Is there any LIC policy whose monthly premium is Rs. 500-750 ?

Dear Friends Please suggest me some LIC policies for which monthly premium is in between Rs. 500 to Rs. 750. Thanks Anindya


Returning of one year premium paid by customers ?

why insurance companies are not return the initial premium paid by policyholders for lapsed policies even after policy expiry date.


Is NRI allowed to have an eIA account ?

Hi, Do you know if an NRI is allowed to have an eIA account? I couldn’t find the option in CIRL website nor their contact details. Is any NRI in the forum have eIA account ? Thanks


Need suggestion for Critical Illness Cover

Dear manish, I have hdfc term policy click to protect plus for 50 lacs basic sum assured and 50 lakhs adb. I would like to take one policy with critical illness cover. can you pl suggest the best policy. Apart from this, i have medical cover of 3 lakhs for my family.


Want to surrender my LIC Jeevan Saral Policy – How much will I get back ?

Hi Friends.. This is Silpa, want to surrender my LIC Jeevan Saral Policy after 4 years payment. My full payment term is 18 years and yearly payment Rs.12000. Can you please help me, how much I can get return after 4 years. Also please suggest me, how I can get back more returns . Thanks, Silpa


Need help regarding LIC’s Money back plan 25 yrs

Hello, I have taken a LIC’s New Money Back Plan-25 years in year Jan 2014. Quarterly premium is Rs. 14,662.  I have paid 3 premiums[total 44000].  Now I am thinking to stop this LIC plan. Please suggest me : 1) It will be good if I stop it right now. If I do so, then […]


Guidance on surrendering LIC Jeevan Anand policy , have paid for 4 yrs ?

Hello Sir, I have a LIC jeevan anand policy of Rs 50k per year and have paid 4 years. I realized that its not worthy one and thinking of surrendering it. I have 2 questions on this. Should i close this now or after completing 5 years? I read in some blog that only after completing […]


Income tax calculation on LIC Future Plus ?

I paid 1-time premium on lic future plus in 2006 and redeemed in 2014. For tax purposes, will the return be treated as normal income tax or as tong term capital gain tax?


Bought HDFC life online – havent got the update ?

Dear Sir, I bought HDFC life+ term insurance one month back. I got the proposal number. I have completed my medical examination. Also I submitted the necessary documents. But I haven’t received any updates from them. Can you please help me in this regard? Thanks, Pushparaj


How to Buy Term Insurance for Non-Earning Child?

I am 50 years old father and has 20 Years old college going son. I want to buy a Term Insurance Cover for my son. I contacted a few Insurance Companies to buy online term cover, but all of them ask for a proof of income. An obviously that proof is not available for my […]


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