CIBIL Report Online – Get your credit score in your email

This article will teach you how to apply for your cibil report online . Some months back, I had written an article on CIBIL report which was well taken. A lot of readers applied for CIBIL score and were shocked to see their CIBIL report was messed up because of some past sin committed in area of credit card, home loans, personal loans. A lot of you applied for CIBIL report which took some time, energy and lot of commitment, but majority of readers didn’t take any action and just told themselves “I will apply soon” .. that “soon” never happened and seems like CIBIL heard your prayers. CIBIL scores are now available online. Fill a form and make the online payment in 10 minutes, authenticate some questions and get your CIBIL score online in your email in next 4 days ! . I applied for my personal CIBIL score and I got it in just 2 days in my email . My score was 835 ! . yippee !

Procedure to get your CIBIL report online

Note that you can only get your CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR) by paying Rs 450. You cant get CIR alone .

1. Fill up the online form

The first step is to fill up a form online here . It asks Name, address, Phone details along with Identity and address proof. At the end it would ask your Loan account number (credit card number in case of credit card) . Make sure you fill up the form correctly and also double-check that you are putting correct address, identity proof related number like PAN number , Passport number etc. Once you are done with this step, you move to step two, which is payment online.

CIBIL Report online

2. Make an online Payment

Once you have filled up the form, and click on “Make Payment” button, you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can make the payment of Rs 450 by credit card, NetBanking or other ways . I would suggest making a payment using net banking , because I used credit card option myself two times and it failed , but with Net banking option, I didn’t face any issue.

Make sure you do not close the page after making the payment, it will redirect you to a CIBIL page where the 3rd step will be performed. Note that before you move to 3rd step , you will get an IDENTIFICATION ID number , please make sure you note it down properly.

Tip : The reason why we keep getting transaction failures (with payments getting deducted) is because of the way the CIBIL website handles cookies. Its always better to clear off everything in your browser before attempting to pay for your report. I found this the hard way after my payments were deducted a couple of times (1 refunded and 1 waiting for refund). Thanks to Vijay for this finding

3. Authentication

Now from security point of view, now you will have to answer 3 questions which would be related to your credit history. Once you answer these questions, your authentication will be successful and you will get your CIBIL score card in your email in next 4 days. You will get this message once authentication is successful

We will e-mail your CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR) within 4 business days*. The On-Line Payment Confirmation is emailed for your record. For any queries on the status of your request, you can write to us with your Transaction Id at after 4 business days.

You will get a receipt of payment which you can print right away and you will also get an email with PDF copy of your payment and other details.

What if authentication fails ?

Incase the authentication step fails while applying for cibil report online, don’t worry .. all you need to do is take the print out of the payment receipt (you get it in email also) , self attested photo copies of the required documents (identity and address proof) which you had put in the form in the start , and send it to CIBIL address. You should get back your CIBIL score in next 10 days.

Documents Required & CIBIL address

1. Online Payment Confirmation
2. Identity Proof – PAN / Passport / Voter’s id (Identity proof should be valid and not expired)
3. Address Proof – Bank Statement / Electricity Bill / Telephone Bill / Passport / Credit Card Statement (Address proof should be not more than 3 months from the date of application and should be in your name)


Consumer Relations – Disclosure Request,
Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited, Hoechst House, 6th Floor, 193,
Backbay Reclamation, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021.

Data Security ?

While CIBIL says that the whole process to apply for cibil report online is secure and there has been rigorous testing, I personally realised that it’s not 100% secure. First the email id where you want to order the CIBIL score can be any email id , all i need to know is your important documents numbers and your credit history and some numbers , which I feel a lot of people share with their close friends and relatives sometimes . So the real security would happen when you do not disclose your credit related data to anyone .

In last few months we have seen that there have been many complaints from hundreds of people on how they could not get a loan because of their low CIBIL score or some bad past record . Banks are seriously looking at these scores now and make sure you at least have a look at your CIBIL score once . So if you have any credit card or loan , you should apply for CIBIL score and have a look at it.

Try out ordering your CIBIL report online and let me know if you were successful or not . Also share your experience with CIBIL in comments section.

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      • I had a loan which I cleared 5 years ago, I was trying to find a/c number of the same, I guess I might have to dig deep into my papers to fetch it.
        Otherwise I dont have a Loan right now neither a credit card..! so I guess I mightn’t be able to do this oneline…


        • Harsha

          Find it out .. you will have a number for that loan for sure and your CIBIL score will surely be there. . Many a times there can be mistake in CIBIL score so better confirm that things are good


      • Neelam S.

        Hi Manish
        My company deposited my TDS on incorrect PAN number since I joined them in Jan 2011 & thus it dint reflect in my Form 26AS. Now that I have received a letter from IT dept. claimin interest u/s 234 A B C
        can I claim the interest amount from the company?


        • Neelam

          I really doubt they will give it to you . Its a manual error and they will just say sorry ! , but they should be giving you the money if you had given a correct PAN to them and they made a mistake , but if you gave them incorrect PAN , then they are bound to give it to you , contact your companies finance department

    • Dhananjay

      Please dont apply to CIBIL for ur credit score. the company services are pathetic. they do false commitments. they charge 450 rupees for ur score and will never send you ur score. they also dont have refund policy. customer care is very bad. they will never give you ur status or reason for not sending ur reports but only keep u waiting…. think 100 times before applying. this company is cheat. its mangemnt is cheat.

        • @ Dhananjay / Manish,

          Good to read that online CIR is available and its faster than offline.

          As I applied for CIBIL – CIR thru Offline mode on Jan 28, 2011 and got the CIBIL report on Aug 15, 2011 after a lapse of 7 months. CIBIL Customer care support thru call center / email is pathetic and I got the report after escalating my complaint to Senior Officials of CIBIL. :(


            • Muthu Krishnan V

              hi manish, nice to see that you got your cibil report in 2 days :). very anxious to know your score :). That would be a benchmark for people to attain.

                • K S Balaji


                  No doubt you have a clear name in CIBIL, hence you got your good score in less time, this does not happen to everyone. Defaults in credit cards or settlements of the defaults in credit cards is not taken lightly by CIBIL, they keep your name in the defaulters database for 3 years and it is not deleted. Meanwhile, you apply for a loan and CIBIL is referred, you get a bad score and your loan is denied. The ordeal starts here, you show your default and settlement details to the lender who will try to find out from CIBIL again and if you are lucky, you will get a go ahead from the lender.

                  CIBIL is supposed to be a watchdog for lenders to keep of the defaulters but it looks like they have literally become the pawns of the multinational credit card companies, and these Banks/institutions have a tool in their hand to harass the common man.

                  For example, a person who has cleared his defaults end up getting a loan once he proves his credentials but the loan may not be as good as what others get, there will be too many conditions imposed by the lenders. If there was not default and you have a clean image in CIBIL, you get a better deal from the lenders. To put in simple terms, a person who has served a sentence in jail is not treated as a common man anymore, hope you get my point…

                  Like KYC, CIBIL services should be free, for detailed reports, they can charge. CIBIL is turning out to be a bane instead of a boon for the common man…


                  • KS Balaji

                    Yes .. thats exactly how this credit card thing works ? The onus lies on the investor on making sure that he does not messes up . I think even in general life it works like this . If some one will betray you , no one will trust him from next time or will pay caution to him . Whats wrong in that ?


                • K S Balaji


                  I forgot to mention one important point. Most of us know what happens if one defaults in credit card payments.

                  As per RBI guidelines, any defaulter of card payments can be approached for recoveries only upto a maximum of 180 days after which the defaulted amount has to written of (considering it a NPA). Due to this strict order, Banks have all the reason to harass the defaulters to the max during this period. We will not discuss the legal recourse for such cases as it is a separate subject by itself.

                  Now it is the turn of the Banks to make a formal complaint to CIBIL with the default details. Now if the defaulter plans to take any financial facility for any institution or Bank, he is reffered to CIBIL, the facility is denied.

                  Now the defaulter has two options, one to drop the idea of going in for a loan or two, try to settle his defaults. This is where the credit card companies have an upper hand by using CIBIL. Now tell me, was CIBIL set up for this purpose ?

                  On one hand RBI protects the defaulter, on the other hand, the same RBI sets up an institution to harass the same defaulter when he comes back for one more round of loans…


                  • K S Balaji


                    I will bother you once more.

                    I or you or others never agreed to enroll in an institution like CIBIL. It was set up by the finance sector for their internal verification purposes. When this is the purpose for which it was setup, how can they charge us for giving a credit report ? Who are they to do the credit ratings for us ? On what basis do they do the scoring ? Is the process transparent ?

                    Do you have any idea on the above, please share them if you have…


                    • KS Balaji

                      CIBIL was never created to give customers reports to end users , its only for internal purpose . So you are not liable to get the score . because of the huge demand from public they started giving it . Now its their decision as an institution if they want to charge it or not . Its our decision if we want to pay and get it or not get it at all .

                      In US , you dont have to pay for your credit score once in a year.. but India is far behind and it will take some time for that to happen in India !

                    • Dhaval

                      My CIBIL score was 522 when i applied for the loan of SBI Car loan , i got the loan of 5 90 000 , without any problem the bank manager help me to clear my loan which i have taken in 2008 from Icici bank and the due amount was 3400 . , i was surprise that my laon get clear in 24 hrs …

                  • KS Balaji

                    Actually CIBIL was setup up to collect data of each and every one (defaulters and non-defaulters) so that banks can access that data and take decision weather to lend him or not . CIBIL was not made by RBI , its just governed and is registered under RBI .


                    • Vijayakumar Samuel

                      KS Balaji is right CIBIL is more of a threatening weapon made by USA against the Indian public. You get reported without your knowledge, without concurrence, and for all the wrong reasons nobody counter checks with you.It is created as a weapon not for prompt payment but for killing the good intentions of Indian public at large.It will neither help the Bank which uses the report nor the Borrower who has been branded as a bad credit(How they arrive at it?? -You dont give in to the mischievous charges of the MNC card companies) So its a fraud on the Indian public Indian Banks have no Brains they swallow what is given by USA and follow suit.

                    • Vinay Kumar

                      Hi Manish,

                      I am following your blog from last 3 months or so. Thanks a lot to you for all these discussion on some of the important topics.

                      My CIBIL Score is 767. How the financial companies treat this score?

                      I Have Few Question for you & I hope would get an answer :).

                      1. I Have 1 Car Loan 2 Personal loan and 2 Credit Cards on my CIBIL report
                      2. 1 Credit had a balance of 1,14000 and other 1 had a balance of 60000
                      3. I Have paid off 1 Personal loan and 2 credit card balance in full to make it zero
                      Now will my credit Score improved drastically as i have paid of my 2 credit Cards and Personal loan

                      Lastly on my CIBIL Report instead off showing my name as T N VINAY KUMAR its been updated as “T N VIAY KUMAR RANJAN” which is incorrect AND How do i rectify that ?

                      Thanks in advance.

                    • Vinay

                      767 is a decent score , but you should try to make it more better . Note that your paying off your credit card and personal loan will not affect your score, because score is not dependent on just 1 closing off a loan , its actually looking at your overall repayment history . So not a drastic change will happen due to that

                      Regarding change in name , you need to file a dispute resolution with bank , see this –


                    • Vinay Kumar

                      Manish ,

                      Thanks a ton for your response and very informative :)

                      I Have a Car Loan With the ABC bank and i’m Making payments ontime , However on my recent CIBIL Report , the “DPD STATUS” Show as STD – STD ,
                      Will that hamper my score due to that ? and there is another remark updated as “IRREGULAR PAYMENT HISTORY MIGHT BE A RISK FACTOR TO LENDERS. TIMELY PAYMENTS IN THE FUTURE WILL CONTRIBUTE TO AN IMPROVED SCORE , i have never missed any payments in my entire life and why have the Actually written that ?

                      Waiting for your Reply

                      Thanks in Advance !!!

                    • Manideep kumar

                      I applied personal loan in HDFC Bank . They rejected my loan because of less score in CIBIL. My ECS checks has bounced 2 times because of me , two times because of bank (technical reason).Now I am facing the problem because of the bank’s mistake. Is there any method to rectify the problem, so that i get the loan. Can we increase the CIBIL score by bringing this point in to the notice of the bank

                    • What you need to do is talk to bank about their mistake part , mostly they should acknowledge it and update the CIBIL on that , that should marginally bump up your score .

                    • rakesh

                      Hi Mnaish,
                      I have paid 470 to know my score and CIR….I got my CIBIL Registration id and payment successfull by netbannking and amount has deducted also but during authentication questions page..i got page expired message..
                      Pls suggest what to do next step??????????

                    • Ajay Thapa

                      Actually i was not eligible for the credit card when i was 20 yrs old.HDFC Executive told me that please sign the form rest we will be take care.So i was not aware about that he was about to changing my DOB.After 3 years bank added some extra amount on my bill so i had reject to pay that amount to them,I called the customer care and that time they were asking for the security questions,in which DOB is also an an important one.After saying my proof DOB they said security ans is wrong,SO i didn’t make the make after warning them.

                      Then after year n so they started calling me and i settled the amount.
                      this all shit happened with the help of HDFC bank Credit card Executive.
                      Please let me know what to do as i need to apply for the Home Loan.

                      Your assistance is required here.


                    • Gaffar

                      Hi Manish,
                      I have provided the details from my cibil report…I didn’t have bad experience with cibil,instead had bad experience with HSBC credit card which I used few years back and paid the whole outstanding pending amount with fine. That is why in cibil report,
                      HIGH CREDIT 19,962
                      CURRENT BALANCE 0
                      AMOUNT OVERDUE –

                      and the score is NH.
                      So can I go for secured credit card to start the score in cibil?Pls suggest?Thanks!

                    • Gaffar

                      Thanks Manish for your reply!

                      While applying for Secured Credit Card, did the bank employees won’t check our cibil report to issue the card? Any idea what and all banks are good to go ahead with Secured Credit Card?

                    • Credexpert

                      Dear Mr. Gaffar,

                      Typically, checking the credit report and score is a part of the credit appraisal process for all lending institutions. However, there is a higher possibility to get a secured credit card as it is against a security, especially if your credit score is relatively on the lower side.
                      For secured credit cards, you will have to check with the banks if they offer the same.


                    • Ravi

                      Hi Manish:

                      Am not sure if the Banks are doing right thing referring to CIBIL for Loan or Credit Card Approval. Why because back in a day (2006) i use to have 2 Credit Cards and my salary was just 12K p/m and not sufficient to pay the dues, so i was put in defaulters list and later they called it written of 900 days, Now am earning like 90K p/m and recently i have applied for Credit card but they rejected it stating the same old statement. and my Cibil score is 596.


                • Rahaman

                  Recently I got my credit card rejection from Citibank & was very surprised. So, while doing research on what could be the reason I came across CIBIL report, which I did not know earlier. And the best part of your blog is whenever I need to find some info on any financial topic, I do google & I see there is already a blog available from you. Awesome guys :):)

                  Anyway the CIBIL report now comes immediately in your email after making the payment, it happened to me today. I was little disappointed with score of 834but then saw your score of 835 so happy now. I have few questions if you could please find some time to answer
                  – I see wrong passport info is being shown in my CIBIL report. I know these infos are being provided by lenders, but I don’t know who provided that wrong info?
                  – In some of my account report, it shows XXX which means bank did not report the data to CIBIL. Is this the reason for my score not more than 834? If I have a score 834/900 there must be reason, but I am unable to find it. Any clue?
                  – I see there is a Credit card on my name from Citibank way back in 2007 & that is closed also in 2009. No current balance,nothing. I do not remember ever applying for Citi credit card before, even checked all my email addresses,no reference. Not sure how it came there? Can anyone apply on behalf of me? Should I check with CIBIL for further details?

                  • 834 is awesome score.

                    1. Track it with CIBIL and check on this . Get it corrected on their side

                    2. yes XXX means not reported. Check with bank on why it was not reported , It may happen that there was nothing to report !

                    3. Again , check with CIBIL only, check with CITI bank also , there might be identity theft on this .


          I applied online to get CIBIL score and I got my score in the next day without any difficulties. I think that CIBIL improved its service quality. I request you to send e-mail to CIBIL about your problem. Please Think always positively.

    • Neelam S

      Hi MAnish

      Got my credit score & its 857!!
      i Belive thats a gud one…
      I haven’t received the credit report on my mail id tho.
      Is there anyway I can goto CIBIL website & get it?


        • neelz

          I got a sms on my mob & later eve got a mail from isn’t it!! :)
          Manish, just wanted to know from you if you could advice or help on any matters related to fraud by developers. I am at a receiving end of a hopeless developer who is blatently duping customers & is taking the innocent common man for a ride since he knows he has nothing to fear due to his political connections. Want to teach him a lesson of his life.
          Pls guide on using the consumer distress redressal forum.

  1. Anshuk Jain

    Thanks for reminding us of this. I have just applied successfully. I will now wait for 4 days.

    Now that everything is online, they should not charge us any money. As an example, in USA, the credit report is free once every year from all the 3 agencies. You have to pay for the score though..
    This should ideally come under RTI which is free.. but I am going on a tangent here.

    I will update you once I get my report.

    • Anshuk

      I agree with you … knowing your credit score should not cost any money .. But this whole thing is at a nascent stage in India right now.. so it will take time to make it free for all


      • Anshuk

        Thats excellent score .. any bank will give you loan easily , You can even ask to a little lower rate to them. Just make sure you that at no point in time you mess up your score :)


        • Ashish

          Manish Chauhan today I have got may cibil score that is 729 could I get any credit card from any bank. Fact is that earlier I was defaulter with bajaj but I paid them more than i owe to them and one more thing my score in july 608 but now as I mentioned 729 it seems that it is increasing because of my secuer card form icici.

