How to view Form 26AS Online ?

Form 26AS is a consolidated statement which reflects all the advance tax paid by you personally or through TDS/TCS way. The best part about it is that you can view Form 26AS online by just quoting your PAN Number. You can view your Form 26AS online or download it in PDF or Excel format, but for that you need to register on the income tax website.

Why do we need Form 26AS ?

We all check our bank accounts when some one deposits money into it . Once we see that the amount is matching, we feel at peace and confirmed that there is no issue . Now in the same way through out the year, we might pay the tax in parts . It can be in form of Advance tax cut by our companies, TDS cut by the bank on your fixed deposits , TDS cut by some third party who is making payment to us . They all pay this tax on our behalf to tax department and it is linked to our PAN card.

Now at the end of the year before filing for tax returns, we might want to check that how much tax is already paid by us through different ways and then we might want to pay additional remaining tax or ask for a refund in case we see that we paid more tax in a year.

An important point to note is, do not disclose your PAN information to someone else , otherwise it becomes a security issue . Others can also view your Form 26AS and hence find out how much tax you paid :) .

How to view Form 26AS online ?

1. Go to this website :

2. Register your PAN Card and password (search for REGISTER)

3. Once you are registered , go to Login page (Search for LOGIN)

4. Go to “My Account” section (at the top) and sub section – “View Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS)”

5. Choose assessment year , date of birth and click SUBMIT

6. It will ask you for confirmation to redirect to NSDL website to view your form 26AS

7. Click on the bottom button which says “View Form 26AS

8. You can now see your Form 26AS

Direct link to Form 26AS in your netbanking ?

Yes, A lot of banks like ICICI , SBI etc provide a direct link to your form 26AS through internet banking. On clicking the link, You can directly see 26A.

Did you knew this information already ? Would you like to share some of your past experience when you needed form 26AS online and how it was useful to you?

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  1. Nooka Sreenivas

    Some banks provide this direct link (ICICI, SBI etc) thru internet banking. On clicking the link, we can directly see 26A..No need to register ourselves.

  2. Sanjay Thorat

    Hi Manish, don’t we have to submit Physical form to NSDL after online registeration?
    I registered for online access to the Form 26AS and then I had to submit the printout of the generated from to NSDL. The NSDL person came to my home to collect the form and I paid him Rs. 114 for home service. If I had submitted form myself I would have to pay only Rs. 17.

    Later, I realized that I can see the form through my Netbanking account too.

  3. Kishore

    Hi, when I looked at my form26a from ICICI direct link – my previous employer Did not paid to incometax dept what he deducted from my salary ( deducted from my salary 56000, but he paid to IT 17500). Need your guidelines to take next course of action on this.
    Thanks for this article.


      Hi Kishore,

      In this regard , you need to approach your employer alongwith the printout of Form 26AS and explain him about the difference. It may so happen that he may not have filed e tds return yet or even if any mistake is being committed from employer’s end, the same can be rectified by way of filing revised TDS return by an employer.

  4. Tejas

    If I am able to get form 26A, do I still absolutely need to have physical forms from banks etc where tds has been deducted?

    Can I use the data from form 26A (assuming it is all correct) in filing ITR?


      Yes Tejas.. it may so happen that inspite of reflection of TDS credit in Form 26AS, I T department may not grant you the credit and in such scenario you may have to file a rectification petition u/s 154 of the I Tax act before your jurisdictional Income Tax officer [ ITO] alongwith original TDS certificate which inturn shall enable ITO to give the due TDS credit. So always ask for Original TDS Certificates inspite of reflection in Form 26AS

  5. Pulkit

    Thanks for such useful link Manish..
    Can you tell how to put a request for refund? I want to put that for last year tax deduction.

      • Till 31st Oct 2012 Tax Information Network (TIN) by NSDL( was used to collect information about Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on behalf of Income Tax Department (ITD).

        Now Income Tax Department (ITD), has started a new initiative TRACES or TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System. The new portal has been created to enhance swift interaction between the deductor, deductee, income-tax department and CPC.

        TRACES website has details about the Advance Tax submitted in Dec.
        Our article TDS, Form 26AS and TRACES covers it in detail.

