File an RTI application for EPF withdrawal or EPF Transfer Stutus

Are you frustrated because of the delay in your EPF withdrawal or EPF transfer? Are you waiting from many months or years at times to get any kind of clarity on your EPF status?

Are you frustrated with your EPF withdrawal or transfer?

I have seen countless number of people on this blog and other forums really getting frustrated with waiting and waiting for years at times for their EPF withdrawal/transfer and they don’t get any information or update on the status. It is only when you personally visit the EPFO offices, you get some clarity, but even that does not help. So now if you are fed up with the EPFO office and it’s slow speed of work, what’s the final step you can take? In this article I will show you how you can use file an RTI application and successfully get lot of information and at times get your work done at a speed which you never imagined. Filing RTI application for EPF information has worked wonders for many people and they claim that it works brilliantly (if you do it right way). I know your eyes are shining, but let’s understand some background before you rush to find out how it works!

Some success stories of RTI solving the EPF issues

Case 1

I would like to share the success with RTI. I opted for EPF withdrawal about 4 months back, and did not receive my PF amount until I decided to file an RTI Application. And it was realy shocking to see the amount getting credited to my bank account within 3 days of receipt of application by K.R.PURAM, Bangalore EPFO. – Rohit

Case 2 

My EPF withdrawal issue was resolved with RTI. After submitting the forms, after around 3 months, the EPFO claimed that they transferred my withdrawal money to my bank account. However I didn’t receive the money in my bank account. I raised online grievances for 3 times. Each time I got the same answer saying that the money has been transferred and has not been returned back to EPFO, so it must have been deposited to my bank account and I should check my bank account. Around 6 months went in this process with no results. As a last option, I filed an RTI application and to my surprise, the money got deposited in my bank account in 5 days (with additional interest for 6 months) and also received a reply for my RTI application.If EPF grievance system does not work for you, go for RTI. – Manish

Case 3

Yep RTI does the trick most of the time , I got all my PF issues sorted out with RTI application and have all the written proofs with cheque numbers etc for all my previous transfers. They even informed my about my balances for current year and told that they are yet to prepare the PF a/c’s for my company for the current year , but here are your balances with us. It really helps. – Hitesh


What is RTI and how it applies to EPFO office?

RTI as we all know is a common man’s tool to get a speedy and clear information from any govt office. Supreme Court has clearly mentioned under article 19(1) that Right to Information is a part of Right to Speech & Expression. Now, as EPFO comes under the RTI purview, you can file an RTI application and ask anything you want about your EPF. Govt is bound to respond within 30 days to your letter with all the information you had asked. So if you are unclear about what your EPF status is or if your EPF transfer work has even started? Why did your EPF money still not credited in your bank account etc etc… You can ask all these questions and you should be getting the 100% right and clear answers within 30 days. The only point here is that you should be doing it the RIGHT way. So lets see what all you need!

Note : Before filing the RTI , a good idea would be to file a EPF grievance redressal form online

File RTI in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Buying a Postal Order of Rs 10 from Post Office

The first step is to go to Post Office and buy a Postal Order for Rs 10.  It should be in favor of Accounts Officer of the Concerned EPFO Office. Like if you are sending your EPF letter to Bangalore, the Rs. 10 postal order should be in favor of Accounts Officer, EPFO, Bangalore. The fees can also be paid by demand draft, but that would be expensive, better go for Postal order as it is commonly used for RTI.

Step 2: Drafting your RTI letter

The first step is to draft RTI letter for your EPF related queries. All you need to do is write a letter on a normal paper (better take a very high quality A4 size paper). Though there is no specific format for RTI application letter, still there are some rules of drafting it.

  • The letter subject should start as “Application Form for Seeking Information under RTI Act 2005″
  • The letter should be addressed to Central Public Information Officer, Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation, (Provide Concerned PF office address). Refer to this EPFO directory for exact address of PF office for your jurisdiction.
  • Make sure you mention your Name, Address, Contact telephone number and your Email id along with EPF account number.
  • Now, put all your queries which you want to ask regarding your EPF (putting them as bullet points is recommended)
  • As a next thing, you should have a declaration – “I do hereby declare that I am a citizen of India. I request you to ensure that the information is provided before the expiry of the 30 day period after you have received the application”
  • Finally at the end of the letter, mention the proof of payment of fees as – Proof of payment of application fee: Attached Indian Postal Order for Rs. 10 /- dated  dd/mm/yyyy  favoring “Accounts Officer of EPFO” as application fee.
  • And complete the letter by putting your Signature, Place and Date.
  • Sign the letter and Put your Postal address
  • Mention the payment details like Postal order number, issuing post office, date, cash receipt details, etc., towards the end of your application

Following is a sample RTI letter.

EPF withdrawal or EPF Transfer RTI application Template

Download the PDF format here

Step 3 : Send the RTI letter by Registered Post or Speed Post

The final step is to send this RTI letter by Registered post only, as no courier is accepted. Please make sure you keep the acknowledgement receipt carefully for all the future communication (if any). It might be required by you.  Once you complete the 3rd step, the RTI letter should reach the concerned authority in few days and then within 30 days you should be getting the reply within 30 days (as per RTI act).

Two RTI’s application needed in case of transfer of EPF

Note that in case of EPF withdrawal case , all you need to do is file an RTI query for the concerned EPF office. But in case of Transfer of EPF, there are two EPF offices involved, they are Source and Target. For example if you got transferred from Bangalore to Delhi and applied for EPF transfer, then your source EPFO office is “Bangalore” and your Target office is “Delhi”.

You will first have to file an RTI for the Source EPFO office to find out if the transfer has happened from their side or not. It might be the case that they rejected your application and you don’t even know about it. Once you file an RTI to them, you will atleast know what is the exact status. If you get a reply that the Transfer has still not happened, then they will let you know by when it will happen or give some pointers on the situation, but in case they say that they have transferred it from their side, then it means that the issue is on Target EPF office and they might not have processed your transfer yet. In that case the next step is to file second RTI to the target EPFO office.

File an RTI application for the Target EPFO and this time, along with all the details also mention about the first RTI and the response you have got from the Source, so that you show them all the proof of what you have done. Now you should get a reply from them again within next 30 days on what is their action and what is the exact status of your EPF transfer.

Online RTI Filing (For NRI’s or lazy Resident Indians)

For those who are too busy to visit Post office and do RTI filing offline. You can use the services of for filing the RTI. They will help you create the RTI letter and then you need to download it, sign it, scan it and send it back to them by courier or ordinary post. They would speed post it to the concerned officer and also enclose the fee. At the moment the fees is Rs 150.

Important Points while Filing RTI application

When you file an RTI application, there are some very important points you should remember, because incase you don’t take care of some very critical points, it would mean rejection of your application and unnecessary work again. Here are some important points:

  • Do not address your RTI application to the PIO by his name, just in case he gets transferred or a new PIO is designated in his place, it will be an issue. However addressing the Officer by name has its own advantage like when it reaches his desk, by seeing his name, he might see more interest in opening it and that might mean speedy work. However in my opinion, better not put the exact name of the person.
  • Before filing the RTI, see if checking the status online helps here
  • The matter can be hand written, or typed. There is no compulsion of typing the content.
  • Be very specific while asking the questions, don’t ask unimportant or unnecessary questions, because some states like Karanataka have limits on the number of words in the RTI application (150 incase of Karnataka)
  • Check the exact fees for RTI application for the state where you are sending it. Because it can be different from states to states. Like incase of Haryana, it’s Rs 50, not Rs 10.

You can read about RTI in detail here

Can you share your experience about EPF withdrawal or EPF transfer and in case you have used RTI for resolving the issue? Are you going to use RTI to get your EPF problem solved? Please update your results once you are successful.

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  1. Venkatesh Ranganathan

    Dear Sir,
    The information that you have provided regarding the transfer and that for withdrawal are very informative,clear and can be used by anyone who has not got his /her withdrawal or transfer done after the specific time frame. I thank you on behalf of all the valued readers of your blog for such a nice informative article.

    I wish you continue giving such informative articles in your blog regularly with your other articles. Thank you once again.

    Venkatesh R

        • Ah !! Finally my RTI application has reached the destination on 12th March via RTI Nation. Now am waiting for the reply. In the meanwhile i’ve been tracking the development’s with the officer who is handling my case, (on her personal mobile number which i got from her on my last visit 2 months back) and she was still stuck due to some Annexure K requirement… bull crap…

          It’s an all out offensive now :)

          • Raja

            GOod to know that .. So now this RTI application thing is totally seperate thing right ? Your earliar tracking will not affect this RTI application which you have filed . I hope this is how it is ! :) . Let us know what happens next :) .

            • My case is still in the mid air. Got a response to the online grievance a week back, saying it “has been approved for transfer and sent for verification. Will receive the payment after completion of verification process.” And they closed the grievance.
              Not a single word of the response make’s sense to me, as firstly i had not applied for transfer but withdrawal. And I don’t know what verification they are talking about how much time it takes, if i have any role to play in the verification process.
              In the meanwhile they have received my RTI application on 12th March and am still waiting for a reply.
              Also the lady officer who is dealing my case and with whom i was following up on her personal phone has refused to entertain me after she learnt that i’ve applied for RTI 😉
              And now i have lodged a second grievance based on the response of first grievance :)

              This is very typical of how things work in my case. I normally have to slog it out, but they happen in the end. So it will happen definitely :) It’s only 7th month now after PF office received the application and 9th month since i gave application to my employer.


                • Finally good news. Exactly 1 month after PF department received my RTI application. I have received the PF money in my account. Although, i would have liked to receive a detailed statement to verify the correctness of the amount. But at this moment am pretty happy. Will follow up with another RTI to get a detailed statement.

                  Thanks Manish! This is indeed of great help!

                  RTI nation site was very smooth and no hassles.


  2. Srinivas

    Very useful information. Most of the financial planning website resolves around investment (mutual fund, PPF, Tax). But you are bringing up very good information to people who can use this info to avoid their day-to-day troublesome issues.

  3. Hitesh Agrawal


    Yep RTI does the trick most of the time , I got all my PF issues sorted out with RTI application and have all the written proofs with cheque numbers etc for all my previous transfers. They even informed my about my balances for current year and told that they are yet to prepare the PF a/c’s for my company for the current year , but here are your balances with us. It really helps.

    Thanks & Regards
    Hitesh Agrawal

    • Suresh kumar


      My name suresh kumar i worked at SNC -LavalinInfrs inhyderabad that is project office and that HO Delhi i relived my job on 2011.Dec and i received my EPF amount .but not actual earnings as per my Form 3A how get remaining amount . already put grievance reg. but they replayed non actionable case .. how to get balance amount pls suggest

  4. Rajnish Kumar

    Just to Update that RTI fee in Haryana is also Rs. 10 only. As I had filed 2 RTI Application between July 2011 and Oct 2011.

    • Swetank Saroj


      Thanks a lot buddy for this information.

      I have already filed an RTI query with RPFC, Gurgaon with Rs. 50/- postal order.

      After the first appeal they sent me an sms after 1.5 years from the initial transfer request that my request has been rejected.

      Will now again send a new RTI to these idiots and will finish this case to end.


  5. Kapil

    Hi Manish,

    I was wondering whether the same trick would apply for Provident Funds Trust? There are some companies who manage their own trusts rather than maintaining PF at EPFOs.

    Your insight on this will be highly appreciated.

    • Kapil

      I have no info or any idea on that . But what info you want ? Because at the time of withdrawal or transfer I guess it passes through the main EPFO office only , so RTI will work on that !

    • Karthikeyan


      If it is their own trust, then you shouldn’t have any problem of getting the information. You might need to find the proper channel. It is the case with my previous employer. Initially, I don’t know to whom to ask but my HR team redirected me to proper person and got the answer with in two days.

      Better check with your HR team.

  6. SG Verma

    Hi all,
    For EPF withdrawl and transfer issues or any other issues related to EPF Office. You can now submit your complaint only through EPF website. There is a new EPF i Grievance Management System –
    On submission of your grievance,it will be assigned to EPFO office and you will be provided his contact details and e-mail ID. This is really a good step taken by EPF department. Kindly use this system to get all your EPF related issues resolved.

    All the Best


    • Swapnl

      I have used this link multiple times for the same grievance. However, not a single grievance has been addressed till date, it’s been almost 1 year since I first filed it. So only having such links for feel good factor does not help. It should actually work and that’s what matters.

      • SG Verma

        Sorry to hear that, Swapnl. Anyways, thanks for sharing your experience. I think in your case RTI will only help. I have also recently filed one grievance, will wait for 2 more weeks and then file RTI and share my experience.

  7. rahchand

    Really useful article, I had a harrowing time getting my PF settled from my previous employer. Luckily I got it after 5-6 months of patient wait.

    Glad that this forum is coming up with the right articles which addresses the common woes that we often face. It is always helpful to be educated on the laws and rules that are helpful to sort out the issues with Government agencies without the help of the so called facilitators or brokers.

    • Wow Prasad!! That’s yet another new thing i learnt today :)
      Filed an grievance immediately and will now wait for a week before filing the RTI.

      the grievance mechanism too gives hope, as it’s directly gives the name of regional PF commissioner as the officer who will attend to the complaint and their is way to check the status of the complaint.


    • Arun

      Any idea how long they take to address a grievance? Cos when I filed one, I just got an acknowledgement number. Ideally I would have like them to set a time-frame for resolving the issue at hand…

      • Indranil Chandra

        Normally they take about a month. I posted twice in the online grievance section for the status of my PF transfer and got the officer’s response in about a month on both occurrence.

        Though finally when I have sent them all documents regarding the postal acknowledgement and everything , they told me that they have misplaced my records and I need to file it again :( .

        • Arun

          Thanks for your input Indranil :-)
          One month is a lot of time. Looks like RTI is the best bet! All systems are biased in favour of the powers that be. If they expect any action from our side, they give us maybe 3 days. If anything has to be done from their end, they are allowed to take forever to do it…

          And then they coolly say they have misplaced the documents and get away with it. Thanks to their callous attitude you have to spend more time and money on getting things done.

          • Indranil

            Very True Arun.
            During first grievance submission , they told me that I need to submit Form 13. As if I have raised the grievance without submitting the forms. So the second time I attached all the forms scan copy and their acknowledgment and then they said they have misplaced.
            Anyways I am submitting the form again . My current company have requested me to attach forms 3A, 5A and 10A and Form 7PS (in case of existing pension) with the application. They are telling this helps in faster transfer. I hope it happens :).
            @ Manish, I have read these are different PF submission prrofs from my employer. But does this really hasten the process?

            • Phani

              Hi Indranil,

              Getting these Form 3A, 5A, 10A & 7 PS is itself another story. I think only one of 3A or 7 PS is applicable for an account. 7 PS is applicable if PF account is by an exempted trust. 3A is in case PF is maintained with PF commissioner office. The people involved itself don’t know the rules exactly. When i checked with Hewitt (even private companies seem to be no different), initially they were telling its not applicable etc. When i asked them 2nd time , they provided me Form 7PS, as my PF there was with trust. From another previous company, now i am trying to get Form 3A.. Let’s see how it goes there!


    Hi Manish,
    I am your regular reader.Once again thanks for writting such useful article.

