Can banks charge a fee to lower rate of interest for home loans ?

Hi, Axis Bank has offered to reduce the rate of interest for my home loan from 10.65% to 10.30% by asking me to pay a nominal charge of Rs 7500/-+ Service Tax. I am on a floating rate home loan. I wish to know are banks entitled to ask a fee to reduce the rate […]


About TDS and Tax Filling

I am a working woman. My salary is Rs. 15,300/- Per Month. I receive Rs. 5,000/- from my husband’s business through cheque. But i am not an employee in my husband’s business. I have a fixed Deposit in a Bank Same Branch for Rs. 6,50,000/- jointly (First name is mine, & second is of my […]


Locker Rent hike from Rs 1,500 to Rs 10,000 in HDFC Bank

I have a small locker with HDFC bank , Pune and rent is Rs. 1500/- per annum. Now from next year HDFC is asking Rs. 10000/- per annum as locker rent. This is more then 8 times hike in single year. so is there any guidelines from RBI, rules that how much hike every year […]


Debit card and card fees on MaxGain AC

I have a MaxGain loan AC with SBI. I had a debit card linked to this AC. However, it does not work anymore. The loan branch says that debit cards were closed for MaxGain AC’s. Is that true? Can anyone confirm? Also, the bank has deducted card maintenance fees from my MaxGain AC. Is this […]


Documents missed by SBI Bank – What to do ?

Hi, I am in pune and have home loan from SBI bank. I have transferred my home loan from HSBC to SBI 2 years before. That time SBI did not give me any list of documents (submitted to them). Now when I came to sell my home, I asked them about the documents (I submitted […]


Form 15 G Submitted to Bank, What if income falls in the taxable slab ?

Hi All, I have certain number of FD’s in SBI. In beginning of financial year I had submitted form 15 G to bank. If I understand it right, even if the interest on FD’s go beyond 10,000 Bank will NOT deduct TDS since I have submitted form 15 G. By submitting form 15 G , […]


Shifting of NRE PINS account from one DP to another DP ?

I opened PINS NRE / NRO account with HSBC and purchased shares after operating for year or two HSBC decided to close the dp business and I was asked to shift to other dp. I opened ICICI banks PINS NRE / NRO account with required permission from RBI also HSBC provided holding and procurement details […]


Is reinvesting loan amount taken on FD a good idea ?

I have FD of 1L @8.5 and taken loan on it 1L @ 9.5 and kept the same loan amount in another bank @9.5. Will it benefit anything? thanks  


Are there limits on transactions done in SBI saving account ?

How much transaction in a month or per day is allowed in saving account  at SBI?


I have made my wife Joint account holder and 100% beneficiary – Is that ok ?

I have joint accounts with my wife for both savings bank and term deposits.I have also given nominations to all my deposits. I also have made a will and mentioned my wife as the sole receiver for my entire deposits and that my children will come into possession only after the death of my wife. […]


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