  6. Giridhar

    Just to let you and fellow members know that Form26 reflects only the TDS linked to PAN. I had deposits in Axis bank but were not linked to PAN and my TDS is not shown in Form26

        • rdamle


          Same Case is with me. From my SBI net banking when I tried 26AS I’m getting error message that my PAN is not mapped. I have submitted PAN to the bank. When I called them about this mapping, they said they I’ve to contact NSDL Is it correct? I doubt. Most of bank people are not aware of online services- that is my observation.

          • Giridhar

            It is nothing to do with NSDL. NSDL is only a medium. The bank has to refile the TDS return mapping the TDS with PAN.

            After my 3month battle with Axis bank now they have updated my account but still struggling for my fathers account.

            • rdamle

              How did you exactly got it resoved ? Contating knowlegeable people in the branch or you tried written complaint?

        • varakantham sreelatha

          iam ubable to view 26 as of ack nos are 05014030
          0375373/400875/422446/050140300467283 for panabwpv2097f
          030520300044710/55895/70772/100184195 for pan abwpv2097f kindly send me 26as to the email

  7. Ananda Raha

    Dear Manishji

    Its really informative and must know article for evry individual whoever is a tax payer.

    Thanks a lot

  8. Srinivas

    Informative article.

    Initially i tried to get myself enrolled through NSDL and paid Rs 100 or so. But due to some communication gap they didnot materialise. This is about 2 years back. I also left it as i didnot think of it much then.

    Then there was a query from IT dept for checking my IT returns of 2004-05. In that year i paid 22400 as assessment tax in Jul 2005. But i lost those documents and i am not able to prove the same. IT dept told me to pay Rs 56000 or so as penalty. I didnot know what to do.

    Then, by chance, i checked my 26AS and there it was, payment of self assessment tax. I could escape without paying anything for that year.

    Then i started to take real interest and cross checking the numbers yearly.

    If some TDS is not reflecting in this one has to follow up with the deductor so that that will appear in this statement. Else, they can have problems in Return assessment(if need be).


  9. Hitesh

    Dear Manish,

    I have been filing returns through a CA and he had registered his email id for viewing 26AS. I have the user id with me but when i click on “forgot pasword”, it says that it will forward the password to the registered email id (CA’s id). How do i get the password without asking my CA ?



  10. K.M.Manohar Kumar

    Thank you Manish,

    A very easy to understand step by step guide to access FORM 26AS.

    Thanks once again.


  11. Mitesh

    Hello Manish,
    I went on IT dept site to register using PAN. It says that my PAN is already registered. I have never registered my PAN. What should I do now to retrieve this back? Please help


    • Means some one has used your PAN to register , this might be the case. Do one thing , do a password recovery process and then mail the tax department (or talk to customer care) that you are the one who own that PAN , show them proof etc . May be they disable it !

  12. N.S.Srikanth

    Thanks for the info provided, its really useful, I can view last fin yr details of deduction. But is it possible to find out current fin yr deductions done by my company. If so how can I do it.

  13. Chaitanya

    Seems details of TDS in it is only one of its purposes. The form also has details of mutual fund/shares/bond transactions (seems its listed in this form only if they the transaction amount is above a thresold or so). Does anyone how the details in this section are used by IT dept… is it used to cross-verify if ppl are reporting all profits or not or something like tht?

      • Chaitanya

        After part C , there’s a section with heading “Details of Transactions of Mutual Fund, Shares and Bonds (as reported by AIR filer)” in which MF payments of > Rs. 1L are listed. And after this section is the “Details of Paid Refund” This is in FY 2010-11 form.

        But in FY 2011-12 form, the MF section is totally mising (after Part C, it directly mentions “Details of Paid Refund”). Not sure if they removed it altogether in FY 2011-12 or its not there js coz I didnt make any payments more than Rs. 1L in MFs in this year.

        Seems i cant upload screenshot in comments?

      • Naresh

        Form 26AS contains 5 parts.
        1) TDS deducted
        2) Tax collected at Source (TCS)
        3)Income tax directly paid. eg. Advance Tax
        4)Refunds which are to be paid to us.
        5)Details of tranaction of Mutaul funds and shares

        Fifth part may not get displayed unless you have done this type of transaction.

    • smitha

      I’m even surprised IT department itself (deductee similar to banks) has shown 2 entries, and a further enquiry with Bangalore IT call center confirmed that IT dept deducts TDS on the interest earned on refund due.

