PPF interest

POSTED BY dipak kalola ON March 18, 2013 11:05 am COMMENTS (3)

hello guys,

this year i have invested Rs. 25000 in ppf. Should i mention only that amount for tax rebate or 25000+interest it earns this year?



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  1. Dear Dipak, with all due respect to KBC & Sr. Bachchan –

    Koi bhi sawaal chhota nahin hota.

    So no matter, what question you are asking & it may looks silly to yourself but WE answer it seeing the underlying importance in the question.



  2. Dear Dipak, the interest earned by you in PPF is not eligible for Tax benefit under section 80C like NSC. Only 25K basic investment ‘ll be eligible for tax benefit.



    1. dipak kalola says:

      oh what a surprise! Really i thought i could claim +interest amount. i thought my query would be considered as nieve. Thanks Ashal for such useful information.

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