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hi manish,

Well i have Questions regarding the lic policy, actually my friend is
a lic agent he suggested me to take jeevan anand policy of 1000000 lac
rs these r details yearly premium 50000/- term 21 years, on maturity

well i am not understanding what to do i am supposed to start investing from jan
next year please suggest me a better option ….

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  1. Karthik says:

    Never go for LIC plans or ULIPs.
    Go for an online Term Insurance for Life cover and Mutual funds for investments.

  2. Dear Parag, do you want to cover your own life or want to feed your friend? If you want to cover your life, go for a pure term cover. If you are satisfied with LIC, ask your friend for Amulya Jeevan Plan. FYI please, far cheaper plan are available in the market than this Amulya Jeevan.

    By the way purchasing Jeevan Anand is a sure shot way to earn less than inflation return.

    My plain take ‘ll be to do not opt Jeevan Anand.



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