

It is important to finalize the list of people you want to cover. Also, take an account their current health status. Make sure you cover most of your family members for whom you are responsible for. At times, people buy health insurance for self, spouse and kids and ignore parents.

  • If all are young and healthy, no hospitalization history, no chronic ailment detected, you are going to be spoilt for choice!
  • If you have members who are above 50 and/or have a medical history/condition then you should be prepared for some pain (more on this later) which will most probably include having certain time bound exclusions in your policy. Or you might have to pay higher premiums.

Point #3 – Assess your lifestyle

The greatest health insurance is taking care of your health. Keep a check on your own lifestyle, as well as your family’s. If you/your family is fit, following a healthy routine or regularly exercising, have healthy food habits, doesn’t smoke, has no history of excessive drinking, you’re in a good place with regards to risks and coverage required. If not, then you have a much higher risk to hedge. This, apart from inflation, needs to be taken into consideration, when deciding the sum insured.

If not, then you have a much higher risk to hedge. This, apart from inflation, needs to be taken into consideration, when deciding the sum insured. But be clear that just having good health or good lifestyle is not an excuse to ignore health insurance policy. Leading a good lifestyle just protects you from illnesses, you still don’t have much control on accidents, or some diseases which can still happen even though you have a good lifestyle.

Point #4 – Individual Covers or Family Floater?

You also need to be clear if you want to buy individual cover for each person, or a family floater policy?

Family Floaters seem to be a no-brainer, as they are very efficient. The idea is that not all family members will be hospitalized in the same year. You get a large cover shared amongst all family members for one of you to claim. The price is lower/efficient than buying individual covers.

But hold on! .

If one of your family members is older than 50, or has health issues, or lifestyle issues as discussed earlier, it would be sensible to look for an individual cover for such a member in addition to the family floater. You shouldn’t have a “high risk” member as part of your family floater, as if he/she has frequent claims, year-after-year, other members could be left without any cover, when they would need it.

individual vs family floater health insurance

If you don’t have the choice, and are getting a great deal with a family floater policies then go for a very high cover (in the range of 25-30 Lakhs). More on this in the next point for discussion.

Point #5 – Zero down on Sum Insured from Long Term perspective

The biggest mistake one makes when buying Health Insurance, is when one factors today’s costs and decides the insurance coverage, whereas in reality, you are likely to make claims around 25 years from now

Hospitalization costs today would be ranging from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 3 Lakhs. Assuming you are 30 today, at an modest average healthcare inflation of 7.5% for the next 20 years, single hospitalization bills will range (hold your breath!) at around Rs. 13 Lakhs when you are 50 years old.

What’s more, if you live even a mildly unhealthy lifestyle(as discussed earlier), you may have to bump the cover by another 25%, as you are at much higher risk, unless you take things in control and improve your lifestyle immediately. Think in terms of the long run, you may not need this policy right away, but in the future, you will most definitely benefit from having a higher cover.

OK, don’t sweat; we have smart ways on how to get a Rs. 16 Lakhs within your budget. Read on.

Point #6 – Compare Hospital Room Eligibility Capping

Now this is the big one. This single condition could depreciate the value of your health insurance with inflation. Something most agents/insurers won’t like you to know.

Many Health Insurance policies have room rent capping, which means you are eligible to claim expenses only up to a room costing below this capping. In case you opt for a room above this cap, you will have to bear the additional proportionate expenses on your own. Let me give you an example

Lets say, as per your policy you are room rent limit is Rs 4,000 per day . Now if you get hospitalized and you choose a room (for if you are forced to choose) which has room rent of Rs 10,000 . You might think that you will just get 4,000 per day for room rent from insurance company and other charges you will get as per the limit. But thats not true.

In reality, your room rent limit is 40% of the room rent chosen, hence all other expenses will be paid by 40% margin only. Means if your actual bill for ICU has been Rs 20,000 , and even if it’s in the limit, you will still be paid just 40% of 20,000 = Rs 8,000 .

If your doctors bill comes to Rs 50,000 and even if it’s in the limit , still you will be paid only 40% of that, which is Rs 20,000 . So overall you will be at a big loss only because of the room rent capping limit. Check the below image from

room rent capping

I hope you are now clear on the implications of the room chosen at the time of hospitalization.

Also factor in the inflation

One day rent for a Private room averages to around Rs. 4000 per day, today. At an inflation of 7.5% for next 20 years, the room rent would be in the range of Rs. 20000 per day.

Now, if you have a policy with room rent capping of Rs. 5000, and you opt for a private room with rent of Rs. 20000 per day. Insurance company is liable to pay you only 25% of all the costs claimed by you, in spite of your claim being within the sum insured limit.

Given a choice, your preference of health insurance should be in the following order:

  • Policies with Private Room eligibility.
  • Policies with No Room Rent capping.
  • Policies with Room Rent capping.

You must be surprised as to why have I suggested Private room eligibility policies above policies without room rent capping. The reason is simple, in my opinion; policies with no room rent capping have larger chances of being abused. Insurers could bear higher losses due to no control over the extravagance of a few customers. In the long run, it would be consumers who will pay for such extravagance of a few, through higher premiums or revision in the terms of the product, so that the Insurer can contain the overall losses.

As mentioned earlier, the above priority is to be kept in mind, in case you have a choice. In case you don’t (due to health conditions, age etc.) it is important to not give up and hedge your risks to the extent possible, by opting for a sum insured with the highest room rent limit. This way you will be able to contain some part of this ‘auto-depreciating’ cover!

Point #7 –  Check for any sublimit/co-pay

There are clauses like sub-limits and co-pay in most of the insurance policies. They put a sub limit on a particular expenses (like 2% of sum assured). Make sure you are very clear about them and are fine with it.

There are few Insurance products that have limits for specified surgeries also. So even if your sum assured is Rs 5 lacs, they might restrict a particular surgery expenses to 50% of your sum assured.

co-pay clause policy

Check with the products you have shortlisted. Also check for words like “limits”, “co-pay” or “deductible” in the policy. These are set deductions in claims. Ensure you have understood, and compared what these mean, before your decision to purchase is made.

Point #8 – Hospital Network is Important Parameter

While you compare the key features discussed above, you should also compare the hospital network of the shortlisted Insurance companies. You must compare these for areas you/your family is likely to be hospitalized. Though such lists are dynamic and can change anytime, it still gives you a good idea of the network that the Insurer has in place, in case you need to use it for a cashless treatment. has an awesome, very user-friendly, geo-mapped hospital network comparison on its comparison portal. I would recommend you go through the same, for a quick comparison. Check it out below how they show you the number of hospital and their names near your house (based on the pin code you provide them)

hospital network health insurance

While a good network of hospitals is something you should definitely look at, but it should not be your primary parameter to judge a health insurance company.

Point #9 – Finally, go through Policy Wordings

Ask your Insurance Broker/Agent to provide you with the policy wordings of the product you have liked. Ensure you go through the Customer Information Sheet yourself. This is a one-pager that summarizes all the key conditions you must be aware off. Every health insurance product needs to file this with the Government (IRDA). Ask questions till you are satisfied.

I would strongly suggest look at the policy document sheet yourself online. Just go to google and search for “<health insurance policy name here> + “brochure pdf” and you will surely get the PDF document online. go through it and read it. below you can see, how I searched for Appolo Munich Optima Plus brochure online

health insurance brochure

Point #10 – Go for Super-Topup

In order to get the 15-17 Lakhs health insurance cover that would inflation proof you for the next 20-25 years, it is very sensible to buy a Super Topup policy. Recommend, that you go with a Rs. 5 Lakhs base cover with a Super Topup cover of Rs. 15 Lakhs. This can save close to 25-30% of premium vis-a-vis buying a Rs. 20 Lakh base plan.

2 important things here

  • Ensure there is no room rent limit in your Super Topup policy.
  • Ensure you buy a Super Topup Health Insurance along with your Base health Insurance policy tenure and they have similarly timed renewal dates.

health insurance super top up

You can read how super top up works in this article .

Point #11 – What to ignore while buying a policy ?

Now that you know what you must compare and consider, you must also know what to avoid?

Features like Ambulance, Daily Hospital Cash, Domiciliary, and any other benefits that don’t get used often, have a low consequence in the overall scheme of things. Hence, in my opinion, these should be overlooked, so that you focus on the bigger covers.

So focus on the network of hospital, fees for doctor consultation, Room rent Limit, ICU charges, Check if they are paying for medicines or not and these kind of expenses which make the the major part of your overall bill.

Things like Ambulance charges are not more than Rs 2,000 , if you have to pay it from your own pocket, even that its totally fine. Why to choose a policy based on that parameter ? Its always a bonus advantage and nothing else. So learn what to ignore and what to look at.

Point #12 – Ensure you appoint a good advisor

By now, you may have realized Health Insurance is a complex product and a good amount of research has to happen (but do not over do it). It is therefore recommended that you appoint a health insurance expert to help you shortlist products, explain the terms, answer your queries etc.

You even need a post-sales services like claim assistance and helping you out in co-ordinating with the health insurance company if you are stuck. If you find yourself a policy through an Insurance Broker, if required, he/she may also be able to help you through dispute resolutions with Insurers, in the long run, if any.

Let me show you an example of a claim rejection case with Max Bupa (company was right in rejecting the claim) . One of the readers among you had bought a policy through Max Bupa (through some individual agent, not broker) and he bought two different policies for himself and wife . He wanted a maternity cover and the agent told him that its covered in the policy. It was even written in the policy document, but it was clearly written that both husband and wife have to be in a single policy (floater policy) . But agent and client both didnt pay much attention to it.

And after 4 yrs, company rejected the case based on their terms and conditions (the claim itself was not valid) . Below you can see the scanned letter which company had sent to the client. Here company was correct in rejection of claim because client wanted something which was never covered in the policy. However if had paid more attention or had a great advisor on his side, he might have been informed in a better way.

claim rejection example

Remember that unlike Life Insurance or many other policies, Health Insurance could have repeated claims through yours or your family’s lifetime. It is therefore important to have someone who can hand-hold you through the tedious paperwork and the otherwise time consuming processes of Insurance companies.

In the cases where you want to cover the family members who are above 50 and/or with pre-existing disease, it makes a lot of sense, to go through an insurance broker who deals in multiple insurance companies. Out of sheer experience, the broker will be able to help you zero down to few Insurance companies who are liberal. This will help you avoid the pain of doing medical tests with Insurance companies where chances of getting a policy are very low.

Point #13 – Review your existing policy and look at options to Port

If you have an existing policy which does meet the above mentioned 12 points, and you are still young and healthy, I would recommend you to look at porting your mediclaim policy to a better company around 2 months before your next renewal.

Unfortunately, if you have already made claims in your existing policy, or have any chronic ailment to declare for any family member, the chances of portability are very dim. I would then recommend you look at upping your cover with the same insurance company, and look for other options (like Super Topup) by which you can hedge the negatives in your existing coverage.

Buy your health insurance company NOW !

I recommend that you at least start looking at various options and take your decision quickly. If you need expert help, all you need to do is leave your Name, Email and Contact details on this page, or just click on the button below and share your details, so that you will get expert assistance in choosing your health insurance policy

That’s all folks. If you have any questions, comments, feel free scroll down to post your comments. Happy to help.

This post has been written by Mahavir Chopra – Director Health Insurance at, which is a health insurance partner of Jagoinvestor

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  1. Rakesh

    Manish / Mahavir,

    Excellent post. Very detailed explanation.
    Mahavir, I liked your quote “A product with a lower renewal ceasing age than 70 years is a complete no no.”
    Most of the private insurance companies have a limit of 70 years, unlike government companies which offer for lifetime.
    Now what have the Private Health Care Insurance Agents of this blog have to say who have been mis-selling their products to the customers. Why don’t they recommend a product which will last for a life-time?


    • vilas shinde

      Dear Sir,

      Realy Your Knowledge ie Very Good Wich Plan You Can suggest me
      me age is 28 and my wife age is 26 i can pay maximum 5k yearly premium.

  2. Hitesh

    Hi Manish / Mahavir,

    A very good article to read before finalizing on those complex health insurance policies.
    One point i would like to ask is that suppose i am taking a floater policy of 5 lacs at present (my age is 30yrs). Then after some years ( say at 45) i would think of taking a individual policy for me and my spouse because it would be more effective then.
    1. So during this transition from floater to individual, will all the benefits from floater be carried forward like pre existing period etc?
    2. also will it be treated a fresh policy or a renewed one ?
    What points should i consider now for the transition phase ?



    • Hitesh

      Hi Mahavir,

      I am in touch with Medimanage for health insurance for my family (self -30yrs, spouse-28yrs and child-1.5 yr). I have received the options of Oreintal family floater, Apollo Standard, StarOptima and United family medicare.I have zeroed in on Oriental family floater and Apollo Standard.
      Now how do i select between the two ?
      1.Like in case of co pay , Oreintal has defined it to 10% but Apollo has no co pay but then i want go for long term so Apollo may add this thing later.
      2.Same thing for premium loading on claims. its defined in Oriental but in Apollo its linked to bonus.
      3.Also i understand that both of these have lifetime renewal.
      4. Also room rents and icu rent is defined in Oriental but its unlimited in Apollo.
      I need your guidance in finalising the final one based on your expereince with these two companies and also the points mentioned.



      • I have gone through your requirement. For your specific case, in case your family has no ailments Apollo Munich is a good choice.

        No one can predict how Private companies would change their pricing. terms in the future, as we still have to see how they treat senior citizens renewals and claims.

        Pricing and terms in Public Insurance companies are like pricing by BSNL or MTNL. Due to their government holding and market share, they would always have huge social pressure, if they have to increase prices or apply restrictions.

        For instance, the withdrawal of cashless by PSUs was front page news, while many changes in the Private sector products (some very alarming) never got noticed by the media.

        If you are looking for very very long term, want to have a good balanced pricing and terms, and you have a good advisor – you could go for a PSU. Buying from a PSU without a strong advisor who believes in service can be a disaster.

        If you are looking for modern infrastructure, responsiveness etc. – Private Companies are somewhat better.

        It really is a personal choice.

        • Hitesh

          Hi Mahavir,

          Thanks for the guidance. I have read your points and shall take the decision. You have given supporting reasons for both private and PSUs.

          Currently i have mediclaim (individual) of my parents of Rs 1.5 lacs each from Oriental. The policy is there from last 7-8 years. My fathers age is 64 yrs and mom’s age is 62 yrs. I want to increase the cover. Should i
          1. increase it in the individual form (2.5-3 lacs each)
          2. or change to family floater of both (5 lacs) ?
          My dad has a diabetes and have claimed for diabetic foot twice. My mom has claimed for knee joint replacement. and for a fractured foot.
          Also i shall continue with oriental as there is no point in changing the company.


          • With the ailments history, no private insurance company will offer cover for your parents. An Individual policy would be better, as given the age, the risks should not overlap, leaving one of them uninsured.

  3. Hi Manish/Mahavir

    NIce explanation on Health Insurance.
    I have one doubt in point no. 3 ” Renewal age”. I don’t know about other nationalised company but National Insurance does not offer Life time renewability..for Mediclaim the maximum renewal age is 80 years and for Varishtha Beema it is 90 years.
    Pls correct me if i m wrong.

    • No PSU Insurance company are currently denying renewal of any Mediclaim, if the policy wordings are silent. Varishtha does have a 90 years maximum renewal age, in the policy terms.

  4. Marshal

    very informative.. good job.. thanks for sharing..
    Question: if you and your family(parents as well) are covered by your and spouse’s employer then also one should opt for heath insurance.?

    • Yes, you should not depend on your employers’ Insurance cover, especially for your parents who are growing old. We have seen discontinuance of coverage for parents in very large corporates too.

  5. Atul

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for facilitating the article writeup.

    I happen to watch program on Medical Insurance yesterday on CNBC TV-18. Both the program and article has given immense information.

    Thanks once again!



    • Vinod Dutt

      Dear Team,

      I am Vinod Dutt aged 31 years old. I have two kids. I want to purchase Health floater insurance Plan. Which company would be BEST as per cash less and customer satisfaction.

      Vinod Dutt

  6. Rakesh


    Please also mention what companies you have been recommending to your clients and what are their feedback about it. The health-policy requirement would be for a small family which consists of husband , wife who are below 45 years and two kids. A healthy family with no pre-existing illness. In this case which company should we opt for. Your feedback would be appreciated.


    • Hi Rakesh,

      The recommendations completely depend on the requirement of the customer, ailments, his outlook towards cappings, copay etc.

      Also, there are some companies which have very good products, but these are good only if you have a decent advisor to represent you, for service and claims. Such products would have a different experience if bought direct or through a good intermediary.

      It would be very difficult to generalize and provide a list of recommended products as per age.

      • rah80


        -Can you please elaborate on the role of good intermediary?
        -Who is the intermediary here? How does he affect a claim request?
        -There are not many PSU -health insurance companies, is it that difficult to tell which is the best among them, based on claim histories, service and turn around time?

        IMO it is always better to stick to a trusted PSU health insurance provided it is managed well, less bureaucratic and has good network of hospitals. You never know when the private companies unduly change their terms and conditions.

        “The very thin line or the smallest font sentence in the policy agreement”


        • Hello Rah,

          This is clearly mentioned at the end of the article. Let me reproduce the same to you:
          A good advisor is one who would provide minimum of the following services –
          a) Unbiased advice, without any special affiliation to any Insurance Company.
          b) Provides Routine services like Pickups, Renewals etc.
          c) Assists and Guides you at the time of Claims.

          A good intermediary, can understand claims better,
          – ensure you are aware of and follow various rules and procedures important for the claim to be passed,
          – hand-holds you with the paperwork,
          – follow up regularly with the Insurance Company/TPA,
          – coordinate to ensure the payment reaches you.
          – If a claim is denied, such an intermediary can help you understand the reasons. If the reasons are not satisfactory he can help you in lodging grievance with the specified authorities.

          In short, he does all the coordinating work regarding the claim, while you can concentrate on your work.

          PSU Insurance companies still do not have a service mechanism of their own. They depend on Intermediaries themselves. For instance, a PSU will not send a runner boy to pick your renewal cheque, or your claim papers. IMO, Service from PSUs are very much dependent on Intermediaries and TPAs.

          I personally visit so many PSUs and have seen how people who have bought policies are treated. I would not in my wildest dreams think of dealing directly with them :)

          A Good advisor also has better negotiating skills (due to the volume of business), better rapport and relationship, which one can leverage.

          Yes, Private Companies are Profit conscious and hence would taken rigid steps to ensure they protect that. But there is also a different perspective, “a business needs to be profitable for it to serve me, if it does not, it could shut shop, and I could be stranded.”

          Finally, it is a personal choice.


          • Shashs

            I have a medical insurance and have completed 4.5 years. Before taking this policy I didn’t have any serious medical issues other than common cold and cough, but never made a claim. But now I have been diagnosed for high BP and prescribed medicine. Do I need to inform this to my current insurer?. If yes what should be the procedure?


    Nice Atricle…. Keep up the good work….

    As an expert I need your inputs on my query on health insurance.

    I am in 31 and have a health insurance (family floater) of INR 3 lacs from ICICI Lombard covering self, wife (30) and daughter (1)

    My parents were staying abroad and have recently joined me in Mumbai. Dad (56) and Mom (51) are fit, healthy and fine. My mom is a diabatic from last five years (basic stage, under control and is on medication). I recently visited a diabatic speacialist doctor in Mumbai and after going thru all my moms test the doc is impressed on the way my mom is maintaining her sugar level.

    As per my understanding my parents don’t need any medical attention for the next 4-5 years. But still i wish to take a health insurance for them. I am planning to buy family floater for all of us and have zeroed on Oriental Insurance – Happy Family Floater plan. I wish to go with a sum assure of 7 lac for which the premium comes to approximate twenty thousand rupees.

    Before purchasing Oriental policy i thought it would be wise to discuss this with you and take your inputs.

    Besides above should i also buy a Diabetes Safe policy offered by Star Health Insurance for my mom.

    Thanks for going thru my query – i appreciate your reply….


      DEAR MAM

    • Shakil Shaikh

      Hi Mahvir & Manish

      Shed some more light on buying Critical Insurance….

      For a guy like me who is 31 and has a health insurance (family floater) of INR 3 lacs from ICICI Lombard covering self, wife (30) and daughter (1)

      I will be taking a Oriental Happy Family Floater for my parents includine self, wife and my daughter – the cover will be between 7 to 10 lacs.

      I think i need to cover my self with a critical illness insurance. After doing my research i feel Bajaj Allianz yearly premium is reasonable but the problem is that they only cover 10 major critical ilness. What is your comment on this…. Thanks….

      Thanks for

      • Shakil,
        You are taking very good steps at covering you and your family. Critical Illness and a good comprehensive cover under Personal Accident is a must for every earning individual with a dependant family.
        Reg. Critical Illness Policies, Life Insurance Companies offer better more comprehensive cover than General ones.

        ICICI Pru’s Crisis Cover and Max NY’s Lifeline Wellness Plus are some of the good plans. These cover more than 30 conditions. Of course, they are substantially expensive. Worth the investment, in today’s times.

        People generally forget the modest and humble Personal Accident Policies. Please do ensure you have a very good cover for Disability as much as you have for death.

      • Ravi

        I bought a CI policy from Bharti AXA for 5 lacs. I am posting this on the website as an experience for people who want to opt for this. It has been over a month now since money has got debited from my account. I have recd. only premium statement from the company so far, that also by email. The papers pending include health card, policy wordings,policy schedules, 80d certificate. Assurances are being given by three seperate departments regarding resolving the matter at the earliest including the advisor but of no avail.
        Hence my request is readers please post experiences and read them before deciding about any company and plan.

  8. raj

    Dear Mahavir,

    A very important aspect has been totally sidelined i.e. Medical Policy from an Agent vs Policy from a Bank. This query has been posted in All the Health related articles, but somehow never replied to.

