Design your Financial Life Workshop

Learn 40 things on personal finance

An online personal finance program which will teach you 40 things about personal finance in just 2 days (3 hrs each day).

Program Fees : Rs 3,500

Use discount code “EARLYBIRD” to get Rs 1,000 discount

Timings: 10 am – 1 pm on both days! . The session will happen on ZOOM MEETINGS!Incase of any doubts or questions regarding the program, please mail us at [email protected]

Glimpse of our Past Online Programs

Here some clips from our recent online session. It will give you some idea of the experience of our participants in their own language!

40+ Topics Covered in this Program

This is an indicative list of topics we intend to cover in these 2 days (3.5 hrs each day)

  • 1


    • Why to Slow down as an Investor
    • Designing vs Planning
    • Defining your Version 1
    • Give vs Get Investor

  • 2

    Journey of an Investor

    • Life & Health Insurance
    • Emergency Fund
    • Short Term Goals
    • Long Term Goals

  • 3

    Are you ready for Retirement?

    • How long will you live in Retirement?
    • Retirement Wake up Call
    • How much to Invest for Retirement?
    • 8 Retirement Planning Challenges

  • 4

    Wealth Creation in India

    • India’s Future – Where are we headed
    • Getting Comfortable with Equity
    • Why Mutual Funds for Wealth Creation?
    • Wealth Creation Formula

  • 5

    Succession Planning

    • What is Estate Planning?
    • Why people dont do Estate Planning?
    • Nominations, Wills & Succession Laws Intro
    • Who will get money is there is no WILL?

  • 6

    Basic Tax Planning

    • Basic Ways of Saving Taxes
    • How your parents can help you save taxes?
    • Concept of Tax Laddering
    • Concept of Gifts!

  • 7

    Credit Report & Score

    • What is Credit Report & Score
    • How to Check your Credit Report and Score
    • How does a CIBIL report look like?
    • How to check if for FREE?

  • 8

    The Rich Mindset

    • How to Avoid Misselling
    • How System Works & Power of Small savings
    • Financial Freedom – Whats your number?
    • Building your Wealth Space!

  • 9

    Program Ends

    • Define your Version 2
    • 10 Habits of a good investor
    • Action Plan
    • Thanks and Best of Luck



Vidyanand Nayak

Dear Nandish, Thanks for the two day workshop of Designing of Personal Finance. It was alarming and eye openers for me .There are many corrective actions required to be taken and your guidance and learnings from this workshop will help many people like me to move in right direction. Thank you once again to you and the Jagoinvestor team. 

Sumit Tiwari

I loved the session to the fullest. 6 hours of session in two days has given so much of insights to lead a good financial life. I really thank Jagoinvestor and specially Nandish for his efforts, patience and guidance. Would love to be part of another session 

Anand Subramanian

The session was very good.I think it offers good coverage, value and action items for anyone who wants to start their financial journey or wants to evaluate theirs. I will be suggestions this to my friends and relatives. Thanks

Sudarshana Kuruba

It’s Really helpful to create wealth in right direction with discipline.. I Think jago platform is the right one to achieve our goals. Thanks

About Program

This program is an online version of our program called “Design your financial life” which we do in various cities from 9 am – 6 pm.

Its a foundation level program which is for any kind of investor to spend a quality day for his/her financial life and get a 360-degree understanding about concepts, knowledge, mindset required to lead a good financial life.

The program is designed keeping in mind an investor who wants to learn about personal finance various topics in a single session

Meet your Trainer for the Program


Nandish Desai


Nandish Desai is the co-founder of and has trained thousands of investors across various cities. He has also led many webinars for corporate employees for various personal finance topics.

Nandish has amazing coaching skills and is a great speaker when it comes to money. His words will not just educate you but directly hit you where it will impact the most!

Nandish is also an author of 2 personal finance and advisory books with CNBC-18. Nandish deals with retail and HNI Investors also on day to day basis and understands their pain points.

We are sure you will create lots of value along with Nandish. See you in program!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a Begineer investor with no knowledge enroll for this program?

    Yes!. A new investor can register for this program without any worries. We start from scratch and don’t use any jargons or complex things in this program. In fact, the whole session is quite enjoyable and the content is delivered in a fun and casual manner. Many real-life examples and scenarios will be used so that you can relate the program with your life. 

  • Can a NRI attend this program?

    100% YES. All the things we are going to discuss in the session are common issues and points related to every resident and NRI. So it’s a common program for all. Apart from few things, anyways most of the things are same for NRI’s too!

  • Is this a replacement of financial planning?

    Not really.This is an affordable group session and mainly to learn about personal finance in 6 hours (3 hrs each for 2 days) and aims at teaching you about various money concepts and also coach you in some areas of money. You need to see it as the foundation level program so that you are ready for your financial planning.Financial Planning generally costs 15,000- 30,000 and is a personalized program where a qualified financial planner creates a roadmap for your financial goals, as per your financial situation.

  • Who should not attend this program?

    We are not going to cover anything related to stocks, trading, tax-filing, complex taxation any advanced strategies or portfolio creation in this program. Anyone looking forward to these topics shall not attend the session. Also this session is not for financial advisors or any agent.

  • What is the cancellation or Refund policy?

    Incase you are not able to attend the program, you will be eligible to attend next program when it happens. There is no refund for the cancellation.

  • Can I attend this along with my Spouse/Children?

    Definitely YES. We fully support your view that spouse and children should be taught personal finance as soon as possible. So you can surely have your spouse or kids complimentary in the session with you (you all can sit together)

  • I still have questions!, where can I ask them?

    Please mail us at [email protected]