Retirement Calculator


What is "Retirement"?

Retirement is a time when one stops working after attaining a certain age in life. Generally the retirement age for people working in companies is 60 yrs.

5 reasons why one plan for their retirement -

  • Life Expectancy is Rising
  • No good Social Welfare by Govt
  • High Healthcare costs in old age
  • Depending on your children is unfair
  • Best time to fulfill lifelong aspirations

4 Reasons why investors don't plan for their retirement

Reason #1 - It is a " SELFISH GOAL"

Many people think that planning for life after retirement is a selfish goal. People feel that they will be compromising on other aspects of life.

Reason #2 - It is a " TOO EARLY TO PLAN"

General perception of people regarding their retirement planning is that they think it is too early for them to plan. They want to plan for their retirement only after they are fulfilling other responsibilities in life such as children education, children marriage, buying a dream home etc....

Reason #3 - They are not able to "VISUALIZE" the retirement goal

We all are very bad at predicting how our lives will turn out to be after 10 or 20 yrs old.It is tough to predict how good or bad the future will be. This is the reason why people are unable to visualize it

Reason #4 - Not able to "SAVE" enough

People cannot save for retirement because they just don’t have any surplus left at the end of month. Incomes are not increasing, while expenses are growing like amoeba in all directions. It’s getting tough to save in today’s times especially if you are single earning member in family with 5-6 people in a big city.