    The Benefits are as under:
    1. Huge financial Benefits of purchasing Medical Insurance policy of a NATIONALIZED Insurance through a Bank?

    I think these are best products at very reasonable rates, as compared to policy through agents. It is just like Newly Launched and now widely popular Online Term Plans, that save a lot. Here there is no intermediary, so Agents don’t get anything so no ONE recommends these products. But these are not available online. But are really very Cost Effective.

    2. FIXED Premium for Health Policy!! Yes, you read it right. In these Policies, the PREMIUMS are fixed for age upto 60 to 80 years.

    Some unanswered queries:

    3. I understand that a health policy taken through a Bank is a Group Health policy? Then what happens if the contract between Bank & Insurance company terminates?
    (a) The pee-existing cover is transferred i.e. is taken to One’s next Policy from same insurance company? OR
    (b) Loose all the benefits incurred till that date & Start afresh.

    4. Is it possible, there could be difference in coverage aspects between policies taken from same Insurance Company through an Agent or BANK AS AN AGENT?

    5. What about portability differences of these health policies? (Same insurance company but one purchased through an Agent & other through a Bank (as an agent))

    6. Why such a huge difference between premium of Policy taken through an agent VERSUS Policy taken from BANK (as an agent) from same insurance company?

    Regards and thanks

    • The dependance on a Group Insurance for a Health Insurance cover is no more sensible, be it a policy through your employer or a Group policy from your Bank. Insurance Companies are on a strict correction spree and no company is being subsidized by taking losses, however large the corporate is.

      The difference in premium and benefits is short term, and gradually this gap is being filled.

      Currently Banks are providing cover to everyone who has a bank account. In fact there are so called advisors in the market, whose job includes getting a savings account opened, just to enable purchase of such policy.

      All such policies have not been long term. Terms can change, Premium can change, whenever the group shows a loss. So your terms would depend upon how your entire group claims and not you. We would NEVER recommend you to go for such a policy, unless you dont have any other choice.

      Answering your questions:
      1. If the contract terminates, there is no provision for porting it to any other policy of the company. A good insurance company may port policies to the other products with conditions. Policies with senior citizens would face huge resistance for porting. In most cases, you will lose all benefits and will have start afresh.
      2. Yes, the product through bank could be a group cover with a certificate of insurance provided, or could be a separate product filed with IRDA. This product could be different from the open market products.
      3. Portability will work only for young families. Older insured members will not really enjoy portability, as Insurance Cos. are bound to create road blocks (Read Loading, Exclusions, Cappings) to take such customers moved into their product.
      4. As mentioned, the policy taken from Bank is a group policy, hence the premium is a negotiated one. If it is a Retail product, again, it is a separate product filed with premium discounted for volumes committed by the bank. Note, there are some policies which are expensive when bought through bank vis-a-vis directly. For instance HSBC used to sell Bajaj Policies over phone to its credit card customers. This product was more expensive than the open market one, and had a renewal ceasing age of just 55 years.

  9. raj

    Some unanswered queries:

    3. I understand that a health policy taken through a Bank is a Group Health policy? Then what happens if the contract between Bank & Insurance company terminates?
    (a) The pee-existing cover is transferred i.e. is taken to One’s next Policy from same insurance company? OR
    (b) Loose all the benefits incurred till that date & Start afresh.

    4. Is it possible, there could be difference in coverage aspects between policies taken from same Insurance Company through an Agent or BANK AS AN AGENT?

    5. What about portability differences of these health policies? (Same insurance company but one purchased through an Agent & other through a Bank (as an agent))

    6. Why such a huge difference between premium of Policy taken through an agent VERSUS Policy taken from BANK (as an agent) from same insurance company?

    Regards and thanks

  10. deepak

    hi mahavir/manish
    thnx for the this informative article:) my query is what are the process for nri to buy health insurance and do we need to be present in india at the time of buying insurance.

  11. Sujit Singasane

    Hi Mahavir /Manish,

    Thank you for above information. I am 38 yrs old and I have taken Star heatlh floater policy (optima) for 2A and 2C for 10L. After reading this article, I was wondering if I made a right decision as Star health is till 60 years of age. I called customer care, they informed me that, it will get convereted to senior citizen policy. What are the pros and cons in this situation


    • Hi Sujit,

      The product you would be ported to at age 60, would have a 30% Copay on all Claims, Capping on all major surgeries. As per current terms of Star Red Carpet, for your coverage (of Rs. 10L) the limits would be Rs. 1.50,000 for Treatments related to Cardiac, Renal Failure and Breakage of Bones. Rest Major Surgeries would have a limit of Rs. 1,20,000/-

      You need to take a call now….

      • Kalinga Kumar Rout

        The Star health- family Optima renewal age was extnded to 65 yrs. after that you can move to Mediclassic individual policy which Continue for 80yrs.with no Co-Pay ,after that you can move to Sr. Citizen policy for life time with co-pay structure.

  12. Viraj

    Hi Manish/ Mahavir,

    I think that loading charges is a significant factor that should be taken into consideration. I had a policy with ICICI Lombard & was only informed about the loading charges after I had already taken the policy. Effectively if you take a claim of Rs 1-2 lakh your premium goes up by 50%. That’s pretty significant! So, I changed to Apollo who do not have a concept of loading charge. I think that IRDA should ban loading charges, as you are penalized for falling ill. The whole point of insurance is that the company should come to your rescue in the time of need and also should calculate premium based on calculations of average cost per insured.

    • I agree Loading on an individual’s premium is unfair. These are nothing but an Insurance Company’s way to “correct” premiums, which have been calculated without any demography and health data made available by the Govt./IRDA.


    I have an individual Mediclaim Policy from Oriental Insurance of Rs 5 Lakh each for my spouse, myself and for my kid who is just 2 &1/2 yrs old. In the month of March, I applied for enhancement to Rs 10 Lakh each for myself, wife & kid but Oriental without assigning any reasons did not enhance my cover & asked me to go for their Floater Policy. I am 38 yrs old and have no claim history till now [ even no claims for any of my family member] but still they are not ready to enhance my individual claim to Rs 10 Lakhs. Even agent is not bothered to help me out whereas Oriental has a internal circular which states policy could be issued to Rs 10 Lakh individual cover by way of issue of separate policy of Rs 5 Lakh [ right now I have single policy with cover of Rs 5 Lakh].
    Can You help me out in this regard? I have also gone through Max Bupa Family Floater Policy [ Family First]. Could you pls guide me on this though in the first instant I would like to enhance my individual cover to the extent of Rs 10 Lakh from Oriental .

    • Hi Amit,

      In my humble opinion, you should go for an additional 7-10 lakhs of family floater with Oriental. This will be enough cover for a long time. Ensure they give you continuity benefits.

      The other option is to look for another company’s product. Try to see if they can offer you continuity. Apollo Munich provides continuity if you submit renewal notice and policy copies.

      • AMIT DOSHI

        Hi Mahavir,

        Thanx for your valuable feedback. I have gone through the floater policy details of Oriental Insurance and in their product brougher they have mentioned that this policy is renewal till 65 Years of age and therefore I am worried what will happen after my attaining 65 yrs of age and at that point of time need for medical insurance becomes a much necessity. Though my first preference is with Oriental only as I do have my individual policy with them but this renewal age criteria has pulled me back to think about floater
        policy of Oriental.

        I have gone through MAX BUPA Family First Policy though premium charged by them is quite high as compared to others but since I do have individual cover of Rs 5 Lakh from Oriental then I am thinking to get floater cover from MAX BUPA as they provide lifetime cover without TPA [ though Oriental provides renewal till 65 yrs only] .

        Could you pls share your valuable thoughts on this?

        • PSU Insurance Companies, cannot deny renewals at any age. This is the biggest plus in the PSU companies. Maximum that they can do is migrate you to a standard individual policy with full continuity. You need to understand, that PSUs are already renewing policies of people as old as 90 and 95, whereas, we still need to wait and watch how Private Insurers behave when they have volume claims from such a senior population.

          Max is a good product. Only note, that after 65 years, there is a copay of 20%. This is a point which most don’t know when they bought this product. The call center does not talk about this point, while selling.

          • AMIT DOSHI

            Hi Mahavir,

            Thanx a lot for the feedback and I think now I have made up my mind to go for Oriental as you have rightly pointed out about PSU’s Plus points.. Even as I mentioned earlier, since I am having individual Policy with Oriental, so its better to stick with one insurer only as they have all History with them .. Thanx a lot once again and Manish Thank a lot to you also for providing such a wonderful Platform to clear our doubts…

            Keep it up…

  14. AGB

    I am 29 years old and working in MNC. they are providing the health insurance to me. I have two dependents mother(51yrs) and brother(36yrs) (disabled – deaf and dump). I would like to take health insurance for each of them. what is the best one can i go for. I am looking for policy to help if any major need in life as they erode most of my savings.

  15. Abhishek K

    Hi Manish,
    I just want to share that fortunately the company in which I work provides very good health insurance option for my family and my parents.
    For me, my wife and first two kids the premium is Rs6500, out of which 3000 is bore by the company.
    For my parents and in laws the premium is Rs6300 each.
    The highlights of this insurance scheme is:
    1. There is noting like no coverage due to Preexisting condition
    2. You can claim up to Rs5000 as domiciliary expenses.
    3. claim processing time is very quick
    4. Your HR will help you if you have any issues with the Insurance company
    From this what I want to share is, don’t ignore the health insurance scheme your employer is providing you if you have an option.


  16. anshuman

    I need your inputs on my query on health insurance.
    I am in 30 and i work for a PSU which provies medical failities to its employess. and its dependents in their own hospitals. My parents are listed as my dependants but they dont stay with me all the time. Dad (60) and Mom (54) are fit, healthy and fine. My dad recently had to undergo hernia operation..which we decided to get done at FORTIS , bangalore. company hospital was not preffred due to multiple reasons. total cost of arnd 70K was paid by me but the facilites offred at fortis was superb and the recovery has been excellent.This event has triggered the search for health insurance policy.
    i was thinking of some family floater whcih can cover all of us i.e dad, mom, myself, wife(27yrs), son (2yrs).. i live in place called bhilai near raipur …while my parents are staying most of time at lucknow…pls suggest what are the options available and wich suits my needs the best.

    • Hello Anshuman,

      I think most Govt. employees depending on Govt. Healthcare, would face this issue. Govt. budgets and involvement in creating Healthcare infrastructure does not seem to be heading anywhere. Only a good health insurance policy can empower you, to get the best of healthcare facilities and treatment for your parents and you.

      You must go for as large a coverage, as possible for you.

      As mentioned earlier, you need to spend time finding the right Health Insurance advisor who will understand your requirement and detail, give you unbiased recommendations and also assist you at the time of claims.

      You may go for Oriental Insurance’s Happy Family Floater for a cover above Rs. 6 Lakhs, provided you have a good long term health insurance service provider.

      • anshuman

        Dear mahavir,
        thanks for the advice. can u pls elaborate the benefits of choosing oriental insurance company happy family floater plan. This plan’s name has cropped up several time during this post , so i am interested in getting more details about it. plus what it means to have a LONG TERM HEALTH INSURANCE SERVICE PROVIDER?? are u referring to an agent or a person at this company who can get me a better say at the time of claims???

        • Anshuman

          By long term health insurance provider , it means that a policy which allows renewal till maximum age (like max bupa) .

          You should enquire about the oriental from its websites and see if it fits your need or not .


        • Hello Anshuman,

          By long term service provider, I meant the Insurance Company, as well as your advisor. Recruiting a good advisor with a background and long experience in managing Health Insurance and their claims, is very important in Mediclaim, especially in India.

  17. mukul

    i got a doubt about spliting the health expenditure incurred.suppose due to some illness, a bill of 2 lakhs is incurred. now supposedly i have 2 different health policies of 1 lakh each, can i claim it as 1 lac + 1 lac for each policy, such that my total cost is recovered?

  18. Prashant

    Hi Manish,
    I have just one question about any Family Floater health Insurance.
    Currently I leave with my wife, and have no child.
    Whether Family Floater health insurance will also applicable in our child in the future with the same-premium?


    • Hi Prashant,

      You will be able to add your child in the same Family Floater. Most policies allow additions when your kid is 3 months old. However, there would be additional premium charged.

    • LIC Jeevan Arogya is a Defined Benefit Product, which provide lumpsum benefit for no. of days hospitalized and type of surgery, irrespective of the actual expenditure. Such products are not comparable to the standard Health Insurance products from General Insurance Companies.

      You can read my blogpost, in case you want to know more:

  19. Prakash

    How is Amsure health Insurance, product of Royal Sundarum run by AMWAY.
    How is ICICI Health Saver policy.
    I am 29 yr old and i want medical insurance for my family (me, wife, one child) and for my parents (50-55 yr old) separately. Please suggest good policy. Thank you.

  20. Atul

    I am 32 years and my wife is 31 years. My daughter is about 2 years. What do you think is better option for us? Individual policy or family floater? Can you please help me understand with pros and cons of each of them?


    • Hi Atul,

      At your age a Family Floater with a coverage amount of more than 5 Lakhs should be good enough. If you can budget, go for a Rs. 10 Lakhs family floater cover.

      Family Floater would provide a larger but shared coverage, the only big negative would be if there is a large claim from one of the family member, the other members would be left with the remaining low cover for the remaining period of the year. So in case there are more than or 2 very large claims in a year, there could be an issue.

      Individual Plans work out to be expensive. Here, assuming you would buy lower coverage than what you would buy as a Family Floater, the limit offered to any individual would be restricted to his limit.

      For instance, if you take 2 Lakhs Individual Policies vis-a-vis a 5 Lakh Floater. In case of one claim Rs. 2.50 Lakhs, you would pay min Rs. 0.50 Lakh from our pocket.

  21. Shailesh

    Refrain from MaxBupa –
    Do NOT ever buy a policy from Max Bupa. I bough two policies for me and my wife this March. I filled up a form using their site and a customer care executive called me. I have clearly mentioned that I want a policy for myself and my wife. They have charged me for two policies and later I found out both the policies are in my wife’s name. I am writing mails to their customer care service but no solution yet. For everything they want me to talk to an executive and every time there is a new person over phone. I explain him/her the whole case but nothing has happened till date.
    I would say better to go for any other insurance policy provider but not Max Bupa.

    • Shailesh

      Bad to hear about your experience . Companies need to smoothen their processes so that customers can have good experience else slowly they will loose some good customers .


  22. Dr Prashant Dahire

    Hi Manish
    Very bad experience with
    my elder brother had applied for health insurance policy through, they had given 4 different quotes so he had selected appolo standard and yesterday he had purchased online through their portal, on same day they called back and said to my brother that you had pre-existing disease (diabetes) and apollo will not consider your disease so you purchase oriental (another quote they had given) and whatever the difference will paid to you but my brother was upset with their service because he already mentioned the pre-existing disease (diabetes) he had to them and after that they had given 4 different quotes and after purchasing they are saying that you buy the different one, so he told them he do not want to purchase policy and return my money, they told him that money will directly deposited to your account after 8 days.
    my elder brother had done this because i advised him to go through so i m feeling guilty with my advice
    so i request all readers, this thing u should keep in mind while bying health insurance through the portal like medimanage
    Dr Prashant Dahire

    • Dear Dr. Prashant,

      I just spoke to the team and understood the case.

      Please accept my sincere apologies for this lapse.

      Though the advisory team is experienced and rigorously trained on Policy Wordings and procedures to give our customers relevant and detailed comparison and recommendations, in this specific case, I accept, we failed, when we gave comparison of a product which was not suitable to your brother.

      Our call within an hour of your order, and immediate processing of the refund by the team was a quick measure to recover the damage done and inconvenience caused to your Brother. The 8 days for refund is the usual time the bank and the PG service takes for a Refund.

      However, as an online consumer myself, I completely understand the agony such a lapse can cause.

      We are very committed at providing the most cutting edge advise to Health Insurance customers. Our articles, our blogs, our comments on this blog, all our an effort to help people buy the most suitable mediclaim products with full knowledge of the terms.

      Your complaint has been very helpful for our team, and we promise to take detailed measures to ensure such an event never repeats. I would personally ensure your brother is delighted with our services.

      Apologies again…
      Head of eBusiness & Personal Lines

      • Dr. Prashant Dahire

        To Manish

        Thanks Manish for such a quick help
        Definitely my brother will be delighted after reading this response.

        To Mahavir

        My brother was bying health insurance online first-time and he experienced such lapse, anyone can upset.
        But after reading your quick follow up and reply my brother will definitely bye policy through but please suggest him the suitable one.

        Dr Prashant Dahire

  23. zubair

    Hi mahavir,
    I am in the process of buying family floater
    self – 39, wife-31, daughter-7, son-3. sum assured 5lac
    Your team has proposed 3 provider, Oriental’s Happy family Floaters(silver), United’s Family Medicare and New India’s Family Floater.
    For Oriental, there is 10% copay and loading is 5-20% but no sub limit on treatment.
    For United, loading is 25-100%, no copay and sub limit on treatment.
    For New India, loading “policy is wording is silent”, no copay and sublimit on treatment.
    It is really confusing for me to decide as one isurance provider has something which others doesnt and vice versa.
    I read the document of new india but couldnt understand on loading part, can you shed light on this. Also they have mention some ZONE which i couldnt understand.
    I am planning to increase the sum assured, will the policy terms be same?
    Please provide your insight and what will be a better deal?


  24. Hi Zubair,

    From what I understand your family is suffering from certain ailments, and hence we have recommended you PSU Insurance Companies.

    In your case, Oriental’s Floater with a cover of Rs. 6 Lakhs would be suitable. There is no Copay in Oriental for Sum Insured of Rs. 6 Lakhs and above.

    • Zubair

      Hi Mahavir,
      Based on your suggestion i have decided to go for a 7lac oriental happy family floater. One more thing that i would like to add as an extra protection which is personal accidental policy, can you name few product which provide a higher sum assurance in this category.

      Thanks & Regards

      • Hi Zubair,

        Personal Accident Insurance is as important a cover as Term Insurance and Mediclaim, as it covers loss of earnings on account of disability. In the digital world that we live, if one loses just 2 fingers, he could lose substantial ability to earn.

        You should go for a separate cover in Personal Accident. The plans which provide a comprehensive cover with some new age coverages are Bajaj Premium Personal Guard, Apollo’s and Tata AIG’s Personal Accident Policy.

        Coverage on Personal Accident should be as high as Term Insurance coverage.


        • Zubair

          Hi Mahavir,
          I am looking around 1 cr policy, but bajaj is only upto 25lac. I will have a look at TATA and Apollo.

          Thanks & Regards

            • zubair

              Dear Mahavir,
              Your team suggested Apollo Personal Accident. One short fall i see is terrorist attack is not covered. What’s your advice.

              Thanks & Regards

              • zubair

                Dear Mr.Mahavir,
                I have gone through both apollo and tata. Each has some good points which are not present in other. like tata has terrorist cover where as apollo has more defined coverage table for hand and leg disability. Is it advisable to take 50-50 cover? Sorry i am taking long on this but i am more confused then before and i need to be sure if i am taking the right policy.
                Thanks for your time

  25. vishal

    Hello Manish/Mahavir,

    Excellent work and excellent helpful advices..

    I need your advice, I am 31, my wife is 28 and have a 1 month onld son. Am covered by company insurance policy. Do not have any individual policy.Am a resident of bangalore.

    My brother (unmarried) and my parents Dad (66yrs) & Mom (57 yrs) are residents of Kolkata.Brother and mom does not have medi insurance. For my Dad I ahd taken Reliance Individual Policy in 2009 for 2,00,000 with premium of close to Rs.5000. In 2010 I made a claim for Dad for Hernia Rs.31000 cashless and 9000 post hospitalisation.

    Now am about to renew my Dad’s Insurance (Due Date is 24th June) and am thinking for Insurance for my family as well as my Brother and Mom.

    Am confused on how can I go about it which gives me maximum benefit and also is cost effective. Non of us have any ailment except me and my brother may be slight over-weight and Dad has gone thru Hernia operation last November, for Mom has the routine joint pains etc age related issues

    You advise will be really helpful and appriciated.


  26. Thanks Vishal,
    Its high time you get your entire family covered for mediclaim. If you are looking at a good floater you can go for a cover of more than 6 lakhs cover with Oriental Happy FLOATER plan for your brother +father +mother. You should buy a floater of atleast 4 lakhs for you, your wife and kids. This could be Apollo or Oriental. Apollo may charge aa loading for being overweight. Good luck.

  27. vishal

    Thanks for the quick response Mahavir.

    If am not worng about 1.5 or 2 yrs ago I was looking for the Floter for my Dad+Mom+brother,at that time I think i saw Oriental Happy Family floater on their website and think that the terms were if the proposer is below 30 no medical test is requires and he can add even senior citizens in the policy like mom,dad,inlaws and no test will be required for them, also the renewal for each of them will be till the proposer is 75 or 80 years. However, now I don’t see these terms on their website. I may be wong but this is wha ti saw then I believe. Please could you help me clarify this.

    Also if a test is required for my parents , I have heard the tests are many and chances are high of rejecting or excluding many conditions. For this reason I got my dad a Reliance Policy at the age of 64yrs in 2009 without any preexisting condition, this would not have been possile in PSU insurance company.

    Many Thanks Again for the advise.

  28. Hi

    Oriental Family Floater allows a proposer upto the age of 55 years. You can cover dependants (Spouse/Parents/Kids/In-laws) upto 60 years without medical tests.

    PSU Companies have an internal mandate to not deny renewal, they will either extend the cover or migrate you to another plan.

    In my opinion, Govt. Insurance Companies are more liberal in covering Pre-existing ailments that Pvt. companies which simply apply a blanket permanent exclusion to every pre-existing declared/detected.

