How to Check EPF Balance online ?

A lot of us do not have even an idea on how much money we have in our Employee Providend fund account (EPF) and how to check EPF Balance online or offline. So in this post we will see how one can check his EPF balance online and get the details back through sms . Earlier I used to search a lot on checking EPF balance online and I came across some links , but most of them never worked. But few months back I successfully got sms with my EPF balance status. Let me show you that.

How to check your EPF balance online ?

  • Go to this EPFO website link
  • There will be a link below the page to check your EPF account balance status online , click on that (direct link)
  • You will see a drop down there to select the PF Office State ( like Maharashtra, Karnataka , Delhi etc) . Select your PF office .
  • Once you select the State , you will see a list of different cities office, like for Karnataka , you can see one of the options as “Bangalore” along with the “data available upto” date , so you can get your PF balance till that date only .
  • Choose the city office
  • You will be taken to the page where you will have to fill in EPF account number , Your Name and mobile number and Submit.

How to enter your EPF account detail ?

For an example lets say Manish Chauhan worked in Bangalore and had a  Employee Providend Fund account with number KN/62345/876 . This name “Manish Chauhan” is the name appearing in EPF slip .

In that case 62345 will be the Establishment Code (which will be first blank column) and 876 will be the account number (third column) . The second column will be blank in most of the cases , it’s actually the sub code or extension of the establishment code.

EPF balance Online

 Important Points

  • Note that the name should be exactly same as it appears in EPF slip
  • The office and state have to be selected properly , In a single start there can be many offices , make sure you choose the right one.
  • The SMS can come a little late , so please be patient
  • The amount can be only upto a certain date which will be mentioned in the SMS

Can you share if you have are waiting for your EPF money from long time ? Are you facing problem in getting right information on why your EPF money has not reached you ? Were you successful in the enquiry of EPF Balance online ?

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  1. Mohini

    Hi Manish, Thanks for the info. Came to know about this few weeks back and received sms as well. But there are 2 amounts mentioned in the sms, EE amt and ER amt. Can you please elaborate the difference between 2? And sum of these 2 amounts is the total balance?

  2. Prasad

    Thanks for the video. I am sure it will help many of them. I know people who still don’t know such a thing(checking EPF balance online) exists. I have been waiting for my EPF amount since Sep/Oct now. There have been cases where people applied for withdrawal after mine have got it also :) I have had 2 questions, not sure if it is relevant here or not
    1.) I have completed Exactly 5 years, will my EPF amount be taxed ?
    2.) A portion of what the employer contributes(12%) goes to the EPS(Employee pension scheme) – exactly around 4.33% I think, what would happen to this money ? as the EPF act says the account should be 10 years old.
    3.) Since the online EPF balance is not updated( for now, it is updated only till March 2010), so is there a way to know the exact amount which is in the account as balance ? Can they give something like a bank/tax statement


    • Prasad

      1. No

      2. You get pension out of this mostly .. but only if its 10 yrs ,other wise you get it back in your account on withdrawal

      3. You can find it using an RTI application


  3. Amit Agrawal

    Thanks Manish for this post. I am sure this would be beneficial to a lot of readers. And yes, I have been waiting for my PF money. The status shows that the forms have been received by the PF office in April 2011 and is under process and its close to one year now, and the status is still the same. I have lodged complaints in the grievance maintenance system thrice. Two times I have received their feedback stating that it is under process and will be settled shortly,but…. that has only been a consoling promise….nothing has been done till date.

      • Santosh Prasad

        If it is showing under process since April, 2011, then best remedy is to file an RTI application to the concerned office. You may get the name of CPIO of that office from EPFO website. They are bound to give you a reply within 30 days.
        I myself had filed an RTI Application and got the reply within 10 days by speed post.

  4. Hmm.. Yes am on that boat of waiting for my EPF money of past 8 years of service. Left my job 7 month’s back and submitted the withdrawal form at the time of leaving. Employer’s consultant hewitt confirmed applying for PF withdrawal on Sep 15th 2011 and washed his hands. Repeated calls to EPF office (KR puram) asking for status, yield no result. There were 2 transfer in’s (from previous employer) into this account initiated 2 years back for which i had no status update, as PF office only deems fit to give the account statement which is 2 years older. That made the matter more complicated.

    Finally i traveled to EPF office, only to find that they were as clue less about the 2 transfer in’s as i was and my payout was scheduled for Feb (5 month’s from application date) due to some user friendly algorithm that they follow. After 2 hours of running from desk to desk they said ureka for one of the transfer in’s and said the for status of the other one i have to go to the source EPF office and find out the cheque number.

    Finally i ran to source EPF office(Bomanahalli). There the guys confirmed of transferring the amount more than a year back. Got the cheque no from them and enlightened the staff of KRPuram EPF office about it. They acknowledged receiving the sum after seeing the cheque number and looking into a old ledger and promised me it will be all included in my pay out next month.
    Guess what ?? the actual transfer happens via NEFT from source to destination. But there is a physical cheque or some number which is sent from source to destination to inform them about this transfer and that gets lost in departments.

    And need less to say am still waiting for the payout.

    Then there is another matter of Form 10C (remember the Rs. 541 which gets deducted from employer contribution for E Pension Scheme ?). This amount never appears in any of the transfer in’s out’s cheques, that is miraculously transferred. Don’t ask me how!! Hopefully i will get that too.

    Also one can check the withdrawal claim status here

    I’ll be willing to stick my neck out and predict that the mother of all scams will come out some day from the EPF organization. The sophistication of the process followed by EPF is exactly and inversely proportional to the money involved. And the place is craftily designed to hide any hint of transparency. Who know’s, it might as well be the largest ponzy scheme on earth.

    God bless us!!

