Showing or linking spouse’s 26AS in self ITR

Hello, I have a query for which I could not find an answer in other queries/replies. My query is: My wife’s income earned thro’ bank FDs interest is clubbed in my hand. But, the bank has already deducted the applicable TDS on this FDs interest. Now, how to include this TDS in my return as […]


Question on TDS of Fixed deposit 15G

I worked in Govt Organization from Dec 2008 to Aug 2012. In Sept 2011 i started a fixed deposit which matured after one year and on next day of maturity TDS was deducted by the bank. This Fixed deposit is still active and TDS is being deducted according to GOvt rules at periodic time. Other […]


How to submit Income tax proofs later ?

I wanted to submit my investment proof and HRA. I was initially working as a permanent employee from april 2014 to august 2014 then moved on to a professional contractual role from sept 2014 to jan 2015 and now from 19th March I am again a permanent employee with another organization. I have been only […]


Query on income tax exemption on LTA for travel by Air

As far as my knowledge, if someone travels by air during LTA, he can claim the airfare by national carrier (like Air India) only. What happens if he travels by a private airline (like Jet or Indigo)? What happens if there is no Air India flight in the route where he travels during LTA? Please […]


TDS deducted on medical reimbursement paid by company – Not Fair

My father got cancer and he has spent more than 20 lacs for the treatment. He submitted his medical bills to the company(PSU). The company has paid around 12 lacs, but they have treated this as income and deducted 30% as tax (according to his slabs) He passed away recently. I feel that the tax […]


How to declare source of income for spouse when she gets money from husband ?

I am a taxpayer. My income after income tax, I give to my wife which in turn she invests in shares. There are two scenario i) income/loss on selling shares after STT and one year time period second ii) income/loss from selling the share within 1 year after STT When filing income tax return for […]


Paying of remaining tax without penalty

Hi I have already made some advance tax payment within 15th March on a rough estimation of interest and capital gains. However, I still find that I might have to pay another 7000. Will there be a penalty, if I pay this amount during filing of IT returns ?? Is the permissible limit for remaining […]


Home Loan benefit for second Home in same city

I’ve a flat whose EMI is going to end in next month , i’m intending to buy another flat in same location . Can you please let me know if i’ll be eligible for Home loan tax benefit ? the first Home has joint ownership with my wife. And planning to buy the second in […]


Question on Different name in Pan card and Income Tax Return?

Need small information 1. My Wife has been continuing her maiden name in her office. Her PAN card also has her maiden name ABC OldSurname 2. We are filling tax return by her Post marriage name – ABC NewSurname. Will there be any issue 3. We have now applied her passport. Her passport has come […]


What is timeline for paying capital gains tax ?

One of my friend did a house sale in Jan 2015. This house was constructed by him after purchasing a plot in 1996. Construction completed in 1996 itself. How can he establish cost of house as he does not have any bills but for the registration documents of the plot. In the transaction, he got […]


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