    I have a question- I started my career with a Ahmedabad based company so EPFO was at Gujrat.After 3 year I switched over and joined Delhi based company now on HR suggestion I filled a form to merge earlier PF account to Delhi based new PF account which was likely to open in few days.

    But due to some personal reason,I had to leave that company after 3 months.
    After Sometimes I joined some other company which is Mumbai Based.Since last 3 year I am working with same company.

    Now I want to withdraw my previous PF accounts money.But the problem is I am not having Delhi based company’s PF account no.So don’t have idea whether any PF account opened in Delhi,if opened whether Gujrat PF account merged with that account? I tried to contact them but got the information that company was winded-up.

    What should I do now to get exact information to withdraw money?

    • Check out from your Ahmadabad PF office, if the transfer out has happened. If yes, all well – apply for a transfer from Delhi to Mumbai, shouldn’t matter if the Delhi employer had closed business. If no, apply for re-transfer from Ahemadabad to Mumbai, and one more from Delhi to Mumbai. Simple!! ha ha… PF needs account portability first before mobile, bank and insurance a/c numbers. Too much of our nation’s time and energy is wasted to work around a simple problem. I feel so.

  9. Manish D

    My EPF withdrawal issue was resolved with RTI. After submitting the forms, after around 3 months, the EPFO claimed that they transferred my withdrawal money to my bank account. However I didn’t receive the money in my bank account. I raised online grievances for 3 times. Each time I got the same answer saying that the money has been transferred and has not been returned back to EPFO, so it must have been deposited to my bank account and I should check my bank account. I even emailed them for 3-4 times. None of the emails received any answer or even any acknowledgement.

    Around 6 months went in this process with no results. As a last option, I filed an RTI application and to my surprise, the money got deposited in my bank account in 5 days (with additional interest for 6 months) and also received a reply for my RTI application.

    If EPF grievance system does not work for you, go for RTI.

    • Amrita Sethy

      Hi Manish,

      I want to file the RTI application. However before I do that I jus want to check with about the address.
      My PF account is that of Mumbai.
      So is this the correct address…

      Employee Provident Fund Organization
      341, Bhavishyanidhi Bhavan
      Bandra East, Mumbai – 400 051

      Also, are you aware of the charges of the postal order for Mumabi?


      • If thats the address showing in EPF website, then yes ,thats the address . Even if its wrong , they will forward your letter to correct EPF office internally. It costs Rs 10 .

        And now you can do it online !

  10. Sushil

    I have already gone through this..i need to file RTI to know the balance and procedure of withdrawal. I got all the information through RTI and then i filed withdrawal application and i got credit in my bank account in nearly 35 days. Later i filed RTI in another EPF office to know the balance and it also worked fine

    In fact RTI is best tool for any citizen regarding any problem from any govt department

  11. Hi Manish,

    Just one doubt, Do we have to address the RTI letter to the same PIO as given in your sample letter for any PF office in Bangalore ? Because i assume the letter has to be addressed to a PIO only and there may not be multiple PIO’s assigned for each PF office. Am thinking of writing to KR Puram Office.



    I am working in a Private Engineering College in Bangalore as a Senior Lecturer. My college starts EPF deduction after 1 yr of service so since last August (2011) (my joining date was 2-08-2010), the college has been deducting Rs 780 from my salary.
    But in which account the money is been deposited I do not know.
    I have asked my college salary section many times But they are saying that and I quote “Government is slow and Government work takes time You should know this.”
    and “Your EPF number shall come AUTOMATICALLY to you in due course , we CANNOT do any thing in this matter. It is the government clerks that are not doing there work properly and in time.”
    The College principal blamed me for unnecessarily disturbing the salary section people.
    Now what should I do? Where should I go?

    • Vikas

      This is wrong . If your EPF money is getting deducted , you should be having a EPF account number and it should be there somewhere in your consolidated salary slip also . Please check with the department once again on this .

      • VIKAS DEEP

        This (Your reply) reminds me of an other point Is it my right to get a salary slip every month because my college does NOT gives salary slip to employees every month instead a consolidated salary statement is available by 15 th of every month so that the employees can go and if they want take a note of how much money they have received as salary, profession tax deduction etc BUT Till date No Body in my college has received a salary slip and if any one wants it then he has to get a special / extra ordinary permission from the management and chairman Only on written request of Chairman you can get a salary slip because asking for a salary slip is construed as begning of the process of resignation. I want ot know is getting as salry slip a right of the employee?? or that recruiter is free in this regard to have his own rules .
        Thanks in advance for throwing light on this issue.

        • Santosh Prasad

          If management is not giving salary slip to its employees, then I smell a rat here. Surely, they are doing something illegal, which they want to hide. However, if you want to know whether PF amounts are getting credited into your account or not, then first you have to know your EPF A/c no. This number should be provided by college accounts dept to employees. Because, if they are depositing PF money into EPF office, they have to mention each EPF A/c number along with contribution amount. If college authorities are not co-operating and providing you your EPF A/c number, then still there is way to find it out. You can come to know about your college’s establishment code from EPFO website. Visit this link and search for your college by either giving name or PIN number of the area where your college is located. It will give you the establishment code and name of EPF office under whose jurisdiction your college falls. Then file an RTI Application to the concerned EPF office giving your establishment code, your full name and ask for your EPF A/c number. You can also ask for a statement of your A/c to know the balance.

          • VIKAS DEEP

            Thank you very much for the information and the link. Now I will definitely file an RTI in this matter. Thanks a lot!

  13. Suhas

    Once again Nice to read the informative article.thats the power of RTI…..

    I was lucky though to get my PPF Settled in 4 mnths without any follow-ups and hassle. While filing the application you need to write your mobile number on top side of application forms first page and also in the address column.This helps to get SMS updates.Well this was true with Kandivali office Mumabi, need to check if its followed throughout India or not.

    Best of luck guys.


  14. Santosh Prasad

    I hope you remember about my experience with RTI that I shared with you few weeks back….

  15. Aayush Dubey

    Hello Manish,

    I have downloaded Form 19 for EPF but finding difficulty in filling the information since it is asking break up of the account credits happened in this account which is not known to me. It would be great if you can provide pointers/write about how to fill the form.


  16. Jeetu

    Hi Manish
    This article is very useful and probably very relevant. Infact some of my colleagues were discussing and finding it a great mess as they applied for transfer of EPF funds which is still pending for many years.
    I think now I can show your webpage to help them.


  17. Suresh K Narula

    Hello Manish

    I was always looking for this informative article. Manish, can you explain how the EPF interest and pension are calculated.

  18. Vivek K

    Great article Manish. It will increase the awareness at a great deal about utilizing the benefits of RTI.

    Just wondering would RTI help to get refund from income tax department?

  19. I worked with a Private Company and where I was forced to change company without completing the formalities of Old Company. In this case how come I get my EPF balance??

  20. Kriti Parikh

    Hello Manish,

    this is very informative article. I have made notes in my personal investment book on how, where & when to contact RTI. I currently don’t have EPF set-up but have understood the necessary points for future reference. Also, I have shared my understanding with 3 friends who have EPF set up & they had absolutely no idea that RTI could be so much helpful!

    Kriti Parikh

    • Good to hear that Kriti .. all you need to know is that you can file RTI for this purpose . whenever you need to do it , just start searching that information .. thats all !

  21. Manish,

    Thanks for nice article. I came across few people, who are struggling to get the outstanding status and no response from EPFO. Now, it is my turn forwarding your article to them . Keep doing good job!!!!

  22. Deivasigamani

    Another nice article. With this article I can sleep properly that the VPF money i am putting in the EPF will be safe only. I don’t want to worry that my money will be lost.

    Although a PPF account is better than VPF, I haven’t created one but will do so in the starting of the next year as one more option.


  23. Good to know that the RTI is working.It is a great tool for common man and if Anna team got further success with their present fight against corruption with Janlokpal bill,we will get more tools in hand.Looking forward for more articles.

  24. S S

    Very useful information. Though I did not need to use RTI for my EPF withdrawal, but I have seen it work in passport office. I did not even file application, I just told them that I am going to send an application to designated RTI officer and that solved the problem.

  25. Rajendra Pal

    Excellent information on all topic in this blog. Though small small things but really hardly any other advisor can solve better than this blog. Thanks to manish for these supports.

    The blog brings tranparency and confidence to take financial decision.

    Like abov RTI, I cam to file an RTI not only to EPF related queries but all other queries.

    excellent and once again thanks a lot.

    Rajendra Pal

  26. Satya

    Nice & Useful info.

    I know it is wrong forum to discuss my issue, But I ve no other appropriate choice.

    Can I file RTI for a issue I found in my aadhar card? The Issue I escalated many time to the concerned dept thru email. Also I have logged grevience in central Govt portal under planning commision. But no reply.
    I got an Aadhar card with wrong info. Postal code of my home town district shows another distrct name

  27. nice information manish

    i have an issue with state pension department. my father was in state government and his dues of arrears are stuck there for last 4-5 years because clerk there wants money to release it. can u help how to file there.


  28. sanjay


    I am also facing the same issue about track of my EPS (pension) account. Basically the PF account is split into two – EPF (provident fund) and EPS (pension). I have changed 2 jobs and my EPF has been successfully transferred by the companies but the EPS is kept at the RPFC.
    If anyone would have closely monitored their contribution, an amount of Rs 541 is taken from the employers contribution and deposited as pension. Now when i visited the RPFC office to check about my EPS transfer status for transfer from second company to third company, it had not receviced pension from my very first company. The last company had done the paper work and sent it to them but the clerk and staff act in a typical government manner that we have not received the application etc etc. Now as Manish and other fellow boarders have suggested about the greivance site, i will register to track about transfer from 1st company to 2nd and from 2nd to third. Hope this works as it intends to be.
    I would also urge people to share their information/knowledge on EPS and also experience or success story about the complaint registered at


  29. thamaraikannan

    Hi Manish,
    I have not yet transferred my PF from a company where I worked 8 years back. I tried to check the balance in the PF account at It is saying “Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office.”

    So things I have to do is,

    1) Apply for transferring from old account to new account.
    2) Give sometime (1 month) for the transfer
    3) If it doesn’t happen, File RTI to know the status of my application.

    Is that all? Or any other things to be done for in-active account? Please guide me.

    Thanks in advance

    • Looks like you never initiated your transfer of olf EPF account to new one , then how will it happen on its own ?

      Once you apply for transfer, you should be waiting for 9 months (that the offical turnaround time i guess, then file the RTI)


    • Phani

      You should immediately apply for transfer, as you are losing interest. As per rules, you will get interest for only 3 years on an inoperative account. So you are losing interest for the last 5 years.

      Once you apply for transfer, you might get SMS regarding the transfer updates. But as Manish said below, it takes 6-9 months :)


  30. robin

    Hi Manish ji,

    i have apply to withdraw my pf amount and i have applied for it after 2 year i have not received the amount i am pasting the mail which is reply me by the my previous employer i want to know that is it right or not plz help me

    first mail :
    Dear Mr. Robin Shivhare,

    We are in receipt of your PF withdrawal/Transfer form no. 19 along with
    Pension form no. 10C.
    In this regard, would like to inform you that:-

    HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd.(herein after referred to as
    ”Company”) earlier maintained a PF trust which was recognized under Income
    Tax Act, 1961. The Employees’ Provident Fund & Misc. Provisions Act, 1952
    was made applicable to HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. effective
    November 16, 2007. The company thereafter made an application for exemption
    under Para 27A of EPF & MP Act 1952 & Scheme framed there under for
    maintaining an exempted PF trust, which was not conceded by the appropriate

    Consequentially, the company had to surrender the existing HDFC Standard
    Life Employees’ Provident Fund Trust to the Regional Provident Fund
    Commissioner effective November 2010 contribution. The company thereafter
    started depositing the contribution of all its active employees then to the
    Regional Provident Fund Commissioner at Bandra.

    The aforesaid process of transfer of trust to the Regional Provident Fund
    Commissioner Office, Bandra is still in process and the company on account
    of this transition is currently not authorized to process any PF & Pension
    Settlement or Transfer or withdrawal of claims. Hence, the settlement would
    only start post completion of the entire transition to the Regional
    Provident Fund Commissioner Office, Bandra which will take around another
    3-4 months. The settlements post this transition would be effected from
    Regional Provident Fund Commissioner Office, Bandra.

    While we agree on the inconvenience caused to you on account of such delay
    in settlements, but given the statutory procedure defined, the company as
    lawful corporate is adhering to the same and putting its best efforts in
    closure of the issue on priority basis.

    Thanks & Regards
    PF Team | Human Resources I HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd EPF
    Trust., Corporate Office, 12th floor, Lodha Excelus, Apollo Mills
    Compound, N.M.Joshi Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 400 011
    Connect With Us On

    2nd mail :

    Dear Mr. Robin Shivhare

    HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd since inception maintained the
    Provident Fund Trust on its own. Consequently as per provisions of the
    Provident Fund Act, the company made an application to the appropriate
    government authorities for “exemption” from profitability requirement so
    that trust could still be managed by the company. The application was not
    approved and we had no choice but to transfer the trust.

    In view of the above and to avoid further inconvenience and delay to the
    members, the Company, effective November 2010 decided to surrender the
    trust to the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner. Normally once the trust
    is surrendered, it does take time for movement of the trust. However, given
    the complex nature of transfer it takes even more time if the trust has
    been in existence for sometime and has large number of transactions. We
    have of course continued to deposit the monthly contribution for all its
    active employees since November 2010, transferred the existing funds in the
    trust account to RPFC and also filed required documents for transfer of
    securities to the authorities. The company has also started submission of
    PF & Pension settlement forms effective December 2011 to the authorities.
    We have received the requisite acknowledgements for each of these

    While we understand and regret the inconvenience caused to the members on
    account of the entire transition, however, given that the process is
    cumbersome involving huge sums of money, it normally takes a long time. We
    are taking every possible step and action required to ensure speedy
    settlement of your PF claim. However, we can push only that much and
    finally it is entirely upto the convenience of Government authorities to
    close the process. Given the progress made to date we believe it will take
    another 2-3 months before the process is over and we return to normalcy.
    We would like to assure members that their contributions are safe and would
    attract interest till the date of settlement. In the mean time, you can be
    in touch base with the following personnel whose email ids and cell phone
    number is mentioned in case of any further queries. (Abhay Dhyagude – (cell 9920190481))

    PF Queries

    3rd Mail :

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: PF Queries
    Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 1:28 PM
    Subject: Status on HDFCSL Employee Provident Fund Trust transition to Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Bandra. Emp. No.17777

    Dear Mr. Robin Shivhare

    HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd since inception maintained the
    Provident Fund Trust on its own. Consequently as per provisions of the
    Provident Fund Act, the company made an application to the appropriate
    government authorities for “exemption” from profitability requirement so
    that trust could still be managed by the company. The application was not
    approved and we had no choice but to transfer the trust.