          • “You paid more that you owed” – that does not mean anything . The point is have you paid all the OUTSTANDING or not ? YES Or NO . was there anything pending or not ? If yes, then it might be increasing in your card . Have you looked at the remarks of your credit report !


            • Ashish

              Yes Manish I paid all of my outstanding to them nothing is due on me now my cibil status showing blank earlier there was mentioned write off. can I get loan or any card? or I should wait for some more time.

                • ashish

                  hi from bajaj i did default for some reason but i paid them every thing off and purchased cibil in june 13 and I purchased now but my dpd status showing same after 02/13 there is nothig every data is old here but reported date is different i do not under stand that why? you explained every 36 months it should change, can you explain why it it is so?

                  000 XXX 900 XXX 900 900 900
                  02-13 01-13 12-12 11-12 10-12 09-12 08-12

                  • Dear Ashish,

                    In case of open accounts, the payment history reported in the DPD section of 36 months would change with each passing month. In case of closed accounts, due to lack of any new credit activities, the payment history does not change with each passing month.

                    Since, you have repaid the complete outstanding amount against an account you had been defaulting on, the DPDs reflecting are of the past. These would stay on your report since it represents your credit behaviour in the past and there is no new activity to be reported.


  2. Kalyani

    thanks for posting this Manish… reg the loan a/c numbers and credit card, I dont have any loan currently (although i did pre-close one last year). Also my credit cards are an add-on card of my husbands… Do you think it is required to enter these two details for a valid CIBIL score?? your response wud be highly appreciated !

    • Kalyani

      In that case put the credit card of your Husband , that will give you the cibil score .. note that the score is for a person , not for his different loans , so your husband will have 1 score , not different scores for different kind of loans .

      Once you apply for your husband card , then try to get one for yourself , with same credit card number ..


      • neelam sonawan

        Hi manish, read your articles on CIBIL and now am more worried than what I was some time back :(
        I had availed for a home loan frmm sbi of around 24L in jan2010..
        And had opted for ECS for making monthly EMI payments from HDFC
        Until nov 2010 all was fine n my EMIs were getting deducted regularly from hdfc
        Since everything was going smooth I did not pay heed to the monthly payments assuminng everything is going fine..
        Yesterday I got a call from sbi claiming (to my horror!!!) that I haven’t made payments since nov 2010!!
        I have around 1.5L in hdfc n thus no reason of insufficient funds..
        Also sbi never contacted earlier for default of payment…
        Will be visiting the bank tomorrow to find out details
        But before that needed to know a couple of things:-
        – Incase no intimation is sent can the bank still penalise me for defaulting payments
        – I will make immediate payment of the entire outstanding amount tomorrow but can that help me change my CIBIL score (which btw I havent checked n hope is not in bad shape)
        – What is the general rule for penalty incase payments are defaulted

        Please guide with whatever info u can.


        • Neelam

          Yes it can effect your CIBIL score , even though they didnt intimate you , it was also your responsibility to check if things are going fine . Anyways .. first check your Score

          Dont worry too much right now .. see the scenario tomm .. even if there was any reduction in score , it will get fine in few months if things are sorted out


          • Neelam S

            Hey Manish

            Got the mess checked with SBI & got it al sorted :)
            wat had hpnd is d bank had taken PDCs from me until nov’10 & after the PDCs were over they did not intimate me for further payments.
            Altho I was at fault for not realizing it, but SBI also agreed that this was a common issue from their side of not following through for payments after PDCs.
            This guy I was dealing with at SBI was really vry helpful & guided me well.
            I also asked him if he had updated my CIBIL record of default payment :-/
            To which he told me he hadn’t :)..he said that why I called you to understand the problem before updating!
            Now I ensure I make my EMI paymnt on the 1st of each month…w/o fail! :)

            Thanks for this wonderful & informative site Manish!!..


        • C Subramanian

          The banks have no liability to inform you when u miss your payment. Thank God that SBI has informed. If it was ICICI it would have been a different story. U may have never repaid ur loan. With Home and Car loans always check:
          1) Whether payment is made monthly thru PPcheq / ECS / Cash. Have all ur pass book with u till loan is done with.
          2) Keep asking for payment history / statement. ICICI proveides free of cost if U request thru phone banking.
          3) When u miss a payment pay all the outstanding including all penal interest till that date and get a statement issued for the principal outstanding and EMI. Else u may have problem when U terminate the loan.
          4) Banks do not have obligation to inform u even when they reset ur interest rate. So U may be paying EMI without default, but loan period will be extended. Keep visiting the bank branches or thru I’net. Most of the banks give access to loan account thru I’net.

          Do not overtly worry. It is a learning.


  3. Yusuf

    The 5 authentication questions for me were absolute non-sense and irrelevant. Couldn’t answer any of them correctly. Have sent them the documents by snail mail. Lets see

      • Yusuf


        1Q: They gave 5 banks and 5 credit card numbers (last 4 digits). I have to selected correct info in both the coloums
        (I found my bank there but digits were all incorrect)

        2Q: One question was regarding loans taken from banks
        (I have no loans and there was no “others” or “None” option)

        3Q: 5 loan account numbers were given, I have to selected the correct one

        4Q Regarding car loan

        Overall I found the questions to be irrelevant and got most of them wrong. Waiting for the score to arrive now.

        I would suggest that you gather all your credit cards, loan account statements and other details before taking the authentication test

          • Anshuk

            Yes .. they ask total 5 questions .. but only 3 are to be answered . If you answer all of them wrongly .. then the authentication is considered UNSUCCESSFUL and then you need to send the payment reciept and other docs by mail to them


        • Yusuf

          Yea .. i think because this online thing is new , they are not fully prepared to cover each and every person case .. and end result is that you need to send the docs by couriers .. though it frustrates .. see the end result that finally it will come to you .. so what if little inconvinience !


            • Yusuf

              Got my CIBIL score today. It is 807.

              Now the surprising bit. I had a salary account in Kotak bank in 2009-10. They made 4 enquiry of my credit score of Rs 100 each (enquiry amount). 3 credit card and 1 personal loan.

              I have never applied for any. Has this affected my score ?

  4. Sam

    I am currently applying for a personal loan and was told by the bank that CIBIL inquiry can be done maximum 3 times in 6 months – by all banks and institutions where you are applying for a loan. They wanted me to authorize them to generate a report so that they could check my score and offer a deal accordingly.

    Not sure if such a limit applies if you generate report by yourself as proposed here. The CIBIL FAQs dont seem to imply that there is a limit, though I only skimmed through them.

    • Sam

      I am not aware of any limits like those .. but it might be true .. I think you should yourself apply for CIBIL score and let them know about it .. dont give your credentials


      • Neeraj Vashisht

        Hi Manish

        I had Citibank MTV card 6 years back in Mumbai, which had 100 rs as annual fees, however I never used it and never get renewed it after first year and never got any mail regarding this. Then I moved to Noida. Finally, I broke the card into pieces and I also did not remember the card number. Does the CIBIL gives the info based on PAN number.

        Neeraj Vashisht

        • Neeraj

          no , i dont think so that you will get your score by only PAN , because I can also put your PAN and get the score at my email .

          You should dig down your emails , papers etc and try to find out the CC number .. if not, then try to call MTV customer care and try to get your CC details from there ..


            • Anshuk

              I just realised this , CC and LOAN ACCOUNT numbers are really optional , PAN should not be secret , but I think this kind of mechanism makes your score less secure because if I know your PAN , I can then order your CIBIL score .. almost all the other info are not that much secure


      • raju

        Thanks Manish,

        Got the CIBIL score of 789.
        I had only 1 Credit card and personal loan running..but has cancelled 3 credit cards earlier, the lack of usefulness/advantages compare to the existing card….
        Had never done a delayed payment..except the case of cancellation of the cards due the lack of promised features while taking card.

        How to improve this rating..any ideas/suggestions..

        Or is this rate OK for future loans…
        Is there any criterion(range of score) for banks to sanction loans with different interest rates for different scores?


  5. Sanghmitra

    Hi Manish,

    Know it’s irrelevant to ask in this topic but,
    Apart from credit card, home loans, personal loan are there any other liabilities which CIBIL counts?
    Like phone etc. bills..

  6. Gopi Krishna

    Finally..I had applied for the CIBIL report. Was thinking of applying for past 3-4 months when my new credit card application got rejected for no reason, I think as i hole a salary account and loans with them.

    Thanks for the update and was able to apply within minutes and I will wait and see what surprises are there for me in the Report.

    • Gopi Krishna


      I got my Report. I was surprised to learn my credit score was 548.

      Initially in 2005 when i got job was facinated on credit cards and used them correctly(played a lot like balance transfers and all payments done on time. Never missed my dates)

      Later I stopped using them and now all of them are shown as Written off status.

      I am not sure How to increase my credit score now.
      I already have 2 CC and a PL running.

      • Gopi Krishna

        And also my first name is completly misspeld. Does this cause any problem

        And report says that Employment Information as ‘Credit Card’ What does this mean?

          • zaffer

            Hi Manish,

            My name is zaffer,i am from chennai. I have applied for some loans in the past where it got rejected by few banks. I applied for the cibil report now,where i got a cibil score of just 604. It is becos i defaulted paying a credit card from HDFC since 2008. The outstanding mentioned amount there is 23,990. If i pay that amont in a single shot to them,is it possible for the score to go high and approx if all transactions i make is smooth and good,how long will it take for me to reach a good cibil score and i could avail any sort of loans or financial aids. Please help me in this issue,what could be done. If i repay it now,and after 6 months if the score becomes good, wil banks provide loans for me or they will reject becos of my default.

            Alos i want to ask, the status there menioned is written off. If i repay the amoun,what status will it be updated. they are saying.they will give me the NOC to me after clearing my dues.

            Even if not in the near future, will i be able to avail any loans in the future say after 1 or 2 yrs ,if my transcations are good and without default.

            Thanks in advance,

            • You need to pay off the outstanding, that is the first step , but that will not take your score up a lot , for tht you will have to keep showing your repayment capability for 8-10 months .

              In some years when your score goes up and your report is clean, then you can get a loan

      • Gopi

        I am not sure what you mean by “Stopped” using them .. do you mean that you surrendered it or kept the card and didnt use it .. because it might happen that there was some yearly charges to be paid , but you never paid them .. ask your BANK if there is any thing outstanding and ask CIBIL what it means , check with their customer care


    • Raghavendra

      Any reason why it should be free ? I actually agree with you that it should be free just like US , but what are your reasons for getting it for free . Till date there was nothing like credit score and there is no compulsion of getting it . its always a choice .


      • Raghavendra

        The reason for it being free is I an annually request a report and file correction request if any discrepancy. That is the reason it is free once a year from each credit rating agency in US. Given the cost for now. I have no plans to order one for long. Basically with no such individual review the report is of no use.

  7. Anshuk Jain

    One of my colleagues applied for this 10 days back and he got a junk email!!! It seems they have some issues in their systems and not able to send credit creport by email. I got to know about this after I applied. Let’s see what happens..

    • Anshuk

      Even I am coming to know from you on this .. lets see what happens .. even i am waiting for my score .. update here when you get yours . anyways if we dont get it in email , we can always send the docs to them on their address and finally get it


  8. Vineet


    Thanks for post. Earlier I had though about applying for CIBIL report but had put it on back-burner because there was mailing through snail mail involved. Now that it is fully online lazy people like me can order it easily. I was able to order online and using credit card payment. It did go well in first try. I found authentication questions ambiguous though. They asked “Select Bank with lowest credit limit”. I have 3 credit cards with Citibank. There could be other products which have credit limits. Can’t they be more specific? Thankfully my guess on answer was correct!

  9. Vineet

    Good to see that you applied for it FINALLY .. being this new thing and we among the first to use it , I guess we will have to be the BUG testers ! for them … things will get better slowly


  10. Venkat

    Hi manish,
    I had applied earlier when you posted another article. I got the report through post. If they are not giving a score in case you dont have any loans. they will return 340 rs and just charge 110 rs for the report about account enquiries.

    As of now i dont have any history.

  11. Arun

    Hi Manish,

    I am following your blog from last 3 months or so. Thanks a lot to you for all these discussion on some of the important topics.

    Not sure whether all I mentioned below are relevant to the current subject. Still…

    I have term insurance for close to 1Cr
    Have some direct equity exposure (but lately finding very difficult to track and manage the same)
    Have some exposure to MF via SIP
    Have EPF, Medical/Accident insurance from employer
    2 Home loans with close to 25L outstanding

    As per your suggestion/recommendation
    – Decided on some more of the MF’s and filled in form for SIP (Mostly diversified equity funds (like DSP BR Top 100, Franklin Bluechip, Fidility Equity, HDFC Top 200/Equity/Pridence, ICICI Pru Discovery, UTI Dividend Yield))
    – Started a PPF Account last week with SBI (Linked to SBI SB account)
    – Took Medical Insurance 6L (Oriental Family Floater) (as per your recommendation from medimanage) for my family
    – Took Medical Insurance for my mother (Star Red Carpet for 2L thru medimanage)
    – Working with medimanage on Accident insurance (Thinking of zeroing down to Bajaj Premium Guard for 50L)
    – Working with medimanage on Critical illness

    Now something related to the topic 😉

    I am having very bad experience with CIBIL. I first tried for the report sometime in the month of February. First time the transaction failed, but money went out of my credit card account. Second time on the same day, everything went well but because of my busy schedule (read laziness ;-)), I never send the CIR Request Form along with the required documents to CIBIL. Recently when I learned from your blog that I can complete the entire process online, I tried doing it a month back. Again, transaction failed and INR 450 went out of my credit card but no confirmation. I spoke with the CIBIL support couple of days later. The person confirmed that CIBIL received all the payments. He also mentioned that the I will receive the CIBIL Payment Confirmation for my third transaction via my registered email within 3 days. Now it is almost 2 weeks and no communication. In between I send couple of emails without a reply.

    Am not sure what needs to be done here.
    History tells me that every second transaction succeeds and maybe I need to try once again paying another 450. 😉


    • Arun

      I had said in the article, that I myself had bad experieucne with CC and I recommend using NETBANKING which worked for me .. I guess we need to start using NETBANKING or debt cards now a days .. why cc ? Do we really need credit when our bank accounts have money ! :) . Just a thought !


      • Yes we do. I would say. For the money free of cost for 50 days (you pay on time) 5% off on utility bills and in case a sudden emergency requirement comes up. Movie offers and restaurant discounts.

          • Yeah Manish – but using your card wisely can still save things. Policy premiums, phone bills etc can all be paid by net banking – but doing so by card (assuming an annual premium which is considerable) can still save you interest on the same money in your account.
            Just need to make it a habit of smart spending and paying in time.
            If you ask me – I prefer paying by credit card but always pay my dues on time. (and in perms of reward points we get back approx 2% of what we spend via card).
            Probably a topic for you to write a blog post on. :)

              • Citibank Rewards and Stan Chart Manhattan are those I use – those give decent enough rewards. Assuming you do shop from supermarkets and established retail chains (even if not from malls – I refrain from buying stuff there).
                I have had a very bad experience with ICICI for credit cards as well as their online account. Their rewards program is very tied up and they have very limited stuff in their stores when you want to redeem points. I didn’t find staff very user friendly and true to their word either.
                My view on Payback is that they have a huge catalogue but when you actually convert points into cost of the the things we want to redeem it is meager. I.e. for Rupee per point is very less.

                • Insoluble Solutions

                  Citibank Rewards has sunset now AFAIK; you can no longer get the 2% cashback as reward points. It was the most amazing card ever to have been in the market.

                  ICICI does have a measly rewards program. In fact, the Signature and Classic card reward points is same; you earn 2 points per 100 spends irrespective. Doesn’t make any sense!

                  PAYBACK need to improve their customer service as well as their website. You can barely login there and their points tally is absolutely crap. They have their own transaction ids which don’t correlate to your actual transaction id. It’s a pain to ensure that you are receiving all the points that you should.

  12. Pundarik

    I applied for CIBIL score immediately after reading your article last time around. I got the complete details within 10-15 days. It was totally hassle-free. In fact I submitted one wrong document, but they intimated me of the same over email and accepted the scanned copy of the actual document(no post required). And though I had a home loan and few credit cards, got a really high score due to reasonable spending habits(which were cultivated from knowledge of your articles) :) Cheers !!

  13. Chaitanya

    Excellent one. I thought of applying for it seeing your earlier post itself, but didnt do as I’m in US couldnt send docs by post. So I was hoping for this exactly!! I applied just now, it went amazingly smooth and says i’ll get report in email in 4 days.. eagerly waiting for it :)). I paid thru netbanking.

    • Great .. Chaitanya let us know when you get your report .. some one said above that they are not able to get a correct PDF in email . Let us know your experience . I am also waiting for mine !


      • Chaitanya

        Got the credit report & score. No surprise accounts in the reportg got 800+ score

        Still looking into the report in detail, and as of now, found two issues (1) one account is mentioned twice on report with same details except for one as individual and again as joint and different payment end dates / schedule in different pages. (2) Payment start date and end dates are swapped for some accounts.

        • Chaitanya

          Good to hear that your score is 800+ .. I also have a score of 835 :) . I think the discrepencies will get corrected once the CIBIL system gets more better .. I am sure these reports are automated and generally without a human intervention using some database . Expect things to get better in future


  14. Sachin Raheja


    Not sure if this is mentioned before, however I have a question…

    Do they deduct some points from our score if we try to know what are score is? I am again coming from the three credit rating agencies in the US especially Experian where if an individual tries to get his score then some points are deducted because the agency quotes that the person removing his score is not confident of his own creditibility or rather doubts his own financial status and financial responsbility in the market.