    • Puneet

      >>Who know’s, it might as well be the largest ponzy scheme on earth.
      This is exactly what i have been predicting since long. It’s just a matter of time when it gets unearthed. Not only the amount would make 2G scam figures lick ground, it would have direct impact on salaried class citizens with no rescue.
      People who opt for PF deductions more than the mandatory limit (12%)..I have no prayers for them.
      And yes, GOD ‘please’ bless us!

    • Raja

      I would say wait a bit more .. I left my job in Dec 2010 and I got my PF in my account (the same salary account I have with my company) , I didnt follow up even once on this actually .

      So I would say wait for 12-13 months (as in my case) . If you expect this in just 5-6 months of leaving the job, you will be disappointed for sure :)


      • Hmm… 12 month’s is really long. I was keen to follow up because of the pending transfers in’s. I was worried if the payout happens and transfer in’s are not accounted then it will be very difficult to track and get them. They would have become kind of zombie. And a major portion of my PF accumulation was from transfer-in’s from previous employer. Also since i was visiting India and had no plans to visit again for a year, i thought better to follow up now than later.
        One more thought this discussion throws up is, do you know what rate of interest will they apply for the half year of 2011-12 for cases like mine assuming they pay me this month? The interest rate for 11-12 are yet to be announced, right ?

  5. santosh

    i have visited this site before and its useless. I have an EPF account for past three years but still it is not loaded. And for some of my collegues who r working for past 8 to 10 years, their EPF is updated only for first three years.

  6. Praveen

    HI Tarun,
    Data is not updated for all the companies. Last year I was getting the same message that you got.
    Now I am able to get my EPF amount information through a message.

    Note: One more option is there to check the claim status of withdrawal of your EPF. This is updated only after your application reached to EPF office.


  7. Arun

    Hi sir,

    I have tried accessing this site but in vain. I want to know if the check status is applicable for people who have applied to withdraw the pf amount or for general balance check. There are many of us with confusing question, your answer can save our time.

    Thanks in advance,
    Arun S

      • chandrashekar

        Hi Manish,

        i got EPF Balance through Message but in the message it is showing Accounts updated up to 31-03-2012 only..

        can you pls tell me why it is showing like this.


  8. Prasad

    Not sure if anyone knows, the EPFO does charge some 6% as management charges, I am not clear if this get deducted from the employee’s account or the employer pays it ! Wanted to share this article , worth a read :) and yes it does give sound to all your arguments of EPFO not delivering it and yes a big scam in the waiting :) They already made a fool of themselves and the Finance Ministry when they said they had excess funds last year, which lead to the increase in Interest rate last year, and now found out that they are actually short of funds, which would lead to lesser interest rate this year :).. More details :

    • Hi Prasad,

      I didn’t understand few things from the Business Standard article quoted on firstpost.
      “Employers currently have to pay 1.6 per cent of the contribution (employer + employee) to the EPFO as administrative charges. In effect, this is a management charge of 6.7 per cent, which would be viewed as a scandal in the private sector.”

      How is 1.6 % of the contribution equal to 6.7% management charges. Any idea ??

      Also, even if we assume there is a management charge of 1.6% every time there is a contribution from employee+employer. That doesn’t sound big to me for the reason, it’s one time. Mutual Funds typically charge that much every year on their AUM. So if it’s one time i will look at it more favorably.

      • Prasad

        true Raja, it is not a big amount and it is one time. The reason I mentioned this is I just got to know it a couple of days back that there are some charges that EPFO takes for managing them. I thought many of us are not aware, so shared the same.

      • Prasad

        Sure Manish. Even I am not sure if it is cut from the employer contribution or if the employer pays this management charges extra..

        I am sure you will get to the bottom of this :)
        Can you also reply to these questions ?
        1.) I have completed Exactly 5 years, will my EPF amount be taxed ?
        2.) A portion of what the employer contributes(12%) goes to the EPS(Employee pension scheme) – exactly around 4.33% I think, what would happen to this money ? as the EPF act says the account should be 10 years old.
        3.) Since the online EPF balance is not updated( for now, it is updated only till March 2010), so is there a way to know the exact amount which is in the account as balance ? Can they give something like a bank/tax statement


  9. Kedar

    Firstly thanks for providing details about “How to register & check EPF Balance”.
    I gone through the link on epf site, entered all the details as per guidelines.
    The msg on it ” Invalid Member_id/Data not updated against this…… “. Why so ?
    I have entered the correct details & also my account is much before the given updated details date.

    • Kedar

      Deginately you are making some mistake , it can be either in the NAME (put exact name as per slip) or the number you are putting in the spaces .. are you choosing the right EPFO state and office ?

  10. Ravi

    Hi Manish,

    Thank you for the post. But I wish it could be a bit elaborate. Not sure if you can include in this post but I would also request you to educate us on

    1. Should we withdraw PF after 5 years lockin and make it grow at faster rate

    2. When employees move between companies, should they transfer or withdraw that amount. If they withdraw from the latest account how is tax deducted? Should we wait another 5 years here also?

    3. Please also include in your post the different components that comes in the SMS and also a litte bit of explanation of the missing figure and whether we will get the same while withdrawl and will amount be missing when we change the company during PF transfer

    4. Should one apply to VPF in the company?

    5. For the transfer of PF amounts usually it take a very long time. What are procedures in which we can follow up with goverment officials on this. Mine is already 1 year and the site says still under process. Not sure why they take this much time.

    6. Will the PF maintain the 9.5/9% interest which we are getting now as standard base rate and keeps increasing or can it also decrease in long run. I remember an LIC agent trying to sell me a pension plan which gives a return of 10% per annum.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Am no expert in Personal Finance. But thought of replying to your query.

