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I am newcomer for investment. Sujest me some shares which can be held for atleast 10 years. As I am not planning to withdraw money. I can review once a year the investments.

I would like only long term bets which are aviable at decent price

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  1. rakesh says:

    As you are new to stocks, don’t invest blindly in them without doing any research.
    Identify and research few good Equity mutual funds and invest via SIP.
    Once you are comfortable you can invest in stocks.
    In stock market timing is very crucial.
    Only about 10% of people make money in stocks.


  2. Ankur Lakhia says:

    I believe in old saying that it is better to learn how to fish rather than getting fish. In the same spirit, I would recommend that you study first and invest later as far as directly buying stocks is concerned.

    To start the journey, my advise would be to invest predominantly via few good diversified mutual fund schemes like HDFC top 200, DSPBR top 100 etc via SIP route. If market does correct, invest more amount.

    At the same time, also invest time to study and learn about investments. To start with you can read well proven classic books like intelligent investor and one up on wall street. I would also highly recommend a good online forum like

    Once you understand the basics, you can begin by investing small amounts and then grow as your understanding and confidence improves.

  3. Do not plan for buying shares & close your eyes for 10 years. Keep an eye on day to day news also. Don’t forget the Satyam scam.

    You can invest in Bluechip companies like Reliance industries, L&T, HDFC, BHEL, NTPC and mid cap like IFCI, IDBI.

    Invest some amt. in equity diversified mutual funds also.

    Hope it will help you.

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