Be a part of our

DIY Financial Planning Workshop

We will help you in planning your major financial goals in life


14th Mar (Sunday)


21th Mar (Sunday)


Content of the Workshop

You will learn how to do plan your financial life in this full day even with all practical tipcs and suggestions.

Topics covered in session 1

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Emergency Fund
  • Retirement Planning
  • Children Education
  • Children Marriage
  • Buying House / Home loan prepayment

Topics covered in session 2

  • Inflation & Purchasing Power
  • Asset Classes
  • Asset Allocation
  • Power of Compounding
  • Power of Automatic Investing
  • Risk and Return Dynamics

Topics covered in session 3

  • What is Mutual Funds
  • Types of mutual funds
  • Equity vs Debt mutual funds
  • Power of mutual funds
  • Best practices of investing in mutual funds

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

I am a begineer. Will this be suitable for me?

100% . This session is mainly designed keeping in mind a totally new beginner, this session is for you.

Will there be complex calculations involved in the workshop?

Not at all. There are no complex calculations at all. We will give you a very simple framework to find out answers. The most complex things you will do is addition and multiplication

Don't worry, we understand that not everyone like maths ! 

Will there be interactions one on one?

This is a group session. 

Whatever we will teach will be to the whole group. Please don't confuse this with a financial planning exercise which happens with a financial planner. 

We are mainly teaching you how to do some calculations to arrive at numbers for any financial goals. However you can discussion your doubts and clarify them in the session.

WIll you be teaching us how to create a portfolio and choose mutual funds?

That's not focus on the program. The focus is on financial goals part and financial planning. 

Portfolio creation can not be taught in few hours and is out of scope of the program. However we will touch upon that topic a bit and talk about it. However its not the central theme 

Do I need to being laptop or calculator to the session?

No, its not required.