Consumer Complaints and Grievances

What do we do when we face some issue with Banks, Mutual Funds, Credit Card company, Insurance Company and so on? The first thing we do is to file a complain with them for our problems and then we wait for their answer. What if we are not satisfied with there reply and want more justice.

We can then lodge a complain with their regulators Ombudsman and grievance cells. Let us see this in more detail.

What is Ombudsman?

The ombudsman is the internal complaint department for socially responsible organizations (governments, companies, societies, etc.). The ombudsman has complete access to the organization’s records and personnel, and the knowledge to understand how things work internally, in order to investigate complaints made against the organization.

So we have Bank Ombudsman, Insurance Company Ombudsman and Mutual funds companies Ombudsman etc.

When should you Approach Ombudsman ?

The first thing you should be doing is to contact your Bank/Mutual Fund Office/ Insurance Company and file a complaint with them. If you do not receive any response within some specified limit of days, you should further your complaint  with the Ombudsman.

What If Ombudsman do not reply or take Action?

All the Ombudsman bodies comes under the purview of Right to Information Act (RTI act of 1995). They are legally bound to reply for any complaints made by them ,considering its as per the stated rules.

Banking Operations and Credit Cards

Local Ombudsman:
Where to Complain :

Mutual Funds and Stock Market Related

Regulator :SEBI
Where to Complain:

Track your Complaint Status at:


Regulator : IRDA
Where to Complain :
For more see :

Note : Ombudsman are the next level of bodies to complain , first try to resolve matter personally with the Bank or Insurance company which is creating problem for you.

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  1. SunandaBal

    Sir /Madam
    I am a senior citizen aged 72 yrs residing at Pune.I received a phone call on my land line number by one Mr.Raikar saying that he is the manager of Bharati Axa insurance company stating that he has a very attractive policy for senior citizens on next day he sent two college students with forms and photo copies of brochures.They claimed that this policy was for people in age group of 58 to 86 yrs. I have to make a one time payment of Rs 50000/- and will get a policy for five years AT END OF FIVE YEARS THAT IS ON maturity I get Rs.94825/- plus health cover worth Rs 35000/- TO BE USED DURING THE FIVE YEAR TERM OF THE POLICY .On MY death, my spouse gets Rs 200000/- and on maturity date the nominee will get sum assured i.e. rs 94825/-.If I do not claim medical benefits then I get additional 17500/- at the time of maturity that is total benefits of Rs 94825/- +35000/-+200000( in case of death.)All this sounded too lucrative to be true. so I called Bharati Axa head office and came to know that no such policy nor such a person was in their office .



    FROM IRDA FOR REFUND OUR AMT WHAT WE LOSE FROM insurance co if we take a dummy policy for rs.30000 what will we do for that ?

  3. sanjay

    * Mandatory Fields
    *Name of Complainant Mr.Sanjay Chidanand Dubi
    Communication Details
    *Door No./ Bldg/Name/ Floor 09/B, B.M.Co-Op.Hsg.Soc.Ltd.
    Street / Area Opp.K.D.Agrawal Hall, Manpada Road,
    *City/Town/Panchayath/Village Dombivali – East
    Taluk/Tehzil Kalyan
    District Thane
    *State Maharashtra
    *Pin Code 421201
    E- Mail [email protected]
    Telephone No 22-25822270/25820716
    *Mobile No 91-8097831202/9920392263
    Fax No
    *Insurance Type (Please mentioned Insurance Type   INVEST ASSURE GOLD
    *Life Life
    * Non Life
    *Insurance Company Name Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Co.Ltd.
    *Date of Birth of Policy Holder 01 Sept.1964
    *Policy No:  0313039840
    Other Reference No: Wrong Policy
    Policy serving Brach Code/Address M58, 301 Gopi Cine Mall, Gupte Cross Road,Dombivali (West) 421201 Dist-Thane
    *Details of the Complaint (Please type the full details of the complaint) Policy Not Recd.Policy No. 0313039840 dt. 06.03.2014 Invest Assure GoldLast 7 Months has gone I have not received my Policy Bond document
    *Have you Approached Insurance Company Regarding This Grievance (If Yes Provide Ref No ) NO.

  4. Mubeena R


    I have an incident with ICICI bank on the confidentiality, they disclosed my personal account details without my consent to my old employer, as he bribed the intermediary employee of ICICI and he pulled the report for him.
    I lost my job due to this. I have raised complaint last Dec’13 with ICICI and they did not resolve it till date but simply talking to me that it will be resolved. Now I have raised it upto RBI OB.