    In view of the above and to avoid further inconvenience and delay to the
    members, the Company, effective November 2010 decided to surrender the
    trust to the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner. Normally once the trust
    is surrendered, it does take time for movement of the trust. However, given
    the complex nature of transfer it takes even more time if the trust has
    been in existence for sometime and has large number of transactions. We
    have of course continued to deposit the monthly contribution for all its
    active employees since November 2010, transferred the existing funds in the
    trust account to RPFC and also filed required documents for transfer of
    securities to the authorities. The company has also started submission of
    PF & Pension settlement forms effective December 2011 to the authorities.
    We have received the requisite acknowledgements for each of these

    While we understand and regret the inconvenience caused to the members on
    account of the entire transition, however, given that the process is
    cumbersome involving huge sums of money, it normally takes a long time. We
    are taking every possible step and action required to ensure speedy
    settlement of your PF claim. However, we can push only that much and
    finally it is entirely upto the convenience of Government authorities to
    close the process. Given the progress made to date we believe it will take
    another 2-3 months before the process is over and we return to normalcy.
    We would like to assure members that their contributions are safe and would
    attract interest till the date of settlement. In the mean time, you can be
    in touch base with the following personnel whose email ids and cell phone
    number is mentioned in case of any further queries. (Abhay Dhyagude – (cell 9920190481))

    PF Queries

    Please suggest me what should i do

    Robin Shivhare

  31. vignesh


    I want to do post graduation for the next two years. For the past one year I am getting PF.I know that the amount with drawn before 5 yrs is taxable. i dont want to withdraw.

    shall i keep that in the account or is it mandatory to withdraw or transfer ?

    Pls guide me.


  32. Kalyani

    very useful post Manish. And the site also looks ‘helpful’ . From writing to the PF commissioner (thrice) to filing as many as 4 -5 applications for PF withdrawal, this looks like a solution at last ! Will try it out..


  33. Thanks Manish. That was a well described post. You covered all the points and even the format of PDF helped.

    I have a doubt:
    As per the new rule: Can you mention multiple questions in the single RTI application ? I somewhere read that its one question per RTI application ?

    Please clear this doubt !


  34. samarth

    Hi Manish,
    This is a great article….And the timing is perfect…I have been struggling with my PF transfer for last 2 years (frm Bgl to Bandra, Mumbai). Visited both offices in person but in vain. Bgl said they have sent the form to Bandra. Bandra was unable to locate my form!! finally i applied for withdrawal but that too is pending for six months…apparently, the month in which i applied for withdrawal hasnt come up for processing yet..
    one thing to note is that Bgl PF office numbers are useless since they either dont work or the PRO keep the phone off the hook throughout the day. Seen this in all of my 7 visits to KR Puram office.
    Have applied RTI yday…fingers crossed! (though i’d like to mention that it was a struggle to get a pay order for Rs 10 from post office)

  35. Shiva


    I absconded from my previous employer and he is not releasing my PF. I have asked him several times about it and don’t see a response. Do you know how I can handle this?

  36. Nachiket Mokashe

    Hi,I really appreciate ur efforts..I hope all the clueless victims of government lethargy will benefit from it…Kudos to u!!!

  37. Arun Jayant

    This maybe a silly/stupid question, anyway here goes nothing – why is it that the EPF interest rate is decided at the end of the Financial Year? What’s the logic?
    (I mean, when I open an FD for instance I know the interest rate and period in advance, so I can compare and select from amongst several Banks.)

  38. Krishnan

    Hi Manish, As per your advice I have already filed an RTI with Pune EPF. I have sent it in registered post on 12th March. I had kept an acknowledgement and till date I haven’t received it. It is a little worrisome for me whether it might have lost in any of the file heaps in the EPF office. Just for reassurance could you please suggest a solution 1)How can I ensure whether my RTI has reached the right hands? 2) If I didn’t get a reply for my RTI what should be my next step? 2) Usually what is the timeline for getting an answer for the RTI application? Rgds Krishnan

    • Krishnan

      I think you should wait for total 30 days after you have sent it , Its really rare that RTI does not work , incase it happens , then you file another RTI mentioning about the first RTI and then it should work , as this is sarkari thing, dont get disheartened if things dont work out in first go , anywyas you might have waited for years , why not few more months , if there is atleast some HOPE this time !

        • Krishnan

          Hi Manish, I have received a reply for the RTI which I have filed on 12th March for EPF withdrawal. I think after filing RTI they have hastily sent a letter to my old employer on 20th March 2012 highlighting that the PF and EPS claim has been rejected and has been sent back to my old employer due to incorrect employee records like Form 9, 6A,3A etc. In the letter it is mentioned that ” you have not given the PF No. as per there date of joining to the estb. and not in chronological order as per date of joining”. I want to tread cautiously in this regard. Can you kindly advise my next plan of action in this regard? Just writing a mail/letter to my previous employer won’t be sufficient. It should be of a little higher degree of dosage that I have to give these HR guys to do their job properly. Kindly advise.

          • Krishnan

            I dont think contacting the HR in your old companies will help a lot . Dont you have data like joining date in the old company , your PF number etc etc .. Because then you can file the forms once again to them . Try contacting your company first and see the response . Else file one more RTI asking questions on how things can be moved from this point . What all they need from you personally to process things .

  39. Hi,

    2 months after application i got an acknowledgement SMS from Bangalore KR Puram PF office and then after 1 more month i got another SMS saying Claim approved for payment through cheque and payment in progress.

    Any idea how much time it takes from this stage? Should i wait for 15 more days before filing RTI?
    One more question – Any idea on what happens if an employee leaves the company when the PF transfer is already in progress to an account?

    Thanks & Regards

  40. Sai Sriram

    I have query on interest calculation of PF transfer which is pending for over 3 years and now PF account is in active state. In 2008 I applied for PF transfer from karnataka to Hyderabad. I have the acknowledgement copy given by my employor which has PF office stamp, date and details. Hyderabad PF stated that money is not transferred from Karnataka. Karnataka PF states that documents are not sent by Hyderabad PF. Now since 2011, interest is not accrued on Karnataka PF amount. I have sent 16+ emails which went unanswered. I know the money can be definitely be transferred using RTI, but my query is can I demand for interest on PF account which went into withhold state (inactive) for no mistake of mine while I have all the proofs. Karnataka PF office states that interest can not be paid. Can anyone advise me please ?

      • Sai Sriram Chittuluru

        Hi Manish,

        Sharing my story for the benefit of the readers like me. Regarding the delay in PF transfer from Karnataka to Hyderabad, I sent 16+ emails which went unanswered. The main issue was, after submission of documents to Hyderabad PF office, they did not send relevant documents to Karnataka PF office requesting for the transfer. As a result my account became inactive and stopped accruing of interest. I filed online grievances (around 9+) for which I got either incomplete, incorrect, inconsistent, deliberate wrong and misleading answers. I was shocked to see that PF officers telling lies on record.
        I filed RTI with Hyderabad PF office. I have sent all the proofs and asked why the transfer did not happen, why they have inconsistent or incorrect answers or why I should not demand interest from Hyderabad PF office as my PF account became inactive for no mistake of mine, while I have all the proofs to show that I have done whatever is required from me. To my surprise, PF office answered only after 2 months, stating that they did not have supporting documents in the courier sent (another white lie), and as per PF act, We should not be asking ‘Why’ sort of questions and we are expected ask only information. Asking ‘Why’ means we are questioning the decision making capability of the officer and per some supreme court judgement, RTI applicant should not be asking ‘Why’. I was again shocked. Finally I filed a civil case against them and waiting to hear back. I have decided not to give up.. Hyderabad PF office is very notorious and if anyone is dealing with them, I strongly advice to exercise caution and have all the documents in hand. As and when I see some developments in my case, I shall post it in this forum.

          • Sai Sriram Chittuluru

            Hi Manish,

            I do not have the link of the document. They replied to RTI application. The following is their response
            Further it is observed that the applicant asked questions with prefixes “Why”. In this regard, I would like to draw your attention to the judgement of Hon’ble High Court of Bombay in W.P.No.419 of 2007 dated 03.04.2008 in case of Dr. Celsa Pinto Vs Goa State Information Commissioner where in it was held that “the definition of information can not include with in its fold answers to the question ‘why’ which would same thing as asking the reason for a justification of a particular thing. The public information authorities can not expect to communicate to the citizen why a certain thing was done or not done in the sense of justification because the citizen makes a requisition about information. Justifications are the mater within the domain of adjudicating authorities and cannot properly classified as information.”


      • max

        hi Manish,

        I refered your blog and filed RTI for Bandra PF office on 23 March 2013. they received it on 26 March.

        till today I have not received the reply. please let me know how to proceed further.

        waiting for reply.


              • Max

                Thanks for quick reply Manish.
                Actually PF office replied just 15 days after receiving my RTI application but the reply letter was received by my landlord and he gave me that letter on 7 June. Crap…

                OK now RTI reply is saying that Rs. 38313 is transferred to my new PF account.
                I downloaded the PF ePassbook and it is showing the balance Rs. 47699. (employee share 23923 + employer share 10156 + Pemsion 13620).

                I dont understand where is the remaining balance (Rs. 9386).
                Is there anything which can explain this deduction?

                Thanks in advance.

                • Thats what you need RTI for , Its very tough for anyone other than EPFO to explain . Ask them this query on mismatch and they should be able to give you the exact calculation , this is the safest/fastest/most accurate way !

                  • Max

                    hi Manish,

                    Thanks for replying.
                    Shall I file another RTI application or first appeal?
                    I read some information about first appeal on website. It says that if applicant is not satisfied with the information provided, he can file first appeal. but somewhere I also read that first appeal should be filed under the 60 days of receiving the RTI reply. I received the RTI reply on 17 April. so by 60 days rule I can file first appeal till 17 June.

                    is this rule strict?
                    can I file first appeal on 22 June?

                    Now I am in big confusion. Please help me to resolve this.


                    • You can file another RTI asking for questions again and telling that you are not satisfied with reply . If that does not satisfy you, then you should file First appeal

                • monotosh

                  There are 2 withdrawals..
                  1) providend fund ( EPF ) form 19
                  2) pension ( EPS ) form 10c

                  what you got is EPF…with interest
                  for EPS WITHDRAWAL there are some rules
                  read them..

  41. Priyaketu

    How much interest in PPF? Whether it is Compound Interest or Simple Yearly Interest ?Pl. answer. It is benefted to keep money in Bank FD or PPF? Pl. clearify.



    First of all, very useful information. I am following all your steps and hopefully I will get my information using RTI tool. Meanwhile, I heard a very disturbing news that interest calculations on PF account has gone wrong terribly for year 2009-2010. Now EPFO is recalculating the interest and till the time it happens all account balances shown on EPFO sites do not include the interest amount. Is it true?

  43. Narendra Kumar.S.S

    With regard to PF accounts maintained in Bangalore EPFO, when we try to check the status online, it tells that the database is updated upto 28th March 2010.

    So, any idea, when the data will get updated to the latest?
    And is there any other way to check the status online?

  44. Venkata Mahesh

    Hi Manish,

    This article helped me alot. Thanks for you.

    I need to get PF Transfer status with Annexure-K details for my two PF transfers done in Bangalore EPF office. One day, I went to PF office and enquired about it and spent 5 hrs time to get the status. Finally after spending 5 hrs time in PF office, some how I got information my PF got transferred from old book by PF office employee but still I don’t have good amount of information about how much amount got transferred, date of transferred, annexure-k details etc. When I asked about them, they told come after 1 week. I know, even after 1 week.. I won’t be getting full details for my two PF transfers. This is how government office’s work!

    PF members are the highest priority customers for EPF India. EPF employees gets their salary and other benefits from PF members amount. Not sure why PF office employees won’t respect or give priority for their customers!

    Anyway.. these are my experiences with PF Office and don’t know full details about PF transfer from last 3 years.

    By reading this article, I want to give a try with RTI application on my PF transfer status with Annexure-K details.

    Myself wrote a letter in requesting PF transfer status with Annexure-K details and sent RTI application to “EPF Commissioner, Bangalore” on 10-Mar-12 with Postal Order Rs. 10/- via Speed Post. EPF Bangalore office received my RTI application on 13-Mar-12.

    Surprisingly, I got reply on 14-Mar-12 with full enough below details from EPF Commissioner –

    1) Status of PF Transfers
    2) Total amount transferred for each PF transferred on so and so date
    3) Annexure-K details for each PF transfer

    RTI Act 2005 worked in my case.

    This is a real time thing happened to me and want to share with others with this blog chain.

    Once again thanks for your article to solve problems with government offices using RTI.

    – Venkata Mahesh J.

  45. Ravi Virwani

    Filed RTI query today for my PF transfer pending from last three years Vashi office to Bandra office… hope something works

  46. rakesh

    i am facing the same problem with my PF account. i got information from local PF office that they have the acknowledgement from bank means they are saying that the check is collected by bank. but in bank there is no information about my check now what i have to do from where i have to request information weather from bank or PF office


  47. Balakrishna Y. V.

    I had applied for sanction of advance/withdrawal from my EPF account for purchasing house in my spouse’s name. After almost three months my application got rejected stating insufficient Bank details. I resubmitted From 31 along with the details asked for. My application again got rejected for two more new reasons. 1. As per office manual procedure spouse is not eligible for loan for purchase of house U/P 68B & 2. Also for more than one lakh amount IFSC code number is required (If there is no eligibility, what is the significance of IFSC code !!!!!).
    Is it correct?

    • Balakrisha

      How much time are you in service ? Because you cant with draw your EPF just for any reason . You are talking about the EPF withdrawal when you are service correct ?

      • Balakrishna Y. V.

        I’m having a service of more than 10 yrs and i’m eligible to withdraw amount from EPF account for the purchase of house as per the EPF Scheme 1952. The main reason for rejecting the application is that the property being purchased is in my spouse name (i.e. not in the name of EPF member)

  48. Just wanted to update that following this article, I submitted an RTI query to RPFO, Bangalore (through rtination). My PF transfer was pending from six months. After submitting RTI query, on the 30th day I got an email from my current employer that PF has been transferred from RPFO to company trust. In another couple of days I got a letter from RPFO answering all my queries. Thank you Manish for this post, it works!!

  49. lata

    My eps amt recieved from the Pf office was 6000 wheras in the tenure of employment Rs 9400 EPS has been deducted from my salary.i need to file RTI for this because no reason ,explanation provided.when i called up the PF office says that we dont dispatch statemnbt.So I want to ask for explantion for difference through RTI.Can someone tell me how much postal stamp amount required for EPFO bandra?

  50. Deep

    Hi Mr. Chauhan,

    Can you please help me with your inputs?

    I applied for transfer from my ex-employer (Bangalore) to my present employer (Delhi). My ex-employer forwarded my details to my present employer on 6th July 2011. As per my present employer, it also sent my details to their PF office (Delhi) quite some time ago. Now on checking the Claim Status link at the Delhi Office, I have been getting the following message since ages –

    “Your transfer in details for crediting new account has been received and the same is under process.”

    What according to you this message means? This message can be seen at couple of stages – 1. When my present employer has sent transfer request to Delhi Office 2. When the Bangalore PF office has sent ‘something’ to the Delhi office.

    I checked my balance at the Bangalore PF office and I was successful, which means the money is still lying with the Bangalore office.


  51. Shri

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    After 5months, lot of chasings, my PF application has been rejected stating that ‘Member Reissue application rejected as joint bank A/C not acceptable’.

    Is there any clause stating that the application with bank details where the accounts are held in joint is not acceptable for PF withdrawal?


    • Yes. One should have a single name account for EPF. Joint accounts are not accepted for EPF. The money belongs to the subscriber. It should go to him only as long as he is alive. Noone else should get a chance to appropriate it.