      1. Don’t you think there is no one answer fit all for such a question ? If one is sure (keeping an eye on risk) of making it grow at a faster rate, should the question be even asked ? I think Bank FD’s post tax are not an option to grow it faster than PF and other options come with their own risk set.
      2. First part- subjective. If you withdraw before completing 5 years. The tax for the all past years should be recalculated forfeiting all the tax benefits you got under 80C. Also tax has to be paid on the employer contribution part + interest received at the time of withdrawal. third part, If you withdraw, logically yes another 5 years with the next employer.

      3. SMS contains 2 parts. Employer and employee contribution. The missing part is Employee pension scheme contribution which goes from your employer contribution part. typically 541/- every month for ppl earning more than 6.5k as basic salary. When you withdraw, if you have put in less than 10 years of service you can withdraw this EPS amount too (Form 10C is used for that. As per my knowledge after 10 years of service this option is not available.

      4. Goes back to first question.

      5. Go to the source PF office (from which transfer is initiated) and get the status from them. For better follow up contact destination PF office and confirm with them the details received from source. Sorry dude, no automated process.

      6. Pension plan, annuity, LIC are a different beast altogether. No knowledge on them. But even though i may not know a lot about fire’s temperature and different zones, i know enough to stay away :) Will PF maintain 9.5% and increase? You must be kidding to expect a direct answer ! It involves politics and finance, a deadly combination, isn’t it ??

    • Ravi

      This post was very focused on getting EPF balance online . so i will quickly answer your questions here

      1. I dont think so , EPF is a good debt tool over long term and let it be like that .. Better invest in other asset classes other than EPF

      2. Better would be to transfer it

      3. SMS just tells you the balance as on some date .. are you getting some other kind of wordings ? Update it here and we can discuss it here

      4. There is no yes or no on this , depends on situation !

      5. Use RTI .

      6. It keeps changing and nothing can be guaranteed ..


  11. hi manish , firstly provide this video to find out EPF info. i was facing troubles to see my EPF but there is no body to tell i was found my answer through a link like – LINK WAS NOT WORKING . manish you have also give me a way to have epf inquiry answer , thanks to provide this info

  12. Anand

    I am tired of request for transfer of PF from my 1st to 2nd company. Now instead of transferring, I wish to withdraw the amount.

    Will the PF amount be taxed if I withdraw now? It has been more than 5 years since start of first month’s pay; but my query is from which month to calculate 5 years?

    Like in ELSS, every investment is locked for 3 years. In PF also, is every investment tax-free after 5 years?
    Somebody please explain.

  13. Vaibhav Mhatre

    How much time it takes to receive the SMS ? I have filled up all details on the EPF site today morning but still haven’t received the SMS. Does that mean I had typed something incorrect ?


  14. krish

    Hi Manish,

    I had tried the EPFO link an year earlier if I remember it right, but couldn’t get it to work as I was not sure where to enter the numbers in (there were 3 tabs), but your post above did clarify and I’m able to see the balance now via SMS!

    Thanks a zillion for this!

    I just hope that the mother of all scams (i.e., EPFO) comes to light only after we all retire and bite the dust :-)

  15. Kranti Goyal

    Hi Manish,

    It shows data only for Govt. EPF trust. There is lots of Private Company EPF trust. Is there any link fro those.

    Thanks and Regards

  16. Kshitij

    I think this facility is there since 6 months, but many thanks again to Manish. He really have given me a great vision in financial planning.

    I have a query:
    MH/34925/2184(Entered as PU/PUN/34925//2184 in the 5 text boxes) – this is my current org (Oct10 – till date)pf number for this site says : “Data not available. For detail’s please contact respective EPF Office.”

    But for my previous org (Jan08 to Jun10): MH/PN/31902/4131 (Entered as PU/PUN/31902//4131 in the 5 text boxes) : I was able to get the details via SMS.

    Note the extra PN. Both PF accounts are from Pune only.

    Can someone tell me whether I am doing anything wrong.

  17. Rakesh


    Thanks a lot, very detailed explanation. I could get my EPF balance instantly. Unfortunately its only updated till 31/03/2011. They are way behind but still this is good at least we know how much money is there.

    Keep up the good work.


  18. Rakesh


    Would there be a difference in Employers and Employee figure in the EPF statment even though 12% is deducted. Is the difference going to gratuity?
    In my case the employer contribution is short by 9k.


    • Santosh Prasad

      Out of 12% of Employer contribution, 3.67% is contributed to EPF and 8.33% to EPS(Employee Pension Scheme). However this is limited to 8.33% on Rs.6500 i.e., Rs.541/- contributed by Employer. For example, if your basic salary is Rs.10000/- then employer can deposit maximum Rs.541/- in EPS and rest of the amount (Rs.1200 – Rs.541 = Rs. 659) will be deposited in EPF. Hence, in a year, the employee’s contribution to EPF will be Rs.1200 * 12 = Rs.14,400, however employer’s contribution to EPF will be Rs.659 * 12 = Rs. 7,908.
      This is the reason, in EPF statement, you see a difference in Employee and Employer contribution as amount deposited in EPS is not shown in EPF statement.

        • Santosh Prasad

          What I have mentioned is correct. It is 8.33% to EPS and 3.67% to EPF. You can visit this link for confirmation.

          A higher allocation of 8.33% to EPS was done so that an employee can get sufficient amount of pension after retirement.
          But this 8.33% and 3.67% holds true if your salary is less than or equal to Rs.6500.
          If salary is more than Rs.6500, e.g., Rs.10000/=(as an example), then out of employer’s contribution of Rs.1200, only Rs.541/- can be deposited in EPS Account and rest of the amount Rs.659 is deposited in EPF Account. In this case, the percentage for EPS and EPF comes out as 5.41% and 6.59% respectively. So, it all depends upon your basic salary. No matter what is the basic salary, a maximum of Rs.541/- can be deposited in EPS account. I hope this ceiling is increased to higher amount as I think the corpus that will be built with a monthly contribution of Rs.541/- only will not be sufficient enough to provide a decent pension to an employee after his retirement to live a comfortable life.

