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Is Life Insurance an "Insurance" or "Investment Product"?

Life Insurance is nothing but an insurance product covered for your Life. In case of death, the sum assured is given to the nominees. Unfortunately in India, people see Life Insurance as Investment Product and not as an Insurance Product.

Many people don’t understand that insurance gives financial security to their dependents in case of there death, rather they see it as the last benefit provided to them and the most important thing for them it that they get the money-back in case they survive the tenure of Insurance.

20 things to know before buying a Term Plan or Life Insurance

Why one should buy Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is nothing but an insurance product covered for your Life. In case of death, the sum assured will be given to the nominees. One should buy life insurance because it will give a financial security to the family in case of untimely death of the policyholder.

Benefits of Life Insurance Calculator

There are various benefits of this calculator. Let us see one by one –

  1. Easy to Calculate – This calculator is so easy to calculate. One just needs to put in numbers and you get a desired result in the end.
  2. Error Free – As this calculated is automated, so it will be error free 200%. You will get accurate result on calculation.
  3. Accurate Calculation – This calculator give you accurate numbers on how much you will need to secure your families future if you are not around.

Benefits of Life Insurance Policies

There are various benefits of buying life insurance policy. Let us see one by one –

  • Financial Security – We all take life insurance policy thinking in mind that our families financial needs will be taken care when we will not be there. Hence, these policies give financial security to our family in our absence.
  • Able to maintain a standard life – If the policyholder passes away and if he has life insurance policy then the families life will be taken care of. The basic necessity of life will be take care of very well.
  • Tax Benefit – Life Insurance Policies are exempted from tax u/s 80C of Income Tax Act.