  52. Iqbal S Chawla

    Thanks for this blog, it is very informative and useful. I wanted to know the procedure of withdrawal in case pf account is maintaned by company ‘s PF trust. Does R PF office is involved in this case.



    i sent three RTI to epf mumbai-bandra but i havent still bending to transfer my account to chennai epf due to some dispute in my account what can i do. it is dispute with my employer and epf office goa. But goa epf office sent my epf account epf mumbai with dispute. now my account cannt transfer to chennai epf office. what can i do

    pl help me

  54. Hemant

    Hi Manish,

    I submitted RTI for a transfer case (I was working in Pune, shifted to Mumbai now) to the Mumbai EPFO. Today, I have received a letter from CPIO, Mumbai that my application has been forwarded to Pune EPFO as it closely relates to the Pune office. I asked for the current status of the application along with balance amounts of the accounts. Now, would Mumbai office answer the queries relevant to it or the whole RTI will be answered by Pune office? When can i file for First appeal in this case? I smell the govt babus at work, just trying to buy some time.


    • Hemant

      You should have just asked them if the transfer process is initiated from Mumbai or not , I can see that its done because they forwarded it to Pune now . So now you should file one more RTI to Pune office asking them for it .


      • Hemant

        Hi Manish,

        Thank you for your reply. Two queries :-

        1) According to RTI, CPIO has to highlight portions which are related to the Mumbai office and send the remaining portions only pertaining to Pune office. So, should I expect a reply for those questions? And the letter no way states that the action from their end has been completed. It is an inference you and me can derive but no-one knows the current stage.
        2) Would it be appropriate to file another RTI at Pune? Already one has been forwarded to the Pune office..surely no issues right? I will frame questions very carefully this time and ask questions only pertaining to Pune.


        • In that case I think you should have asked open ended questions whose answers can clearly give you some idea on the situation , I am suspecting that you asked general questions whose answers have just confused you more . Ask things like

          – Is my transfer process complete from Mumbai ?
          – Is my EPF transferred from Mumbai to Pune
          – When was my EPF transferred to Pune Office and When ?


          • Hemant

            Hi Manish,

            I am happy to inform you that my transfer case has been successfully concluded after 2 sets of RTI’s at source and destination offices. I have my Annexure K as a response from the source RTI office. It works. DO not give up and continue till the system is fair to everyone.


  55. Padmesh KC

    I have applied for transfer 2 and half years ago. Till now no response from them inspite of direct visit innumerable times. I was about to file RTI. as per your suggestion, to check the current status before filing RTI,
    When I check the current status, it is showing “Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim”.

    How do i proceed.

      • Padmesh KC

        I had filed RTI application with Bangalore office.They had replied within a month with status of my application saying’They have send request to EPFO,Delhi North for confirmation,Once they receive confirmation, they can transfer’. I filed another RTI for EPFO,Delhi North. I received letter from that office saying my PF number is related to EPFO,Delhi South and they have forwarded my request to Delhi South.(Same letter was send to me in cc-Entire letter in Hindi). It is one and half month now and no reply from EPFO,Delhi south office. How do I proceed.
        Please share your mail id, I can send you the RTI form and reply received for more details.

        • Padmesh

          What is the main jurisdiction of your EPF ? Is it for transfer ? Wait for some more time , you sometimes get a late reply, I got a reply some days back for one of my RTI queries closely after 50 days .


  56. Sachin

    Hi ,

    Thanks for posting such a valuable information. Can you please tell me does RTI cover exempted PF trust? My previous employer maintains the PF in house as its an exempted trust.

    Mine is a transfer case from EPFO, Pune to Exempted PF trust in Mumbai. The EPFO, Pune has confirmed via online grievance that the amonut has been transffered to the bank account and till date transferred has not been returned back to EPFO, Pune. However, my previous employer ( exempted trust) is NOW non- responsive and initially it was in denial mode that they haven’t received any Tranfer money. Hence, I would like to know if I can file a RTI application against this exempted trust? Or is there any other way to get a concrete proof from EPFO, Pune?


    • Sarika

      I am also stuck with my PF wherein the private PF trust used to operate. I sent RTI to CPFC Bandra and he rejected my RTI stating that the PF trust was exempted trust and was not registered with CPFC. Also that I should now approach Ministry of Finance … I am at a dead end. Dont know how to proceed.

  57. Atul


    I am filling the RTI application, seeking the PF trasfer status. Both my source & destination accounts are in Pune. In the “To” field of the application I mentioned the following address. Is it correct ?
    Central Public Information Officer
    Employees’ Provident Fund Organization,
    Office of the Addl. Central Provident Fund Commissioner
    (Maharashtra & Chhattisgarh),
    Bhavishya Nidhi Bhavan,
    341, Bandra (East),
    Mumbai – 400 051

    Also where should I send the RTI application? Shall I send it to the above address or at either of the following address
    RO, Pune
    APFC, Post Box No. 226, IInd Floor, Pune Cantonment Board Building, Golibar Maidan, Pune – 411 001


    Shri N.K.Sakpal, RPFC II,
    Post Box No. 226, IInd Floor, Pune Cantonment Board Building, Golibar Maidan, Pune – 411 001


    Thanks in advance.


  58. Atul

    Many thanks for response Manish.

    Just found the pune address. Now I am mentioning the following address in “To” field of the letter & sending it to the same address using speed post. This is correct right ?
    Central Public Information Officer
    Employees’ Provident Fund Organization,
    2nd and 3rd Floor, Pune Cantonment Board Building,
    Near Golibar Maidan, Camp, Pune-411001 (Maharashtra).

    Thanks in advance


  59. Sriramabathiran


    Thank you for the updates you have given here. Its very informative and i am going to file one RTI based on above mentioned steps. My case is, i worked on a concern in Chennai from 2006 to 2007 and they maintained my PF accounts in RPF Chennai. In 2008 i joined a new concern in Chennai but, they maintained my PF accounts in RPF Kandivalli(Mumbai). I opted for a PF transfer from 1st concern to 2nd concern, but to my sadness the transfer amount not got credited to the 2nd account. This is because i opted for PF withdrawal from 2nd concern on Jan 2009 and i received my cheque on Oct 2009, then i went to my 1st concern and submitted a PF withdrawal form to RPF Chennai. They replied me in written that your PF funds has been credited to your 2nd PF account on May 2009, so, rejecting the application form. I got this reply to my house address on June 2010. From that date i have been raising grievances to both the office RPF Chennai and RPF Mumbai. Both of them are not updating me correct information as what happened to the 9017 rs(PF amount accumulated in my 1st concern). Recently went to Chennai RPF and inquired directly on this, they gave me cheque no and the date of the transfer (From Chennai RPF to Mumbai RPF). With these information i filed grievance against RPFO Kandivalli on April 17. But, i have not received any reply till date. Now, i am going to file RTI to RPF Mumbai against the status of the cheque no provided to me by Chennai accounts officer. I will update the forum about the status of my issue after some time.

  60. Praveen

    Hi Manish,

    What happens to the EPF if employee goes absconding ? If the company has its own PF trust then can that company seal the EPF for that employee. This topic may not be related to this post but if you know about it please help me :)

    • If employee goes absconding , then the nominee of the person or legal heirs can approach the company to understand the next process . the employee might either be considered as dead after a point or else it will become tough to take out the EPF money .

  61. Vinay

    I am still not able to access the website…. the link mentioned by you in the reply or the one mentioned in this article takes me to the same page… which says the domain has expired – This domain name expired on Jun 18 2012 09:59AM
    Click here to renew it.

  62. Hetav

    Hi Manish,
    It seems my previous company has still not submitted my PF withdrawal application. It’s been 5 months now.Is there any time-limit for companies to submit the PF withdrawal claims to the PF office?

  63. ISH

    Hi Manish,

    I had applied for the PF transfer from my old organisation STERIA, Noida to new organisation DELL PEROT SYSTEM.
    This tranfer request had been approved but unfortenately the cheque is not received by the Dell Perot system PF office and returned back to Noida PF office. After that I filled the Withdrawal forms 19 and 10C for Steria PF and submitted it in Noida PF office. But that PF withdrawal request had been rejected and the reason of rejection was claim already settled.

    But this claim is not settled because neither this Steria PF amount is transferred ( due to return of cheque) nor withdrawan by me.

    Moreover I had already withdrawn the Dell Perot system PF amount.

    So can you tell me is there any process that the above mentioned PF transfer should be reversed and I can opt for PF withdrawal. Also Please suggest me where should I need to apply for PF withdrawal in Noida PF office or in Dell Perot system PF office.

    • ISH

      A similar issue I am also facing for my wife EPF , our cheque was also returned from our home because no one was at home . We came to know this when we filed an RTI , and then I recently filed an RTI to know when will I get the revised cheques ? You should also find out from the RTI application about your query . File an RTI first to the source (STERIA) to get the exact info and status

  64. Vivek

    Your information proved useful for me. I had given for withdrawal of my EPF and did not receive it for two year even after filing grievance.I was hesitant on filing RTI but the clarity with which you explained in the above page made it quite easy. RTI did the trick and I received it around 25 days after filing the RTI. Thanks

  65. sowmya

    Very useful info indeed. I too have a similar case of not receiving any info about my PF balance and transfer initiated by my prev employer. I would go ahead and file RTI as mentioned.
    Thank you so much for sharing this

  66. Atul

    First of all thanks a lot for wonderful post. This post clearly tells how to fill the RTI. I find it very useful.

    I filled the RTI around 20 days before, no response yet, is there any way I can track the record?


    • Atul

      Wait for more days .. the turnaround time for RTI application is 30 days from the date the other side gets it , so you should wait for 15-20 more days . If you have filed with properly you will get a reply for sure !

  67. Vinay

    This is reply for a grievance registered by me in regard to my PF Claim.
    Can you please suggest further action i should take in this regard.

    (This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number DELSO/E/2012/05116.
    It is informed that your grievance is being treated as non-actionable due to the following reason(s):
    PF and EPS claims have been settled for Rs. xxxxx/- and Rs. zzzzz/- vide cheque no. 597675 and 603319 dated 02/03/2012 and to cheque returned date.06/03/2012.Plz- dubmited form ASR.

    Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office.Please quote the same in your future correspondence.)

    • So your cheque are returned, this exact thing happened with my wife EPF also , I have filed a new RTI asking them to put the money through another cheque to our address again or directly deposit in our account through NEFT, do the same thing

  68. Srikanth

    I want to know the process of RTI for getting inforamtion about my village panchayath funds were used for last 2 years.
    As we know that there is a lot of corruption is happening but we do not have evidence to question them.Can anyone help me so that I can stop curraption and be a part of my vellage development

  69. ram niwas Sahu

    Hi Team,

    I have submitted a withdrawal request 3 months back for my 3 yrs back pF account , that time balance was showing in my account when i checked it online but now it shows
    “Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office”

    WHat to do in this case , Please guide me Anyone

    Ram Niwas Sahu

    • Was your account inoperative from last 3 yrs ? Because after 3 yrs if there is no activity, EPF account becomes dormant . Do one thing, now you better use RTI for enquiring about your EPF

  70. Vikal Arora

    My Friend worked with a Private Company which was having its Own PF Trust.Unfortunately he expired leaving his parents & 1 brother, 3 sisters in family.The company informed that he had made His Brother as nominee in PF Account(Which is not Allowed as per PF Act rules).His brother himself is a Govt Employee.The company is saying that ,they will give PF to brother as they have no problem & they will also send the Form2 with Pension Forms & EDLI forms to concerned PF Commissioner.
    My query is:
    1- Can the PF Trust of Company give money to Deceased Employee’s Brother overriding PF Act(As it is actually Company’s PF Trust)?
    2-Can a brother get Pension ie EPS 95 & also the EDLI throught life as he is himself a Govt. Employee?
    3-Can Mother apply for PF withdrawl & the brother apply for pension(as he has a long life & thus greater pension period)?
    4-If brother receives pension other than salary,will the pension be taxable?

    Pls answer above queries at the earliest as dear Manishji is having all the capabilities to answer the above queries,I believe.
    warm regards

    • Vikal

      I hope you understand the NOMINEE Is just a person for recieving the money and not the final owner .

      1. Yes he can get it, but on showing death certificate and filling up some forms

      2. I dont think so

      3. yes she can also get it , but in this case as she is not a NOMINEE ,she will have to give succession certificate which she will get from court.

      4. Yes it will be taxable

  71. Ankur Agarwal


    I have moved from India couple of months back. Before moving, I have transferred my Post Office RD a/c to my native place. But even after 3 months, the RD is not transferred and I am not able to trace where the RD is? How can I file an RTI and to whom I have to address in this case.


    • Yes you can file a RTI here and you will have to address is to CPIO of the head post office in your jurisdiction , you can do it only using those website which help you file RTI applications online !

  72. Atul


    Thanks Manish again, this is really wonderful article on RTI.

    I am filling an RTI to Banagalore office, is there any word limit? Although I tried to put only important things however total number of words coming in the RTI letter is 296? Please suggest.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Atul

      Yes, you should keep it at minimum 296 is really good. one should keep minimum like 1000, but yours is way below the limit , so good .

      The point is to keep it to the point ! , best of luck !

      • Atul

        Thanks Manish. Your blogs says for karnataka limit is 150 words. If 150 is not the limit then please update it the blog.

        Here is the snippet
        >> “•Be very specific while asking the questions, don’t ask unimportant or unnecessary questions, because some states like Karanataka have limits on the number of words in the RTI application (150 incase of Karnataka)”

  73. Biplab Mukherjee

    Hi Manish,

    i am not sure whether my earlier request got posted with you. I am really hopeful of a resolution of my long pending EPF issue with my ex-employer :
    * I was employed with a Public Ltd. Company for almost 10 years , during 2001 I resigned from my services with the ex-employer and gave 45 days’ Notice.

    * As per the Company Rules 60 days’ Notice / equivalent pay is required , however, my ex employer refused to accept my resignation on the ground of short notice period. However I went ahead and joined my new employer

    * Till date after 11 years and several request letters, applications, etc. and after I have changed three jobs since then , I have not received my accumulated EPF. Nor the employer replied to my letters.

    * Please suggest should I go for RTI or some other legal recourse to recover the hard earned savings.


    • Obviosuly you should go for RTI now , i am surprised how you waited for 11 yrs .

      File an RTI and ask questions like

      1. Did my withdrawal request happen at all ? (it might have happened that it never happened)
      2. If yes, how much time it will take to come ?
      3. If Not, what is the procedure to apply for it
      4. What is the current balance in my EPF account and how much interest has been credited in last 11 yrs !


  74. Ramesh S

    Hi Manish, Firstly Thank you very much for providing such a great service for the nation. Today I have filed my RTI document for EPF withdrawal delay issue.
    Could you tell me with the current scenario what would be the timeline to get the response ?


  75. muthukumar

    Sir, i have worked in an college in bangalore from nov 2008 to march 2012. For epf, the college debited Rs.780 from my monthly salary each month from feb 2010 to march 2012 (26 months). the college is not willing to releave me from their institution. And also not providing the epf account number to me. So i cant able to withdraw my entire epf amount for above mentioned 26 months.
    Can anyone tell me how to find my epf number and also to withdraw my amount without the employer’s(college) help..

    waiting for positive results..