  19. newinvestor

    Hi Manish,
    Thanks for the post. Have a question which is offtrack from the post but still wanted to ask. My father worked in an organisation in UP which deducted employees contribution every month but both the employees contribution as well as employer contribution was not deposited with EPF office due to financially ill organisation. Eventually my father took VRS . Can u please throw some light as to how to go about getting the due from EPF office as by law it is the responsibility of EPF office to ensure that employees and employers contribution are deposited with them. Thanks

    • Santosh Prasad

      Your father should file an RTI application to CPIO of concerned EPFO office (you can get the name of CPIO of concerned EPFO office from asking for a statement of his EPF Account. He should also attach a copy of salary slip( if he has, otherwise, PF A/c number is sufficient) as a proof that employer had deducted amount from salary in the name of EPF contribution.
      Once, he get this statement, he can be sure whether amount was indeed deposited by employer to EPFO or not. If amount was not deposited by employer, then he can again file an RTI application asking for action taken by EPFO against the employer and the procedure to get his dues back. EPFO office is bound to give reply to an RTI application within 30 days, otherwise, a fine of Rs.250 is imposed on concerned officer for each day of delay in providing information.

  20. Narsi

    Hi Manish, I am able to access my EPF as my compamy has its own trust. How ever I am unclear on the pension portion. Did I understand correctly that it will paid out as lumpsum on withdrawl? or would it be in pension form post 58 years?
    How do we know the balance and other details?

  21. Mahesh

    My PF number starts with KN/BN/*****/***** and i get a message Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this BG/BNG

    I assume data for KN / BG does not exist ?

  22. Vidya


    Can you provide some insights on whether partial withdrawal option is available on accumulated PF , If so can u write a post on the procedure


    Dear Manish,

    I am regular follower of your posts and it really works, Now I want to check my EPF balance and on my receipt there is only a
    Establishment code: BLY-B UP/21957
    Account Group No. BLY/B.
    So please let me know how to check the balance with these codes.

  24. Subrata Bera

    Hi Manish,

    Really nice and informative article. Thank you very much for sharing these details. However , I’ve few questions too. Please let me know what may be the best option available for me in my scenario.

    1) I resigned from my company in Delhi some 2 years back and now I am in Bangalore in another organization. My new company initiated a transfer but sadly its still not happened and I lost all connections with my previous company too. Now is it possible to withdraw the amount from Bangalore and how?

    2) Is it possible to make a fresh transfer request? (My new company is not willing to do it and asking me to follow up with EPF department.)

    Please advice.

    Thanks & regards,

      • Subrata Bera

        Hi Manish,

        Is it possible to make a withdrawal request from Bangalore? Do I need to rely on my last company for this withdrawal?

        Thanks & regards,
        Subrata Bera.

        • Santosh Prasad

          First you have to find out whether transfer was done by Delhi office or not. You can know this by making an RTI application to Delhi EPFO office (where your account was maintained while you worked in old company). You can get the name of CPIO from EPFO website. If you come to know that transfer was not done and amount is still lying with Delhi office, then you may make a fresh application to either transfer or withdraw it by submitting Form-13 or Form-19 respectively. These forms should “preferably” be attested by ex-employer. But, if it is not possible to get it attested by ex-employer for any reason, then you can get it attested by any gazetted officer, mentioning the reason for the same, and send it to Delhi office via Speed Post or Regd Post. You can track the status of withdrawal/transfer request on EPFO website.

          • Subrata Bera

            Thanks Santosh.

            That is some valuable information there.

            After submitting one grievance in EPFO website I got reply that the transfer request never reached them.

            Let me try to reach my previous employer once again and make a fresh withdrawal request. If it doesn’t work, I’ll do it of my own.


  25. Anurag

    Thanks for the nice post.
    I worked for 5 months till June 2010. My payslip shows my PF no. as KN/4***2/2***. As per the steps given on the blog and the video, i tried to check my EPF balance. But, it shows “Invalid Member_id / Data not updated”. My name is also right. What should i do to check my balance?

    • Anurag

      your PF account is very new .. it might be the case that the data for you is not updated at all .. how ever as its just 5 months old , your balance is pretty clear , it would be 5 times of your and employer contribution , thats all .. you can see how much is going to your PF every month .

      Also you must ask for a PF slip from your company eveyr year !


  26. Sowmi Narayanan

    Dear Manish,

    Few months back I read in newspapers that everything in EPF has been computerized. Isn’t ? I too have very BIG story with EPF but tired of talking about that. My issue is related with transfer. I moved to my current employer three years back and b’coz of current employer mistake the transfer form got rejected twice. And at last they successfully given that and now Chennai EPF is saying it got transferred where as h’bad EPF is saying it is not. Is there is way to know the exact transfer status online or some other method ? Kindly help me out to come out this vicious cycle.

    @Raja, I really laughed for 10 mins after reading your exp and further follow up comments. No one can express better than this. i really don’t know how to handle these govt babus / depts. why the hell govt is not outsourcing these critical dept ? Just see the passport office and now it got improved million times. even there you will get stuck up only when it is come to police verification. I know there are some construction companies offering epf etc to their employees and those people are not well educated and does not know all these internet etc. Just wondering what will happen to them to get their hard earned money from these guys even we so called educated sector all struggling this much ?

    People are transferring money from US to india in just few hours and i am really wondering what is the BIG issue in connecting the EPF with PAN no and track it or do the transfer etc.

    Irrespective of this i am glad to see things are moving well in EPF and in near future all our dreams reg govt operations will become true.

    Yes god alone save us.


    • Sowmi

      The last resort to your issue and which will work I guess is to file a RTI to know the real status . Many people have filed RTI application and got more clarity. So try it out !


