Tax Exemptions Rules , Who is included and who is not

Following is a chart showing the list of people for whom you can claim deductions for tax exemption. For example, if you pay the LIC Insurance premium, you can claim if the got premium paid for. Yourself Spouse Children For further details … see this table … Click to enlarge it. To know about the […]


How to choose Mutual Funds for tax saving purpose

95% of the salaried people are rushing to invest in tax saving (India). 5% of smart people have already done it (like me). The biggest rush I know must be still for LIC policies and PPF because very fewer people in India invest in Mutual funds still. In my earlier posts, I have told which […]


Financial Resolutions for 2009

Hi Friends, Happy New Year to all of you. As this new year is coming, Let us discuss some things, they are: 1. Financial Resolutions for 2009 2. The outlook of Asset Classes in 2009 and onwards. Financial Resolutions for 2009 Let us all make sure that we will do better than the previous year […]


Jeevan Astha .. Another idiotic product

LIC has introduced another Product called “Jeevan Astha” … Let me take one by one each line and do some analysis and raise some questions. A)Death Benefit: On death during the first policy year: Basic Sum Assured with Guaranteed Addition. On death during the policy term after the first policy year, excluding last policy […]


Exceptional Returns from GILT FUNDS

During the last 5-6 months GILT funds have given returns like Equity funds … Something around 20-40% in last 5-6 months … And they are almost safe on downside … Lets see more on this Read : 5 mistakes of my first trade What are GILT Funds ? A mutual fund that invests in several […]


4 reasons why creating an emergency fund should be a top priority for every investor?

Planning your financial life does not mean planning for your long term financial needs only, It will be incomplete unless you keep an emergency fund for the unexpected emergency situations. In this article i will tell you why it is important to keep emergency fund and how much of this fund you should keep aside. […]


8 keys ratios to look at before buying a share

This is a time when long term investing should be done. If you have spare cash for long term, Equity is for you. But how do you do it? How do you choose them? What are the important things you should look at while buying shares for long term? There are some key things we […]


Some Basic Information on Trading and Investing

Trading and investing are two different things which confuses lot of beginner investors. In this article I’m going to tell you what is trading and investing and how they are different from each other. What is an Index? NIFTY and SENSEX are the Index, they are the indicator of how Markets are performing. An Index […]


Basics of Options trading for beginner investors

Looks like people are very much interested in learning about Derivatives. Let me try to put basic things about Derivatives. Read how you can Hedge your portfolio using PUT options Let me first talk Good things about Options If there is anything in world which can make you instant rich, it’s Options Trading !!! What […]


Returns with options trading

what kind of markets have these been .. a slight news of hope is causing stocks to rally to so much amount which they used to rally in a year . As i write this Citigroup Corp shares have risen 68% in just 1.5 hrs of trading . 68% in a day !! That’s a […]


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