  76. ankit gupta

    i am working in an organisation from 4 feb 2012 and have to resign on 31 july 2012 due to some reasons.when i will apply for my pf withdrawl will i get the EPS(pension) benefits……pls reply asap

  77. Raghunandan


    I am here with writing this in the hope spirit after reading the above information and the RTI weapon results. I do have some questions, if I get them cleared I can start the process for filing RTI.

    I had applied for withdrawal longtime back through my Ex-employer only (2009 to 2010) and I am not sure if they have submitted the form because I did not get any acknowledgment for this.

    The applied PF account #KN/24676/3771….THIS IS HOW IT IS THERE IN THE PF SLIP

    Now my ex-employer’s company name had been changed and I am unable to find the balanced amount in the EPFO, as the results came as account does not exist.

    I was working in Bangalore and my PF account is in Bangalore only, later I was transferred to Hyderabad and the same PF account was continued, the company’s corporate office was in Bangalore only.

    I have even applied second time through same Ex-employer and the result was the same as was for the first time, no acknowledgment, status of application amount has been transferred, etc,…

    Now my question is that from where am I suppose to start????

    • You should be writing a RTI query to your Ex-employer jurisdiction EPF office and ask them if they have recieved the withdrawal request or not , If no , then what is to be done for withdrawal request , If yes, then what is the status ! ..Go ahead

  78. Swetank Saroj

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you for this great post.

    I had applied for my EPF transfer on 29 March, 2011. I also have the proof of submission as well as reciept of transfer request by the RPFO Gurgaon.

    From last 16 months I am getting the below message:
    Status : Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account No (GNGGN**************) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    I do not understand why they need so much time for transfer and just 2-3 months for withdrawal?


    • Why so much time ! … thats what every body is asking .. sarkari work ! . you know how it works, but you could have filed a RTI in start only and seen it resolving much faster !

      • Swetank Saroj

        Hi Manish,

        I have already filed my RTI dated 19th July, 2012 and it has been received by the concerned office on 21st July, 2012.

        Before filing RTI, I have also raised a grievance request (status of which is shown below) on which they never took an action and start to work on it after getting my RTI application.
        Registration Number :HRGGN/E/2012/*******
        Name of Complainant :Mr Swetank Saroj
        Address of Complainant : ****************
        Date of Receipt :16/06/2012
        Received By :EPFO, RO, Gurgaon
        Current Status :Under Examination at our level
        Date of Action :17/07/2012
        Case Presently Dealt By :EPFO, RO, Gurgaon
        Concerned Officer :BEERBAL MEENA
        Contact Address :BEERBAL MEENA
        Email Address :
        Contact Number :0124257****
        Case Pending with:EPFO, RO, Gurgaon

        I hope they give a reply to my RTI.

        Is it possible that they do not reply to a RTI application?

        Will they reply me via e-mail or send a letter to my address?

        Will they definitely reply me by 21st or 22nd August, 2012?


        • They will send you the reply by post only and it should happen within 30 days of them recieving it, so by 21st or 22nd aug , they should dispatch their reply ! . Please update what happened in your case !

          • Swetank Saroj

            will they send the reply using ordinary post or speed-post?

            in case I do not receive the reply, what would be my next course of action?


            • They should send it by normal post , I got one by normal post only . iF they do not send you reply within that time , you have option for FIRST APPEAL , let this situation happen first and then you can look at it !

  79. vinod

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for highlighting the steps to file an RTI for EPF related queries.

    One Quick question, my pf office is in KR PURAM (Bangalore), should i address my letter to KR Puram office or to the below address
    Office of the Addl. Central Provident Fund Commissioner
    (Karnataka & Goa),
    Bhavishyanidhi Bhavan,
    No. 13, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road,
    Bangalore – 560 025 (KN).

      • Shreeharsha

        Hi Manish,
        This is really a wonderful social work you are doing! I have suffered a lot to get PF transferred from one office to another as I kept changing my jobs. Each time, it takes many months/years to this through. I have visited the KR Puram office so many times. Going by the number of complaints against it, It appears KR Puram is one of the worst PF offices in India.
        Now, the question to you is: Does every PF office have a Central Public Information Officer? If not, I may have to find out which office has such an officer and address my letter to him.


        • Shreeharsha

          I found the answer :

          Officer-in-Charge of all Sub-Regional/Sub Accounts Offices, in the
          cadre of Regional Commissioner-II/Assistant Commissioner have
          been designated as CAPIO.

          So, I will address this letter to KR Puram PF office.

        • Its not each branch , but the jurisdiction , so KR PUram will have one of the CPIO . Better address him in RTI letter now . Its much effective than personally visiting the EPFO office

  80. sunitha

    Hi Manish,
    Can I know the procedure to get the EPF account transfered from Gurgaon to Mumbai. Since 5 years account is held there itself. Actually we tried with the previous company, but never responded. Plz help me to get my money transfered to my present company where I am working.

  81. Sarita

    Hi Manish,
    I have applied for transfer of my PF account since 30 months from Pune to BLR. When I look for the claim status of Pune account, it gives no info. however when I look for the BLR PF account status it gives some info like “Your transfer in details for crediting new account has been received and the same is under process.”. I checked the balance in both the PF accounts, and they have the old amount (those are updated till 31-03-11). Nothing is transferred yet. Do you know wt does the above status means? and wt should be the next action?
    I had registered my grievance as well and they said they can not trace my form.


        • Swetank Saroj

          Hi Sarita,

          Better file a RTI with both the offices.

          I think even Manish want to convey the same (by mistake he has mentioned NOT).

          You can also check my comments and manish reply above your comments.

          I am also facing the same issue.


  82. Ajay

    Hi Manish,

    I had applied for PF Withdrawal to Hyderabad PF office. My Form 10C (Pension) amount has been credited to my bank account thru NEFT, however I am yet to receive the Form 19 (Final Settlement) amount. So does it happen like this & does Form 19 amount takes more time to get credited back to bank account?

    Looking forward for your reply.

    • Ideally it should get credited in same time frame, In my case I got the money for both the things the same day through NEFT only , in your case its taking time, does not look right to me , still wait for a month and then file a RTI to find out the answer!

  83. Shekhar

    I left my previous company in 2010 and didn’t do anything with the PF. I was checking the status online and it showed the message “Your account has been settled….”. What does this mean and how to follow-up with EPF office. This account is in Bangalore and am currently in Pune.

  84. Ankur

    After I left my previous company, I made an application for EPF withdrawl and got it in my account within few weeks. But I had a doubt on the amount I received. I registered an online grievance and got an e-mail stating my grievance registration number, date of registration, officer name, contact no. e-mail id, who will be handling my complaint and a statement that I will get the reply in next three working days. After a week sent an e-mail to the concerned officer and I got reply that the id is official blocked and I should send it to an other e-mail id. Now I sent my query to that e-mail id also but in vain. Then I called up the number given and a lady picked the phone and replied that you will receive the reply in few days. After another week i.e. after 16days of grievance registration, I checked the status of online grievance and found a reply stating that correct amount has been credited to my account and my case was closed on its own. Now I want to know whether raising an RTI will help?

    • Ankur

      Yes, raise a RTI and ask them how the amount was calculated , tell them your number, they will reply you with the details . I dont think there are chances of any error from their side, it would be a very rare case

  85. Biplab Mukherjee

    Dear Manish,

    Further to my discussion with you on this page on July12,2012. I applied to RTI for information on the Balance of my PF accumulation on July 14,2012 in the prescribed manner. However, till date there is no reply to the same after 40 days. Seek further suggestions to take the matter forward.

  86. Ramesh

    Hey RTI Team, Many Thanks for your great service !! I was waiting for my EPF money for an year since I applied and with a lot of frustration & worriness. Finally when I used RTI nation and filed my case I have received my EPF money within a month. Hats Off to you guys !! Indeed a great service to nation !!! Many Thanks again for providing such a great service to people of India..



        Dear Manish,

        I have submitted my PF withdrawl form at EPFO Bandra Mumbai on 26th June 2012. Till date I haven’t received the amount. I have checked online status as well where it showed “No records found”. I have also put my grievance at site on 14.09.2012 but no revert received as of now and nobody is picking up the phone on the no. mentioned. Kindly let me know shall I wait further or go for RTI.


        Nitin Arora

  87. Sameer Goel

    Hi Manish,

    I submitted my pf form 3 months before in the Gurgaon PF office. On 30th of June, i received a sms from EPF office stating that, “the claim form has been received on 30th June and your claim is in process”.

    But as of today more than 2 months have been passed but I didn’t receive my amount.

    Could you please suggest me on this? should I file a RTI for this or need to wait for some more time? As per Govt. what is the time period defined to settle a claim after receiving the claim form?

    Many Thanks,

  88. Percy

    Dear Manish,

    My pension certificate is pending past 2 years. I found out that the people wrongly settled my pension and gave me 2 years of pension money by mistake. So I rushed to their office and returned the money. My Pension scheme certificate has got stuck due to return of money. My membership is for more than 20 years. I Filed and RTI last month, but they havent replied yet ( 21 days past). What is the procedure for appeals? is there an appeal format with you.

    please reply on my email and post here also

    kind regds

  89. Atul


    Thanks a lot for this article, I find it very useful. This forum really awakes (jago) the investors.

    I worked in company A (in Pune) then moved to B (in Bangalore) & currently in company C.

    I first filled application to transfer the fund from A to B, once I got the confirmation from there official site about the amount settlement, I filled the form to withdraw the entire amount from B.

    When I calculated the amount I found that the credited amount is only from company B.

    I first filled the RTI with Pune PF office, they confirmed that amount is credited in Bangalore along with transaction details. They also mentioned that they sent the annexure K form to Bangalore.

    After that I filled the RTI to Bangalore office (also attached a copy of response which I got from Pune RTI).

    I am surprised to see the response from Bangalore office, They mentioned in RTI response that amount is not yet transferred from Pune.

    Bangalore PF office closed my account as well after crediting the amount of company B. Company A’s amount is still missing.

    I have following queries
    1. What should I do now? Where should I go? I have RTI responses from both offices. They are contradictory.
    2. Account B (in Bangalore) is closed (got this status from their site), in case money gets transfer from Pune to Bangalore, how would I get the money, Bangalore account is already closed?

    Please help me in getting the answer.


      • Atul

        While filling the RTI I tried to be precise as much as possible. Not sure how it would help if I fill the RTI again.

        I want to send you RTI requests & responses which I got.

        Can you please give your email id ?

        Please help.


      • Nitin


        I am also facing the same situation. I was working in company A which was aquired by company B. After 1 month of transfer to the parent company I left the company and join company C. I have requested for withdrawal of the amount. After 2 month when i received the amount it was only for one month(The month which i spend on the payroll of the parent comany B) The entire amount from the company A is still pending. I have enquired from the online partal to check the status of my PF account it shows transfer in process (Company A maintain his PF swith EPFO office and company B maintain their own PF trust)
        Now I think comany B has settled my account and the amount from company A is in the process of transfer. My question is where this amount will go(It is transferring from EPFO office to company B’s PF trsut).

        PLease help me to get my PF amount. Let me know what need to be done.

        Thanks in advance

        Nitin Nandeshwar


    Dear Manish,

    I have submitted my PF withdrawl form at EPFO Bandra Mumbai on 26th June 2012. Till date I haven’t received the amount. I have checked online status as well where it showed “No records found”. I have also put my grievance at site on 14.09.2012 but no revert received as of now and nobody is picking up the phone on the no. mentioned. Kindly let me know shall I wait further or go for RTI.


    Nitin Arora

  91. Shahzad

    Hi Manish,
    I have been waiting for my PF money for a year now. I left my job last year in june i.e. june 2011 and submitted the PF withdrawl forms with the HR of my previous company who in turn submitted the forms to PF office in sep 2011. When i didn’t recieve any money by december 2011, i started following up with the HRs and after much of here n theres they informed me that the EPFO doesn’t have the MICR code of my bank account and asked me to resend a cancelled chek along with an application to EPFO office vadodra. I did that and finally in march 2012, these docs were submitted to EPFO vadodra. Even after that i didn’t recieve any money and after contonuous followup i got a mail 2 days back from HR that they have got a confirmation from EPFO that my PF claims are approved and EPFO has credited my money to a SBI a/c wth a/c no. 3****.. which is DEFINETLY NOT MY ACCOUNT. i never gave any details of my sbi a/c. i gave details of my icici account infact i don’t hold any sbi account. I don’t understand how to handle this. And to add up to my problems i don’t live in india anymore.

  92. navin

    I want to withdraw EPF for home\flat purchase. How much amount may i withdraw.and how much time in general it takes. Total amount in my PF amount is as below
    transferred from prev. orgainsation =5 Lacs( 3L EE+2L ER)
    current organisation cotribution=20K(15K EE+5K ER)
    current basic =65K, But PF contribution is 12% of 6500=780 only

  93. Jubin

    Hi Manish,
    You have mentioned in your article that in Haryana the RTI application fee is Rs.50. I belive since EPFO is a central organization although we are requesting any information from PF offices in Haryana through RTI we only need to pay Rs.10. Could you please confirm?

    • EPFO is a central org , But RTI is not , RTI is statewise and the fees is different for different states, but in general its Rs 10 only . I read at one site that for Haryana its Rs 50 . It might have got changed now , you can get this info on RTI haryana websit

  94. Abdul Vasim

    I have applied for PF withdrawl once i shifted to new company, PF office is at Bangalore and I checked online, it is showing that they have received on 16th Aug 12 and the status is under Process. Kindly let me know when can i get credit to my account as we have already passed more than 45 days.


  95. NAveen Vyas

    Hi Manish,

    My PF A/c in PUNE, currently I am working in Jodhpur (Rajasthan). My previous co. was submitted my PF withdrawal form 3-4 times but every time PF department Rejected my Claim form, Earlier 3 times Rejected due to 3A Form, but in month of MAY 2012 Co. against submitted my PF form with 3A, but till today I can’t received any amount in my A/c can you let me I filed a RTI or not, If yes pls. let me the Address for file RTI. And also let me it is necessary for withdrawal of PF the Bank a/c is in PUNE.


  96. Hitesh Jain

    I really appreciate you making these efforts and helping so many people Manish. Your work here is really commendable! :)

  97. Sunil Pareek

    Dear Manish,
    I Was worked in bangalore 2007-09 and i left the job 2009 but i claim the my pf 01.09.2012 after one the reject my claim. i have sent all necessary document to epfo KR puram bangalore ( As form 19,10C bank passbook with sing, Affidavit )
    they given claim id also.
    please give me advice for rejection of claim and how to file rti

    Sunil pareek

  98. Madan

    Hi Manish and friends,
    firstly thanks Manish for such a precious information you shared.

    I have filed my RTI application in Sep last week for my pf claim withdrawl which is pending since 3 months.
    I also raised a grievance on protal for which i got a reply after 30 days saying my claim is pending at DA initiator level. Any clue on what this DA initiation process is ??