    Also, are there any points being deducted if more than a specified number of financial agencies look up for an individual’s score in the same span of time. Say, if 5 different agencies to which you have applied to for various reasons in the same month will look for your credit score with CIBIL almost at the same time. So will there be any points dedcuted? I am again coming from the polices of the 3 US credit agencies where they do deduct points for an individual if there are multiple reports being asked by various agencies within a specified time frame again they claim here that the individual is not confident of his financial stability and position and that’s why s(h)e is applying with various agencies at the same time..

    Further, CIBIL though very old now in India has to go a very very long way in getting itself established in the Indian market. I feel that we are still not mature enough to handle our credit exposure and leverages as good as what the developed nations do. Again, I am not taking any side here however, I did read one of the comments by Raghvendra above where he states that ”Basically with no such individual review the report is of no use” which is absolutely correct. I personally have never applied for a CIBIL score myself because I am confident of what it is considering the way I deal in the market which is totally a different aspect here. The point I am getting out from the above is that I have got numerous (and the number is huge) friends who had applied for the score in the past and found out a lot of discrepancies in the report. They were given wrong account numbers, credit card numbers and some had loans which didn’t even belong to them. Some had a bad score because the banks which they had dealt with in the past had given wrong information to CIBIL. Just imagine what and how many runs you would have to do with CIBIL, the banks etc. just to sort out the information on your own report especially if the information is way too old. Even the banks would be unable to support you. In short, its a lot of an hassle which they can sort out by just letting the owner of the report have an access to it once a year just for the sake of correctness on his OWN information and credit.

    It took CIBIL more than 5 years just to reach at this stage. I hope they climb up the ladder soon however, I still love the way they have designed the format of the report though. At least, that’s user-friendly…:-)

    • SAchin

      I dont think there is any criteria where your score is dedcuted for just enquiring about it, because if you see CIBIL website ,they have just mentioned 4 paramenters on which you score is decided and “equiry for CIBIL score” is not one of those.

      I agree with you that CIBIL has to go long way to go and fix things , but we have to be part of it now as it has already started .


    • Anshuk Jain

      1. Its a myth that your credit score suffers if you inquire about it in USA.
      2. You have rightly mentioned that if you apply for loans or credit cards, the institutions make a ‘hard’ request on your credit report which impacts your score negatively in USA. This is true in India too. In USA, you also have a concept of ‘Soft’ requests which institutions can make to your credit report for pre-screened offers or for increasing your credit limit. This does not impact your score.
      3. I agree with you that CIBIL has lots of problems right now. But as an individual, you don’t have an option but to know them and get them corrected. Or else you won’t be able to get loans in future..

        • Saravanan

          No , There is some issue with email then. Did you get 2 attachments ? There should be a password which you have to enter to successfully access the PDF and Zip file . Can you forward the email to me


            • Saravanan

              I got an email properly and I got my CIBIL report . Mostly you should contact their customer care and they should be able to help you . Dont worry .. you will eventually get it , in worst case you will get it offline on your address


  15. Mithun

    Thanks Manish. Applied for the same y’day. Waiting with crossed fingers and baited breath! I have been a disciplined payer of card dues and my education loan (pre-closed it). Just a query, if despite my discipline, the score is bad, what do I do?

    • Mithun

      I got my score and I was like you only in terms of discipline .. my score is 835 which is very good. However at times there can be mistakes in your CIBIL score , when you need to approch CIBIL to rectify it after its confirmed from Banks (CIBIL contact banks, not you)


  16. Shobha

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the info, its great that we can get the score online. Had taken home Loan this year and had got the score then(841 :-)).

    Will be Pre closing the loan in June 2012, will apply again to check, if everything updated by my bank after the loan closure.


  17. Nixon

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for this information. I had applied for my CIBIL score last Thursday and got my score through mail today. I have got 814. i am currently having educational loan and two credit cards. One thing i was surprised in the cibil score was they included my enquiry on the credit card while calculating the score. I had no trouble navigating when applying for my score, i was asked 3 questions which related to my loan outstanding, my bank account, and credit card. Online payment was smooth, overall a good experience. I hope they do not deduct points for my enquiry of CIBIL score. If you or readers have any questions pls free to ask.

    • Nixon

      Its quite surprising to see that they included your enquiry also to calculate the score ? Are you sure that it impacts the score ? I think it was just included in the report , but the score of 814 is only because of 4 things which are included in the CIBIL website .


  18. Santosh

    Thanks to your article, I accessed my score that they say is 750+ I am looking for educational loan currently. So how do I use this info to my benefit when looking around for suitable options?

  19. Vijay

    Tried applying for my Cibil score today (15 min back) via a credit card. The payment went through the webpage was stuck. I had to call up the customer service to sought out things (they are helpful). I was asked to send the documents across and wait for 10 days to receive my report.

  20. Mithun

    Got some encrypted mail from CIBIL in an alien coded language! They’ve gobbled up my 450 INR and in return I get alien gobbledygook. I tried ringing up the nos. mentioned on their website, no response. Logged a complaint via mail and again no response!

    • Mithun

      I got an email properly and I got my CIBIL report . Mostly you should contact their customer care and they should be able to help you . Dont worry .. you will eventually get it , in worst case you will get it offline on your address


  21. Rajeev

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for CBIL score online. It was quick and easy. I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved the score on the 3rd day. The service was pretty efficient.

    I have got a score of 803. How good or bad is that score? How can i improve on that score. I am planning to apply for home loan in few weeks.

  22. Nitin Gupta

    Hi Manish,

    few months back i had applied for CIBIL score through written application. i got a reply that address provided by me and in their record do not match.

    i am not sure which address do they have in their records.
    looks like they have my old address, i have chaged so many houses in last 2-3 years, dont know which address they have.
    how to proceed?

    • Nitin

      Yea .. they will have the address which you had at the time of applying for some loan or credit card . Do you remember that which address you had ? Incase you have no idea on this, first you need to change the address in your bank/credit card because things get updated on monthly basis in CIBIL . I think this should solve your problem , if not then only customer care of CIBIL should be able to give more pointers on this


  23. mahiuddin ansari

    I have not taken any loan from any bank. But when I applied for loan in SBI they brought my CIBIL report and told that record is not good.. I am gurantor for a loan worth 13 lacs which is not yet paid… But I have never sighned any document or given consent as gurantor for any loan till now… Hw this is possible… How to resolve this problem.. Kindly advice….

  24. Mithun

    Mahiuddin, just some general advice never hand out xerox copies of govt. issued documents (passport, pan, etc.) at random. Make sure that if you are required to give a xerox (eg: while making an investment, etc.) write the purpose of the same on the xerox clearly. I have heard horror stories of people waking up to find that they are guarantors of loans. Try and investigate and file a police complaint if needed.

  25. Sidhesh

    Thanks Manish for sharing the info on getting CIBIL scores. I got mine and it is 838, pretty decent I guess :-). Paying credit card bills and loan amount on time paid off :-)

  26. Arun

    I’ve had a Credit card since 2006 and even then CIBIL said they weren’t able to locate any credit info for me, so they couldn’t calculate the score! I found this very weird. Any idea what parameters are required if one needs to get a credit score? Is a loan account a must? (Since apparently having a credit card isn’t enough!)

    • Arun

      Even I had a credit card only , but i got my score :) . Now coming to your issue .. which bank do you have ? CIBIL rely on the banks information and it might happen that your bank did not report your info to the bank , this is the only reason I can think of


  27. Thanks for the enlightening article and a wonderful blog. I did as you advised and received my report on email within 2 business days scoring 847. I am quite careful with my credit cards and have never defaulted on any payments, wondering where the rest 53 points have gone :)

    • Ankur

      Good to hear that .. mine was 835 :) . I guess 850 is a great barrier to break in , you need to be really having a great track record . anyways … dont think much and enjoy ..


    • Anshuk Jain

      It must be because you don’t have any secured loans (accompanying documents says so).. Also I have never heard anyone getting 900 out of 900 here or in USA..

  28. Vijay

    Namaste, I had applied (online) for CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR) on 2,Dec2011 and having Registration ID : S1211001005. Till the date I have not received my CIBIL report. I used to email to, called to CIBIL customer care 02266384600, but not good response. What I need to do?

  29. Jagadish

    How to improve my credit score? I don’t have any loan and credit card?
    How to get the best score? Educate the process.
    No cheque bounces and how to use my bank accounts…

    Thanks Manish…Your blogs have good information—–Appreciate ur help.


  30. Vikram Bhatia

    Hi Manish,

    Myself Vikram Bhatia from Bhuvaneshwar. I had a CITI bank account(savings bank) and I did not close the account. It was 4 years back and it should have some charges. Will that effect CREDIT score or My Cibil. My question is will i get a loan if dont close my SB accounts. Happy to contact you…

    Warm Regards,

    • Vikram

      No, it should not affect your credit score because its not regarding debt , however as a good practice you should not do anything which can be an issue in furture , you never know what all can start getting tracked .


  31. Vijay

    Maan. this is highly frustrating.The first time payment was successful but the website said the transaction failed.After talking to the folks in CIBIL, i sent them the documents hoping that things would work out fine. But the payment was refunded today after having sent the documents.
    I tried paying again, this time via the netbanking route but again the payment went through and the transaction was unsuccessful. I dont want to go through this process again.
    Btw, have you guys noticed that in the call center waiting message – they claim that a report only costs Rs.140 ?

    • Vijay

      Not sure why its failing for you , its mostly luck and nothing else. . for me it passed in one go .

      note that the REPORT is for 142 only … its the SCORE + REPORT which costs 450 . You can only get SCORE + REPORT online and not just report


  32. Vineet


    I got my CIBIL score as 820 within 4 days. So far so good. I noticed few issues like one loan showing small outstanding although I have statement from bank saying that it is closed. Few credit cards showing open but those are old credi cards which should have been closed now and one of them showing balance of Rs 60.
    I raised disputes on CIBIL site but made mistake of not combining them in single request. I raised separate requests for each issue. 2 issues get submitted successfully. On 3rd issue I got error message

    You have already entered the 2 disputes. No more dispute can be registered over the same report.

    Now I cannot submit it. I do not understand this limitation. It is not mentioned upfront on disputes page so you will come to know only after you have submitted 2 disputes. Not good.
    Now I am reporting the issue directly to issuing bank hoping that they will correct it.

    • Vineet

      Also don’t know if disputes are accepted by banks and my credit history gets updated because of it, will I get my updated score and report free of charge or I would have to pay for it again…

  33. Hiren Gada

    I did payment – googled for CIBIL to get review, got this link…
    I completed reading the article, comments and still my transaction is processing…
    Yet to face screen with authentication questions….

  34. Arun

    Standard Chartered! :-) That’s the funny part! So I’m not sure if CIBIL have goofed up and I need to take a report from another bureau. One other thing I can think of is – my Credit Card got upgraded recently and so the 16 digit number is different from what it was a year ago. One of the columns in the CIBIL report submission asks us to fill in the Credit Card number – I filled in the latest number – so maybe they couldn’t get any info on Credit History w.r.t. the previous Credit Card numbers.

      • Arun

        Not sure Manish. In my case, every time I got a card when my old one expired, at least 2 digits in my new card were different. So, looks like their tracking software has a problem. In the meanwhile I will check with another credit rating agency and let you know how that goes. As I’m generally lazy this might take a while :-)

  35. Narsing

    Thanks for this information…I went into CIBIL site and requested for online report of mine. The site asked me around 6-7 questions from my past finances, after going thru it, I was authroised. The website specified that I will get my report in 4 days to my email id.

    Rgds, Narsing

    • Narsing

      Nice .. i got it in 2 days in my email and many others in comment section said that they got it too… so you will also get it for sure .. update us what was your score


  36. Vijay

    Finally got my score – 816.I have a home loan and one credit card now.I had a credit card in 2004 which I closed after a year as I never used it. Haven’t missed any payment yet and I am beginning to wonder where the remaining points went. Don’t know what else I have to do to improve score.

    The reason why we keep getting transaction failures (with payments getting deducted) is because of the way the CIBIL website handles cookies. Its always better to clear off everything in your browser before attempting to pay for your report. I found this the hard way after my payments were deducted a couple of times (1 refunded and 1 waiting for refund).

    • Vijay

      Good to hear that you have got a good score .. Dont think too much about those missing score .. its like the best student in english gets 97 … No mistakes , no problems , still the 3 marks are not there … THe best of the best in CIBIL score will be around 850 or so .. so enjoy your good score and make sure you dont mess up things :) . You will be good

      Thanks for the tip .. I am assuming that you did the cookie enquiry yourself :) . I have included the tip you gave in the main post :)


    • nagaraju

      Hello Vijay/manish

      Today i tried to apply for CIBIL score online, 2 times my money got deducted but it says transaction failed. so please suggest me how to go about.


  37. Sashidhar Reddy

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for all the wonderful articles that you are sharing through Jagoinvestor. I have been following your blog for over an year now. All your articles have helped me in gaining fair amount of knowledge on financial planning, different investment options, insurance etc.

    Though i was reading articles, haven’t taken any action so far (mainly bcoz of my laziness :) ). As a first step, now i applied for my credit report online. I made the payment through credit card and everything went smoothly, except for some delay. After i entered all the details from my credit card and submitted, the page went blank for more than 5min. I got a message on my mobile that the payment has been processed. In the article you have mentioned that after the payment is done, it will return back to CIBIL page, where you need to enter authentication details. So i was little worried and was thinking that my 450/- is gone. Finally after almost 8min, it returned back to CIBIL page, where i answered 5 authentication questions.

    I got the payment receipt and is eagerly waiting for my credit score card :)


  38. Prasoon

    I got excited by your article and thought of using online option. But sadly, it didn’t work for me. Most of the questions were irrelevant and options were incorrect. Most annoying was about last 5 digit of passport number, where all options were incorrect. No confusion here, as I had my passport open in front of me. Also, they have my correct passport number in their database – as it appeared correctly in last three CIRs.
    But anyway, I think that it’s an initial phase (with online report) and it will be more swift with the time. I still remember sending draft with the request form in early days.


    • Prasoon
      cases like you are rare .. most of the people who applied have got it in their email in just 2 days (including me) .. but as you said , it is expected as its initial phsse .. so lets hope for best in coming months :)


  39. Gaurav

    Have a couple of questions
    Firstly, why is it that we must keep our credit score secure? How can it be misused?
    Or in other words, what does CIBIL think a person would do with other person’s score?

    Secondly, when in the western world, where the credit reports and scores have been an age old phenomenon, it is possible to get the credit report/score online by providing the Name, Address, Gender DOB and SSN why does CIBIL need that fuzzy logic of asking the people about there old loans? What would CIBIL do for a person who hasn’t ever taken a loan and may just have a couple of inquires?

    To me, it simply means being over cautious…please let me know if I am missing out anything here.

    • Gaurav

      One can not misuse the SCORE , but one can misuse the documents and take loan on others name or make other person co-borrower and that will impact another person CIBIL score and finally his life . thats what one has to be cautious with


  40. Jagadish

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied my CIBIL report on 20-DEC-11 and on 24 i got the response from cibil stating that the report will come in 14 days. How long will it take to provide my cilbil report. I have paid 450+142 and will they send a report to my home OR will they email me my report to my email id……

    This is a great help from you to Millions watching this site….

  41. Sai Krishna Boyina

    Hello All,

    do we get any username and password to check our credit rating and CIR everytime by paying one time amount of 450/-?
    or do we need to pay everytime 450/- for getting credit rating and CIR?

  42. Guruprasad

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for CIBIL score on December 19 but still did not get any reply from them . I jad sent them a reminder mail but still no reply.

    Is there any contact number where we can contact them other than the Email ID ?

    Please advice.

    Thanks and regards

    • Shiv

      Good .. just make sure you note down the id which it gives you .. expect it to come in 2-3 days .. but incase it doesnt .. check with the customer care immediately after that. Keep us posted.. lets see how much you score and what was your expectation :)


  43. Prasoon

    I made payment online and sent documents (on 5th Jan) after unsuccessful online authentication. How will they send CIR? By post or by e-mail?


  44. Philips Navin


    Greetings for the day!

    I applied for a personal loan in december 22nd 2011 and got declined due to CIBIL scoring, they informed me that the CIBIL scoring is less due to my overdue in credit card, then i have paid my credit card bills immediately, can you please guide me how long will it take to update my CIBIL scoring after paying the overdues?????please help me out

    • Philips

      If you have not paid your dues from long , then this will be there in your CIBIL report for some time for sure .. As you have already paid your dues, ask your bank to update it to CIBIL and then re-apply for your score in few weeks from now and recheck


  45. sangram

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for this informative article. I ordered my CIBIL score by following your article 4 days back and I received it today. My score is 825.

  46. Subbu

    I applied for a credit card with my bank with the clause I should be informed and given a copy of my credit score. And u know what… I got it for free and my score 844. Ask for more wherever u spend and get full value for ur money.

    And yes the credit card was free for life. Recently Axis bank deducted Rs 112 for Debit card. I made sure they paid the money back and closed the account.

    So, there is another way to get ur credit score.

    • Anshuk

      Which bank was that? Anyways, great job. All banks should do this since they are anyway are pulling your credit score/report.. they can always share with the customer for free.

      On the other hand, you should know that applying for a credit card dings your score.. so applying for credit card just to get your report/score should be avoided.. :) I am sure Subbu, this was not your intention..

      • C Subramanian

        Believe me this was my first application for credit card at 43 after 22 years of earning.
        I applied for the credit card against a lien marked against my TD, not to affect my credit score.

