Oriental Family floater health insurance policy – validity

Hi I am planning to buy Oriental Family Floater policy but Have the following questions: – How long I can renew this same policy – Lifelong or 65 years? – As in the documents present on Oriental website it clearly mentioned that continues renewal up to 65 years of age. – will there be any […]


How does Medical insurance and LTA work ?

I want to know that LTA can be taken twice in a block of four years. Suppose I reimbursed my LTA for first two years in a block. Then in this case, do I get the LTA amount for the remaining two years included in my salary? In case of Family Medical Insurance(if provided by […]


Mediclaim premium cheque bounced – Oriental insurance wants to cancel policy

The premium cheque deposited for renewal of my 22 year old policy has bounced on the last day of policy. We have one month of grace period to renew. However Oriental Insurance maintains that in case of cheque bounce they are within their rights to refuse to renew the policy even in the mandatory grace […]


ICICI Home and Secure Mind Policy Claim

Hi Two and half years back I took home loan from ICICI Bank and along with it I took Home and Secure Mind Policy. While taking I just signed all the documents. Previous Health Details were not filled as I was only told about securing only my house but not secure mind policy. Considering it […]


Help required in choosing the good health insurance plan

Dear All, I’m trying to take a family floater policy for me(36 yrs), wife and a 5 month old girl baby. why I’m taking longer time to choose the policy is the matter. My wife is diagnosing diabetes and only taking diabetic medicines ( 2tablets per day), and HBA1C value is 6.8. I’ve sorted out […]


Help required in choosing the health insurance

I am following up with JagoInvestor and believe this is best resource for Insurance. I am monitoring multiple threads, which compelled me put my questions in forum for guidance. I’ve recently changed my company and working as a consultant now, which means my company is not providing any health insurance. My age is 33 years. […]


How to get covered for any disability ?

How to get covered for any disability (Permanent or temporary or full or partial) may or may not be due to accident I wanted to know that CI policy will cover limited number of diseases or all critical illness are normally covered. I went through the previous articles related to health insurance & critical illness […]


Life and Health Insurance options ?

I am planning to take a life insurance for me and health insurance for my family of 3 (My wife, kid of 2 years and myself). I am looking for various options. Can somebody guide with the best available Insurance companies? My requirements will be hassle-free settlement with reasonable premiums. I am looking at a […]


Health Insurance for my parents who have bad health issues in past

Hi, I want to purchase health insurance for my father and mother from a company with good claim settlement ratio. But I am confused with so much information in the internet and can’t able to decide which policy to buy and from which company. I want to know what are the critical factors to be […]


Shift of plan from Individual to family floater in Oriental ?

Hello Frends My parents having Individual policy of 3 Lac from Oriental.N ( Since 2005 ) Now I wanna combined in to family floater GOLD plan for 7 lacs(Oriental ) Father is 62y and mother is 59y. So is it possible? Suggest me good plan if any . Thanx Aalap


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