  99. Wriju Bharadwaj

    Hi Manish,

    I need a bit of advice on EPF transfer I had submitted a copy of Form 13 for transferring EPF balance. However, the transfer got rejected (strangely the rejection took place after after the transfer was approved). Below is a chronology of events that took place:

    1. I submitted Form 13 to my current employer who then forwarded it to my previous employer on 22nd Aug 2012.
    2. After a few follow ups with my previous employer I was informed that the PF Transfer application had been submitted on 13th Sep 2012
    3. I then decided to track the status on the EPFO website
    4. At first the status for transfer for a Claim ID TNXXXXXXXXXX26594 with a Status “Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account No (TNXXXXXXXXXXX0B0013298) has been approved. Payment is under process.”. This was the status as on 21st Sep 2012.
    5. On 11th Sep 2012, the status on the same page reads “Claim Form 13 for Transfer to New Account Number: AGAINST Old Member Account has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim”. The status remains the same till date.

    Now I understand that I need to follow up on this matter. Given the short time it has taken for the process the matter, I would like to wait for one-two weeks to for the formal rejection letter as it may contain a valid cause. Based on which I may need to file a fresh application or a greviance/RTI (in case the rejection letter does not arrive). My concern is that what are the chances of the accumulated amount getting lost due to some clerical mistake (or any other unforeseen causes)

    Please advise,

    Thanks and Regards,

    Wriju Bharadwaj

  100. Sunil Pareek

    Dear Manish
    I was worked in Bangalore under KR-puram EPFO office from2007-2009. i left the bangalore 2009 some family problem reason i shift to the rajashthan.i tried to contact my previous employer he is not giving any respose. then i directly submit claim kr-puram office with all support document. after one month they reject my claim on dated 05.10.2012. they also send rejetion letter but till date i have not recived letter.
    please give me advice for my pf-withdrawn what i do.
    can i file the RTI
    Sunil Pareek ( 8011051634)

  101. Prashant

    Dear Manish,

    I would like to thank you for putting up this topic. I took help of and paid them however its more than 1 week and haven’t heard anything from them about the application that they will format and send me for signature. Do you know about the credibility of ?

    Its like at one side I have dilemma of EPFO and other side now rtination.


  102. Vinay Shetty

    Dear Manish,

    This is in regard to my PF Claims, I am currently working abroad. I had filed an RTI application to understand the reason of cheque returns against my PF Claims.
    As per EPFO the cheques were returned as I had provided my NRI Bank account details.
    Also the EPFO has suggested to provide fresh Form 19 & 10C (ASR Form) to reclaim with up to date interest.
    Dear Manish, Please suggest if I need to resend all the documents mentioned above directly to the EPFO or I should send the same through my previous employer.

    Looking forward to your guidance and suggestion in this matter.


  103. subhash Mayangade

    Dear Manish sir,

    Thanks for Provide Good Information related to EPF Withdrawals.

    I am from Pune, I have also facing same problem of PF withdrawals since 9th to 10th months. the PF Pearson everytime told us 3A not attached , 6A not attached but physically the employer already provide all information like the same. 6A , 3A, 12A . i Have also but PF person not complete the PF withdrawals process. Please help me before filling to RTI.

  104. Navin


    I have a question regarding EPF.I had an EPF acount in my old company but the company did not issue me an experience and relieving certificate instead they also blocked my EPF acount.Now how can I get my EPF acount unblocked from that company and I am now working abroad for a foreign employer.
    Please let me know how to deal with this. Thanks in advance!

  105. Vinesh P

    Hi Manish,
    I have done PF transfer from private trust based in Gurgaon to EPFO, Bandra,Mumbai. My previous employer has send the cheque in favor of “Regional Provident Fund Commissioner ,Mumbai ” and that cheque got cleared on 28th May 2012. Recently i got the e-passbook of my PF account, but the transfer details are not listed in that. Only my present employer transaction details are found. In this matter RTI will be of any help.


  106. Lakshminarayanan

    Hi Manish,

    I had applied for PF Withdrawal to Bangalore PF office. My EPS amount has been credited to my ICICI bank account thru NEFT on 22-Oct-2012, however I am yet to receive the EPF amount. So does it happen like this & does EPF amount takes more time to get credited back to bank account? Can I check with my Bank to have an idea?

    My Claim status online still shows the following info,

    STATUS for Member ID: BGBNG00423570000016667

    Claim ID : BGBNG121000001913
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (BGBNG00423570000016667) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    Claim ID : BGBNG121000001917
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (BGBNG00423570000016667) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    • Yes, it happens at times, I got 2 different credits in my account, for EPF and EPS, however it happened at a difference of few seconds only, which shows that the deposits happen seperately , so wait for some days , if EPS has come , mostly EPF will also come , if that does not happen . Better ask with help of RTI on the status !

  107. Vishal Sahani

    Dear Manish
    I am in a lot of mess with my PF withdrawal which I made myself.
    PF a/c number GNGGN00252040000063974
    I was working with Convergys from Jan 2009 till April 2011 when I left and applied for my PF withdrawal in august 2011 but made a huge mistake of closing the account in which my PF was supposed to be transferred.

    The PF was transferred on 22nd dec 2011 but as the account was closed I did not get the PF amount.

    So in march I applied for my PF withdrawal again in march 2012 but I recently checked the status online and it shows it has been rejected and the rejection letter is in dispatch/dispatched.

    I called up the PF office in gurgaon and firstly they were very rude and told me that the amount has already been transferred through NEFT and I should check with the bank and they also told that if the a/c was closed the amount was not returned back to them.

    I would highly appreciate if you can guide me through this mess

      • T V Ramprakash

        I also have a similar issue which nitin had and i m still struggling with it due to lack of info and assistance from EPFO. Here is my rant and you may guide me..

        I have worked in two companies.
        · company #1 – HCL technologies in NOIDA and their PF office was in gurgaon in harayana. My PF acc # HR/5572/93680
        · company #2 – Computer science corporation in NOIDA, their PF office was in chennai – My PF acc # TN/52878/13123

        I did a tfr from HR/5572/93680 to TN/52878/13123, before tfr could take place sucessfully, my job at CSC got terminated and CSC PF acc got settled/closed. So I don’t know where this money from tfr from HCL is and was told to fill Form 19 & 10C when i filed a grievance. To whom i have to give Form 19 & 10C, Is it HCL or CSC?

        EPFO folks, don’t respond to email or phone as usual, open a new grievance which is pending for the past few months now.


    Hi Manish,

    I have sent PF withdrawl form to my employer who in return confirmed over email that they have deposited the form to RPFC Bandra on 26 June 12. After three months ,on 27 Sep 12, I filed RTI to know the status as well as put query on EPFO Grievance Protal. Till date I haven’t received reply against my RTI but today i got reply from EPFO Grievacne portal stating that “as per system till dt claim form in r/o MH/48681/8292 is not received by RO Mumbai I Bandra office. ”

    What should I do now? Shall I wait for revert of RTI or again fill the form and submit to perevious employer.

    Also let me know in case i have to resubmit the form then how much time it will take to settle my A/c. Shall I give the reference of my misplace of form to respond fast by EPF office.

    Please advice.


    Nitin Arora

  109. susheel kumar sharma


  110. Shunmuga


    Manish, thanks a lot for the RTI template and useful information. If i need to file the RTI with EPFO, Kandivali, Mumbai, Should i take the postal order favoring “Accounts officer,EPFO, Kandivali, Mumbai” or just “Accounts Officer, EPFO, Mumbai”.

  111. Vineet


    Thanks for your article, its really very informative.
    My question is –
    In case we need to withdraw only the EPF amount and not the EPS amount. Is it possible? if so, how do we do it. I have completed around 8 years of service and to be eligible for pension 10yrs of service is required.


  112. Harendra Singh

    hello sir,
    I applied for PF some 1 year ago.
    Sir i have worked for 6 months so in this case am i eligible to get PF and if yes than how much. I have registered many complaints in PF office and they have not replied me properly.My claim status shows that Form 19 b is passed and payment would be made soon and form 10 c is rejected on the account of services less than 6 months. What should i do in this condition please suugest

    Claim ID : PUPUN120100038467
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (PUPUN01206950000006970) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim

    Claim ID : PUPUN120100038461
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (PUPUN01206950000006970) has been approved. Payment is under process.



    I was an employee of Oracle Financial Services and have applied for PF withdrawal on 30th Jun 2011. Post that received following SMSes:

    1. Received an SMS on 10th Nov 2011 from PF office (BZ-EPFO was sender) stating, “Form 10C (Withdrawal Benefit/Scheme certificate) for acct KDMAL00375280000012444 RECD ON 13.10.2011 and Claim ID KDMAL111000027327 is under process”,

    2. Received an SMS on 24th Jan 2012 from PF office (BZ-EPFO was sender) stating, “Form 10C (Withdrawal Benefit) Claim ID: KDMAL111000027327 Acct No.KDMAL 00375280000012444 approved for payment through cheque. Payment under process”. and

    3. Received an SMS on 01st Mar 2012 from PF office (BZ-EPFO was sender) stating,”Form 13 (Transfer) Claim ID: KDMAL111100001592 rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch”.

    After getting the SMSes I awaited the credit of amount to my savings account with Axis Bank, Jubilee hills branch. Since the same was not happening till 19th April 2012 raised a grievance through online portal vide reference no. SROKN/E/2012/02754 dated 24th April 2012. The concerned officer replied stating: “The application in respect of form 19 and 10C has been settled for the amount Rs 398199/-and Rs.25580/-and has been remitted vide cheque nos. 495761 dated 31.01.2012 and 292592 dated 31.01.2012 respectively. Bank details: A/C no. 0301010100073413, AXIS BANK,JUBILES HILLS HYDERABAD”

    On enquiring with my bank they have informed the said cheques were not received by them (copy of letter attached). Post this on 19th May 2012 again I registered a complaint vide ref no. SROKN/E/2012/03362 but till date no response is received.

    After that invoked RTI on 30th Jun 2012 for which got a reply the same was sent through NEFT and got returned. In both the cases the account number mentioned was wrong.

    So, on 13th Sep 2012 sent a PF re-issue form through my ex-employer and on 01st Nov 2012 got a SMS stating the form was rejected and rejection letter is under process. Till date have not got any letter or reason of rejection.

    I am in bad need of money and request you to advice the better way to get the money at the earliest. Will a lawsuit help and if so can I initiate it in Bangalore because I reside in Bangalore and my PF account is in Mumbai.

  114. Dear Manish,
    The information that you have provided regarding the transfer and that for withdrawal are very informative, clear and can be used by anyone who has not got his / her withdrawal or transfer done after the specific time frame.
    I thank you on behalf of all the valued readers of your blog for such a nice informative article.
    I wish you continue giving such informative articles in your blog regularly with your other articles.
    Thank you once again.
    Vivek Kumar

  115. Ajay


    Its been 3 weeks since I have sent the RTI application (for PF transfer) to the EPFO Office at K.R.Puram, Bangalore. I have followed the template of the application as mentioned above.
    I have not heard fromt them yet. Not even an acknowledgement of receipt.

    How do I track the status of the RTI.

    Is there a way to follow the status of the RTI application or should I wait for them to respond? Will the government agency ever respond? I dont have faith.


  116. Veeresh Malik

    Good information here, Manish, and thanks.

    My own claim, submitted on the 23rd of October’12, was “rejected” on the 12th of November’12 as per the online claim information service. This is from EPFO/Delhi North, which has been reported as being the worst zonal performer in the country as per this article:-–claims-in-a-month/803799/0

    So, to help your other readers, I would like to suggest that an RTI Application be filed a few days after submitting the forms itself, asking for relevant progress of the claim or application. In addition, mark soft copies of the RTI to the EPFO HQ office and Vigilance departments too.

    I have already started getting phone calls from the EPFO offices, asking me to please stop filing RTIs and complaints, but have told them that it is much more than simply my own personal case, it is about systematic improvements.

    Best/Veeresh Malik

  117. Venkat

    Hi Friends ,

    I need a favor in finding the status of below 2 points

    #1.Need to find the transfer status of my previous employer PF , both are from Gurgoun.
    when i raised the grievance 2 months back after one month i got the below response.
    where i had made an transfer request long back (2 years back ) , and still couldn’t able to find the transfer status..
    even the by going with know your epf balance option too , i can see only wrong amount
    It is informed that after processing your grievance,the following action(s) has been taken:
    Your claim form 13 has been referred to concerned RPFC.

    Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office.Please quote the same in your future correspondence.


    #2. How to close the PF account and withdraw the amount from an Nonoperative PF account?

    Thanks In advance

  118. Vemana Kanaka Durgarao

    Hi Manish,
    Following is the response i got against the EPF Grievance i had raised a month ago regarding my PF transfer.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number SROWF/E/2012/04749.
    It is informed that after processing your grievance,the following action(s) has been taken:
    Cheque has been returned.Please apply Reauthorization Form.

    Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office.Please quote the same in your future correspondence.

    I did not understand how the Cheque related to a PF transfer.

    Please let me know what i have to do to proceed further.

    Thanks in advance.

  119. Abhishek

    Hi Manish,

    Good work. Hats off to you. You are doing really making life of lot of people better..
    I also had one querry, see below :
    I had applied for EPS (pension fund) withdrawal last year in October.
    I checked the status and it says
    The same status is being displayed since more than last 6 months, but I dont know how long will it take to get the amount credited to my account. I even registered a grievance and the status is pending since 2 months. Can you suggest any path forward ?

      • Abhishek

        Thanks a lot Manish. As suggested by you, I filed RTI for the same, and got a reply from PF office that the 10C claim and form 13 has been rejected.

        Is it due to the fact that my previous company internally transferred me to other parent company, with change in my PF account in July 11, but I resigned in August 11, and then I applied for both form 13 and form 10C for PF/EPS transfer as well as withdrawal respectively.(please note I was working in the same company from 2008 upto July 11, before this internal transfer)

        Is it due to the fact that 6 month criteria was not met for EPS withdrawal?
        In any case I need to at least get my EPS for earlier 3 years , what do you suggest?

        Kindly advise what to do in this case, can I directly submit form 10C to the concerned PF office, by post, or I have to submit it through my previous employer only.

        Thanks again.


        • If your EPF is yet active, then its means that you are still employed with same company (for EPF purpose atleast). I suggest you file another RTI and get clarity directly from EPFO on what is the way out for you now !

          • Abhishek

            Thanks a lot Manish for your reply.

            My EPF is not active now. I have withdrawn my PF from both the accounts after resigning , but since these were company trust PF account, I got the PF money within 2 months .

            Now I am facing problem with this EPS withdrawal. Can I file an RTI clearly asking the PF office to suggest the path forward? Will they reply to such RTI? Please advice on this.

            Thanks again

  120. Nirav

    I want to file RTI for PF transfer , i just wanted to ask question before processing for RTI. In my case source & destination for transfer is only one state & one city involved. For this i need to do two RTI

  121. Subash

    Hi Manish,

    You are doing a great work!

    I had applied for withdrawal of my EPF, EPF office had rejected it. Later again I applied for the the withdrawal after correcting the earlier mistake (of not having the employers signature in one of the places in the form).
    Though I (My previous employer’s HR) submitted the corrected application in October begining this year, they had taken for processing only in November 08th . From then on, the website is showing the status “under process”. My previous HR is saying that the concerned PF official has gone on long leave and new official has to be allotted to look in to this. No certainty when the new official will be allotted. And more than 400 application is already pending with the PF office for the same reason, as said by my previous HR. And the information he (HR) gave me is that in the near future it is unlikely that a new PF official would be allotted and the work would be done; this information is based on his interaction (informal) with other officials in the PF office.