  29. Hitesh

    Hi Mahavir,

    Currently i have an individual insurance of Rs 1 lac each for my spouse and me from Oriental. But after going through the article i have shortlisted two companies namely Apollo and Oriental and have planned to take a family floater of 3lacs or 4 lacs . My age is 30 yrs with no illness history . Family consists of spouse – 28yrs, son 1.5 yrs and self 30 yrs. I am confused between the two companies plan. Which plan should i go for ?
    In Oriental there is co-pay, loading and 4yrs waiting period but the company is old and does the renewal after 65 also (correct me if i am wrong). In Apollo there is no co-pay, no loading, and the company slightly new and yet to be observed for renewals of senior citizens and increase of premiums.
    Kindly guide me to finalize on the plan.

    Thanks ,


  30. Hello Hitesh,

    If you have no illness history, you can go for Apollo Munich or even Max Bupa.

    Oriental is not a bad choice either. You can go for a cover of Rs. 6 Lakhs and above and avoid Copay. Loading in Oriental is not bad, with maximum loading being 20%. If you have no current ailments, the 4 years clause is not applicable to you.

    However, yes, in my personal opinion, we still have to wait and watch how private companies handle senior citizens, and how they will react to claims from a large population of senior citizens in their kitty, another 25-30 years from now.

    Also, there is a concern which I see when further consolidation of Pvt. Insurance Companies happen through mergers and acquisitions (Royal Sundaram, Bharti Axa are already on the block).
    The service philosophy (on the basis of which you signup) can completely change with a major change in management and/or ownership, of a private company. Royal Sundaram customers coming under the aegis of Reliance ADA group will now face Reliance Customer service.

    So its actually a personal choice – You want to go for the tried and tested, but slow and conservative – PSUs or the new and innovative, but not tested Private players.


    • Hitesh

      Hi Mahavir,

      Thanks for your detailed explanation and guidance. I am more tilted towards Oriental because at least they have defined the limitations like co-pay , loading waiting period etc but in pvt. companies at present its a rosy picture and then after some years they will start putting copay, loading etc and then since health insurance is a one year contract, then we will have to adhere to new rules.
      Suppose i start with 4lacs of cover (with oriental)today and later maybe after 3-4 yrs increase it to 6 lacs , so at that time will the co-pay be effective or not?



      • Hitesh

        Dear Mahavir,

        I had approached Medimanage for the medical insurance assistance with all my current policy details. I will just brief about it. I had individual policy of 1.5 lacs each for my mom and dad from Oriental. Even i had a individaul policy from oriental but i kept on changing the premium every year as i not knowing the importance then.The advisor with whom i have been taking these policies is also an employee of Oriental, so i decided to approach a agency where i wil can get some options
        This year when i approached Medimanage, everthing went fine, right from giving my existing policy details to getting options to meeting the executive at your office to filling up the forms. Now my ploicies expire every year in July last week. With medimanage, i had decided to take a family floater of 4lacs for my spouse, son and me and continue the current 1.5lacs individual policy for my parents. I also got an option to increase my parents cover (senior citizens) with some additonal premium. With all these things, i decided to go family floater of 4 lacs for my family and 1.5 lacs each for parents. When i had filled up the forms and was just suppose to give the cheque for the premium, i got a call from my agent to inform me about the renewal my policy. This all happened around mid of july. So i told my agent that i have approached Medimanage and i am taking the policy through them. I was sure that since the Insurance company is same , then there will no mess in changing my current advisor.
        But when i told him that i am switching over to new advisor, he told me that u have to take the policy through his branch of Oriental (TPA – MD India). What iwas offered at medimanage was Raksha TPA. At first i did not belive him as there can be no problem when we are taking the policy through same company. But than we all 3 (my advisor, medimanage representative and me)had a conference call and at that time he was 100% sure that if i take the policy through some different branch and different TPA , the policy will be treated as a fresh policy. Also my parents sum insured cannot be enhanced under any condition . I was shocked at this as i was just ten days away from renewing and done all the paperwork with Medimanage. Later after 2-3 days of thinking, decided to reneew through him. Following were the points i considered to renew through him at time.
        1. I spoke with a guy working with Raksha TPA and he advised me to continue the policy with the same TPA (MD India) to avoid the problems in future during claims.
        2. When i was renewing my policy with Oriental, why was i made to fill the forms once again, which according to me is done only at the time of taking a fresh policy. Still not able to digest it.
        3. The advisor was himself from oriental and must be knowing the complexity which may arise in future due to this change in TPA and branch, so thats why he advised me to take through same branch and not compulsory through him.
        4. He also told that the enhanced cover which u may get for ur parents will the implications of 4 years of waiting for the existing illness and thus may create a hurdle during the claim.



        • Hitesh,

          1. As mentioned by our representative, we maintain, that we were and are able to even now provide continuity in Oriental Insurance from another branch, with another TPA – from a policy issuance point of view, and a claims point of view.

          2. As mentioned by our representative to you, we are also clear by knowledge and experience, that there would be no issues at the time of claims, as the main policy schedule issued from the new Oriental branch would clearly mention the continuous period from which the earlier policy has existed. We have got various claims cleared for such continuity cases.

          3. In the teleconference, our representative was clear about the above points, after which you chose to submit proposal forms to us.

          4. Proposal form is required as a part of the record of that branch of the Insurance Company, it has nothing to do with being a fresh case, whatsoever. The point is the Main Policy is issued clearly mentioning the continuity with [no. of years], [name of insurance company]. This is enough to get claims settled.

          5. The Additional Sum Insured proposed will always attract fresh waiting periods which is absolutely fair from both parties, the insurer and the insured.

          Our primary role as advisors is to manage complexities (with regard to choosing products, as well as claims) in the background, without any stress to our customers. Our team handles around more than 150 to 200 claims a day. If there was a complexity we could not manage, we would have clearly informed you of the same. Even today, we refuse many cases, which we feel we or the policy would not be able to do justice to.

          Hope this clarifies.

          • Hitesh

            Dear Mahavir,

            I agree that I was informed about all my queries and till then even my advisor was nowhere in the picture anywhere. And even I was rest assured that I have a done right thing by switching over to Medimanage. But then just 10 days before the renewal, at the moment of submitting forms, my advisor warned me about the consequences. And even he being from oriental was the point to make me believe him. Also health insurance for me is a very complex thing and varies from company to company and even a slight mistake during renewal can break the continuity. So during dat time I was not 100% sure about the change of branch and tpa thing and so thought of playing it safe and better change it in the next after making myself satisfied. So today I thought of bringing this to ur notice.

            But still I don’t under stand the point of filling up a form for the same company , just because I am changing a branch and tpa and also is it not possible for u to get me the policy from existing branch and tpa (md india).
            Anyways whatever little knowledge I have achieved for this medical insurance policies is because of ur article on jago investor.
            It is because of this I realized the importance of mediclaim and was able to take family floater.
            Hope to renew the policy with medimanage next year



            • Hitesh

              Dear Mahavir,

              My uncle has suffered a heart attack with one blockage detected.Also the remedy has been done.His age is @ 65 yrs. Now till last year he was insured for Rs. 1 lac for 8 continuous years. And last year he managed to get a upgrade it to 1.5lacs. He had beeen detected with diabetes some 4 yrs before. He has been renewing his policy with a trust called “Sanjivani” which gathers a large group of people and every year keeps onchanging insurance provider.This year its National Insurance.Now my query is

              1. Will the policy provider object to release of new insurance amount of 50000 because of diabetes as its a first year for the extended amount.According to me , he should be considered for the whole SI of 1.5 lacs as heart attack is not caused due to diabetes. Correct me if wrong.
              2. Now suppose he wants a renew his policy next year through a good service provider like your’s, then can he get the continuity benefit, as the current scheme is some what corporate sysytem type. ?’



              • 1. Did the upgrade happen before or after the heart attack. Also, was the group administrator informed about the attack. Was there a claim? Was it accepted and paid?
                2. No Insurer will accept a Heart Attack case in Individual policies. You need to continue with the same cover, or max look for a large bank, which provides a group cover.

                • Hitesh

                  1. the upgrade happened in june 2011 and attack took place a week back. Also the group administrator has been informed and since the hospital does not have cashless facility, we shall claim after the discharge which may happen today. Now as per your experience how much claim will be settled including the upgraded amount ?
                  2. Do you provide the service for these banks or he needs to approach the bank independently and which r these banks?

  31. Sanju

    I have opted for Max Bupa Silver Plan for me and my wife. I wanted to include my parents also who are in early 60’s. They are charging a premium of 28000 for both together. Is it reasonable?? I didn’t go thru any other offers. Considering long term will this be a good choice?? Pls advise..

  32. BKM

    Hi Manish,
    Yet another essensial topic.Thanks a lot. I got 2 lakh family cover from my employer. Getting claims is handled by corporate personel in my company (follow up with TPA etc.) so system is almost painless. As I am now planning for independent health cover and doing some research. By the process got some questions.Please reply.

    Q1> One agent told me as I am insured under group policy for last 4 years under same insurence company he can arrange no exclusion policy from same insurence company. Is it possible and legal ?

    Q2> Is it advisable to have TPA facility for cashless hospitalisation? I know the advantage. But being an individual dealing with TPA is not easy. There are lot of complain rasied in online consumer complaint site against almost every TPA. Will they settle claims. Or agents will be more able to settle claim (non cashless) in case of PSU ins. company.

    Q3> I was shocked to view a complaint raised by an individual from Bangalore that Apollo Hospital Bangalore had refused his TPA issued photo ID card only because that was an independent policy and not a corporate group policy. Is it legal for a hospital to have such a policy? Can you comment on these?


    • BKM

      Thanks a lot Mr. Chopra,
      Some more clarification required regarding my Q1.

      1. After having individual policy in continuation with my employer provided policy what if I changed the employer? My agent gave a hint that it may require some NOC and other type of declaration from my employer in order to keep the individual policy valid(or may be getting renewed). Can you please provide the actual procedure for this in case of National insurance company?

      2. My only point of getting above type of continuation policy is to get the benefit of “NO EXCLUSION” from day one. Now one user is telling me United India offers similar benefit for individual customer (individual policy below 35 years of age). Then in my case are the two options are same? Later can help me get rid of employer clearance requirement in case of employer change or insurence provider change by my current employer. Seeking your advice.


      • 1. Once, the policy is issued with continuity, it does not matter, whether you change your job. No NOC is required. In fact, you can get continuity in companies other than National also.
        2. Yes, United India, does have a policy which does not have Pre-existing exclusions and waiting periods for specified ailments. This will be similar to continuity. Only after 35 you would be moved to another plan, where there are surgery limits in the product. We would not advise United India, as an option.

        As mentioned in our article: – If you are young, you should look at all options, and not who is providing you waiver on exclusions. Exclusion waivers are short term benefits, maximum for 4 years, whereas you are buying a policy for 30-40 years.

        I would suggest you take part in the Action Month at Jago Investor, – and ensure you take action on taking your own personal mediclaim.

        Good luck.

  33. zubair

    Dear Mr. Mahavir,
    I have posted question on #77, appreciate if you can answer.
    In a claim situation, i will get summation of all benefits from both the provider. Is my assumption correct. Or it is not a good move to divide the SI.

    Thanks & Regards

  34. Vinay Joshi


    It’s a really really informative post. I need a suggestion. I want a medical cover for my family which include my father(56), mother(50) and me(26). I’m also planning to get married within 2-3 years.
    Please suggest a product through which I can get a medical cover of around 6-10 lacs for my family and include my spouse once I’m married.

    • Vinay Joshi

      I need one more suggestion. For my parents, there are two types of policies. One which allows lifetime renewal but are expensive. The other, which allows renewal till a certain age (lets say 65 years) and are cheaper than the former one.. I have two options:
      1) buying a policy which will allow lifetime renewal now. It will cost more than the other type of policy. And continue it forever.
      2) buying a policy with renewal age upto 65-70 years now(which will be cheaper) and after the age limit is reached, buying a policy which allow age senior citizens to be included.

  35. thasleem

    After reading all the wonderful advise put up here I have decided to buy the Oriental Happy Family Floater for a cover of abt 10 lacs. Please give me the contact details of some good mediclaim advisor

  36. Rajiv


    Extremely informative ! Thanks for all the inputs.

    Even I am lost in this maze. I had a Reliance floater policy for 3 years. When it came for renewal this June, they informed me that premium will be an astronomical 26500…for which I had paid 5153. I refused to cough up such a money without any inrease in benefits.

    Now I am looking for a family floater. for self (41), spouse (36) kids 12 & 8. I also want to include my mother (63).

    Can you suggest an appropriate floater policy whereby all 5 of us are covered…and prefereably a lifetime period product.



    • rajiv girhotra

      Hi Mahavir,

      Wondering if you my querry below. Hence resending and appreciate your earliest reply.


      Rajiv Girhotra


      Extremely informative ! Thanks for all the inputs.

      Even I am lost in this maze. I had a Reliance floater policy for 3 years. When it came for renewal this June, they informed me that premium will be an astronomical 26500…for which I had paid 5153. I refused to cough up such a money without any inrease in benefits.

      Now I am looking for a family floater. for self (41), spouse (36) kids 12 & 8. I also want to include my mother (63).

      Can you suggest an appropriate floater policy whereby all 5 of us are covered…and prefereably a lifetime period product.



      • Hello Rajiv,

        There are thousands of customers who have been affected by the premium change.

        You have not mentioned about health details or history of your family.

        Option 1: To cover all the 5 members in one floater policy, you could go for Oriental Happy Family Floater or Max Bupa’s Family First.

        Option 2: At your age, another school of thought is to buy a very large cover for 10 Lakhs or more for you+ spouse and kids, and look for a separate individual policy for your mother for around 4-5 lakhs. The higher cover for the young is important, as practically they will have to face an inflation for more living years, than the old.

        If I were you, I would go for Option 2, it would be more cost on your pocket, but it is very sensible.

  37. Hemant R


    It’s a very informative post. I need a suggestion. I an diabetic with age 36 and have wife (29 years ) and kid (6 years) need a helath insurance plan for long term for 10 lakhs. Should i take 2 health plan one individul(10 lakks) and one for family(5 lakhs). Pleas suggest. Appreciate your reply on this.

    • Hello Hemant,

      Great to hear, that you have decided to buy a Mediclaim. We would suggest you go for a 10 Lakh Family Floater which includes you and your entire family PLUS go for Star Healths Diabetes Care Plan, which covers Diabetes M2 patients for Diabetes related surgeries.

      Do spend good time in finalizing a good mediclaim advisor, who will provide you unbiased advise and full services on Claims & Renewals.

      Let me know if you need any help.

  38. Dr. Prashant Dahire

    Hi Mahavir,
    I am 33 yr old, i had icici lombard’s family foater policy of 4 lakhs covering myself, wife and my 6 yr son this is my 2nd year with this policy. I had preexisting disease diabetes but that i had not disclosed while taking health insurance policy. I want your suggestion regarding wheather i disclose fact during my 3rd renewal or discontinue and bye new one (that u have to suggest me) with all the facts disclosed.
    Dr Prashant Dahire

      • Dr Prashant Dahire

        After disclosing the preexisting disease to icici lombard they cancelled my policy and returned the premium back to me that i had paid during my 2nd renewal in month of Feb.11.

        • Dr Prashant

          You mean you paid the second premium and then you disclosed it and they returened your premium which you paid ? If thats true … then its for good , because things would have got rejected later


          • Dr Prashant Dahire

            Ya you r right manish….
            but i m little bit upset that there is no policy in market that covers type 1 diabetes.

            • Dr Prashant

              I am not a doctor .. you can tell how serious is that type 1 diabetes .. and what are hte chances of his health getting affected or death due to this .. Health insurance at the end is a business and nothing else .. so you also have to look at it from insurer point of view . what do you say ?

              • Dr Prashant Dahire

                Not that much serious as companies thinking instead of oral tablets they are taking insulin or with tablet taking insulin but there are high chances of health getting affected due to this if medication not taken but if u take good care of yourself then u can live life as good as normal person but for this risk they can load premium accordingly why they r not accepting proposals? even term insurance companies giving insurance to type 1 diabetics….

  39. JOE Manuel

    Please suggest me a Health Insurance Policy for may Family and Parents:

    My family:Self-30 years,Spouse-26 years,Son-3years,Daughter-8Months
    Parents-Dad-63 Year(No illness)
    Mom-60 Years (Diabetes Patient for more than 20 Years)

  40. Hello Joe,

    You have the following 3 choices:
    1. Oriental Happy Family Floater covering the entire family under a shared coverage.
    2. Max Bupa Family First providing a unique individual cum shared coverage in the plan. Ensure you take a Gold Plan, as else, you will have the eligibility of only shared rooms in Hospital.
    3. Or go for combinations
    3.a Take a Floater for You + Spouse + Kids from Apollo Munich, Bajaj Allianz or Max Bupa.
    3.b Father and Mother Individual Star Health Red Carpet Cover of Rs. 2-3 Lakhs each.

    If your mother has Diabetes Mellitus II, I would also recommend you go for Star’s Diabetes Safe policy, which covers Diabetes related surgeries.

    Option 1 and 3 are low cost. Option 2 is expensive.

  41. Gaurav Girdhar

    Hi Manish/Mahavir,

    Your post and explanation are worthy.

    I am working professional 24 yrs age, I want to take health cover plan for my parents, Father (56) and mother (50), My father is diabetic(Sugar level under control without medicines) and my mother has blood pressure related problems, they are living healthy lifestyle and managing their health, I want to take a long term plan for both of them.

    My query is –
    * My company has provided me a individual health cover.
    * Should I go for a family floater or COVER MY PARENTS or COVER BOTH OF THEM INDIVIDUALLY. What would be beneficial for long term.
    * What is renewal, and could it be possible to take a plan which cover can cover for life time.
    * Are the insurer provide claims only for their registered hospitals or it is irrespective of that.

    Gaurav Girdhar

    • Hello Gaurav,

      1. Both Family Floater and Individual covers have their own advantages.
      We would recommend you go for Family Floater for your Parents, and another for your family.

      2. Coverage amount for your parents should be atleast 4-5 Lakhs. For you, you should look at the maximum coverage you can afford. IMO. You should effectively budget 30-35% of your one month’s salary on Health Insurance.

      3. Health Insurance plans are renewed every year. Yes, there are Lifetime plans available in the market.

      4. Insurance Cos. provide claims for all legitimate hospitals. It covers ones which are not under their network.


      • Gaurav Girdhar

        Thank you Mahavir for your quick reply..

        As you mentioned – We would recommend you go for Family Floater for your Parents, and another for your family.

        I am single and no plans will 28(I am 24 right now) :-). What I mean to say is my parents are my family right now.

        Could you please provide what are good family floater plans and any specific which you want to recommend for long term or better say lifetime.

        Along with family floater I want to go for Star Diabetes Safe Insurance. Please provide your input on that.

        Gaurav Girdhar

  42. Kartik

    Hi Mahavir,

    Thanks for the excellent article. Recently I came across Jago Investor and I think it is going to change my life for better. To start with, I insured myself for 50L and will be buying another 50L term insurance next year.

    Now I am in the market to buy health insurance and this article helped me clarify a lot of doubts regarding health insurance policies. Need your further advice to finalize the right one for me & my family.

    I plan to cover myself (34), wife (30), daughter (4), father (60) and mother (57). We are expecting baby next month but maternity expenses will be covered by the policy provided by my employer (3L for me, my wife and daughter). So will enroll baby in the new policy during the renewal next year. So that for now we dont have to worry about it.

    Medical history: Myself – no major illness, a bit overweight, drink and smoke occasionally. Wife, daughter and mother – no major illness. Father – diabetes and high BP, have stopped drinking, claims that he has stopped smoking but we know he smokes once in a while.

    (1) I have looked at some policies and I like oriental happy family floater – Gold the most. Some things I liked about this policy- no medical check-up, no co-pay for 6L and above, reasonable price, fair loading and NCB terms etc. Please let me know your thoughts on this and compare it with Max Bupa and Apollo Munich (the other ones I like but are more expensive). I plan to take coverage for 6L for now – I think this is enough for next few years since me, my wife and daughter also have a cover of 3L from my employer.

    (2) Now here is the complicated part – I plan to take coverage for 6L now and then increase it by 1 L each starting 5th year renewal so that by 8th renewal it will reach the max cover limit of 10L. I understand that I am making this little complicated by taking this route but it helps me with the affordable premium amounts. I am not even sure if oriental will entertain something like this. But if they allow, I am ready to take this path as long as only NEW disease is excluded from ONLY the upgraded amount.

    (3) Also after 5th year, my father will be covered for his pre-existing diseases for at least 6L. Should I buy diabetes safe policy from Star health only for next 4 years? Do they cover diabetes related treatment from day one?

    (4) Some assumptions – please let me know if they are wrong (a) I will be turning 35 on 2nd October, so would like to start the cover on or before 1st Oct, so that I am eligible to be considered below 35 category slab this year. (b) My father turned 60 in Feb. For this year at least, his premium will be charged for 51 to 60 category. (c) My daughter is american citizen and holds Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card. The insurance companies will be OK to cover her.

    Sorry for the long post. Would really appreciate your advice.


  43. Hi Kartik,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Here are your answers.

    1. To give you a suggestion between Max and Oriental would require a discussion to understand your needs and your budget. Both are good products.

    2. 6 Lakhs is a good coverage to start with. There is a risk of factoring increase in coverage for your family, especially your Parents. Since the Insurance Company would require you to go for Medical Tests. God forbid, if there is a new ailment found, you may be denied coverage.
    A better option is to split and buy 2 policies, one which covers your parents, which you keep at a constant of say Rs. 4-5 Lakhs, and another for yourself which could start with 6 Lakhs. The upgrade is required for your family, looking at the expected higher living years, and the healthcare inflation you would be exposed to. You should be able to get an upgrade, if you take care of your health.

    3. You need to act quickly on your Father’s policy, as Insurance Companies have begun putting Permanent Exclusions for ailments like Diabetes.