  27. yuvaraj

    Dear manish,

    Thanks for the nice post.

    I left my organisation in November 2010. But till today i have neither applied for withdrawl of money. Please tell me
    1.How long i can keep it in account after leaving organistion?
    2.Whether i wll get interest on amount till today?
    3.Also suggest which is useful either withdrawl or transfer? how transfer procedure will takes place?

    • Yuvaraj

      1. You can keep it as long as you want , but the interest will not be there if the account is dormant for 3 yrs

      2. Yes as of now .

      3. Better withdraw it , because transfer has lot of horror stories . thats why I am saying , if you are able to transfer it successfully , then good .


  28. sudhank saxena




  29. Keerthi Mukhi

    Hi Manish

    My PF number is KN/19***/6**** where each represents a digit. I am not able to retrieve my PF amount. The error message I get is “Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this KN/MLR/19214//67794″

    Could you please clarify?

  30. Ashish Lad


  31. Jay

    Hi Manish

    Thanks for the wonderful article. My PPF Transfer was done one year ago and data is still not uploaded… Can you please help me here ?

    1. What is the cost & process of filing an RTI (My data is not uploaded sine more than a year). What information should I mention in the RTI.

    2. Can we expect a statement of all EPF credits (monthly and interest) ?

    3. Is this deduction for pension applicable for all subscribers ? When is the payout done ? Will I start receiving pension after 10 years or so ? How do I track this amount ?

    4. In my previous company, EPF a/c was not for government but company trust. I found that I’m paying double of what company contributed in EPF. How can I find where did the pension go or is it that they are not bound to make equal contribution ?


    • Jay

      I think you are talking about EPF , not PPF

      1. RTI will cost just Rs 10 or rs 0 (if you write on a piece of paper) and send it to RTI department. For info on RTI , search on net

      2. NO

      3. Pension clarity is not there . will write a post on it sometime

      4. Company will pay only upto 12% of your Basic , you might be giving 24% in that case .


      • Jay

        Thank you. Yes, I mistyped… it was EPF.

        Just one more query.. Is there any other way we can get statement or detail on credits done in my EPF. How would I approach if I have a doubt on interest credits etc ? Can that be included in EPF RTI ?

          • abdul wajid

            i worked in karnataka road transport for 37 years i am a member of pf and epf pension from the begining may be from1970 till i retired on june1999 but i recive only 347 PM I ENQ SO MANY TIMES to epf office at chikmagalore karnataka .Reply is wht u getting is more i shut my mouth and come back. my FPS no is 1579 can i get a proper reply from u in hope i will get reply GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW IAM FACEING PROBLEM IN RS.347 THANKING U

            • Abdul

              I assume that you will be having around 1 lac in your EPF balance .. file an RTI application to find out more on this .. ask them how much is your EPF balance and how much pension is given !

  32. Hi Manish,

    I had worked in a media house for over 5 years and had quit in August 2010. The accounts department informed me that they had applied for withdrawal of EPF. I waited for 8 months, but since I did not receive any money or any intimation, I approached the accounts department, who suggested I apply for withdrawal on my own this time. I submitted all the necessary documents & paperwork in June 2011 at EPF’s Dwarka office in New Delhi. The documents included details of all the money submitted by my organisation (both employer & employee share) to my EPF account each year. But since then the online claim status shows that “PF settlement is under process.”

    Interestingly, the EPF claim from the next firm which I had joined in August 2010 and quit in August 2011 has already been settled in just a span of 4 months and the money was credited to my account through NEFT payment.

    I have sent the EPF office a written letter for the same. I plan to wait a month more before filing a RTI asking for an explanation for the inordinate delay in processing my application.

    • Vareen

      YEs seems like things are stuck in between somewhere and you will have to use RTI to get that exact info . I am planning to do a post on how to use RTI to get EPF related issues sorted out , but not sure when !

  33. Ranganath T.S

    Dear Manish,

    I tried to check my EPF balance as per the demostration ; how ever it didnt work i havent received the sms till now.

    Please guide me .

    • Praveena

      I can see that you have 3 numbers in your PF account number , are you putting all of them in respective fields ? the first number goes in first field, second in second and so on ?


  34. anji

    Hi ,
    PPF balance will be coming as SMS ok. if i want to check again the balance again need to enter the mobile number . it is written that mobile number will be linked to account how frequently sms will send.

    if i want to check again i have to follow same process?????

  35. anji

    hi Manish ,

    thnks for your reply.

    this might me like childish question . if mobile number is changed , already provided number is linked if provided new number system accepts and send information .

  36. anji

    hi Manish ,

    thnks for your reply.

    this might me like childish question but i want to clear it . if mobile my number is changed , already i have provided number and is linked to the account( Note provided in the site) so if i provided new number will system accepts and send information ?

  37. Kiran

    HI Manish,

    I live in Bangalore and My PF number is “KN/WF/xxxxx/000xxx” , but when i try to search it is giving the following error:
    STATUS for Member ID: BG/BNG/0035955/000/0000174

    Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this BG/BNG/00xxxxx/000/000xxx
    **Data updated till 08-03-2012 20:19:34

    I have followed the same procedure you have given. Any pointers?




    i too has same issue which kiran is facing,
    FIRST BLANK FIELD ASK FOR:Establishment code – Maximum 7 Digits
    SECOND BLANK FIELD ASK FOR:Extension – Maximum 3 Characters / Can be left blank in case no extension
    THIRD BLANK FIELD ASK FOR:Account Number – Maximum 7 Digits

    SO FORMAT SHOULD BE:max7digits+max3char+max7digits
    As given in pay slip KN/WF/3x9x5/000x7x” *
    (*x represents digits.)

    so using the format

    i tried
    1. first blank field:3x9x5
    second blank field:BLANK
    third blank field:000x7x

    2. also tried with WF in second blank field along with value used in first trial
    3. also tried interchanging the value used in first trial option

    Thanks in advance

  39. santosh

    my company provide me a pf no which does not showing in the web site is there any registered or not ,i need clarification,pf no:-KR/KC/12075/28564

    • Thanks for asking the question. We use our forum to answer personal questions , so that more people can have a look at it and give their comments too . Please ask your question on the forum where I personally and others reply very fast . It takes 1 min to create a login and start asking question .. Incase you want me to create a login/pass – let me know

  40. Manoj Verma

    I want to transfer my pf amount from one company account to another account. I have sent hard copy of form 13. Today i checked the status it is showing below status. from this message can i know that my pf has transferred or not
    Your account has been settled. For detail’s please contact respective EPF Office.

