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  • Saving Your Saving score is good!
    What part of your income is getting saved?
  • EMI/income Your EMI/income score is good!
    What is your EMI to Income ratio?
  • Family Protection Your Family Protection score is good!
    Can your family generate income equal to their expenses?
  • Health Insurance Your Health Insurance score is in danger!
    Is your health Insurance in Place?
  • Portfolio Return Your Portfolio Return score is in danger!
    Is your portfolio earning more than Inflation?
  • Financial Goals Your Financial Goals score is in danger!
    How prepared are you to reach all your goals?
  • Investible Surplus Your Investible Surplus score is good!
    What is your surplus available for Investments purpose?
  • Debt/Assets Your Debt/Assets score is good!
    Debt to Assets ratio - Are your leveraged?
  • Financial Freedom Your Financial Freedom score is good!
    How long can you sruvive with your networth?
  • Splurging Index Your Splurging Index score is good!
    How much do you spend on your eating out and entertainments?
  • Protection Cost Your Protection Cost score is in danger!
    What part of your income is going is securing your family?
  • Pension Your Pension score is good!
    What part of your core expenses can you passive income cover?
  • Complexity Your Complexity score need improvement!
    How many financial products do you own overall?
  • Emergency Fund Your Emergency Fund score is good!
    For how many months can you survive in short term?
  • Credibility Your Credibility score is good!
    How credible investor your are for getting a loan?

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