Investment Suggestion for 32 yr old

Below are my Investment which I have done so far : ICICI Prudential Assure Wealth Super : 1667 / month Since August 2010 LIC : 1531 / month Since 2010 ICICI Tax Saver MF : 2000 /month Since December 2014 PPF : 50000 Since 2014 Aviva Term Insurance : 1 crore Since January 2014 Recurring […]


Aadhar card rejected by NPCI and not getting LPG subsidy

I recently got a very strange sms: Dear Customer, Your Ac No. ****** Linked with Aadhaar No ***** has been Rejected by NPCI. I have a bank account with SBI. After I got this sms, I contacted SBI regarding this, but they had no clue about this message. Since then, I have not been receiving […]


Regarding Claim of LTA and Medical Reimbursement when its more than the employer benefit

My employer provides me Medical Reimbursement of Rs. 5000/- Per Annum and LTA of Rs. 5000/- Per Annum. I want to clarify myself that- A) Suppose for a year my medical expenses are Rs. 7200/- PA( more than the amount given by employer). Then do I have to pay that extra Rs. 2200/- from my […]


Written Off status in CIBIL with 18 lacs of outstanding !

Hi – I had a horrid past (2003 to 2008) due to bad friendship and then IT recession and to sum it up.. a bad family life which ended in a DIVORCE! Having said the above, I have tried to pay off, settle most of my cards and loans but I see 3 of the […]


Lic policy jeevan saral & Term insurance

Dear  Manishbhai Myself and my wife earning 50000 per month. We are having  2 nos. Jeevan saral policy for 35 years term for my wife one 24000 per anum & other 36000 per anum. first one started in jan 2009 & other one in Sept 2011. After reading your blogs for jeevan saral & other […]


Medical policy for diabetic patient

Wish to by Medicla policy of arround 2 Lks, I am having diabetes. Please suggest some better poilcy which covers it. Have searched and found Star Health Insurence and MaxBupa providing this facility. Kindly help to select. 


tax query

Hi, Recently my brother deposited some amount in my bank account. Is this amount taxable?   Thanks, Rajan  

READ MORE – Is it worth trying their Mutual Fund advice route for 1000 bucks?

Dear Manish and others, I have recently come across a mail from “”. The excerpt is as follows. They have a Fund Select package given out for 1000 rs. In that they shall be showing the best available Funds in market etc etc…. and how to choose the Mutaul Funds.. My main question is, did […]


Jeevan saral surrender

Hi All,   I have taken Jeevan saral policy in dec 2008. I want to discontinue this policy as I am opting for term insurance. My doubts are:- 1) Should i surrender this policy now(would be getting around 90% please confirm) 2) Should i surrender after paying 5th installment which is due in this dec(will […]


EPF Withdrawal @ 3 yrs of employment

Hello, I have completed 3 years of employment today(my first employment) and I intend to leave the company in one month for pursuing further education. As I had opted for Voluntary PF investment, my PF amount as of date is Rs. 5.5L I shall not be taking up any other employment for a period of […]


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