    4. Diabetes Safe is a good policy for Diabetics who want to cover surgeries directly related to Diabetes for the Eye, Kidney and Feet. Please read the brochure on their website, before taking a call, or speak to our representatives.

    5. Yes, you would be considered under the 35 slab, if you get your proposal submitted atleast a week before your birthday. Your father’s premium will be in the 60 category. Oriental could still demand a Medical Test, since it is a borderline case.

    6. Only Indian Residents can be covered under Health Insurance policy. If she is residing in India for more than 6 months, an exceptional approval can be taken for taking a cover in Health Insurance.

    Advance Happy Birthday to you and your baby! :)


    • Kartik

      Hi Mahavir,

      Thanks for the advance birthday wishes! And many thanks for detailed response. Really appreciate.

      OK – will contact the experts at medimanage. I think comparision of the policies with respect to benefits and premiums by experts will help me choose the right policy (although I am more inclined towards oriental at this point).

      I am just a week or 10 days away from sending the proposal. Hopefully, insurance market will remain same in this period! Regarding Diabetes Safe – will have to explore the details of policy and consult father’s doctor before taking any decision.

      (1) Highest risk in going for upgrade in future can be denial from the insurer. Will it happen only if new ailment is found or it can be denied on any ground? How does Oriental handle these cases GENERALLY?

      (2) If my father is required to go for medical tests, who will bear the cost for medical tests? Also in future, when we decide to go for coverage upgrade and if both my parents are required to go for medical tests, who will bear the costs for medical tests? What is Oriental’s policy?

      (3) I am looking at my employer’s policy as a second policy for myself, wife and kids (3L). So for now I will buy only one policy from market (6L). At any point in future, if I feel that the total coverage (9L) is not enough then I will start upgrading the Oriental floater policy (may be starting from 5th year of the policy). In the worst case, if they don’t allow upgrade, I will buy separate policy for myself, wife and kids. Although all of us would be covered under oriental policy (6L), we will use it exclusively for my parents since they will not be covered under any other policy than oriental. what is your opinion?

      (4) My daughter is in India for past 3 years and will continue to stay till she is 18 at least. (After that its her choice). Will request the insurer to consider her case. Do you know if Oriental has taken any specific stance in these kinds of situation in the past?

      (5) Regaring tax deduction under 80D, which has provision for 15K each for immediate family and parents, how does it differentiate premium amounts for both the parties isince the floater policy is combined for all?

      (6) Have another question on 80D – consider this situation – Suppose I am paying 30K premium for my parents health insurance. I can claim only 15K deduction benefit (both parents below 65 years). The question is can my brother make part payment of 15K towards premium and claim this amount in his tax deductions. Remember I am the proposer in this policy and my brother is not related to this policy at all.

      Thanks in advance for your help.


      • 1. Risk is only if you suffer an chronic ailment
        2. Cost of Medical Test is on you.
        3. That’s fair. Every idea is good, as far as you act quickly. You can go ahead with this.
        4. Your daughter will get a cover with most Insurers including Oriental.
        5. If you include one parent above 65 in your mediclaim, your limit is increased to 35K. No need to bifurcate if it is a floater.
        6. No. Only the person paying (who is the proposer) can claim 80D benefit. Max, you can do is split the policy into 2 and have your brother make a payment for one part.

  44. gagan

    hi Mahavir,

    i am 27 years old and i had got heart attack recently ,the cause of heart attack was unknown,and nothing major came up during angiography,but from than i have been kept on few medicine for life long.Now i am in perfect health ,but i am looking for some medical insurance..I have asked to one of my agent from one of the govt companies,he told me not to mention the previous health problem and after 4 years of lock in period i will automatically become eligible for pre existing disease.Kindly advice for the same.

    • Hello Gagan,

      Its fraudulent and stupid not to mention a past medical history in your proposal form. Please stay away from this Agent.

      You need to go clean and provide all information, when you buy the policy. This would require a trial and error with certain insurance companies to check what best cover you can get.

  45. kamal

    Hi Manish,
    your article is very good indeed. Kindly advise a health plan for my parents looking into my details.
    I am 24. my father & mother are 57 and 45 respectively. both of them don’t have any medical background till now. i need a lifetime health plan for them as they are growing old. and also I am looking for a higher sum assured.
    tell me a policy that will cover every type of illness i.e. from minor to critical, from exp incurred in buying Disprin from chemist to exp incurred in hospitalization during a major surgery.

    pls advise.

  46. Kamal,

    You should buy Insurance for expenses which are unmanageable or very big burden on your savings, in case of a loss. You don’t need an Insurance, which covers smaller expenses like Pharmacy bills. Moreover, there is no worthwhile plan in the market, which provides such covers in a cost-effective manner. Most will take money for OPD from one pocket and pay you back in another pocket.

    You should look at Max Bupa Family First or Oriental Happy Family Floater for your Family. This will cover your family for Hospitalization Expenses including expenses connected to Hospitalization like Doctor Consultations, Medical Tests, Medicines, Ambulance, Physiotherapy costs etc.

    Do look for a good advisor who would be able to transparently provide information about plans, so that you know what you will get and most importantly not get.


  47. kamal

    Dear Mr. Mahavir,

    thanks for your valuable reply. pls clear my few queries looking into my case given above.
    1/ should i go 4 a family floater plan keeping myself as the primary member and my parents as depended member OR should go for individual plans?
    2/ which policy is of maximum renewal age?
    3/ what much of sum assured is sufficient for my parents?


  48. Abhilasha

    Hi Manish,

    Iam looking for a Health Insurance, for Individual, of Rs. 6 Lacs annually.
    Is there any Plans for that .
    Pls. Help.



    • Abhilasha

      You have just given the amount … Health insurance is dependent on much more .. if you go through the comments , you will get the full idea on which policy you should buy


  49. Gaurav


    I am Gaurav, 31 years of age living in NCR. I am looking forward for a Medical insurance of around 5 lakhs (family floater). Please advice some good insurance policy.

    I have one more query, is it possible to include my parents in the family floater plan. Dad (70 years) mother (63 years)

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  50. mukesh gupta

    Dear Mr. Mahavir,

    I have a few queries related to TERM insurance. I like to get a tern insurance worth 50 lakhs, but i dont know what details should i keep in mind while buying one. The premium varies from 5k to 25k from diff insurance comp.
    Please guide.


  51. deepak

    Hi Manish,
    my age is 52 and my wifes age is 50.We have taken a health policy from icici lombard for 10 lakhs each 2 yrs back.I am a central govt employee and have taken these policies for an emergency and have made no claim so far .As lombard offers till age 75 only should i switch to somebody else if so whom do you advise.Because i want a polcy for not less than 10 lakhs keeping inflation in mind. thanks

  52. From our information ICICI Lombard renews only till 70 years. We have checked again on their website, and they still show renewability upto 70 years only.

    We generally recommend our users to go for Lifetime cover policies or atleast a cover till 80 years.

    Finally ICICI Lombard has a cover only till Rs. 4 Lakhs.

    You need to provide information about your health etc. to a good health insurance advisor and then take a call.

    Apollo Munich, Bajaj Allianz, Max Bupa, Oriental have some good products with 10 Lakhs Coverage.

    • LICAgentJaved

      Hi Mr Deepak
      If you wanted to go beyond 10 lacs Sum Insured you have only one option and cheapest too that is Max Bupa.

      • LICAgentJaved

        Hi Mr Deepak
        If you wanted to go beyond 10 lacs Sum Insured you have only one option and cheapest too that is Max Bupa.

  53. Chandra Sekhar Sharma

    Hi Mahavir,
    Thanks for such a nice post. Also over the week end I left my name and number for medimanage team to contact me. But It will be great If you can help me to decide upon the selection of one Health Insurance suitable to my requirement.

    Age and Health Detail:
    Me: 30 years Wife’s Age: 26 , Kid :2 months Father : 56 years Mother : 53 years

    No preexisting diseases as of now any one aware of , except my mother is having Hypertension.
    Looking for a cover for a long term which includes my complete family including my parents.
    Please let me know which one will best suits to my requirement.

    #1 Should I go for one Family floater covering my parents/wife/id and me Or Individual policy , One for My parents and One for Me, my wife and Kid
    #2 If I will go for Oriental Family floater (above 5L) or any other and once my parents reaches age 65 , are they will still remain covered under my family floater. And If yes, till what age Oriental or other Insurance company can cover them ?

    Thanks in advance !!!

    Good Job buddy !!! I have been following Jagoinvestor forum since last couple of weeks (almost more then a month) and you can now add me in your fan list 😉 ..
    Spending an hours every day on browsing your post (old one too) and I believe like me lot many peoples are getting benefited. !!! Thank You !!!

    • Hello Mr. Sharma,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      How you want to cover your family depends on your personal choice, convenience, as well as your budget. It is recommended that you go through an expert health insurance advisor, explaining him your needs and requirements, and he will guide you to a suitable policy.

      The options recommended you have is
      1. Floater – You, Spouse, Kids, Parents
      2. Floater – You, Spouse, Kids (+) Separate Floater/Individual – for Parents.

      If a floater covering your parents, makes sense to you, go for the largest cover you can afford.
      The other school of thought (Option 2) is to take a separate cover for your parents, and insulate your immediate family to a separate cover. This way, claims made by your parents (which is more likely, due to their age) would not affect the premium of the other members. This call is required to be taken with a detailed cost-benefit, which a good expert can help you take.

      Look at both options, and take a call with an expert advisor.

      Let me know if you still need any clarifications.

  54. LICAgentJaved

    Hi Mr Chandra Shekhar Sharma

    You have asked the advice from Mr Mahavir but I am suggesting you Health Insurance Policy from Max Bupa Health Insurance Company you should keep in mind at the time of finalization of health Policy for your Family:
    Total Mediclaim Cover for Family without Maternity Cover: Rs 55 lacs ( any member can use maximum 20 lacs, rest members 5 lacs each)
    Total Mediclaim Cover for Family with Maternity Cover (in 3rd Policy year) : Rs 40 lacs ( any member can use maximum 20 lacs, rest member 5 lacs each)
    Premium: in Silver Plan Rs 43264.00 (in Delhi NCR or Bengaluru)
    Premium: in Gold Plan Rs 65349.00 (Delhi NCR or Bengaluru)

    Without illness:
    Upto 10% of premium paid as loyalty discount coupon every year
    Guaranteed lifelong renewal for each member
    No- sub limits for treatment or room rent or Co-pay upto 65 years of age.
    Covers all illness which requires in patient hospitalization except AIDS etc
    Upto first 90 days it covers all Accidents and Medical Emergency (practically this policy covers all illness from day one except cataract, Piles, Hernia etc. Cover of these illnesses is available after 90 days.

    Benefits after illness:
    Covers all expenses for treatment including Operation Charges, Pre Operation Charges, Post Operation Charges, Doctors fee, ICU charges, Test Fees, Consumables, Prosthetic implants, etc without any sub limit upto Sum Insured.
    30 days pre hospitalization and 60 days post hospitalization expenses
    Rent of shared Hospital accommodation in Silver Plan and Single Hospital accommodation in Gold Plan.
    Ambulance Charges – No limit for Network Hospital and upto Rs. 2000.00 per illness for Non- Network Hospital.
    Cost of Organ Transplant
    Maternity Benefit in third Policy year subject to certain limit and free child cover upto sum insured from day one and free vaccination in first year.
    All available daycare procedure in India are covered.
    Why big Sum Insured?
    Health Insurance Policy is like Ladder of Fire Brigade, a ladder capable of fire fighting on 20th floor can be used for any floor below 20th floor but a ladder capable of fire fighting at 10th floor cannot be used for 20th floor.
    Treatment Cost in good Hospital
    Heart Attack Rs 5 lacs, Cancer Rs 10 lacs, Kidney Replacement 15 lacs aprox.
    You can refer Product Brochure of the Max Bupa Health Insurance Company, available on request.

    Please buy that Health Insurance Plan which can afford all medical bills instead of buying affordable health insurance plan.

  55. Chandra Sekhar Sharma

    Many thanks to Mahavir and Javed to spend their time and respond back on my queries.

    I do agree that no one-size-fits-all solution and might be I need an expert health insurance advisor. But asking another question where I might look like a novice but certainly I have to ask keeping all my hesitation at one side.. Who all are Health Insurance advisor. Are they like financial planner who provides solution on Health insurance ? Any online website and how the are charging ?

    You said correctly “Why big sum insured :Heart Attack Rs 5 lacs, Cancer Rs 10 lacs, Kidney Replacement 15 lacs aprox.” .. and these thinks made us to think to get a big coverage.
    Also I like the line where you have said “which can afford all medical bills instead of buying affordable health insurance plan.” But budget comes as a constraint and and 50K might not be affordable by all (or not me).

    I am putting my analysis so far on two products: MAX BUPA and ORIENTAL.
    (NOTE: Just to understand and for a discussion. I agree Mahavir and Javed already shared their views .)
    I tried to compare Oriental and MAx Bupa (Health Companion) a

    MAX Bupa –> CO Pay after 65 years
    Oriental –> No Co Pay

    Max Bupa -> Covering All Day Care
    Oriental –> Limited (around 30 to 40)

    MAX Bupa –> No Sublimit
    Oriental –> Sublimit

    When I am going for individual (example 4 Lc) Max Bupa is costing for my parents 17140 where as Oriental Happy Family Floter also coming around the same for 6 Lac SI icluding mY wife .. Kid and me. Any ways I am already covered by group term insurance by employed but what I felt after going through this forum is its good to have one personal health insurance .

    Like I have mentioned above All Day care procedure covered under MAX Bupa where as a limited number of Day care treatment covered under Oriental. Do you guys think this factor need more attention and provide more weight on MAX bupa? Or No Copay by Oriental.

    Do we have any statistics like what is average health insurance SI taken by average people ( 10K .. 20 k , 40k ..) .We can do a POLL also .

    • LICAgentJaved

      Hi Mr Chandra Shekhar Sharma
      refer to your reply
      ‘When I am going for individual (example 4 Lc) Max Bupa is costing for my parents 17140 where as Oriental Happy Family Floter also coming around the same for 6 Lac SI icluding mY wife .. Kid and me. Any ways I am already covered by group term insurance by employed but what I felt after going through this forum is its good to have one personal health insurance.”
      Max Bupa is not issuing individual policy for 4 lacs SI if you go for 3 lacs which is silver plan for each of your family total cover will be 15 lacs for a premium of Rs 38063.
      6 lacs family floater will cost you Rs 18552.
      kindly use right information for decision making.


      • Chandra Sekhar Sharma

        Hi Javed ,
        I was talking about family floater . Max Bupa is having product called Health companion (silver) which is providing SI for 4 lacs as well.

  56. Vinay Maithani

    Dear Mr. Mahavir,

    I thank you for sharing the insight on the health insurance sector for INDIA. I found it very useful and impressive details to help me understand the intricacies involved.

    I need help from you to suggest me a good medical insurance plan for my parents.
    Father Aged 55
    Mother aged 50

    Maximum i can afford premium per annum would be 12,000 INR

    I look forward to your advice to help me decide to choose the right insurance for my parents.

    Warm regards

    • Vinay

      Its almost impossible to get health insurance for aged parents for low premium . As the age increases , the health insurance premiums go very very high and at times not available totally because of health issues if any .


  57. Subhrajyoti Choudhury

    Dear Sir ,
    I think your article is very informative for common people like me who find it really hard to zero in on a particular insurance product from a particular insurance company .

    Actually I have a question regarding Parivar policy from National Insurance company .My father (age 63) and my mother (age 62) are insured under this policy since last 4 years . However I read here
    that the policy can be extended maximum upto 65 years of age . However , your blog mentions that National renew age for indidual/floaters is Life time . Has this changed recently ? I believe that all existing diseases are covered under this policy if it is renewed for four continuous claim free years . So I was inclined to stick to National Insurance for now.
    Please let me know your thoughts and what should I do now ?

  58. vignesh


    My mother s age is exactly forty five. she has no complications till now. which policy will u suggest? pls tell me best among the psu.individual policy is enough.


  59. Hello Vignesh,

    At this age and with good health, you have a choice with all products available in India. You only need to speak to a good health insurance advisor, discuss your needs etc., and decide.

    Among PSU, Oriental, United and New India Assurance have good products.

    • vignesh


      I am taking a family floater with my name as proposer(21) along with my mother (no medical test for my mom reqd as i am the proposer). In future if i want to increase the cover will i be allowed to take an individual policy of higher cover or should i need to stick on to the family floater along with my mom?

      Pls guide me

  60. Pravin

    Dear sir

    i want to buy a medical policy for me 30 ,wife 28 and son 9 Mnth.old
    give me difference between apollow munich standard and oriental Happy family Floater plz. explain.

    • Hello Pravin,

      It would not be possible for anyone to compare products here, and do justice to it.
      Also, there are many other plans which you can consider too.

      You need to search for a good health insurance advisor, discuss your needs, and zero on your decision.

      You are free to buy the product decided from anywhere, even after the advise.

  61. Dr Prashant Dahire


    Is there any health insurance policy available in market for Type 1 Diabetes who are taking insulin injections daily and also having hypertension?

    • Subhrajyoti Choudhury

      Yes Parivar policy from national insurance covers diabetes and hypertension on payment of additional premium.

      • Dr Prashant Dahire

        Was National Insurance covers Type 1 Diabetes (who r taking insulin daily) ? because when I talked to Medimanage Experts they told me that at present there is no policy in market that covers Type 1 Diabetes because when they submit such policy to any insurance company the underwriter rejects such proposal because of insulin dependent diabetes.

  62. vidhi

    I want to buy a mediclaim policy for my mother. her age is 55 and is suffering from BP and cholestrol. i was thinking of going for bajaj allianz or maz bupa. Kindly suggest what should I go for.
    kindly also suggest if any other better mediclam providers.


    • Vidhi,
      Both Max Bupa, Bajaj Allianz are good options. Additional options is Oriental Happy Family Floater.
      We would suggest you spend time in looking for a good health insurance advisor (who has experience in handling Health claims), who can give you neutral, unbiased advise across various products suggested. Explain your needs and health history in detail, and zero in on a plan.
      Also, I would suggest you insure yourself, and your other members of the family too, with your own independent plan.
      Please DON’T wait for an ailment to occur, and then look for Health Insurance, your choices get narrower and narrower, once you grow older.
      Mahavir Chopra

  63. Hello Vidhi,

    Both Max Bupa, Bajaj Allianz are good options. Additional options is Oriental Happy Family Floater.

    We would suggest you spend time in looking for a good health insurance advisor (who has experience in handling Health claims), who can give you neutral, unbiased advise across various products suggested. Explain your needs and health history in detail, and zero in on a plan.

    Also, I would suggest you insure yourself, and your other members of the family too, with your own independent plan.
    Please DON’T wait for an ailment to occur, and then look for Health Insurance, your choices get narrower and narrower, once you grow older.


    Mahavir Chopra

  64. jagadish

    Hi Manish/Mahavir,
    I looked at your answers and thoroughly convinced that I am going to the right persons for expertise and wish to state and place on record for the numerous persons who have sought advice and who shall do so from now. I am going to be 38 in a couple of days diabetic post pradinal 200, wife is 32 and son 6. I have a mother who is 66. Both of us are working and are covered by our companies respectively. I now wanted to go in for a policy where i intend to cover my mother seperately and balance 3 of us seperately so that I can go for maximum renewalbe age,option of upgrading the sum assured, covered for accident/terrorism and also get a good coverage presently to the tune of 5-8 lakhs annually. I want to now continue with this policy for lifetime and also look at covering my mother for a seperate policy for the next 10-15 years of her expected life. Please guide me. Many thanks in anticipation. Jagadish

    • Hello Jagadish,

      Since you have Diabetes, other than Apollo Munich (which does not accept Diabetic customers), you can apply in lifetime products from Oriental Insurance, Max Bupa, L&T Insurance etc.

      As mentioned in earlier comments, suggest you spend time in looking for a good health insurance advisor (who has experience in handling Health claims), who can give you neutral, unbiased advise across various products suggested. Explain your needs and health history in detail, and zero in on a plan.

  65. Shridhar

    Dear Mahaveer Ji,

    I have gone through your post as well as your answers of people’s queries and found them very informative.

    I am 30 years old, wife 26 and daughter 4 years. I would like to know followings:-
    1) At this age how much sum insured do you think is reasonable to take ? I understand it should be maximum possible but still a tentative figure. I can pay for premium anything between the sum insured of 3-10 lacs.
    2) Presently I reside out of India and as far as I am out of India me and my family is covered from company. But i do want to take the policy which will take care whenever i come back to india. Do i need to disclose this while taking policy?
    3) My wife suffered from Ovarian cyst and had undergone for two operations for removal of both ovaries and uterus. In recent case the cyst was malignant and she had to undergo for precautionary chemotherapy sessions. Do i need to disclose this fact to insurance co or will they not issue the policy after this.

    Please let me know your suggestions and advice as I am complete clueless and dont have any good insurance advisor in India. I have decided to go for Appollo Munich family floater. will it be good looking to my specific case?

    Thanks and Regards,

  66. arun chadda

    Hi mahavir first of all great article.

    Now the three important queries.

    1. I am taking three indivudual policies, one for myself age 30 years of good health, only once hospitalised for typhoid for 4 days and nothing after that. I plan to go for either bajaj, apollo or max, what would be suggested?

    2. My mother attained 60 years of age on jan 12 of this year, she is asthmatic from childhood, what could be a suggested policy for her and from where. What would be the exclusions for her

    3. Wife is type 1 diabetes from age of 2, taking insulin injections, is there any product for her, i don’t mind extra or high premiums.

    Please let me know.