  41. khushpal manohar

    my a/c is showing claim is settled but no money credit in my bank account my detail as

  42. savitha

    Dear All,

    my pf online payment is showing very less ,i had been working for almost six years in an company , and for the first three years they were deducting 195 + 195, after the fourth year they were deducting 390+ 390, last year they were deducting 420 + 420 , but the status online its showing only 18 thousand . anyone plehelp me


    I live in
    DELHI and My PF number is “DS/NSP/xxxxx/000xxx” , but when i try to search in all the ways by putting my name in different manner, every time the message shows as
    Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this
    **Data updated till 04-04-12
    I have followed the same procedure you have given.

  44. Narendra Kumar.S.S

    For Bangalore based PF numbers, the status tells that the database is updated upto 28th March 2010.
    So, the data that is sent in the SMS is old data.

    So, is there any other way to get the latest status online?

  45. NaGARAJU


    I have joined in a new company on 9th May 2011 and Initiated the transfer on June 2011. In the site it is showing cheque has been dispatched on DEC 2011

    Now I checked the balance of my PF account. But it is throwing error as INVALID member ID.

    Please help me on this issue.


  46. Jit

    maine mera P.F. balance ke liye p.f office me phone kiya to wo bol rahe hai ki meri company ne mera p.f. form company me bheja nahi hai. lekin mere pas salary sleep me P.F. number hai.
    kya action leny chahiye pls answer me
    kya mera p.f. balance vapas mil sakta hai?

  47. vaishali

    i hve a epf account MH/44359/1946, where i worked only for 3 months. Whether i am eligible to withdraw my EPF.

  48. Mohammed

    I have got the sms for my EPF balance. They have mentioned 2 components namely, employee and employer.
    Would like to know that whatever amount is given in sms for employee and employer consists interest part also or Interest amount is over and above the given amounts?

  49. Nirmal Kumar

    Dear Sir,
    Please provide us my EPF balance via SMS or mail2 components namely, employee and employer.
    EPF No. DL24792/678
    No data found please help

  50. Poornima Shenoy

    Thanks for the information … very useful…

    Please could you tell me whether the name on the EPF slip and salary slip is the same or different.

  51. kahnu

    I was working for Hindustan Dorr-oliver Ltd from 2007 to 2009. but after leaving the company & after continues follow-up also they are not interested to return my PF amount. my account num is MH/4342/1192. can you please help me to withdraw the same.

  52. ambekar suresh kumar

    it’s very nice site
    but having a one problem that is not updating 3 month’s one time
    that is bad

  53. Poornima

    Hi Manish,

    I want to withdraw my PF with my old company. HR has asked me to provide a cancelled cheque which has 15 digit account no. on it. But all my cheque books have either 12 digits or 14 digits. Please give me correct knowledge about it. Can you please guide me whether my form will be rejected if I submit a cancelled cheque with 12 digit a/c no.

  54. shashank

    For all those ppl who are getting error mssg they need to visit and type their 5 digit establishment code and hit on search button . On results page you can see 2 different columns stating old region code/estt code/estt.ext and region code/office code/estt.code/estt. ext.

    Therefore the solution lies in filling the new region code/office code

    Hope now everyone can find his/her epf details



    the information we get is useless. i recently got the information through SMS from epf office which showed data upto the end of 31.03.2011 i.e one year old information which we already got through the PF slip. so what’s the use of this information. i asked them to provide information upto the end of 31.03.2012. they do not reply or provide information.

  56. Lohith

    Hi Manish,

    I am not able to check PF Balance. My account number is in the format (HR/5572/XXXXXX). So which is the actual account number in this.
    I worked with HCL Technologies (Hindustan Instruments Limited Employees Provident Fund Trust) left company on Jun-2009. Since i was going for further studies i didn;t transfer my PF account. Last week i got a mail telling my PF amount has been settled on Oct 2010 where as i didn’t receive any money to my account. Can you please guide me what exactly i have to do. How to find out to which account PF amount has been transferred.

    Thanks in advance .


  57. K C Sahoo

    Dear Manish,

    I left a company 5 years before. When I am trying to check my EPF balance it shows

    “Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office.”

    How to check the balance. and how can I withdraw my money ?


  58. Wriju Bharadwaj

    Hi Manish,

    I had switched jobs, and wanted to have my accumulated pf transferred to the newly created account.

    The issue that I faced was that it seems that the PF account with my new employer is maintained with separate PF Trust (which is exempted by the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Bangalore under Sec.17(1A) of the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Act,1952).

    When I tried to view the balance online I got the below error:
    STATUS for Member ID: BG/BNG/0010275/000/0048466

    Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this BG/BNG/0010275/000/0048466

    **Data updated till 05-09-2012 21:48:25

    I am however able to to view the status of the PF account with the previous employer (just to confirm that I am able to use the online tool properly).

    Do you know of any workaround?

    P.S. I would like to withhold sensitive info e.g. name of trust, employer etc. as this is a public site.