      These mutual funds entries are not at all transparent. Some are shown, and many are not seen. Because PAN number is used across multiple platforms, IT dept may very well know all our history.

      I don’t think IT dept verifies, until unless the transactions appear fradulent. I’m sure small fishes, like many people here, need not worry.

  14. Rajiv

    I couldn’t find the details of TDS paid for the Assessment Year 2012-13. My company had already paid the TDS. But the details are not updated in NSDL site. I would like to know whether any one is able to view the TDS paid details for the Assessment Year 2012-13 ?

  15. nath

    My bank HSBC has not shown the TDS in Form 26A.
    After I took up the matter with them,they have issued a letter giving details of interest paid and tax deducted.

    Query is Can I show this amount of Tax deducted by HSBC in my returns even though it does not appear in Form 26A?

    Pl help

  16. Naresh

    Hello Manish!
    Its Good to see the way you clarify our doubts. I too got one problem. I don’t know whether this is the appropriate place to comment here or not.

    Actually I got some affiliate commission and the company also deducted TDS as per norms. This is also reflected in Form 26AS.

    But actually I don’t come under taxable income limit. I ‘m not even a salaried employee. So is it possible to get back the TDS deducted via income tax return.

    If yes tell me which ITR form should I used to get back the deducted TDS? In Form 26 AS it is mentioned that the commission is deducted under the section 194H (which is particularly for commission and brokerage.)

    Help from your side is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  17. Naresh

    One more thing I have to clarify. You said that I have to file ITR 1. But in that form it is mentioned that it is just for persons who receive income via salary/pension. Since I don’t have this type of income I think I don’t come under this category.

    Will the affiliate commission comes under Busineess or profession? If yes then I think ITR 4 is the best option. Correct me if I am wrong. I am not sure at all. This is the first time I will have to file Return.

  18. Giridhar

    Am I right that, to do e-filing, we need unique certificate number of the the TDS (and hence form16). So Form26A/S is not sufficient as it doesn’t give the TDS cert number. This unique number seems to have been introduced from this year.

  19. Sandeep

    Hi Manish,
    Is it possible to view the 26As statement for AY 2004-2005. It only has till 2006-2007. Is it possible to get the 26AS from IT department for all the previous years?

  20. Deivasigamani

    Hello Everyone

    Does anyone know after how much days income tax paid online through TIN website will be reflected in the FORM 26AS?


  21. Mayank Thakkar

    Hi, Information furnished on this website are very helpful.

    I have one question, for the current assessment year Form 16 and Form 26AS details for TDS is not matching. Form 26AS shows some unusual entries as Salary (From my employer only). and it show higher amount as Salary (and also TDS) in my account.

    Where as in actual I got the Form 16 which is correct. I did inquiry with my Payroll and they say your revised data has been sent and it will reflect very soon. The last date for IT return in nearing but still since last one month the correct details on 26AS is not updated?

    My question do I need to wait for 26AS to be corrected or I can go ahead with IT return as per Form 16 received by the employer..

    • You can go ahead with your form 16 , Form 26AS is just for your information purpose , you must be clear about your TDS cut in the year , just make sure you consider it , form 26AS is just to make sure you confirm the reflection of TDS cut using Form 26As

  22. Amit

    Hi Manish,

    I am regular reader of your blog.and i also open my account to view form 26AS.
    I filled my ITR in july through income tax department website.I got mail from them regarding confirmation also.Today i got mail from incometax department again regarding mismatch of something.So i requested my 26AS form and can see that there is mismatch in date of deposite on 26AS form and my form 16 which contains my deduction details.How should i proceed in this case.Please let me know

    Thanks in advance

  23. Dear Mr.Manish,

    , I hope so, Currently the website has been modified.Please let me know how to proceed.I am being asked for TAN number .I need to find my quarterly TDS statement only by using PAN number .

    Please let me know



  24. Manav

    Helo Manish. Good, informative article here.

    I have a concern and hope you can help. I paid Advance Tax last week and the same was confirmed by the Challan Status Inquiry 2 days later. However, it’s been almost 6 days now, this tax amount is not reflecting in my Form 26AS.

    Does it take normally take this long for the I-T department to update? What other way do I have of following up on this?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  25. Manav

    I noticed that a new TDS CPC website has been launched but registration doesn’t seem to be working as of now. Also, on the TIN site, they’re saying that Form 26AS details have been updated only till 31 October, 2012.

