Chola Critical Healthline – Review, Features and Benefits

Considering the extensive working hours of an individual, insufficient physical activities, unhealthy body weight etc…. are leading to many types of critical illnesses. We all know that these critical illnesses come with very serious cost. It is not at all a surprise in today’s scenario that these critical illnesses are becoming a reality in everyone’s life. To cover the un-avoidable cost of critical illness, Chola Mandalam Group has come up with Chola Critical Healthline policy which offers fixed benefit (a lump sum amount of compensation equal to sum insured) up on diagnosis of any critical illness. The lump sum amount […] READ MORE

Aditya Birla Activ Health Essential – Review, Features and Benefits

The Aditya Birla Activ Health Essential Policy is a medical health insurance policy which provides cover as well as rewards if the policyholder maintains a healthy lifestyle. The Activ Health Essential Policy comes with the benefit of HealthReturns. This policy is specially designed to boost healthy living. Features of this policy – Policy Term is 1, 2 or 3 yrs. Minimum and Maximum Sum Assured is Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 Lacs. 60 Days post hospitalization medical expenses will be covered. 30 days pre hospitalization medical expenses will be covered. This policy provides reward points for staying fit and healthy. […] READ MORE

Bajaj Allianz Critical Illness – Review, Features and Benefits

As per advancing technology, human life expectancy has increased by many folds. If we compare medical technologies 10 years back to now, there is a huge difference. People are now living longer and healthier. Many life-threatening illnesses such as heart attack, cancer can now be cured. In order to fight such diseases, one needs good financial support. Bajaj Allianz, in its efforts to provide a customer centric solution is offering an Bajaj Allianz Critical Illness Insurance Policy to cover to some of these critical illnesses. This is the reason why Critical Illness Insurance policies have been developed. Features of the […] READ MORE

ICICI Health Booster – Review, Features and Benefits

Every one of us must have heard this famous saying called, ” Health is Wealth”. In order to enjoy our wealth, we need to have good health. Health is the most important asset of any individual. Good Health brings in lot of peace and physical relaxation in one’s life and family. Having a health insurance policy not only gives the security of financial coverage for medical requirements but also some tax benefits. Now, your insurance cover has just got bigger with Health Booster. ICICI Health Booster is a super top-up Health Insurance cover that takes care of excess payment that […] READ MORE

LIC Jeevan Amar (Table 855) – Review, Features and Benefits

LIC’s Jeevan Amar plan is a Non-Linked, Without Profit, pure protection plan which offers life cover to the policyholder at a very affordable price. This policy ensures financial support for the family in case of unfortunate death of the policyholder during the policy term. The policyholder also has an option to choose death benefit payment either as lump sum payments or in installments. The policyholder also has an option to choose from single, regular and limited premium payment option. LIC’s Jeevan Amar Plan also offer lower premium rates for female proposers. The policy offers the flexibility to choose from two […] READ MORE

HDFC Life Cancer Care – Review, Features and Benefits

HDFC Life Cancer Care is a cancer insurance policy which offers lump sum benefit on diagnosis of Cancer. This insurance will give financial protection in early and later stages of cancer. This policy comes with 3 plan option which a policyholder can choose from. Features of this policy – HDFC Life Cancer Care offers lump sum benefit on detection of Early and Major cancer. The policy has 3 plan options to choose from – Silver, Gold and Platinum. Under Platinum Plan, there will be regular income for 5 years only. Waiver of Premium Benefit in case of diagnosis of Early […] READ MORE

HDFC Life Group Term Insurance – Review, Features and Benefits

Success of any business totally depends upon a good workforce in the company. Everyone requires some sort of insurance in life, especially when their family is totally financially dependent on them. The HDFC Life Group Term Insurance (GTI) plan meets this need and serves as an ideal way for companies to reinforce their bond with their employees. The sort of needs an employer need to cater for it’s employees could be in the form of the following – Employee benefits Cover for housing or vehicle loans given by the employer to the employee. A Group Term Insurance cover for future […] READ MORE

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance – Review, Features and Benefits

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance is a comprehensive plan designed to protect you and your family against expenses incurred in case of hospitalization. This health insurance policy can be customized to suit your requirements and budget. Features of the policy – This policy offers guaranteed lifetime renewability. Income Tax benefits u/s 80D can only be availed for policies bought for Self, Spouse, Parents and Dependent children. Policy can be bought for any family member(s) children, parents and for self. Benefits of the policy – Lifetime renewal facility of the policy. There is no upper age limit to one’s policy. Continue […] READ MORE

HDFC Life Classic Assure Plus – Review, Features and Benefits

HDFC Life Classic Assure Plus is an investment cum insurance plan that offers guaranteed benefit while letting your money grow. This policy offers guaranteed reversionary bonus along with the flexibility to choose premium paying term. It also provides financial protection against untimely demise of the policyholder throughout the policy term. The policy is ideal for meeting long term financial goals such as funding your child’s aspiration of higher education, creating a fund for your own future aspirations and creating a financial stability for securing future of your loved ones. Features of this policy – Limited premium payment terms of 7 […] READ MORE

HDFC SL SarvGrameen Bachat Yojana – Review, Features and Benefits

If we carefully and sincerely prepare for our uncertain future, then we can live a life full of longevity, confidence and tension free. HDFC has launched a micro-insurance product called as HDFC SL SarvGrameen Bachat Yojana exclusively for the benefit of rural population so that they can prepare themselves for future uncertainties. This policy provides robust returns even on an investment as small as Rs 200 by adding 50% to original investment in 5 years. Apart from guaranteed returns, this plan offers the essential security of a life insurance. Features of this policy – This policy is micro insurance product. […] READ MORE

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