    • – All the 3 options are great. The choice between them, would require detailed needs assessment. Also, please ensure you go for a good sum insured of minimum Rs. 5 Lakhs.
      – For your mother you can opt for Max Bupa, Star Health, Oriental Happy Family
      – For your wife, it is difficult to get a policy with most insurers reluctant. You can try Max Bupa here.

      As mentioned in earlier comments, suggest you spend time in looking for a good health insurance advisor (who has experience in handling Health claims), who can give you neutral, unbiased advise across various products suggested. Explain your needs and health history in detail, and zero in on a plan.

  67. arun chadda

    Thank you Mr. Mahvir, finally one last query, I forgot to mention ICICI Lombard as one of my choices what is the opinion on that. The brochure does not fix limits on room rents, ambulance charges and treatments, no co-payment.

    The maximum cover though is only 4.0 lacs. When I asked the agent who called me as to why only 4.0 lacs as other firms give cover upto 10.0 lacs. He replied stating that even though their covers are high, they fix caps on room rents, ICU charges and co-payments, but ICICI is a pure mediclaim policy without limits.

    Lastly since you are associated with medi-manage please arrange for someone to contact my via email, i can give them my mobile number and i would like to have a chat with them preferably in person to decide, i reside at bangalore, if that is not possible, then phone would be fine.

  68. Sashidhar

    Hi Mahavir,

    Thanks for the wonderful article.

    I would like to request you for your expert review on Apollo Munich Optima Restore family floater. I am planning to take a medical insurance for myself (35yrs), wife (33yrs) and daughter (4yrs) for a sum assured of 5lacs. I have undergone a surgery for Bilateral Pneumothorax 15yrs back and dont have any other problems since then. Apart from this none of us have any pre-existing ailments and all are healthy. I am thinking about going for either Apollo Munich Optima Restore or Max Bupa Heartbeat Family First, but not able to make a decision.

    Please give your expert suggestion and review on these two products and help me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  69. Abhijeet

    i have a query for Mahavir (very high regards for u and manish)

    im 47 years old and my wife 42…i have been covered by bajaj allianz for 3 years now…im now thinking of porting my policy as bajaj is just not logical in terms of features and premium charged..iv researched and have two options confusing me..i would like a blunt answer from you as i have high regards for you as far as health insurance is concerned…i have contacted medimanage but i want your particular opinion on this one…

    Option 1:
    APOLLO OPTIMA RESTORE for 3 lakhs..factoring its restore and multiplier benefit,the sum insured for a 3 lac comes down to somewher around 6 lacs approx..
    This is a great product from apollo..just a a bit higher on premiums and one problem..that is..the restore benifit can only be used by the same person but not for similar illness…the probabality of requiring money for same illness again is higher in case a claim occurs..

    Option 2 :
    APollo standard floater(3 lac) and SUPER TOP UP from united(threshold 3lac , SI 5lac)…which makes us insured for 8 lacs in total..premium wise this is a litl better too..

    I just suppose tht co ordinating with two different companies would be tiresome in case of a claim…and also i suppose i will have to wait for 4 years for pre existing to be covered under united SUPER TOP UP , also in case of i right..???

    ALL IN ALL which option should i go for……….??!!??

    • Hello Abhijeet,

      Here’s the blunt answer :) “Go for Apollo Optima Restore”

      In case you feel, that claim for same ailment can recur and you would be short of cover, you need to buy a higher coverage.

      United India’s Super Topup is a good product, but they are very reluctant to provide it. We have a case pending with them for more than 2 months for approval from their Regional Office.

      • Abhijeet

        appreciate that . . surprised tht u answered in such litl time . .keep up the good work. .

        its sad to know united india having second thoughts on SUPER TOP UP..its one great product at the price they offer. . neways il try my luck with them once or else il go for optima restore
        any other suggestions btw?? my research tels me apollo has the best features with a better price tag. . wat does the expert say ?

        • Hi Abhijeet,

          The speed of response is inspired from Manish Chauhan.

          We dont offer United India, because it is difficult to purchase, but because it shows their attitude towards the product.

          It would be difficult to recommend one product. It requires interaction, and detailed understanding of your needs.

          • Abhijeet

            i called my city united india office and they said il get the policy in 10-15 days…in that case should i go for apollo and united mix or stick with optima restore??

            it may seem im more keen on united..its just because a mix of apollo standard and united super top up gives high coverage in lesser premium..i too am not keen on public insurers at all only because of the attitude u r talkin about but the SUPER TOP UP is unique and no other company offers it . .

            • Abhijeet

              it may seem im more keen on united..its just because a mix of apollo standard and united super top up gives high coverage in lesser premium..i too am not keen on public insurers at all only because of the attitude u r talkin about but the SUPER TOP UP is unique and no other company offers it . .

              i called my city united india office and they said il get the policy in 10-15 days…in that case should i go for apollo and united mix or stick with optima restore??


    Dear Sir,
    Dear Sir,
    Appreciate your honest , simple and straight forward comments .So much impressed.
    It is true that there “No real” health insurance for seniors from any company .
    They feel they will cause more expense and so less profit.
    I need some advise from you, Sir,
    I am retired and 63 yrs old and my wife is 58 yrs .
    We are generally maintaining good health without any major issues till today.
    Please advise which company is better ( not many just two or three ) ( as you said not possible to compare )
    I think we need full life cover for about Rs 6.0 L in total .
    Will be very thankful if you reply for this request.

    • Hello Mr. Raghavan,

      Recommend you go for Oriental Insurance or Max Bupa for your Wife and you. Both will offer you a cover of Rs. 6 Lakhs .

      Request you to please ensure you have a good adviser to do the running around, as well as help you in your renewals and claims.


      • Abhijeet

        Mahavir ,
        quite contrary to the sevice providing claims that the medimanage team makes on the web site,the real picture does not seem to b that rosy.iv been in contact with a couple of your executives and it seems tht ual hav good advisors but very bad and unprofessional sales people..its me who has to contact your people and tell them everytime to call me when they are free from their meetings and are in the mood or have the time to attend some serious clients..if not atleast tell the client that ual are not interested in servicing him..hope the team lives to the things they say on the website..iv been in touch with aniket gaikwad and Mr ” KALPESH ”

  71. Abhijeet

    got a call late afternoon from medimanage..alls fine now..have high hopes from the medimanage team..hope they live upto it .. 😉

  72. Rajesh Pai

    HI mahavir
    Very nice aricle and detailed responses.
    I am currently having health insurance by my employer. And i also want to have my own health insurance for me and my family . Which health insurance i can choose?
    My age is 41, spouse: 35 ,kid1 : 10 and kid2 : 6 years

    and do i need to by indivdual or family floater ?.


    • Hello Rajesh,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      If you are healthy, and have no health issues, we recommend Apollo Munich Restore, Bajaj Family Health Guard, Max Bupa and in Government – Oriental Happy Family.

      It would be difficult to pinpoint one product, without a detailed need analysis.

      Go for Family Floater, with a cover of more than Rs. 5 Lakhs. Ideally, if you can budget it, you should go for atleast 10 Lakhs floater coverage.

      As mentioned time and again, please do recruit a good health insurance adviser, who provides unbiased advise, and has experience of servicing your claims and renewals. It is very important to have a good helping hand, in Health Insurance kind of service.


  73. Sumant,

    1. Oriental Happy Family Floater, is converted to Individual, when you cross 65. It is a product, and has been mentioned upfront. We look at multiple factors from the customers interest point of view, when recommending a product. Every product has a pluses and minuses, we weigh it and recommend. Final call is always yours.
    1. We dont decide the TPA, unless, the TPA is very bad, and has no infrastructure.
    2. Insurance Company decides the TPA.
    3. TPAs are mandated with the policy wordings, No TPA has the right to go against the policy wordings. The rule of 7 days submission is from the Insurance Company, and has nothing to do with Raksha or any other TPA.
    4. Please let us know, which city you belong, so that we can understand, how the network is not good. If you are in a GIPSA PPN city, then the list is common across all PSU Insurance Companies, and hence TPAs.
    5. We ensure you get a good response, as well as service experience, irrespective of the TPA.
    6. Since, we ensure you get the best response possible, we dont suggest change of TPA, unless it is for a very exceptional service issue.


    • 1. If I were you, I would cover my Parents with the Happy Family Floater policy, and take an additional cover from a Private Insurer for my own self.
      2. Every product has imperfections. We have no role in deciding the TPA. If you have a bad experience, we can try and talk to the insurer in coming years to move you to another TPA, but we cannot assure a change.
      3. You are buying the Policy for more than a decade, I dont think you should solely rely on the network list today, as it is bound to evolve.

      • 1. If you or any member of your family contract any ailment, then it will be difficult to port the policy.
        2. You can port from floater to individual, depending on the Insurance Company’s internal policy.
        3. TPAs are empaneled by the Division Office level at Oriental. The division/region we work with provides only Raksha TPA as the choice. As mentioned, we have had satisfactory experience with them.
        4. We dont have any tie-up with the TPAs, they are empaneled by the Insurance Co. We have no issues dealing with any TPA, as we represent you, the customer.

        • Dear Sumant,

          Regret but, we would not be able to provide another TPA. We can only assure we will get them to work with the network they have.

          Lastly portability requires 45 days to process, it cannot be done for a policy expiring tomorrow.


  74. Rajesh Pai

    Thanks for the reply.

    what is your thought on panjab natainal bank oriental insurance family floater policy.

    To whom i can cantact for the best health insurance adviser.


  75. Rajesh Pai

    Thanks for the clarification. so bank mediclaims are not good for long term.

    I will go for the direct policy and i will approach medi manage for the new policy.

    Thanks a lot mahavir.


  76. Rajesh

    A very basic doubt.

    In term life insurance, the yearly premium and the coverage amount remain fixed for the entire policy period.

    Is it otherwise in case of Health Insurance? i.e. After I buy health insurance, will I have to pay an increasing amount of premium every year?

    • Hello Rajesh,

      Premiums in Health Insurance can change, mostly in the following cases.
      1. Change in Age Slab (as per the premium chart of the Insurance Co.) of the members covered.
      2. Loading due to claims in the previous year.
      3. Revision in the premium chart (required to be filed by Insurance Co. with IRDA)

      So, the premium is not like a term life insurance, and does not remain same. It can change.

      • Rajesh

        Thanks Mahavir and Manish for your replies .

        However I am still not able to decide on something . I am 40 and was contemplating to buy an independent health cover for the primary reason that my employer may not continue the current health cover policy (which is quite good and adequate) for ever.

        However, if the premium are bound to increase with age , then what do I gain by buying the cover immediately? I can buy one as and when my employer withdraws the cover (say after 4 years from now-when I will be 44). The premium payable by me at the age of 44 will be the same whether I buy it now or at the age of 44. Right?

        Pl let me know what you think.

  77. Priyanka

    Hi Mahavir,

    Many Thanks for all your comments above.

    I want to buy a medical insurance for my mother who is 62 years old. As I am a private sector worker, I cover her under my insurance (Insurance form my office) but that is only 1.5 lack. I want to purchase another medical insurance. Can you please suggest?

    Many Thanks

  78. Lakshmi

    I would like to take mediclaim policy for my brother who is 53 and has BP borderline and diabetic. Pl suggest a policy without TPA business and claims are smoothly taken care of. Icici Lombard 2yr individual for 3lakhs or max bhupa if so which one in max bhupa.


    • Hello Lakshmi,

      PSU Insurance Cos. would be a better bet, in case of people with Pre-existing ailments, since Private cos. are applying permanent exclusions or denying covers for Diabetes.

      Both ICICI and Max are good. ICICI renewals stop at 70, hence Max Bupa Heartbeat would be a better option.

  79. Sushanta

    Hi Manish/Mahaveer,

    The post is very informative and appreciate you for that.

    I am looking forward for your advice. I am looking for a policy for my parents and my family. Parents age are 60 and 50 and my age is 32, wife 28 and kid is 1 yr.

    Could you advice for a family floater policy which can include all of us else anything for my parents alone.

    Looking eagerly towards your response.

    • Hello Sushanta,

      You need to help with information about their medical history and current health condition. If you have to go for a floater for the entire family, you need to go for a sum insured above 6-7 Lakhs.
      Good options for floater and parents floater are Max Bupa and Oriental Happy Family.

      A better strategy would be to buy a separate policy for your parents, and another policy for your wife, your kid and yourself.
      Good Options for separate policy for your immediate family are Apollo Munich, Bajaj Allianz, Max Bupa, Tata AIG MediPrime (Product Names are in alphabetical order)

  80. selva

    Hi Manish/Mahaveer,

    Your blog is amazing with a lot of insight. Appreciate your efforts

    I am 35 and my wife is 32 and have a son at 6 yrs.
    I have found HDFC Click2protect as term insurance & HDFC Life Protection for Critical illness. But HDFC Life protection offers protection against only 6 diseases.

    I have found Apollo Munich – Optima Restore as very attractive family floater as it offers 50% no-claim addition and life long renewal and benefits

    Request your kind advice on these policies

    Thanks in advance, Selva

  81. Sam


    Thanks a lot for putting up this article and giving insights to laymen like many of us.
    In fact I had been looking out for all these information since the last two weeks, and am happy to have found them here explained so legitimately and clear.

    There are a few things I would be glad to have clarified.
    I am looking for a policy for my parents who are both 55 and 45 respectively, for ranges upto 4-5 lacks. I am confused on choosing in between Bupa Max and Bajaj.
    I am in dilemma on the following conditions.
    -maximum renewabale policy
    -cashless programme
    -which of these policies covers a nominal range of treatment
    -is there a minimum waiting period.

    • Hello Sam,

      You have various options from Apollo Munich to Max Bupa to Oriental that offer lifetime renewal to your parents. Bajaj’s policy cover only till 80.

      A detailed understanding of your requirement will be required to understand which plan is suitable for you. Also, you have not provided details of their medical condition and history.

      On a generic comparison, here are some positives negatives of the plans.

      Positives of Apollo – Coverage in good large hospitals. No Copay. Waiting period of 2 Years.
      Negatives of Apollo – Permanent exclusion for every existing ailment found on Medical Test. High premium in higher ages.

      Positives of Max Bupa – Coverage in good large hospitals. No Waiting Period.
      Negatives of Max Bupa – Expensive, elaborate medical tests, 20% Copay after age of 65.

      Positives of Oriental – Affordable premium. No Copay. No Medical Tests.
      Negatives of Oriental – No Cashless coverage in some good hospitals. 2 year waiting period.

  82. divya

    Hi Manish
    Firstly, I think your article is commendable!
    I am hoping you can provide some guidance.

    I am a housewife, aged 35 years and wish to take separate health insurance policies for my husband (aged 37 years), baby (10 months) and myself.

    I had shortlisted Apollo Munich (Easy Health scheme) due to good features such as lifetime renewability.
    I had disclosed that I have mild hypothyroidism and I find that they have refused to provide me health cover! Is this an acceptable trend? I thought it is best to disclose everything and am disappointed at being refused health cover.

    Now, what other option would you suggest? Max Bupa has a good plan but premiums are quite high. Am sceptical about PSUs and while Bajaj Allianz has a good plan, they provide renewability only upto 80 years.
    Please suggest a good plan for all three of us. I truly hope you can help.
    Thanks and regards

  83. Minu

    Hi Mahavir,
    I want to purchse a personal accidental policy for myself and my husband. (50 lacks each). The more I am gathering information, the more I am confused.
    1) Please suggest policy with maximum benefits including hospitalisation benefits as well.
    2) Can I take 2 separate policies from 2 different companies and claim both of them ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Minu

      Apologies for the delayed response. Saw this message only now. Somehow, I didn’t get a notification for this one.

      1. Firstly, I would not recommend you mix personal accident with hospitalization benefits. Let hospitalization benefits be taken care by a mediclaim/health insurance policy.
      2. I would recommend Bajaj, Apollo as good options. Bajaj has a great track record. Apollo has added frill benefits, at the same cost.
      3. Yes, you can take 2 separate policies and claim for both. Recommend you mention the coverage for the other policy, in both proposals.


  84. Mansing Chavan

    I have taken health insurance policies for my parents. Earlier my parents were covered in our corporate policy taken by my employer which ended on 30th Sep 2011. During renewal insurance compny refeused to cover parents and given option of covering parents in new individual policy but covering the existing dieses. Accordingly i have taken fresh policies from same company, due to documentation delays the new policy effected from 18th Nov 2011. Meantime my father had a brain stroke on 13th Nov 2011 and hospitalised on 17th Nov 2011. Now insurance company rejected my claim stating that hospitalisation taken place 1 day before of issuance of policy. Is it OK that my claim can not be settled though my parents are covered with same company for more than 5 years and that too with out any claim.
    Also can i claim any hospitalisation due to brain Stroke in future ( as it has taken place before ( on 13th Nov 2011) issuance of the present policy ( on 18th Nov’11).


    • Hello Mansingh,

      Sorry to hear about this. Did the Insurance Company make you sign any portability form, if yes…then this is a case of portability, and hence there could be a chance to get this covered and payable.

      If not, since the coverage starts from 18th, there was no coverage at all on 17th for the Insurance Company to pay for. Since

      Apologies for using this as an example, but this is precisely the reason to go for an independent cover “atleast” for parents, and NOT DEPEND on the employers cover, completely. As seen in this case, your family’s cover is decided in a meeting you aren’t even part of.

      Finally, post brain stroke, it would be difficult to get an open market retail individual policy for your father. Would recommend you try the mediclaim provided by PSU banks like Bank of Baroda/India etc.

      Also, what about your mother, and the rest of the family, are they covered independently? If not, please do cover them with an independent policy.

      Please spread the word within your family and friends, so that atleast others benefit from your experience and can be cautioned.


      Mahavir Chopra

  85. mahesh

    Hi Manish, Hope all is well. As previously stated, am an NRI and am planning to take the health insurance (HI) for my whole family. Me at 36, wife at 31 and my child at 6. Is this possible to pucharse the HI online for my whole family and if yes, which is the best insur ance policy and company which i have to buy plz advice




    Dear Sir,
    My date of birth is 02.09.1966 and I want to take mediclaim policy of Sum Assured of 10 Lakhs. I am unmarried and residing at New Delhi.

    Which insurance company is best for me, i.e. Individual.
    Virender Singh Gusain

  87. Krishna Prasad

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for doing a splendid job of demystifying Heath Insurance options available in India with this article and answering to individual queries posted.

    I am also planning to buy Health Insurance coverage for my parents: mother aged 64 years and father aged 67 years with a floating cover of Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 8,00,000; and for my parents-in-laws: mother-in-law aged 48 years and father-in-law aged 55 years for floating cover of Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000.

    Only existing medical condition is that my mother is diabetic since more than 22 years now.

    Even though my parents and in-laws can be convered by an optional group health insurance at my place of work, would still prefer a independent product to cover in between jobs (which is always a possibility).

    I was planning to go for policies from either Star Health or Max Bupa but I am wary now after having read too many negative reviews about them. Can you please recommend health insurance products that suit my requirements?


      • Krishna Prasad

        Thanks for your quick reply. I have applied for optional parental health insurance at my workplace.

        With best regards,

        • Hello Krishna Prasad,

          Would recommend you still go with a low cost independent insurance in some time. This would ensure that you have your own financial plan in place, instead of depending on what your employer is offering you. Such optional covers are known for discontinuance after some years, or premium shooting to double, due to unviable premiums compared to claims.


          Mahavir Chopra

  88. Bharath

    i am planning to take health insurance for my father age 61 years, he is diabetic patient. kindly suggest me a good health insurance. heard Bajaj silver is my preferred one.

    kindly suggest the best one.


  89. Anil

    Nice article. Cleared few of my doubts but i am still confused with few.
    Both for me and my wife, so far, the maximum expense involved for any treatment was well with in 2lakhs limits.
    I am recently married and look forward to start a family.
    Like for life insurance where you have a referral benchmark which say’s ideal insurance should be ideally be 10 times your salary, what would be an ideal coverage for us (Floater).
    Would you suggest a basic floater health cover or something with Maternity coverage? I am from Mumbai.

    • THis is not an easy question , but you can assume few answers here .. you can assume 100% of your take home salary as a good benchmark for health insurance or 20 lacs maximum . Like if a person is earning 6 lacs per year .. then he can take a health insurance of 6 lacs . But if a person is earning 1 crore , he can take upto 20 lacs (upper limit) . Not sure how much correct it is !

  90. Rasik Bapotra

    My father had heart attack in the year 2008 and for this he was hospitalized for a week. After this incident happend I had added my parents as dependent under my company’s mediclaim(New india insurance). Till three year I did not require any hospitalization related claims. Now this I thought of changing my company and hence I did not add my parents under the company mediclaim policy. But last week my father was hospitalized not because of heart attack but typhoide, malaria and lever swelling and because of not having mediclaim policy this cost me very badly.

    I heard about ICICI lombard Find your Fit new policy. It provide facility for OPD(medical expenses, lab charges, doctor charges etc.) claim also. It can also be renewable life long. Is there any other policy which allow claim for OPD.

    I would like you to help me purchasing policy which is best suitable for me considering above case and also one which can be renewal life long.

  91. balasubramanian.b

    I am holder of star health insurance policy for myself, wife and my younger son. I have paid two years subscription. Now my wife undergone for diabetics treatment for which i have spent rupees eight hundred per month for the purchase of tablets. In which policy I am able t to claim this medical cast.

  92. Lokesh

    Hi mahavir,

    i am searching for a good family floater plan which can cover my entire family including me(28 Yrs.), spouse(27 Yrs.) and my parents(52 Yrs. and 47 Yrs.),
    currently i have no children but will be planning in next 1-2 Yrs.
    Please Guide me.

  93. Sunil


    I am 30 yrs old. My wife is 29 yrs and daughter is 2 yrs old. I want to buy a decent health insurance for all with all necessary feature.

    Would you suggest me an individual policy or a family floater, and which company should I go for?

