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We all know NRI cannot invest in PPF but can he invest in name of his wife or son who are not NRI?

If yes do you know some one who have done this? or any authentic link which says this.

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  1. Adarsh says:

    sidrana7 ,
    thanks for enlightening me on the nri’s investment on ppf.

  2. sidrana7 says:


    Non resident Indians are prohibited from opening PPF accounts, no conditions bypass prohibition. Period.

    Perhaps you should have read the question from Hemant, a little more carefully. he knows the fact himself about prohibition. He has asked if he can deposit his money in the PPF accounts in his wife and child’s name, both of whom are residents for tax purposes.

    And no, I havent mistook your answer but you need to get your facts straight before making a point.


  3. Adarsh says:


    You completely mistook my answer and if you can just go through my answer it says u “MAY” and subject to certain conditions and not you “CAN”.Its not about correcting you but just to let you know that those two conditions if satisifed “MAY” be able to open an account. I am not misleading anyone i am just putting my point across.



  4. Adarsh says:

    Hey Hemant ,

    As far as my knowledge goes Non Resident Indians may also open a PPF account out of the funds in the applicant’s non-resident account in India in banks subject to the following conditions –

    1.The account is marked as non-resident account
    2.All credits therein or debits thereto are made subject to the same regulations as are applicable to non-resident account.


    1. sidrana7 says:


      NRI’s can not open new PPF accounts, but are allowed by RBI to continue investing in PPF accounts opened by nri’s when resident for tax purposes. After completion of the 15 years the PPF a/c can be further extended by 5 years every time as long as the bank agrees and you are happy to do so. I have PPF a/c and investing.and yes I am a non resident for tax purposes.

      Secondly your wife and son can open PPF accounts in their name as residents and invest freely in it. For your child if minor in age then it will need to be reviewed in regards to operation.

      And there is no law saying that resident PPF a/c can not accept foreign remittances. To make things more clear you can easily transfer the amount to your wife’s resident bank a/c and she can deposit the same to the PPF a/cs.

      I see now problem in doing so. If you have internet banking you can do the transactions more efficiently.


      Your reply is totally opposite and may mislead readers. As far as I understand non residents are not allowed to open new PPF accounts in India. You can correct me if wrong.


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