    Should I wait till some action taken on this or I go for consumer cours. I suffered a lot due to this and due to the trauma i developed diabetes.. Please advice.

  5. Jaya Chanchlani

    I hold policy no 00576862 of ICICI Prudential
    1. My policy matured on 1/12/2013
    2. At the time of last premium payment I visited ICICI Prudential and asked for option form for
    Full payment, Employee of company told me they will send forms at time of maturity
    3. In the month of October I received from ICICI Prudential annuity quotation and bank detail forms
    Through courier
    4. ICICI Prudential avoided to send surrender of policy form full maturity amount purposely
    5. I duly filled bank detail form and send to ICICI Prudential through speed post, thinking that
    It is only form for full maturity amount
    I therefore complained to ICICI Prudential as amount was not credited in my bank account as below
    1.As per para 10.3 of policy I can opt for full maturity amount, Why ICICI Prudential has not sent
    Option form for full maturity through courier?
    2. Why I should attend office of company for full maturity option as required by them
    3. How ICICI Prudential I cannot opt for full matured amount after 3/12/2013?
    4. Mumbai Ombudsman of company refuses to entertain complaint

    I advice all investors to get out of from the investment of ICICI prudential or they will force to take meager pension and forget full mature amount

  6. Gaurav

    Dear Manish,
    Facing harassment from Banks is very annoying to customer but what I felt more annoying was responses from Banking ombudsman when I filed few complains against different banks!! In most of the complains I had left no stone unearthed and fulfilled all possible ways of grievance redressal at Bank’s end before I actually approached Banking Ombudsman.In most cases I gave time of as long as one year to banks to resolve my grievances.But Banks kept on harassing me for that long period.Hence I decided to approach BO and claimed monetary compensation along with the resolution of original complain.Claiming monetary compensation was definitely under pecunary provisions of Banking Omb Act as the complains were arising out of credit card operations of bank.The Subcaluse 6 of Clause 12 of BO act ascertain the right of complainant to obtain monetary compensation upto Rs 1 lac from forum of BO in case filed against Bank related to credit card related problems faced by him.This compensation include actual loss of time,money and mental anguish suffered by complainant.

    But to my horror,the Office of BO Delhi was so insensitive to even note minute facts mentioned in my complain even upon repeatedly addressing them to the kind attention of BO.Further one of the Bank made use of few documents from earlier similar case and misrepresented them as the evidence in the current case filed by me and misguided BO stating the Bank have already resolved the complain before it actually raised with BO!!! This act of impersonation was also raised to kind attention of Office of BO which was also overlooked.The use of forged documents from earlier similar case by none other than Nodal Officer of Bank was not taken into consideration by BO.Most of the complains were pending for 6-8 months,I was not shared with the response of Bank either!!!The Clause 10 or 11 which deals with procedure to promote resolution of Grievance by mutual understanding and in absence of which Award will be given by BO has not been followed by BO.I was not even called once to promote any agreement by mutual acceptance and Awards favoring Banks have been passed by BO unilaterally!!All my complains were rejected stating they are out of pecunary jurisdiction of Office of BO.

    The moral of the story is that I faced thousand times more harassment from forum of Banking Ombudsman than that I had faced from Bank.Is there any way I can do against the sarcastic proceedings of BO Office Delhi which is against the cause for which they have been setup that is to prevent customer harassment by Bank!!!

    • Gaurav

      You need a lot of patience on your side :) . Its sad to see the response from Banking ombudsman . If you are still not satisfied, you should move to consumer court now at district level . It will take the case further, but then thats the only way you have to get justice which you feel you deserve.

  7. akgc2

    Bajaj Elite Employee once tried to do same with me. Call center employee just called me and tried to lure with the Guaranteed 15% per annuam return. I asked her to explain me the same. She fixed the appointment with one of the company executive.

    All these people try to sell policy on same points. Pay for 3 Years and then stop the payment after 5 years you can withdraw the original investment plus the growth made during this period. They will so a rosy picture of your money growing to double in 5 Years.

    They made 3 visits including their senior sales manager. Even he made the false claims. However I kept asking the Policy Document of any customer they had.