      • Gowtam

        Hi Manish,

        How would the Unpaid Cheques affect our rating?
        Since I have a cheque bounce through India Bulls because of miscommunication and moreover its not related to any EMI or Loan Payment…It was part of processing fees for Home Loans. I had to opt out from them and applied with HDFC Bank now.
        Otherwise I have a very good payment history with Credit Cards and others too.
        Will these things be taken into consideration by the banks or CIBIL?


  47. syed

    Dear plz let me why my name is appearing in CIBIL, i never taken any loan or any credit cards so how its possible to appearing my name on CIBIL so please help on this.

    thank you,

  48. Amit Singhania

    I observed lot of people raising concerns on their credit score getting affected while inquiring their credit score from CIBIL. I read something in the FAQ section of the CIBIL website which may help “If you are planning to apply for any sort of credit facility for a purchase (home or car) in the near future, it is imperative to check your CIBIL credit report 2-3 times each year and ensure that your ‘Reputational Collateral’ is reflected accurately. This will provide you with access to credit faster and at better terms. Rest assured; that Enquiries are not added to your CIBIL credit report when you purchase one directly from a CIBIL.” Hope this helps.

    Btw, I have also applied for my credit score online and paid using net banking. The entire process was smooth and I have received the acknowledgement in my email in seconds. Now, waiting for my score. Fingers Crossed :)


    my date of birth : 03.07.1971, my icici credit card no: XXXXXXXXXXXXX (Edited by Manish) . pls send me the cibil score for me

    • Are you in your sense ? Do you know someo ne can do the transactions just by getting your credit card number , never expose it to anyone , else you will repent for it all life .. I am removing your credit card number from your comment .. please never expose it .. think before you act .

      • C Subramanian

        Incredible guys. A man owning a credit card should know your do’s and dont’s. At this age of cybercrime everything need to be verified before sharing your details even ur email address leave alone personal data and card number.

        Manish, may be u need to write an article on do’s and dont’s in sharing personal details on net and how to find out that ur account details are going to a secure server.

        Shanmuga, Thank Manish for removing ur Credit card number sooner, but follow up ur card usage or better get a new card issued from ur bank.


  50. Gowtam

    Hi Manish,

    How would the Unpaid Cheques affect our rating?
    Since I have a cheque bounce through India Bulls because of miscommunication and moreover its not related to any EMI or Loan Payment…It was part of processing fees for Home Loans. I had to opt out from them and applied with HDFC Bank now.
    Otherwise I have a very good payment history with Credit Cards and others too.
    Will these things be taken into consideration by the banks or CIBIL?


  51. I have One HDFC Credit Card and 2 Vehicle Loans under me.
    Due to some financial impacts and incidents I skipped out on 2 EMI for my bike loan which was later paid through cash to the Banker and with a CheckBounce charge for 2 months.
    And Regarding my CreditCard, since January 2011 till date, I am paying the minimum amount to the Bank, but unfortunately I am paying only after the due date due to some financial disturbances.
    WILL THIS AFFECT MY CIBIL REPORT. Please help, am worried.

    • Prasoon

      I got my score+report today. Format for report is changed a bit, and few more complex terms are added. Earlier we used to have a summary in first page, which would contain information like Total/ Zero-Balance/ Overdue accounts, Current/Overdue balances etc. I could not find this thing now. It starts with my general information and then quickly goes to first account.
      Interestingly, description for this section appears in the 3-page attached document (Understanding your Cibil Credit Report) with CIR.

      Could you people (who got their CIR in last 30 days) please tell me if this is the case with everyone?

    • Rashmi

      Definately this is going to affect your SCORE and you might be having a bad score which will not let you get another loan in future .. better check it by applying for your report


  52. Bhoumik Bhatt

    Hi Prasoon.

    I got my report last week and got it in same format you have described and additional attachment file in zip format “Understanding of CIR &”


  53. anshul kamra

    I wish someone could clarify these doubts of mine. I had applied for a Stan chart credit card in september last year. A month down the line they inform that they lost my documents so I need to apply again. I duly obliged. Then I don’t hear from them for the next 2 months. Irritated with their response, and since everyone around me was applying for a Citi credit card, i applied at Citi.
    My application got rejected in a day. They said Stan chart has probably done 2-3 Cibil enquiries against my name. So probably this has created an issue. ( I don’t have any credit card on my name yet, and nor any loan ).
    I had a chat with a Branch Manager of ICICI Bank today. He said that CIBIL deducts 20 points for any enquiry. So when Stanchart did one, my score became negative as earlier my score was 0.
    Now, basically I have a negative score, without ever applying a card or a Loan. Could anyone please suggest right course of action ?

  54. Prasoon

    Try if you can get CIBIL copy from Citi. Otherwise just apply for CIR as mentioned in this article.
    2-3 CIBIL enquiries should not have created an issue, that too, after 2 months. Report will tell you about the exact issue.
    I don’t agree with 20 points deduction theory. My score remained in 800-810 range despite multiple inquiries in last one year.

  55. Nikhil

    Hi Manish,

    I just filled the online form for my CIBIL report and after paying the amount through credit card(successfully) i was redirected to ques-ans page, where I provided all the information correctly but on clicking the final submit button the page got struck at “Please wait while the page loads..” message and finally the link was broker.
    The amount was deducted from my credit card acct but I didn’t receive any payment receipt. Please suggest me what should I do? Should I try once again or write to CIBIL for this failed attempt.


    • Nikhil

      No need to panic, yes there will be little more work for you to do , but eventually you will get your SCORE , now as the payment is done , while filling up the form you must have got a reference number , all you need to do now is take the print out of the payment proof and take xerox of those documents which you ticket marked while filling up the form and send it to the CIBIL address, you will get your cibil report + score in 10-15 days ..

      Check this whole thing once with customer care also


      • Nikhil

        Hi Manish,

        I did exactly the same, called customer care they confirmed that my payment & authentication was successful and they sent the payment receipt immediately on my email id and 6 days later i.e. today I got my CIBIL score which was 832 (Yippee). Thanks much for calming me down and reminding me of a wonderful option ‘The Customer Care’ :)

        Nikhil Soni
        – “Helping hands are better than praying lips”

  56. Ashish

    I have applied for Online CIBIL score today, and everything went smoothly .. Only issue is that i have not received any communication in mail (As i was expecting Amount paid receipt in my mail) though confirmation message after the process clearly mentioned that payment receipt is sent to your mail .. I am not sure why i have not received the payment receipt and now i am doubtful if i will receive CIBIL score communication too :( .. Did it happen with someone else too ..

    • Ashish

      I got this email after payment

      Dear Customer,

      Congratulations ! Your authentication was successful. We will e-mail your CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR) within 4 business days.

      The On-Line Payment Confirmation is emailed for your record.

      For any queries on the status of your request, you can write to us with your Transaction Id at after 4 business days.

      Best Regards
      CIBIL- Consumer Relations

      Check your spam or mails , a mail from , should be there ..

      However incase its not there .. dont panic .. check with customer care on this .


  57. Dinesh

    Hi Manish,

    Received my CIBIL trans union score and credit report today by courier.
    My score is 824.Iam planning to change my housing loan lender to some other bank.
    Will this score suffice or should it be more closer to 850/900 for a favorable consideration by the bank.

  58. Breeze

    Hi Manish,

    I got my cibil score today. It’s 760.

    Applied on: 04-02-2012 (Saturday 1.50 pm)
    Received report on: 07-02-2012 (Tuesday 10 am)

    The only issue I faced was, I didn’t receive the confirmation email but I saved the acknowledgment as pdf for reference.

    By looking at the report, it’s very clear that there is no late payment or any kind of issues on my credit card transaction and personal loan (closed 2 years ago). However the score is only 760? Any idea what could have affected my score? There are 3 enquiries I Made in 2007 for the loan amount 98K, 25K and 100k but didn’t take it. Do you think this would have reduced the score?And also my credit card limit is low and it’s same for the past 4 years as I don’t want to increase the credit limit.

    Thank you.

  59. Amit Singhania

    Hi Manish,

    I received my CIBIL score sometime back. To my surprise it is just 780+ whereas I expected at least 800+. I had a study loan which I prepaid well ahead of time. I have a couple of credit cards and I pay my bills regularly much before the due and mostly within a week of the statement date. I am really confused as well as worried on how can my credit score take a hit inspite of taking all kind of precautions. Couple of things that come to my mind:

    My usage of credit card has been pretty high for the last few months but that shouldnot matter if I am regularly clearing the dues well before the due date.

    Another thing which struck me in the report is that my old platinum credit card in the report still shows a current balance of some 5000 rs although this card has been upgraded to signature card now and the balance was transferred in the new card which I had duly cleared within the due date.

    Can someone throw any light on it? Can I get back to CIBIL and ask them the reason for the relatively low score?

  60. Vishwanath Gowda

    Hi Manish
    I like to have my cibil report, What is the formalities I have to do, and once i submit required details when i will get the report, kindly let me know it’s very urgent,


  61. Shilpy

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot for writing this article. Very helpful and informative. I applied for my CIBIL score yesterday and got it within one day. It was 786.

  62. Shilpy

    Yeah I know.. not sure why my score is below 800 though.. I have not utilized the credit rollover facility on my credit cards and I dont have any outstanding loans either. I have paid my credit card dues late maybe 2-3 times over the last couple of years when I missed the due date and in that case, the banks have always rolled back the penalty also. I guess there isn’t any way of figuring out why the score is low, or is there?

  63. chandra


    In my past transactions with banks, I failed to pay one personal loan because I lost my job, I sold jewels and vehicle with my saving I could clear up some credit card and loan but one loan was left out. Bank people started calling me and abused me as well. I tried my best to explain my problem and also asked them to give me some time and I will payback with interest and late fee charges. None the people who called did understand and guided me properly, they were just knowing to abuse., they were bugging up like hell when I was in so much problems. I lost patience. I abused them back and changed my phone number and address. I knew it is going to be a big problem for me in the future, but the situation was out of control.

    Now, I am in job and all my personal issues are solved and able to continue the EMI’s. I contacted bank official and asked if I can continue to pay EMIs, but the bank official said that I have to pay full loan amount with interest, late fee and bouncing charges and close the loan because of closure of loan with NPA status (he also said few things with some banking terms, what I understood was I can’t make EMI payments any more and my loan is a loss to bank). I am not in a position to pay full money at a time. They gave me 2-3 installment options, even that is not possible. The way of their communication changed again almost abusing. I stopped contacting them and changed the number again…

    I decided I will contact them again only when I am in a position to pay full money with the interest and other charges and close the loan completely and get NOC.

    suggestions in this case is highly appreciated.

    Any way, Actual question was, with this history… If I contact cibil for my score by providing all my current address and phone number, will they not share my details with banks… And don’t that bank people will start bugging me again?

    • Sadly your CIBIL score will be very bad in this case and you will face issue in future for sure .. delaying the payment of your credit card dues would mean that it will grow to an obscene amount in future .. I would suggest taking a personal loan and paying off the credit card loan so that it does not grow so fast now onwards .

      Not sure if your PAN card was mentioned first time when you took the loan because one can track who was who and even though you have changes your Phone , address , still things can get tracked

      You should apply for your CIBIL score once and see what the real score and report says


  64. Rohit

    Hi Manish,

    First of all thanks for maintaing such an informative blog..

    Applied and received my CIBIL score and was quite surprised to find it at 790..Ihad expected it to be at min 820+..

    I have 3 cards — two from last 4 yrs and one from last six years.. Majorly use only one credit card…and have always paid my dues on time..never ever there was a late payment !! Infact even the CIBIL report does not any negative remark for the same.

    The only thing which has changed now is my cc card usage has increased(some months it reaches to about 50% of my allocated limit) — but still I have paid always my due amount before the due date.

    Could you tell me what else could be the reason for such a low score… ?? I saw the generic reason for low scores..but I dont come in either of them…So, am confused !!!

    • Rohit

      Its tough to give any reason like this . Are you using all your credit cards ? I mean are you using your credit card as availed . If you have 3 cards and are using only 1 of them , that too 40-50% of the credit limit , that shows that you have taken a lot of it for the sake of it .. So that might be one point i can think of , but I am not sure !


  65. Vijay Kumar

    Hi Manish…

    Great job from your end to educate the people on financial issues….
    I have a CITI account (salary) which has given me a ready credit line facility. I have with drawn Rs.30000/- from that and have repaid in 3 installments (min due is 5 % each month). Does this accounts to my CIBIL score…

    Vijay Kumar

  66. Vijay Kumar


    Will this be considered for score?
    I am asking this since I dont have any credit card or any loan.


  67. girish

    Hi Manish

    I had good track with all my credit cards / PL’s till 2010 – Sep , Due health issues I could not make make payment for 3 months and @ the same time I changed my job. Latter all CC out standing I requested to converted to EMI’s and they did the same. Last year March my CBIL was 694 Before Sep – 2010 it was 780+. Right now i applied for PL in HDFC to pre-close all my commitments please let me know how can I proceed as CC EMI conversion will be reflected as re structured. And between I have cheque bonus which is cleard with in a week.

    • Girish

      the conversion should not affect anything . what matters is the amoutn of loan outstanding . And if you have cleared all your dues , then slowly things wil be get better. What is your main question here , I am not clear on that !

  68. Amit

    Hi Manish – I have applied for Trans Score on 31- Jan-2012, I was done successfully with online payment also but didn’t receive any email for confirmation and post payment no authentication questions been asked. I have already dropped cibil 5 mails but only reply I got is, “We have replied to your mail”. no report and score till yet.
    any help welcome please.

    Thanks –

  69. Amit

    Hi Manish – when I registered online after making the payment, I didn’t get any verification questions regarding bank or credit card information. Post that as you suggested, I tried +91 -22 6638 4600 no, no one is responding to the call. This is really annoying.

    Thanks –

    • Amit

      How many times have you tried and what time are you trying it (it might not be 24/7) . Many readers from this blog have solved their issue by customer care only.


  70. nana khot

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for sharing valuable knowledge
    I got my report within 2 days (I made online payment through netbanking).
    I have a credit score of 658 :( May be all because of credit cards.

    Is there any chance to improve rating? If, yes how?
    presently i am not using any credit cards or loans. Planning to apply home loan in diwali. is it this report hurts my loan? how to improve in shorter period?

    • Nana

      Yes, this report will definately going to hurt you , for getting a loan , a score of atleast 750+ is required . How many credit cards you have ? Have you ever defaulted ? Is there any out standing money you have to pay ?

      • nana khot

        Hi Manish,
        i used two credit cards 4 years back and due to some difficulties not able to pay the balance. I requested them to convert it to EMI but they have not agreed. I left this as it is. After 2 years they have contacted me and asked to settle. (HSBC card i settle in two years back and AXIS card in 6 month back).
        from last 3 years also i am using ABN card but all the payment made on time (None of the payment missed).

        Presently i don’t have any loan/cc dues. I am totally loan/EMI free.

        As you said to improve rating we need to pay emi/dues on time, but presently i dnt have dues/emi. How should i improve?

        • Nana

          I have a bad news for you . Settling your loan is a NEGATIVE thing , if you check your CIBIL report , it will be mentioned that you went for a SETTLEMENT , and that will pull down your score . Unless you pay each and every penny of loan or outstanding, it will keep on haunting you .


          • nana

            Hi Manish,
            Whatever thing is happened was happened. .
            Presently i dnt have any outstanding payments/loan/dues.
            How to improve my ratings? there is no chance atoll.
            if chance is there then HOw? what will be the immediate step?

  71. Sivakumar

    Manish, after the online payment, I got a webpage saying “We have successfully located your report, but authentication is not available”

    I am going to send the print out of the online confirmation and other details. My questions is – would they send me the report over an email or by post to the address mentioned in the online payment form?

    Reason is, I am not in India for few more months and have no access the permanent address

    Any thoughts?

    Regards, Siva

  72. Sandeep Chavan

    Hi Manish,

    I came across your article a few days ago and recently when I was applying for a personal loan, I came to know that my CIBIL score is 867 :) .. Although I am happy about it, I don;t know which factors have contributed for this score. May be the fact that in the last six years, I took only one CC and it’s credit limit is half of my salary. I had one personal loan 4 years back which i foreclosed after comleting half of my tenure.


  73. Vijayakumar C

    Hello Manish,
    What a great investor website, I never knew there would such an excellent financial advising website until ‘Google’ has directed to your website while i was searching best term insurance plan last week… I liked that article very much. So, thought i would like to visit all the archived article then i came to know this CIBIL information..
    Frankly saying i never knew all these tracking happening back the stage while we inquiry loan or even credit card… Eye opening stuff..
    I felt to know my CIBIL score just for curious and even i knew it would help my home loan which i am planning to apply this month. I applied it on 7th (10 PM) and got now on 10th (11.35 AM)..
    Unfortunately, My Score is 731 :-( .. one of the lowest score than any other score in this discussion..
    I just see only couple of late payments in all 3 cc, 1 PL and 1 consumer loan (completed). but why this score such a low?? is this that i am utilizing maximum credit limit in cc ?
    What can be categorized this score? Avergare/BAD/Good??
    How much this will affect my home loan which planned to apply this month?
    Need you advice and suggestion. Thanks

    Vijayakumar C

    • Vijayakumar

      Thanks for your appreciation . I dont want to scare you , but 88% per the loans given in 2011 has a score of more than 750 . Your score is just below the “good” score . It can have issue in getting a loan . Your score is result of various things and it can be high utilization of credit , too many credit and some untimely payments . So now , you should better get your score better first and then apply for your home loan, because if its rejected , it will not be a good thing .