    Here’s the source:

    Under the question “How are the details of TDS/TCS are displayed in Form 26AS?” the last line states that “Form 26AS generated at TIN contains details of TDS/TCS statements processed at TIN upto October 31, 2012 only.”

    Could this be reason why Form 26AS is not yet updated with Advance Tax paid in the first week of December 2012?

    Any updates or clues about this would be useful.

  26. sant kumar lonial

    Dear manish,
    I’m trying to view my 26AS Tax credit for the 2008-09 assessment year, but that shows only from 2009-10 assessment year.
    kindly help me . waiting for your reply.

  27. rahul

    Dear manish,
    Same enquiry as above….I’m trying to view my 26AS Tax credit for the 2008-09 assessment year, but that shows only from 2009-10 assessment year. where do i get it from?
    kindly help me . waiting for your reply urgently

  28. K.Suresh

    Manish garu
    I’m trying to view my 26AS Tax credit for the 2013-14 assessment year. But our Form 26AS not opend. how it open the form 26AS. who will give ID, Passward for our account. Somebody told bankers will give your Form 26AS ID & Passsword, But they told we have not receive instruction from our HO.

  29. Atul Khemka

    Any idea as to which version of Winzip is required to extract the 26AS.txt filed from TDS CPC Site
    I am unable to extract the Txt file I am getting an error msg
    Has anybody tries to extract the 26AS.txt file ??

  30. N. Raghavan

    Details of Form 26AS is as per information processed only up to October 31, 2012 What abut the payments made since then?

    N. Raghavan

    • ThumsUp

      I have the exact same question. Until recently, Form26AS used to be updated on a daily basis with latest information. Now they don’t display information processed after Oct 31, 2012 (3.5 months old data). I don’t know why IT dept is taking a step backwards :(

        • ThumsUp

          Thanks a lot Manish. I am able to register in the new TRACES website and view the updated Form26AS.

          A word of caution for new user registration:

          The website is not able to handle the traffic and lot of pages don’t work the first time. When registering as a tax-payer, you have to give your Name, PAN, Bank Challan/TDS details, most of the time, I received ‘Invalid Details’ error immediately (i.e., the webpage is not connecting to the server itself). I tried ‘refresh’ on this page at least 30 times, re-enter the details, and finally it connects to the server and I can proceed further in the registration. Even in the next pages, the website times out a lot of times. You have to click refresh & try again ( I tried 10 times in the next step). At last, I was able to register.

          • N. Raghavan

            Thanks a lot. I too was able to register after a lot of trial and error. The main hitch seems to be the constitution of the password. It should be a combination of lower case, upper case alphabets, special characters such as # and so on.

            My question is, what prevents the authorities from taking the taxpayers into confidence? I was perplexed for quite some time.

            N. Raghavan

  31. mahendra

    Manish please tell i want to check the tax credit for the fin year 2007-08, but in the new websites data is loaded for period 209-10 onwards, how to check the old credit as I have to get refund from income tax department .please help me out.

  32. Saikat

    I was trying to check my Form 26AS online . But I was only given options to view it till AY 2009-2010 , not before that . Do you know why is it so ? How can i fetch something beyond 09-10 AY ?

  33. Dheeraj Dodani

    Hi Manish,

    I have a demand notice from the income tax department for AY 2007-08. I am not able to check the form 26AS for the Assessment year 2007-08 on the new TRACES website as it only shows the form 26AS from AY 2009 onwards. Is there any place where I can see my form 26AS for the older Assessment years?

    Thanks for your help.

  34. meabhi

    Hi Manish,

    I have been a regular reader for your posts and they are very informative.
    I have a question related to 26AS form for HDFC fixed deposit. The total interest for an year does not exceed 5000Rs hence no TDS is deducted for the deposit. Any idea if the entry of the same (no TDS deducted but interest paid) is indicated in 26AS? The entry can be in any heading in 26AS to indicate the interest payout. The reason to ask is if no entry, then manual calc or seperate interest certificate needs to asked for calc total income during IT return filing. HDFC informs me that they do not add entry in 26AS in any heading for such interest and only interest statement is issues. Banks on other hand indicate total interest paid with TDS paid as “0” even if form15g/h is submitted. Are there any rules difference for NBFC than banks?

