Online Term Insurance Plans in India

Do you have any idea how many Insurance companies are providing online term plans in India at the moment ? There are total 7 Insurance providers have launched their online term plans and the premiums are highly competitive .

Online Term Insurance Plans in India

Online Term insurance Plan in India

Aegon Religare was the first company to come up with their iTerm plan which was the cheapest term plan of that time , after that ICICI came up with iProtect . There was a huge response for these policies for cheaper premiums , but both the companies didn’t meet the customer service expectations of customers. A lot of readers even on this blog bought policies from Aegon Religare and ICICI , but faced horrible service when it came to getting policies on time , communication with customer care and its officials , mess of documents etc . A lot of readers suggested that they will never recommend other to go for it.

On the other hand there were customers who didnt face any issue and they got their policies on time . They are recommending others to go for it . However their numbers are smaller than those who faced bad experience. Bad customer service is not desirable by any customer , but I think we can see it improving over time with increased competition and with more better processes . Right now seven companies have come up with online term insurance plans and I am sure more companies are in process of launching it soon . I am not sure if LIC would join them in launching the online term plan , because their offline network is so big and dependent on non-term plans

Online Term Insurance Plans in India

How Online term insurance plan works

Step 1 : Offline

You go online and calculate your premium , then you start the process of buying the policy and submit your name, age ,  tenure , sum assured and medical information which affect your premium . After all this you get a premium quote and you pay it online . Most of the people take the premium amount very seriously and believe that its final premium , where as it’s not the case .

Step 2 : Online

After you have paid the premium, there are few things which are yet to be completed . You will get a mail from company or get a call from company that some representative of company will come to your residence and collect the important documents , the documents are also required for KYC . As per your age and given information , the insurer can decide if you will have to appear for medical test or not . If there is anything wrong in medical examination which can affect the premium (increase companies risk of insuring you) , then they can increase the premium (loading) . You can then decide to continue with them by paying the additional premium or cancel the policy .

Update – Apart from Kotak epreffered,  Aviva ilife , Metlife metprotect, ICICI iProtect, IndiaFirst anytime Plan, Aegon Religare iTerm and Future Generali Smart Life there are 3 more online term insurance plans introdued in the market which are HDFC Click2Protect, DLF Pramerica – UProtect and Edelweiss Tokia – Life Protection

Comments ? Do you believe in online term plans ? What can motivate you to buy life term insurance online ?

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  1. Krishna

    Manish, Thanks for giving many suggestion on insurance. I am going through policy bazaar. Found two policies Religae and PNB metlife, both cover till the age of 75, I selected PNB metlife and added accidental and illness, it routed me to PNBmetlife site. after entering all detail i see 1cr is split in to two portion one lumsum and another monthly.. so i am confused. Also i noticed accidental and illness add on was not there. I stopped there the premium was coming around 22k as i included my wife too.

    Can you suggest based on the claim rate, coverage and till whatever maximum age should i go with Metlife? I am now 37 years old.

  2. Raj

    Hello Manish,
    I need answer on following:
    1.What should be my anual salary -CTC or Taxable income.
    2.For existing any insurence detail which kind of insurence should be considered :
    a)Insured for death benifit for Dhanraksha Policy taken with Home Loan :current death cover is 16 lacs .do I need to consider exact figure like 1620550.
    b)LIC jeevan anand where death cover is 5 lacs
    c)Oriental Health Ins policy -2 Lacs cover for Family
    d)Death cover in Car insurence Policy
    e)death cover in two wheeler Ins Policy
    3.Is it Mandatory my nominee should be dependent on me ?If my wife is earning ,can I show her as nominee?
    4.”medical test is mandatory over 50 Lacs ” is this IRDA gudelines or Insurence company specific ?HDFC is giving term insurence of 75 Lacs without medical Insurence?Is it under IRDA norms?
    5.Is it good to have riders in term Insurence policy ?If yes then which rider like accidental ,Critical illnes etc?
    6.If today I am earning and based on that I can buy a term insurence for a limited sum assured .Like if earning 5 Lacs annual then can take max 60 Lacs term Insurence .Right ?If after buying trm policy ,next year I became job less then do I need to inform Insurence company ?
    7.I bought term insurence from Bharti .Now next year I am buying another term plan from HDFC .Do I need to infrom Bharti about this?