      • Vijayakumar C

        How many months it may take to get better score i.e 750+??? because i can’t make my flat builder to wait long time due to applying home loan till it get better!!!
        Do you think if i close my PL and whatever outstanding in CC would fetch some good score?? Please suggest… Thanks

        Vijayakumar C

        • Vijayakumar

          Its tough to get it changed in so little time . Banks report any changes to CIBIL in 45 days and then it gets changed in your report , but your score will take time to change . Look , I am not saying that your loan application will be rejected , No , but there are high chances of it . Better see what is written in your credit report . try to apply for loan and see what happens exactly !

  74. Rajeshar.V

    I have a home loan with ICICI which is due for closure end of this year. I hd several issues making the EMI payment on time and iam sure my score got impacted becuse of this. I also had a personal lon which i closed successfuly. I also had a ICICI bnk crdit card which ocourse s messed up due to ICICI lombard however i cleared tht also. i paid them the settlement amount 3 years back. I now applied for another housing loan and i produced by icici home loan statements proactively with letter. How do i clear my bad history in CIBIL nd ho do i get this home loan sanctioned. my repaying capacity is very good s compared to previous years.

    • Rajeshwar

      First point , SETTLEMENT is going to be there on your CIBIL report for 7 yrs and it will impact very badly , have you checked your score ? Becasue you have been repaying your dues on time from last some months/years , thats why may be your score might got corrected , first check it .

      HOwever all I want to tell you is that dont look for short cut solution , if your score is bad , then it might take few years to get it right .


  75. Ravi


    I applied for online CIBIL score last night. The payment was done and I also got through the authentication part (5 questions were asked). But I haven’t got any email or SMS for confirmation of payment.

    Is this OK?


      • Ravi

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention that after making payment and authetication, I did get the following message on screen:
        Congratulations ! Your authentication was successful.
        We will e-mail your CIBIL TransUnion Score (Including CIR) within 4 business days*. The On-Line Payment Confirmation is
        emailed for your record. For any queries on the status of your request, you can write to us with your Transaction Id at after 4 business days.

        After that there is On-line payment confirmation receipt. Its just that I didn’t receive it in an email as mentioned by you and in the message above.

        What is their CC contact number. Pls share.


  76. hanumant hrishikesh

    Got the CIBIL score of 697
    I had only 1 Credit card taken in sept last year and do payment before due date and i and no loan running.
    this rate OK for taking loans,if not,then pls suggest mesure to increse my credit score
    Is there any criterion(range of score) for banks to sanction loans with different interest rates for different scores?

    How to improve this rating..any ideas/suggestions..

    Or is this rate OK for future loans…
    Is there any criterion(range of score) for banks to sanction loans with different interest rates for different scores?

  77. Amit

    Hi Manish – I have been issued a credit card from HSBC and has never used this card since then. But I came to know from CIBIL that there is a huge amount needs to cleared against this card. I checked with back for the information and credit card statement history. Bank people too doesn’t have any details in their database against this card except the amount shown in CIBIL.
    Now, when I have never used this card and bank is asking me to pay the amount and settle the account, why would I pay the money which I have/ had never borrowed from bank.
    Please suggest.

    Thanks –

  78. Bhavin

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for CIBIL report just now using credit card. Dint get any email but received confiramation about successful authentication and stating i will receive the report in 4 days. So Waiting :).

    By the way I have already taken Home loan and 8 CC out of which i m using only two and paying the dues and EMI of Home Loan on time. All are lifetime free cards. Should i close remaining cards as i m not using them? I think i should have a good credit score. but still as I have already taken Home loan and personally i m very much against the personal loans and any other consumer loans, is there any reason for me to worry if my Credit Score is low?

    • Bhavin

      8 credit cards is too much , if you are not using it , then its not a good idea to hold all of them, Just carry 2 of them . thats all . Your score should be good . Also check the documents which you got with your credit card , see if lifetime free thing is mentioned or not

      • Bhavin

        Thanks Manish, I was also planning to close the other CC accounts. But apart from Loan is there anything to which CIBIL is related. As i told if i dont intend to take any loan in future, does it matter if I dont hv a good score.

        • Bhavin

          No , other than loans nothing else is considered as of now , but in future , even the phone bills and other utility bills will be considered. As of now these credit reports are only used to decide for sanctioning loans , and if you are sure you are not going to take any loan , then its ok – but you never know life, at some point if you need any kind of loan , then at that time you might repent that why you didnt improve the score now .


          • Bhavin

            Thanks Manish for your prompt reply, By the way received my CIBIL score. Its 810. I wonder where the balance 90 gone!!!!!!!!!! :) is it because there are some 22 enquires for credit card and 3 enquires for Housing Loan against my name?

            • Bhavin

              810 is good enough . Asking for 90 more is same as giving an ENGLISH exam without any mistakes and expecting 100/100 . That does not happen :) . 900 means you CAN NOT DEFAULT and its guarantee from GOD :)

              • Bhavin

                :). Very true. I have read in your article how people can mis use one’s financial documents. With the help of Such kind of report we can at least see that if there is any misuse and we can take some steps before the big blow. Similarly the TRAI should also go with similar mechanism to find out the No. of SIM Cards with you, how many times you hv defualted to pay a post paid bills, landline bills etc.

  79. Ravi

    Hi Manish,

    I got the CIBIL report today and was shocked to see a score of 631.

    On close scrutiny I found that an ICICI credit card with an overdue amount of 31000 is standing against my name since 2009. On checking the CC number I found that I was never issued such a card.

    I tried calling ICICI customer care who then transferred me to their CIBIL department but nobody answered although I was on hold for 15 minutes. Pathetic !

    Also in the report is mentioned a mobile number that I never had in my life. It seems someone else got the card issued in my name, used it and then didn’t pay.

    In the report, I have my other loans and credit card which are duly shown as zero days overdue. Its just this one card that has spoiled my report.

    What options do I now have to get this rogue credit card off my report? Pls advise.


    • Ravi

      Calm down … I know you dont deserve this, but you have to accept this that you are one of those unlucky people who face this out of a big pool of people . These kind of mistakes happen a lot of times because of SAME NAME , now your next step is to raise a dispute resolution with CIBIL , read this article : .

      CIBIL will get connect with the BANK and then ask them about it , and then CIBIL will let you know about this, which company is it (cc) , try to contact that cc company and ask for explaination .


  80. Anthony

    I wanted to know my Cibil score after reading your article(Very informative). I filled in the online application, got a registration id also but then its a page cannot be displayed(Took a while). It didn’t prompt for online transaction. I filled in the application again but still page cannot be displayed(No Registration ID this time). Any suggestions ?

  81. Raj

    Hi Manish,

    Got to know from HDFC that my car loan is rejected!! :(
    because of Very low score (CIBIL)

    Now i remember of my past….I was working for a BPO and earned good money. However, because of some circumstances, i left the job and continued with further studies. Everything was unplanned in my life and did not know about these consequences that i would face in my mature life.. I was aged 20 , I had a credit card which i settled, i had a bike that was taken away by bank because i didn’t pay.

    Now, could you suggest me what should i do to get the clean reports in CIBIL?
    Will bank provide me loans in my entire life?

    Now i have completed my studies and i am earning 60K per month. And now i have a planned life. But cannot get a loan.

    What if i need a home loan in coming years? I am aged 25 Now.

    • Raj

      First thing is that you should apply for your score and check how much is it . Unless you get 750+ score, it will become very tough for you to get loan in future . All the past mistakes or sin which you have done will now come in your dreams and not let you sleep . You will have to settle all the money and only then you will get a clean chit from banks and on top of that for few months or 1-2 yrs you will have to show them that your repayment capacity is good .


  82. Raj

    Will a person not get a loan for lifetime if the CIBIL rating is BAD?

    What if my CIBIL rating is bad and now i want to prove myself as a good guy?

    Will this be considered?

    • Raj

      Bad CIBIL score is a big issue . A bad CIBIL score will make sure you dont get loan from any bank, Now if you want to improve the path for that is not easy, you can only improve the score by taking a loan and pay it on time over 2-3 yrs. but now the issue if how do you get a loan ? So the answer is take a secured credit card or secured loan against a FD or property and then make timely payments for it for next 2-3 yrs . This is the only solution i Know


      • Raj

        Hi Manish,

        This was a very helpful suggestion. I would get a copy of my CIBIL Report from the bank executive tomorrow.

        I would be updating my score on this blog so that you could be in better positions to give me some suggestions as in what next…

        I have a bounce of 8 cheques of bike ECS. and i am worried that would turn to be pretty low score.

  83. Vijay

    Hi, this is vijay and i have a lot of questions.
    1. I had 3 credit cards out of which 2 are settled. 1 is not settled. I also have a personal and bike loan, both unsettled and i have defaulted.
    2. I was with a good company few years back and things went on smoothly. But later lost my job, my business ran into losses and also met with an accident. All these put in a situation where i am unable to take care of myself.
    3. I can’t even settle the loans and credit card. Even if i settle, my name will stay with cibil for next 7 years. What will happen if i don’t settle or pay off?
    4. Since cibil asks all info about us, it can also update the banks with my info. What do u say?
    5. U also mentioned that a bank cannot follow up after 180 days, but icici guys are thretening my previous house owners even after 2 years. Is there Anything that i can do?
    If i have to pay off my loans and credit card, some miracle should happen, and i don’t think it can ever happen?
    Is there any solution?

    • Vijay

      3. Settlement of loan is not a right thing, even if you SETTLE a loan (pay less than the exact, just to close the matter) , or dont pay , your name will be marked as SETTLED and you will not get loan for minimum of 7 years.

      4. NO , CIBIL does not ask any info from you , it onyl gets data from Bank and it never asks banks to update their info . Its already Banks –> CIBIL and never CIBIL –> BANK .

      5. I have mailed you on a mail . look at it .


  84. Siva Mohan

    Hi Manish,

    I have submitted CIBIL form online and “Congratulations ! Your authentication was successful.” is the message. I haven’t uploaded (was never asked in the process) any attested photo copies of the required documents (identity and address proof). Should I be worried?

    Siva Mohan

    • No , thats how it is , even for me it went through this, you dont need to upload anything ,the documents which you checked, will be needed only when the online authentication is not successful . Dont worry at all . the score is on the way to your email in next 2-3 days . Enjoy ! . Do let us know what was your score !

      • Siva Mohan

        Thank you for the quick reply Manish. :)

        I never misused or delayed any CC payments. The only worrying thing I have is wrto my old (cancelled) HSBC credit card. I had moved to a new location (while was card was due to expire) and without any communication my credit card was renewed and I received a statement after 6 months with outstanding bill of 9k (Primary card membership fee, additional card annual fee, service charges and late payment charges). I spoke to customer care and found my card (renewed card which I never received) was blocked. Wrote an email to concerned authority and received couple of emails saying

        “Please note that we have reversed the charges levied to your card account and zeroised the same on 18 February 2010. The zeroisation of your card account would be reflecting in the subsequent statement.”

        “Our records reflect that the card has been invalidated with effect from
        11 November 2009 and the outstanding balance on your card account as on
        date is nil.”

        Now, I want to check if this has affected my CIBIL report and I am planning to go for a home loan soon.

        Appreciate any suggestion from you.

        Siva Mohan

  85. hanumant hrishikesh

    my cibil score is 697,pls tell me wheter it is avearage,satisfactory and enable to me get home loan

  86. Prasad

    @Manish: Thanks for the info. If I remember correctly, the last time I applied for a CIBIL report a couple of years ago, I had to pay about Rs.100 or so. It was an offline process and it took almost 10 days to get the report. Even so, the current price of Rs.450 seems to be a lot on the higher side.
    That said, I applied for my report today morning at about 8 am, and paid the amount through my credit card. A couple of hours ago, I find the report in my inbox. That was fast. :) I knew my credit record was good, and as expected, I have a score of 831. Good enough, I guess.

  87. Raj

    Hi Manish,

    If in future i plan to take a home loan.

    Now that i know i have a low score in CIBIL, i would want to go ahead with for home loan with my wife. She should have an excellent score and has never taken any loans in her entire life but the fact is, she do not earn a good salary and i do. So, will i be able to get a home loan if we share the loan on both of our names?

    Will the bank take an average of both of our scores and provide us the loan?


  88. Ritesh govila

    Hi All,

    Could any one of you please tell me about default in education loan.

    As i was unable to pay my education loan installment for 5 month due to i was jobless that time. But the Bank has declared my account NPA and asking for the 50000 rupee ( 5 emi * 10 ) that i was unable to pay to get my account regular but i dont have 50000 rupee and unable to pay my loan. I dont have good job.

    Could you please tell me what action can bank take against me or what should i do .Thanks in advance
    Ritesh govila

    • Rithesh

      Was this education loan secured or non-secured ? Did bank take any gurantee ? Because if YES , then bank can take legal action to attach that property , but if there was no property attached, then they cant do anything legally , but they will mark you as defaulter and your credit report will be messed up , which will not let you get any kind of loans for years .

  89. Sahil Bhatia

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for my CIBIL score on 2 March and yesterday I got a mail from them stating :-

    Dear Sir,

    We refer to your request to purchase your CIBIL TransUnion Score.

    In this regard, we would like to inform you that we have processed your CIBIL Report request. However, we regret our inability to generate a score on your report due to the following reasons:

    . Account information not available
    . Your report has only enquires and account information not available
    . The last date reported or date closed in your report is older than 24 months for all accounts
    . Consumer is an ‘Authorized’ user for all the accounts in the report

    In view of the same, we have processed refund of Rs 308/- (Cost of CIBIL TransUnion Score) on 16/03/2012 via Online Payment mode.

    Your CIBIL Report is processed and will be despatched on 19/03/2012.

    Thanking and assuring you of our best services.

    Best Regards
    Consumer Relations”

    I provided all my details as mentioned in your article. Where did I go wrong ?

    Should I follow-up with CIBIL on this or file for a score again ?

    Waiting for your reply !


    • Sahil

      You have a credit card or some kind of loan , right ? Because incase you dont have any loan/cc , then it might happen that there is no SCORE as such , its actually not good . You should own a credit card or something so that your score starts building !


      • Sahil Bhatia

        Hi Manish,
        Thanks for the reply on your blog !
        Yesterday I got a hard copy of the CIBIL score.
        It said that my score was ‘NH’. The CIBIL report does say

        A Score of “NA” or “NH” is not a bad thing at all. These mean one of the below:

        a) You do not have a credit history or you do not have enough of a credit history to be scored, i.e. you are new to the credit system

        b) You do not have any credit activity in the last couple of years

        c) You have all add-on credit cards and have no credit exposure

        It is important to note that while these Scores are not viewed negatively by a lender, some lenders’ credit policy prevents them from providing loans to an applicant with Scores of “NA” or “NH” (applicants with no credit track record). Hence, you may have better chances applying for a loan elsewhere.

        I am just a little concerned since I am planning to go for a home loan soon.
        Do you think that this might affect the home loan ? Has anyone seen a live example where a bank denied a loan due to this ?



        • Sahil

          I am not sure if really someone was denied, but what you should do is search on net using keywords like “denied” “home” “loan” “cibil” “NH” “NA” . I am sure you will get something useful

          Next question is , did you see your report in detail ? Your past loans must be there, are you not using your credit card , if you dont have one , please apply one and pay off the bills on time (make sure you have bills) . If you still have 6-8 months to apply for home loan, I am sure you can get a SCORE :)


          • Sahil Bhatia

            Hi Manish,

            Thanks for the reply !
            I will surely search the net for more information and I also think that there shouldn’t be any problem getting a Home loan.
            I do not have a credit card and frankly speaking, don’t wish to have one. I did had an education loan (from PNB) which I completed/paid up like 6 months ago. I think I will get in touch with PNB and confirm with them if they updated CIBIL about my loan since it was not updated with them in the report.
            All that was updated with them was a for a credit card inquiry (which I did not make with my bank i.e. citibank and they issued to me without my consent ).
            Thanks again Manish !


            • Sahil

              I think there will be issue . As you dont have a credit score, thats the main issue , a lot of banks need that you should be having a CREDIT SCORE , a number ..

              So at the moment you dont have it , can you also check with Experian and Equifax about your score, it will cost a bit , but lets make sure that things are falling in place before you apply for home loan. If loan gets rejected for ANY reason, it will be a negative thing :(


  90. Sahil Bhatia

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the reply !
    I did had an education loan which I completed/paid up like 6 months ago.
    Do you think this will count ? Do you think that their database is still not updated.
    I am planning to go for a home loan soon.
    Do you think that this might affect the home loan ?


  91. Ravi

    Hi Manish,

    After getting the CIBIL report, I filed a dispute with them since a credit card was shown in my report that was never issued to me.

    Yesterday, I got the following response from them:
    We had done an in-depth analysis of the dispute raised by you and it was observed that the information pertaining to another individual’s credit report was inadvertently mixed with your report. We have immediately taken corrective action to separate the information.

    I had a sigh of relief. Thanks to your informative article I was able to take necessary actions to have my CIBIL report corrected.

    Now, how can I know my revised CIBIL scores after this entry is removed. Do I have to again make a payment to get my revised score? Pls advise.


    • Ravi

      Sadly you will have to again apply for your report and check it once again , but now wait for few weeks I would say , after 30 days reapply and again check the score ! .

      • Anthony


        Thanks for the Info. I really wonder how they allot a personal loan for me last month because i haven’t paid my education loan for the past six months. I’m trying to get the Cibil score(To see my Score), but site is not allowing me to do a Online payment. Let me try it again now.