    I lodged an online grievane also about 10 days back.

    Now (may be, within 15-20 days), I consider the option of filing an RTI. First do you recommend filing RTI at this juncture?. If so, can you please advise me what kind of questions can be put to them in the RTI so that they might expedite the process and settle the claim.



  122. Brijesh

    Dear Manish,

    Hi this is Ritesh Mishra,

    3 months back, I joined my first On role job in a company, where all the contributions are properly being done as per the statuaries under PF.

    But the thing is, unfortunately they entered wrong spelling of my last name in PF account and contributed shares of both the parties of last 3 mounts with reference to that incorrect name.

    I need your guidance, if there is is any process for name correction in PF Account
    or any other way ought ?

    • You are unlucky I would say .. This is your company mistake, But I am sure they will say they are helpless. You should now check with EPFo department on this and get it fixed asap , else you will face a lot of issues in future. Better file a RTI against EPFO asking what is the way out of this .

  123. sougato pal

    My PF transfer got rejected. When I filed a grievance option on their site.They informed that Form 3a/6a has not been submitted so they rejected it so what should I do hear after?

  124. Velan

    Hi Manish,

    I am a Bangalore based citizen.
    I left my previous company in June 2011 and applied for transfer of my PF to my current company.My PF was maintained by EPFO K.R Puram Bangalore.
    Till now the money has not yet been transferred.
    I then wrote a mail to the Peenya office and (Surprisingly) then sent mail to Kr Puram Office to address the issue.
    The Kr puram office(surprisingly) sent a mail that they had sent the cheque and it was returned back (My current company says they didn’t receive any cheque).
    I was asked to re apply for the the PF transfer. It has been more than 3 months since I reapplied but till now there is no transfer of my hard earned money.
    Should I file for an RTI. Kindly help me on this.

  125. Deena

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for this wonderful article. I am one among who got benefited from this article. I had issues in transferring my PF accumulations from my first company to my current(third company) for the past 5 years.

    I have filled an RTI petition with the concerned EPFO and got my PF successfully transferred in about 5 week time.

    Thanks once again.


  126. Vasu

    Hi Manish,

    I am Vasu from chennai.

    Its Really good article and very informative.

    and i need one help

    I have transfered my PF from my previous company to current one by giving the pf transfer form(i forget abt the form number) to the current company HR before 4.5 months.Now my question is

    1. How i do know whether PF has transfered,since the current pf a/c number is different from previous one.

    2.Is there any link to know the PF TRANSFER Status


  127. Raja

    Please suggest me on this and it’s a great help full to me.
    I resigned my previous organization on Jan 10’2011 and my previous organization submitted the PF transfer Form to RPFC Office on September 05, 2011.
    But till now PF Transfer not completed.
    Regarding this I raised an online Grievance and got a reply like
    “It is informed that after processing your grievance, the following action(s) has been taken:
    Cheque has been returned. Please apply Reauthorization Form.
    Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office. Please quote the same in your future correspondence.”
    Now my question is who will submit/apply Reauthorization Form is my Previous Organization or Current Organization? What is meant by Reauthorization Form?
    If I apply the Reauthorization Form will I get the interest on amount till date or not?
    Please guide me now can I apply Reauthorization Form or submit a RTI ?
    Thanks in advance.

  128. Mayank

    Hi Manish, Thanks for this wonderful information.

    Not sure if I can use this RTI thing in my case as my case is for PF transfer from Pune to Gurgaon. I have used EPF grievance service to know status of my application. Concerned officer from Gurgaon responded that application has been approved and forwarded to concern office long back(Pune in my case).

    When I raised EPF grievance for Pune account, they are saying that they haven’t received any application.

    Looks like my application has been lost somewhere.

    Will RTI be helping me to know where my application has gone.

      • prabhakar narvekar

        My case is similar to this. After delaying for years and raising online grievance i was told that documents were not submitted though i have mail confirmation from my past organization that all docs were submitted and that PF dept does not accept application without all documents. I later submitted all documents again personally after which only 1 part of PF was disbursed. I later raised another online grievance for 2nd part and asking how to get the remaining part, to which again same reason was given(doc not submitted), nothing was mentioned about how to get the 2nd part.

        At this point, i cannot get the status of my PF account online. Later I emailed the PF commissioner at zonal and central level asking if they have any process where all documents are acknowledged by PF dept so that such denials cannot be made time and again. I got no reply to my email either.

        Please advice what how to phrase a precise RTI application to get my pending PF amount without having to go thru the whole cycle third time again.

  129. rajeev

    I changed my job, location remain the same (Bangalore). I’ve given a EPF transfer request, this was acknowledged by the EPF office (I’ve a copy of it). But I still don’t know the transfer happened or not? How do I track it? RTI is the way? or any other method?

    From the EPF website I am not able retrieve the balance, getting the same error message as others:
    ““STATUS for Member ID: BG/BNG/002*****/000/0000****
    Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this BG/BNG/002****/000/0000***

  130. Phani.M

    have an EPF account (MH/37528/017518) with my previous employer Oracle Financial Services Software Limited (formerly called i-flex Solutions Limited) company based in Mumbai. I applied for withdrawal of my EPF account on (07/07/2009) The application has been settled for the amount Rs 21032/-and Rs.5648/-and has been remitted vide cheque nos. 215071 dated 26.02.2010 and 491719 dated 26.02.2010 respectively. Bank details: A/C no. 00821610026608, HDFC BANK, NUGAMBAKKAM Branch.
    But the given savings bank account was closed before the PF settlement was done and the amount was not credited to SB account so I have reapplied once again and submitted application on (12/10/2011) by giving new SB account number but the application is rejected stating that the amount was already settled.

      • Phani.M

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for the quick reply,

        After seeing your articles only i have applied for RTI on 28/12/2012. Thanks for givin valuble information.
        Please clear my dought that if the account given in the application was closed before the PF amount was setteles then that PF amount will be with the PF office only or with the BANK

      • Phani.M

        Hi Manish,
        Thanks for quick reply,

        After going through yur articles i have sent RTI application on 28/12/2012.
        I have one more dought please clarify if I am wrong, If the SB account given in the PF form is closed before the PF amount is setteled then the amount will not be credited to the SB account and the PF amount will be with PF organisation only ?

  131. Fathima Riswana


    To know the PF transfer status –

    a. If I have to fill the RTI online what is the Department/Ministry Details I need to select?

    b. If I have to send by post – what is the fee for RTI application for Bandra RPFC office, Mumbai – Maharashta

  132. Jimmy

    Very Good Article

    Now I am aware about every formality of EPF.
    If I need any help will get your suggestion for sure. thank you Manish for the information.


  133. Hi ,

    I was working under Mafoi consultancy payrolls in Jamshedpur from 2004 Sep to 2005 sep. Once relieved from services, I had applied for pf withdrwal , however same was not catered to. Had filled up pf withdrawl form 4-5 times , however due to apathy shown by the local spoc and REGIONAL OFFICE IN kOLKATA, no movement happened. Had lost the hope. However now I am trying to withdraw pf and checked the status of my pf , which to my surprise is reflecting as inactive account. I am not able to locate the correct correspondence address of my employer to check way forward regarding withdrawl of my pf bi=ut am not able to get the details. pls guide me what should I do to withdraw the pf from the account which is inactive. My pf account belongs to Tamil Nadu and am currently posted at Bangalore

  134. Srinivasan

    Hi Manish,
    I have applied the transfer of my previous PF through my current employer just 6 months before. I have checked the status of my previous PF account through the online e-passbook. In the pdf the contents as follows, “Passbook cannot be generated Reason: Settled Member.” What this means, is that transferred to the my new PF account ? To verify that, i have checked my current PF account number with online, but i am getting error message while getting e-passbook “You have entered invalid Member ID”. What can i do now ? Do i need to file 2 RTI for the both PF accounts? Your help is appreciated.

    • Jonathan

      I’m facing the same problem as Srinivasan, and would be most interested in knowing what next steps could be. I moved employers, and my previous account statement says “Passbook cannot be generated. Reason: Settled Member.” Does this mean that the balance has been successfully transferred to my new employer? There’s no way to find out since I cannot view the statement for my current account. I get an error message “You have entered invalid Member ID”. Do I need to file 2 RTI for the both PF accounts? Or should I just wait and see?

  135. Gaurav Mahajan

    I left my first company in 2010 and applied for PF transfer. I stayed in new company for 6 months and joined back my older company again. Here also I applied for PF transfer.
    When I go to EPFO site and put my PF account number , it shows that “your account is invlid”. Currently I don’t know the balance in my previous PF accounts.Can you please help me on this.

  136. Gaurav

    I left my first company in july 2010 and applied for EPF transfer. I left my second company after 6 months and joined the previous one and again applied for EPF transfer. When I go to EPF site to check the balance it says “your account is invalid”.
    I don’t know the balance in my previous two accounts. How should I go about it ?
    Thanks in advance.

  137. Gaurav Mahajan

    I left my first company in aug 2010 and applied for EPF transfer. I left my second company and again applied for EPF transfer. When I go to EPF to check mk previous balance , it says “your account is invalid.” for both of my previous accounts. I don’t know the balance in my previous EPF accounts also. How should I go about it.
    Thanks in advance.

  138. Gaurav

    Hi Manish,

    I have been working in a company for past 7 years and in June 2012 they have terminated my services. After several follow up with HR & Legal dept for my PF withdrawl they just signed Form-10C and didnt attest (signed) Form -13 & return my documents by saying apply directly to the PF office by getting attested my Bank Manager. After going through lot of forums on internet I understand that I can get my signature attested from a PSU Bank Manager in such scenario and submit the forms10c & 13 along with copy of passoport, PAN Card,SB Passbook, Cancelled cheque along with an application to the PF commissioner saying that company is not cooperating and not ready to attest my with PF withdrawl forms.I have followed the same get my signature attested by PSU Bank Manager and submit to EPFO. After a month when I check the online status it was Rejected.
    The reason was “Employeer attestation(signature) required” after I recieved my documents. Now my question is to you.

    1)How to submit the PF withdrawl forms if your previous company is not attesting your Forms ?
    2) I cannot submit Form3A along with the withdrawl forms documents.
    3) Is there any other documents need to be submit in such scenario.

    I’m located in Delhi and our EPF office is Mumbai so I cannot visit EPF office often for follow ups. Please advice in such scenario how I can withdraw my PF when my previous company is not ready to attest/sign the forms and cannot provide Form3A. Is there any other way out please advice as I’m really need of this money.

    Thanks & keep up the good work…

    Best Regards

  139. V Kapoor

    Hi Manish,
    I joined my new employer in Oct 2010. My employer has its own PF trust. Hence in the letter sent by my new employer, it was clearly mentioned that the EPF/PF amount (from RPO Chandigarh) be tranferred to my employer’s given trust account & FPF be transferred to RPO, Delhi.

    After followup from my side, I was told in Oct-2011 that the entire accumulation has been sent to RPO, Delhi. Since then, I am following up with RPO, Chandigarh. But noone is taking intrest. I filed greivance in EPF grievance redressal recently after reading your article.
    Pls tell me, if there is any timeframe by when EPF grievance redressal reverts with the needful or do I take up the RTI route for faster action ?


    Hi sir i am DILIP SINGH BISTH. 4 year has been passed still i did not get my PF . i worked in WELSPUN GUJARAT STAHL ROHEN for May 2005 to december 2008. till 2007 company sent the pf in SURAT after that RAJKOT. I applied for pf through this company, i only get my 27 thousand. may be this amount from RAJKOT. i dont know ,my pf transfered or not from SURAT to RAJKOT. so now how i will get my full amount.

  141. Vibhavari

    Hi Manish,

    I had opted for a PF transfer from epfo office of Pune to a private trust in Bangalore that belongs to my current organisation. It’s been more than a year and the transfer is yet not done. The claim status says that “Claim form 13 for Account Transfer has been settled. Annexure K and Payment sent through NEFT”. But my organisations claims that they have not yet received the Annexure K and hence the ammount is not settled. They are asking me to follow-up with the EPFO, Pune to get a copy of Annexure K and then the setllement can continue. But I have been getting no resposne from EPFO Pune, tried reaching them on phone, registered a grevieance, sent a reminder to the the same, visited their office but was not allowed to meet the officer. Please suggest what should be done in this case ?

    • Kabeer pandit


      My case is similar.I did it different way.There is another way too. Go to current group officer who is handling your account. Give him letter that you require the K annexure. He would draft a letter and get it signed from PF commissioner. Give the letter to previous PF office. This previous PF office Group accounts officer would give you annexure K.

      Give it to the current PF office.

  142. Prashant


    Sincere Thanks to you…. You are really helping thousands of people who are facing issues with their PF refund / PF withdrawal… Thank you…

  143. Nitin


    I would like to know that IPO should be in favour of “Accounts Officer,EPFO” or “Accounts Officer,EPFO,Hyderabad”, if I’ve to sent the RTI application to EPFO,Hyderabad office.

  144. Nitin Saxena

    If i’ve to send the RTI application to EPFO-Hyderabad, then IPO should be in favour of “Accounts Officer,EPFO” or “Accounts Officer,EPFO,Hyderabad”?

  145. Sunny

    Hi Manish,

    I have filed for an RTI on Jan 17th, 2013 for transfer of EPF in hyderabad. How can i track the RTI filed?


  146. Nagesh

    Hi Manish,

    Please help me in this.

    Issue : PF withdrawal Rejection stating-Salary credited for the month of jan from XYZ company- Resumbit form with form 13

    Hi this is Nagesh from Rajajinagar. I was working with OPI pvt ltd from oct 2009 to May 2012(30 months). Currently I am working with Accenture Pvt Ltd since last 6 months. While joining Accenture in Aug-2012 I have opted for PF withdrawal from OPI and submitted forms to PF office in the month of November-2012. According to the policy I attached all the documents along with the cancelled cheque with 2 months bank statement.

    After 2 months when I found that PF withdrawal form got rejected stating the above reason. While checking the documents(bank statement) they found that I am working with new company and salary is being credited from past 3 months and rejected my PF form asking me to apply for PF Tracnsfer- 13. I personally visited to KR Puram office and asked for my PF money but they strictly said we cant. The only option is transfer or just leave it.

    1)lease can anybody help me, Is there any law that says : we cannot withdraw our previous company pf amount if we are working currently with some other company.

    2)Can I still able to withdraw my previous company PF amount or Transfer is the only option?

  147. christy

    I had quit my previous employer in the year 2011 jan. My previous employer mainted the pf account in its own pf trust (based in bangalore). I had raised a request to transfer the amount from my previous employer’s trust to my current employer’s pf account (based in chennai epfo). During Aug 2011, my previous employer had sent the cheque to my current employer and later by Sept 2011 my current employer had submitted the cheque to Chennai EPFO. After raising couple of grievences with EPFO, I finally got below response.

    Response from epfindia:
    The claim in Form 13 was sent to the RPFC, Bomasandra, Bangalore on 19.10.2011 , where the previous account number is maintained. The member is requested to furnish the NEFT DETAILS/cheque number, date, amount & date of realization of the cheque and signed copy of Annexure K for further redressal of grievance. If the said details are not available, he may take up the issue with the RPFC, where the previous account number is maintained.