    Finally he shared one customer policy document. After evaluating the policy document very Carefully (The jargon of the words) I concluded that money will not be doubles in 5 years rather you will in in loss.

    I am 100% sure that there is no policy in today’s market which can mark the word guaranteed and provide more than 10% returns.

    So be careful with such people.

    Ask those people to sign on a stamp paper of their claims. They will run away immediately.


  8. Rajeshree.Jadhav

    Hi manish , i worked in reliance life insurance capital services as junior sales jsm.501& 502 south block sacred world 5th floor wanowarie. Ive worked here for about a year and have made certain policies .as per the information i was told to pay for 3 yrs and after 5 yrs the amount will be double .but now they do not accept we are going for a withdrawal they are giving half of the amount which is not worth what we payed .please do look into this and help me out as soon as possible
    * they are avoiding to give me my pf as well.My advicer did not recieve the commision for 3 yrs

    • I am sure that in your policy document it must be clearly mentioned that you will get double amount ? Right ? Did you read it ? If it was done verbally, it was just to sell the policy like any other !

  9. R/S Good Evening ji.

    Sir I am Dinesh Kumar S/o Sh Dharam pal ,Vpo Jhumpa kalan ,Thesil Siwani ,Disst Biwani .Haryana . Sir I have postpaid connection of Vodafone compay, which is no, 9671590006.Sir I was continune deposit bill every month. October month bill come 1122.42 rupees aproximaly.sir 640 rupess excess amount in my bill I have cheek than I was found net plan add on my mobile no. without my information/knowledge. Sir I have not use net on my mobile .I have complaint in Vodafone store ,he say that I will submit emil & remove your excess amount. Respected Sir 9/10/2013 my outgoing service has been closed .sir I am triad do to complaint. But Vodafone store not response of me. After that sir 8/11/2013 my incoming service has been closed. sir now at that time any service give “incoming & outgoing”& my monthly rental increased by Vodafone company. Net plan monthly rental & mobile incoming & outgoing call rental charge increased . he said me that 1113 rupees deposit in Vodafone store. company do again again call for me. Sir I am lotof huressment this problem & very said & lot of disturb sir . I request to you please solve my problem sir very very thanks sir .

    Sir now my no.9671590006 is strat on dated 15/11/2013 sir now incoming & outgoing service available on dated 15/11/2013 so that I am able to 175 rupees only rent ,& whose use by me , other amount remove in my bill amount sir. Thanks sir

    Dinesh Kumar
    S/o Sh. Dharam pal
    Vpo Jhumpa kalan
    Distt Bhiwani

  10. Chetan Ambi

    Nice article Manish. Though I have not faced any issues from MF or Insurance etc I have added this information to my knowledge bank. Thanks !!

  11. Jimson Jose

    Dear Manish Chaunan Ji,

    Please help ME(JIMSON from Hyderabad) , the issue is …
    On Sep 2nd ‘2013 while i was checking my (SBI) Credit card bill i was shocked to see that an amount of Rs.5000/- this false purchase was done with merchant named as “Super_offus_BD MUMBA IN”. I never attended any sales calls or purchased from SBI . This was immediately informed to Customer care desk over phone & the same day i have mailed to nodal, CEO, Charge back of SBI from 2nd, 3rd(with dispute form),10 ,14 ,16 Sept dates. After that i have got 2 calls from Nodal desk and i have explained the same to the executives they told me that it would take 120 days to resolve the same with proper inquiry. One fine day i got a mail from charge-back stating that you are liable of the payment;(in investigation they found that this transaction was done through online visa transfer with cvv and date of birth.). I was surprised to see the mail because it was not even crossed 100Hrs for which i have urged for a detailed inquiry with proper documents and call records. I have received this mail from [email protected]. today again 25th of Sep i have again received a call on the same issue. I am feeling trouble with the calls and mail received from them. I am even feeling unsecured as they might charge me with other penalties and they might even change my status in CIBIL. As in coming up years i would like to take some educational and personal loans which would lead my life.
    So, Sir can you please suggest and direct me how to fight for justice.
    I am a entry level executive working in a small NGO and Rs.5000 means to me a lot. And other charges from them might drown me into hell making my life miserable.
    Please help me. as it is a total fraudulent case.