  92. pradeep

    Hi Manish,
    Recently I applied Cibil report and got score report , it was 766.
    I used 2 credit cards and one personal loan, but those are setteled that time, Now i could see the status like RESTRUCTURED LOAN, POST (WO) SETTLED and WRITTEN-OFF in Score report.
    So what is that meaning of statuses , How do i clear that statuses, Can you please tell me
    Is there any chances to get Loans and Credit Cards now ?

  93. Naveen Chawla

    The issue is that majority of the people (even those with access to technology) do not have much knowledge about credit scores and how they work. This article does put into perspective the process of how to go about applying for the CIBIL scores. I also found this article which talks about the importance of CIBIL score. Infact, this site has some really insightful articles as well. Thought it might be helpful for this article readers.

  94. Mujeeb

    Hi Manish,
    I got my cibil report and score within 1 days (applied on 28-03-2012 and got it on 29-03-2012) delivered to my email. My score is 825

  95. Girish.jayasoorian

    Applied for the CIBIL score online ..did not go through (was down to my older version of IE) neverthless as I had paid online ..went the normal route and CIBIL promptly couriered me the report ..My score was a 843 so am not complaining.

  96. hanumant hrishikesh

    My cibil score is 698.I want to know how much time it require to improve my score.since last one year i used to pay mycredit cards bills in time and there is no others loan in my account

  97. Kunal

    Hi there,

    In the past I had a dispute with ICICI Bank and they kind of messed up my CIBIL score. This was back in 2007. I was finally able to resolve this and my other loans but somehow they are not updated in my CIBIL score yet. What do I do to get this rectified as being in the 30% tax bracket, I am still not able to get a credit card. Kindly advise!

    • Kunal

      What exactly is the issue , the “dispute” was because of whose mistake/ignorance ? ICICI will update CIBIL only those things which is in his records . Please expand on what was the exact issue


      • Kunal


        I had taken an instant loan based on my savings a/c but the ICICI lady put someone else’s phone bill as the address proof and not the one that I had submitted. As a result there was a lien put on my account and I never could never use the loan which just sat in my a/c. They started calling me to pay the installments and I fought that you guys blocked my a/c and why should I pay if I did not use it. To cut the long story short…after I threatened a legal case with all the evidence, finally the collections people budged and they first removed the lien and then I simply wrote them a check to take the money back. Did not pay even a single penny as interest as I never used it. But those idiots never updated the CIBIL score and here I am sitting with a score of around 700 or so.

        What do I do in this case as I simple got ripped because of ICICI’s fault and not mine. Thoughts ?

        • Kunal

          You are unlucky in that case , you need to check this with ICICI again and ask them to update CIBIL , if they dont agree , then you need to go to next level and go to banking ombudsman

  98. Have applied for report online, even though i hav no loans and just one CC, need to check how my score is as i know may be in future i will go for loans
    hoping for a good score as i took my CC just last yr and payed dues correctly on time

  99. prashant pareek

    sir, i want to know my cibil report.. how to know.. my pan no is amlpp4028q and my dob is 16-07-1984…

  100. Suresh

    Hi Manish,

    I am one of the many readers of your wonderful blog and getting knowledge about personal finance through your informative articles.

    I have got my CIBIL report yesterday and the score is 608, which is far below than the expected score. When I checked my report, it contains a credit card issued by JM Financials, which does nt belong to me and is in WRITE OFF state with pending due amount of 79.5K. When I called up the customer care of JM Financials, she verified the details and confirmed that name and addresses are not matching (His name is Suresh Kumarsan, my name is Suresh Kumar Telu), but date of birth is matching. She suggested me to check with HSBC customer care as JM Financials is a HSBC Bank Subsidiary. I couldnot reach HSBC on phone as the IVR is not directing me to representative without entering credit card number. The bank is not nearby to my residence and considering my working hours, it would take atleast 2 weeks to visit the branch. The report also contains 4 addresses, out of them 2 were in Haryana (I never stayed anywhere out of Hyderabad).

    This is not the first time it happened to me. Previously when I applied for CIBIL report (that time it was 140/- online payment and CIBIL used to send a hard copy), that contains so many credit cards and loans from different banks which were never used by me. When I contacted the CIBIL, they told they are not held responsible for the info provided by the banks and directed me to check with the banks directly. It took me almost 2 months to get them cleared by following-up with all the banks and multiple visits to the branches. OMG thats a waste of MY TIME due to mistakes committed by someone else (banks here).

    I am planning to take a home loan in couple of months and your article alerted me to check the CIBIL score again before applying for the loan. So my loan would definitely be at risk considering the current CIBIL score. I am bit confused now and pls suggest what I have to do to get rid of these repeated errors from the banks in my CIBIL report.


    • Suresh

      CIBIL is correct here.. all they do is update the records as per BANK info , so here the bank is at fault . I think you can threaten the bank on why they messed up and it has caused severe time and mental agony , I think they will do the corrections fast due to this . So file a despute resolution with CIBIL stating the exact case

      After that follow up with bank also and mail them along with a cc to RBI mail (just to threathen) . This should speed up the process . Can say anything else other than “bad luck” .

  101. Veman

    I applied online and able to authenticate succesfully. The email with the score+CIR report was sent to me within 24 hours.

  102. RR


    Is CIBIL score confined to a range.. say 0 to 1000? You had mentioned that above 750 is very good and above 800 is superb. I am trying to understand the min and max score so that we can judge the level of our individual score.

      • RR

        Hi Manish,

        I always wanted to check my score but postponed due to the paper work and the time it takes. Thanks for this article.

        I ordered for my CIBIL report online and got the report within 24 hours. But was shocked to see the CIR data. It was completely messed up.
        1. My credit card details are not listed. I hold ICICI card from more than 5 years and have excellent payment history. Instead some other bank credit card which I never applied is listed.
        2. I took a consumer loan long back from Bajaj Finance and paid back all EMI on time through ECS. The loan status is closed… but the Current Balance has a big figure. What does that mean? Will this impact score?
        3. I have an add on card with Citibank which I have never used. Though I am not the primary card holder, the loan and payment details are listed in my CIR. Will unused add-on card also impact?

        Please clarify. I am now trying to read your “How to Resolve mistakes in your CIBIL credit report?” article.

        • RR

          Good .. in that case you must have come to know that you should check with your banks and ask them to update your records with CIBIL , also raise a dispute resolution with CIBIL and them to cross verify with banks on this !


  103. vivek

    do u really wanna c ur cibil…
    not much u can do regarding this.
    if u r looser since birth…
    u will b the same with poor cibil.
    if u hav done well in past…
    u wil definitely b good at things with good cibil.
    y 2 check ur cibil
    n get registered…


    Dear Sir,

    I have cleared my sbi credit card outstanding long back. recently again they forced me to pay the outstanding amount. finally they agreed for Rs.35000/- as a settlement amount. i have cleared it on 26.03.2012. Npw i have applied for a loan in HDFC BANK. They said that, my score in cibil is 6 presently. I don’t have amy outstanding at present. Please look in to and see that my credit score is more tham 7.

    Thanks & regards

    Mahendra Kumar. Chejarla

    • Mahendra

      DId you “settle” your loan outstanding ? If thats the case, it would be reported in the CIBIL and is negative ,you will have to first clear all the loan outstanding !

  105. Hi Manish
    I got CIBIL score as 730. I had settled my credit card account & also settled a DD given against the cc ac. so two different settlements on same card. my on going loan are personal loan, home loan & consumer loan. of these loan i had bounces in the past but since last 6 months i am paying regularly & there are not any dues.
    now i want to apply for vehicle loan. will i get it.
    also do the banks get the report in the same format as I got?
    does the settled amount of cc is disclosed to the other banks?
    If I am ready to pay balance dues of cc to ABN Amro bank will they agrree upon now after settlement & clear my acount as closed in cibil.
    also there is one line mentioned as exclusion codes: one or more accounts with suit filed status in past 24 months. pls explain the meaning

    • hi manish
      Hi Manish
      I got CIBIL score as 730. I had settled my credit card account & also settled a DD given against the cc ac. so two different settlements on same card. my on going loan are personal loan, home loan & consumer loan. of these loan i had bounces in the past but since last 6 months i am paying regularly & there are not any dues.
      now i want to apply for vehicle loan. will i get it.
      also do the banks get the report in the same format as I got?
      does the settled amount of cc is disclosed to the other banks?
      If I am ready to pay balance dues of cc to ABN Amro bank will they agrree upon now after settlement & clear my acount as closed in cibil.
      also there is one line mentioned as exclusion codes: one or more accounts with suit filed status in past 24 months. pls explain the meaning


      • Ketan

        730 is not a great score . it should be atleast 750+ and ideally 800+ should be targetted .. you might face issues while getting the loan . make sure that all the future payments are done on time .. The settlements done earliar are negative points and might have some hand in low score !

  106. one more question:
    after availing any loan does the score goes down?
    what should be the time gap inbetween availing two loans so that score remains high?
    also whether the two sttlements of cc which I did will permanently affect my score?
    does the foreclosure improves score? should I go for foreclosure of my all the loans to avail the vehicle loan. pls guide

    • Ketan

      Availing the loan will not affect the score. . it the repayment history which will affect
      The time gap should be at least 6 months
      Settlement will affect , but not permanently, but atleast 7 yrs
      No , forclosure will not improve the score ..

  107. Ashutosh

    Dear Manish,
    Thanks a lot for such a nice post. I started working in Delhi from July 2009 and that time I was not aware about the CIBIL scores. As you are aware that various email comes to our email (from different banks) to apply online for a credit card (with some rewards attached with that). I fell in that trap and applied for many cards (even multiple times). However, I could not get a credit card at that time (I was told that the area where I live is considered as a negative area).
    I got my credit card approved from SBI and HDFC banks simultaneously when I shifted to a new location and I am using these cards for about 16 months. Recently, I have taken two more cards from Citi Bank and Kotak Mahindra Banks also (3 months back). I have never made default in any payment, however, my uses are plenty high in some months (There was a marriage in my home so I used CC heavily, however, I payed all the dues in time).
    Recently, I applied for my CIBIL score through online mode. I received my score next day, which is 769. I want to know that whether, it is a good score or not. Moreover, I found many queries (that I made for a credit card even before sanction of the cards). I am also thinking to close my SBI card after clearing all dues. How will it affect my CIBIL report??
    I want to maintain a good credit score. Can you please suggest me what should I do now??

    • Ashutosh

      769 is a good score .. but 800+ is really a good one and desired.. Closing the credit cards is not going to do anything in improvement of score! . A better think would be to just make sure your credit behaviour is better in future !

  108. Ram

    Hi Manish, seeing your line “I will apply soon”, realised that I was one of those.
    Finally applied now :)..Keep the good work going..

  109. Arup

    I was in the process of applying for my online CIBIL report and completed & submitted the form and then made payment online from my bank account and a CIBIL Registration generated. The amount got debited from my bank account but neither any authentication questions were asked, nor any payment confirmation screen was displayed. Rather some error screen got displayed.
    Am apprehensive whether the application has been submitted/ report will be issued.
    Kindly advise.

  110. George

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the wonderful post and the blog. After reading your post I applied for CIBIL score and some how managed to authenticate online. I got the score in less than 48 hours. The score is 837. Now the real fun part is the report is full of errors starting from my name. I don’t use my initials but the report mentions my initials. Wrong phone numbers, Address etc. I have raised an online dispute now.

    The report gave me a history of number of credit cards I used. There are total 8 credit cards, one personal loan (closed) and a home loan (ongoing) mentioned in the report. Out of 8 cards, currently I am using 2 cards and all others are closed after paying outstanding amount. One ABC credit card shows INR50 as balance but status is closed.
    Actually, two years before I had got a call from a number from Delhi saying that I have a huge outstanding on one of ABC card. He gave me the correct credit card no, my personal credentials, employer details etc. He said the out standing is Rs.1,16000 or so. I was sure that I never used the card to this extend. He even suggested to go for settlement after paying Rs.25000. I asked him to send me all transaction details bu e-mail and if I used the card I will pay the amount. But he never replied. I am sure he might have got my details from ABC bank itself.

    Later I wrote a mail to SBI stating this incident. But did not get any reply except the auto responder. Six months later I fowarded the mail to ABC card’s nodal officer and got an apology mail and said that there is no outstanding on that card.

    I wanted to see whether the above said transaction is reflecting in my CIBIL but thankfully it is not.

    About CIBIL as a whole I feel there are lots of scope for improvement. The website reminds me of IRCTC website. After I made the payment and authentication, there was a message saying that payment receipt is mailed to my email ID. But that mail never came. But the report came before 48 hours. Now I have raised the dispute but again there is no e-mail confirmation.

    Hope they will correct the wrong data very soon..

    • George

      Thanks for sharing your experience .. I suggest enquiring about that Rs 50 outstanding also and close it if they ask you to pay . Always make sure no amount is mentioned as outstanding in your report . Keep us updated on what happened !

  111. Raj

    Hi Manish Ji.
    I need to know one thing. During some crisis I did 3 credit cards settlement and one personal loan settlements and some times few home loan EMI’s are over due. I came to know about my CIBIL score while Applied for one more personal loan it was 435 (The loan got rejected obviously)
    I want to know is there any way to bring back CIBIl score normal Please guide me .

  112. Rajesh

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot for your good article.

    I have applied my CIBIL score via Online authentication method .I got my score very next day to my email and my score is 799.But i Have some queries ,In Cibil report it shows only my current HDFC credit card details only.I had an Home loan(Taken on 2008) with PSU bank and closed it last month and also I Had an Credit card(Not closed Properly in 2004) &Personal Loan(Closed) in the year 2005 with a Private bank.Except my Present credit card details with HDFC bank ,rest all details are not captured in my CIBIL report..This means my CIBIL report is not updated properly or those banks haven’t updated my details with CIBIL?..I have plans to take a Home loan next month..Is there will be any issue to my new Home loan? Please share your thoughts on this..


    • Rajesh

      that means that the banks have not updated CIBIL about it , It happens at times and you should contact the banks for this .

      Also you never know what happens to your credit score if you ask those banks to update those things , if most of the things are negative , then it might impact negatively !

      • Dear Manish,

        I have been continuously trying to reach CIBIL customer care in their working hours. After the welcome message, i have been asked to dial the extension number. If i dont dial, it says transferring to operator and the call gets disconnected. Any suggestions please?

              • Im trying the number present in that site 91-22-66384600..
                also tried the online form.. it din work.. i was wondering whomever tried the customer care directly managed to speak to the operator or do they about a specific extension number?

                • Vijay

                  I just tried and I was able to reach the person , Not sure what you were doing exactly . Dial the number 022-66384600 . It will ask you if you want any information on cibil report etc and ask you to dial 1 , else directly press the extention number .

                  So press 1 , then it will ask for language , again press 1 for english and then it will give many options , and final option will be 9 for speaking to any customer care executive . Then press 9 . after 2 min , I was greeted by one lady Shruti who asked me if I had any issue :) .

                  So after dialing the number , follow this sequence 1-1-9

                  You should get it . Let me know if it works ! , I invested Rs 1 for this :)


  113. Sharad Gupta

    I applied for CIBIL score and got as 803, it is sufficient to have a home loan…..i do not have any type of loan issued to me currently and there is no default on any of the credit card for last 5 years……..

  114. Hanuma reddy

    received credit card due Rs.112000.I was told that I have booked hotel in Jan2008 Rs.4500 and accumulated amount is Rs.112000.I never got cerdit card statment and last minth only I received the statement.Now the Bank has come to settlement mode and if I will pay Rs.10000 they will settle the total amount.Is there any problem in CIBIL if i settle instead of closing.


  115. Vikas Singh

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for this healthy piece of information.
    I am in due process of applying my CIBIL report but in the mean time I have a query.
    I took a credit card in 2007, and I was making regular payments for my purchases, but some 3 months later I got the statement that a health insurance policy was imposed on me and I need to pay nearly 11000 for the same.
    I raised the complaint regarding this illegitimate entry to the bank and choose not to pay for it.
    I went abroad for a year and didn’t pursue the case subsequently.
    Since last 5 years, I have used 3 credit cards and never defaulted even once.
    In these cases, where a consumer choose not make payment for illegitimate transaction but maintains a healthy payment history, how these cases are viewed by other banks? I am very sure my score won’t be high because of that issue but is the nature of default is mentioned in the CIBIL report?
    I hope CIBIL don’t blindly looks from Banks perspective.

    Profound Regards,

    • Vikas

      Sadly in your case , there would be remark of this . Most probably the CIBIL report might have late payments or no payments or worse “written off” if bank has declared that you are a bad customer and it wont be able to get anything back from you .

      Now coming to point . The health insurance policy was issued to you , Was it part of the documents you signed ? Or was it ever mentioned to you over phone (telemarketing) ? That might be the case.

      Pursue it soon and settle this case .

  116. Ratankumar

    Hi manish
    I had applied for my cibil score and got it and saw the details, that i have 3 Written off status and one settled status. i spoke to bankers and paid the remaining amounts and took the NOC also. After this I spoke to CIBIL and check all my statuses are cleared and iam fine now. But my score was 563 before clearing my debts with banks and now its 611 only. for applying any loans or cards they are looking for atleast 750 points. So how can I increase my score. I am looking for a home loan now. can you please suggest me in this case to get the home loan?


  117. Naveen

    Hi Manish,

    I have heard that each time some financial institution checks your credit score its like a bad remark on your score overall. Is that true and does the same applies if i try to check the cibil score myself ?

  118. Sridhar

    Hi Manish,

    I had maintained two credit cards (say Card1 and Card2) of ICICI from 2007 till 2009.

