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POSTED BY MONILHARIYA ON April 23, 2012 12:28 pm COMMENTS (3)

FY 12 – 13
Tax amount – 70,000
Invested –
PPF – 4000
Planing to invest –
2 LIC policy.1 for 15yrs other for 30 yrs. Premium – Rs 10,000 yrly.
EPF – 11520 yrly
ELSS – 20000
FD – 10000
PFF – 6000
Infra Bond – 9000
So can you suggest Good ELSS & Infra bond to buy.
Also if any better option to maximize return.

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  1. MONILHARIYA says:

    So if i invest in Guarantee insurance plan this year whould that DTC apply to me.
    So which are other option for tax.

    1. Dear Monilhariya, I can understand EPF & PPF in your query but what is this PFF thing?

      Please do note Infra bonds are no longer available as tax saving option in current FY i.e. 2012-2013.



  2. BanyanFA says:

    I would strongly discourage you to put your funds into Insurance products if they are for the sole motive of Tax saving. From next year if DTC comes into play, all these tax saving options may be taken away and then you would be sitting with a policy which you would have to service for next 10-15 years !

    Better options are, PPF, SIP for 1 year in to ELSS mutual fund such as HDFC / ICICI Tax Saver.

    Infra bonds have been stopped from this year and hence are no longer a tax saving option.

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