    Thanking you
    Jimson jose.
    [email protected]

  12. Maghvendra

    Dear Mr. Manish
    I got a call from 0120-3926741. The lady said, she is from IRDA. She will help recovering the money which did not grow in one of my ULIP based policy. She suggested to submit a cheque of Rs. 24360 in favour of Birla Sun Life Insurance. Then I would receive a Fixed Deposit bond of Amount = Premium paid for ULIP policy + Interest accumulated on ULIP premiums + Rs. 24360. At the end of one year (duration of FD), I would receive the above said amount + interest on FD.
    To my surprise, she knew everything about my policy e.g. date of first premium, amount of premium, mode of premium payment (QLY/HLY/YLY), current fund value (No. of Units x NAV).
    So far I have not given any document and/or cheque.
    Upto what extent all these calls are true?
    If it is a fraud call, then how these fellows have access to all the information pertaining to my policy?
    What should I do in such case?

  13. soma basuli

    Respected sir,
    i have a complain againest to lic of india .i am a house wife,my name is smt. soma basuli and my PAN CARD NO-AWGPB0062P,my adders-vill+po-onda,dist- bankura,pin-722144.
    sir i informe to you that my pan card number is used in aother person,i know that when i put my pan number for join a insurence company then the company`s IRDA ONLINE:agency licensing portal indicate that the pan card already use a LICI agent, HIS DETAILS-(NAME-Bharath a.s. ,F/O-Satnarayan Reddy a.n. ,DOB-19/12/1988,URN-lici2705110268,License no-8715166,Type-individual,Insurer name-LIC OF INDIA, Agent id-KAU220711LILICO85267, Catagory-life) this agent is illegaly use my pan card.
    Please immidiately take a legaly prosidure againest the lici agent`s and please free to my pan card .Because i am already fearable and confused for this matter. Sir i have not doing to join any insurence company for this problem. Sir please informe me to my mail id([email protected]) what is my way to solvance and give a punished to this fake agent . contact no-8116586749
    yours faithfully
    soma basuli

  14. Ajit Gunge

    Hi All,
    I have a question to ask here.If anyone can add to the information that would help a lot.

    I have few of my lapsed policies Few with max new york and few with reliacne.I dont want to continue with the policies and want to have refund for the policies,I am getting calls from executives stating that they are IRDA executives and they can refund my money but I have to invest and amount of 15K in government bonds.Can some tell me is this true and this can be really done.Because I dont want to spend further money and have nothing in return.Please advise.


      • Ramchandra R.Papalli

        Dear sir
        I buy hdfc life policy no 15895080 on 6-3-13 in the name of R.R.Parpalli.wen i received the policy it was in the name of my wife mrsPramila R.Parpalli I surprised and shocked.the said policy was surrender in freelook pried on 16-3-13 at hdfc’smahalaxmi ins. office.The hdfs has also send me 3letters dtd.-18,20.and 26th march2013.stating that the matter is under investigation.wen i surrender my policy that the branch office staffhad told me to remitt my policy amount within 14 days period.till date i did’t received the payment of Rs. 20000/-.This is a cheating done by agency staff.i appeal to the hdfc to take strict action against the agency for such a great cheating done wit me.please let me advise for further needfull action.

        with regards
        mob. no 9969015112 (4-5 2013).


    I filed complaint against KVB ongole Br to Banking ombudsman hyderabad for wronly caliculation of interest rate on my educational loan ‘The compliant was registered & sent complaint No.Inspite of several reminders banking ombudsman sent a letter mentioning what the charged interest rate is correct for my loan keeping the fact what is the wrong caliculation interest .I replied explaining the fact about wrong caliculation of interest & how it is caliculated.But there is no reply from Banking ombudsman even I reminded several mentioned interesr rate correctly but caliculation of interest is with higher rate of interest.So I reqest you to guide in this regard & what steps I have to be taken to get justice& from where.
    D.Rama Gopal

  16. Chander Pal

    Sub: – For Refund my policy amount or original policy document from Aviva Life Insurance Co ltd.

    Sir I applied a policy from Aviva Life Insurance co ltd. Policy no. ALA3092253.
    I am not received my original policy documents from Aviva life. As per Aviva life my policy documents was received to post office 16th January 2012 of Jakhod Khera Airway bill no. EH35626462IN but not received to me. I am also confirming from post office. There were no documents of my policy. Aviva sent me duplicate documents of policy but I am return that duplicate policy documents with not accepted letter with duplicate policy and written give me my policy amount or my original policy documents.