    Card1 is in Cancelled state due to irregular payments (as per customer care) from 2009. Around 48K amount was deducted from my savings account (this is also an ICICI a/c) in May 2009 towards credit card payments and I had personally visited the settlement department in Hyderabad to “cancel” the creditcard, by then the Card1 was already in “Cancelled” state. There was certain amount (around 10K) which I did not pay on that card1. I didn’t even take any settlement letter from the bank authorities during that time. Recently i had applied for a credit card and it got rejected.
    I had checked with ICICI customer care on card1 and they said there is no settlement done on that card and also there is no amount that I need to pay further on it as all the amount was already cleared on it.
    Will I get all the details of my credit report from CIBIL and all the payments pending/done on the credit card? If I pay the amount which is pending on the credit card, how longer will it take to get a good credit scoring report?

    Card2: This card is also in “permanently blocked’ state due to irregular payment.
    I realized the need for good CIBIL report very lately; I had approached the customer care to find the amounts I need to pay. It’s almost 36K on card2, I started paying the amount regularly from last 3 months in small chunks and its 24K pending on it and I will pay the entire amount within next 5 months.
    There was never a settlement done on this card, so how badly this late payment will affect my credit score and now after clearing the entire amount how much time will it takes to get a better credit score.

    Also, i had seen from your previous replies regarding improving better score by applying for a secured credit card or secured loan against FD or property. What is a secured credit card(which banks are offering these). If we pay the amounts regualrly on these what are the chances of getting a good score and the amount of time it takes.



    • Sridhar

      You should have first applied for your credit score/report and then made this comment . First check your report and see the remarks , It would clearly be written what is the status updated with CIBIL by the banks . Mostly card1 will not have any status or at best would be CLOSED (after all the payments). Card2 might be there but as the settlement is not done, the status would be pending payments etc .

      But the bad payment history would have taken your score to very low levels , I expect it to be less than 600 , but at times we have seen that scores are not that bad. You cant be sure on this unless you check it .

      Secured credit cards are generally given by any bank against the FD or some deposit . Check with ICICI also ! , check your report and then come back again . Note that just repaying the dues will not move your score. there has to be consistent payments record for that , which can be achieved through secured credit card only .

  119. Sridhar

    Hi Manish,

    I had my creidt score 583. Card1 status is ‘Settled’. I had checked with the ICICI bank customer care regarding the waiver amount i recevied during settlement and it was only around 4k. They said if I pay that amount they will remove the ‘Settled’ status(some credit builder program)

    On Card2, no status has been mentioned and customer care said its still payment pending. as i mentioned in previous comment i had already started paying on this card.

    Now iam ready to pay all the pending amount on both the cards, what are the chances of improving my score in future, do you suggest me to go for secured credit cards and improve credit rating. i may not require any loan in next 2 years, but will i ever get any future loans and how long it may take for getting good score.

    • Sridhar

      You you have chances of getting loans in future , but you need to correct things first . Pay off that 4k for card1 and ask ICICI to update CIBIL on that . Pay off card2 first , but dont close it down , as you already have that card2 active you can use it . Please use it properly each month and make some bills (obviously spend what you really have to) and pay off the money on time, over 2 yrs , you should have a good score overall .


  120. Pankaj kumar

    HI Manish,

    recently i applied in one bank for loan and i come to know that my cibil score is -1 and still they are ready to give me the loan . Are they saying true..
    What is the meaning of -1 score…

  121. ved prakash gupta

    hello sir
    My cibil score is 528 ..I want car loan in hdfc bank …but bank financer is told me your two earlier a\c’s are settled or writeoff…so what i do to apply my car loan in any bank..

  122. Balasubramaniam

    Hi Manish,
    I have couple of questions
    1. Will My father bad credit history will affect mine?
    2. If you have 1 or 2 credit cards will it affect my Credit Score?
    3. Having Credit card will improve my Credit score?

  123. Roberto el Sandriano

    Hi Manish,

    I had applied for a housing loan sometime back. The agent came back to me after few days and told me that I wasn’t eligible for the same because I had defaulted a loan sometime. When I told him that I hadn’t defaulted on any loan, he showed me a report from CIBIL which stated that I had defaulted on my vehicle loan. When I checked the report, it was obvious that CIBIL had updated their records only till a certain date and claimed that I was a defaulter. The fact of the matter is CIBIL had failed to take notice of all my payments made against the loan, none of which was defaulted. Given this case, I am not sure how can anyone judge someone’s credit worthy using CIBIL produced credit report when CIBIL’s data itself is questionable. I do not understand how can bank’s/NBFC’s go by CIBIL’s word when their mechanism of data collection and verification is questionable. Coming back to my case, I had produced a payment details and a NOC against vehicle loan from the organization that I had taken loan which settled the case. Couldn’t stop wondering that CIBIL is a bottleneck rather than an enabler?
    If CIBIL claims to be a watchdog on someone’s credit worthiness, they should be ready to face law suits if they produce wrong reports.


    • Roberto

      I cant not say on behalf of any org nor can I blame anyone , but here is what I understand . CIBIL is not a watch dog . It updates the info which a bank gives . So in your case, the bank has not updated anything from their side about you after a certain date , CIBIL can only wait that a bank tells them about some thing , in your case, you should ask bank why they have not updated anything in CIBIL after a certain date , thats the bank job .


  124. suresh

    Hi Manish,

    I need your suggestion and clarification on my problem

    2007: I have two ICICI credits cards maintain properly from 2009 onwards I stopped payment for two cards out standing.
    CBIL score: 550

    2011, Nov: I have paid all the out standing amount( including their what so charges) and closed.
    My question: when will my CBIL score will get updated and what is expected score after paying all the dues.

    Clarification: one of friend told me that if we checked CBIL frequently the score will goes down, please clarify.

    Please help me to get answer


    • Suresh

      Note that CIBIL score will not have much impact of this payment , this payment will just help you get your report clean , which is very important . Now you will have to show some kind of payment history by getting a credit card , other wise it will be very tough that it goes up

  125. Vinayaka

    Hello Manish

    Good morning. Hope you are well.

    First of all, I would like to appreciate for all the details given by you for all the people who have had doubts. Thank you very much!

    It would be real helpful if you could give suggestion to my question(s):

    a. I had a HSBC and Axis Bank Credit cards. I had made few payments regularly and I had closed both as a settlement after not paying them for few more months.
    b. I had taken personal loan from Axisbank, which I had fully paid, as a fore-closure.
    c. I had taken car loan from HDFC, which I had fully paid, as a fore-closure.
    d. I had taken a top-up loan from HDFC bank, with reference to car-loan, which I had previously. I had fully paid as a fore-closure.

    I have the closure copy from the bank for all the above credit cards and / or personal loans.

    Few months back, I got few calls from bank / marketing agency asking for credit cards / personal loan. Even though, I did not wanted it, I had applied just for the sake of knowing, if I get them or not. Knowing the fact that I had closed the credit cards / personal loans and maybe, my name would be in CIBIL. As you may have guessed it right, I did not get any.

    I have applied for the CIBIL score online today and I am yet to get the score by email or mail.

    My question is:

    a. If I had made the all the payment either by settlement (in case of credit card) or fore-closure (in case of personal loan / car loan) and if it has few of check bounce (loan), will that affect CIBIL score or would the bank representatives clear my name as default ?

    Thanks much!

    • Obviously , you are a very bad customer from CIBIL point of view .

      SETTLEMENT is a negative thing, it shows you were not able to pay it and hence you will see a remark of “SETTLED” in your credit report . Also if there was any loan forclosure means , banks tried to recover the money from you when you were not paying , that would also affect your score .

      So take corrective measures else in future you will not get any loan


      • Vinayaka

        No, Foreclosure of all loans made as a full amount by person. It’s like, instead of waiting for the loan period to get completed, I made the full payment before 6 -8 months.

        Can you guide me how to take corrective measures? Is that I need to pay all the remaining amount for the ‘settled’ credit ?

        • Here “settled” means you paid LESS than the outstanding and closed the matter . That is NEGATIVE THing , its reported to CIBIL , its very hard to correct it now , contact the bank and tell them you will pay the outstanding amount if they will update it as CLOSED to CIBIL after payment

      • Vinayaka

        Hello Manish

        I received the CIBIL report and my score is 841. However, for one credit card, I have remark as “Settled”

        There are also few enquiries I made to bank on credit card / loans in the past (3 years ago) and it also appears in the report.

        Would the score of 841 help in getting me any future home loans ? Please let me know your thoughts.


        • Vinayaka

          You have a problem . Even though 841 score is excellent . The report contains a card as “settled” and that is a big issue . How much was the settled amount ? How much less did you pay , was it a very big amount ? Because the bank will see the report and might just reject your application based on that “settled” remark , better not apply for any loan without working on it , because if you still apply and some bank rejects it , that point will also go in report and it will add to further negativeness .

          Check with your credit card company what you can do about it and in which case they will “update” the CIBIL about it ?

  126. Suresh

    Dear Sir,

    A week back I got call from Ahmadabad, it looked like the cell no and that guy claimed that he is calling from CIBIL, and he asked the balance amount of rs.19000 which he said is pending in ICICI credit, When I asked him, ok I will pay the amount pls send me the letter so that I know the exact status, but that guy started shouting me saying that he can not provide all those details, but if within one hour If I do not pay, he will black list my name in cibil.

    I just want to know that does CIBIL call the customer for the recovery of the banks money? Pls help me on this.

  127. ravi

    Dear Manish,

    Can you please guide me that for someone who does not have any credit history, is it an advantage or a disadvantage in CIBIL? Like, say, a person just got a new PAN Card made, and after 2-3 months, applied for a Credit Card(citibank), but the bank expressed its inability to issue the card. I am perplexed, as to what can be the reason for this? Then I applied for my CIBIL score, and got the message that my authentication is not possible. On asking Customer Care, the guy told me that I may not have any credit score at all, thats why authentication failed. Ia m unable to understand that in this way, a person will never be able to apply for his first loan ever, because CIBIL won’t have his score generated, and banks’ policy would not allow them to give loan to a fresher! Its a vicious circle!

    Dear Manish, if possible, can I have your number also, would like to have a discussion with you on some matters for general knowledge, I am seeing the good work being done by you on this forum, and would like to talk to you. Please help!

  128. SURESH

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your reply.. Is there any way to complain this sort of fraud anywhere, so that they stop calling?

    Thanks once again for your help.


  129. Suresh

    Dear Sir,

    I had taken card 10 years back and I defaulted in payment. Later I changed My job, and my address changed and I do not know what happened, because no one called me after that. after that 2 years back I applied for Home loan and it got sanctioned, and I am paying the installement regularily. But recently, I went to purchase the Fridge and my loan got declined as they mentioned that you are black listed in Cibil.
    Now I would like to clear my old credit card dues, what I am thinking if I go to the bank and ask for the dues , they may add on lot of intrest and this may lead me to unable to pay the money. In this case pls advise your suggetions and guideline so that I can clear the credit card dues as well cibil report.


    • Suresh

      No matter what you will have to pay the final dues with added interest . If you dont do that it will be reported to CIBIL no matter what you do . There is no escape to this as far as I know and understand

  130. saroj

    Hi, I have taken a personal loan apprx 5 yrs back and had been paying the EMIs through the bank and it was a salary a/c one. after 1 yr, I had to move on with other opportunity and so does the a/c got closed all of a suddent. I thought to update my new bank a/c No with for Loan EMI deduction but got a call from one of the agents from the bank @ kolkata and he wanted to collect the EMI and stated he would keep coming month on month, post 8-10 month he stopped coming.
    All this while, once I found one of the installment of the loan got dedcuted from my another ICICI a/c and it happened twice, all of a sudden this was also stopped and later there’s a mail sent for the due amount, to which I reacted and have paid off the rest of the amount @ one go and have received NOC from the bank. But still I found my name on CIBIL. Do I have a case to get off my name.


    • Saroj

      What is the status of the loan in CIBIL , is it written off or SETTLED , if yes then you first enquire why it happened when you have already paid all the amount .

  131. Senthil

    Dear Manish,

    I’m using for credit card last 4yrs. I’m paying my due perfectly.I had one personel loan and that had been closed. Presently i’m having one personel from HDFC bank, that is also i’m paying all my EMI ‘s correctly. Now i have applied for one more personel loan from AXIS bank. Due to some wrong documents my application was rejected.

    Now my question is, after 2 months i’m going to abroad for my higher studies, that loan rejection will affect my visa process???

    Please give me information regarding my doubts as soon as possible.


    Dear sir,

    I want to buy a bike, but bank didn’t senction my loan. they told me that some amount is pending for payment from my side. but i didn’t find anything pending amount for any thing.

    How to resolve this problem?


  133. Nitin Nimbalkar

    Hi Manish, Got my score yesterday. I dont believe but its 873!!!!

    I had a home loan taken in July 2006 of Rs. 6,15,000. I paid out all EMI (also through prepayments) couple of months back. Took another home loan in August 2010 of Rs. 30,25,000. This loan is still being paid.Had a car loan on my name worth 2,50,000. Not a big fan of credit cards….

  134. William

    Hello friends, I have a query and interesting situation here to clear myself. I have a credit card with a Bank to whom i have given a wrong Date of Birth: I have changed my address too few months back from where i was at the time of card reception.They don’t have my PAN number and Passport number too. So my question is, whether these card details will map to me if i check using my PAN card and passport. And later,if i apply for a loan in another bank will they able to find that i have used a Credit card?

    • William

      Most yes .. there can be other details like your name , address , etc . Based on that there is higher chances that you can be traced . But if you dont, it would be good for you . obviously there are chances of escaping out !

      • William

        Thanks for the Quick response!! I have applied for the CIBIL report online and waiting for the Report. Maybe i will update my Fate(i mean CIR scor :-)) here.

  135. Rakesh

    Hi Manish,
    Please find my Problem background:
    I had ICICI Credit card due till last week and i have done Full and Final payment of the same on 3 days back.I am waiting for the No Due certificate and requested to updated CIBIL history in 60 days.I hopes that they will update the creidt history in 60 days. I have a personal loan also I from ICICI. I am planning to do the Full and Final payment for the same on 4 days.
    I wants to apply for a homeloan in 6 Months time,in January 2013. So i just checked the CIBIL score on inspired from your blog. For my bad luck and bad payment behaviour, score came as 507 :-(
    But this CIBIL report has not yet updated with my credit card payment, since bank needed 60 days time to clear it.
    Sameway, once i close my loan account in this week, i guess that CIBIL report will get cleared in 60 days time,i.e, by August end. These all are not settlement.Full and final payment only.
    My Question is:
    1.Will my credit score get increased in 5 to 6 months time, if ICICI update CIBIL my credit card and loan account as closed with zero balance.
    2.If not, whether i will be eligible for getting home loan? I am just putting this point to make my situtations more clear. Currently i am having monthly income of 53k.

    I am really waiting for your answer and advice on this. Thanks in advance!!

    • Rakesh

      Hello Manish, I am thinking that you will be having a reply on my above issue. I have one more thing to add. For the personal loan,i have still 5 more EMI’s. I was thing to go for the Full and Final payment.But problem is that i won”t be having any credit(credit card or loan) to the bank to show my improved credit repayment capability. Should i go for 5 EMI’s payment ontime Or should i go for Full and final payment? I want my score of 507 to more than 750 in 6 months. Is that possible by any chance?

    • Rakesh

      I think its tough to take your score from 507 to 750 .. Its very tough .. Do you have any thing in past which was settled or you didnt pay it at all ? See the remarks on your credit report .

      • William

        No, I don’t have anything as settled. Yes,Two accounts are there as not payed. But last week i have done Full and Final payment for my credit card. bank said they need 60 days for CIBIL updation. And for my second Account,loan account,i will go for 5 EMI’s as you said.

  136. Jai

    When I applied for CR in June/July 2010 with my native address proof, they denied the report saying that the address is wrong, then I took address confirmation certificate from 3 different banks and sent to CIBIL. When I got the report, it had my native address, my present address and my work address.

    I don’t understand why the hell, they are not ready to send the report to my native address since that also available with them.

  137. Praveen

    Hi Manish,

    Two year back I had a credit card and did a purchase online for website.
    After tenure of website got over, they kept on charging me every month.
    My old mail ID was locked out and I had to create new one and I moved on.
    Later after 11 months I came to know there was outstanding amount.
    I cleared it immediately and cancelled by card.

    Recently when I applied a new credit card, They told my name was in CIBIL.

    Any suggestion what I have to do now.

  138. Vikas

    Hi Manish,

    Had applied yesterday for CIBIL score & got today… Too easy & soon. Hadn’t thought it will come so soon.

    Anyways my score is 791

    Thanx Manish.


  139. Sailendra

    Dear Manish,

    I never applied for credit card or any loan.But
    recently I have applied for credit card but bank rejected my credit card because of the information they got from CIBIL.At that time I came to know about CIBIL and applied for Credit report.Today I got mail with below comments

    we regret our inability to generate a score on your report due to the following reasons:
    . Account information not available
    . Your report has only enquires and account information not available
    . The last date reported or date closed in your report is older than 24 months for all accounts
    . Consumer is an ‘Authorized’ user for all the accounts in the report

    What should I do now to get my score in Credit Report.I have to apply for home loan in couple of months.I need your suggestion.


    • Mostly you do not have any credit report . The rejection from bank may be because you might have enquired too much in past . Its very important these days to have a good credit history and report .If you do not have that again becomes a very important rejection point .

  140. Kuntal

    Thanks Manish for all the info.
    I applied for my CIBIL score today. It seems the fee has increased, I paid Rs 470. I cleared cookies in the browser and paid through credit card with no issues.
    I had to respond to six different questions to authenticate myself.

