How Direct Mode is more beneficial while buying ELSS mutual funds?

Dear Madam/Sir I want yo invest in ELSS scheme upto Rs 150000 on behalf of many of my family members in Axis Long Term Equity Fund . Right now in regular fund is NAV 31.284 and in Direct fund NAV is 32.169. If I am right, for 150000 rs I will get 4795 Units in […]


6 ELSS Funds selected – Needs input !

Hi Team, Please note that I have filtered the following funds based on the Returns, Consistent Performance and Crisil Ranking. Also, I am planning to invest on the following ELSS funds for the financial year 2015-2016. Kindly let me know your thoughts on this fund and kindly let me know if any fund needs to […]


Sukhanya Samridhi Scheme Vs Mutual Funds

Hi Experts, I have planned to allocate some 2K-3K per month for investment in for my daughters education. Recently I heard about the new savings scheme with 9.1% int for Girls. But I was thinking to invest in some MFs for a term of 5-10 years. I am still a very very beginner to MFs, […]


Investing through BlueChip in mutual funds ?

Hi Manish, Thanks for your blog and excellent forum. I am asking this question on behalf of my dad. He has been investing in various mutual funds through an agent who works for BlueChip ( My dad says he doesn’t pay any commission to this agent, there is no entry load and also the full […]


SIP for 5+ year – Suggestions needed

I am planning to start SIP for 5 + years , this for long term purpose. I am completely looking for Equity funds, no need for any debt/balanced funds, and i am having substantial part of FD in my portfolios. I am looking for aggressive risk portfolio. Please let me know whether this following portfolio […]


Mutual Fund Portfolio Advice for 10 yrs

I’m Krishna Kanth , Age 29, Married, My wife and I are both working and we get a combined salary of Rs 1 lakh per month. I would like to invest 10k per month for my kid’s higher education starting now for 10 years. I am ok to take on risk and hence I would […]


Please suggest mutual fund for Aggressive investment for 3-5 yrs?

I am already investing in 2 funds for 2000/- per month SIP. My age 35 yrs ICICI Prudential Focused Blue Chip Equity Fund – Regular Plan – Growth Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund – Growth I am planning to invest in 2 more funds 2-2 thousand each. I am OK with Aggressive funds. Kindly suggest.


Dividend Sweep Option of Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund

Hello I have found one option Monthly Dividend Sweep Plan with MINIMUM INVESTMENT Amount as Rs.5,00,000/- They do sweep from Debt to Equity fund at every recorder dividend date. I have one question. Does such dividend sweep attract DDT (dividend distribution tax)?


Axis Long Term Equity Fund (Growth) SIP Redemption?

Hi, I started Axis Long Term Equity Fund (Growth) SIP (ELSS) on 15th every month from May 2014 for Rs.1,000/- every month. I want to know the following: 1. When can i make the first redemption? (With no extra charges/penalties to pay for redemption) 2. How much can i redeem in first redemption? 3. A […]


Should I come out of Quantum Long Term Mutual fund ?

Hi friends, I am investing in Quantum LT fund through SIP for past 1 year. My financial adviser is suggesting me now to invest in some other long term diversified fund as quantum in not performing well now. Please advise me on this whether i should continue with this fund or not? I have planned […]


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