    • 1. Taxable income would be a good thing

      2. all the policies which has LIFE INSURANCE element

      3. yes you can show her as nominee

      4. this is company specific, but all companies do this now

      5. Your choice purely

      6. no you dont need to communicate anything to company

      7. No

  3. Tushar

    I am looking for term plan for 30 yrs, 50lc amount for y current age 30 yrs.

    I checked quotes from different companies and found that Aviva has 94% good claim settlement ratio, lowest premium, long policy period, good customer service before policy buying.

    Compare to that I found HDFC is also second good and it has strong fundamentals in the market but only case is that its premium is approx. 6770 compare to Aviva is 4750.

    Manish, Can you please guide me should I go for Aviva or HDFC? I am thinking to go with Aviva. Is it stable and trustable company.

    And also Thank you very much for sharing such useful information and also your view points for many users. I have also shares your post to my friends so that they can aware about term plan.

    Tushar Patel.

      • Tushar

        I have found claim settlement figures from web for year 2011-12. When 2012-13 data would be released any idea?

        I want to go with Max life instead of Aviva and HDFC and thinking to have SA of 50lc for now and in future will take another policy based on requirement with another company. Do I think correct or any suggestion?

        • You can still go with them. Just make sure that the data given by you to them is 100% correct and no hiding !

          Claim settlement numbers will come on IRDA , but you never know the dates , It should arrive after the year ending for sure !


    main ek term plan lena chata hun
    mere pariwar main 5 member hain.
    mata-pita, wife(private job) or 1-1/2 saal ki ladki.
    main uttarakhand main state gov. ka employe hun
    meri annual income 450000/- ha
    mare gov ka health insurance ha jisme puri family cover ha.
    sath hi mere pass 54000/- annual ki lic ha
    to mujhe kitne ka or kis company ka term plan lena chahiye.

  5. Anil

    Hi Manish,

    Help me to understand if there are difference in exclusions with different Insurance Provider’s
    I was told that company charging less premium may have more exclusions compare to other charging higher premiums


  6. Santosh Pujari

    hey Manish,
    I am around 26 years old now (1986 born). I have LIC Anand and LIC Amrit of 5lacs SA. I am planning for Online term insurance now for cover of 50 or 75 lakhs.
    1) should i go for reliagare considering its service and do u think its worth trusting them for next 30 yrs
    2) should i go for aviva i term instead?
    I will nominate my mom as of now as i am unmarried still.. planning to add my wife in future as extra nominee.
    plz suggest if this ok.

  7. Paritosh

    I went for Bharti Axa eProtect policy for 50 lakhs SA and 25 years tenure. Actually I went through policybazaar. They suggested choosing between Axa and Aviva, though they pushed a bit more for Axa. I agreed because the premium was the lowest as per my independent research too. Also thought if I went by all reviews I would never end up buying any policy!

    They were there on phone to help while filling up the online Bharti Axa form. After paying the calculated premium online, I had to upload a few docs as id, address and salary proof, etc. After that, within 1 or 2 days, I got a call from Bharti Axa that a medical was scheduled for me and that would be done through a home visit.

    Got a phone call from the health check up provider for the test and scheduled the check up. They came promptly and finished the test in 15 mins. Ten days after that, I received the policy and with no change in premium.

    All in all, had a smooth experience and got the policy in two weeks after the online payment. Now all that remains to test is a smooth claim process, but I won’t be around to post my review on that :-)

  8. Bhaskar Suyal

    Hi Manish,

    I am 31 years old and planning to buy my first Term Insurance policy.
    Please suggest and clarify my few doubts:
    1. Which company shall I go with?
    2. What is the difference in bying policy online or from agent, I mean, is there any drawback bying policy online?
    3. Do we have LIC term policy available online? if yes, what is the plan name?

    Thanks in advance.


  9. Ravish Pandey

    Hello Manish,
    My age is 28 and i need health insurance for me and my MOM(52) & DAD(57) can you please suggest which plan is better.

  10. Jatin patel

    Hi Manish,

    I have recently bought ur 2 books “16 personal finance principles every investor should know” and “How to be your own Financial Planner in 10 steps”. I have never read such type of good explanation with example. If i read it 5 yrs back then now i could be a good investor. Thanks Manish.

    I have one question about term insurance. I want to take term insurance of 1 cr so please advice which company is better to go for this. i am 33 old. i have family of 5 member and only i am the source of money. I was suggested from one executed that go for Bharti AXA…. is it good?

    I also want to by one health policy for my entire family so please advice for that also.

    please advice….


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