  59. Megha

    Hi, i calculated my claim amount basing my contrbn every month, and the balance shown in “PF STATUS” is lesser than my calculated amount by approx 40k.
    what cud the reason for difference be? what do i do to get claim the exact amount.

  60. Raj

    I am NRI and have been out for India for more then three years. I know I won’t get interest on my EPF money due to in-activity. So, I am planning to take money out.
    But in future (may be after 5 years or so) I plan to return to India.
    What would be your advice for this, should I take money out now or not? Because when I come back, I would get higher interest on my deposited amount.

  61. Sandeep Shah

    I have not received SMS of PF Banlace.

    I get this message when I Click on Submit button.

    STATUS for Member ID: MH/BAN/*****/***/*****

    **Data updated till 03-05-2013 16:59:40

    There is no message about SMS sent to Mobile number given. IS that any error?

  62. Rajat Verma

    I have not received SMS of PF Banlace.

    I get this message when I Click on Submit button.

    STATUS for Member ID: MH/BAN/*****/***/*****

    **Data updated till 03-05-2013 16:59:40

    There is no message about SMS sent to Mobile number given. IS that any error?

  63. Guneshwor

    Dear Manish,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge on EPF. I tried checking my current balance. I received the below message while clicking the Submit button. Kindly advise what does it mean?
    Error received from Service.

    **Data updated till 03-07-2013 10:02:19


  64. Mohaboob Sharieff

    Hello Sir/madam,
    I am having PF account no. KN/WF/45861/615,kindly let me know pf balance of my account.i am not able to check kn/wf,and let me know kn/wf

    Mohaboob Sharieff

  65. mohd syed abbas

    i started working in IBM dakhs form 10 oct 2007 and left the job in amy 2009…so is there any way i can check my pf account balance…while entering my pf account no it is saying that not matching with my name and i am confused how to fill up the acount no in boxes…please help thanks

  66. Jai

    Hi Manish,

    First of all, thanks for this info.
    I have followed the steps mentioned above and got the SMS from EPFO.

    The message was .. ER Amt Rs xyz as on 25-07-13 (Accounts updated up to 31-03-2013)

    1.So the amount mentioned in SMS is only up to what date ?
    2.Will it be EE+ER ?
    3. My application is now sent to PF Office, how long does it take to process and amount to be credited in my account ?

    PS – As usual, need money asap 😛

  67. Suresh Boddu

    I am Suresh Boddu, I have a pf account, I tried to check my balance — It displays Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this BG/BNG/XXXXX/XXX/ZXXX

    It was opened in 6months back. Thanks

    How would I know EPF Slip name?

    Suresh Boddu

  68. Arumugam Ramamoorthy

    Hi Manish

    I have a Pf account with a company called spike source got closed 5 years back. I have no idea how to withdraw the money from that PF account.

    I need the following information from you

    1. Where we can check PF account balance if the company got closed and account inoperative for more than 5 years

    2. When I trying to submit the PF forms to the PF office they are asking me to the signature PF committee member is it required

    3. When I approach him he is asking money 10% of PF amount, how to get my PF amount with out all these

    Please show me the path how to get my PF amount

  69. Varun

    Hi, I find this post very useful, however, after reading all the stuff it still dint solved my problem. Do you have any Idea about the HIL EPF Trust?? I think they are not associated with EPFO and the worst thing is they do not have any website to find any information. I applied for PF withdrawl 3 months back, but still no results. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Saloni

      Hello Varun,

      Do contact HIL trust or any HR of your company..
      They will be able to give you are details about the same.
      As HIL is a trust and not mainatained by EPFO it would not be possible to get your pf details from EPFO.

      Also keep in mind that you pf withdrawl could take few days to few months.

      I did apply for my last two org for pf at the same time and the 2nd was disbursed within 30 days and the 1st org pf took about 7 months

  70. hello sir,
    mera naam abbas nizam saiyed hai aur mera cont. no:-9892448720 hai.
    Mujey English Mai Likhna nahi aata hai, sir mera pf number :- kn/35224/234200 hai mai ney online check kiya lekin kuch pata nahi cal raha hai to plz, mujey mera bal. aap bata saktey hai

  71. Mukesh Rai

    I am not getting up to date PF balance amount in the SMS which is received. It is showing only upto 31 Mar 13. I want to know the balance till to date. How can i get the same.


  72. maneesh kumar pandey

    hi manish when i entering my pf no showing Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office. what its meaning.

  73. moushmi

    Hi manish….I worked for wipro kolkata for 3 n half yrs n left in 2009….since that time I hv nt applied fr my PF …my pf no starts with KN/BN/11394/***** but when I try to check the balance it says it is an invalid input please help

  74. Amaresh Nabar

    Hi Manish, I am working for a BPO since November 2010. Over the years, my basic salary has increased but the amount of PF reduction has remained constant. Please guide me in this regard. Regards.

  75. Abhisek


    MY PF no is KN/23336/1109552 While checking the Status its showing

    STATUS for Member ID: BG/BNG/0023336/000/1109552

    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this BG/BNG/0023336/000/1109552

    Can you please help me on this to get my PF balance.

    I am giving the name as in my payslip.

  76. Kashish

    Hello Manish,

    Could you please help me to know how i can trace my previous company’s PF A/C NO. I worked in EXL in 2006 just only for 4-5 month but never noted my PF A/c and never took printout of my slary slip. i just know state and city name of EXL PF office.

    Thanks and Regards,

  77. manish

    I had put reqest for PF trasnfer from multiple old accounts. Complete corpus was NOT transferred. I assumed rest is EPS amount. I asked EPFO why rest was not transferred, reply got was – “in case of transfer only PF amount transferred and in case of EPS, details only transferred”. What does that mean? How will they link EPS of multiple old accounts, specially when the EPF accounts get closed after transfer? Please write a seperate article on EPS transfer as it seems complex. Ordinary contributors like us will have no track/ trail of whether the EPS got linked/ trasnferred or not, specially if one plans to avail pension after 58 will be left clueless for too long..