  141. Anand

    Hi Manish ,

    I recently got my CIBIl score at 744 points. I would like to know few points

    1. I am apllying a home loan in March 2013 . Will it get rejected for this score ?
    2. I have CC o/s for 50k . I make min paynments . Is this affecting my score
    3. If I settle the payments for CC 100 % . How long will it take to improve my score . I want my score to go 800 + as I beleieve below that no bank will approve my Home loan. Kindly advise

    • Anand

      1. May be , 744 is a good score overall , but banks might look at your score + report and your overall credit activities , given your point 2 , i suspect that it can be tough to get a loan, target for 800+

      2. Yes, obviously, how didnt you knew this ! .. Making minimum payments each month is like saying – “Sorry ,I cant pay all the money , I dont have it , will give it next time” , you just save penalty amounts by paying minimum, this is dragging your score down each time you do it and now its going to be there in your report for next 3 yrs (as 36 months history is maintained) . Read this – . Pay off all the outstanding of 50k fast

      3. Here i assume settle means “paying 100%” . It will take your score above in next 60 days , but the improvement will be marginal , not substantial . however given your score is 744 already , you can reach 800+ in next 6 months .

      Keep paying your dues each month on time in FULL !


  142. Karthik

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the information about applying for CIBIL score online. I did it yesterday evening and got it in my email in less than 24 hours.


    I have 3 credit cards, 1 closed two wheeler loan and 1 running personal loan with all DPD’s 000 and in few instances XXX.

    I am just confused about the explanation regarding irregular payment since i have no payment due history.

    Will this impact my next loan i am planning to take in 3 months?

    Thanks for your advice in advance.


    • It was a general statement from the report , not specific to any event of yours . 787 is decent score , but if its above 800 , it would be really great as 800 creates a psychological effect :) .

      Note that you have too much of UNSECURED loans (cc and personal loan) , so better control that part , else lenders can see it negatively ! , are you going for a home loan next ? that would be better .

      Also just make sure you keep paying your dues on time for next 2-3 months , things should be good !

  143. joe

    hi wanted to know that I had credit cards and personal loans before 2006 which I defaulted because I had a huge loss in business. Still not repaid a penny… Just wanted to know that If I apply for a home loan now will i get rejected though now my income levels have improved so much, which shows decent transactions and I am an NRI now.

  144. joe

    Manish, I got my home loan approved 2yrs back ? how did that happen ? BIG LOAN I TOOK FROM A NATIONALISED BANK….

  145. Saptarshi

    Hi Manish,

    Appreciate your effort to let know the masses about the internals of Cibil score and it’s significance. My Cibil score is 700.

    I had 2 credit cards which are written off during 2008-9, due to some discepancies w/ the bank and missed payments.
    Now I tried clearing them off to improve my score and get loan approvals.

    But the 3rd party, who are the finance companies for the HSBC & Manhattan credit cards, are demanding a very high figure.

    For the HSBC card, where the principal amount I used was 4.5k, they are demanding 40k and for Manhattan, for a real expense of 1.5k, they are demanding 12k.

    As I can’t pay them the whole figure and it’s so unreasonable (the extra amount they are claiming as interest towards mispayment), is there a mid-way to solve the problem as I need to take up a home loan now.

    Please suggest.

    • Saptrashi

      I dont think they are asking for any additional amount which is unfair . Given you have not paid it for so long , the interest per month and the penalities must have grown so much for all these months and years. This is exactly how credit card works

  146. Sachin

    Hi Manish,

    I really salute the dedication by which you are answering all the questions asked by everyone. One by me too :)

    I had 3 credit cards about 2 years back which i had used for helping one of my friend (who is no more a friend), all of them were used completely till their limits i.e. more than 85000. Later my friend didnt give back the money and i was paying the minimum installment for about one year, later i cleared it completely (by myself) as i had to move out of country for some official purposes and didn’t want a headache like to nag around.

    Last year i preclosed one personal loan as well as a home loan. Can you tell me as what will be my credit score. I need to apply for CIBIL score once i come back to India as all my documents are at my home there.


    • Sachin

      1. You can apply for your cibil score online , you dont need any documents . You just need to tick mark few documents , which you need to send only if the payment goes bad or online authentication goes bad, if everything is fine , then you can just pay the money and get the score+report in 2 days . So apply for it, takes 5 min

      2. Your score might be low , because of bad payment record for so much time , however still check your score . If you are not planning for any loan in near future , then its a good thing , because you have a lot of time to improve it , just keep on using your credit card and keep paying properly !

      • Sachin

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for the reply.

        After the incident i have stopped using my credit card. Now i could say that there has been no Loans availed or any credit card used in the past 2 years. Just closed off one personal loan and one home loan.


  147. Nani

    CIBIL online score service is BAD.its just a FRAUD Company.I order the score and CIBL failed to send the reports.

    Guys please do not go to this fraud website

  148. Harsh

    Just applied for CIBIL score – got through the Authentication process succesfully now waiting for them to email it to me in 3 days. Was thinking it will happen instantly!

    Just a tip incase you are facing problem authorising payments through Credit Card due cookie issue, please use incognito mode in Google Chrome or anyother browser (called Private Browsing)

    Also I why is this just one off report – if I am paying 480/- should i not get access for atleast 2-3 months so if I am in the process of applying loans i know who is making query and what?

    thanks for you help Manish

  149. Pavan

    Hi Manish,

    I have 3 credit cards(X,Y and Z) which i have settled in 2008. Couple of years back when i got my first cibil report, Status on my X-card is shown as ‘WRITTEN-OFF’, and theres no status written(its blank) for Y-card. Z-Card is not even shown up on my CIBIL report. After this settlement is done, i am maintaining only one credit card with a good track, never missed any single payment till date.

    Just couple of days back I applied for other CIBIL report, and today i got my latest CIBIL report and my score is 844. But on my latest report it shows only the status of Y-Card where the status is blank, and the other credit cards are not shown on the report. This time it is even showing my Home-loan account details which i am maintaining it since 2006 and also having a good track.

    I am confused with 2 reports showing different account details, but all my personal details(address, mobile..) are the same. My question is, Is the CIBIL report maintained unique on a person’s name? One thing I observed between these 2 reports is, I can only see the PAN card details match on my first report, and the lastest one has only my Passport details. I doubt if the cibil report generated is not the same for each of my Id-proof. Should i apply for an other CIBIL report, this time submitting my PAN card as an ID-proof?

  150. Deepak

    Hi Manish,

    I applied for CIBIL report and my score is NH(I didn’t have any loans or credit cards).So recently I have taken credit card .What should I do to get good credit score with in short time(because I am planning for home loan in 6 months)?
    and When can I apply for next credit score?

    • There is no short cut for a good score, but as you have not taken any loan in past , now when you apply for a credit card , then i guess in 6 months you should have respectable score !

  151. Venugopalan

    Dear Manish,

    I happend to come across this blog and applied for the report and got the report. As per the report my score is 877. FYI I am having two credits which I seldom use and also has a housing loan . The housing loan is with a nationalised bank which I availed in 2008 and from the begining I am paying monthly instalments before the due date by online transfer and also the amount I pay is more much than the EMI. The intention is to close the loan before its tenure. How do they calculate the score. Kindly advise.



    • Thats the reason your score is good, because you are handling your credit very well , I am not sure how the score is calcualted nad its out of the scope of our understanding also .

      Just keep moving in the same direction

  152. Pratiksha

    My Experince with CIBIL is pathetic ,for me the Authentication failed hence was not able to print the sceen also i dont see any save button so i lost the page and when i wrote it to Cibil they are coming back to me asking for Payment confirmation,I have my transaction id but of no use.This is really frustruating,what i wanted is just to know my score but CIBIL is making it so hard and painful for me to just reveal my score.
    Atleast there should be some link where i can enter my Transaction id and my security code so that it can take me to payment detail page.This really doesnt make sense why we need to wait for 10 days just to know score ,it can be send in our email address too ,why so many document we need to send it ot cibil and trust me people dont have so much time to post it,hence everyone is paying 470 thinking we can view on score once the formality is over but its really not happening,i am frustuated and i am donating 470 to cibil ,i dnt want to know my scrore anymore.

    • Pratiksha

      This happens very rarely , and you are one of them . For most of the people everything goes well and score comes in email in 48 hours . That happened with me atleast . For now I would suggest try it once again and pay 470 more , I assume its a very importnat thing right now for you . else wait for more time .

      • Pratiksha

        Thanks for the response…However i am now worried that even if i spend 470 more will i be able to get my score or not..or again its gonna be waste.Anyways let me wait for some more day .Its really not good that after providing the Trassaction id as well as the registration id they are not reveiling my score.Things should not be made so complicated and painful for people in this era.

  153. Pratiksha

    One more to add i have got an respond from CIBIL saying trasaction is processed..but please send us the attachment of the payment confirmation with rest of the document.If i have made the payment how come they are not having any record of my payment details.Strange very strange..

  154. Dhananjay

    Hi Manish, Awesome work and very valuable piece of information.
    here i have some thing, recently i applied for Credit Card based on my salary but it got rejected i called the bank they told you can contact CIBIL gave me some “control number”.
    I have few question kindly suggest.
    1-I neva had a any kinda loan or Credit card before, but yes i do have a post paid Vodafone mobile connection most of the time i paid my bills POST DUE DATE, but all clear.. m still using the number.. What would be my cibil score..? How badly this would have hit my Score..?
    2- If i go for Credit Card based on fixed deposit will that help me in increasing my score or is there any other way you can suggest to increase.

      • Dhananjay

        Thanks a Lot feeling little better :), now m little confused well apart from mobile connection i do not have any credit.. Have asked for cir lets see… Gone through few articles over net heard that vodafone has a tie up with CIBIL god knows…

  155. Dhananjay

    Adding another question – Generally long does it gonna take to get a decent score on my scenario as i do not have a credit card or a PL..?
    Kindly Advice,

    Thanks and Regards,

  156. Pratiksha

    Hi Manish,

    You wont believe what i have done ,i wrote history explaining CIBIL about my issue and i told them it cannot happen that you guys dont have the details of my payment confirmation ,when i have got an email from cibil itslef saying payment confirmed,.please send me the attachment of my payment confirmation copy else i will go to consumer(which was just to scare them :).I provided them my Registration id and the transaction id (thank god i have made a note of it) and finally i got an apology email along with the attachment of my confirmation email after sending an following email 7th times to Cibil.
    Manish ,thanks for all your replies and i appreciate that u make sure to reply all our quaries.U r great..:)

  157. aryan


    My current cibil score is showing as 021, and its not showing any write-off or settled if i apply for a personal load from the bank where my salary is getting credited, will i get it.


  158. dk


    plz tell me that if some one not paid his credit card payment & change his contct after how long the cibil report become normal for that person without paying any thing plz tell

  159. DINESH

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the info I have applied for my report and hope i will get in 2 days.
    Dinesh Hegde


        Hi Manish,

        I have received my Cibil report and it is showing the score as 630!!!!

        In that one overdue payment of 28k from SCB which i never did any transaction. In fact once there was a finance charge of 500 in 2007 and i paid that late by 2 days and on that they charged all finance charges and interest and which is coming now as 28K. I am planning to go to consumer court as I have neither been informed nor communicated about this. And more over is is not the money i have utilised also. It is the finance charges on finance charges.
        Let me check what happens. I am planning to approach the bank also meanwhile and if they agreed to settle it for 500 or 1000 then it is ok for me or else I will definately go to consumer court and let me see what will happen.

        Hoping the thing go in my way….
        Dinesh Hegde

  160. Balaji K

    Hai Manish,

    I was a good article indeed.

    I had very bad experience in this respect, once i applied for HDFC personal loan..i got shocked when the bank told that my credit score was low and not possible to approve the loan. Then i submitted my request for the credit report to CIBIL and the report was perfect and the same i have submitted to HDFC and they approved my loan.

    My question here is – are these banks use CIBIL as a tool for rejecting the applications even you are eligible for?? how do they search and finds our credit score from it legally right..what these banks will come to know about our credit history, whether the complete report they get or only the score will be accessible to them to decide..

    How to avoid these situtations?? (it happened 2.5 years back)

    Balaji K.

    • You need to understand CIBIL in a better way . Its actually created by Banks only , they are shareholders in that , and its created by all the banks for this purpose only. They do not use it for the sake of rejection, but use it to make sure they reject those who they think are not worth giving loan due to their past .

      • Balaji K

        Hi Manish,

        But my credit score was good as per the CIBIL at that time, then on what basis the bank has informed me that the CIBIL rating was not good and the same bank approves my loan later on the basis of the CIBIL report i have obtained thereafter.

        Balaji K

  161. Mamta Singh


    i have applied for a job in bank and they have to check my CIBIL. I have a loan taken just 2 months back and only one installment hit my a/c thru cheque and tht was honored. i just want to ask whether this loan will affect my CIBIL score? any negative points?? this was my 1st loan and i dont have any credit card or any other debt.


  162. Mamta Singh

    hi.. ya bank want to check my CIBIL before hiring.
    No i hvnt had any bad experience but ya this is first time my CIBIL gonna check… and might be there is some problem acc. to bank ppl as they have not reverted me after my cibil check.

  163. Prasad

    HI all,

    I almost read 70% of this article.

    I have a question.

    Few people said that their rating is low because of the Credit card that they have never bought from the bank.
    In this case, can v completely assume that someone has bought CC on our name.
    Wy not this case , like the Credit report given by CIBIL is not ours.
    Is there possibilty , like the CIBIL wrongly provides some other person’s score to us, because of some internal mistakes.
    In other words, can we completely take the rating given by CIBIL is ours.
    Am i make myself clear?.


    • Prasad

      Yes , that happens a lot actually. Some one who has a very similar name or very sounding name, can impact your score, thats more of a clerical mistake of you can say automation mistake !

  164. Deepak

    I have read some comments here that CIBIL does not need to provide credit reports to end users and is doing it only because of a huge demand from end users. This is not correct. In USA and Canada, there are laws to protect the end users on credit report errors. If your application for loan/card/account gets denied because of a rating error, then you are legally entitled to get your report for free so that you can verify that report entries are correct. For people who may not be able to afford paying for their reports, there are provisions to get at least one report per credit rating agency per year free.

    There are also stringent actions possible against the rating agencies and institutions falsifying reports or misusing the credit reports.

    Here, it seems that Govt has implemented the money making part of credit ratings without laying down or simplifying procedures for end users. This shows that the purpose of these ratings is just to benefit the financial institutions. Even that in itself is not bad if announced clearly. Also, if this is the case, end users should not be charged for their reports.

    • Yes Deepak

      What you had said is an ideal situation , and should happen in India too .. But sadly its not the way you explained in India right now , there are so much of errors made by CIBIL and other institutions which are not accountable to anyone , only with time we can assume that some changes will happen !

  165. Ritesh

    I had one credit card, I was issued 5 years back. Credit card bank had provided more and more interest on me after swap it, I was in frustration and did’t pay the amount . This has went to recovery and they called me so many time then i decided to pay some ammount and it was more than I swaped. The recovery dept was agread and told me, will not get any call if i payed. I payed and torn the credit card. But not after 3.5 years, some more recovery called me suddenly and asked me to pay 95000 Rs but believed me it was not more than appr 2000 when i torn the credit card 3 years back. They told me if i will not pay now they will proceed with FIR and police. Please suggest me , shall i apply for CIBIL CIR report and could you please suggest me what they will provide in report, will they provide the rest amount details that had not payed and how i close this matter.

  166. Ritesh


    I had one credit card, that was issued 5 yrs back. I swaped it due to some reason and bank had applied so much interest, late dues. I was frusted and did’t pay any amount. the card went to recovery. Recovery team called me so much time then i decided to pay some amount and they agread with that. I had payed more amount than i swaped and i torn that credit card before 3.5 years. Now i suddenly got one call and ask me to pay 95ooo rs. believe me it was not more that appr. 2000 before 3.5 years when i torn the card. I have no any details about that card now but remembering i had payed through check. Now recovery people calling me over the phone about FIR and police warrent. please suggest me shall i apply for CIBIL CIR report and will they provide me last rest credit card due that i had not payed, how to silve this matter.

    • Ritesh

      You dont understand credit cards working , you took it too casually .. when you leave a balance in a credit card, with interest and late payments it grows too much very fast , so whatever company is asking is as per rules and regulations, you will face a lot of difficutlty in coming times, paying less than outstanding amount (which you did) is called SETTLEMENT and its a temporary solution !

  167. jamuna

    Hi.. I am having credit score is 418.. Now I have planed to pay my entire outstnding in one payment… then how long will take to improve my credit score… and any possibility to get a home loan

  168. Pankaj Gupta

    CIBIL only reflects the mistake made by an individual. There is no mechanism built in the system which can highlight the mistakes made by the banks , credit card companies and finance companies. If you default on a payment, they charge you a late fees and other taxes. So you end up paying the fine as well getting scarred for life !! You have to prove yourself for many years to be in the good books of the financial industry for one default which you made ! First the credit card and loan companies were going after each and every indivdual to give them loans and credit cards. They wanted to be one up in the industry . When the things got out of control, they started refering to CIBIL which doesnot have any mechanism to differentiate between a ‘mistake’ and ‘intentional’. Again , as happens in the modern world, only companies are benefited , individuals are left to themselves.

  169. Nataraj


    Six months before, i had outstanding in my Credit Card and made the full payment and card has been closed by the Bank. Now, i want to apply for a PL. But, due to Low Score in CIBIL, its got rejected. Please provide me a solution for that. Thanks.

    • You need to have a good repayment record (consistent) for increasing your score , do you have any other credit card or loan ? You need to pay your dues on that loan on time , only then it will increase

  170. parul singh

    hi manish

    i have not taken any loan till now but still my cbil is negative i dnt know what to do please reply