Pension Plan Woes

I work in the private sector, in 2010 I bought a ULIP pension plan thinking I am doing a good thing for myself, as I was 27 at that time & also help me in my tax planning. I realised my folly soon after. I had invested in HDFC pension Super that is connected to […]


SBI Home Loan

Please could you advise if moratorium period on home loan can be extended? My flat is underconstruction and home loan is with SBI. I was intially given 18 months thx Navin


Can the tax for AY 2012-13 be paid now?

Hi Friends, I am in 30% tax bracket. I had opened an FD for 19 months that matured in Sep 2012. At the time of maturity I became aware that bank had deducted and paid TDS to govt for AY 2012-13 and 2013-14 also. Since there was no intimation from the bank about the tax […]


Chit Funds – Product Review

Hi, I am not sure if any of you have used this financial product chit fund. My dad is a big fan of it and usually will have one chit fund running all the time. I was never able to determine the actual returns for amount invested in chit funds. If any one had any […]


Regarding Franklin Templeton AMC

Hi all. If Franklin Templeton is a single AMC in india, then why do some funds have prefix “Franklin”, others “Templeton”? eg. Franklin (not Franklin Templeton) India Bluechip.      Templeton (not Franklin Templeton) India Equity Income. Please clarify, Kuntal.


Income Tax Rules on home loan interest payments

I’ve 2 home loans from this year with following details – 1) 1st house loan – EMI – 20000 (approx Interest payment per yr of 1.8 lakhs). this house is on rent and I show rental income (3.6 lks) in returns. 2) 2nd house loan – EMI – 53000 (approx interest payment per yr of […]


Query on Jeevan Saral surrender after 3 years

Hi, I am planning to surrender my Jeevan saral policy after paying two years of premium(24000/yr).but my agent telling me to pay one more year premium . also He said  that “If I surrender after 3 year I will get 80% return (around 66000) of all amount paid by me( 72000)” .  When I checked […]


Home Loan – Which is best? Fixed or Floating Interest Rate?

Will home loan interest rates go down in india in near future? At this moment, is it better to go with floating rate of interest for home loan? 


guiding pointers for diversified equity mf investment in financial planning

i selected diverfied equity mfs and debt instruments as major avenues for my finance planning. i understand equity diversified equity mfs suitable for long term , 10 yrs or more away goals . also believe SIP investments better for regular stream of investment money . i also believe that it is better time in market […]


Regarding AY Correction

In AY 2012-13, I had to pay 9056/-Rs to income tax department. (In Aug, 2012)  I paid online but I made mistake. I wrote wrong AY 2011-12.  Now, I got demand letter from Income tax department asking for 9056/-Rs.  I don’t know, how to do rectification of the same? 


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