Is accidental Cover give if accident happens outside country ?

1. My query is with several Term Insurance covering Accidental death, do they cover or provide compensation in case the accident occures outside India. 2. What is compensation in case of death and permanant disability for accident or death outside India 3.The question will be more relevent for those who travel to several countries for […]


Query on closure of Bharati AXA Pension Plan

Hi, I have taken Future Secure Pension from bharati AXA in 2009 and completed 6 years. The current fund(GROW MONEY PENSION PLUS ) value is at Rs.18.50. Currently I am paying Rs.99999/- per annum as premium. My advisor from Bharati is advising to me close this policy citing below reasons- 1. As per new IRDA […]


Service Tax on Insurance premium payments before the financial year

I got call from my Insurance provider(ICICI Prudential) stating that Service tax on Insurance payments has increased, effective 1st Apr’15 and asked to pay the premium before 31st Mar’15. My actual due date is 8th Apr’15. Is this true? Please advise. Regards Sarma US


Should I surrender LIC 20 years money back policy bought by my father ?

My father bought an LIC moneyback 20 years policy in my name in year 2003. The premium is around 18000 per annum and Cover is just 5 Lacs. I get Rs 60000/- as bonus in 5 years; which started from 2008. I am 25 years old and earning and single. Should I surrender this policy?


Harassed Customer Tata AIA Golden Life

I am a policy holder of Tata AIG Golden years policy from July 2002. It has been over 13 years now and i have not received any receipts for my payments, or my account balance for the last many years. When i called the customer service they have not even bothered to update any details […]


Should I continue my Jeevan Saral policy for retirement ?

Hi All, I have a Jeevean Saral policy(T.No. 165) in my name with Term of 35 years with sum assured of 1500000 started in 2010.I pay monthly ECS of 6125/- rupees (73500/- yearly ). I had thought it as a long term plan to be used for my retirement.But after reading various negative feedback after […]


When should I buy Insurance to avail tax benefits for year 2015-16 ?

I am planning to buy a term insurance and a health insurance. I’d like to know when should i buy so that it is considered for the financial year 2015-16. Will i have to buy it between April 15-March 16, or I can buy in March 15 and can show it in the financial year […]


Unnecessary life insurance policy issued by agent – What to do ?

My father and I took out a joint loan from DHFL for our new house. After the loan was sanctioned, the agent through which we processed our papers, told us about life insurance policies of DHFL. we refused any such policies, but after a day, i received a call for verification for the policy. I […]


Where to invest for Life Insurance of my mother ?

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well! Well, i wanted to know about the insurance plan that can fit my mother, i know i’m running late in making her insured but due to some personal reason i was not able to take life insurance for her. She is 55 years old, has only one insurance […]


Shall i Buy DHFL Pramerica Future Idols Gold + or NOT ?

Hi, There are some good plans which are provided by DHFL Pramerica. I would like to know if anyone has researched them, analysed or let me know if DHFL can be Trusted. The plan DHFL Pramerica Future Idols Gold+ is a child progress plan. Here is the link The returns are looking very good and my financial […]


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