  35. sadashiv

    Hi Manish …. the website of TDSCPC is not working since last week .. any other way to get Form 26AS. i want to file my tax return for AY12-13 before 31st March



    Dear Sir,

    I have downloaded Form 26AS from TDSCPC.IN but i am unable to take printout since it is asking password while taking printout.

    Please guide me how to take print out of Form 26AS.


  37. krishna

    Dear Sir,

    I have downloaded Form 26AS from TDSCPC.IN but i am unable to take printout in PDF format

    Please guide me how to take print out of Form 26AS.


  38. vijay khanna

    NRIs are not allowed to view 26as form as accessing the website out of india is not allowed. WHY

      • vijay khanna

        did not get it. do you mean every NRI should have someone in India and request them to find out by logging in within India? it is a ridiculus on part of Indian government to force NRIs to resort to this practice. There is no reason put forward by the government in support of its decision for not allowing NRIs to look into their 26as form even after logging in to their bank account (which should be considered safe).

  39. Vijay Gaware

    Dear Manish – I am also facing the same issue. I need to verify the 26AS for 2008-09 and they are not available online. I read on internet that one can send a email to ‘’. On sending email on this ID, they replied back to connect with I sent the email to this ID and also tried calling on the helpline. But there has been no response. It would be great if you could help us with the detailed procedure to manage this issue.
    We refer to your email. In this regard, you are requested to contact Central Processing Cell (CPC) – TDS Delhi managed by Income Tax Department on below mentioned contact details.
    Email ID:-
    Toll Free Number:- 1800 103 0344.

  40. m kumar

    Dear Manish,
    The tax deductions for rent payments received do not show up in 26AS as the co says my pan details were wrongly mentioned ,and they say they have taken up the matter for correcting the details .now if i E file my returns assuming the same ,do i invite trouble as they say the process will hardly take a weeks time to reflect in my tax credits and where as the it takes a months time for the IT dept to discover any mismatch ..

  41. Sachin

    Hi Manish,

    My 26 AS does not have entry of HSBC in it.
    I’m wondering – how can they forget.
    Isn’t this their responsibility to do that?

    With this – there’s a potential chance of submitting the tax.
    if the info is missing in 26 AS, do they charge penalty to the bank consumer or bank?


  42. Castial

    Hi Manish,

    Actually i am a senior citizen. I had 3 FDs with a Bank. The total amount of interest were more than 10000 and they have detucted some TDS from it. But when i see the 26AS of 2013-14 i see that 2 out of 3 charges are missing. Several times i have written emails to banking ombudsman of that bank but i have not received any word from them in this matter. Could you please tell me how serious this matter can go be if i inform RBI about it.


  43. Castial

    Dear Manish,

    Thank you so much for your quick answer. Actually i have been complaining to the bank for last 45 days but they are not giving me any kind of answer. Even i have addressed there ombudsman.But got not reply at all.

    Actually i am above 60 and every penny i have earned i have made 3 fds and those are the primary source of my income now a days. That’s why i don’t want to bring any trouble to that bank. Do you think my investment will be safe if i sue the bank in front of RBI.


  44. Navinchandra

    CPC department had raised the demand letter of more than rs. 50k. I have Form16 but I dont’ have Form 26AS. My problem is, IT department want this form to varify and the finance department of company is not ready to give me this form (Trying to avoid me). Also it is not availabl on TRACE website since company had not uploaded the data.
    Can anyone tell me, what I should do in this scenerio?
    Thanks in advance.

  45. sankar kr pal

    I and my wife jointly deposited an amount of Rs 150000/ two 2 years back for our future safety in united bank of india (baruipur municipality br.) . I never earned a taxable income throughout my life and now I am a retired person.
    In last month as I know ,an amount of Rs 3044/ has been deducted from my account as TDS without noticing me. The bank officer gave me a statement of that and with that statement I went to income tax office but they told me that, the amount had not been deposited in my IT account while my PAN no. was not given to the bank. More over the bank officers don’t want to help me any more.
    In present situation, you are requested to advice me possible remedy to get back my money.
    Samkar kr pal

  46. Lloyd

    Hi Manish – I am unable to get 26AS from the traces website for the AY 08-09. It is available only from the AY 09-10 onwards. How can I get 26AS for AY 08-09, please help

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