10 things we observed after working with 2,000+ financial planning clients

Few days back, I was sitting with a financial planning in our Pune Office and we did a very detailed discussion on his financial life. We looked at various parameters and did basic number crunching which gave a deeper understand to this client about financial financial status. The first step was to record all his […]


Jagoinvestor Mumbai Workshop on July 22nd – 2018 (Sunday)

We are happy to announce, our next full day workshop in Mumbai is scheduled on 22 nd July 2018 (Sunday). Generally we give 30-35 days for people to register but this time the gap is less and so check your schedule at the earliest and book your seat. The workshop is an opportunity for investors […]


Rags to Riches money story of Mohit (Employee vs Entrepreneur mindset)

Mohit, one of our readers has agreed to share his rags to riches story which will help a lot of you to build the minset to become rich and do what it takes. Over to Mohit .. — My story is going to be about two generations and how each views, treats and values money […]


How your bank calculates Monthly Average Balance ?

Do you understand what is the meaning of Minimum Monthly Average Balance in your saving account? When you say “Monthly Average Balance of your saving bank account is Rs.10,000”, what does it mean exactly? A lot of people feel that their balance in saving bank account should not go below Rs.10,000 on any given day, […]


How to quickly check your bank balance without internet on phone?

Everyone wants to check bank balance and keep a track on their bank accounts. Smartphone’s, internet and banking system together has made this process easier by providing the facility to check your bank account details online. But what in case of those people who don’t have a smartphone or internet connection? Now you can check […]


How an IT engineer tripled his networth in 8 yrs – An exclusive story

Do you want to read the story of an investor who has tripled his networth in just 8 yrs and learn about his great skills in financial planning? We bring you the money story of one of our readers from Pune, who agreend to share about his life journey and his acheivements. Over to him […]


Should you invest in Corporate Fixed Deposits? Are they safe?

Do you think corporate fixed deposits are as safe as bank Fixed Deposits? Has come agent convinced you that you will get 2-3% higher returns from corporate fixed deposits without any risk? If thats the case, you need to be educated a little more about corporate fixed deposits. I will talk about 5 major things […]


Congrats loyal employees – Gratuity limit raised from 10 lacs to 20 lacs

Do you know anything about gratuity? It is one of the component of your salaried income which you will get at the time of your retirement. A lot of people are not even aware of the term gratuity and tax exemption on this amount. In this article i’m going to tell you what is gratuity, how […]


7 sites where you can easily learn stock trading without risking your money

Do you want to learn stock trading, but don’t want to loose money in the process? In this article i’m going to tell you about 7 best virtual trading websites or apps which will help you to learn stock trading without risking your money. A lot of investors are excited to know about stock markets […]


DigiLocker – A Free and Secure way to store your important documents online

Digilocker is a Digital Locker service provided by Indian Government for the citizens to reduce the efforts of carrying hard copies of their documents everywhere. It is a part of digital India campaign. Many times it is difficult to carry the hard copies of your documents everywhere. And there is also possibility of misplacing or […]


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