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Just answer 10 questions about your financial life in 2 mintues, and find out how much you score out of 100. It will give you an idea of where you stand in your financial life and if you need any financial help or not.

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Question #1 - What part of your in-hand income do you save per month?


Question #2 - How many money back insurance policies and ULIP's policies do you have?


Question #3 - What percentage of your monthly Income goes into paying EMI's ?


Question #4 - How much health Insurance Cover do you have (excluding your company cover)?


Question #5 - How much Life Insurance cover do you have?


Question #6 - In case of a job loss how many months of your regular expenses you can bear without having any fresh income?


Question #7 - How much investments you have done in Equities?

"Equities" here means Stocks or equity mutual funds

Question #8 - Have you done your investments as per goal planning and with proper calculations (inflation and target projections)?


Question #9 - How good and full of potential is your job/business?


Question #10 - Do you worry about your financial future?

Please share if you need any kind of financial counselling in your financial life? Our team can help you in that.

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