    My previous employer maintained its own trust and i am not sure why Form 13 was sent to RPFC, Bomasandra, Bangalore. If I have to raise a RTI, please let me know to whom it should be sent.

  148. Vishnu

    Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the useful info.On seeing this post, i knew how to file an rti application
    Coming to my issue.My first company was satyam,Hyd and when i shifted to my second company Microland ltd.Bangalore,I applied for PF transfer and then i didn’t check whether the transfer has happened or not.Now ehen i got shifted to my new company, i applied for my PF withdrawal of microland.Microland pf trust team informed me that they didn’t receive any cheque on behalf of of transfer from satyam to my account at all.
    When i checked with the hyd pf team,they told me that they dispatched the cheque and they gave the cheque details to me. when i enquired in the accounts section of pf ofc hyd,the cheque was neither returned back or encashed by the microland pf team.
    Then they asked me to submit the reauthorisation letter from Microland of team that they have not received the cheque.I submitted it, but again hyd pf team are telling that they issued the cheque and ask them to return the cheque sent by them.

    My question here is how can the microland pf team submit thecheque which they haven’t received??

    So on seeing ur post..i filed 2 rti applications..1 for hyd epfo and other for karnataka epfo 2 weeks back..

    Can you please tell me how can i check the status of theses rti’s filed as i don’t have any rti number.Ionly have the speed post acknowledgement number with me.

    Please guide me so that what all can i do in this regard.

    Thanks bro in Advance !!!

  149. Boby

    Hi Manish,

    I had quit from my first company on 2011 and joined in another company. In the 2nd company, i opted for the transfer of PF and submitted form 13 for the transfer. But still, it is not trfd from first. When i checked EPFO website, it is shown as -Under Process for a long time, but no appreciable improvement. Now i am in 3rd Company and have another PF account. what should i do now. i wanted to trfr past 2 PF balances to my current(3rd) company…

  150. Deepa

    Hi Manish, I have moved to my current employer B A Continuum in July 2011 and in March 2012 I applied for a PF transfer from my previous employer HSBC. My current employer submitted the cheque received from my previous employer HSBC India to RPO Hyderabad (where my company is headquartered) on 12/04/2012 and they have proof of the same. However, in reply to my grievance, the EPFiGMs office had stated that no transfer in amount has been received. Upon enquiring at HSBC PF office, I have found that the amount has been encashed on 7th May 2012 itself. I have proof of Annexure K, confirmation from HSBC which had a private PF trust that amount has been encashed, proof from B A Continuum that they submitted my cheque. It has been 9 months since the cheque has been encashed however no amount has been credited to my account. I am extremely worried. Can my funds be swindled? I thought that these cheques are a/c payee cheques? Are they? What should I do as the party at fault here is clearly RPO hyderabad and after repeated grievances, they still dont give adequate response.

  151. Kaushik

    I need to file an RTI to EPFO Bangalore, Krpuram, Whitefield.

    Can you please tell me postal order should be favoured to whom?

    Is it “Accounts Officer of EPFO” Bangalore

    or “Accounts Officer of EPFO” Bangalore, Krpuram, Whitefield


  152. Raghavendra

    i was working for a company and the company has the PF account in Delhi and now i need to submit my pf withdraw form.

    should i need to submit in Delhi or can i submit in Bangalore Office.

    if Delhi then can i send it through registered post.

  153. pankaj mishra

    i was working in a private company in orissa.(2008)
    when i decided to switch(2010), the company didnot give me f &F settlement. i have heard that to withdraw epf permission from employer is it true?
    Please tell me how can i get my money back either by withdrawing or by transfering to my new epf.

    Also tell me which forms to be filled for the same.

  154. Anurag

    Hi Manish,

    Very noble work ! There are many capable people around us but not everybody knows how to give it back to the society. You have done a wonderful job here!

    Keep it up!

  155. srinivas

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for PF transfer from Huawei[Bangalore] to Alcatel-Lucent[Chennai]. But Alcatel people told that my PF was not transferred. When I checked my Huawei PF account balance online, it shows :

    STATUS for Member ID: PY/KRP/0024909/000/0003293

    Your account has been settled. For detail’s please contact respective EPF Office.

    Could you please guide me whether i need to file RTI for Huawei PF office.

    Huawei PF account is maintained by Govt. PF office[KR Puram, Bangalore] , no private trust. But Alcatel PF was maintained by private trust.


      • srinivas

        Hi Manish,

        Thanks for the reply.

        Could you please help me what things i need check with whom(SBI).

        Could you please provide more details on how to proceed on this.


        • Use the RTI template given in the article and file it to EPF department asking what is the exact status of your EPF settlement , who is resposible to make payment and what is the meaning of that status which you are getting ?

  156. Anurag

    Hi Manish,

    You mentioned it somewhere that there is no interest paid after three years of last PF contribution or when you discontinue an existing PF account. Not sure if I misunderstood your statement. In any case, are you aware of tax liability if I withdraw my PF anytime before or after 5 years after resigning from my job?

    Good work!

      • Anurag

        Thanks Manish!

        Please spare few more minutes for me 
        1) When you say 5 years old, is it starting from EPF account opening date or 5 years after the resignation? I guess first option though but just to clarify better.

        2) Who will deduct the tax in case of withdrawal before 5years? I need to declare or EPF department will deduct the tax from the final payment itself?

        3) Hopefully last question for you, in case of PF transfer; I think every new organization will open a new EPF account where I can transfer my old PF fund. Isn’t it a good idea to not to transfer PF fund and keep old accounts running so I can withdraw old PF fund taxfree after 5 years? Of course I will have to sacrifice the interest of 2 years but I should be able to save more tax?


        • 1. Starting from opening date
          2. You have to pay it
          3. Yes you can do that . But after 3 yrs of inactivity , your account stops getting any interest and when you are in JOB , its not legal to withdraw the EPF , you should only transfer it


    Dear Sir,

    I am doing business with Nilgiri’s Dairy Farm Pvt.Ltd. who is having an online account in your bank.

    Recently I received a ledger from them stating that a sum of Rs.2.5 lac is pending for the period from 01-APR-2009 to 9.3.2013

    I have made online payment the above mention account from 2009 onwards. Due to recent incident in my office I lost the entire records in total and now I am totally blank to reconcile my account with them.

    I need the account statement from ICICI and syndicate banks of Hosur branch.

    When I contact the respective branch managers they told that with the permission of the owner of the account they can able to give the statement of the account as per my requirement.

    When I spoke to the owner of the account they refuse to give any such letter to get the statement from the bank.

    Recently to close the year end issues they forcefully entered in to an MOU to clear their dues.

    Even now I am not denying their dues if any. What I request them is just to give a letter to get the statement from the bank after reconcile there account. There is no periodical ledger reconciliation right from the beginning between both of us.

    Once get the statement from the Bank I will filter the missing entries and get the xerox copy of the chalan from the bank and if that is relevant to my payment I will ask them for a credit entry in my account.

    Kindly help me how get the bank statement through RTI.

    Srinivasan G

  158. Ankush Goel

    Hi Manish,

    I have a transfer case form Gurgaon PF office to North Delhi PF office. The status at the Gurgaon office is that they have rejected the transfer application seeking some more information. Whereas as per Delhi office, they are awaiting inputs from Gurgaon office and have no information about claim rejection.

    Any pointers whom should I be putting an RTI for in this case and asking for what?

  159. Sofia Simon

    Hi Manish,

    I have an inoperative PF account in Pune and in spite of my numerous attempts to transfer/withdraw nothing as materialized. I was working in Pune from Jun 2005 to Nov 2007. Now I have learnt that interest is not accumulated on in-operative PF accounts. Can you please let me know if there is any chance of receiving the missed interest if I choose to transfer to my current PF account?

  160. Rajan Kumar

    Hi Manish,

    I have applied for PF withrawal…after 2 months I have checked the status online its showing my application got rejected. How I am going to know the reason why my application got rejected. I have given many calls to EPFO Hyderabad…but nobody answering me properly…even they are not picking up my calls…I am very tense…even when submitting the application my employer checked both the forms…it was correct, then y my application got rejected. Even I didn’t get my rejection letter.How to get a claim as early as possible….kindly suggest.

  161. NandaKumar

    Thank you very much sir for the post! This article helped me to submit RTI to solve PF transfer hell. After nearly a year of transfer application, PF money got transferred from old account to new account in matter of 30 days.

    Thanks once again

  162. Rajan Kumar

    I have filed a EPF grievance & I got a reply from PF office
    “Claims in Form-19 and 10C were returned to employer on 18/03/2013 for want of Form 3A & Form 6A. In this regard, the member is requested to contact the employer for early resubmission along with all documents. On receipt of the same, the claims will be processed as per manual of accounting procedure and on merits.”

    What is this 3A & 6A forms….is this submitted by Employer along with Form 19 & 10c.
    I have contacted the employer they are saying we didn’t get any returned form.
    Kindly help how to proceed forward from here.

  163. Rajan Kumar

    I have filed a EPF grievance & I got a reply from PF office
    “Claims in Form-19 and 10C were returned to employer on 18/03/2013 for want of Form 3A & Form 6A. In this regard, the member is requested to contact the employer for early resubmission along with all documents. On receipt of the same, the claims will be processed as per manual of accounting procedure and on merits.”

    What is this 3A & 6A forms….is this submitted by Employer along with Form 19 & 10c.
    I have contacted the employer they are saying we didn’t get any returned form.
    Kindly help me how to proceed further from here.

  164. Rajan Kumar

    I have filed a EPF grievance & I got a reply from PF office
    “Claims in Form-19 and 10C were returned to employer on 18/03/2013 for want of Form 3A & Form 6A. In this regard, the member is requested to contact the employer for early resubmission along with all documents. On receipt of the same, the claims will be processed as per manual of accounting procedure and on merits.”

    What is this 3A & 6A forms….is this submitted by Employer along with Form 19 & 10c, How to fill-up these forms 3A & 6A
    I have contacted the employer they are saying we didn’t get any returned form.
    Kindly help me how to proceed further from here.

  165. sudarshan

    Dear sir,

    One of my friend who was expired 3 month’s back had a pf account in old company. The company was closed and he did not withdrawn. Now is it possible to withdraw pf from his wife ? she had company’s appointment letter, salary slip but no pf account number.

    please help if you have any suggestions.



    • Yes, he can still get it . but some work needs to be done .

      First he needs to file a RTI to EPFO , telling husband name and company name and also attach the joining letter etc .and ask them what is the EPF account number
      Then file a withdraw request through legal heir !

  166. Unmesh

    I applied under RTI to EPFO Bandra, Mumbai for my EPF transfer. But in the response to that I got incomplete information.
    1. The information sought was “Please let me know the reason for rejection and date of rejection letter dispatched with dispatched address”
    => The response was “it pertains to Gr. 63″ .
    Most of the response is pertains to Gr.63 and do not pertains to Gr.23.
    From my perspective the information is misleading and is incomplete.
    Do you have any information about what is Gr.63 ?

    • Not very sure of it , but I found a PDF which had a point number 63 which says some thing like

      63. Conversion of policy into a paid up one and payment of late fee,
      Where a policy of Life Insurance of a member is financed from his Provident
      Fund Account, the Commissioner may,
      (a) convert the Insurance Policy into a paid up one when the credit in his
      Provident Fund on account of his share becomes inadequate for the payment
      of any premium; 58(b) pay late fee and interest out of the member’s own contribution in his
      Provident Fund Account, if any premium cannot be remitted to the Life
      Insurance Corporation in time because of delay in sending to the
      Commissioner the policy duly assigned to the Central Board or any other
      reasons for which the member or his employer may be responsible.

      Did you have any case related to this .

  167. Pavan Agrawal

    I am recently changed my JOB. My previous company is not communicating with me regarding my EPF. Can I file an RTI against my previous company in this case.

    Pavan Agrawal

  168. Prakash Shirke


    I had applied for PF transfer from my old organisation to my new organisation in August 2008 both under Bandra jurisdiction. The old organisation submitted the traNsfer request to Bandra EPFO in Nov 2008. The transfer was not effected by 2013 April. I had quit the new organisation in October 2012 and given for withdrawal. Only the contribution from new organisation has been credited. When I checked with my new organisation they have replied that PF office has informed that I have already donne my withdrawal from my previous account. This is absolutely untrue. No credit has occurred in my bank accounts and I have filled no form for withdrawal. Can you suggest a course of action?

  169. Ankush Goel

    Hi Manish,

    I filed RTI applications for the PF transfer request initiated about 2 years back to the source PF office which is Gurgaon PF office in my case as well as the destination PF office which is Delhi in my case. I used the template mentioned in your template.

    It’s been 33 days since I filed RTIs and there are no response yet and I know there is provision to reach to First Appealatte authority. Can you help me with the process for that and if there is any template which I could follow?
    Any other thing which I need to do?

    Ankush Goel

    • Hi Ankush

      I suggest wait for some more days .. While the official time line is 30 days . At times the delays happen . I myself waited for one of the RTI replies and it came to me after 55 days . While its not the right things , nothing wrong to wait for few more days from practical point of view.

  170. ANAGHA

    Hi Manish ,

    This site came as a relief to me since i am struggling to get any solution for my much delayed PF transfer .

    My pf transfer cheque got returned back as per Delhi EPFO.I filed a grievance. Following was their response :

    Dear Sir/Madam, This is with reference to your Grievance registered vide Registration Number DELSO/E/2012/xxxx . It is informed that your grievance is being treated as non-actionable due to the following reason(s): Cheque no. xxx dated 22.08.2012 amounting for Rs. xxxx has been returned to the this office unpaid. Now you are requested to submit an application for re-transfer the same. You are also requested to mention correct payee name and address in the application. Therefore, we are closing your grievance from this office.

    When i sent the ASR and FORM 13 again my claim got rejected citing foll reason:

    Claim form 13 for transfer to new account member against old member account number has been rejected . Rejection form has been dispatched.

    Should i file RTI or should i catch hold of my new company or should i freshly apply for withdrawal.


  171. Arun Jayant

    Filed RTI, got reply. They have received the cheque from my previous employer on 2/12/2008. And they have done the interest calculation from Dec 2008 to 31/3/2012. Also they said that the “exact date of credit” of amount from previous employer to my account is 5/3/2013. If they have credited the amount on 5/3/2013, shouldn’t they also account for the interest from April 2012 to 5/3/2013?

    Am I missing something here?
    Manish, have you come across simliar cases where they have done a half baked job? Any idea how to get this problem solved?

    • If you feel its unjustified, then better file one more RTI and ask for the rules and what happens to the interest part now . Tell them you will go to banking ombudsman is required

  172. Ravindra jaladanki

    Hi Manish,
    I have worked in one company for 4 years and then i have opted for PF Transfer and joined the 2nd company. I have stayed for 1.3 Years and again shifted the company and opted for PF Transfer. Now i am in the 3rd company and have been there from past 2 Years with bandra Office Mumbai. Now my question is.
    Till now my PF has been not transferred to my latest PF Account. Now i am not even able to track if my first company PF amount has been transferred. I tried checking in epfindia site and i am not getting the status/ pf balance. Is it possible for me to withdraw PF from my 1st and 2nd company now?