HDFC Classic assurance plan ? To surrender or continue

Hi manish I am an NRI and made mistakes of doing two plan under HDFc life. Missold like many others by uncle . one plan is HDFC SL Classic assure with premium paid already for three years of 150000 each with sum assured 1250470 plus bonuses at maturity over a fifteen year term. Premium paying […]


Return after 15 years in LIC policy ?

Dear All, Please guide me on my query. I have taken a LIC at the start of my career without any knowledge about it. I am just get fooled by the agent and my main requirement was to save tax on my hard earned salary at that time. The Policy is Jeevan Saral . The […]


Why not to invest money into LIC?

Hi, I wanted to know why one should not invest money into buying LIC policies? As the returns given by LIC are approximately 6% which are lowest of all. One can start ELSS for tax saving and getting more returns on the investments and can buy term insurance for other benifits. So what is the use of […]


Why is Reliance Online Term Insurance Cheaper

Dear Sir, Is it worth taking an online term Insurance Plan with Reliance Life Insurance. Please provide some inputs about the same like claim settlements, service, etc., kindly suggest the best online term insurance to buy which is available in the market with your inputs. I am a 40 year old male(Smoker).  


Jeevan Saral Surrender value after 6 year premium paid

I am 30 years old ; I purchased Jeevan Saral policy in June 2009 with a premium Rs 18015 yearly(Sum assured  375000). Till now i have paid 6 premium(till june 2014) and now i want to surrender it, Pls let me know how much money i m supposed to get. I think i will get […]


Term plan premium payment through MF dividend/SWP

Hi, My friend is visited to LIC office for inquiring about term plan (offline). For 32yrs old, 1cr SA, 35yrs tenure, premium will be Rs 35281/-. LIC officer (or agent ?) suggested him to buy LIC Nomura Saving plus MF as well so that he can pay his term plan premium rs 35281 through this […]


Splitting of Term Insurance policy VS Endowment Plan

Hello I have been going thru various sites regarding Splitting of Term insurance into 2, and not going for Single policy. Mine query is- 1.Does LIC endowment policy also needs to declared to Pvt company if we go for Term insurance? 2. Can we get Endowment policy gets approved first (incase of any misevent) and […]


Regarding accidental insurance under PM JANDHAN YOJNA

I would like to bring to notice to the members of Jagoinvestor that why the father of a youth who died in an accident was denied the compensation amount of Rs. 100000/- accidental insurance assured with opening of a bank account under PM JANDHAN YOJNA. An official of the concerned bank has said that the […]


Can wife get Life insurance money if husband has committed suicide , and father is nominee ?

Hi I have a question in life insurance, husband has committed a suicide and in policy documents his father is nominee, if wife want to claim his policy while taking NOC from his father (nominee), Can she get a claim in her bank account directly. Please assisst as soon aspossibles


Pros and Cons of Kotak Assured Savings Plan

Dear Sir, I would be grateful if you can advise the pros and cons of “Kotak Assured Savings Plan” and/or if you can suggest some better plan preferably from Kotak. I am a bit skeptical about the surrender value part and/or if any fine print is there. kind regards, Ishtiaq Ahmed


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