  94. Monideepa

    Hi, Mahavir.
    I am searching for a Health insurance for the Parents. My Mother has pre existing ailments as below – Diabetes, High BP, Osteoporesis, Rheumatoid Arthrities, heart problems. My Father has high BP and heart ailments.
    I was looking for a family plan but saw a quote above that Individual plan is better.
    Can you please suggest some Health Insurance plans which is well fitted for my parents.
    Would want cover for health checkup, medical bills, OPD and hospitalisation as well.

  95. Veer

    I would like to take best and affordable health insurance coverage for my parents: Mother – 52 yrs and Father 60 yrs. Could you please advice any policies, in terms of life time renewal, low copay, no capping, no/low loading, low/ fixed premiums, cashless facilities, fast TAT on claim processing, less waiting period, provide no claim benefits, no hidden charges and provides tax benefit to the proposer.

    Would really appreciate your advice.


    • Veer

      You are asking for too much in a single policy , do you really feel any policy can give all these things in a policy and make profit . You should look at some companies like Apollo , Max Bupa and Oriental Health Insurance

  96. Rajul Dixit


    I want to buy a health insurance which covers myself (Age:30, slalaried, male) and my mother (age: 57). My mother suffers from hypertension. Please suggest a suitable health insurance plan. Thanks,


  97. Abhinav


    This is really informative. It took me approx 2 hours to go though this post and still I could not complete it fully :). Most of my doubts got cleared. While reading through this article I also went through

    Now about myself
    I am 33, married with a daughter 3.5 years old. My wife’s age is 32. My mother is a government servant 58 years old (diabetic, though its under control with medicine and fluctuating BP, sometimes high sometimes Low). She will retire from Govt. Service in next 1.5 years.
    Till now I did not have a individual health insurance plan and thought that the group insurance provided by my employer (I got default 2L cover increased to 4L by paying 2k extra) was sufficient. But now after reading this article and also watching some expert opinions on TV, I know that I should go for an individual cover sooner than later.
    I am looking for the following options:
    1- Go for Oriental Happy family floater for 6L or more with all the four members (me,my wife,daughter and mother). Not sure whether my mother being diabetic can be insured or not.
    2- Go for Oriental Happy family floater for 6L or more with three members (me,my wife,daughter) and take a separate cover for my mother which takes care of her being diabetic also.

    Which of the above would you recommend. Or may be some third option which I would not have include above.




    Your article is really impressive, but would still require your advice on my renewal of mediclaim.

    Currently i am having 2lacs SI for myself and wife each with New India Assurance Company limited. I would like to go for a family floater option, I am of the view that psu players have too many sub limits when it comes to claims. Do u feel i should go with private players for the same.

    I dont mind paying little higher premium for the same. Which private company you feel gives the lowest or no sub limits irrespective of the premium amount if i am ready to pay. I would like to have a 5lac sum insured family floater policy.


  99. Devinder Kumar

    I am 37 years old my wife is 36 years old and have two son 8 and 4 years old my annual income is 2 lac. I want a health insurance policy for my all family members life time renewal and critical illness coverage sum assured near about 3-4 lac. Kindly suggest me the best policy and company name.
    Thanking you

  100. Neelesh

    Hello Manish/Mahivir,

    I am a bachelor (aged 31) and planning to get married soon. My parents are Aged 61 and 62. Mother is a diabetic (initial stage), no other major complaints from my parents.

    Please suggest me a good insurance policy, which will cover for lifeterm.


      • Neelesh

        Hello Manish,

        thanks for the response. I checked with Apollo, they don’t have a policy for my parents as they are diabetic.

        After little research, I have planned to take below 2 ploicies, please let me know if i am on the right path

        My Company Policy for Parents : 1 lac coverage ; Premium: 8250
        Max-Bupa : High Deductible plan: 2 lac coverage, 1 lac deductible; Premium: 16906

        So total for 3 lac coverage premium is 25156 – both the policies are Floater

        The reason i am taking company policy is there are no waiting periods, and very less limits, less copay. Also choosing Max-Bupa because want to be with a Non-Company Policy, as in case if I leave my company, it would help them get coverage later on.

        Max Bupa is lifetime renewable.

  101. mahesh k pawar

    dear manishji,my age is 43,my wife age is 40,my son age is 11 year,i m looking for family floater health plan,we have no illness history,i m looking for company who covered critical illness as well as typhoid ,malaria,dengue,viral fever deseses.i m staying in thane(w),near jupitor hospial,eastern express highway.which insurance company directly tie up with jupitor hospital,pl.suggest me proper insurance company which is most reliable and fast in services.

  102. Vinayak

    Hi, good Review.. Please help me to buy Health Insurance policy for my parents..
    My dad is 58yr old and Mom is 49yr old, I am 28yr old guy… My parents dont have any pre existing diseases .. I am very confused as I am getting mix reviews about the companies… M thininking of Oriental Happy family floater plan : 6 Lac cover : premium around 17,000… But I heard Oriental is not great in service n Renewable till 75yrs only.. I am thinking of New India Assurance … PLEASE suggest good policy for my parents at earliest.. Regs,Vinayak More. Thane

  103. Darsh

    Hi Manish,

    Lovely blog and great to have people like you around.

    My mother is 73 years old, with diabetes & blood pressure. Otherwise in good health.

    I would like to get her health insurance.

    Would be very grateful for your advise.



  104. I would like to cover me (Age: 26 years old) and my parents (Age: 51 & 55 years old). they are fit and fine. I live in Noida while they live in Ujjain (M.P.).
    I want to buy a policy looking at my future as well. I’m going to married soon so just to continue the same policy for next 20-25 years, what should be your suggestions.

  105. Sanjeet

    Hi Manish,

    I have seen your site very informative for one who is not aware much pros & cons about Health Insurance. Firstly, I want a family floater health insurance. My Father age is 66 & mother is 62 yr old. My age is 36 & my wife is 32 yrs old with one child of 9 yrs & another of 1 yr. My father had gone through angioplasty & is having sugar (in control). My mother is having BP problem. Please suggest me any good Health Insurance policy for me which cover my both parents.

  106. thomas

    dear sir,
    i am 35 years old and my wife is 31,i wanted to take a 5 lac family floater policy before this month end ,my major predicament is which plan to choose ,should i go for the private insurance company or rely on government owned
    i know you have mentioned about it in your earlier comment ,but if you need to be specific what would you suggest?
    secondly is it true that private insurance company do not in most of the cases reimburse your legitimate claim despite providing all the correct documentation in the right time ,as this companies are more interested in filling their coffers
    So what should i do ????

  107. pria

    Hi. I am 24 yrs old and I want to take a health insurance for my parents (mom 48, dad 57). Which is the best option. And how should I claim them? Like, if one gets admitted for some operation, should I immediately inform the insurance people about it?? please help.

  108. srihari


    As my father is a diabetic patient and my mother too. So can you please suggest
    a best health insurance plan to them from any company

  109. sandeep

    I want to cover both of my parent under medical insurance.
    Medi Manage provides the medical insurance. But is there any other insurance policy covering Rs 3 lakh on a premium on Rs 10500.


  110. Ashok Gupta

    Can’t believe Aviva’s health plan isn’t mentioned here. My wife got breast cancer and had to be operated. Aviva paid the entire fees for the operations. Aviva’s health care plan is definitely one of the safest and the best.

  111. Bharath

    Hi Manish..

    Thank you for your efforts in making people aware of the policies and how to choose one.

    I need your guidance in choosing a right policy for my parents.I an 24 , May dad is 46 and mom is 43 . My mom doesnt have any pre existing disease but my dad has recently ( August) diagnosed with Diabetes and started taking medication. I want to get a healthcare policy for them please suggest which one is best which has limited copay,and no sublimit and cashless claim with wide netwrk of hospitals and which is for long term or lifeterm i am from Hyderabad.

    I have heard that Max bhupa doesnt have much network in south india as it has in north.

    Please help me out in choosing the right policy whether to go for family floater or individual for my parents.



    • Bharath

      Hi Manish..
      Thank you for your efforts in making people aware of the policies and how to choose one.
      I need your guidance in choosing a right policy for my parents.I an 24 , May dad is 46 and mom is 43 . My mom doesnt have any pre existing disease but my dad has recently ( August) diagnosed with Diabetes and started taking medication. I want to get a healthcare policy for them please suggest which one is best which has limited copay,and no sublimit and cashless claim with wide netwrk of hospitals and which is for long term or lifeterm i am from Hyderabad.
      I have heard that Max bhupa doesnt have much network in south india as it has in north.
      Please help me out in choosing the right policy whether to go for family floater or individual for my parents.

  112. rajath

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the information put up on the website ,I need a suggestion from you,myself(24)-fit n fine,dad(56)-diabetic,mom(45)-fine,Sis(21).Could you suggest some good insurance policy were it covers some major operations along with the pay of bills in international hospitals for yearly routine checkups.I am from Bangalore.

    Thanks in advance.

  113. Vikas Prasad

    Thank you for your efforts in making people aware of the policies and how to choose one.

    I need your guidance to determine if myself and my family are adequately covered.
    Myself (Healthy – 31), Wife (Healthy – 29), Daugther (Healthy – 2), Father (Diebetics – 66) and Mother (Diebetics – 65).

    All of us have 3 Lakh health insurance cover from my company (Tech Mahindra).
    Additionally all of us have 5 Lakh insurance from my wife’s company (Tata Consultancy services LTD). Total = 8 Lakhs coverage.

    Other than that I have personally purchased HDFC Ergo 3 Lakh health insurance for myself, my wife and my daughther for around 8k annual premium.

    I feel that myself, my wife and daugther are adequately covered. But not sure about my parents. Is it really required that I buy health insurance for my parents outside our company?
    I was looking online and found health insurance premium for senior citizens very high.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Vikas,

      It is very very important in the long term, to have your own health insurance for your parents. Reasons are as follows:
      1. Claim ratios or loss ratios being high in Corporate covers for parents, premiums for parents coverage are increasing by 30 to 40% every year in most companies.
      2. Most employers finding it unfeasible, have started transferring (the proof of it being unfeasible) the cost to their employee.
      3. Finally, you may join a company which may not have a parents optional cover. I am sure, you would not take your career decisions based on whether your employer covers your parents.
      4. At later ages, it would be TOO LATE, and you will NOT GET A COVER, outside your company.
      5. You should OWN the cover for your family, and not your employer. It is not sound financial planning.

  114. Ankit Sharma

    Hi Manish,

    Nice Atricle…. Keep up the good work….

    As an expert I need your inputs on my query on health insurance.

    I want to buy a medical policy for me (27) ,my wife(26) and my father (56) and mother (54).Our main concern is to cover my wife pregnancy expenses. Also my parents are both fit n fine.What kind of policy would best suit us.We reside in New Delhi.

    Please advise


  115. Vikas Prasad

    Hi Mahavir / Manish

    Based on your valuable feedbacks I am finally on track to buy right policy for my parents. Please let me know your feedback on my decision.

    I called Medimanage and was suggested Star Red Carpet for my parents
    (Father – 66 & Mother – 65, Both Diebetic, Otherwise healthy, Both already covered under health insurance from my company for 3 Lakhs)
    However on reading one of blogs from Mahavir I researched Star Red Carpet a little bit more and found it of not much use. It has too much negative
    Loading -> 20-50%
    Sub Limit-> 60-70% of sum assured
    High co-pay -> 50% on existing, 30% for other than pre-existing.
    Star Red Carpet -> 3 Lakh coverage -> Rs 14,495
    Therefore star red carpet ruled out.

    Now since they are diebetic Appolo Optima Senior is declined. ICICI Lombard is too expensive and has upto 200% loading. Bajaj is renewal only upto 75 years age.
    So all these uled out.

    Finally I am left with MaxBupa which also has several schemes (listed below). It is life time renewable, no loading and no sub-limit. Though copay above Age 65 is 20%.
    Out of these I have selected MaxBupa (heartbeat – Family Floater Plan).
    Other option is to select Heartbeat Individual for both of them.
    Should I select Heartbeat Individual? Let me know.

    Max Bupa -> Heartbeat – Family Floater Plan -> 3 Lakhs = Rs 32,701
    Max Bupa -> Heartbeat – Individual -> 2 Lakhs = Rs 18,354
    Max Bupa -> Family First -> 1 Lakh individual and 3 Lakh Floater = Rs 45, 434

  116. Sumit

    I want to buy a medical insurance policy ,covering myself (43), my wife (39) . I would like to have lifetime renewal and premium somewhere between 20,000/- and 30,000/-. Please suggest the policies which give maximum coverage of various sort of medical needs.

  117. deepak vasudeva

    dear sir,
    i am 37 years old and my wife is 31,i wanted to take a family floater policy, which cover all the diseases for life time; my major predicament is which plan to choose ,should i go for the private insurance company or rely on government owned
    i know you have mentioned about it in your earlier comment ,but if you need to be specific what would you suggest?
    secondly is it true that private insurance company do not in most of the cases reimburse your legitimate claim despite providing all the correct documentation in the right time ,as this companies are more interested in filling their coffers
    So what should i do ????

  118. P Nagarao

    Please advise me((25 years) for free on a mediclaim policy on my hand towards my family consisting of DAD-56 having blood pressure , Mom-53 having Sugar & blood pressure, Sis-27 having totally recovered from tuberculosis.

    benefits required by me:
    Lowest premium annualy
    best coverage of surgeries
    cashless hospital pays
    income tax
    maximum years for renewals

  119. Rahul Bhoyar

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for this informative article. I would like to have some advice on which insurance policy is best suited for my below listed requirements.

    1) I would like to cover me , my parents, my to be wife.
    2) Sum assured of 5-6 lakhs.
    3) Must cover major things such as Angioplasty, Heart surgeries such as Bypass surgery, Chemotherapies,etc
    4) If possible must also accept Domiciliary claims (Non-Hospitalization).
    5) Regular health checkups,etc.

    Please suggest,


    • Apart from regular health checkups , policies from Apollo and Maxbupa should be a good fit for you . Note that the final investigation of what all is covered has to be done by you , no escape from that and better dont escape !

  120. Hello, I need a health Insurance for family and im confused. family has 4 person The maximum age of a member in family is 54 and minimum age of a person in family is 20 .My basic requirements are policy covering Diabetes , check ups and critical illness + fast and cashless service.

    Which Policy would be a better option ?
    Please Guide .


  121. Narendra Pratap

    Hi ,

    I want health insurance for my parents.

    Father – 61 yrs
    Mother – 55 yrs

    Which Policy would be a better option ?
    Please Guide .

  122. Parikh

    Hello Manish/Mahavir,
    Excellent analysis provided to people.
    I need your advice, I am 32, my wife is 29 and have a month old son.
    I Am covered by my / insurance policy. Do not have any individual policy. I am a resident of Gujarat /AMD.
    My parents Dad (65yrs) & Mom (58 yrs) are having insurance (United Insurance) of 2 lacs till now.
    Now I am thinking to have insurance for me & my entire family.
    I went through insurance policies of different companies and I am confused badly.
    Please suggest me 3 best options (2 Private & 1 Government Option) which can give me maximum benefit ,cost effective and reliability. Till now no one is operated in my family. But by considering age factors, I would like to buy insurance.
    Please provide me your valuable advice and obliged.

  123. chirag

    Manish, Mahavir,
    Thanks a lot for your valuable time to advice me. These options have definitely helped me to choose the better option. Also requested medimanage to further help me finalize.

    Appreciate your valuable help.

  124. Respected sir,

    Thanks for providing the Medical Insurance Guidance. I am 24 year old, my mom no major or minor illness, my sister 20 years no illness and my father is 52 years old having Blood Pressure, Diabetes Type-2, Glucoma in the eye and Seizure problem. Since last two years i had done more expenses on my father illness coz due to infection in the left leg done plastic surgery, than kidney treatment coz the creatinine increase 2.0, than cataract problem with glucoma in the eyes and seizure problem.

    Please guide me which will be the best insurance plan to cover the my family with mainly to my father.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Amritsingh Khalsa

    • Hello Amritsingh,

      It would be next to impossible to cover your father in any open market policy. You could check with exclusive mediclaim policies provided by Government Banks, and enroll him in the same. The service is below average, but if you follow up, you will get the money. Note, Pre-existing ailments will have waiting periods.

  125. Deepak

    Hello Mahavir Ji,

    Excellent article!!! thanks for the article.

    Although I read the entire article but unable to read all the question/queries raised by other persons and your answer to almost every question(must appreciate !!). So i want to raise some of my question/queries(though you already answered above).

    I am looking for a family floater for me(age 30) & my wife(age 27). till now by God grace we don’t have any existing illness.
    after reading article I want to go with ‘Happy Family Floater’ by Oriental.

    My queries :-

    1. I want to have insurance of 3L. so if after some year (let say after 5 years) I want to increased the SI upto 7-10 L then will all the benefits which we earned previously will carry forward or it will be considered as new policy?

    2. as SI is 3L then will all the members in Family Floater policy have the equal benefits or primary member will get the max benefit and rest member will get less benefit?

    3. will loading be continue or it will be levied off after continuous renewal of policy for some specific period?

    4. will co-pay be continue in case of SI is between 1-5 L over the years or it will be levied off after continuous renewal of policy for some specific period?

    5. will it cover if one is admitted to hospital for less than 24 hr.

    Please suggest if you have another option other that Oriental. One more thing i will prefer PSU.


    • 1. The upgraded sum insured will attract the waiting periods from the year of upgrade.
      2. Floater is a shared pool cover. Anyone in the plan can use any amount, till the entire amount exhausts for that year.
      3. Loading will reduce again, as you have continous no claims.
      4. Co-pay will remain, as long as the sum insured is less than 5 Lakhs.

  126. Mukesh beri

    Dear Mahavir Sir,

    My name is Mukesh beri..I am 32 years old…My father is 59 years old and my mother is 54 years old….I am a government employee.My parents are dependent on me. I need a health insurance plan which covers Me, My mother and Father jointly (family floater type plan)…Someone suggested me to take Oriental- Family floater plan. He told that It is good in account of benefits as well as premium. Please suggest me Should I take this plan for me and my family Or not ? Please suggest If there any better option than this in other company. Me and my parents have not any pre – existing disease.

    Sir, I am waiting for your valuable suggestion.

  127. Abeon Augustine

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to take a health insurance for my family.My father is at65(he have diabetic). Mother is at 61 .I am at 26 .and sister are at 27 and 21.We are in kerala.Could you suggest a better policy for my family .

    • Hello Abeon,

      Since you all of you are adults, you would have to go as follows:
      1. Floater policy for your parents. You can try with Max Bupa Family First, Oriental Happy Family, Religare Care (mentioned in alphabetic order)
      2. And individual policies for you, your sisters. This could be from Apollo, Max Bupa, Oriental, Religare etc.

      Get in touch with a good health insurance advisory, who can provide you unbiased advice and claims services, and take a call.

  128. rajesh


    I would like to take a health insurance for my family for me age 34 my wife 26 my son 2 years, can u suggest me a better policy for me.

    • Hello Rajesh,

      You need to compare between various health insurance products and choose one.

      Ensure you compare the features mentioned in the article above.

      Some of the good products in the market are Apollo Optima Restore, Max Bupa Family First, Religare Care, Star Comprehensive (in alphabetical order)

      Get in touch with a good health insurance advisory, who can provide you unbiased advice and claims services, and take a call.

  129. Kaushal Bhandankar

    I want to take Family Health Insurance for my Parents. Age – 59 and 50 years.
    I analyzed various plans and wanted to clear a few corner cases regarding Group Policy. I am comparing Apollo Munich and Oriental Insurance Family plans below.

    1) Apollo Munich Easy Health Family –
    a) Premium paid for renewing the policy is not constant. It will increase as the age of the members in the policy increases as per age-slabs fixed by Apollo Munich.
    b) 61+ age Individual Easy Health Policy maximum SA is 2 lacs. So in the Family Insurance policy when a member reaches 61 years and onwards, he/she can claim a maximum amount = 2 lacs per year.
    c) Renewable till life
    d) Increase in SA during renewal is not possible.
    e) No sub-limits and co-pay.
    f) Entry age less than 65 years and Medical test above 45 years mandatory.

    2) Happy Family Floater Policy
    a) Premium paid for renewing the policy is not constant. It will increase as the age of the members in the policy increases as per age-slabs fixed by Oriental.
    b) Till age of 80 years members will be part of the Family policy and each member can claim full SA.
    c) Renewable till member reaches 80 years, after which he/she will be removed from the Group Policy. Other members will continue.
    d) Increase in SA during renewal is possible.
    e) Sub-limits apply. No co-pay for Gold plan. 10% co-pay for Silver plan.
    f) Age of Proposer < 55 years. No medical test required for add-on family members whose age < 60 years.

    3) Max Bupa Family Floater Silver Plan
    Did not like it much.

    4) Star Family Health Optima
    When a member reaches 61+, he is moved to Red Carpet Individual policy, which has 30% co-pay.

    After comparing the Premium (with increasing age) and T&C of the Family Health Policies, I see that Oriental Gold Plan is very much suitable.

  130. Srikanth

    Hi Manish,

    Hope you are doing well. I need you suggestion to take health insurance for my parents. Currently I am working in software industry so they are covering 2.5 lakhs up to 3 dependents. Currently my parents are covered under this. My parents’ age is in between 45-55. Currently I am single but planning to marriage in a year.
    So is this is right time to go for insurance for my parents. Or do you want me wait another 2-3 years.
    If you say , this is the right time, please suggest me best insurance to cover 3-4 lakhs.


    • Hello Srikanth,

      As Manish said, the best time is NOW.

      Once an ailment or claim crops out for any of your parents, it will become next to impossible to get good plans which you can get now.

      Also remember, you need to clear waiting periods before you get a full cover under health insurance. The faster you cover, the quicker your cover opens up.

      It makes full sense to cover yourself now.

      Ensure you do the comparisons mentioned above, and you should be fine.