  78. Swapna Deshpande

    Hi Manish ,

    I was Employee of Cognizant for 2.7 year. I Joined new company , so i withdrawal my PF . I got very less Amount from EPF only 16000 /- . My Package was 3.5 LPA when i was in comapany . I have sent mail to CTS regarding the same. But they are not replying back. Please help me , how to proceed futher to know what was exact amount and why so less amount i got?.

    Please help me in this.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Swapna Deshpande

    • Hi Swapna

      TCS is not going to help on this , as they are not the right authority to speak on this .

      Your EMI was deducted by TCS , but submitted to EPFO and all the money was accumulating at EPFO end, you will have to contact EPFO department now and its very easy . All you need to do is File a RTI to EPFO and ask your questions like how much was deposited by TCS , what was the interest amount all these years , what was the balance etc .

      You can read –

      Important note – You can now file RTI online ! .. search google


  79. Amol Kshirsagar

    I have followed above steps but is says “Data not available. For detail’s please contact respective EPF Office.”. What should I do next?

  80. Virupakshappa

    Hello Manish,

    I work for Infosys currently and my PF number is KN/10088/269838.
    (before that I worked for Wipro for 3 years and i transferred to Infosys, where they replied it is successfully been credited here)

    I want to check my balance. I entered KN|BNG|10088|left empty|269838.

    So i found as below when tried ,

    STATUS for Member ID: BG/BNG/0010088/000/0269838

    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this BG/BNG/0010088/000/0269838

    **Data updated till 01-01-2015 14:44:18

    Kindly request you to help me on this front.

    many thanks,

  81. Virupakshappa

    Hi Manish,

    Below are my details,

    My PF number: KN/10088/269838
    Name as per sal slip : Virupakshappa Tippadampalli

    Account is held by Infosys Limited Employees Provident Fund trust.

    I searched using the address and the pin code to find the Ext/Est Code, PFB

    It is PY/BOM/0010088/000

    Therefore I tried PY/BOM/0010088/000/0269838

    However it still says Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this PY/BOM/0010088/000/0269838.

    Please revert.


  82. Sindhuja

    I am from Bangalore and I want to check my PF balance. My PF no. is KN/35121/5413.
    The moment I select Karnataka > Bangalore, the first two boxes of PF number gets filled with BG / BNG. How do I check for PF nos. starting with KN?

  83. Abhijeet

    The website does not work for MH/PUN. As show in my salary slip it only looks for PU/PUN and not MH/PUN.

    My PF number is MH/PUN/30767/**** (**** = my account number which i have marked)
    It returns..
    Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this PU/PUN/03****/000/000****
    Let me know,

  84. Sandesh Randive


    i am trying to know my pf balance but not able to know pf balance…
    it always show that Invalid Input / Member name mismatch . please help me to check my pf balance

  85. satya somnath ghosal

    I have worked in a private company for 4 years 5 days.I left the job on 15.09.2014 and applied for my pf.some of my friends who have worked for 2 years 11 months got 52000 and me 55000.I am not satisfied with the amount I received as i expected more than that.
    Please help me as early as possible.
    How will I calculate my pf amount?

    • Mohit

      Your pf amount should be 12% of your basic salary (In case of increment, it will differ accordingly) + equal contribution from employer+interest on amount as per pf rules. Better get UAN no. from your employer and check all calculations after downloading passbook.

  86. Utkarsh Jeet Rajwanshi


    I was holding a PF account in my previous company. Now when ever I am trying to check my balance then it is showing error message like
    “STATUS for Member ID: BG/BNG/00xxxxx/000/000xxxx
    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this BG/BNG/00xxxxx/000/000xxxx”.

    I had cross checked my name and PF number both and they are same as mentioned in my salary slip.

    So please suggested what to do next in such case.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Utkarsh Jeet Rajwanshi


    Hi Manish,

    I am unable to get the pf balance from the epfo website; it says name/input mismatch
    (1) Worked for CSS Corp Chennai until Dec 2010 – PF no – TN/40178B/11730 I believe the pf was in old format, how do I get the new format for this.

    (2) worked for R Systems Chennai until Sep 2011 – PF no – MH/30130/2310 in this case I do not know what is the issue it again says name/input mismatch.


  88. Anku Gandhi

    Hi Manish,

    I am trying check balance of y PF, how ever when I try to check by inserting my UAN number and PF number it is giving me an error message saying.

    “Member ID BGBNG00341770000067239 does not exist in member master.”

    My PF Number is KN/BN/34177/67239. How ever as now it has been updated to regional codes has been updated to BG/BNG.

    Is there any guidance you can provide?


  89. Akshay

    Hi Manish

    My EPF Number is KN/*****/******* , but when I select Karnataka / Bangalore I get the following Error “Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this “. What should I DO?

    Also I worked in NSN for 4 Year 9 Months , Resigned for Study Leave and Now joined ICICI Bank. Now I want to transfer the PF. Will the amount be taxed? If it taxable , Is there any way I can Save it from taxes?

  90. bramha nanda reddy vennapusa

    Hi sir i have work 3 companies but i didn’t get the pf sir i have PF numbers also how to get PF money please check the below PF numbers sir,



    sir please let me know

    • Hi bramha nanda reddy vennapusa

      I suggest that you now take the RTI route. You can file the RTI and ask your queries to them. THey are bound to reply you on your queries.

      Its a bit long cut, but works well


  91. Dhaval

    I just recently open EPF account. Can I know to check my EPF balance or to download passbook, how old should be my EPF account?

    Means after registering or creating EPF account, how many days/weeks/months will it take to reflect balance in my account ? And If I want to register my current EPF certificates for VISA purpose, is it valid if I download from website ?

    Please let me know.

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