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POSTED BY JAGANATH PRABU ON September 25, 2010 12:00 am COMMENTS (9)

Planng to take health insurance for my parents who are 55+, lemme the best plans avilable in mkt.

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  1. Somil says:

    Dear Manish,

    How is top up plan of HDFC ERGO – Health Suraksha.
    Is it s Top up or Super Top up plan.


    1. Seems like its a top up only


    I want to a know about a best health insurance plan which will be suited for husband(39yrs),wife(34yrs),child(8yrs),father(70yrs) and mother(60yrs).

    1. @SAHOO

      As you want all five ppl to be covered together i suggest to go for oriental insurance . their rates are very competitive for family floater and as the father’s age is 70 they mite be able to give a policy for that age

  3. manickkam says:

    For aged parents, Go for Apollo Munich Health Insurance – Easy plan – Individual policy.
    It is undoubtedly the best.

    –> Tied up with most number of hospitals for cashless benefits.
    –> You can renew your policy for lifetime (This is the best one)
    –> Complete health checkup every 4 years for free.

    There are numerous other benefits like 24*7 on call doctor support and well all those things that is present in a normal Health insurance policy and it is the best for aged parents.

    Its price is also comparable to public health insurance company. I would recommend a strong YES to this product. But always go for individual policy, when you are taking it for your aged parents. It works to be the same and you get unmatched benefits.


    One thing you should mention is what is more important to your case ? Obviously you have to see that how insurance company defines pre-existing deseases , because its very sensitve thing in your case . I agree with Gaurav and MoneySavingsHelp that you should choose a professional and rich features product rather than a cheap product , because it can be very expensive to choose cheap .


  5. You can try with Apollo Munich Health insurance also. That policy is also good.

  6. Gaurav Malik says:

    I have 2-3 insurance policies but recently i took a policy of 10 lakhs for me and my wife from Max Bupa and I found that the way the entire process was handled was very professional. Though the policy is on an expensive side but compromising on a health insurance policy is something which we should avoid. It has added benefits also as it has no age limit attached to it. You can go through the website and if you leave your detail they promptly call you back.

    1. As your requirement is for 55+ i suggest you to look for Policies from National insurance or New India assurance .
      National insurance can cover upto 80 yrs of age which hardly any one covers + they also cover pre-existing disease upto 60

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