  131. Nitesh Kumar

    Hello Mahavir,

    Thank you for very detailed information regarding Health Insurance.
    Actually, i am planning to buy a Floating Health Insurance for my parents (Father – 1/9/1954 & Mother – 11/10/1960) for Sum assured between 3-5 Lac.
    Can you please suggest me some good health insurance policy , which should not have any age limit as per your recommendation.


  132. M.s Singh

    hello Manish/Mahavir
    i am searching for a maximum protection cover health policy for my parents (father+ mother). They are fit and fine. Please suggest me the best policy.
    Thank you !

  133. Vishal Sharma

    Dear sir,

    I am 30years of age and i want a health policy for me(30years),My wife(28years),My son(2Years) & My mother (62 years). I want a cover of Rs 7-8 lacs so could you please advise which plan would be best for me?Can i go with LIC Health Plus..

  134. Malagouda

    Hi Manish & Mahaveer,

    It was a nice explaination on health insurance.

    Previously my company use to cover my parents insurance but now in my current company they dont. Now If I want to buy policy for my DAD who is 62 years and mom 55 years, Is there any insurance available in the market for them for long term or life time?

    Malagouda Patil

  135. nivas

    Hi Manish & Mahaveer,
    Happy that we have good website which will provide good information on health insurance.
    ‘m having Maxbupa heart beat 3lacs flaoter with 1 lac each for my wife&child and would like to renew this year also..including me. though my corporate policy is there.
    is it ok to continue with bupa or could you please suggest any other policy with long term view.

  136. Bal Kishan


    First of all thank you very much for your expert advise on such an important topic. This is excellen work and I appreciate that you guys take out time for this.

    My questions:-
    1) My son had a kidney transplant in 1998 & he is currently on medications (Immunosuppresants and HBP) since then. His Kidney functions and other tests have been perfect for last 14-15 years and he has no other issues.

    He is married (age 32) & works with an MNC which covers him currently. His wife (32) & kid (age 8) is also covered.

    If we would like to take a family health policy ….which one will provide cover for pre-existing disease as in our case. We will not avail the cover immeidately as my son is currenty working but in case he decides to leave the job in next 4-5 years then it is better to plan from today. Please suggest.

    My age: 54 yrs + (No health Issues)
    Son: 32 yrs (Kid. Transplant in1998)
    Daugher in law: 32 (no health issues)
    grand-daughter : 9 (no health issues)
    Son: 32 (no healh issues)

    Looking forward for your expert advise.


    • Almost all the companies cover preexisting illness , but with waiting period of 3-4 yrs, but then it depends on the severity and class of the illness. If your son has soemthing which is really serious and has high chances of happeneing again , companies might not cover him at all .

  137. Triveni Ganta

    I am Planning to take a Health insurance for my Mother she is @48 now , can you guys , please help me in finding a good insurance plan for her .


  138. pankaj


    I am planning to buy a HI for my dad and mom (50 and 45).
    Please can you suggest best lifelong HI for them.

    Thanks in Advance.


  139. Deepika

    Hi Manish,
    I am 41 years old and only have health coverage from the office (floater of 4 lacs thru Bajaj for my daughter (11 years) and myself.
    I have understood that this isnt enough and want to buy a separate policy. I will need it to cover my daughter, my dad (70) and my mom (64) and myself. So a floater is a good option i guess.
    Do you have any recommendation of policies?
    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Mrs. Deepika,
      LIC’s JEEVAN AROGYA the only plan which can solve your problem, you not only include your father and mother also can include your inlaws within coverage.
      The best Health Insurance plan In India, with more flexibilities. The main important thing is if you have already any health insurance no matter, you also can have a Jeevan Arogya Plan, if any health insergencies you can claim for the same cause its the only health plan which doesn’t need the original documents at the time of claim. My suggession is for you plz contact a Proffessional LIC advisor immidiately for futher guidance.

  140. Sibin

    Hi Manish,
    I am 22 years old and would like to start a medical cover plan for myself.I have read that claim settlement ratio is a good indicator of the effectiveness of an Insurance provider,however i am finding it difficult to come across such data.Could you please then help me to select a good plan


  141. Amit

    Hi Mahavir,

    First of all i would like to Thank you for providing such a nice and detailed info for a very essential topic “Health Insurance”.

    My Father went through Angioplasty + Pacemaker implantation for which the bill costed – 4.10 lacs.I have covered my parents in my companies mediclaim policy so that 2.7 lacs have been paid by the National Insurance company.My father is a retired Govt employee hence when we tried to claim the remaining 1.4 lacs from the Govt than we came to know from them that we can’t claim 1.4 lacs as same illness can’t be claimed by two policies.

    Can you please suggest what should i do now.


    • Hello Amit,

      We are not aware of the details of how a Govt. Health scheme works. Let me still attempt at solving your problem through some suggestions.

      – Have you received in writing why your claim is denied? Can you let us know the written reason.
      – CGHS requires treatment in recognized network of hospitals. Was the treatment done in such a hospital?

      Also, why don’t you speak to someone more senior and check? Maybe you can try using the helpline numbers on their website: Tel 011-66667777 e-mail

      It would have worked better, if you claimed first from the Govt. scheme.

      Let me know these, while we do some more research.

  142. amitava das

    Dear Sir,

    Thanx for this blog…pretty exhaustively informative,,,i have a few questions,,,

    a, what about Top Up Health Policies? Does claim under one such policy require the submission of documents like discharge certificates and bills in original?
    b, i intend to take the Oriental Insurance Family floater policy Silver for myself aged 38, my dad aged 71 and mom aged 62 for 3 lakh coverage and follow it up with Optima Plus from Apollo Munich with a 3 lakh deductible. Can that be done? How can i make a claim in both if my expenses exceed 3 lakh?

    • 1. Yes the claim would require you to submit all the proofs , however not always the originals , but even xerox should be ok , because you might be giving the originals to the first company , there will be a work around , dont worry on this.

      2. If the policy is for 3 lacs only, then how can you claim more than 3 lacs ?

  143. Bhushan

    Thanks for great article and right answer to the queries…

    I do have one question regarding my recent case.

    I had admitted my father for angioplasty and total bill was 2.6 lakhs. We have heath insurance of NIC from my employer. They had mentioned in the policy that parents will have heath coverage of 2 Lakhs only. Also it will have copay of 30 percent. Company will pay only 70 percent of the claim.

    So for my fathers hospitalization, I was expecting company will pay 70 percent of the total bill amount (2.6 lakhs) that is 1.8 lakhs. But company said that they will pay only 1.4 lakhs. They said they will pay 70 percent of heath coverage (2 Lakhs).

    I am not able to understand their explanation. With their explanation, there will not be single case, in which any one can claim 2 Lakhs. Actual cover turns out to be 1.4 lakhs. But still they say 2 Lakhs.

    I am not able to understand what should I do ?


    • Hello Bhushan,

      The Rs. 1.40 Lakhs is the right amount payable for the claim.

      You have a balance of Rs. 0.60 Lakhs as sum insured, which can be claimed in the remaining part of the year. If you have another claim of say Rs. 75000 next time, you can again claim 42000 (Rs. 60000 less 30%)

      All claims would be subject to 30% copay.

      • Bhushan

        Thanks for the reply Sir.

        I got what you are saying. But there is very little chances that anyone can have multiple claims in the same financial year. So the benefit goes to company.


        • Hello Bhushan,

          Copay is always on the admissible amount of claim, and never on billed amount, anywhere across the world. Its not question of benefit to Insurance Company, it is a standard practice.

  144. premanand

    I am planning to take a medical insurance policy for my Uncle, Aunt and their age is 60, 55.. My requirements are,
    1)Life time coverage.
    2) Coverage upto 5 Lakhs.
    3)No co-pay.
    4) End of the day, the money which i am gonna from spend from my pocket in hospital should be very less.

    Please suggest me some Insurance policies which satisfies the above requiurements.

    Thanks in advance,

  145. K Ashok

    Hi and hello,
    Obviously i was searching for some to advice me to choose the best health insurance plan to my daughter who just finished her PG and got in to the new job and i thought this is the right time for her to go for a best health insurance. As I am an ex serviceman I have ECHS for me and my family members who are dependent to me. May be in couple of years my daughter may loose this privilege as soon she gets married. Wel i saw your very wonderful and easy to understand the information in your website and i read the anxious questions of so many people, i am thrilled and happy.
    So Can you please advice me in this regard the BEST PLAN AND FOR HER FUTURE LIFE. Of course with the cost effective. She lives in Bangalore. Looking forward to her from you. And wishing you the beat of luck and thanks for the help and assistance which you are rendering to the needy citizens.


  146. Amartya Ghosal

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for this great piece. Very informative.
    I have one query, me and my wife have a cover of 2 lakhs from my employer and my parents have a cover of 1.5 lakhs under the same policy.

    Now I want to increase my parents cover to 4-5 lakhs (so additional 2.5 – 3.5 lakhs policy) and also want to buy a cover of around 3-4 lakhs for my in-laws.
    Parents are 65 and 60 and in-laws 60 and 56.
    Can that be done under same policy or I need to purchase separate policies?
    An can you suggest a good policy for my purpose ?


  147. Arjun

    HI Mahvir / Manish
    This is Arjun ,firstly i would like to appreciate the Excellent post and Very detailed explanation. I would like to get good suggestion and best suitable plan for my Parents . My Father age is 55 and my mother 50 (she is a diabetic ) .So please kindly suggest the best plan which covers the major illness for both of them.


  148. Javed

    Hello Manish/Mahavir,
    First i would really appreciate the way you are helping peoples by providing them best consultancy.
    I want to opt a health insurance plan for my father,mother and sister. I have already a health insurance plan from my employer of Rs .5 Lakh. Do you recommend to have another health insurance plan?
    Please suggest me best HIP for me and my family.


  149. Tushar

    Hi Manish,

    Nice explanation. I need a Health Insurance Plan for my Sister. She is 24. Can you please suggest a good , reliable company and the plan for the cover of around 3 lakh.


  150. Dear Manish / Mahavir,

    I am 37 years old and married with 2 kids – 8 and 3 years. Currently I have a Company family floater plan and am looking for a personal Family floater plan. One of my colleagues suggested me PNB – Oriental Royal Mediclaim family floater policy which is available only for PNB account holders.

    I will highly appreciate your feedback regarding the same and how does this compare with Appollo Munich Restore policy?


  151. TD

    I wanna take policy for my father (diabetic, smoker, 62) and mother (healthy, 51).
    Which policy to go for? Apollo not give policy for diabetics, Max Bupa saying they will cover from fourth year…I am not sure…Please suggest any good HI plan.

  152. Harsh Singh

    I want opinion on a policy for myself(35 yrs.), my wife (31) and one year old son. I had bajaj allianz health insurance policy for the last two years. My policy has expired and i want to shift to some other company. Kindly, suggest the best policy.

    thanking you.


    harsh singh

  153. Prashant

    Hello Manishji/Mahaveerji,
    I (39) have a small family which consists of my parents(70 & 58), my spouse(32) and kids(6 & 3) – all healthy without any ailments. I am an employee in a private firm and have a annual salary of 2lakhs. Kindly suggest me a family floater health policy which covers my family and howmuch should I opt for to be on the safer side.Also let me know the pros and cons of the best policy you suggest. Health policy are greek and latin to me. Kindly help.

  154. Rajendra

    I want to buy a health insurance policy for me aged-31 yrs,spous,kid,parents aged 58 yrs. I want a family floter as well a super top-up plan. is it good?
    I want a family floter of 2 lakh and a super top-up of 5 lakh. What is the best option?
    Can i claim for my parents from the super top -up plan,then how much?
    Thanks in advance.

  155. amit kumar

    dear person
    I am Interested in medic lam policy for my Father 53 and my mother 58.Please Tell which is the best Private or Public Insurance company?
    1.What about LIC.?
    2. What about Oriental..?
    3.My parents Dont have Any disease right now…

  156. Sujay

    hi. iam 39 years old. my wife is 34 yrs old and have a 7 year old daughter. i have family insurance with star health for 3 lakh. i wanted to know if i should continue with same or u suggest a better one

  157. SGupta

    Hello Manish/Mahavir,

    Thank you for a nice article. Just learnt some important points.

    I am planning a policy for my parents. Father (55yrs and no pre-existing conditions) and Mother (53yrs and diagnosed recently with Thyroid). Knowing there is no best policy out there, I would appreciate if you recommend a better one.

  158. Krishnan Unni

    Dear Mahavir,

    Presently I am working in Africa and I can’t take my family over here and my company doesnt give a family cover for my family as they are not at present with me.
    Company agreed to pay the insurance premium ($ 1000/- – $ 1500/- pa) and I have a wife (aged 37 yrs) and two children (12 & 7 yrs) and I would like to insure them.

    Kindly advise me which is the best plan I can go forward?


  159. Raj

    Hi Mahavir,

    This is the best post I found regarding health insurance in internet. I have taken maxbupa family first policy for my father,mother and myself (59 yrs, 47 yrs,26 yrs).The premium for silver came around 32800/-. I came to know about the copay option for claims of the persons above 65 years through your post only. When I asked the same to the maxbupa executive he is saying that copay rule will be applicable for persons who will take the policy after 65 years. I think that he is trying to mislead me by giving wrong info or is he saying correct? Do you think that is there any other best policy available for my criteria? Thanks once more for the nice post..

  160. Dushyant

    Dear Manish /Mahavir

    I want to take family floater health policy, But I m so confused which is best.
    Icici Health saver plan or Bharti Axa health.
    Give me some advise on it or your suggestion

    Dushyant singh

    • Hello Dushyant,

      There are some more good health insurance plans you can consider like Apollo Munich Optima Restore, Max Bupa Family First, Religare Care, Oriental Happy Family Floater.

      It is better you go through a professional health insurance adviser, who can understand your small and big needs and provide you reviews, recommendations, on the basis of which you can choose a mediclaim policy.
      Also, ensure he owns the recommendation, and services your claims.


      Mahavir Chopra

  161. Dear Mahavir
    I work in the Gulf… And am not familiar with the insurance industry in India. Live in Mumbai
    Want to take a health Insurance policy for myself,48 yrs,wife 42 years, two sons 16 and 10 yrs
    Mavavir what is the best policy to take? what amount should it be…Can I include my Mother in law…?
    Really appreciate your column and would be highly obliged if you could advise me on this

  162. Chandra

    Hi Manish,
    I am 41 yrs old and looking for a good coverage for my wife and 1 kid for life time, and which can also keep up with inflation over a long time.
    Say for example today i take a policy for 10lakhs, what will be its value after 10-20 yrs and whther it will serve my needs , we don’t know, so is there any way to catch up with inflation apart from other things. Please suggest a good company that has these features …
    And also, is taking a policy from an MNC advisable if one is looking for a lifetime policy, as we don’t know how long they will be here or when they will wind up and land us is in a mess later, when we are least prepared for it.

    • You should not worry much about their existence for now, because IRDA takes care of that..

      You can take a fixed sum assured for now, and increase later. No plan as of now comes with bundled inflation linked plan .

  163. Vikash

    Hi Manish,

    I would like to take a family floater plan for me (age 35), my wife(age 32) and my daughter (age 6). Kindly suggest me a plan for the same.

  164. Anup

    Dear Sir,
    First of all let me congratulate you not for an exhaustive, yet simple post for almost all the audience, but taking the pains of answering the queries raised by individuals and guiding them through.
    I am single, aged 30, and am willing to buy a health cover for myself (and my prospective family in future). I am currently working in a a company that covers my and my family’s health requirements quite well. I need to buy this cover so that i can live a hassle free life after my retirement. This policy should ideally give me cashless facility after approx 25-30 years (with inflation taken into account) and should continue to give till i live (not keeping a barrier of 75 or 80 years).

    I request you to kindly guide me through.

    • Hello Anup,

      For covering Healthcare Inflation.
      – Buy a Rs. 10 Lakhs Sum Insured Plan.
      – Buy a Rs. 5 Lakhs Critical Illness Plan
      – Sit with your financial planner and create a retirement healthcare contingency fund .

  165. Hi

    I have health insurance from New India. Mine (39) is 1.5 lac, wife (35) is 1.5 lac, son (9yrs) is 1 lac. These are all individual policies. I want to go to a higher insurance protection. Please suggest if i should take up another Family floater Policy and should i prefer Star or Oriental.

  166. Dr. Surbhi Sharma

    i want to take health plan in a week’s time. i read your instructions, find them very useful and noteworthy .i want to take health insurance for myself,my husband and my son. i find max bupa very useful with respect to
    lifetime coverage,renewal policy, previous illness and senior citizens as well, no co-pay and yearly increase in premium and coverage of most of the diseases(maternity and cataract as well). should i opt for that. .we both are 39 and our son,3yrs .pls advice ..

    • Hello Dr. Surbhi,

      Max Bupa is a good plan. Note, it does have a copay of 20% when you cross the age of 65 years. Also consider Apollo Restore, Religare Care, ICICI Complete Health, Star COmprehensive, which also have very good features.

      Ensure you have a good health insurance claims support through a good health insurance adviser.


      Mahavir Chopra

      • Dr. Surbhi Sharma

        Hello you both,
        Iam considering you both as my advisors, so pls, tell me to zeroin on which plan-i want to include my mom-in-law also she is 69 yrs of age.
        what iam thinking right is to opt either for Star Comprehensive or ICICI Complete Health
        people whom we talk are working for for some specific product, so there is no unbaised advice.
        Dr. Surbhi

  167. Pratik


    Can any one suggest that which is the best suitable product from Religare Care and Appollo restore for 2A(32 &30 yrs)+1C(1 yr.). for 5 lakhs . is auto recharge and restore is the one and same feature or different ? please suggest.
    thank you…….

  168. Anand

    Dear Manish,

    I am suffering with gall stones, doctors are suggesting that operation is necessary, could you pls. explain which insurance is suitable for this decease? what is the time limit for cover this decease in such plan?

    Pl. give your valuable suggestion.

  169. Kailash Dhyani

    i want health policy. Please suggest which plan should i buy apollo munich, LIC jeewan arogya of religare health care for family.


    • Hello Kailash,

      Please don’t confuse/mix LIC Jeevan Arogya with Apollo Munich and Religare Care. LIC Jeevan Arogya is a fixed defined benefit policy, which is a supplementary cover, whereas Apollo and Religare Care are indemnity mediclaim policies, which pay actual expenses of hospitalization as per the terms and conditions.

      Ensure you choose your adviser well. As he/she is the most important at the time of buying the policy, and at the time of claims.

  170. Priya

    I tried to put query on mediclaim but after lot of typing website had problem submissions. I have 2 questions:
    a. Are we any policies which cover general expenses and not just hospitalization benefits?
    b. What’s maximum cover that someone can get? Do we have policies with > 1 Cr for family.

      • Priya

        Thanks for quick response. Can you recommed one or two:
        a. Hassle free service, easy claim procedure. Happy to bit excessive premium.
        b. Provide cover of 50 lacs
        c. Cover day to day medical expenses like general physician checks, dentists, eye test in addition to critical illness whcih requires hospitals.

        • Hello Priya,

          There are no good cost effective health insurance policies which cover routine expenses you have mentioned. Most of them take additional premium for OPD, which is equal to the coverage they provide on OPD.

          Currently only 2 companies provide Rs. 50 Lacs cover – Max Bupa and Religare.

          Regarding service, I would recommend you go through a good health insurance adviser who guides you on products, and also provides professional service at the times of claims.


  171. Raj

    If I have two policies New India Individual and Oriental family floater, Is it mandatory that i need to give intimation to either companies or TPA or can keep them separate (private). While making claims i will take from any one depending on the sum.

    In case I have to claim a sum that is beyond the cover of any one policy but can be covered by both policies, then what is the procedure.

    • hello Jayatheertha,

      Consider the following policies: Apollo Munich Easy Standard, Religare Care, Star Red Carpet, Oriental Happy Family Floater and Max Bupa.

      Ensure you take reviews from an experience health insurance adviser/broker, who also helps you through claims.

  172. RITESH


    • Hello Ritesh,

      PNB Oriental policy is a Group Mediclaim policy provided to account holders of PNB Bank. There are many drawbacks of such policies, the biggest being bad claims service.

      Given a choice, you should go for open market policies more than bank mediclaim.

      Note, even in case of Oriental Happy Family Floater, ensure you buy through an experienced health insurance adviser/broker, as you will be on your own at the time of claims.

      • Thanks, for your guidance. Finally please make me sure, should I go for Oriental happy family floater plan? Would I be able to claim cashless facilities properly at the required time? One more problem is of TPA’s. For Ex. OICL is providing TPA (e-meditek In Hyderabad & chhattisgarh hospitals agree for cashless treatment but in mumbai Hospitals refuse to provide cashless under E-meditek as it has not cleared hospital’s dues.In this situation what I do? Should I buy it or not & will it provide benefit in long run & cover pre-existing disease after 4 years. Kindly reply…

  173. Dr Madhusudhan

    Really very informative

    I am aged 34 and my wife with 33.I have a kid of age 5 years.I want to take a happy family floter from oriental.Is it o.k.? I have parents whose ages are 63 & 56.They are covered under a separate group insurance policy.You want me to include them also under this policy ? Please suggest in this regard.?Waiting for your reply?

    • Bhavani

      i want to take a Health insurance police. For my family can u please suggest me which companies policy is good. Will it really work when its really needed. There are few policies which does not work in time.

      • There is nothing like that .. the policies which “do not work” are just taken in wrong manner, the data is hidden and critical information was not given . You can go for religare care or apollo optima restore !

  174. Priyanka

    Please provide details related to mediclaim policy portability. We presently have a floater policy with Bajaj but I am not very happy. Would like to change service provider as well as increase the sum insured. Please suggest best options available.