    Chander Pal

  17. unnikrishnan

    I have been approched byHDFC standard mutual fund managers in march,2007 & made to invest Rs 30000/-( half yearly premium) in Unit linked endowment scheme mutual funds.But when i got the units i was surpsied to see thatI was alloted 244 units valued Rs11782/-(on16/3/2007). Thus deducting an amount of 18218/- as i was said that full allocation charges has been deducted from my amount.This was real day time robbery . Now ater after 5 years (5/9/2012 ) i got in touch with the HDFC life & i was shocked to hear that my account value is null & iam not to be paid any amount now.So fellow human beings never fall prey to such Mutual fund manager blood sucking leeches & to get away ones hard earned money.Never invest in mutual funds.

  18. Sanjay Bhandarkar

    Dear Manish,

    I am from bangalore
    I am ICICI Bank Credit card holder and there is some 62,000/- and the billing date is 20th of every month. I had been paying whatever minimum the agent is telling i.e. from last 2 months 2,500/-.(they have issued the receipt and reflected in my statement).

    Suddenly, my case is gone to another agency – Name of the agent – Jagadish and his ICICI Bank Manager is Avinash.

    Previously, a year ago, I had closed a person loan attached to this account with outstanding of 3,70,00/ appx. My last due was around 1,50,000/ apx and this last due was handled my this Jagadish and his manager Avinash. This 2 guys are rude. I paid my last installment in cheque. But, they were insisting on cash + additional amount to close the account. But, I fought and closed the account.

    Now, currently again after 1 year these people come into picture and they want to take the prior revenge. Jagadish called me(080-23612044) , he wanted the entire amount of 62,000/- that day itself and talked rude on 24th of last month. I told him that I had time till 8th of july to pay the amount and minimum as per the bill is around 10,000/. He didn’t oblige and he even threatened to come to my house and beat me. I called the customer care center of icici bank and told about the incident. They even gave me the ref no: SR229080266.

    But, I haven’t got any feedback regarding the action taken on these people. To make this month payment, I was waiting for the reply and I had time till 20th.

    Suddenly, this same jagadish called me with name of Nagaraj. He talked me rudely and when I started recording, he disconnected.

    I again called twice immediately with recording, he said he didn’t call me at all. Even after paying every month that to what the agent say to pay, we have to go through this mental agony.

    Same thing happened with my car loan. After final payment, Icicibank agent called me and asked some 200/- to give the NOC. But, I fought and got directly through courier.

    But, now I want to end this. I want to fight against these people. I want to know what action I can take against these people.

    Best Regards,
    Sanjay Bhandarkar K

    • Sanjay

      You can file a consumer conmplaint against ICICI Bank , how ever i am not clear what exactly is the issue, are you questioning the method of recovery or just the recovery itself ? I hope you know that paying minimum amount on your credit card is hurting your credit report and you will really face a lot of issues later in taking a loan !

      • Sanjay Bhandarkar

        my issue is that the complaint which i had raised SR229080266, no serious action is taken at all.

        regarding further loans in think in my life will not avail. this has taught me a very valuable lesson. with this card i was a esteem customer for ICICI bank and this is a platinum card. before 4 years these people used to call for personnal loan with this card. i availled 4,50,000.00 and that changed my life and everything. and this personnal loan that i somehow closed last year.

  19. Nandakumar

    Hi Manish,

    I want to discuss the issue I am now facing with ICICI credit card.
    I am currently abroad on company work and before leaving India I had completely settled all my credit card dues.I have my credit card with me here abroad .
    Then one day I got email alerts that my card was used in Chennai (when I was abroad) they were 4 transactions done continuously to the tune of Rs 28000.
    I called up the ICICI bank and reported fraud,they said they would block the card and do a verification.They now say that the merchant is not co-operating in the investigation ,so i am supposed to bear all the money and sending me continuous mails.
    Please advise how I should proceed on this and as i am expected to return after 3 months only, till then what can be done from my side on this as they are charging interest exorbitantly.

    Please note that as per ICICI it was a physical swipe and the card was used in a petrol bunk.It was not any online transaction.

    I have sent a email complaint to ICICI and they said you pay the money now we shall dispute it after you return.My worry is why should I pay for a case of fraud,which they are incompetent to investigate.Moreover I came to know that DEC 2011 was the period when heavy credit card fraud took place in ICICI.

    Your advice on this is much appreciated.



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