  175. Navneet

    I had taken ICICI Pru Health Saver in 2010 in my name @ premium 15k pa. I am paying premium for 2 consecutive years and now its due on 22nd Feb. My advisor is suggesting me to discontinue the policy and take new one from Apollo Munich Optima Restore and I can include family members as well.
    Reason sighted -ICICI Pru Health Saver is not an health insurance but life insurance policy. Not able to decide what to do. Kindly advise should I continue with the existing one .

    • Hello Navneet,

      ICICI Pru Health Saver is a bundled health insurance + investment product. Similar to a ULIP which covers term life insurance + investments.

      As advised by Manish, I would also recommend you to go for a health insurance policy which is not a mix of investment and risk planning. Go for a product from a health insurance company like Star, Apollo, Max, Religare etc.

  176. Raghu

    Thank you for the guidance on the finacial matters.

    I have a query. In many posts there ar suggestions on Max bupa family first policy. I thought of going for this with 5Lac individual + 15 Lac floater for my family of 2+2. But then after reading the policy details somehow I felt its not really helps in case of accident issues. permanant/temp deisbality times.

    Now I want to go for pure health insurance (Appolo Munich Optima Restore) + Accidental Policy + Critical Illness policy….

    But the later one costs me more than the Maxbupa.. Please suggest me… which is the best Idea.


      • Raghu

        Hi Manish,

        Thank you for the reply. I am confused at that point. Which is the better option here.

        Going with ONLY MaxBupa Family first with 5 Lac Individual & 15Lac Floating at the premium of 20k/yr.
        Should I go for pure health insurance (1 Policy), Accidental ( 1 Policy) & Critical Illness (1 Policy) … (almost double the premium around 35K per yr)

        I am confused because many suggested that Maxbupa will cover all these 3 types, but when I read the policy details of Maxbupa I don’t feel like this will take of these 3 types. I need help here to understand this.


  177. mitesh


    I wana buy a Health Insurance for my sister she is 25 now.

    I want ot buy the best one and one that will cover most oof the things.

    and what should be the coverage amount for the same.

    PLZ HEALP…..

  178. vinayagamoorthi

    Dear sir, my name is Vinayagamoorthi(age 46) i’m currently working one of the gulf country, my wife age 37, and my three children is they are (age f15,m13.m11 ) in India, i like to take for them best health insurance policy, please suggest for me witch policy good for them and please give me more information about health insurance company in India thanks.

  179. Syed Rizvi

    Dear Mr.Chopra,

    I want to cover myself 43, my wife 43 and my son 11 yrs old.Kindly suggest which insurance company should I go with.Also pl let me know is this policy cover accidental injuries/disability also.


  180. Deepankar

    Hi Manish,

    I know it’s odd but here is my situation.
    I want to take a medical insurance policy for my dad(60 yrs) ans mom(55 years).

    Please help me in deciding which policy should I go for.

  181. riyaz

    Hi Manish

    I am 55 suffering from Diabetes and wife age os 45 and suffering from Thyriod, Hypertension kindly tell me which insurance company is best for daily medical expenses.


  182. sonali

    I want health insurance for my parents. please suggest which will be good.
    1. Mother : 52 years
    2. Father: 59 years (cardiac patient)

  183. lokesh chandrakar

    hello sir,
    I want health insurance for my parents and me. please suggest which will be good.
    1. Mother : 48 years (diabeties)
    2. Father: 60 years (cardiac patient)
    3. me 27 years

  184. praveen

    Sir, Iam from Mysore,karnataka……I need a health insurance for my parents….my father is a retired government engineer(pension 3.2L) 60 yrs of age.and has diabetis……and my mother is a housewife 51yrs. and she had few operations like hystrectomy(2003),gall blader stone removal(2005),.but now she is healthy…i want the best suitable health insurance……plz advice me what to do? also keep in mind the hospitals covered in mysore……if possible provide me an unbiased advisor…..
    ur advice is golden to me….plz reply

  185. Binnu

    I am 30 years old(10-03-1983) spouse-25yrs. recently married so we are looking for a family health insurance. i m located in a rural area in kerala calicut district. can u plz suggest me for a good health insurance company and policy. i m looking for the cash less facility and 5 lack Sum assured.
    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Yours faithfully,

  186. Abhishek

    Hi Manish & Mahavir,
    Let me start with a big Thank you for the post. Even though i tried to go through the comments,there were a few comments unanswered which almost mimic my requirement.
    So, i just wanted advice regarding the same. I’ve a health insurance plan for max 5 lacs(new india) from my employer which only covers only me. My father’s health insurance(from his employer) currently covers both my mom and him.

    Each article on personal finance management suggests to enrol for an additional health insurance plan apart from the one provided by the employer.

    So, i would like to find out best plans currently available for my requirement :
    I’m 26 (single); my dad is 58 yrs old,my mom 49 and my sister is 10 yrs old. A policy which would cover them as well as my spouse and children in future.
    I’m not aware if such a policy exists…but your invaluable advice would be very appreciated.


  187. Hi Manish,
    My mother is 72 year old and has cataract. Can I get her covered with any private or government insurance? If yes kindly let me know the options?

    Thanks in advance
    Kevin Wilson.

  188. Vikas Gupta

    Hi Manish,
    I am 27 yrs old and living in Ludhiana. I am looking for a health insurance policy that covers me and my spouse and considering to buy oriental/apollo munich. Apollo munich has no room rent limits on shared room. I am considering a policy that has high room rent limits for private rooms or no cappings. Is apollo munich a good buy or shall I go for oriental since it is likely that policies with no room rent limits increase their premiums a lot later on. Please guide me.


  189. SJA Rizvi

    I am assistant professor in a central government university. Me and my family is covered under my universities health scheme. But I am interested to have a family floater plan of about Rs. 3.0 lakhs as a second option. I am looking for a policy on which I can bank upon and have piece of mind. The details are as under;
    1. Myself (36 years)
    2. Spouse (30 years)
    3. Daughter (7 years)
    4. Son (2 years)

  190. abhishek

    i would like to insure my newborn daughter, my wife and myself with some plan that would also provide maternity benefit for our second child. we’re both in our early 30’s and are self-employed. please suggest something appropriate.
    and, is it wise to take a plan which provides maternity benefit right now and switch plans 3-4 years later?

  191. Mrinalini

    Hi Mahavir,

    Your article is such a saving grace. We live in the United States and purchasing an insurance for our parents has been long due. My parents are aged Father(68) and mother (66) with some pre-existing conditions.
    My in-laws are aged FIL(66) and MIL (57) with some pre-existing conditions. Both my parents and in-laws have conditions like (put together) Diabetes, High BP, Thyroid, Glucoma and a back surgery in the past.
    I would highly appreciate if you can recommend a health insurance company that would provide insurance to my parents and in-laws.


  192. Sameer

    Assuming I have two Health Insurance plans, when making a claim do I have to approach both the insurance companies for the settlement or can I file a claim with either one of the company for the full amount of the claim?
    For example considering I have Health Insurance for Rs. 2 lac from both ICICI and Religare respectively. If I undergo hospitalisation amounting to Rs. 1.5 lacs then do I have to file a claim with both the companies and get a settlement equal to their share or can I file a claim with either of the companies that I may choose and claim the entire amount?

  193. Debyuti Bhadra

    This is Debyuti from Kolkata, Please suggest me (age 26) a plan for me and my mother (age 56) of sum assure of 2Lakh.

  194. Anybody at any age with any(most) pre-existing condition can buy health insurance
    but should digest co-payments and sub-limits. buy it from inter-mediators for comparisons the best mediators would be policy bazaar and .
    eindiainsurace BPO is doing a better job for claims or settlements
    or finding a non network hospital.
    please try both

  195. Raj

    Hi Manish,

    I currently have 3 memebers in my family myself,spouse and younger brother. Age for all is between 23 -27. Can you please suggest good Health Insurence for us which covers all three members.

    Also, if you know any good advisor for this in Pune city, it’ll be great.


  196. janardhan

    now i want to take health insurance ,my wife is pregnanet carrying 7 month,whether i will cover amt at the delivery ,which is best ploicy .

  197. janardhan

    in march my father had undegone operation tht amt is 3lac .before i donot have insurance . i f i take ploicy if i can claim or not is there any solution

  198. Gaurav Beniwal

    Mr. Chopra

    Great article!!

    Can you help me in choosing right policy for me & my parents ( 54 & 49 years respectively ). Moreover, I am already covered by my employer.
    SI = 5 lacs
    Max renewable age – no limit
    No co-pay

    Looking forward for your reply.

  199. Minnu

    Hi Manish/Mahavir,

    I am 33 years of old.
    I am looking for a Family Floater Plan for me,spouse and one year old daughter.
    Please suggest the one among the following

    Oriental Happy Family Floater
    Religare Care
    Apollo Optima Restore
    Maxbupa Family Floater GOLD

    Thanks in advance

  200. Chanchal

    I am looking for a Policy for my family(Self,wife& child)ages are 32,25 & 3. is there any policy that covers maternity as well as we are planning for the Second.

  201. Sandeep Kumar Bhadra

    i want to do mediclaim for self, wife & son. i am 42 yrs , my wife 41 yrs & son 13 yrs. I want a cover of Rs.1000000 to Rs.1500000. should i go for private or plubic sector. pls do suggest which is the best company.

  202. manoj

    Hi manish,
    This is manoj, i took health insurance from royal sundaram life insurance for my father,mother and my self..after seeing reviews about royal sundaram many are saying its fraud and service is bad… i am in confusion wether to continue or to cancel it,in this month only i had taken that insurance………..can u help me out wether to continue with royal sundaram or to switch to some other insurance……please provide one best insurance company which suits for my family….
    father(age 55), mother(age 51) myself(age 25)….all are medically good at present…

  203. sree raj

    am 39yrs old and my wife 36yrs and my 3 kids 9yrs,8yrs,7mnths,which policy is gud for my family.. i am very much convienced wit ur information regards the policy , and iam much confused with many policy company in the market guide me and help me to take a right policy for my fly
    thanks sree raj.

  204. sandip

    Dear Sir,
    At present I am working in UAE and settled here with my family since last 4 years. I am fully covered for the health insurance provided by my company. When I was in India, at that time I have taken ICICI Lombard family floater plan of 3 lakhs for me & my wife, 6 years back and in last 6 years I have never claim. My wife is diabetic patient and looking to the complications to the diabetic patient in the later age, I want to increase the insurance amount by another 7 lakhs. Is it possible?
    (1) If I take new insurance with any company and at the time of purchasing insurance disclose her diabetes and don’t claim for the next 4 years. In that case any claim after the 4th year will be approved by the insurance company??
    (2) Her age at present is 40 years. (13/12/1972) and my age is 45 years (06/09/1968) my son’s age 14 years (02/07/1998)
    If I disclose the diabetes that what will be approximate premium for the insurance of 7 lakhs??

  205. Arijit

    Hi Mr.Manish,

    Great to read all your advice.

    I want to buy a Health Policy for my Mother age 59.As per my limited knowledge I found Religare as the one but i need your advice.I will take a cover for 5 lks for her.She don’t have any pre-existing illness.

    I also want to buy a health cover for my daughter (1 year) and my wife (27 years).What will be the best choice and what limit i should take to avoid any extra charges to increase the limit.


      • Arijit

        I also want to buy a health cover for my daughter (1 year) and my wife (27 years).What will be the best choice and what limit i should take to avoid any extra charges to increase the limit in future or addition of Co-Payment policy.

  206. Vishal Jain

    Hi Manish / Mahavir,

    This article is very informative. I have been following jagoinvestor for more tha a year now. I have understood the importance of term plan and sip. I have read both your books, now reading the 3rd one. Also I have enrolled for 100moneyactions last week.
    Somehow the concept and working of health insurance is not clear to me yet after reading so much about it. My family members include me, my wife and my parents. All of us are working. Currently we have a family floater insurance with some psu. I feel that it is not good enough and i should buy a new insurance.

    1. Can i get a family floater insurance for all my family members? Also, in future when we have kids , can they be included in it?

    2. My parents are aged 52 and 45. So, should i take a separate policy for them or combined?

    3. Also if you could suggest some good options to choose from.

    I really appreciate the work you guys are doing, because of which people like us are no longer ignorant about personal finance matters.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hello Vishal,

      1. Yes, you can get a family floater for all your family members, but we recommend you have a separate floater for parents and another for your immediate family.
      2. You can take a floater between your parents of around 6-8 Lakhs SI.
      3. We cannot recommend products here, as each product is good, and depends on your requirements.

  207. prakash

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for such a nice post and explained way of all the policies.

    I have a query regarding health policy. I want to cover my parents in a health policy-age is right now 69-70yrs. is that possible? if yes then which is the best polcy in term and services. I also want to include my family(me+wife+my child) along with same policy.

    waiting for your expert reply.
    Thanks and Regards

  208. tarun

    I have a query regarding health policy. I want to cover my family(me+wife+my childrens) in a health policy-age is right now 42 yrs. then which is the best polcy in term and services. could your help out this

    Thanks and regards


  209. Ashis

    My parents health insurance from start health is going to complete by end of this month. My father is also about to complete 60yrs after another 3 months. My Mom is 55yrs.
    I dont like star health as they do have lots of hidden costs. Please suggest a health insurance to switch from star health, which I can continue for lifetime for my parents.


  210. Varaprasad

    Hi Mainsh,

    I need to take health insurance policy to my brothers family he is at the age of 35 yrs self employed and having 2 child (total 4 members) and they are from AndhraPradesh. Can you please suggest me which is the best policy suited for their family.

    Waiting for your reply.


  211. Prashant

    Hi Manish, I am 29 years old and is looking to buy a health policy for myself as well as for my parents (61 and 54 years old and my brother who is 25 years old), can you suggest me which is the best option for me ? I need coverage of 4 lakh per person


  212. rahul kothari


    I am 28 & My wife 26, we are newly married..
    My parents are between 50-55 age…

    Which health insurance should i select, to cover all of us?


  213. maryanto simon

    I’m 57 years old and in good health I suppose…….I had a little cholesterol lately and now after food control…its OK….yet still I wish to join an insurance(health)….kindly advise me the best in India.Thanks….expecting your reply at the earliest

  214. vivek

    I am 24 year old and in my family there are only one younger Brother (18) and my mom (45) i need a health care policy which can cover my entire family.
    please suggest to get good one :)

  215. anshu

    hi.. i want you to pls help me out with one question. if i am having / applying for any insurance policy but i consume alcohol also, not on daily basis but once or twice a month. will i be eligible to get claims for the diseases , i mean any disease say cancer??
    is there any law which says that the person who consumes alcohol is not liable to get claim and if so, then what is the use of that policy? because 80 percent ppl consume that. Pls clear me out with this concept of alcohol and health claims . thanks in advance… regards anshu

    • Hi Anshu

      The first thing is CANCER is never covered in any policy for anyone . Now when you declare with them that you take alcohal , then they might increase your premium, but then you will be covered for everything else mentioned in the brochure !

  216. Senthil

    Iam staying in south africa, I dont the real fact which company is providing good health insurance in India.

    I want to take medical policy for my mother (51 age) who residents in Chennai , India.

    She have a shoulder pain due to some bones have slightly aged.
    She also have investigated last year and doctor advise to take some medicine for
    cardiac disease at initial state, Doctor said it not big problem for her at this stage, if she continues one drug continuously.

    She also have to consult with neurology very often monthly once.

    Which scheme should be benefit for her

  217. Mothiram

    Hi Manish,

    I would like to enrol a medical policy for my Father-in-law as he needs to undergo a Knee replacement Surgery. Can you advice which insurance will be the best for this treatment. Also I heard that we are eligible to claim only after 1 year of premium paid.

    Kindly clarify.



  218. Ashutosh

    Hi Manish,

    I saw the conversation and was happy to see the positive comments where people got their answers. Thanks for good job !
    I have a concert, my 1 year old child is diagnosed with undescended testis and now needs to go for surgery. Is there a mediclaim plan I can buy which will cover the expenses, I can wait for couple of months if required.

    • Ashutosh

      Sorry to hear that, but Ashutosh , your comment clearly shows that you do not understand what insurance is all about. Insurance will not cover “known” expenses . Its only to cover the unexpected and unknown things.

      So there will not be any policy in this whole universe which will cover it


      • Ashutosh

        Thank you for your reply Manish.
        I spoke to an agent from Religare and he said this is a daycare procedure and is covered. I will check with him in detail.
        Please suggest me a good mediclaim plan. I want to buy one for future. I am 29 .

  219. Hemanth

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the wonderful eye opening article.
    I own a Health insurance provided by my office for 2lacs. During emergency, it wont be enough. So need to go for a family floater medical insurance for 5lacs covering Myself (27 yrs) and my mother is (52yrs).
    I am planning to get married next year. Whether is it possible to add a new member in the existing plan?
    I wish to go for a health insurance which has 1) lifetime renewal 2) zero copay and moreover 3) cash settlement in time.
    Can you pl suggest me a good product.

  220. Madhusudan

    Please suggest a good medical policy for self 50 yrs, wife 46 yrs and son 15 yrs.

    Is there any policy which covers aged parents aged 86 and 81 respectively.
    I prefer family floater. By HIS grace, all in good health. I had a mediclaim policy and had a claim free period for almost 12 yrs.

    • Hi Madhusudan

      I am not sure if there will be any policy which will cover your parents at this stage even if they are well . You can try Oriental Happy Family Floater plan at this moment .

  221. Malyadri

    I am looking health insurance for my family (My self:42 yrs, wife:37;Son:12, Dau: 7; Dad:61; Mom:56. and sum insured is 3 lacks. Please suggest me.

  222. rakesh

    Dear manish,

    i want to take one health policy for may family..
    my self.36yrs,my wife27,my daughter 1.6y..
    critical illness should cover more… which is best policy…

  223. Ankit Bansal

    hello sir

    sir mare pass phale se united india ke policy ha 2007 se ragular Rs.2,25,000/- ke abhi tak mane koi claim nahi liya ha per mare abhi marriage hui ha abhi mare age 30 year ha aur mari wife ke age 23 year ha ab ma us ke policy karana chata hu family floater me per jo aaj ke best policy ho wo aur hamare new born baby hone per after delivery cover ho aur sab critical illness cover ho ap kis company ko rafer kare ge aur policy portability ke liya kya karna chiye plz help me

  224. Vijay

    I am considering going with Religare for now and down the road switch to Apollo Munich. The primary reason being the co-pay of 20% that comes with Religare when you hit 61. However, I am not yet well informed on details of health insurance portability. If there are any clauses or restrictions. Wondering if you’ve covered the portability details in another post? I’ll soon be scouring the net for more information on that aspect.

  225. suria unnikrishnan

    Hi..I would like to take a health insurance policy for my parents (father aged 59yrs and mother aged 50 years). They do not have any history of ailments. I would like to take an insurance cover in the range 5 to 7.5 lakhs. Could you please suggest me some good products?

  226. Damandeep Thakur

    Hi Manish,
    I am looking for medical insurance for myself and family. Even my brother is also planning to take one.
    Myself:31, wife:30, son: 6 months, father: 59(diabtic+cardiac patient), mother: 42 (BP patient, but its high just smtime). Brother 29 (yet to get married).
    Should we go for some family floater / both separate and include parents in one of them/both separate and include parents in both?
    Also, which provider do you suggest considering proper coverage, easy process and long term?

      • Damandeep Thakur

        Thank Manish!
        Could you please reply to first question as well
        “Should we go for some family floater / both separate and include parents in one of them/both separate and include parents in both?”

  227. sameer

    hi mahavir,
    appreciate your article…
    kindly advice options for a health insurance policy for my family…
    me and my spouse aged 28 yrs each..
    my father aged 63 yrs diabetic, mother 57 yrs no morbidities..
    my father in law aged 65 yrs diabetic, mother in law 55 yrs no morbidities..
    i like max bupa but i’m not sure of the coverage for my parents and in laws even after going through their web site. whether to include them in a family floater or get a separate policy for all of them… i’m also unsure how reliable the company would be over the next 40 yrs… your guidance would be of great help.

  228. Ajay

    Hi Mahavir/Manish,

    Appreciate your work guys..

    I am looking for your advice for a health insurance for my family
    family member’s are
    father age 61 has BP
    mother age 58 has diabetic, thyroid
    elder brother age 31 his wife age 25
    sister age 21
    me 29

    I am covered through my company. what will be good for us. do we go for a single policy like family floater or we get split into groups, as my brother does not earn much enough now(to get benefit as some private company provide almost fixed premium throughout life except health inflation and cover maternity ) and i and parents will go for one policy. please advice me for long run.

    kindly reply soon as i am from a very small town where i didn’t find any adviser who can advice me unbiased.

  229. Vicky Panchal


    I’m looking for Health isurance for my family
    Self – 28
    Wife – 27
    Father – 60
    Mother – 55

    Planing sum assured of around 6 to 7 lakhs. Checked on net & found Max Bupa Family first & oriental Happy Family floter good options. But there is a huge difference in premium wihch basic covers are standard in both (in my understanding). I’m confused here & request you guidance which one to choose.

    Best Regards,

    Vicky Panchal

  230. Jayanthi

    Hi Manish,

    It was nice article, I am following all the articles in jagon… Kudos to you.

    I have problem I m not sure which health insurance policy I can choose. Most of the agents suggesting different health insurance policies but I am somewhat skeptical and confused.

    I am looking for insurance which can be hassale free and better in claim process, entire family coverage for lifetime of 70 yrs for all of us.

    Can you please suggest me which policy holds good.

    Below are dependents details:

    1. Father – 55 yrs – Diabetic
    2. Mother – 50 yrs – Gone through 2 surgeries
    3. Myself – 31 yrs – None
    4. Wife – 29 yrs – None
    5. Son – below 1 yrs – None.

  231. Bhagwant

    Hi Manish,
    I want to buy good health insurance policy.
    I am 29 year old and single person as of now. will married next one year.working in MNC.
    I want to purchase policy for me as of now. Please advise me which company health insurance would be best. I have no medical histroy as of now